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  • Release Date: 2010-05-21
  • Current Version: 3.373.10001
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Developer: Uber Technologies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
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Uber is a ridesharing app for fast, reliable rides in minutes – day or night. There’s no need to park or wait for a taxi or bus. With Uber, you just tap to request a ride, and it’s easy to pay with credit card or cash (in selected cities only). Whether you’re going to the airport or across town, there’s an Uber for every occasion. Uber is available in more than 500 cities worldwide – download the app and take your first trip today. Requesting your Uber is easy – here’s how it works: - Just open the app and tell us where you want to go. - The app uses your location so your driver knows where to pick you up. - You’ll see your driver’s picture and vehicle details, and can track their arrival on the map. - Payment can be made by credit card, cash (in selected cities only), Apple Pay, PayPal and more. - After the ride, you can rate your driver and provide feedback to help us improve the Uber experience. You’ll also get a receipt by email. Need a simple way to get from A to B quickly? Take uberX, our most affordable option for individual travel. Want to save money on your ride? Take uberPOOL – you’ll travel with other riders heading in the same direction, and enjoy a lower fare. Want a more exclusive experience? Take a high-end vehicle with UberBLACK. And there are even more options – whether you’re travelling with a big group or need a vehicle with accessibility features. See if Uber is available in your city at https://www.uber.com/cities Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/uber Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/uber Got a question? Visit uber.com/help. Note: continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.



  • Map icon moves around randomly

    By YaelleG
    My home address is saved yet whenever I order an Uber the app will try to send it to random places on the map that are not even selected by me!! Needless to say this is a problem. I hope someone is looking into it. Few months later: nope. Still happening. It’s not okay.
  • Review

    By aaron&jami
    Prompt and great service!
  • Extra charges

    By Peanut butter with pickles.
    When riding with Uber one is quoted a price for the ride. When the receipt is received in my email there are extra charges using the ride by .50 to $4.00 or more. Then when you want to dispute the charges the only way to contact them is through the app and that by the way is difficult to navigate for us that are not young enough to catch the new fangled ways of the cell phone. When Uber charges .50 cents for every rider that day it adds up to millions of dollars in their pocket. We just think that it’s only a few pennies, but it is not what was quoted or expressed to us in anyway until the receipt. Uber needs to clean up their act and stop the frivolous charges and get back to honest straight forward deals. If you tell me it’s going to cost me $14.00 to get some place then my receipt should be $14.00 not $18.00 because Uber felt that they needed to charge an extra fee for booking or recovery fee. It is not what was quoted. Take a look at your receipt and make them refund what was not contracted quoted in the first place. Oh and make sure they refund the full amount they like to refund a portion and maybe you won’t complain about the rest.
  • Review of Alvaro

    By Nicknameless 🙂
    He was very courteous—helping me in & out of the vehicle since I’m not very mobile. We had s very pleasant conversation since I had lived in his native country & speak Spanish. Would enjoy riding with him again
  • Karen

    By kmw1205
    Ana was our driver to the airport for a very special trip to see my sons. I left my wallet accidentally, and when I entered the terminal, there she was looking for me in all of the people, trying to get my wallet back to me! HOW AWESOME IS THAT! Thanks to her, our vacation is going to be great! Thank you, Ana.
  • Uber credits/payment is garbage

    By Neurococo
    I rely on this kind of transportation to get home from work late at night, so I’ll put money on my Uber account. I’ll order an Uber and it will be cancelled, but the money was already immediately deducted from my Uber payment. So the refund isn’t returned to my account and when I order another Uber it further decreases my Uber payment. So I’m basically paying for two rides, one for which I never took? I don’t pay for the cancellation fee because I ordered it within the 15 minute time frame too, so there’s no excuse.
  • Graycroft

    By Graycroft
    Very professional!
  • October 15

    By terrilerri
    Driver was very friendly and talkative however the vehicle smelled of human sweat. Glad it was a short trip.

    By ccshsjdbdbrrhhr
    They should really include a cash option because not all of us have the luxury of having credit cards on hand. Thank you.
  • Bad experience

    By ashley7879
    My uber driver pulled in the exit of our hotel and then cut someone off and the car hit us and the driver didn't stop until we demanded to get out of car. The car that hit us chased him down honking their horn and he wouldn't stop.
  • Waiting time unacceptably long now.

    By Shaixhavskxirhsxjakwbd
    For some unknown reason the average waiting time for UberX now is above 10min. It was not like this a few months ago. The algorithm needs to be improved. Otherwise, why do I take Uber in the first place?
  • Trip to airport in Ca.

    By California gal.
    Right on time for early morning flight. Would request this driver again. 5 star.
  • Toll road

    By Theinstigation
    Not all drivers have the toll pass and don’t usually like taking toll roads to begin with I understand now that the fee is included when the route is through the toll road but I still get every now and then I’ll get asked if I i want to take it I can pay for it I usually say before not to take it but I do forget sometimes
  • My first trip

    By pgh2boca
    This was my first Uber experience. I was happy a To have a female driver. Charlene was very comforting , polite, accommodating. She engaged me in casual conversation If I ever need an Uber I would be certain to try to get Charlene
  • Watch App?

    By MrBlanston
    Watch app keeps saying I have to log in. I’m logged in.
  • Not safe or reliable. Don’t bother. Take the bus more reliable

    By dont use chime
    I’ve been a gold member for 8 months. I supposedly have priority support but yet it takes hours to get a representative to let them know that the driver was driving slow or on their phone while driving. Uber has been lagging it. Sure they give discounts once in a while but to get ahold of them, it’s complete hell. I sometimes have to get ahold of them on twitter because it’s more faster than the app. Currently I’m trying to get one of my discounts back, but according to the representatives it’s not gonna happen because of their system. But yet I’ve waited for more than 10 hrs (no apology or otherwise) and I’ve had a drunk driver before. I’ve had drivers give me their personal number. Have had drivers panic when I cancel the ride because of reasons out of my hands. So now I rather pay Lyft more to take me where I need to get instead because at least if I get paired with someone, it will be someone who is on my direct route and not out of my way.
  • Map update issues

    By New age Jazzie Di
    I was charged a wait time by this driver because Uber map sent to wrong location Ai did the waiting worse experience will use Lyft instead from now on
  • Inaccurate

    By soco1234567
    So frustrating lately. Every time I call a ride so that I’m on time for work, I end up being SO late. The wait time is grossly inaccurate and stays on “5 mins away” for about 15. Ive restarted the app, updated everything, restarted my phone and I’ve experienced this issue at least 10 times lately. Please have more accurate updates/reads on when a drive will actually arrive.
  • Awesome!

    By Amaranthlove
    Farris is very friendly, he made my trip pleasurable and entertaining. Highly recommend him. Thanks so much!
  • Great app

    By Osirus03
    Used the app this morning and once again great app but I was unable to tip my driver. I tried two different payments and was unsuccessful. I would like to tip the driver what they deserve so can you look into this matter.
  • Our Driver didn’t take us to our destination!

    By yahyasuz
    When we asked him where our Airbnb was, he pointed in some direction. It was around a city block.
  • Very disappointed

    By Irritated Bob
    Not disappointed with the driver other than making two incorrect turns and taking way too long arriving home.what I was really upset about was the condition of the black group the car was in. Exterior beat up pretty bad but the interior was awful. Then the shocks appear to be more than worn out it felt like I was in 20 ft waves on the ocean. May be a long time before I use Uber again. I blame Uber for not doing quality checks.
  • James at the Tucson International Airport

    By Nana Musg
    It was our first UBER ride and it was so easy.. will do it again. Our driver was really nice and was waiting for us when we got outside of the airport. Thanks UBER!
  • ??????

    By pupsies
    the whole insta-charging my account bc “driver cancelled your ride bc he waited 2 minutes at the wrong area :)” and have my bank account with like 50 pending transactions that ive disputed but yall pull money from my account anyway lol uber’s getting a lil too confident raising their prices. rides used to be cheap, they were fine. but noOooOoOoOoOo why do drivers rate you so low even if you dont even do or say anything while they drive you? i just sit in the back seat quietly on my phone its not like im talking loudly on the phone or screaming at them where to drop me off?? contacted customer service about it. responded pretty quickly but they were unable to actually provide solutions that weren’t copied and pasted yikes. pretty good service if you get decent and nice drivers :) ratings doesnt matter apparently bc even a 4.8 driver was rude af
  • Teresa

    Teresa is amazing! Very friendly as I came home from a wonderful night watching football. Huge thumbs up!
  • Schedule

    By AJ-pop203
    Why can’t I schedule my ride?
  • Great service

    By Debbielynn7
    I don’t use Uber often, but if I have to travel out of town it’s a go to for a ride home, much cheaper than a Taxi, and a lot cheaper than leaving my car at the airport for days! I also use them for concerts, plays and Theater, it beats all the traffic and headaches with driving your own car and paying for parking. I will continue to use Uber for these events.
  • Great Driver!

    By stevemumm
    Karanja was a delightful guy, good driver, and focused on the best route to get me promptly to my destination. All while carrying on a lively conversation. He was a pleasure.
  • Automated service with no personal touch.

    By imtheogremagi
    No real oversight on drivers. No dedicated customer support for riders below diamond tier. Support limits their replies to 1 closed answer to inquiries. Used the service for 2 years on and off. I opt to never again use after today until a notable change is made. I’ll deal with a community car service, with their lower flat fares, personal touch, and NYC TLC for complaints.
  • Consistently being overcharged for wait time that did not exist. Very unhappy being ripped off.

    Very unhappy being charged for wait time that does not exist. This is stealing.
  • GreatT drive when beyond friedline

    By jimmgpb
    Was excellent I give all my business if I could
  • Overcharged

    By Ringo8553
    Charged almost twice the quoted rate
  • Ronald

    By Dinah WC
    Ronald did a great job! He was friendly, efficient and helpful.
  • Rosa

    By sbhogfans
    Rosa missed our exit therefore making our ride last twice as long as it should have! AND we were charged for the extra distance doubling the price originally given! That’s not our fault! I’m NOT pleased! Belinda Hill
  • Always reliable!

    By rp4z5
    This is such a great app, I cannot for the life of me figure out why people depend on friends for a lift when they have this convience at hand anytime day or night weekend sporting event concert or just a friendly get together at your favorite restaurant tired of driving to work?No problem Uber is there such a relief and with perks as well!
  • WTH?!?!

    By deznutz86
    I want to know how I live in Gainesville FL but have charges for California on my Uber account? How the heck is someone logging into my account and using my private card information when my account was not shared with anyone? Talking to someone in app is a joke. Canceling my account in app is a joke. 🤬🤬🤬🤬
  • Trip

    By murnau1
    Luis was great Very professional Very clean car A real pro
  • Jose

    By Piggy Beany Bean
    What a great 1st time experience with Jose. This was my 1st UBER ride and it was a wonderful ending for a disaster of a day
  • Late pick up

    By Matenosa
    The actual pick up time was double what appeared on the pick up schedule I was late for my meeting Not pleased
  • Bad experience

    By Rajkallu
    I called uber and my location was 6743 Dublin blvd Dublin ca. I could see him arrived on my phone but rather picking me up from designated location he was parked I believe 6189 Dublin blvd which is next plaza from my location. I started looking for him that’s where I found him. Didn’t send me text, I asked him about location and text he laughed and shows the location which was the actual location. Once he picked me up and me asking about the text that’s when he sends me the text. Now I see extra late charges on my receipt. Some one needs to take care of this and needs to talk to him and reimburse extra charges. Rajinder Kallu
  • Scooters hide cars

    By Flatbox
    The App works disgusting! Why are you showing scooters if the rider wants to request for a car? I can not see free cars, because a huge number of scooters hide them. This is very inconvenient and not professional. Disappointed!
  • Frustrating!

    By FA pH
    I asked to be dropped near the curbside baggage check-in. The driver passed all of the check-in points and dropped me at the arrivals. I had two large bags as well as a computer bag. It was a long distance to walk with my bags. This was the worst driver that I have ever gotten. I typically tip at least 20 percent as well as I give the drivers cash because I appreciate the service. When I arrived at my location, I took a Lyft to my hotel because I was still annoyed with this driver. I did not want to give him one star but the app would not let me write a review without checking one. If he ever pops up as a driver for me, I will cancel the service!
  • Nice clean car - pleasant ride

    By gardenguest
    Nice clean car - pleasant ride
  • Mala

    By alicitahh
    Siempre me hacen retenciones de más. Me han cobrado viajes hasta tres veces, a la hora de comunicarme con ellos se demoran en procesar pagos o en atender mi solicitud con respecto a la devolución del dinero. Recomiendo que la utilicen en cash y no introduzcan los datos de su tarjeta de débito o crédito ya que pueden cobrarle a veces hasta sin hacer un viaje.
  • Good service but wait charge?

    By rider2101887
    Driver was great but charging for wait was a little crazy, we were n the road in 10 minutes after getting bags to car and settled in at 6:30 in the morning.
  • Scary ride

    By hellotheremr!
    Uber driver kept almost falling asleep while driving. Had to shake himself awake more than a handful of times.
  • Uber moving, when a new service?

    By Pierre Cho
    I love using Uber. The services the chauffeurs were perfect. Now we have Eat Uber, it would be very useful and benefit to get a new service like Moving Uber. For example: I am a student, a single man or woman and I need to move a couch or some furnitures to my new apartment or to the trash, I could call Moving Uber to get a VAN or a TRUCK for a cheap and fast service.
  • Legends!

    By ChillyChill1969
    This service is amazing! Uber has saved me so many times when I’ve been stuck in some pretty bad places. They’re affordable as hell, drivers are always polite and wait times are usually super short. Will never use any other service, keep up the amazing work you guys are legends!
  • First time

    By MizKatie
    This was my first ride using Uber and Scott could not have been a better representative! He was personable and made the ride enjoyable. His car was clean and comfortable! Good experience-first ride but not last!