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  • Release Date: 2010-05-21
  • Current Version: 3.365.10003
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Developer: Uber Technologies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
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Uber is a ridesharing app for fast, reliable rides in minutes – day or night. There’s no need to park or wait for a taxi or bus. With Uber, you just tap to request a ride, and it’s easy to pay with credit card or cash (in selected cities only). Whether you’re going to the airport or across town, there’s an Uber for every occasion. Uber is available in more than 500 cities worldwide – download the app and take your first trip today. Requesting your Uber is easy – here’s how it works: - Just open the app and tell us where you want to go. - The app uses your location so your driver knows where to pick you up. - You’ll see your driver’s picture and vehicle details, and can track their arrival on the map. - Payment can be made by credit card, cash (in selected cities only), Apple Pay, PayPal and more. - After the ride, you can rate your driver and provide feedback to help us improve the Uber experience. You’ll also get a receipt by email. Need a simple way to get from A to B quickly? Take uberX, our most affordable option for individual travel. Want to save money on your ride? Take uberPOOL – you’ll travel with other riders heading in the same direction, and enjoy a lower fare. Want a more exclusive experience? Take a high-end vehicle with UberBLACK. And there are even more options – whether you’re travelling with a big group or need a vehicle with accessibility features. See if Uber is available in your city at https://www.uber.com/cities Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/uber Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/uber Got a question? Visit uber.com/help. Note: continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.



  • Julio

    By solgrajim
    Very polite he help with my bags at pick up and drop off
  • Price changes

    By edybr179
    You change the announced price all the time
  • Great guy

    By krampure
    Hi Ahmad, It was great riding with you. Can you check if I left my headset in ur car? Thanks Kailash
  • Fake comments

    By shame on you Uber
    Those comments are fake or they don’t know what they’re saying
  • I am never using uber and uber eats again

    By Nando898
    I just have so many bad experiences with uber apps they have to many bugs and like unable to cancel my order on uber eat even though I tried to press the canceling button many time, I did receive an email but it did not help me on how to get my money back. It was way easy to get my refund on postmates. the app also affects uber drivers performance in a bad way. The gps is very slow to the point I made it to work very late. And now I ordered an uber and he he won’t answer my calls and canceled the pick up and I didn’t receive a refund now its 10:30 at night waiting for another uber.
  • Horribly disappointed

    By Kenny Bo Benny
    My husband received horrible service from a driver who then proceeded to leave him a review chock full of lies. He then received some kind of message from them about his “behavior” which he never displayed. Maybe this should be for the driver, maybe not. Just despicable.
  • First- timer

    By Ms. 206
    I was charged a wait time but I thought The Uber driver would call when he was out front and then I would come out. Driver called but after he was there a bit. I did not know he was outside. The navigation took us to the wrong address. We went to the address On the navigator not the one I listed. But the driver did go to the wrong address, inquired and discovered the relocation which was the address I indicated in my initial request. With these exceptions it was a good trip. Driver was very professional and his comfortable Vehicle made for a pleasant trip. I will use Uber again!
  • Great ride

    By frognm
    Very personable, engaging, had great music on, knowledgeable about area. She helped make my non-Uber using husband a big fan!!!!
  • Smooth ride

    By heno 1
    It was very comfortable ride and smooth . Great driver . Highly recommend him
  • Bad app

    By Donalg G. Mc
    I’ve spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to leave a tip for my driver ! I’m giving up !!!! It’s easy to rate the ride but impossible to leave a tip ! This is the 3rd time that I’ve been charged for ‘’waiting’’ when the driver came to the wrong pick-up location ! The total charged is less than $5 dollars so it’s not the money, it’s the principle! I think I’ll try LFT !
  • Annoying notifications

    By burd-in
    Why it’s so many notifications every ride? Please, send only important or give a tool to tune it.
  • Terrible experience

    By Savh Boy
    I select Uber elite always. I get a nice guy, a newer car but I’m afraid to sit in the vehicle because it is so nasty. Food,trash, clothes all over the interior of the vehicle. Terrible experience.
  • First day of school

    By jbush313
    Jose was awesome! I absolutely love my new school! I woke up this morning so excited to begin the first day of my 30th year! Well, I go to start my car and the battery is dead! Did I panic? No, I called an Uber, and arrived at school on time! I pretended I was in a limo, and just enjoyed the ride to school! What a way to start my 30th year! Go Rawlinson Road Raiders!
  • Charging me really

    By Sunday River Maine
    I am very disappointed the guy could not find me tonight and your still making me pay?? I wound up walking to my destination in the rain, really?
  • Great app for price comparison

    By Rohbec
    I booked a ride which was for $4 on uber and $3.14 on lyft. I really like this game of checking price on uber and then booking a lyft.
  • Hidden fares

    By Nickname_taken_already
    So after they posted a record $5B loss last quarter... they have been making you agree to an unknown fee for a ride. What a joke! Done with these guys.
  • Great driver

    By Skeeter196
    Awesome driver!! Courteous and friendly. Will ride again!
  • Terrific!

    By Haknort
  • Cancellation fee for the driver going to the wrong pickup location!

    By mad bad dad
    Driver went to the wrong pickup location and when informed that we were at the hotel across the street he then canceled our ride due to heavy traffic. He then charged us a $5.00 cancellation fee. That’s bs!
  • Prices going up

    By ??? prices
    I use uber all of the time. I am 4.94 rating as a rider. My Uber today was $18.31 from the Myrtle Beach, SC Airport to my home 8 miles away. A taxi will cost me $13.00. I know because I make the trip many times. The idea of Uber was so customers didn’t have to tip but I always do. So my trip was $21.31 one way. Ridiculous. I will not be using uber for me trips to the airport and back.
  • Bad

    By Batres ad
    Can’t eve log in . Seriously I used to ride ube 5 times. Week . I do t know what happened ? The good news l lyft is better
  • My Uber this morning

    By mtvin
    I called for an Uber in LA this morning at 7:15. My app showed I was already in the car a few minutes before Hamlet arrived. I mentioned that to him. He said “I will stop the Uber before we get to the airport “. He did stop it a couple of minutes before we reached LAX. He also said I would have my next Uber ride for free, which is not showing up on my app. Can you help me?
  • Lost phone

    By westbluff
    Left phone in front seat hoping to lax have texted phone for Bryan to please call Assp
  • Louis

    By tbenshimon
    Great driver, good personality ; nice clean car (immaculate and clean smell) and a great experience with my drive.
  • Uber is the Greatest !!!

    By Josiejelly
    I’m new at not having a car due to an accident. I tried Uber after a neighbor put the app and payment program into my iPhone. What a relief in getting around safely with Uber. Many thanks to all you helpers.

    By merlin cardenaz
    i was about to finish my last section to move up to diamond and it made me start the platinum ALL OVER AGAIN! 😡🤬! #fixthis
  • Client

    By richard stout
    I’ve been charged for four cancellations. I put in the correct information and the driver didn’t come four times so I took a taxi. The driver did not call me or respond to my remarks as to exactly where I was. He kept coming trip to the original drop off poor Methodist Hospital outpatient center and I was waiting at the Fannin Street entrance for him and he knew it or I should say they knew it. I’m in firm and had to walk two blocks to get a taxi. You’re not happy
  • Contacting Uber

    By compdsgn
    Contacting Uber is difficult if not impossible... I’m writing this review because it seems to be the ONLY way to contact Uber... I have a question that is not answered in help section of App... on my receipt it has a ‘contact Uber’ link.. which simply takes one to the Uber app... this is too frustrating How can I actually contact Uber via email, phone or message when I have a question/issue that is not covered in the help section????
  • Over charge and got lost

    By Argenjnddn
    This driver took me all out of my way to charge me extra
  • Poor customer service

    By cager68
    I have only used Uber in the past. On 8/12/19 My husband went to the Emergency room by ambulance. I took Uber to the hospital to be with my husband. I don’t drive when it’s dark. He was released at 1:30 am on the next day 8/13/2019. My husband and I called Uber to go home and they refused to take us because they said my credit card had expired. I used the same card I used to go to the hospital that went through with no problem when I went to the hospital. They said my card had expired. The expiration date is 12/19/19. They refused it. At that point we were stranded so we called LYFT and NO problem. I called the bank later that day and they confirmed the expiration date and the card was ok to charge on. And anyway I’ll be using LYFT in the future. They have a backup card but didn’t use it . Oh well poor customer service.
  • Can’t live without it

    By Perfectdarq
    Love UBER thanks
  • Very nice driver:

    By ClientData
    Alex was great, clean car music was also nice and at a very nice level. Thanks Alex.
  • Great service!

    By Leidyd23
    Very helpful
  • Second Time to use Uber

    By Trefren
    The white Prius showed up as indicated the car would be, but the license plate did not match what we were sent. The original price was to be $20 ridesharing ended up to be $31? They should not have four people in a Prius with luggage going to the airport way too tight.
  • Terrible service

    By joan’s itunes
    Again!!!You cancelled a ride that the driver never came to where I was standing waiting at Building E! This is not right. The same thing happened with the second driver. It was 90 degrees and I am old and had to stand in the street when driver didn’t come. On the way back you charged me $2.50 for driver wait. Driver did NOT wait. She pulled up I drive of hotel and I waked down five steps and into her car. Your service is absolutely atrocious and I will never tip bec you charge when there is no reason. Give me back my $5 I did NOT cancel. I waited on 95 degrees whilevidiot never came. Had to reorder another driver. NOT my fault!!!!!
  • Wade 8-19-2019 Uber ride

    By Dartmouth rider
    Wade was great and so very nice too! I really enjoyed talking with him!
  • 5 star

    By WbPgh
    Karal is as good as they come!
  • Trip

    By hmukhtar
    Great guy
  • My second (test) ride.

    By doneastwest
    Mark was helpful as i was doing a test on a day when i didn’t need Uber for Thursday, when i will need it.
  • Eileen(Point Pleasant Beach, NJ)

    By GinnysWay
    Excellent driver, very pleasant.
  • Frauds

    By AAB420
    I use to love Uber, I’ll be using Lyft and Juno now. I requested a ride and I was charge $18.19 then I was hit again with another charge of $19.46. Their explanation was that Uber charges the shown fee to verify that there funds in the account. And if the shown fee matches the fee that was charged they will leave the shown fee as such and drop the duplicate. But if the fee is different they will charge the second one. Okay the only problem with this is you don’t know how much that fee is until you are charged. As the customer I should know what I’m being charged ahead of time that what I can decide if I want to take the ride our not!!!!!
  • Screwed over

    By sdk1974
    He told me I owed him 7.60 euro so I handed him 10 euro and he kept the change . You should take his license and not let him work for you anymore. How many others has he screwed over. Shame on you
  • August 16 Ride with Barbara

    By shellzart
    My first Uber trip was with Barbara in Summerville SC to the airport. It was pouring rain and she greeted me by taking my suitcase and loading it. She was thoughtful, pleasant, and knew how to get me there the fastest in the Charleston traffic! I highly recommend her!!
  • Wendi

    By Ride to Knoxville
    What are these charges? A wait fee? We were in the driveway. Tolls? She did not know the way to restaurant. There were no tolls. I tipped her!!
  • Ride never happened. Refund needed.

    By ms delmar
    Ms Delmar
  • Unethical practices

    By mghsb
    I will be contacting the better business bureau secondary to the way u nw Ron this business I just received my receipt ALL THE EXCESSIVE AND UNKNOWN CHARGES ARE STEALING THE QUOTED FAIR WAS APPROX. 27.00 IT IS NOW OVER 70.00 because of your undisclosed fees Switch, booking distance”SURGE” base and distance. ARE U KIDDING. This is not acceptable. And illegal Spent 40 minutes attempting to reach this Co. u must be held accountable for these deceptive fees egotistical lost and did not follow my directions in route I have requested a SUPERVISOR 3 times. Have never received any contact This is another example of being overcharged There was no wait with yowanda. Dude She did not follow my directions and then parked on the opposite side of the building and told me to walk over. Review the phone calls to her. ErSe the additional fees of 2.85. I will now carefully review all receipts
  • Uber’s not that good

    By Gorilla manis
    It’s so much money to take an uber, I spend about $10 to get from my house to work and I don’t have money to be spending on Uber’s. That’s like 2 hours of me working
  • Worked like a charm.

    By hotspell
  • Airport rides

    By niasseuse
    After using Uber a few times without problems , all of a sudden I had a major problem. The driver never showed up and charged me for the ride . I finally had to take a taxi to the airport after waiting half an hour. Very disappointed and had to dispute the credit card charges..,