Uber - Request a ride

Uber - Request a ride

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  • Release Date: 2010-05-21
  • Current Version: 3.411.10005
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Developer: Uber Technologies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
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Request a ride with Uber, rent JUMP bikes or scooters, and get there with ease. With Uber, your destination is at your fingertips. Just open the app and enter where you want to go, and a nearby driver will help you get there reliably. You can also rent JUMP bikes and scooters. GET THERE FROM ALMOST ANYWHERE Available at more than 600 airports and in 700+ cities around the world, Uber is a great way to make your travel plans stress-free. Request a ride on demand or schedule one ahead of time. FIND THE RIDE YOU WANT Whether you’re looking for style, space, or affordability, Uber can help you find the perfect ride to fit your needs: - Enjoy elegance and premium features with Uber Black - Cruise past traffic on an electric JUMP bike or scooter - Ride with extra room (and more of your friends) with UberXL All of these transportation options and more are available in one place with the Uber app. SEE PRICE ESTIMATES With Uber, you can see your price estimate up front before booking. That means you’ll always have an idea of what you’ll pay before requesting your ride. YOUR SAFETY DRIVES US We’re committed to making every trip with Uber as safe as possible. That's why we've built new safety features and updated our Community Guidelines for respectful and positive experiences. - You can share your trip Give your loved ones peace of mind while you’re on a trip—you can share your location and trip status so they know you made it to your destination. - You can contact emergency services You can call your local authorities directly from the app, and your location and trip details will be displayed so you can quickly share them with emergency services. TIP AND RATE YOUR DRIVER After every ride, you can submit a rating along with comments. You can also let your driver know you appreciated your experience by adding a tip for them right in the app. To see if Uber is available in your city, visit https://www.uber.com/cities. Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/uber. Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/uber. Have a question? Visit uber.com/help. Not all products are available in all markets.



  • Charging me for surges without informing me

    By bobdaveguy
    When I ordered it did not have a surge and when I got home I was charged for one. This isn’t the first time this has happened.
  • uber stole money

    By 124evelync
    they charged me $90 dollars for a 15 or less minutes
  • No rude

    By henshsnsbdbzbsjabs
    I didn’t even ride and they charged me 9.00$ for nothing he was even within the area
  • Covid is dnc propaganda

    By 33333three
    Keep wearing your face diaper , hacks
  • It took me a hour to get a ride I live 10 min away

    By k talk ggfeddghjjutrfdd
    Uber is overcharging with fake surge prices and allowing drivers to steal money by completing trips without the trip being taken
  • New quest update

    By Puregr33n
    10$ for 20 trips c’mon Uber stop playing

    By ex few jduahs
    i ordered $50 worth of food from uber and my deliverer stole it and go away with it. i tried everything to at least get refunded and uber did not do anything if you are going to download this app DONT. THIS IS AN AWFUL COMPANY. They also don’t keep track of their drivers and deliverers so it is possible the uber driver could kill you and uber wouldn’t do anything about it. if you don’t want this to happen to you i suggest you don’t get this app, seriously.
  • A pain in the ass

    By nicksanders222
    My friend and I was gonna meet up at my house and she recently made an account and tried to come to me and she said she couldn’t cause she needed to “verify” it and thanks to uber I’m still a virgin
  • Can’t log in unless I have the number to a card I don’t have

    By Tduncan39056
    First time using Uber in a while and I can’t because it wants me to use an old card I don’t have anymore to verify and won’t let me enter in a new one.
  • Cannot log into acct and no cuntact ph or email for Uber customer support

    By Jerry1961
    Uber obviously doe not care about customer support. I moved to a new state, with a new internet service provider and new email. When I tried to use Uber after the move, I had forgotten my password, but there is no way to reset my password since my old email is now inactive, and there is no way to contact Uber customer support to change my profile email listing or password without first logging into the App. And I can’t log into the app without my password. So I was stranded at the airport and had to download Lyft and use them instead. Why isn’t there a phone number or email or online instant messaging portal to talk to Uber customer support for non-emergency issues like this? Any company that actually cares about its customers provides some method for direct communication with there customer support group. But Uber does not.
  • Customer service number

    By Myra Wilson
    I had someone steal my credit card info and used it for an Uber and while I have tried calling and emailing Uber to see at least who used that number I have gotten no help what so ever. All I want is to try and talk to someone about who stole my info so I can prove to my bank it wasn’t me.
  • the worst customer support i’ve ever encountered

    By mickyfinnegan
    I took a trip that they estimated would cost $18-22. I woke up the next day to find out that they’d charged me $56. When I saw this, I reported it through “help” in the app. After I reported it, they charged me ANOTHER $30. So at this point, I’ve paid $85 for a $20 uber. I’ve been trying to get in touch with customer support for 5 DAYS NOW AND HAVE STILL NOT BEEN ABLE TO TALK TO A REAL PERSON. I still have not seen a refund. It’s like they’re intentionally making it difficult to speak with customer support. Do better, give me my money back.
  • Uber demands high, service? No matter...

    By Angry Bird Andy
    Funds are not available today? That’s okay no funds and no service! Right? Wrong! Uber still charges you next day even if no service provided day I needed for the holiday weekend that I had no available funds on Sunday. I’ve made some deposit I need for some other stuff that I was planning to use but I found out Uber high jack it. I was so furious and disgusted. Angry Bird Andy
  • Work

    By seahaw31
    They made me late to work ten times now
  • If I could rate lower

    By CustomerUnsatisfaction
    So what ever happened to “The Customer Is Always Right”? Since when do I get charged an automatic $5 fee for canceling, BUTTTT...? The driver can take 30 minutes or more to pick me up and that’s okay? I can be late for business or appointments and cannot cancel without a fee on my end? Or how about mouthy disrespectful drivers that argue about my pickup location? I had my live location on and the driver made me walk to another business because he didn’t speak good English and argued about MY pickup location? And if I cancel I get fined? Man, screw Uber and this petty BS! Half these drivers take advantage of the situation or they don’t wear masks!! Do NOT, I repeat Do NOT ride with Uber, in regards to their petty fees, rude drivers that don’t speak English, and improper disputing process for customers. Lyft is a tad higher but well worth it in quality of drivers. If I could rate them lower at this time I would!
  • Price hikes

    By DQE1234
    The prices can get hiked up too much. The ride to the same place costed 150% more than it did yesterday at the same time.
  • annoying

    By chinabratttt
    where do i put the gift card???
  • Cancellations

    By 바보 eats glue
    My drivers keep canceling in the mornings, almost making me late to work. Some of them even cancel like 10 minutes after they have already been on their way to pick me up. Tonight I was waiting in front of my job, when suddenly my driver cancelled. I closed at Starbucks, and the other closer had already left because I told him my driver was there. I never even saw the driver’s car. This was not unusual, as cancellations have been happening quite often as of late. I then saw that Uber was trying to charge me more for the ride, which was unusual. They usually find you a new driver for the same price. I then got an email saying that my driver cancelled because I was not wearing a face mask, and that if it continued to happen I would not be able to ride with Uber. I was absolutely wearing a face mask. I work at Starbucks, and was already wearing the mask I wore to work. My driver and I never connected, so I’m not sure whose face he saw. It certainly wasn’t mine. In short, Uber tried to charge me extra for something I didn’t do, threatened to cut off my access to Uber rides, and left me waiting another ten minutes in a dark and creepy parking lot. I am a girl, 5’2” and have already been accosted by a scary homeless man in that very same parking lot before.
  • Bad price

    By espadas17
    I needed a drive to work that’s 7 minutes away and the price was 17.35. I didn’t have time to download Lyft because I was in a hurry but the next week I needed a ride and used lift and it was 8 dollars. For anyone that needs a ride similar to Uber I suggest you get Lyft instead to save money because at the end of the day those rides add up.
  • Very bad experience. Better use alternatives.

    By julia6097099504
    Uber does not seem to care about their users anymore. After having a bad experience with a driver, being charged with no justice for the waste of my time and for the driver hanging up on me When trying to figure out where he is and cancelling the ride on me (these things happened to me in the past as well but not with this amount of disrespect from the driver so I never went ahead and tried to reach someone), I naively thought Uber would have some kind of customer support or platform where I could complain and dispute but surprisingly they don’t. I was humiliated by that driver and my card was charged for him cancelling on me and leaving me on the street looking for an alternative ride and waiting another 20 minutes for someone to come to me. My time, money and respect have been wasted. Not going to use them again. Thank god there are other options in the market with better costumer service- although that’s not to difficult considering Uber has none.
  • Consistently cancelled rides

    By Aqualove711
    wish that I can say that I am happy with Uber but in the last few weeks have been cancelled multiple times by different rides and a ride that might have picked me up in 10 minutes becomes a 40 minute to 2 hour ordeal. I have places I need to be and it is unacceptable when as a rider I do not have the option to cancel my ride. It should work both ways especially now. Don’t take an Uber in Vegas. Take a taxi instead.
  • 1508Roman

    By roman15081508
    Terrible experience, racist drivers, no one to talk to and no customer service whatsoever when you need help plus we were charged with no option to dispute or talk to anyone. Waisted 20 minutes waiting for a driver just to be humiliated and charged money for nothing. Use the other shared ride options, much nicer.
  • Over charge, dynamic rate was not displayed

    By germechelon
    On Sunday 7-5-2020 I scheduled my trip ahead. Never showed a dynamic rate. I used to be a daily customer. After this incident they refused to adjust my rate. Horrible experience during customer services From now and on I refuse to use this company and do boycott
  • Scheduled ride dropped price quadrupled

    By jenjenkenkins
    I scheduled a ride this morning to the airport. Right after the scheduled pickup time the ride just disappeared from my phone and when I tried to schedule a new one the price was $240 instead of $60. Got a Lyft for $80. Bad form Uber.

    By danaamay
  • Bad Support

    By gggjan NV dvbf
    Trips getting canceled by driver and they wont refund my money. This is a big scam!
  • Issues

    By Murdock808
    Using racist promotions is bad. All men are created equal.
  • Trash

    By Gameon14
    App never works barely connect
  • #boycottuber

    By palestinan
  • Too expensive

    By njmag
    Uber has gotten so expensive in Chicago. All the safety precautions are understandable but the prices are just ridiculous.
  • Support will not help you

    By Unhappy91
    I was mischarged, I was told I was be refunded. And I wasn’t so I contacted support again and they said a specialized team would contact me to resolve the issue. That was over 10 days ago and Ive heard nothing. I don’t know why they think it’s OK over charge someone even by accident and try to pretend like nothing happened by not responding to my support message.
  • Racist woke losers

    By drphilatl
    This company is racist and do not engage them in any form or fashion or way
  • Over charged me stole my money and no customer service

    By DoBetter123
    DO NOT USE UBER I have had this app for years there are always complications. Uber pools are a disaster and will have you going far out of your way making you incredibly late to your destination every time. Then the other day I called a ride advertised as $20. ‼️‼️‼️‼️When I completed the ride it said it cost me $20 in the app. Then I got the bill sent to my email, $95 was withdrawn from my bank for x5 surge fee that was NOT calculated before or during my ride. ‼️‼️‼️‼️ This has happened to me and my dad and another friend of mine of different occasions for different reasons- and you’ll never know till after the ride. My issue is still not resolved because they don’t have a contact for me to reach customer service. Uber drivers are always kind and I feel bad for that they have to deal with this nonsense- it’s not their fault. DO NOT rely on this app. They will take your money and waste your time.
  • Terrible

    By smurfjade21
    The app won’t load the screen of after logging in with phone number
  • Can’t log in with my phone number

    By jdhdjdjdjehehgegehejw
    I can’t use my phone number to login because it was associated with somebody else’s account and whenever I go try to make a new one it tells me that I can’t because I need my phone number and then I just get stuck in this constant loop of trying to sign up with my phone number able to do anything because I don’t know the freaking email to it. This app is a waste of time I wish it was never made.
  • Free Palestine 🇵🇸🇵🇸🗣🗣

    By Kareem Rajeh
    This company openly supports the killing of innocent Palestinian children. Racists and hypocrites run this company, you can’t support blm then support a rocket going down a Palestinian babies throat right after🤦‍♂️ 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

    By babyyy.madii
    even if a driver isn’t found they take your money . Do not use Uber they literally took 27 dollars from me maybe more
  • Works then doesn’t work

    By Holy MF
    Schedule rides . Rides cancel . Set ride from work higher amount . Then cancels . Give drivers 3 yo 5 dollar tips . Still cancel . Now app refuses to schedule . Wants out of 3 cards another one . Why ?
  • Uber stands strongly with Israel’s War Crimes

    By AmaRater
    Uber clearly doesn’t care for the Palestinian Struggle and helps suppress Palestinians worldwide. Uber turned into a Jewish corporate power. I’m deleting the app and will make sure any and all my friends and close ones delete it as well. #BOYCOTTUBER
  • Worst customer service

    By Tonibookins
    Worst customer service ever!!! I can stress it enough. It’s like talking to a brick wall. They send the same generic response and do not pay attention to the customer issue. They will ask you the same question repeatedly. The driver are wonderful but the support teams needs intervention . I have been a Uber user for years and every time I have an issue it impossible to get assistance . If you avoid interacting with customer service team then you will be fine. But if you need any form of assistance I wish you luck. I have never left a review this bad on anything but after a week of back and forth with no resolution and barely getting a response I have lost all faith in Uber. On to trying Lyft

    By not long term
    I use this app like my life line because at this moment I don’t have a car I’m a platinum user because I use this app EVERYDAY multiple times a day and for food but at this time and lately this app has been HORRIBLE and at this point the little pacifier rewards are not enough because it’s becoming unsatisfactory with EVERY experience I prefer round trips because I believe I save money and time but I have been left at a location because the driver doesn’t speak English and I can’t communicate to them that I have more than one location my food is ALWAYS missing something or the app DOUBLE charged me for whatever reason I have had a drive sight see on my way to work making me late in the process I know all the money it took me to get to platinum tier I could have gotten a car because the TERRIBLE service should be my motivation
  • Worst Customer Service

    By madeline32863286
    Literal worst customer service in a company so large like Uber. There is absolutely no way to get in direct contact with the support team which makes complications within the app extremely difficult to navigate. Until Uber can offer REAL customer service to help their customers i am strongly urged to use competing apps for transportation and food delivery.
  • Long Live Gaza

    By Nvs97
    This is what you get for supporting motherf*ing zionists. I’ve deleted the app
  • No me esta funcionando

    By juegoseguidoojugaba
    No me quiere funcionar
  • Disappointed

    By I♥AAR!
    I know we are in a pandemic, but I don’t have another mode of transportation that is quick enough for me to go to work. I’ve been cancelled already three times in less than 10 minutes of where I live. From work to where I live is not a long drive either. Im completely disappointed with this experience so far. Before all this happened, I never had so much issues, but this is just bad.

    By faxtualality
    Y’all shot out on these prices I am never using Uber again I recommend LYFT to anybody who ain’t tryna get finessed.
  • Terrible Company

    By Mweavil1988
    Awful company, zero support even if you are a 'gold' member. Avoid like the plague.
  • You won’t find a ride

    By pey08
    Not usually one to leave reviews but this is my 3rd time sitting waiting over an hour for an uber driver. Absolutely ridiculous. And half of them cancel out of no where. Will no longer use uber
  • Waiting 30minutes for confirmation just for no driver to be Available!!!!

    By Amp_15
    I work long hours at the airport and driving from work to my house is a 7-10minute drive and Uber is trying to have me wait for a driver that is 30minutes away from me but still need confirmation. After waiting for 30 minutes of confirmation, they cancel on me and said no driver is available all of a sudden. Now I’m still at work 30 minutes after clocking out trying to find a ride home . Awesome job UBER!!!