Moco - Chat, Meet People

Moco - Chat, Meet People

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2010-05-05
  • Current Version: 2.6.74
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 57.01 MB
  • Developer: MocoSpace
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 31 777


Chat now with millions of people nearby or around the world, make new friends, be social, flirt, play games and more, all free. • Chat - hundreds of chat rooms and forums, private and group chats, including video calls and voice messages. • Meet people nearby or around the world and make new friends. Search by age, gender, location, sexual preference including gays and lesbians and more. • Customize messages with stickers, emoticons, themes, colors and fonts. • Meet new people playing free multiplayer and social games, including MatchMe and Street Wars. ** As Seen on MTV's Catfish! ** ** USA Today - "MocoSpace has emerged as a favorite in the U.S." ** ** Google Top 10 trending social media site ** MocoSpace is the largest social network of African Americans and Hispanics / Latinos in the world!



  • Lovely Site

    By sirsethlewis
    I just don’t use this site only on my phone, I still use it in desktop version, I love it
  • Ads

    By bullcitythriller
    To many to buggy
  • Es muy bueno

    By egoouszt
    Aqui encontre a mi exnovio y duramos 1 año
  • Fix the bugs

    By jay.205
    App keeps freezing and too many pop up ads.
  • Fun

    By Rosekisses22
    Nice to be able to talk to people all over the world.
  • Great

    By Enyobut
  • Pop up ads

    By All Starrr1
    Pop up ads keep freezing the app u can’t do anything Bc they are allowing these ads to run the app u check a message min later an ad pops up and u can’t do anything to click off of the ad way to many bugs
  • Priority on Web Version

    By Jack M...
    they have priority on the web version and the app is basically the same as if you logged into mocospace through safari or any other browser on your iOS device. This app would have so much potential if it was its own app without having to rely on the web version but these developers are counter productive and also need money thats why recently there have been ads that are popping up that literally hijack my device and no option to close the advertisement without force closing the app. The PM’ing system is horrible and not universal and so there are 3 methods to chat, public rooms, pms inside the public rooms, and im’s (direct message) the im’s are slow and have to leave the public chat to access it, but the public chat and pm’s are same page but difficult to get to. This app needs to be restarted from the ground up with better people behind the scenes
  • Awesome

    By Brookfreeman71
    A great place to meet interesting people!
  • Great

    By oglayyia
  • Lot’s Of People are on here to get your $

    By Izzy0124
    I downloaded this app like a week ago and I got quite a few fake people trying to be someone else.. But most of all I like it .. Just watch for the very very bad apples on here ..
  • Trash

    By kcarl2018
    All you get is poo ups this app is one big virus uninstall its crapp moco is nothing but a scamm save your self time and dont get this app u will get mad at all the fake people and the poo ups are so annoying its ine big virus i deleted this crap app moco use to be a decent app but its all about money now its dead
  • Do not recommend

    By yoguioso
    Some of the people here would try to get your number once they do they send you treats and tells you that they going to send someone to your house if you don’t send them money
  • Little bit of bugs viruses and it crashes a lot

    By tyrone48
    So it’s ok It needs a lot of bugs and viruses to be looked at and done away with this too many advertisements interrupting service when you’re on line needs to be desecrated and he raced from all sides these as it got nothing to do with the app
  • Love

    By Lisa36f
    I found love from your app
  • Two Thumbs Up

    By ChocolateStarfishy
    Fun and super easy to use.
  • Pop ups

    By bgdck69
    Keeping getting pop ups I have to constantly clear settings to continue on site Moves slow during chats
  • Moco Geek

    By Numberonefanonthego
    I've been on Moco for years now and I love it. It's a cool site to stay in contact with your friends and make some new ones. The games are awesome and you can upload music to your profile. You can earn badges by doing different things like adding picture or how often you play games. I highly recommend it.
  • Could be better

    By bizkid2019
    Loco is koo but needs more options
  • You have to pay

    By BigRo112
    Can't navigate thru the app successfully without VIP.. hope I meet someone cool before next billing cycle.
  • Bug

    By _SNG20
    App has a major virus‼️‼️
  • Waist of time

    By omgaskm3
    It’s unusable ads won’t close so I always need to restart app
  • Way to many adds

    By Cnote74
    All the ads make it nearly impossible to check your notifications, thus making people thing you don’t want to talk to them. Please lower the amount of adds down and I think it will be a better app.
  • 🖕🏽

    By annoyed with pof that my name
  • ***WARNING*** Virus Breeding Ground

    By obiwon1220
    This app is a virus breeding ground. There are never ending add pop-ups to the point where you can’t even navigate past more than one page. Also for the first time ever since I’ve owned an iPhone it ran itself as a virus. The developers are novice at best and couldn’t write code to save their own lives. Bottom line the 4 stars you see up top are clearly false and quite possibly manufactured by the developers themselves to attract a new and ignorant user base. If you want to keep your phone virus free stay clear of this app.
  • Mocospace

    By reed@52
    I don't like this site. For one it keeps shutting down. To many adds and when I delete the app I still get friend request.
  • Its

    By 0744667
    It’s ok
  • Meh

    By ValkyrieHero
    It’s okay. Just a bunch of horny people
  • Too many constant ads

    By Aerobig
    Chevy ad won't go away. Please get rid of these prize giveaways ads they freeze app and either have to restart or delete and download app again
  • Too many pop up ads

    By Annoyed About Ads
    Way to many pop up ads. It’s annoying!
  • 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    By daddydanja
    The ads are to much period
  • Beware

    By 411$
    This app is only for druggies Prostitutes and sex traffickers. People in the chat room well ask for money and phone numbers if you don’t they report you and you get restricted access. And if you have kids and they have this app PLEASE delete it. Good bye Moco.
  • Crap

    By jrock011685
    To many glitches
  • Don’t like

    By west coast W/S
    Doesn’t make sense & to much BS!!
  • Need some fixing

    By srenee2003
    I had a page like 5 years ago and it was ok. I just made a new page on 12/2/2018 and your site says when you block someone, they can no longer contact you by chat or anything.... well this has not been the case. I have blocked many guys but they are still able to request and chat with me, and when i go and block someone (on other instances) it tells me “you have already blocked this person” when clearly this function isn’t doing what it claims to do. Also, I wish there was a feature that any guy (if they label themselves as males (bcuz sometimes guys just put female so they can bypass certain things like going in chat rooms or when you want to put your settings to only show me other lesbians, i hope that there’s a way you guys can implement a setting to where no guys can even contact me.
  • Freezing up pop up adds, keep going blank home page

    By 1978scl
    Freezing up pop up adds keep going blank on home page. I also requested to see only woman and I see men fags I’m about done with MocoSpace
  • Ads

    By rod462)8
    Sometimes forced to click the ad to exit!
  • Pop ups

    By jvgfxum
    Your pop up adds are unbearable
  • Mocospace terrible

    By aceflare
    Add pop up every 10 sec make you font like mocospace
  • Great chat room app

    By flexman838
    I couldn't believe all it offered at the same time easy to use. Flexman838 will make lots of friends now.
  • MocoSpace

    By Big Money Curt 1985
    Nice app
  • Slow

    By black Fantasy goddess
    It’s very slow
  • Nnnnnn

    By ryvvchnn
  • Huh

    By MommaBeaaar
    It’s ok
  • Dhoops49

    By Dinohoops50
    App has become garbage. If they could kick out underage pretenders would be great too; along with felons, prostitutes, scammers,pimps,and really bad people . I wonder how many are democrats ?? Hmmm. The app is horrible. The people are gutter rats or hood rats if your from that part of town. Good place to recruit voters for Democratic Party. Zero stars. And the chat rooms should be a undercover police officer or ICE AGENTS DREAM!! Don’t waste your time or if your republican like me .... cut & paste and see the type of person who votes for democrats.The ads pop up out of thin air. It’s fine to view a ad for like 10-20 secs. But you literally have to clear the moco app and sign back on !! Pure garbage.
  • Private message

    By style979
    My pm’s haven’t worked in a long time, I can send one but can’t receive any back. Not sure what the problem is but I would like for it too be fixed.
  • Very nice app

    By Nenapreciosa.
    Love it many people always willing to chat , at all times some nice some crazy but good to chat 👍
  • ❤️

    By AnnaDeville
    Love it
  • Not working recently needs updates bugs not responsive

    By Hustla075
    Not working recently needs updates bugs not responsive