Hulu: Watch TV Shows & Movies

Hulu: Watch TV Shows & Movies

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2010-06-29
  • Current Version: 5.45
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 73.12 MB
  • Developer: Hulu, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 016 396


Only Hulu gives you access to the largest streaming library so you can watch thousands of shows and movies, exclusive Originals, past seasons, current episodes, and more on your favorite devices. Plus, you have the option to watch Live TV for sports, news, and can’t-miss events. Enjoy all your TV in one place in a personalized experience with the plan that works best for you — Hulu, Hulu (No Ads), or Hulu + LIVE TV*. These features are available on all Hulu plans: • Enjoy a TV experience that adjusts to your tastes every time you watch • Create up to 6 personalized profiles so everyone can keep track of their own shows, movies, networks, and more • Track your favorites with My Stuff, adding shows, networks, and movies for quick access across your devices • Watch at home or on the go—all on your TV, smartphone, or tablet • Add premium networks like HBO®, SHOWTIME®, CINEMAX®, and STARZ® for an additional monthly subscription fee • No hidden fees, equipment rentals, or installation appointments Hulu Our ad-supported plan gives you access to the largest streaming library. Stream over 85,000 episodes of the shows you love or haven’t yet discovered. Find classic hits like Seinfeld and The Golden Girls. Watch today’s most popular shows like This is Us and The Good Doctor. Get exclusive Originals from Emmy® winner The Handmaid’s Tale to the Stephen King-inspired Castle Rock, or the hit Marvel’s Runaways. Hulu (No Ads) This plan gives you everything you get with the Hulu plan in an ad-free* experience. *There are a few shows in our streaming library that are not included in Hulu (No Ads) due to streaming rights. Episodes of those shows will stream uninterrupted — there will just be a quick ad before and after each video. Hulu + LIVE TV Watch live and on-demand TV from 60+ top channels, including sports, news, and more. Plus, get unlimited access to the entire Hulu streaming library through our ad-supported plan. No contracts, no cable required. Hulu + Live TV plan only available on Apple TV Gen. 4, iPod Touch Gen. 6, 4K Apple TV, or iPhone/iPad running iOS10 or later. Download the Hulu app now and start watching. You’ll be charged as a recurring transaction through your iTunes account starting at the end of your free trial (unless you cancel during the free trial). Payment automatically renews unless you cancel your account at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription month. You can manage your subscription, cancel anytime, or turn off auto-renewal by accessing your iTunes account. Hulu is available to U.S. customers only. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:



  • Certain shows don’t work on mobile?

    By Daveeeed
    I just want to watch It’s Always Sunny and I keep getting error codes. I’ve tried deleting/reinstalling, logging in/out, etc. to no avail. It’s incredibly frustrating that I’m paying for an overpriced service in which my favorite show does not work on the mobile app.
  • Channel is unavailable

    By NightFoxx1
    Why is it unavailable???? I had to download another app for that channel to continue watching what I was bleeping paying for.....fix IT!!!
  • Needs to be fixed

    By GamerAnimal12
    Ok, I just got Hulu today and I like that this has more shows than Netflix and stuff but there’s too much glitching, I’m over here watching My Hero Academia and they can’t even say a whole word without it saying loading...loading..loading...loading. I don’t know if it’s my internet and how good it it, but just In case, anyone who wants to get Hulu make sure you have good WiFi. I just hope these glitches get fixed.

    By hrjdjfkfic
    Way toooooooooooo much aaaaaaaaaaadsssss
  • Commercials

    By shelbyleighh
    Honestly would keep it but the commercials are a bit much.
  • Rock my world

    By KasidyElShorty
    Hulu is goin to dominate Netflix. Sorry not sorry. Hulu is life.
  • More ads than content

    By sdagtr
    Nuff said.
  • I love Hulu

    By aldisney13
    Hulu is so fun . It has shows for all ages.there are good shows on Hulu my sister and I at her Hulu all the time
  • Hulu

    By dancegavin1
    Please don't be like Netflix and raise your prices.

    By Brycen503
    So I may be a little dramatic right now but sometimes it send you back to different episodes or sometimes there a echo last but not least it skips episodes a lot
  • Can’t Chromecast since last apple software update

    By Karla’s Itunes
    Usually love the app but haven’t been able to Chromecast since the last Apple update ios 12.2
  • Hulu is great 💯

    By Swaggerx19
    I loved Hulu because it’s everything in this app you can think of 💯💯💯💯
  • Uhhh just work already

    By all the names r gone
    So I’m not here for a review I’m telling you what you need fixed now I’m connected to my location services with Hulu but it won’t let me watch and it keeps saying I’m not connected which I am connected so Hulu Fix your mess uhhh
  • Good app but too many adds between shows

    By teeeebabeeeesse
    The shows are great but when it stops every 20 minutes for 6 ads makes you not even wanna finish it .
  • Good at times; horribly frustrating at times.

    By Noturaverageknickfan
    Great show selection but the amount of bugs and errors in the streaming service is outrageous especially for the price. Never had these many errors with Netflix. Unbelievable.. new error keeps popping up every time i try and watch a new episode...
  • What’s going on?

    By J00liebing
    Love the app, but like others have mentioned. It’s now constantly freezing, or won’t play at all. I’ve done everything that was listed in your troubleshoot but still having issues. All of my other streaming apps and games work fine. Please fix it! 😢
  • Slow

    By ChezSageLind
    I love Hulu and the shows on it. But lately it has been glitchy and very slow. It’s not my internet because Netflix and everything else works perfectly. It’s especially slow if anyone else in the house is watching Hulu as well. It’s starting to drive me crazy because it has to load every 30 seconds or so
  • Don’ waster your time

    By Tyylerjune
    The ads are ridiculous, Hulu used to do short ads, but now they go up to about 70 second ads and it’s really annoying. GET Netflix!
  • Amazing

    By Jack 35535645
    Personally I’m a big anime fan and the amount of anime this has is amazing but the commercials are a bit long but that’s about my only complaint
  • Exceptional except..

    By DNight24
    I'm 40 years old and love Hulu Live TV. But it needs to be customizable like Youtube TV. Also..and I speak of the devil here Ale*a on the other brands Fire Puke. For my parents who are 80. Alexa gets none of the Hulu commands correct. But that's on Amazon... Otherwise great, if not the best Cut the Cord option.

    By Laura Del.
    Love Hulu it’s the only way I watch TV
  • I’m not pleased

    By Shwe Hnin
    Almost the popular tv shows show currently unavailable 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
  • PLEASE HELP / read

    By kejdfj
    Your app makes finding NEW episodes of MY shows impossible!!!!!
  • All the 5 star reviews are from the previous version of the app

    By blueswalkedin
    All the 5 star reviews are from the previous version of the app don’t be fooled
  • It is the best I love it so much

    By Keko do you love me
  • Opción

    By jorgegym
    No have more opción in lenguaje
  • Love the app but it crashes ALL the time’

    By mlo226
    My app seriously crashes ALL the time. Like every 5-10 minutes when I’m watching a show. And I check for updates and they’ve already been done but this has not been fixed.
  • Stating Facts

    By CommoN Mayes
    Best Thing Ever.
  • missing ONE thing.

    By glittercakes
    the ability to listen to audio while in other apps. just like netflix and now amz prime video
  • Ads

    By mtnbikedoggo
    On the 6$ payment I got 3 ads between my show that was 20 mins long and the 3 ads were 70-80 seconds long, this app is a ripoff
  • they arent perfect

    By HerbS2urnerves
    they arent perfect in the sense that my local channels on love tv sometimes skip and especially always skip when viewing on Roku. As for iOS sometimes the live tv freezes on non-local channels, but is easily fixed by refreshing the channel. As for user interface it has much room for improvement but is currently manageable and gets the job done with very few quirks like one or two tiny quirks you learn the workaround to pretty quickly. The only thing i'd like to see is a streamlining of the channels guide, and ability to look at content info outside of guide. currently only the guide shows the info. The stream quality is better than directvnow and it has useful option to choose your quality so you can save data from your phone plan. I would like to see a live tv only monthly package as well as app. That way the price can drop by 5 bucks and the guide can be streamlined with least taps before watching tv.
  • Cancel my subscription!!! Please!

    By bebelicous024
    For some reason I can’t cancel my sub. Do it now! Or forever hold your nuts.
  • No background audio

    By ughgodno
    It’s 2019 got dang it, I should be able to listen to King of the Hill while I browse reddit and shovel hot cheese snacks into my face.
  • Ughh addsssss

    By un_know_n
    Too much ads tho
  • Hulu

    By Dodgersbaby
    Love it!!!
  • Constantly freezing and giving a playback error

    By Corak11
    When I first subscribed to HULU I thought it was great. Now though I can’t even get through a program without it constantly freezing and giving me a playback error. Seriously considering getting rid of it because it is really annoying.
  • Disappointed

    By Miika_babie
    I don’t like that fact when you click on “genre” and you guys have an option that say “Black Stories” and it has Boondocks, Atlanta, Blackish etc.... ??? Like really?! You guys don’t think that’s a little bit disrespectful/racist ?! So on that note I’m canceling .. Please take that off it’s offensive!!
  • Awesome

    By hchudbs
    Hulu is one of the best apps out here hands down but it would be even better if commercials where not in Hulu just saying it could be better👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽😊
  • Good

    By E.D. The original
    Need the thumbs 👍🏾 or 👎🏾 for personal review on the movies and tv series so users can leave a personal review after watching contents
  • SMH

    By heyheyjayjay!123
    THIS IS RIDICULOUS. I just got the Hulu app and I can’t sign in. BOTH of my emails won’t work to log in, and it says I am not connected to my TV provider, but when I go to my settings it is. I don’t know if it is a bug or not you better fix this. IM TRYING TO WATCH THE ACT AND WAS HAPPY YOU RUINED MY HAPPINESS.
  • AWESOME app!!

    By Tina__colada
    I’ve had Hulu service since the very beginning. Waaaay back, when you could only watch it on 1screen at a time. They’ve continued to improve everything within their service(s) & just keep getting better!! You now have the option to use/watch multiple screens at once, the option to be ad-free, & have Hulu original shows! Hulu is best used for tv shows in my opinion. I’m saying that in a positive way, because they have a good selection of movies but the tv shows are what really set this app apart from others. I grew up on the NBC show, ER. It’s my FAV. But besides buying expensive DVD’s there was NO already existent streaming service(s) offering this show. For over a year now they’ve gotten the rights to ER & allow us(customers) to stream it without commercials, without any price inflation, all whilst having EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE. ever made available to its users! Almost any show you can think of is probably on Hulu. It also has movies on there that are relevant & that i never would’ve seen any other way. They have “older” movies as well as current ones. They have exquisite, original shows based on books etc like the infamous “Handmaids tale”. I never experience any issues with the app on my iPhone, iPads, nor Apple TV. No buffering nor loading like other apps. It’s an extremely smooth layout w/ awesome features for a SUPER affordable price. Kudos to Hulu!!
  • Only in the US

    By Emyli90
    I'm not anymore on the United States and I can't use it because of it. It would be great if I could plz im cryin as i type this I need to watch Naruto help me :,(
  • Love this app

    By Marleymouse1
    You should really try this app
  • Limo lady

    By Fit4fun50
    I spent a lot of time away from home and Hulu keeps me up on the shows I like and I can take it with me while I work out
  • Please fix

    By Inzanechronic
    Can’t fast forward and rewind without being shown five commercials I’m just looking for where I was and they show me a commercial every time I go to a different point in the show another commercial
  • Better than cable

    By Johnnyrust
    This app really is the best for live tv and cloud dvr options. Plus they have all the cataloged shows I love. Seinfeld, King of the Hill, Futurama, etc...
  • Keeps buffering

    By Kirebaby
    It’s so frustrating when you are on a good signal WiFi and still the app keeps buffering.
  • Too many commercials

    By no 8537845755
    Commercials every thirty seconds . . .
  • Best App Ever

    By King_Zay50
    This app is the best keeps everything right there