Audible audio books & stories

Audible audio books & stories

  • Category: Book
  • Release Date: 2010-07-10
  • Current Version: 3.29
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 96.68 MB
  • Developer: Audible, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 2 900 239


Start a new routine with Audible. Your place for listening to the world’s largest selection of audiobooks, kids stories and bite-sized audio content - at home, while working, or when taking a break. A variety of genres. The most compelling stories. Told by inspiring voices. Listen to the stories that speak to you, anytime, anywhere. Download and sign in securely with your Amazon account. Your first audiobook is on us. FIND YOUR AUDIBLE ROUTINE 1. Unwind with your perfect listen - sci-fi, fantasy, self-care, mysteries, bestsellers, memoirs, and more. 2. Streamline your day with titles on virtual collaboration, productivity, and communication. 3. Keep your kids entertained with classics, bedtime stories, bible stories, and modern young adult literature. 4. Stay informed with daily updates from the NYT, Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post. 5. Discover Audible Originals - exclusive audiobooks, documentaries and scripted shows. JOIN AUDIBLE LISTENERS: - Browse the entire collection and use credits to add to your library. - Own your library. Your titles are yours, even if you cancel. - Easy exchanges. Swap any audiobook at any time. - Download and listen to your audiobooks offline. - Rest your eyes and enjoy your stories in the dark with Dark Mode. - Sync with your Apple Watch. Rewind, pause or set a sleep timer, available on Apple Watch Series 1 or later. - Use Whispersync to easily switch across your devices without losing your place, including your Alexa-enabled devices, Amazon Kindle, and any Bluetooth speaker. - Set a sleep timer to stop playing your audiobook if you get sleepy. You won’t miss a word. - Stay captivated with ad free listening. - Access Audible Daily Deals and get audiobooks from $2.95. - Free monthly titles. Get 1 credit for any audiobook, and 8 Audible Originals for the month of April. - Plus, you’ll get 30% off any additional titles. UNPLUG BY TUNING IN. Enjoy small listening bites such as short stories or chapters from bestselling titles. Find calm in your day by escaping into a captivating story. Go ahead, take your break with Audible. KIDS STORYTIME. Keep your kids entertained with thousands of children’s and young adult books. Enjoy storytime together, or set them loose on an adventure narrated by some of the most talented and mesmerizing voices. LISTEN WHILE YOU WORK. Our library is always open. So come on in and choose from a wide range of titles that’ll transport you as you cook, walk the dog, run, work or fold laundry. Discover a new routine with Audible. And fall in love with books all over again. Happy listening! -------------------- If you subscribe to Audible via iTunes where available, payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase and your membership will automatically renew monthly unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the then current membership period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours before the end of each membership period at the rate of your selected plan. You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal anytime by going to My Account or through iTunes. See Audible Conditions of use at for terms applicable to your use of Audible, and see for the Privacy Policy. Note: in-app purchasing is currently only available in our U.S. marketplace.



  • 5 4 3 2 1 Go

    By frog21!
    This book was amazing
  • App keeps crashing

    By Theoldertwin
    Highly dependent on this app, but it keeps crashing. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded the app several times. Nothing works. Please fix!
  • Hate the “sleep timer fade out” ...AGAIN

    By KKFin
    Update 7/27/2020: you’ve enabled that fade-out at the start of the next chapter again. That is exceedingly annoying. My preference is that the audio stops when I ask it to (end of current chapter), not 11 seconds into the next with fadeout. Someone in your development team went back down that dead-end rabbit hole. ***** Please fix this so that the option for a “hard stop” at end of chapter is available, please. I set the sleep timer so that i can do something else (change of activity) at the end of chapter, so that fade-out that bleeds into the beginning of the next chapter is annoying, in part because I’m thinking that the app has a bug.
  • This app has been a game changer.

    By Timbo Slice 4040
    I have been using this app on a nearly daily basis. It’s been a real game changer for me. My automobile university has a full library now. Couldn’t be happier with this so far. Highly recommend this.
  • Kevin Hart is amazing

    By A game you should play
    One of the best books I have read this year. I have a new level of respect for him.
  • Audible is Great

    By SS5902
    I became a member in 2005 when my grandson was born. My husband bought Audible so I could enjoy so many books. I’m very thankful for Audible and the many choices of books I have enjoyed listening to.
  • Where did the overall time countdown go?

    By KristenEden
    It seems in the latest update the “hours left” in the book was removed from the main screen. Can we get this option back? I really liked seeing how much total time I had left in a book and now it’s replaced by the chapter I’m in... which is far less informative towards my reading progress.
  • What!¿!

    By chatdog2
    I Love this application!
  • Great Update

    By JeffDWhit
    I don’t often write app reviews but I’m so delighted by this update that I feel compelled to. Things I LOVE in the latest update: - More granular playback speed controls - Titles and Genres sections - Quick title filters Feature request: Please add an “unfinished” filter.
  • Chapter alignment

    By T+t=amazin
    I love everything about the app service except: 1) cost is too high. Doesn’t make sense that the spoken word is more expensive than most video streaming services, whose products are way more expensive to produce and distribute than straight audio 2) why don’t the chapters align with the chapters in the printed books? If you are reading Some chapters and listening on Audible to others, it’s very difficult to figure out where you actually are in the book, because the chapters on Audible are different often from the chapters in the book. This seems like a simple problem to solve.
  • No longer compatible

    By mk92071
    I go to listen to a book I’ve bought and find the app is crashing because the app is no longer compatible with my iOS. Now accessing content I paid for is super inconvenient! Wow!
  • App keeps crashing

    By Soulhunter4567
    I was excited to get the audible app but it keeps crashing on me. Anyone else experiencing this? I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling it, as well as turning my phone on and off and updating to the latest iOS. Nothing seems to be working.
  • Presidents of War

    By Beyond Blief
    Once you listening, you won’t want to stop!
  • Easily the worst app I use every day

    By Pope Gregory X has a great catalogue, but the Audible iPhone app is simplistic, ugly, buggy, and frustrating to use. I don’t know why I expected anything else from Amazon, but still disappointing. Look at Libby from Overdrive or literally any podcast app to see how to build a pleasing, intuitive, powerful application for playback of multi-hour spoken word content.
  • Super Enjoyable

    By Citlally:)
    I never thought I would enjoy being read to, but I tried it because I have to drive an hour to and from work and thought this would be an enriching way to spend those two hours. And I found it to be super enjoyable. I now look forward those two hours everyday. What a great app!!!.
  • Too much Never Enough

    By hippie rebel
    I really enjoyed the book. As a family therapist the insights Mary Trump has into the games, triangles, double binds all made sense. It paints a true picture of how a sociopath is created. The sad part is that his followers believe his lies.
  • Nursing Assistant

    By mussadig
    This audio reading is so helpful thanks you Amazon
  • The book of longings

    By drtherapymarg
    This book was so engaging, that I listen to it twice, one time following the next. I wanted to remember more of the details. The author has done so much historical research that there is much to learn from this book. In addition to the emotional connection and how deeply it weaved the story into my heart. It is a beloved story. Beautiful and it’s telling. Highest recommendation.
  • App review

    By Mikealg
    Got this app to listen to “The Hero Of Ages” by Brandon Sanderson. The app seems perfect for listening to audiobooks. Thankful I found it. Can’t wait to find my next book.
  • Multi tasking

    By Kassybags
    One of the reasons we love Audible so much is that we are so busy with many commitments. Many of our obligations allow us to listen to books while at the same time completing our tasks. We are able to “read” so many books that we would otherwise be unable to sit down and read by listening to Audible.
  • Monthly Subscription $ should be lowered.

    By Mbrj222
  • The truth of enlightenment!

    By babe1
    Thank you Mary L. Trump for this most riveting truth that the world needs to know. Your writing and reading is nothing short of brilliant!
  • Always there.

    By Mar52Candy
    Able to do many things while I continue to read my book.
  • Long Rides

    By Sleep monitor
    I have been a member for 10 years or more. The customer services is good. The opportunity to make changes when selecting the wrong book or method of payment is instantly versus days.
  • Great read !

    By lamachuca
    A must read if you have a kid :) I really enjoy it
  • Update no good

    By sariunde
    Every since the update, I can’t see my Wish List at all! Where did it go? I also don’t have access to my account settings and now it’s stuck on daytime mode and I can’t change it. Don’t fix what isn’t broken!
  • Wow, just wow!!

    By D Assis
    I’ve read this book first in ebook form, and it was always a 5🌟read for me, but listening to it, was a completely different experience. The book came to life in Elizabeth’s narration. It’s a book everyone should listen or read. It’s a book about finding oneself outside our parents expectations, it’s a book at how girls are judged from a young age because how they look. It’s a book about love, friendship and family.
  • I love / better if

    By SurvivorSupporter
    I love the service I wish I could export notes to evernote
  • Thank you

    By akasha29
    Thank you for all the books I can listen to considering I don’t have the time to find and read a book can’t wait till more of my books come out and might suggest some series for y’all to hopefully add to your collections
  • Crashes all the time

    By Me53545
    Every time I try to listen to something, the app crashes and I have to restart it several times. Never again
  • Heartbreaking how bad it’s gotten.

    By JCZorkmid
    This used to be my favorite app. It was the primary use for my device. Now I can’t stand to open it. Each update gets less usable and more rage inducing. Now we have a mini-player. Why can’t I disable it? I will never ever ever ever ever want the mini player. Why does each update make the artwork smaller. Now the play and skip buttons have more room that the cover art. Why? Why does setting the sleep timer start playing now. Never did that before, and as someone who has to start the timer before removing my glasses and putting the phone on my nightstand it is NOT something I want. I have to assume nobody who likes audiobooks at all works on this app any longer. Such a frustrating experience. If I wasn’t trapped in this ecosystem now I’d just delete it.
  • Great insight

    By Baktar
    Thank you Mary
  • Too much and never enough!

    By planoria2
    Was perfect all the way from the beginning to the end! I will continue using this app. Thank you for offering!
  • Wonderful!

    By EmARoberts
    Such a wonderful book that provides great guidance for parents. I do wish the author would have read this book.I’ve listen to some of his other books and it was just a different experience with a different voice.
  • I love my audio books, but...

    By SueJ315
    I do not like the newest update. It has taken away the ability to see how much time is left in the book. Why would you do that? I drive a lot for work and I am always listening to audio books. I would like to know how much time is left so that if I need to have a new book ready for the drive I can. Can you give that back please??? I dropped 2 stars b/c of that! Tell me how much time is left and I will gladly rate audible 5 stars.
  • love it but it’s crashing/stopping

    By J-Spiritist
    I have used this app for years and love it. However this month it is driving me crazy because sometimes it crashes and other times it stops the audio. It makes it annoying to try to finish a chapter. Please get it fixed.
  • Love this app

    By Billy i Bob
    I love this app but I wish you cude start particle book with Siri. As well as all the commands at work on the echo through Siri on the phone so driving in the car I want to be so hard if you wanna change something or skip back which does it seem to work so well.
  • Loved it

    By nita1955
    Good book for beginner and someone who has been fasting. I learned new information and I will continue to follow Gin Stephens
  • Still Crashes Every 2 Minutes

    By aapliphne33
    I've tried reinstalling the app, but it continues to crash every two minutes. The 07/14 update did not change this. It's been a few months now... Very frustrating. I suppose it's time to cancel membership and move on. =(
  • Crap

    By TroubledGuy
    Dont read if your a white man. All the troubles n this book are your fault.
  • Highly recommend

    By KoaAllen
    A well written story of healing and the journey it takes to get there.
  • Non Longer Works

    By Andrew86511
    In a remarkable display of teaming up agains their customers, Apple and Audible have found a way to render my hundreds of dollars of investment in audiobooks unusable. As an iPhone 5s user, Apple deletes my apps and makes me redownload them. and Audible won’t let me download the version compatible with iOS 12 anymore. Audible already lost one class action lawsuit for abuse of its customers. Will this be the next?
  • Horrible app on iPhone

    By Jose Saber
    I absolutely despise this app on iPhone. I can't shop online or my wishlist like android. I can't even tell what's downloaded to my device. Everything just shows in my library and have no clue if I have it downloaded or not.
  • No Repeat function

    By pnlfont
    I wish there was a repeat function.
  • A simple way to read more!

    By Auntie Nunu
    I have already read 3 books in less than 2 months. I love the feeling of sitting and reading a few pages from a book to start my morning or to relax in the afternoon, the problem was I never did it! Audible allows me to kill two birds with one stone! I go for a walk everyday and now I can listen to a new book while I do! I’m in love and slightly upset I didn’t join sooner!
  • Audible

    By AbeCuba
    Superb platform, amazing people . Best audible platform out there by far . Stop searching, this is it. If out of credits , just call customer service, and they’ll help you exchange books and thus get more credits back . Great Christian books selection ,in my case as a Christian man . They have literally millions of books for all
  • Excelent information supported by data

    By NPB Surf Rider
    Get educated !
  • American Dirt

    By theknittersfriend
    I highly recommend reading this book.
  • I have to pay to read one of my books

    By nfksj&;& gs
    I was gonna read a book but I had to get a membership 💔