10BII Calc HD

10BII Calc HD

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2010-09-20
  • Current Version: 3.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 4.97 MB
  • Developer: Ernest Brock
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 393


10BII Calc HD is a business calculator featuring over 100 built-in functions for business, finance, mathematics and statistics. Easily calculate loan payments, interest rates, amortization, discounted cash-flow analyses, TVM (loans, savings, and leasing), bonds and depreciation using a simplified algebraic entry system. The keyboard and display have been carefully optimized for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Two keyboard layouts and multiple specialized worksheets allow you to do much more than a 10BII calculator while maintaining compatibility with the standard.
 HD version includes: • 2 for the price of 1! iPad and iPhone versions included- use on both your iPad and iPhone • HD graphics included for iPad and iPhone retina displays • iPad version includes full support for slide over and split views. • New worksheets including interactive graphs. 
 •Time Value of Money- Loans, savings, leases and amortization schedules using both the standard keyboard and a specialized TVM solver window that displays the contents of all the variables for rapid "what if" solutions to your problems. View and mail amortization tables. •Interest Conversion- Nominal and effective rates. •Cash Flows- Net present value, internal rate of return, net future value and net uniform series calculations. Up to 80 cash flows are easily edited and reviewed using the dedicated cash flow editor screen. Entries are added, deleted and modified in a scrolling display with a touch interface unique to the iPhone. •Business Percentages- Percent change, markup, and margin calculations. •Statistics- Mean, standard deviation, correlation coefficient, and linear regression forecasting, weighted mean. Sample editor and plotter, forecasting using linear, log, exp or power fit. •Conversions- 47 world currency rates and over 100 commonly used metric, english and other conversion factors used in financial, business, scientific and engineering calculations. •Scientific- sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan plus the hyperbolic trig functions, conversion between rectangular and polar coordinates, conversion between degrees and radians, time functions including h.ms+ and h.ms-, log, ln, 10^x, e^x, y^x, x root of y, fraction part and integer part. Trig functions can be computed in radians, degrees or gradians. •Worksheets- Auto Purchase Black-Scholes Bond BreakEven Cash Flow Analysis Currency Date Depreciation Interest Conversion Lease Loan Amortization Margin & Markup Ratios Refinance Statistics Tip TVM Many of the worksheets include interactive graphs. •Audit tape records all calculations. Tape can be mailed, texted or printed. Discover how to use any function on the keyboard by touching the ? key then the key you want to learn about. Help screens are available for all worksheets. 
Quote from a customer:

"Last week I had a meeting with my accountants and my bankers. We were working on the pro forma balance sheets and cash flows for a new project I'm working on.

They were all asking why I had switched to the iPhone for I used to be a die hard "brandX phone" fan. I said that one could do so much more. They said "yea...sure" (they were all using "brandX phones") until I started using your calculator. We were analyzing different payment and amortization schedules. They were so impressed by how easily we could figure out the amount of interest, principal and remaining loan balance for any certain period or combination of periods that in the end they were saying "I have to get me one of those".

 Great product. Thanks."



  • DL

    By FarmerAlso
    Great app looks and works like my 10bII very happy with it, now if only Mr. Brock would make an app like this one for the HP 33S, my favorite scientific calculator I would be elated.
  • Da Review

    By ReviewMer
    Have been using for 7 years. Introduced to when working on Masters program. Love it. Intimidating to a non-numbers person. But when continued use it seriously GROWS ON You! Glad for updates, they were needed. Please, CONTINUE the GREAT programming. KennyW
  • Works great on iPad Pro

    By ifuporg
    Good layout in slide over mode in portrait and landscape unlike other apps. Thanks!
  • Best calculator

    By Smithworx
    Great app! The best calculator app there is. Thank you. Great for mortgage estimating and financial calculations.
  • Great HP calculator app

    By Mpohl33
    My go to for financial calculations
  • Awesome calc!

    By Sinclair6
  • Works great!

    By Sparkzilla66
    Works just like my 10bII.
  • Just like an HP calculator

    By SokyArt
    Very powerful financial calculator! I no longer have to carry my HP around!! This app does everything.
  • 10b2

    By Lu-D
    Great app to have on the phone. Easy to use and the displays keep track of inputs. Worth it!
  • Im a financial advisor

    By Fitbrdhf
    This app works perfectly! I love having a financial calculator with me at all times right here on my phone! Money well spent!! No annoying ads and they keep it up to date.
  • Wouldn’t go anywhere without it

    By Mark s Twain
    Practical, reliable and accurate!
  • HP 10bii

    By Bitmoji Fungirl
    I love it! Great app, Mr. Brock!
  • Amazing App

    By Y Bechara
    I have been working with this App for years. Very stable, several updates, great user interface. I highly recommend this application.
  • Longtime User

    By Halfmoonfp
    I have used this calculator for over 20 years first as a handheld and then on both my iPad and Droid phone. As an Engineer and later Financial Advisor I’ve used most functions it offers and am very satisfied with it. When I took the CFP test 14 years ago (10 hours under strict monitoring) I brought two with me to make sure I had backup. Didn’t think I ever need it (and didn’t) but I wouldn’t take a chance.
  • I continue to use this calculator every day...

    By GDefenbaugh
    In my tax business as well as personal life. The built in spreadsheets are a life saver. Been using it since the first version was released. No better iPad calculator exists. The author provides excellent support. This is an outstanding product. Still the best iOS calculator available. Nothing else even comes close. Everyone should try this calculator
  • Great Real Estate Calculator

    By ivpcare
    This is the best real estate calculator we have used for both residential and commercial calculations. I would recommend it for all Realtors and Property Owners.
  • Awesome app. Helps me more than any other!!

    By Money Mastery
    Wonderful app. Well done. Perfect, actually.
  • Great Calc App

    By 10b User
    Best out there. Emulates the HP 10b & 12c perfectly! Accurate & precise. A life saver for those who need the functions of an HP calculator.
  • Staple of my daily life

    By Lowry Hill
    I’m a Certified Financial Planner who has used this app for years to do work for my clients and myself, and it has been flawless.
  • Awesome

    By Wayne Mah
    For mortgage financing in Canada, I use this everyday all the time. Much more handy than carrying the actual calculator and cheaper!
  • Love it

    By Bastrop bear
    Takes the place of the exact calculator I’ve had since college, but better as I always have it with me.
  • Great App

    By Clear works for me.
    I use it daily and really love it!
  • Great app!

    By Craigjwa
    I use this all the time in my business. I used to use the original HP calculator, but this is so much better especially being able to see a “tape” of your inputs and check for errors. And with updates it continues to improve all the time.
  • 10bll HD

    By BMMJR
    Love my 10bII... Are use it every day. Eliminates the need to carry my hard model, It stays in my desk.
  • Best deal in the App Store!

    By Mattress Mc
    Having user-friendly worksheets and a “tape” are super-helpful
  • Great app

    By Mystic Skeptic
    Developer works hard to provide this tool. Great guy.
  • THE HP Calculator

    By Magnum3
    The best financial calculator available! I've tried several other calculators and this is simply the best. Highly recommend. 👍👍
  • Great app

    By real estate developer ca
    Very useful app. Appreciate updates to work with apple updates
  • My favorite calculator app

    By JT..754388085
    Excellent calculator app. Very useful. The developer is responsive and updates it quickly.
  • Excellent product

    By JMS-3.14159
    Can’t live without it
  • 10BII Calc

    By jkbutcher
    This became my true friend when I was studying for my CFP exam years ago, it was reassuring to find yes app so I could take it along in my travels. Having a separate calculator is just one more item to carry. Thank for this available, must item for me.

    By CCIMtoo
    I am thrilled with the 10bII HD App. As a financial calculator, it does a wonderful job crunching numbers daily.
  • Best App I own

    By mb1947
    Even better than the physical 10bII. The Developer Earnie constantly is improving the app which always works flawlessly. He responds to emails quickly. I have had this app for years on both my iPhone and iPad. It’s terrific.
  • This is my go to calculator

    By steelherewatching2
    I work in real estate and this is my go to calculator. I use it most everyday for quick calculations or simple loan amortization with worksheets schedules.
  • Great Financial Calculator!

    By MyCUiphone
    I appreciate the updates to keep up with the OS changes.
  • Great App!!

    By 1Keeperr
    The app performs just like my HP - added bonus that I don’t have to carry a calculator around!!
  • A must have

    By jsampath
    Using it for running numbers, its a great find from REI group. Don't have to carry physical calc all the time. Retains the user interface as HP.
  • One and only

    By Jossdr
    This is the one and only calculator app I need. Serves me and my clients well!
  • Making a great product even better!

    By TW- Comm RE
    Feel just like my old standalone but much much more. Especially the tape function. Never have to re-input data, just look at the tape. Thanks for being there year after year with improvements. Highly recommend!
  • Super! BEST ONE!

    By la taupe
    My only one calculator for years!!! Constantly improving over the different versions... Please continue!
  • Super resource!

    By Krazo1
    Very useful app. Easy to use. An excellent resource right on your phone. Very powerful.
  • Es mejor que la original

    By Fanatico al Waze
    Tengo la calculadora original en mi escritorio; pero prefiero esta mil veces. Mucho mas opciones como la función de conversiones o las hojas de trabajo. Altamente recomendada. Oct 2017. La nueva versión está súper mejorada. Se volvió la única calculadora que yo uso. Abril 2019; la calculadora cada versión trae nuevas características que la hace ser la mas eficiente de las calculadoras. Ya no tengo calculadora de escritorio
  • Love this program

    By Lost in Barca
    I use this virtually everyday. This is so much more than just a replica of a Calculator. What I like are the worksheets that are included that make data entry much easier if you forgotten what to call certain inputs. This is a well-designed program, that should be on everyone's phone, which will help you with all sorts of financial calculations. Encourage your non-financially adept kids to start using a financial calculator.
  • A wonderful and versatile app

    By Mathetes
    I probably only scratch the surface on using the features available in this app, but am never disappointed. All the way from simple math through mortgage and loan amortization to Black-Scholes calculations on options...all are handled, and the documentation tells you how. Then, if you travel internationally, there’s a handy and up-to-date currency converter.
  • Best Tool for CCIM’s

    By Tee Box Tree
    I use this app every day. This is the gold standard for analyzing my own investments and my clients investments. Quick and easy time value of money calculations as well as amortization tables and separating the bad news from the good news.
  • The financial calculator for you

    By cuziluvnumbers
    Love the app!
  • Better than the actual HP calculator

    By jsc789
    I have used the HP calculator for years, but finally switched to this App. One of the great features of the App version is the content of the registers at available at a glance. Also the app writer is constantly improving it with updates. Warning: Once you try the App version you won’t go back.
  • GRRREat!

    By Quatro Jay
    This does what a HP does at a fraction of the price. Great deal!!!!
  • 10bII

    By rjfei
    Have used this program for years. Whenever I need a calculator, this is my go to place.