Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2010-09-20
  • Current Version: 3.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 22.14 MB
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 556


Google Authenticator works with 2-Step Verification for your Google Account to provide an additional layer of security when signing in. With 2-Step Verification, signing into your account will require both your password and a verification code you can generate with this app. Once configured, you can get verification codes without the need for a network or cellular connection. Features include: - Automatic setup via QR code - Support for multiple accounts - Support for time-based and counter-based code generation To use Google Authenticator, you need to enable 2-Step Verification on your Google Account. Visit to get started.



  • Add filtering

    By mooogs
    It’s almost 2020 and they still haven’t added a simple filter/search functionality!
  • Lost all tokens

    By Joel Carlton
    I can confirm that google authenticator does not support offloading and removes all tokens once redownloaded. This app also does not support restoring from backup.
  • Works, but can’t move between phones

    By westtk
    The app works well for the basic use-case. However, it provides no strategy for multiple phones, moving to a new phone, or restoring from a backup. If you lose the phone with the authenticatior and didn’t already save the QR codes or setup multiple devices, you’ll need to go through and recover every account (if you can remember all of them). Authy achieves the same thing, with support for multiple devices and backups.
  • Crap this is garbage

    By lalala3321
    Don’t waste ur time app doesn’t work! Tried multiple times and never worked even downloaded multiple times..never works Straight garbage
  • Doesn’t remember your info.

    By 47Ashik
    I can’t login to Ubisoft because google authenticator isn’t doesn’t remember anything.
  • Does what it’s supposed to

    By amdady
    No problem linking up with UPlay 2-Step verification
  • Ugh

    By DanyWulf13
    Stop locking me out of stuff fix your software problems.
  • Hackers use this

    By tmgolightly
    A hacker turned this on for my PayPal and locked me out
  • If you upgrade/replace phone your in trouble..

    By Crazy unique nickname
    Don’t look at Google’s name on this product.. it’s poorly designed and there’s so many better, free alternatives (like Authy). When you upgrade or replace or restore your phone (and you eventually will) you’ll be in the world of pain trying to migrate your codes with this app (you’ll have to visit every single page and redo the 2fa setup process). Spare yourself and use Authy or another better product.
  • Trash app

    By mahn16
    Got a new phone and this stupid app didnt restore my settings so all my accounts were wiped out
  • Crashes instantly

    By rafikifiki
    Started crashing immediately after opening, can’t access my accounts. Garbage.
  • This app is garbage

    By LAwinterwriter
    This app worked for years. Now it does not line up any of the numbers. Fix this!!!!!!
  • Locked out of exchange Acct

    By disenfranchised driver
    Ive been using Google’s Authenticator for a while with no problem to access my exchange website account. Then I had to get my phone restored. Little did I know my saved codes were also gone too. Now I’m trying to log into my exchange site account, but lo and behold my codes don’t show in the authenticator. At first I was extremely furious at the exchange site for having this cost of massive inconvenience for the sake of security. Then I realized it’s probably this app that should’ve warned us ahead of time that after a factory reset, all our codes will be gone. For the laymen user, we don’t have the time to read the fine print and learn about stuff like this, and if it’s very important it should be easily told to us. So I’m locked out of my Account for days, but hopefully my account won’t be gone forever. Never trusting this app again, and may try out that Authy app to see if it’s any better. Very frustrating...
  • Falta nueva versión

    By educapob
    Hace falta una nueva versión que contenga un Pin y autenticador de huella para poder ingresar a la App, para mayor seguridad. Cumple su función, pero hace falta una nueva versión. Saludos!
  • Apple Watch version???

    By King KTB
    Where’s the Apple Watch version??? Duo has one. Need for Google auth!
  • Suckiest app

    By jefebarrio
    When i switched phones, i lost all the codes. Now i have to go and disable it everywhere. What a pain.
  • No watch version

    By PersyJack
    Should be made available on Apple Watch
  • Error

    By Bklynguynyhere
    Every time I use this app to get my code, it tells me there’s Authenticator code error
  • Trash

    By stupid domb kyle
    App is terrible it does not work!
  • Stopped working

    By xdLukastarlord
    I need this app to log into my uplay account on my computer so that I can delete and get new games. I did not get a new phone and the app has now stopped working. I looked it up and did the things it said to do still it did not work. Now I am locked out of my uplay account due to this app. I wish I didn’t set the 2 step verification which made me have to use this app. Very disappointed and annoyed.
  • Stupid

    By Boss godley
    Horrible idea
  • Transfer accounts beside google

    By KayneReviews
    So I had to use google with to sign into a ton of accounts for things besides google and now all of my accounts are gone the worst app I’ve ever used whoever made it impossible to transfer from your old phone to new directly is slower than molasses and should be fired awful awful design I want to come there work and show whoever designed this how to use their brain
  • No backup - morons

    By Azurephoenix_
    Hey google let’s design an app where when you switch devices all your codes disappear. Said the most idiotic designer ever. Deleted this garbage and installed LastPass 2FA that has a backup....
  • Good App but needs Push Notifications!!

    By tjblizzy
    I use this app every day and just wish it was more convenient.
  • Got a new phone and I lost all my codes

    By Alraddadi
    I can’t believe that I lost all my codes because I upgraded my phone. I have to recover each account manually now and that might take months. I wish if the app at least told me that it stores my codes locally in the phone.
  • Snapchat

    By bobby melvin
    Hello I have a serious question I use this app for my Snapchat a while ago how do I login my Snapchat on the app
  • Trash

    By Unable to connect to server.
    Can’t remove an entry once it has been scanned.
  • Barcode reader

    By talldue1985
    This app is piece of junk and doesn’t even works iPads it more useless app also waste of space. Also waste of my downloading this apparently this completely waste of my time
  • Google forgot about this app

    By Jack_12221
    People use this app google, why stop upgrading it?
  • I’m locked out of discord

    By aw3som3boy2004
    I’m locked out of discord because it didn’t transfer all of my code.Now I have a discord account that I cannot enter because of this app. What a waste of time.
  • Works perfectly until until poked in the eye

    By RDEinMichigan
    Works perfectly until the phone bombs -no backup When transferring to a new phone there’s a set of prodcedures like, “just be sure another device is logged on to the google account”, and several others. Be sure to look these procedures up and follow these steps carefully as you access to every account protected by the Authenticator app depends on it. This assumes people know they need to take steps to transfer the Authenticator app to a new phone. Most everything else nicely backs up and restores do why doesn’t the Authenticator app? These people likeky mostly were rudely awoke to a broken account accesses. This also assumes you plan ahead and log in to the google Authenticator app BEFORE you forgot your phone was in your back pocket when you went for the swim, or someone stole the phone, or it just broke. As without the forthiught of these life events you just lost your account accesses. Just adding the Authenticator app to a new phone you will quickly find its empy, as if a clean slate and you cannot add account being protected by a dead or lost phone. This app has had its day, google has not updated it in include a real backup, clearly google is not in full uppiry behind it. The app worked flawlessly so long as life’s flaws don’t surface. I recommend you proceed on to one of many other similar Authenticator apps that offers backup. I found a couple great alternatives within 10 minutes using google. Two factor log on are a boom for securing accounts but backup plans are needed. They can backfire without.
  • Am i allowed to give zero stars?

    By metl4evr
    Yeah... so if you get a new phone you gotta setup all your authentication account all over again. I had twenty some odd accounts. Some of which involve cryptocurrency. Do you have ANY IDEA what’s involved in recovering those kinds of accounts? It can take weeks and involve a LOT of hassle. I would have LOVED TO KNOW that these would not transfer to a new phone along with Google Authenticator. So now, I’ll be moving over to Authy. I mean... this is absurd. If you’re not going to be able to retain your accounts FINE... but at LEAST make us aware. And no, NOT in the license agreement section that no one EVER READS. Seriously... F YOU GA. Oh, and by the way, I’ll be sure and let EVERYONE I KNOW to go ahead and move over to Authy. Just... wow.
  • There should be a back up if you lose your phone

    By Billie3889
    I’ve got plenty of accounts on different apps and websites that have 2fa. I couldn’t get what you could do if you would lose your phone with the app. Would you be able to recover the app? It needs some kind of registation
  • Need update to fix bugs

    By Lelouch-
    Lost my verification account
  • Nice

    By Pixel gun veteran.
    I only use this for discord. Although there are many bad reports about this. I find this a simple and efficient way of not wasting any time or effort. Edit: F this don’t work no more can’t log in in my discoed. Garbage

    By Blessed Kia
    They are asking for a login key that I don’t ever remember setting up!
  • Needs update

    By iceicejick
    Need to make an update to the app. UI is outdated and more features should be added.
  • How do you remove an entry?

    By jollyturns
    How do I remove an entry?!! The edit button at the top right shows me a selectable list, but none of the items in the list can be selected. This is on iOS 13.1.1. It looks like a typical Google app. The original developers likely went to another team, since there no glory in working on an app after it’s been released. If you want to be promoted you have to show leadership, which is not in maintaining an existing app. It’s really sad, since a lot of people rely on this little app to secure their accounts. Including people that work at Google!
  • Awful never works with nintendo

    By Mooncatsaysmoo
    Awful and i hate that i ever linked anything to it.
  • Not working

    By xillara
    The authentication codes do not work
  • Really

    By curtaviusjahwvsus
    I got a new phone and it turns out that I had the app set for my Snapchat, now that I have this new phone and every time I try to log into my Snapchat I can’t because I need the code from the app. Well I copy and paste the code and it always says incorrect code or I need to check my service, now I can’t get into my snap because this stupid app is messed up!
  • Cant access my $*%*king money

    By R3dmist88
    I switched to a new iphone and now this bullsh!t authenticator wont work! It tells me invalid code when I try to sign in using the two step verification process. This is so insanely enraging its sickening! I have no idea what to do to fix this and coinbase support is absolutely no help at all. You cant even talk to a real person! Which, im very sure would help me solve this quickly! Im looking into getting a lawyer.
  • Failure

    By BadSingerforwverlol
    I have a lot of stuff connected to this app. Worked fine for iPhone 10 but I upgraded to 11. Had all my updates done, transferred all apps etc. but this app is connected to several online logins and it will not do a code correctly. I am logged out of several pages etc and it looks like permanently. This may cost me thousands in revenue. Worthless.
  • 1
    By 狗逼马云
    It is not convenient to select a photo from an album and only use the camera.
  • Worst thing google ever did

    By оврдмвкл
    I’ve lost 2 ubisoft accounts to this garbage. Whoever’s idea this was i hope you rot in hell.
  • Used to work.

    By Holy Far Canal
    ... and now it doesn’t. Apparently Google believe in security by obscurity, because they sure obscured how to install and run Authenticator.
  • Lost Some Keys During Restore

    By Cadre
    Made an encrypted backup and after the restore Google Authenticator had lost half the keys. Fortunately I had made backups in anticipation of Google Authenticator screwing something up. It’s clearly not using the iOS keychain correctly.
  • App is behind the times

    By mike.melusky
    The main headache is transferring tokens to a new device, but this application is lacking many modern features that would save users time. Competing apps like Authy include more features that this important app should have.
  • Dangerous App

    By henhouse
    This Authenticator app offers no way to recover the keys to migrate to a different app, and worse of all is NOT included in your iPhone backups. If you get a new phone and trade-in or wipe your old, none of these keys will migrate! This is extremely dangerous and you could end up locking yourself out of numerous accounts. Use a better Authenticator app.