• Category: Sports
  • Release Date: 2010-09-10
  • Current Version: 54.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 137.88 MB
  • Developer: NFL Enterprises LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 412 299


The official app of the NFL is a must for all football fans. With exciting videos and highlights, replays of every game with NFL Game Pass (subscription required), and free live local and primetime games, you’ll never miss a play. Even when you’re on the go, the NFL app has you covered. iPhone and iPad Features: • NFL Network 24/7 with authentication • Up-to-the-minute scoring, in-game highlights and drive charts • Free live local and primetime games • Live Playoffs and Super Bowl LIV • NFL Combine and Draft Coverage • Articles and video highlights featuring the latest stories and breaking news from all around the NFL • Access to NFL Game Pass and NFL RedZone from NFL Network with authentication NFL Game Pass is a subscription product with features that vary based on location**. Learn more at Learn more about the NFL's digital offerings:,, and The NFL app allows use of AirPlay and Chromecast when viewing all video-on-demand and select live content. However, the NFL app does not permit outputs from phones of live games, NFL RedZone from NFL Network or NFL Network to external displays via HDMI, Chromecast, AirPlay, Miracast or other similar streaming functionality due to rights restrictions. The Services may feature Nielsen proprietary measurement software, which will allow users to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen TV Ratings. Nielsen believes that you should have a choice about whether to contribute to our research and insights. To opt out of Nielsen measurement go into your iOS settings. Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Limit Ad Tracking. Please visit: to learn more about the Nielsen digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them. *Data usage applies for app download and use. **Certain restrictions apply. Privacy Policy: Terms and Conditions:



  • Streaming to live TV

    By ksks brundy
    Something is going on with this app it won’t let me Stream the live game from my I phone to the tv works on all other apps just not this one
  • Does nothing

    By Moselert
    It never works anymore. Just a screen with NFL 100 symbol. Nothing ever loads. Waste of time and space.
  • Really bad app

    By Eplfan1970
    Adds, pop-ups, automatic videos.... Your typical clickbait site/app If you just want to follow games there are better options than this.
  • Chromecast

    By Dphale3
    Doesn’t work with chromecast
  • No Comcast

    By Harry taint
    If you have Comcast don’t waste your time downloading this worthless app
  • So bad

    By Shabbaskwazz
    So many simple things this app SHOULD be able to do. But they don’t care. Uninstalling
  • What happened to live player stats???

    By vvvSeVeNvvv
    10.13.19 All is quiet in my office until I launch the NFL app. Just want to quietly check scores but suddenly HERE CHECK OUT THIS COMMERCIAL OR HIGHLIGHT CLIP WITH ABILITY TO PAUSE! Thanks, NFL app. Now everyone knows what I’m doing and looking at me. And at the same time interrupting everyone’s work focus. This forced video player continues during the regular season, when all I want to do is check stats and scores. At least start the videos muted. 👎🏻 08.26.19 One star rating now that I can no longer mute ads when all I want to do is silently check game stats. 👎🏻 12.27.17 The new video feed locks the app up when ads are playing so you’re forced to watch them unless you kill the app. Thumbs down. New update just made the app worse than it was. Horrible! At least show live player stats! Common sense, hello! And No, NFL, you don't need to know where I'm at in order for me to watch videos. 2 stars for you.
  • Lack of Font scaling

    By jOhnnymordant
    How is it possible that the NFL can’t create an app that scales to increased font sizes? The app is barely usable.
  • Fix the pop up

    By JRT!JRT
    The Thursday night pop up every 7 seconds is horrible. See ya later NFL!
  • Could use some Improvements

    By Smith681
    For general scores and updates the app works great. Where they can improve is with notifications which some times don’t direct you to the proper news article (which you can then never find) and also the videos can’t be shared at all which is frustrating at times. Overall the app performance is pretty solid would give it 4/5 or better if they made some simple improvements.
  • NFL Gamepass HORRIBLE service

    By Recallthisapptoday
    App will show you winners, highlights of games even when you have settings not to. App now automatically displays ‘can’t miss plays’. So if your team won in overtime on a Hail’ll know even when you have your settings to hide scores. Absolutely HORRIBLE app. Customer service is next to zero. UPDATE: The app continues to get worse and worse with every upgrade. Ads appear every few seconds and then crash the app or cause it to freeze.
  • Awful

    By omgitsbrett
    Constant pop ups to the point that the app is unusable.
  • Game preview??

    By thatguy drew
    I don’t know what is going on, but every 10 seconds that I’m scrolling through articles, an preview for the Thursday night game pops up. It’s really getting annoying and I wish y’all would fix this.
  • Ads

    By Tacie06
    App used to be great. Now every time i open it the add for Prime Thursday night football floods my screen. Super annoying!! I don't need to see it every 5 seconds. Impossible it seems to make it go away
  • Horrible streaming issues

    By nashbyron
    Pay a lot for this and it does nothing but freeze every two minutes.
  • App progressively getting worse

    By cooldiscosam
    I use to read this app throughly everyday. I prefer to watch the games and read the recap. I was frustrated when the app started to lose written articles and add more and more videos. I decided to delete today after having an amazon add continue to pop up any time I scrolled up or down.
  • Too Many Ads

    By Ted Lizard
    Used to be my go to app for football, now with all the updates I get a full screen ad every 30 seconds.
  • New pop up ads are the worst

    By Corndogia156
    Just the worst
  • Terrible

    By mikdowd
    Don’t make me watch a video when I just want to check scores
  • Pop ups are too numerous

    By mik3 mike
    I loved this app for nfl more than the overrated and undeserving espn app, but no longer can you browse scores and stats without a constant pop up advertisement for upcoming games or some other feature of I’m 2 seconds from deleting. Come on nfl stop being excessively greedy. The league generates enough capital, the ads are unnecessary and obstructing.
  • Update stinks

    By Rck$tar
    This app used to be great to navigate, now I am forced to see ads and worst of all annoying pop-ups for Thursday Night Football. Deleted app, may as well just stick to ESPN.
  • Stop with the ads

    By Bc123456890
    Ads popping up is no good.
  • Ads

    By KingOfMagnolia
    Thursday night pop up ad that is all
  • Notifications gone crazy

    By Knightfall_79
    I have my alerts turned on and I adjusted the alert settings to my favorite team. I should only get two alerts, game start and game end, for my team. But every Sunday my notifications go crazy for other teams/games. Please fix.
  • Annoying pop up

    By SpectrumNeedsWork
    Can you please make it so that the pop-up add for Thursday night football (or anything for that matter) doesn’t come up every 5 seconds? We can’t even read the content without having to close it over and over, plus it’s not necessary to see the same promo 50 times per session. Obnoxious.
  • Full screen ads as you scroll

    By Socalijdub
    Scrolling down the feed and then loading a full screen Amazon ad is inexcusable. Whoever approved that should be fired.
  • The new NFL Spam App

    By Jeremiahster
    Was decent before last update, but not as good as last year. Now it’s just an NFL spam app. Can’t even check a score without an TNF add pops BG up every time you try to do something, as if those using the app are the ones to whom you need to advertise. Let down. Frustrated.
  • Intentionally BAD

    By Knowledgeable Customer
    The interface is structured to take you down paths of nonintervention where the only escape is to close the app and start over. Typical NFL trying to squeeze you for more $.
  • Ads assault ruins user experience

    By jbones100
    I will start off by saying I understand that free apps have to utilize ads. It’s how the ads just jump in your face when your trying to read an article and kills any chance of me enjoying sports journalism that just drives me crazy. You can’t even read or check scores without that crap jumping all over your screen. I had been using this app for 5 years but now you totally lost me! Yahoo sports is much better!
  • Not good

    By Uthinxo
    Streaming is horrible. Loading time is even worse. This app used to be much better.
  • Notifications

    By _!_:)
    This would be a 5 star review except for the notifications. I only want “start of game” and “end of game score” notifications for my favorite team. That’s it. The notifications screen makes this seem like an option. Apparently I’m doing it wrong because I get all kinds of notifications for other things I can’t seem to disable. Other teams, random NFL news, “close” games I don’t give a crap about, etc. So I can either shut them all off, or deal with a plethora of notifications for things I don’t care about. Please fix this so notifications work as described.
  • Obnoxious ads

    By ayatesaudio
    I get that ads help fund the app, but if I continue to get force fed full page TNF ads that interrupt my usage every few seconds, this app is getting deleted permanently.
  • What does this app do?

    By Jaysend
    I could only figure out how to watch one game and it didn’t work despite good connection.
  • Needs pop-up blocker from itself

    By jfivecents
    Holy crap—its an annoying up the app to check some scores/stats and highlights from other games only to be continuously hit with an ad promoting a game next week. 3x the ad popped up w/in 30 seconds.
  • TNF ad keeps popping up

    By Mavshish
    Thursday Night Football ad keeps popping up and it becomes irritating to use the app.
  • Doesn’t work anymore

    By Jack 689
    Broken, can’t stream anymore. All they say is to update and reinstall. Hasn’t worked all season
  • I’m done

    By iPluvr
    I will remove this app. Now the greedy SOBs are throwing up a full screen ad every 10 secs while I’m trying to get game info. Just about done with NFL anyway.
  • What happened to the good features?

    By JinxMI
    This new version is horrible. I have to constantly reload to see the most recent plays. There used to be summaries across the top. Now I have to scroll forever to find the scores of other games.
  • Confusing with streaming compatibility

    By JIMBOroc
    I can stream on my ipad and other handheld devices but not my tv. Im currently streaming a game on my ipad and i sign in on my roku tv and when i click watch live on my tv(for the same exact game i am watching on my ipad) it says i have to sign in to cbs all access. I dont understand how i can stream on one device but not the other? Can someone explain this to me.
  • App is unusable

    By taliacamillle
    After last recent update, this game is unusable for me. I have uninstalled ans reinstalled on several occasions. Waited a week or so to reinstall again. Restarted my phone and there is absolutely NO fix. Sad because I use to love using this app. 1 star for me until you decide to fix it.
  • Bad

    By Msddad
    It isn't working
  • This app USED TO BE GOOD

    By John robier
    I don’t know what happened, but this app just isn’t reliable anymore. Perhaps a messed up update??? Plus, it keeps trying to shove its own ads down my throat. Who likes that?! What exec thinks THAT was a good idea. This TRASH, NFL. Bring back the old app!
  • Terrible purchase

    By waydemp
    Only after purchasing this app on my phone did I come to understand that I can not cast to my TV, nor can I view on my tablet. Further, it is impossible to chat or speak with someone to change my subscription.
  • NFL red zone. DO NOT BUY

    By Qerfdhb
    I couldn’t find the ravens game on the cable tv so I thought ok I’ll just buy nfl red zone so I can watch it. And it basically was the free games. WASTE of $34 I WANT MY MONEY BACK.
  • Okay, but...

    By TWeston1
    Let’s me watch football games I otherwise have to stream from the Internet. HD quality feed. But... THIS APP DESPERATELY NEEDS BACKGROUND PLAY CAPABILITY. If you leave the app, the action stops. LAME.
  • Sound but no video

    By supertankerx
    Why is that happening this year?
  • Something wrong - will not work

    By swrvn28
    Will not work. Deleted app, reinstalled and worked once then not again. Plays video in front then just gets stuck on NFL 100 screen.
  • To many ads

    By ThunderCock
    Way to many ads that pop up and get in the way of using the app
  • Almost perfect

    By skelanagdje slalsgrirb j
    I wish you could shrink the screen during video and switch between tabs(games,teams,etc). I’d also like to see something done for fans of teams nowhere near their area. Most apps have in-app purchases. Make a package that allows ppl to pay an amount that allows them to watch their team like it’s the local team. I’ve been wanting that for years. Sunday ticket is unnecessary. No one who pays for it is a fan of a team local to them. Aside from my wishes and wants from this app, it’s dang near perfect. I love it.