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  • Release Date: 2010-10-06
  • Current Version: 197.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 162.76 MB
  • Developer: Instagram, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 21 218 548


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    By sartewsghfjbv
    There was an audio call . why did u remove it???😒
  • Videos don’t work

    By Adsjkllf
    Videos freeze while being played. Constantly. Everyday
  • Problem

    By geoentmekd
    This app have bug problems
  • Please help me out!!

    By Vaneeee_12
    Hey i feel like someone change my password or idk if I get out my account but only thing I am asking to give it back it means a lot to me and I hope u can help me out somehow someone change my password I don’t know how get my account back can you please help me I really need help
  • It’s a hate love relationship

    By 80s why dont we
    I like Instagram, definitely don’t love it. I like the part where you can talk to your friends and make posts yet I absolutely hate reels.. They are so stupid they replaced the “post” button ughh.
  • Awesome

    By Time is on my side again
  • Put in timeout after trying to view a story.

    By Version2
    No that’s not a typo. I clicked on a story. It didn’t work so I clicked again and received this message “we restrict certain activity to protect our community. Based on your use, this action will be unavailable for you. Tell us if you think we made a mistake.” Tell us does absolutely nothing. You can’t type anything. Explain what happened, etc. I haven’t made any controversial posts nor said anything negative on Instagram. Please fix the bugs in your app.
  • Whack

    By Eli Wolff
    Still upset the photos aren’t shown in chronological order. Crashes every now and then are annoying too. There’s ads on reels now that you can’t skip. It’s more of a marketing site than a personal blog type of thing now.
  • شعارات

    By Alialgasm
    علم اليمن على شكل خنزير غير مقبول
  • Pls be fair

    By AlîzaVon
    Everyone including my other account has the option to hide likes but me ?? I’ve contacted Instagram so many times and they haven’t done anything whaaaat this gives me anxiety
  • La Mejor App del mundo

    By Steffaaaa
    Amo Instagram
  • Noticed

    By sunnyclif
    Ig is a great app but recently all my post are been deleted including my other accounts. Stop restricting my actions all the time because I’m here to keep people busy on IG

    By waitcries
    i personally think you guys should add gifs that go to the word "badussy" "budussy". these words should have a butt. according to tygas song i just think you should have an advertisement to it <3. also it will make noah miller a popular creator really happy. unfortunately if this doesn't happen i will be forced to uninstall your app. thank you for ur help. happy badussy day 💋

    By llllllloooopppp
    I pray you guys repent. Don’t you know EVERY knee will bow ? You can’t block Christ.
  • Limiting Sensitive Content?

    By ariaacacia
    I don’t have the option to allow sensitive content. It’s on Limit (default) or limit even more.
  • horrible

    By danielle denee
    it keeps messing up and i can’t fix it
  • explore page

    By jaem m
    My explore page seems to be reset somehow :/ it’s been like this for the past 5 days or so I’ve tried resetting it myself again to try and get posts I want to see back on but it keeps giving me bunch of photography posts no matter what I do !!! to give you an idea of what my usual page looks like , kpop and clothing. I’ve tried clicking not interested on posts etc nothing changes it. I want my explore page back :((
  • Mark zukerberg is a blessing to this generation

    By st stach
    How can one man be adorned with so much insight and intellect! I’m so thankful to be born in same generation as Mark. I may never meet him but I want him to know he is appreciated.
  • Posting

    By gyh966030
    It’s quite KOOL
  • I’m sooooo mad

    By Nyushja
    Instagram is by far getting the worst app that I’m using!!!! I keep getting block for no earthly reason and now I can’t log into my account😐😐😐 Stop this none sense
  • it bans you for the littlest stuff smh

    By Ghffcy_tu
    app Too sensitive
  • Hide following list please (option)

    By frida🦋🦋🦋❤️❤️🦋👑👑
    I really love this app bout could you by any chance add the option to hide your following list like tiktok did? Because I feel insecure. I hope you understand what I mean by it :)
  • Sharing Reels

    By yaribabyylove
    I been wanting to share reels for acouple of days and it doesn’t let me fix it bro
  • Archive photos

    By kimaemoon
    Just accidentally archived a photo I post. And I can’t seem to find it anywhere to unarchived … any ideas or help?
  • User friendly

    By Poophgxd
    Trying to hard to make it like tik tok and snap chat.
  • uh could not live without-

    By The_queen8
    hehe it’s pretty bad that my average for instagram is 10 h a week 😃
  • Watching it crash and burn while eating popcorn.

    By zombiedustbunny
    Recent updates seem to be geared to making Instagram a weird mutant tiktok, with a screwed up definition of upsetting and offensive content. Feels like it’s days are numbered and will be joining the likes of MySpace and Bolt.
  • Why Limited?

    By Sweet_Tooth_710
    I hate being limited, I used to get way more interaction then it just stopped..
  • Reels gone bad

    By Marlones
    I was starting to finally enjoy my his app. I really liked it as it was until you guys just changed the Reels (The Navigation Bar is gone and now you can’t see an overview of the Reels lines up). This change is really bad and I really wish you guys put the Navigation Bar back to the way it was in the previous version. I am almost certain I’m going to be ignored but this for me was a downgrade :(
  • Not really working..

    By wyld5
    Can’t share reels anymore on stories even pictures. App hardly works normally have been crashing a lot.. unfortunately I need this for my business yet I can’t even get the app to work please fix fast
  • Becoming Facebook 2.0

    By Elaynahashadenough
    My friend was Facebook jailed for sending a joke photo that if you zoomed in super far into the photo it was a pixelated P.P. No details. Just pixels in private message.... there’s NO privacy and people get their posts taken down for such insignificant things. Yet, I’ve seen worse things continue to exist no matter how many times you report them. Social media is going down hill fast
  • Unable to load Messages

    By niknamesnik
    After the latest updates I have problems to load messages. All my chats have disappeared
  • Fix Broken Open App Button in Browsers

    By cmpaugh
    Users have been patient long enough. Fix the button on your OWN website that lets a user open a profile in the app that he’s viewing on a web browser. This worked flawlessly until about two years ago. Now? The button to open what you’re viewing from Instagram in browser goes to the App Store rather than the app. You should be embarrassed.
  • Difficulties

    By godylopes
    Cant use the emojis no more on the message reply
  • Needs work.

    By research9/11
    Slow. Laggy. Shuts down randomly. I personally had a very sad experience with it and wont be using it ever again.
  • Constantly Lagging

    By __one_of_those_days__
    My app has been lagging constantly and I often have to delete the app and download it again to work properly. This happens almost every 24 hours.
  • Ads

    By aaaaa_1998
    Toooooooo much ads
  • Great app

    By Bigmoneymoves7
    Love this app everyone is on it and you can share your talents and knowledge with the world!
  • Getting hacked never using it again

    By Micheal Bass
    I will never use this app again after being hacked again done with this app forever
  • Suggested posts

    By Ali.mw4
    Hello Instagram, I want to talk about your new update, which includes adding the suggested posts feature in the main interface, but this is annoying and the posts are annoying, inappropriate and bad. I hope you will make a solution to this matter
  • New York Trump Plaza

    By 0079118
    Having. Great time
  • Post sharing

    By carolinee.lee
    I’ve been an Instagram user for years, and one of my favorite things to do is share posts on my story. The new update where you have to go through 4 extra steps in order to share a post on your story is so annoying. I don’t even share them anymore. Please bring back the “share to story” option on posts.
  • Too many ads

    By tashmoo77
    I would never buy anything via Instagram on principle. They don’t vet the ads and most of them are scams. Also, the surveillance is really gross. I searched Hoka running shoes on my desktop and the next day got 3 totally bogus ads to buy Hokas at a ridiculously low price.
  • No responsive

    By brookelynsam
    There's no one to contact about problems I've emailed multiple times with no responses
  • It's pretty good

    By pc pug
    This is my most used app on my phone ( I'm not on it much) and it is overall pretty good. The biggest problem I have is it keeps suggesting for me to follow people like in my activity. This has caused me multiple times to follow people that I don't want to follow like people from my school I have beef with/don't want to talk to.
  • I live instagram

    By beecky G
    I really enjoyed this app
  • Great app

    By davelar76
    Great app
  • Instagram is communist

    By vincnt c
    Censors free speech
  • Instagram

    Oh my God you guys are so good