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  • Current Version: 122.0
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  • Developer: Instagram, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
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  • Instagram Action Blocked

    By Jormarie
    On Instagram they blocked my account from yesterday until today and it still does not work for me,they blocked it for no reason.I have depression and my Instagram account is my medicine and it helps me to be calm.I only use it for advertising.
  • I love Instagram. Its my favorite media

    By expenzzy sparkles
    I love Instagram. Never a boring moment with it
  • Best app

    By lil bumbum
    I Instagram is one of the best thing has ever been developed and post whatever the heck I want my Skate Edits get good reviews and I like sex. Thank you instagram and Steve Jobs or insta for short *kiss kiss* ;) Sincerely, @lil.bumbum
  • Fix your notifications already

    By 21March2018
    Why are my post notifications still including the handle name and the image? Please fix this problem so that it just has the handle name. This is getting ridiculous!!!! Please correct this issue!!!! Fix this issue please!!!! This is beyond unacceptable, fix this issue!!!! Fix this issue please!
  • No likes?

    By sheridan2020
    I am literally taking time out of my day to write my first app review on here to say that instagram needs to bring back likes. One of my accounts is on the trial so that you can't see how many likes people get, and it's seriously horrible. I know you can still post and comment on content, but in my opinion there's not much point if you can't get see the feedback people give it. I'm sure it's affecting influencers, and/or people who want to pay influencers to advertise their products because you can't see how many people are truly in their market. I don't know, this whole thing just annoys me to no end.
  • Best app ever

    By ray_dont_play
    Instagram. Is one of the best apps I been on all year when I’m bored it makes me happy I get to talk to my friend s it’s just amazing the only thing I wish I had more of was followers but it’s okay but I love this app plz don’t ever mess up ig bc to some people u might just hurt them
  • App crash

    By Thomas Diep
    Instagram is great overall but whenever I add certain music on my Instagram stories, it takes a long time to upload and the app crashes and closes instagram on my iPhone. Please fix it
  • Best app ever

    By gdhgdhshdhdhdhdhdhdhdhd
    This is incredible. Instagram is a real windows to the world
  • Stop changing everything

    By guccibcca
    If you remove the likes, I’m deleting the app. Please change it back. Also, I deactivated my account and two photos never returned.
  • Music in Stories is GONE!!!

    By KyMoOC
    There is no longer a music tab/button in Stories. It went missing about 2 months ago. Instagram is of no help to figure out why it just disappeared.
  • Action blocked

    By Quan9222
    My account is experiencing action blocked and it’s very annoying i can’t like any post please update the app ASAP with these bugs fixes
  • Instagram

    By @i836i
    It is my favorite app .
  • Choppa season Mixtape 💯🖤

    By $SmistaBoy985
    Sorry for the delay but I will be dropping this soon check it out it’s on the rise best believe it.
  • Bruh show notifications

    By FaultyMasher808
    I have an iPhone SE and it doesn’t send me notifications and I tried everything.
  • please change this!!

    By Student Council Club
    hi i’m writing a review asking for a change. currently on the highlights you can only use previous stories and if you want to add a bunch of pictures they have to all go up on your story publicly. i was wondering if this could be changed so we don’t put 100 things on our story at once and can add whatever we would like. it’s a nice feature but i tried to only share with close friends for the day so i could switch to making it public after all of those photos are off my story but that feature isn’t available :(
  • Instagram

    By nnii nubkun. iy k nnb'job
    I have not been able to log into my account since the beginning of 2018. It says error or that there is a problem with my request.
  • OG instagramer

    By Johnnny1344
    I’ve had Instagram since 2012 OG Instagram logo was beast! 🔥
  • Picture Quality distorted

    By kourtne.
    I don’t know why this is happening but I’ve been looking back at old photos that I posted and they look pixelated. I’m not sure why that is but I hope this is fixed soon.
  • Reshare story

    By Herhdhdhd
    One of my pages won’t let me reshare it doesn’t pop up
  • Cant reshare post on my IG STORY

    By ven E1
    Cant reshare post on my IG STORY. I use iphone 11 have the latest software and the options are all correct but STILL does not alloe me to EVER RESHARE a post on IG Story. I can reshare an IGTV post...I can reshare on my business profile but my personal does not work. Ive reported the issue via help center SEVERAL times and it does not work. I can tell others have the same issue cause what they are doing now is screen recording a post then adding it to their story and that is ANNOYING. Its clearly a handful of people not everyone but in one of them.
  • Buggy

    By Ben Savagge
    This new update is extremely buggy vids won’t load and when they do only the audio plays and not the video ... the camera is stuck on filter mode for some reason ...
  • I love it... but where is the MUSIC?!?!

    By carmen wardwell
    My IG music disappeared from the stories list where it’s usually found... I deleted and re-installed, but still nothing.. WHY?!?!?
  • Needs one bug fixed for tablets

    By Songfreak79
    Could you please make a landscape mode for the iPad sometimes I want to charge my iPad and I can’t use Instagram in landscape what a bug what a joke it's a pain to charge my device and use it in portrait especially when I have it propped up on a little stand
  • Love it

    By hehzuugwvcx
    Great app
  • Like

    By EZGrowsIt
  • DMs stuck on infinite loading screen

    By Cynthia P. Hernandez
    Me and a ton of other users have been experiencing this loading screen for the past days/ months and your team hasn’t been doing anything about it. Please solve this problem and get all of our direct messages back!!!
  • glitch

    By .....unkown
    almost every time i exit instagram to go on another app, the audio of the video plays and i can’t stop it unless i’m not on the video. aside from that it’s fine
  • Video playing in background

    By insta on iphone
    I am using Instagram since years. Have issues using Instagram on iPhone since a month now. The video keeps on playing in background even when app is closed. This bug needs to be fixed.
  • bug

    By Jansam77
    i don’t know if it’s just me, but my account unfollows people that i don’t unfollow so idk if it’s a bug or someone hacked me.
  • My god given talent.

    By kozikcalebburnet
    Except and appreciate everyone and their sharing of what authentically come. No such thing as percent. Just do your best.

    By urnogod
    it keeps saying theres a policy that restricts me from what?? just following a bunch of people at once? i don't understand why instagram is doing this. I cant even see who follows who anymore
  • Dark mode

    By apaclonzo
    This feature is great awesome but you should be able to control it within the app itself. It shouldnt be linked to whether or not my phone is in dark mode or not. Terrible decision. Take it back. Now.
  • Restrictions

    By anuheakpieper
    For about a month now, my account has been restricted. I can’t like pictures or comment on post. I can’t unfollow people! Please Instagram!! This is very frustrating! @anubirdz
  • likes

    By esreyfamily
    I want my likes back
  • It’s nice

    By The Colombian Girl
    I wish they would check the Instagram music thing cause I created my account in a different region where music wasn’t available but now it is but it doesn’t pop up anyway. Also a great feature would be being able to look up specific things in conversation for those who like looking back on something or just finding memes.
  • Problem

    By _idk_86
    Won’t let me login in I can login on my phone if I’m in my browser but I can’t log in on the app I emailed them to help me fix it and issue is still there
  • creeper

    By Make app better for iPhones
    Bring back the activity page.
  • Fiorepernoi

    By Lupabongo
    Me parece un excelente portal para dar a conocer tus creaciones y es muy fácil de llegar de una manera rápida a quien quieres. Gracias Instagram
  • Hurting people in niches

    By anything1234567
    Getting shadow banned for using the same hashtags makes sense if you have a broad spectrum of content, if you have a specific niche you will find yourself using the same ones and cycling through them. Its like instagram doesnt want you to use “nonrelevant” hashtags but at the same time punishes you for using the ones that relate to your content if they think you’re overusing them. It hurts accounts that are not spam and is punishing people for something thats within community guidelines. Needs to be fixed
  • Music ??

    By LegendaryShiro
    I never had the music sticker to begin with. I have uninstalled the app, logged out and in and my app is up to date....I see others saying they had it and it disappeared. Can we get the music sticker back ?
  • “Protection”

    By Annie Rection
    I have an account with over 50K followers and I’ve been action blocked. It’s pretty frustrating as I can’t post or perform any sort of activities. Instagram is flooded with bots and many other issues but they go ahead and do this.. pathetic. This won’t get rid of serious issues.
  • Earyana

    By Earyana😘😘😘
  • Awesome

    By baby boy x
    I love it !!!
  • Dominic

    By dominc15123467890
    Such a great and fun app to talk to friends, share images, and go live with friends.

    By marlozon
    I can not see my direct messages I have restarted my phone uninstalled and installed and nothing works my instagram is marlon_is_lowkey
  • Love it buttt...

    By starhicks101
    I love Instagram so much it’s my go to app but everyone I try to answer questions on my story it closes out and I can never answer what should I do
  • شكر

    By r_8_T
    عندي مشكلة بنشر المحتوى 😒
  • Instagram

    By venomkid0214
    Love the app
  • Juice WRLD

    By Sddffghug567534