• Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date: 2010-10-06
  • Current Version: 160.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 149.88 MB
  • Developer: Instagram, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 18 338 030


Bringing you closer to the people and things you love. — Instagram from Facebook Connect with friends, share what you’re up to, or see what's new from others all over the world. Explore our community where you can feel free to be yourself and share everything from your daily moments to life's highlights. Express Yourself and Connect With Friends - Add photos and videos to your story that disappear after 24 hours, and bring them to life with fun creative tools. - Message your friends in Direct. Start fun conversations about what you see on Feed and Stories. - Post photos and videos to your feed that you want to show on your profile. Learn More About Your Interests - Check out IGTV for longer videos from your favorite creators. - Get inspired by photos and videos from new accounts in Explore. - Discover brands and small businesses, and shop products that are relevant to your personal style.



  • wrong

    By jesuhehd
    it was good now it logged me out of my account and doesn’t let me log in nobody hacked my account cause i can log in with safari not i can’t see my messages on instagram 🤦‍♀️ can’t see my messages again what’s wrong with instagram
  • Outrageous

    By gsjvdu
    New update won’t let me access my messages at all and I have continually reported the problem and they haven’t helped me whatsoever. I haven’t been able to message back ppl in 3 days absolutely a pain. I keep reporting and nothing is to be done and I’m just completely fed up with the lack of response.
  • When’s the nearest update

    By Ndjdushshscvbb
    I strongly suggest Instagram to update editing posts, by that I mean removing a picture from a multiple pictures’ post it will be extremely helpful to the users who want something to be taken down and comforting to those who are extremely indecisive
  • I hate how you guys are limiting things now

    By war123444(566
    I do not like update on instagram I don’t like how you guys limit everything it’s very uncalled for
  • Camera does not work.

    By Summertime.bugs
    Ever since I updated my phone to IOS 14 the camera for video chat and the camera for the stories has not been working! I can’t video call my friends now without them seeing a black screen. Smh what a waste.
  • Worst update ever

    By sebastianperezavila
    Update for the love of god !!!
  • Need a way to sort unfollows

    By T3HE4
    Love the app, BUT since the latest update or so, the Instagram analyzer apps don’t work or they leave your account open to get hacked or locked out of. Can you have a way to see who has unfollowed you inside the app...that just makes sense! People use this for analytics or to keep their ratios according to their goals. Sorting through one and at times just doesn’t work!
  • Fun place to share photos

    By Picassolady1
    I love Instagram to share my latest photos!
  • Official.shortieee

    By jzlsksosn
    Hey Instagram I know y’all must’ve been getting alot of complains but I’ve seen this new update of font with the typing and writing I would also like to have that on my Instagram and for some reason I don’t please Tex me back soon .
  • Half of videos no longer work in ios14

    By kacaww
    I’m unable to select any video to upload older than a few days, selecting a video (which doesn’t load or play in line) and then selecting next just closes the photo picker.
  • Picture

    By smellgood1
    i really like this app it is cool and i like all of the picture that i put on my instagram and i would put more picture on my instagram
  • This App Is Terrible

    By taeband300
    👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 First off the app doesn’t even let me login to my iPhone 8 Plus tried logging in with Facebook and it keeps saying if I’m the owner of this account to sign in. And when I do it doesn’t work at all I really need some advice because I don’t want to make a new account. 😫This is really 😤😤frustrating... I have to use my other phone that I really don’t use jus to get access to IG. Plz plz fix this app!!!!
  • @Beatfacehoney

    By Jeff'sBae
    Instagram shadow banned me 4 years ago and my account has never been the same!!!!!
  • Landscape??!

    By Marshal357
    Is there a landscape mode for the iPad?
  • Independent fact checkers

    By BigoleD
    Independent fact checkers... really now.
  • Help me please

    By Cortez Battlw
    How come every-time I try to log in, it says “Sorry, there was a problem with your request” I literally have to use chrome Now because the app isn’t working. PLEASE FIX THIS
  • Greatest app

    By Jhuno the artist
    Great app
  • Learning daily

    By frank and lulu
    Enjoy how ever you need classes for dummies
  • ???

    By Scott A Curtis
    Havent been able to like, post comments or follow anyone for 2 months. No explanation and cannot get a response from anyone at IG as to why
  • Good app

    By gatorbou123452
    Very good app is the best
  • Boring!!!

    By actingmajor
    I hate that I have to see the same 7 people over and over and over....To the point where I’m scared to even like one of their videos because then you’re going to bombard me with their content. Why do I not see more of what the people I follow posts???
  • Complement

    By dejoke50
    The platform is superb I really love it
  • Old posts

    By Balenciaga2018
    Return to the normal layout I don’t want suggested posts in my main feed
  • Third party sites

    By zombie.kay
    I love Instagram, but I’m getting annoyed with how many times I’ve been blocked from liking, following, and commenting on other people’s posts all because I’ve been “using other sites to grin likes and followers”. If I was using third party sites, I could understand the block. However, I’ve never signed up for any kind of site in my life. I just got over the block a week ago and now I’m about to be blocked again. Can insta please fix this issue? Reporting it does nothing.

    By Geneus101
    When i updated this app it said it would fix bugs. When i try to type something on my story or comment on someones post, My comment box and keyboard disappears and its driving me crazy. Please fix it!!!
  • Trouble loading Live video

    It’s a great app. But one complication that I’ve been having is loading other live video.
  • Notifications

    This might just be my phone but the motivations for Instagram only pop up when I am in the app. I don’t get notifications in the notification bar on my iPhone and for me it’s pretty annoying because I don’t know when my friends on insta text my back and I was wondering if there was a way to fix that. I’ve tried going into notifications on insta and everything is turned on. And I’m notifications in my settings, Instagram doesn’t show up. Help??
  • notifications

    By dkjajfce
    no matter what i do, instagram will not send me notifications. yes, they are turned on in app and in setting. yes, i’ve deleted and reinstalled. nothing will work and it’s very frustrating.
  • The update

    By JJK1234
    The latest update is terrible!!!! I don’t appreciate you suggesting things for me to follow!!! I’m perfectly capable of deciding what I want to see and all the garbage you’re putting on for me to see is garbage. The ads are overwhelming my feed as well. So disappointing!!! Who wants to see an endless stream of ads and suggestions of things to follow not me.
  • Stop with politics

    By Stevymel
    I don’t need to be reminded to register to vote every time I log in.
  • Some things to address here

    By ADS!!!!!!
    Idk why this is happening but for some reason I can’t find the livestream feature after I updated the app yesterday. I check to see if my phone was glitches but it’s wasn’t there for me to find. And for some strange reason. I even log out and log in back again to see it’s still there. It’s only happening on my iPhone unlike my iPad which have the live stream feature. I do not know why it keeps acting up like this.Like intsagram what is up with that??? And also to add along with the Instagram screen size being Shrunken into a smaller screen size where it makes it harder for me to read text and see post especially when I have the phone set to show them in larger fonts and size in general.
  • It’s messing up

    By lordhelpmethisisanoying
    It won’t let me add a caption on my post
  • Trash

    By ricksikveug
    This update is trash, has a lot of bugs
  • Can’t post videos

    By cantpostvids
    I’ve tried multiple times to post even just a 5 second video but when I press next, my app crashes every time. I updated my app and the problem continues.
  • No - Sound

    By Selfie Queen1
    NON of my reels videos have sound. When I click on a reels video no sound and ALL of them are like that. The app was updated 4 days ago. I just deleted the app off my phone , turned my phone off for a couple of minutes and added the app back. STILL no sound. Can somebody tell me what’s going on? It’s very frustrating. Also I can’t change the theme colors in my messages/chat
  • I don’t have a rating

    By FicmI nyinidnekfovj
    I forgot my password so I can’t get it and I’m very annoyed about it because I want Instagram 😤✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻💗
  • Best pics ever!!!!!

    By michele Bacon
    Awesome app
  • can’t like posts

    By bookworm3404
    i have no idea what the issue is but anytime i try to like a picture it says something has been restricted and it’s annoying because i’m not gonna scroll through instagram if i can’t like anything i’m about to delete the app it’s so frustrating.
  • Reels are a sick joke

    By hylton.b
    What garbage content. You really think that’s what I want to see?
  • Instagrampa here

    By CD'syphus no more
    Took about a decade to figure this thing out and I’m really starting to enjoy it. Thanks #instagram
  • Suggested posts is a Downgrade

    By Ranmacmh
    I love using Instagram to share my moments with family. I love seeing what my friends and family are up to via Instagram. I love using the explore option to find things that are relevant to the things I already like. I was seriously considering adding an additional account so I could share my art, literally yesterday. I hate the suggested posts update. I don’t ever write bad reviews, but I want this to get though to the developers. We have the explore option. We have ads. You don’t have to suggest anything. You’ve only made it impossible for me to go back to the posts I’m trying to enjoy (you ever try to scroll back cause you were like “oh hey let me show you this thing I saw?” Well now you’re just out of luck.) I understand that you’re always trying to figure out how to evolve your app, but this one was a bad move. Figure out how to undo it or make it optional. Personally I’m not interested in this app until you give me my feed back the way I want it. Thanks for hearing me out.
  • Notifications not working

    By _emily_l_lewis
    I have an IPhone 7 and for some reason Instagram isn’t sending me notifications. I have all notifications turned on both in the app and in my phone settings. I’ll get a DM but don’t know it until I actually go into the app.
  • Get rid of suggestions

    By Catija
    This new "feature" is terrible. I don't use your app to discover random "influencers" who are just posting to get attention and free products. I just want to see what my friends and family and their kids are up to.
  • Good, but annoying

    By Gavin Lauper
    Hear me out on these main issues. The “sponsored” posts in the main feed, issues loading (although it’s at least better than Snapchat’s refreshing), lag, feed order, the voting promotions, and ironically the error reports. I’ll go over those in a bit but I want to talk about things I enjoy first. Instagram is really fun because of one major feature: explore. The fact that Instagram can assume what posts you’ll like based on the previous post you viewed in explore is cool and a feature that few apps like this have. Refreshing explore is really quick assuming your internet is stable (mine isn’t yet it still works albeit with my adblock or vpn on). The bookmark feature is by far the best thing Instagram has added in recent years because not only has that given us the chance to save posts we like without taking screenshots, but we can organize said posts into folders as if it was a Google Drive. If you like TikTok (aka you don’t want it to be banned) then you’re prpbably using the new reel feature. Personally, I think it’s lame but it’s just my opinion and I don’t speak for an entire company. Unfortunately, there are issues with this app... quite a lot actually. Let’s start with the worst which would be the tweaked sponsored function when posting. Every 2-5 posts from people I follow in my main feed, a sponsored post will turn up. I went through and tallied the odds of getting an actual company, a spin-off, a model, or a rapper and the results are not surprising to me. 8% were spin-offs, 12% were real brands (80% of those were not verified but were well known nonetheless), 33% were models, and 47% were rappers. This is annoying because not only am I getting sponsored ads about things I don’t like (not to mention that should stay in explore like it used to), but rap is my least favorite kind of music. What’s worse is that there is no way to adjust what kind of ads appear or how often they appear. The next issue is voting and I’ll make this quick because it’s just a personal problem and not a real issue. The age I set for my account is 16, meaning I cannot vote. Instagram doesn’t seem to care as I often see a prompt to vote. I opened Instagram 20 times and 9 times. Sure it’s less than half but it’s still annoying. I would report that issue because it may be an oversight but the bug report function has been broken for a long time ironically and I’d send screen recordings of these tests I ran but video sending is inconsistent. You’re basically rolling a D20 when you send a video regardless if length or quality. Final issue and I don’t know how this hasn’t been fixed yet. What is with the order of posts? The order is completely RNG. There are 2 ways to fix this: go back to chronological or have a setting to change the order (i.e. newest, most liked, most commented, etc.) Tl;dr: Instagram should listen to the community more and give us more options for optimization instead of relying on RNG and majority opinions
  • Bloated mess

    By airic
    You’ve managed to make the timeline worse than Facebook. Congratulations.
  • Actions blocked

    By Eminemlover2000
    I keep getting actions blocked for no reason. Ill click on my followers or other pages followers and it will say “you’ll see all the people you follow here” as if i have none when my account has 3600 people following me. Now my likes when i click to see who likes my pics it says action blocked. For what bro
  • Ruined

    By pwrrngr
    The changes to the feed are awful. I don’t want posts from people I do not follow. That’s absurd. The algorithm is flawed. I am constantly finding this app to shove unwanted content in my face. Based on who I follow and my likes should fuel the algorithm but this is clearly not the case. I am insulted by garbage in my feed. Fix it
  • Disabled Account!! Please help!!!

    By Skykey12
    I had an app just to show me who unfollowed me, which caused instagram to make me change my password. A fee days later my instagram was disabled for “violating guidelines and terms of use”. I’m pretty sure my account was hacked and now now disabled. I’ve sent countless appeals and they all seem to lead to nowhere. PLEASE ANDWER YOUR APPEALS AND EMAILS. THE HELP SUPPORT IS USELESS. NO ONE ANSWERS. PLEASE HELP.
  • Instagram Review

    By neverworksneverworks
    For some absurd reason the folks in charge at Instagram thought there was suspicious activity on my account. So I went through the steps to reactivate my account after the so-called “security breach”. Well, after many requests and a few weeks I’m still waiting for a temporary 6 digiit confirmation number!! But no number comes. Terribly frustrating!!