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  • No delete option

    By Courtneyartista
    This app would be top notch If there was a delete button
  • Academics

    By KellieDF
    Perfect for academics!!
  • Love the app accept you can’t delete messages

    By Pokadot1
    I love GroupMe and I use it for several groups that I am apart of. Great way to communicate and keep on touch in a timely manner. Only thing I wish they had was a way to delete or cancel messages. I’ve mad a mistake and posted a photo in the incorrect group and it couldn’t be erased and it stays in the gallery. It was anything explicit but it just wasn’t meant for the intended group. While I know I have to be more aware of where I’m posting, it can be an honest mistake and you won’t be able to save yourself of an embarrassing photo meant for your friend group that goes into your family or church group that you may also use the app for. I hope that this functionality comes along and I would definitely give 5 stars!
  • Lacks Maturity

    By TellasWoods
    GroupMe- I don’t understand how your app has been around so long but yet you are lacking so many relevant and useful features that are present and functioning well on younger apps such as Telegram. One Example: The fact that I can only Hide a conversation and not Delete it makes me question your decision making. For goodness sake and lack of a better phrase, your app needs to grow up and mature. This is embarrassing.
  • Could be a little better

    By Esther Ogb
    1. I have GroupMe on my iPad and Android, but when I’ve read messages on one device, it still remains listed as unread in the other device. This happens for the same group chats. 2. Direct messages that I receive from individuals are always sitting below my group messages. I don’t get the blue square next to my direct messages to indicate that I should look at them. I end up finding them days/weeks later after perusing through my looong list of group and direct messages.
  • App keeps crashing upon launch. Please make sure to always QA in the latest IOS.

    By pleaseQAbetter
    App keeps crashing upon launch. Please make sure to always QA in the latest IOS.
  • Awful non existent customer service

    By Gamerdyde
    If you ever have trouble accessing your account, they will never email you back. Microsoft can’t help you either.
  • Crashes While Trying to Read Messages

    By CPeters71
    I love GroupMe and if it wasn’t for this one issue I would have given it 5 stars. I’ve updated my app so it’s all up to date and updated iOS so that’s also up to date. However whenever I open up the app to read my messages it crashes within a minute or two. And then I have to reopen it just to try to read the messages again and it does the same thing. It takes me so much longer to read and respond to my messages because of this bug and it’s super frustrating. Please fix this GroupMe!!
  • Cannot delete unwanted chats

    By Typhaon4
    Beware.... this supposed to be an app for school use primarily and I have an unsolicited group chat asking to see nudes and I cannot remove it, all I was able to do is put it on hide. I sent in a ticket to complain and have never received any help on how to remove these predatory chat. If it wasn’t for this the app works just fine otherwise. Can’t rate higher until something is done about removing unwanted chat group invitations.
  • Won’t work

    By meggmeee
    Won’t work anymore
  • Great but can’t delete comments

    By bellefille98
    GroupMe is fantastic and I’ve been using it for years.. but as an avid user and admin of several groups I’m frustrated that comments can’t be deleted by the admin or author. Please consider changing this!
  • Horrible

    By AestheticlybrueltyHonest
    This was the worst experience ever. Group me logged me out of my account, when I tried several times to log back and reset my password. I would not recommend.
  • crashing

    By lenajowusu
    the app keeps randomly crashing. i thought the update would fix it but it didn’t
  • Group me needs a dislike button

    By Charloco03
    I want to be able to dislike things I don’t like.
  • Group Me

    By Anna Spaghetti
    I am enjoying group me.🙂
  • I love it

    By lkfetero
    I love the app, I can communicate with people easy. I love it.
  • Should Include Keyword Search Feature

    By dianaaaabanana
    Great app, very practical and commonly used in schools/universities. Would be even better if you could search a word or keyword like in imessage, and it would bring up the messages with that word in it. It would be helpful because in class there are often questions that are already answered but get lost in the chat, making the related responses hard to find.
  • Long distance is so amazing!

    By 9474902skye
    It’s such an easy way to communicate with people out of state and country! My friends moved to Spain and France and group me has been amazing.
  • Frustrating

    By Jai2327
    I am not able to delete chats or add members to groups at certain times. I don’t understand how that works. Please feel free to explain why the app works that way.
  • Beware of false adds from this app

    By Colt359
    I’ve been using this app for over 5 years. A month ago the app; not an advertisement, sent me an email saying I won a loyalty prize. I proceeded to fill out the information which asked for my phone number. The loyalty prize was a joke. I receive 10-15 spam texts daily. I quit the app and moved my baseball team to Band. If and when the text messages end, I may reconsider. Until then bad scam.
  • Notification badges don’t go away

    By Jibbers Crabst
    It’s alright.
  • Awful

    every time i try to login to groupme it makes me sign in all over again
  • Very weak app

    By diego bingo
    Very poor and low quality. A total waste of 80 MB!
  • Hey

    By $&/\/\
  • Can’t change phone number

    By Anywon
    It’s not allowing me to change my phone number.
  • Not easy to join

    By AuntieRobin
    Can’t even get into a group to join! Please fix this! God bless
  • Over all good

    By soal159
    There is still the glitch where if read the responses and close the the program. It still has the unread number counter on the app but only goes away when the program is open in the background. I don’t normally keep apps open in the background if I can help it.
  • Unable to add members

    By sfhhj hi ghhj
    The app refused to allow me to add more members I am only able to add 10 members.
  • This app is terrible

    By foapenglabgixsbwc
    You guys won’t even let me sign in or change my password. Gonna find a better group texting app than this garbage
  • Bad

    By g.xhtdulyxtkfyuldytk
    I don’t receive notifications for anything
  • errors

    By ChiNga0618
    This app used to work great but I am getting banners for a notification that there's new messages in my GroupMe. However, when I open GroupMe, there's nothing there. It doesn't even register what I have sent. Then, a week or so later I get bombarded with all of the messages that I've missed and that are now useless.
  • Woahah

    By The stphn
  • Has some bugs

    By foobarbarfooblah
    sometimes DMs get sent but the convo does not get put at the top of the stack for the recipient and they don't know they got a DM also sometimes messages will send twice
  • Limited Calendar Features

    By Sanchito70
    Not able to create recurring dates. Example, several softball teams use this app, but we have to manual every practice date rather than enter 1 practice and have it repeat for the same day of the week, time and location for next 3 months. Not able to remember locations entered. Example, entering a date for a game at a location we have been to for practice. We have to manually enter the address again.
  • suggestion

    By rachelllllo
    a suggestion for the new campus feature! let us add existing groups to be shown to the campus instead of having to create a new one. already have existing class group chats and i think it would be helpful to add it to my campus but it will only let me create a new one.
  • Easy and better

    By nmiri nma
    Very easy to join and better than other platforms for group meet
  • Crash! Crash! Crash!

    By somePersonOnPhone
    This app constantly crashes when using. Open app, it crashes and force closes. I usually have to reopen the app 2-3 times within a 5-8 min time. Using this throughout the day I would say it crashes about 10 or more times. It is slow to load and freezes a lot. Maybe GroupMe needs faster servers and more cloud storage. I like the app because I get to meet and talk to a lot of new people and join different groups but it’s buggy and needs better improvements in service.
  • App closes when trying to search

    By mosal84
    I like the app and had high hopes for using it with employees but the app glitches and closes anytime any one of us tries to use the search option. It’s very frustrating. Otherwise everything else seems to run smoothly.
  • Problems

    By Potatolover574673884478
    Very clean look, also very intuitive. But sometimes notifications don’t work and sometimes messages don’t load even when there is a notification. Both of those problems are very frustrating because they happen randomly and there is nothing you can do
  • Date and time off post

    By HackExpress
    Ohhhh please please but the date and time stamps back on the posts it now only says the day of the week and the time since the upgrade 6days a go and I just realized it when we went to do tally’s today which isn’t helps and defeats the purpose of our business using this app. We use this app for tracking purposes and loved it this will make it so much more difficult to do we will have to find another app to do what we need.
  • Great communication app for any type of groups!

    By 7trace
    Love this app. Just use it for work purposes. But what a great alternative to regular group messaging. Slack is another great one - but this is just as user friendly and great!
  • Broken

    By J M0ney
    The app crashes as soon as you open it. 9/6/2020
  • What a great app to have

    By Maggie1232
    This app is the best way to have a group chat with people that doesn’t have a iPhone
  • Does what it needs to.

    By areasonableguy
    Great tool for getting together with your classmates on group projects!
  • Love it but having issues

    By SaM ThE MaN314159
    Group me is amazing at getting messages out to groups of people quickly. I use it constantly and love it. However I have had a lot of trouble being added to groups and adding people to my groups over the past year. So sometimes I have no clue what is going on in the groups I’m supposedly in because from their end it looks like I’m in the group but from my end, I don’t even see their group in my feed. I was told by GroupMe that they are working on this bug which makes me happy. Once that goes through, my rating will go much higher
  • WHY?!?

    By BellaLuna85
    Seriously though....why is there no delete option??? That’s just DUMB! I can’t delete a message or picture I accidentally sent?!? UGH!!!
  • crashing

    By Bondsa
    i was trying to text one of my classes and every time i typed something it would keep crashing, overall it’s a good app
  • Group me is great

    By Realfeel
    I love the app. I use it for communication with the baseball and softball teams I coach. We also have coaches pages. My only problem with it is I can’t seem to get it on my Apple Watch. Sometimes I need to look something up on it while I am doing something else on the phone.
  • Always crashing after update???

    By Ecwhite1
    Updated groupme last night, now it crashes practically every time i get onto the app. Im able to open it and respond to people but after i try to look at who liked a message, or just about like 5 minutes of using it, the app crashes. Doesnt happen on my laptop, just the app. Pls fix this i use groupme a lot and this is frustrating