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  • Huh

    By 2012$
    It’s not letting me connect in the app I’m just receiving emails
  • Jdgx

    By vbv b
    S ndbnzjdve x
  • It is really fun

    By the real katann
    It is really fun now I can talk to my friend more because it is easy to type and text
  • There should be an @All function.

    By noahabaker
    That would really help group chats. 5 stars if they add one in the next update.
  • My update is not updating

    By Miedema0810
    It’s the app that said update needs to be installed so I updated it and it’s been updating for 6 days now that crazy
  • Needs some updates

    By Rydaddy33
    I agree with some other comments. Good features but hate that it’s all one continuous thread. Need to be able to comment and start new posts. It makes it so information gets lost and you have to scroll through tons of comments. Also need to be able to subscribe to the calendars or at least be able to add all events at one time instead of each one individually. Another thing is that when someone responds to a calendar item it puts it in the chat, super obnoxious when you have 30 people responding to 30+ individual calendar events!
  • Great app

    By CR7 ty
    This app is super helpful and delivers as promised. The only thing I would change is comments. It’s annoying when someone asks a question and you don’t look at it right away and then they start another conversation so it’s like the conversation is closed if you know what I mean. Other than that great app!
  • Meh

    By drjwr
    We have to use this app for work, for informational needs, which is the only reason I would ever use it. It’s not an app that usually needs “likes” or “replies,” but rather instant options for dismiss or read, which the app lacks.
  • It’s a great app but...

    By Mama Brownie
    This app works great for all of the networking communities I have. The calendar is a super great feature. It is very easy to navigate. It is easy to add groups and members. Two places I’d love to see a change— please create a delete comment feature. Sometimes you just need to remove something and hiding it only hides it on your personal chat not everyone else’s. Also, as others have mentioned—nesting comments. It would be great to keep all comments under one topic instead of scrolling and losing information because someone started a new topic.
  • Using

    By Es a very good game
    Great app to use
  • Reply to messsges

    By DarthDrew
    Would you be able to create a feature where you can reply to a specific message (similar to Facebook). It’s a challenge to respond to a message that gets buried behind a bunch of other messages before you have a chance to respond.
  • Enter Button

    By AuntyTeeTee
    It's a great app. However, when using the keyboard with any tablet, the "ENTER" or "RETURN" button, doesn't send the msg to the screen. It acts as a Word document and goes to the next line of the msg. Other messaging apps allow the msg to send. But not this one. I have to physically touch the screen to send the msg which sort of defeats the purpose.
  • Addition to the app

    By AnLe912
    The app is great. The only thing I suggest is a way to @ the whole group at one time. Instead of having to @ each person one by one.
  • Worst app

    By hbarthol
    This is by far the worst app I’ve ever owned. I never received any notifications so don’t know when people are sending messages.
  • It sends through text and not the app

    By heyitsjewlsbtw
    I was added to a group and it would not open in the app. So I only get notifications through text. I need this changed if I’m going to keep this app. Can’t get any technical support.. i also have changed my phone number and it won’t let me update it on the app.
  • One issue with accounts

    By Jaxpotter7
    I enjoy using groupme, it’s really useful for big groups with recurring activities but i can’t join groups some of the time. this is mostly because i haven’t found a way to change my phone number on groupme, meaning that though I can be put into groups in my text messages i can’t download and sign in to group me in order to join more groups. this is really annoying sometimes and i would love it to be fixed
  • Wish I can go back and edit comments

    By Yoshino111
    Wish I can go back and edit comments after the post, also be able to delete (instead of just hide). more emoji other than “heart”. If you are the owner of the link, once you clear content, all members content within the group should be automatically clear out as well.
  • Booooooooooooooo

    By dayman450
    Notifications are turned on. I’ve reset my phone. I have deleted and re-downloaded the app. and notifications are still having problems. Boooooooooooooo
  • Good app but one issue

    By BigYankee12345
    I have no clue why but it seems like the app picks and chooses random times to send me notifications of the messages I receive. I would like to see every message sent to me or see when someone is trying to get ahold of me but sometime I have to go to the app just to see, which in turn could cause me to miss something important.
  • Great Tool!

    By BrotherMinister57
    Good to have everybody in one Space!
  • Keep up with your friends

    By k9 major
    If you like keeping up with your pals this is the way to go
  • .

    By Ajw2384
    This is a great app for group chats and individual chatting!
  • Great app! Needs a few new features.

    By Sodafortwo
    The app on the iPad needs to shrink into a multi page view. Currently at the app takes up the entire real estate of the screen. Hopefully they can fix this in the next update.
  • Glitches

    By gncarter
    This app makes my phone glitch so much and it’s slow. i have to use it for cheer but i keep having to delete it because it causes my phone to bug out
  • Doesn’t work.

    By Xtrmly Impressed
    Works very sporadically. It always states that I’m not connected to internet but yet ALL my other apps work just fine I have removed and added app 3 times to try to start over and same all 3 times.
  • Really good app, but I have a question..!

    By marggeee
    Is there an option where I can delete a chat?
  • @mentions

    By Max get chromecast
    This app would be awesome if you could @ mention a channel without that @ mentions are lacking. Please add @groupname or @everyone. Microsoft you have all this functionality in Teams please bring it to group me
  • Got hacked

    By My world...?...
    My GroupMe was hacked and send a link to ALL of my contacts asking them to purchase diet pills. It was so embarrassing lol
  • Fun

    By Lt. MY
    Great tool
  • Thanks

    By codtxugcgivcirxvvji
  • Good app- needs message search option

    By Medsup1
    I continually have to scroll through tons of responses to find a previous message. It would be great if a keyword search option could be added or something to make it easier to reference previous information
  • Crashing

    By TheBookWorm25
    With the newest update my app frequently crashes and glitches. The same thing is happening to my friend who also uses the app.
  • It’s a great app!

    By jojo ✌🏾
    I can see all all my friends’ messages come in and not have to respond!
  • Works great (almost)

    By dobbyandclyde
    I made this app before I had a phone number, and it worked great. Then when I got a new phone and tried to join a group with that number, it didn’t work. I tried switching the phone number of my account to my new number, but couldn’t. I tried making a new account, but it said I already had one. Then I deleted that account and it still said I had an account. I tried to use a different number to sign up and it said it couldn’t reach GroupMe. I have tried everything and I can’t log in to anything.
  • It’s not getting any better

    By omihek
    Make it more like Discord. And before you tell me to just go use Discord, I already do, but literally no one else in my family or community does, so I’m stuck on GroupMe for all the family and friend stuff like outings and parties and whatnot. Let us edit a message, or even delete a message we sent. What good is it to just hide the message on only my device? Another thing I want is to be able to delete a one-on-one chat with someone. That’s all. I don’t want to “hide” it. I don’t want to “clear” it. I want to straight up delete it. It obviously wouldn’t delete it from their device, just mine. And then what would happen if they messaged me again? Oh it would behave like every other messaging app ever made and just create a new chat with the person on my device. And then when we were done chatting, I could delete it again, just like that. I don’t feel like I’m asking too much, but then again I’m no developer, so maybe I am. Maybe deleting stuff is near impossible. Apple somehow figured it out. I can delete any conversation I want from iMessage. But then they are known for their “it just works” way of doing things. You guys should ask them how they do it. Send them a kind, humble email asking them how in the world they figured out how to delete a one-on-one chat in iMessage. Please, do it for me.
  • Drains the battery

    By lyfh01
    Does this app drain anyone else's battery? I thought maybe it was something else, but my husband and friend have said the same thing. I hardly used my phone at all today, but by 3:00 it was less than 20%. That is the only thing I've downloaded.
  • There’s a better alternative

    By Apollyon The Great
    Get discord; It’s time to ditch Skype, Teamspeak, and GroupMe. Download discord, there is many more features and bots you can add to your “servers” that will add hundreds of more features, not to mention there is thousands of bots that have a wide variety of abilities, not just solely one. Make the switch, you’ll not regret it.
  • Can’t delete old threads

    By dneichbekakaorrt vvsjjwi
    Please please please allow deletion permanently of old threads. Thank you.
  • Can’t be added to more groups

    By Mama Stones
    I’m quite annoyed. This is the second or third time I’ve had this problem. I have been added by a group but groupme doesn’t acknowledge my already existing account and I am only able to receive messages from any group within groupme in text messages. UNLESS i am the one to start the group.
  • Integrate with the iCloud keychain

    By nickd14
    Integrate with the iCloud Keychain to generate passwords and use passwords across Apple devices.
  • Google Calendar support!!!!

    By Storoz
    It would be amazing to see google calendar support in the app so that we can better organize and have have a better sync of events with all of our different groups.
  • Title

    By pooooooooeoeoene
  • Great

    By Ev🅰️
    It is a very good app to stay on track and not miss out. Since I’m in sports and also involved with music, this app lets me know what’s up and for school as well.
  • Great app, one glitch

    By Elizabeth 81
    Great app! Easy to work, but you have to go on the app and click on the conversation in order for a text to be read, even if you have already replied to the text outside the app.
  • Stops sending messages

    By Holton92
    Love to use this with my group however it stops send messages to people if they do not respond after a handful of messages. I would love for that to be changed people are able to mute or leave the group so if they do not want messages they can opt out themselves.
  • Helpful with connecting with kids sports team

    By SweetiePie4.7
    GroupMe helps me not only connects me with my cheer team it helps me learn my cheers to when it’s time to go on the field and it’s game time.
  • Need more reactions

    By Gsgpackerfan
    Need to have more options then just a heart (Like). Why can’t you do like the IOS system and be able to hold down on text and then able to have more options for reactions
  • Down arrow really frustrating

    By MDeter67
    I hate the down arrow when you scroll up. It always makes me think there is a new message at the bottom when there isn’t one. Also, blocking within group chats needs to be added please.
  • Awesome

    By ElDiablo$$$$$$$$$$$
    Love you apppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!