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  • Frank the tank

    By Frankie's love
    This application is right for motivation and communication.
  • Repeating Events

    By Twmautz
    Please add the option to make recurring calendar events.
  • Awesome!

    By DeltaGirl#6
    Great way to disseminate information
  • Keep connected

    By srbcmjoy
    We use GroupMe app at church to stay connected with all the Ladies - regarding potlucks - bible studies- prayers and concerns. The one thing I wish it offered was a edit of sent messages and a confidential admin user. I would like to add and remove people and it not be posted.
  • notifications

    By Sydney90288
    notifications bubbles never go away even when i view the messages it is very annoying
  • A few tweaks could be done

    By jakgreenbolt1969
    Its a good app but..... You beed to give the option to send outside of the group chat instead of the group your currently in when making memes
  • Notification Counter Very Buggy

    By PRWrastling23
    Notification counter above the app icon on the home screen will not clear after reading unread messages. Please fix, been having this issue since mid-2019.
  • the cons outweigh the pros

    By Mister Adams
    clean UI? sure. stable? yep. but the absence of simple functions TRULY limit the potential of the app for me: - not being able to TRULY edit and/or delete and/or at least unsend messages a la Gmail (not just hide them). instead, if you send a message in error, you have to send another message. oh, and yes others can still comment on the messages you hide. - no full-function web client. functions mirror the mobile app, which are just as limited. - no way to pin or star important messages so they can be accessed more efficiently. - no message threading to keep categories or responses to certain messages separate. - constant connection errors, even with strong WiFi connection and other apps connected and working. I have to use it because it's the one my boss chose unfortunately. but Line App and Slack are just a couple of apps that do all of these things VERY well...and so much more!!
  • App keeps keeps freezing on iPhone

    By MMCPA
    My iPhone GroupMe app keeps freezing up. It’s basically a read only app for me, which renders it useless. We have several iPhone users on the app who don’t seem to have issues, but mine keeps freezing. I’ve tried alternating my iPhone settings, but so far no luck.
  • I can not delete unusual group

    By Sam Samadi 2020
    Please add delete option on group
  • Needs longer video uploads

    By Danny Dracula
    I like this app, it’s easy to use but very frustrating that you can’t upload videos unless they are shorter than 30 seconds
  • Love but sometimes glitches

    By justforfun6832
    Love using this when it works. But for a period of time it kept kicking me off and I would have to delete and reload and then it would do the same thing. So I couldnMt use it for several months. Seems to be working ok now
  • Deleting Messages

    By Ha djfk
    There should be an option to delete what you sent instead of just hiding it.
  • Awesome but NEED to be able to delete or recall messaged

    By brijohnson1331
    Works awesome but either the individual who posted the photo or message or the group owner should be able to recall messages. So many times have photos been posted on the wrong chat. GroupMe need to figure out a way to do this!!
  • Nobody likes group messages....except on “GroupMe”

    By Finemommy71
    I would try to send group messages to friends and family and there would usually by someone in the group that would complain and ask to be taken out of the group, but I have a busy life and I don’t have time to message everyone individually!!! Now we have “GroupMe”, they are not getting the constant dings and notification every time someone replies, they can read all of the responses collectively at one time, and reply or not reply, it is their choice and at their leisure!! GroupMe makes responding to mine and my kid’s teammates, classmates, co-workers, family members, social groups, event managers, etc. so hassle free and consolidates my life and keeping everything organized!
  • Community Relations Team

    By Bendecido813
    Great App for team building 😎👌
  • Notifications red icon missing or not working

    By guytiny
    Fix the notification alert ...
  • Awful interface

    By 574883883858585
    Never seen an app that crashes so much. So many problems, always glitches. Wish a similar one would take its place
  • Deleting Messages

    By Don'tListenToOtherPeople
    Why can’t I just delete messages like I would normally a text on my phone. It shouldn’t be hard for the “hardened” developers to do, yet they don’t cause they can’t?

    By Rectangular Taco
    Great app, but PLEASE add the ability to extend the expiration of a poll after it had been started!
  • Great app but...

    By DanT_2000
    I enjoy using this App but have a few requests. 1. Could you make it possible to clean out our contact list by being able to actually “delete” (not just block) old contacts? 2. Increase resolution for video uploads so they are clearer? Thank you!
  • Tennis

    By Bufus Mcgee
    Great site for scheduling your tennis matches!
  • Garbadge

    By user63837
    Doesn't even let me sign in with my apple id so dumb
  • It’s ok

    By PrissyDixie
    I’m fairly new to this app. We have started using it for my daughter’s basketball team info. It works ok most of the time. I get the messages I need to get. My big complaint is that once a message is read the notification doesn’t go away. It constantly looks like I have a new message. It’s frustrating and deceiving.
  • Disconnects, but wonderful when it works

    By vzwjustin
    I work for one of the major wireless carriers and we use this app religiously! The only issue we ALL have is, is that it has trouble staying connecting or posts fail because the app loses connection. We literally can’t post for sometimes 10 minutes.
  • Fairly good!

    By AskAsh1
    It should not still send text messages. One or the other would suffice. What kind of ruins the point of having an app. Other than that, it’s cool.
  • great app!

    By catfralei
    i love that we are able to see what group the notifications are coming from! i wish we could delete (not just archive) private messages since they are just filling up my inbox. “office mode” should be taken off since some people want to receive notifications when someone sends a message. one person shouldn’t be able to silence notifications for everyone in the group....isn’t that the purpose of the “mute button”?
  • Good!

    By batsai
    Revised review: THANK YOU for allowing attachments using the standard Files API. Now all we need is split screen mode and drag and drop. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Previous review: This is a great client for GroupMe, but it lacks the functionality of the web app. Please either use the standard Files API for attachments, or allow drag and drop on iPad Not all of us use Dropbox, and forcing us into using it adds an extra step for doing simple like attaching a word document or pdf. Add this functionality and it will be perfect.
  • Voice Memos

    By bbg_58
    Can y’all do Voice memos please
  • Signup with Apple Does Not Work

    By dwooody
    Creating an account with the “Continue with Apple” option does not work. Tried logging in as well. That didn’t work either.
  • Great app

    Love it
  • Search messages not available

    By kingjimmykobe
    Searching the old messages using keywords not available
  • Notifications

    By Tsktsk21
    The notifications don’t go away after I’ve opened it and it drives me crazy.
  • Notification issues

    By ᵋ₍⚬ɷ⚬₎ᵌ I Love You.
    Everything is super great! Very convenient and all but...when I turn on notifications and a badge shows up that I have one message, I go on and read and reply and go off the app. The problem is that the badge is still there when I already saw it and it takes me time to fiddle around to get the badge gone. It’s a little bothersome.
  • Connectivity Issues

    By DrewThompson116
    For the last two weeks I’ve had nothing but problems with the app constantly “connecting” and messages being failed to send. It’s an isolated incident as every other app I use runs smoothly. It’s getting annoying. It doesn’t matter if I’m using cellular data or WiFi. And for the love of God add a true black feature to your bootleg dark mode!
  • Rick - 5 year user/30+ groups

    By Friend from Arkansas
    Two things I would like: 1. I would like to be able to see the member’s cell number without having to ask for it. The one thing I like better about teamsnap is access to the members’ profiles. But that does not outweigh the positives of Groupme. 2. I would like to be able to turn off the notifications of going “yes” or “no” hitting the main feed/thread. It pollutes the feed too much with information that can be seen in the calendar and most people in my groups do not need that information. Some people may like it, so I would recommend a switch to be able to turn it off or on. 3. I would like to be able to add a full season of events to a chat calendar without every event going out to the whole group when I am loading the calendar. It creates to much pollution/noise in the Chat. Thank you for your consideration and continued improvements.
  • Has potential but missing some important things

    By Gvkhfgif
    This is a good group chat device. The only things that would make it better are change the like system on messages. Make their be a like and dislike feature to get feedback on ideas.
  • Bugs and Spam

    By Ginger Little
    Have been using this app for years and loved it. Then over the past few months I have been spammed with links to inappropriate websites. I finally convinced my soccer team to get the app and upon sign up, one of them got spammed. Now none of them want to use it! And I am also reconsidering! Also, use to be able to upload photos to events and now I am unable to. The screen freezes. I also hate that I can’t edit polls I create or see who voted for what. Please fix.
  • Group me

    By jfejfjffjejffirofefjefk
    It’s swag
  • Nice, easy

    By SquidTK
    I often use Facebook messenger to communicate with my friends, but for messenger you need internet connection. With group me, you can use both internet AND data. Plus, there’s multiple ways to find people on the app while with regular texting you can only use phone number and with messenger you have to be friends on Facebook. With group me, you can use number or email (I haven’t tried using usernames, but I’m sure it works too). The only real problem I have with it is that the texts are hard to read, so sometimes internet connection ends up being required anyway. (I’m not being paid I swear, I just really like the app).
  • Freddie Bear 2020 Dance!!!

    By JARW1
    My baby get him down!!!
  • Comparable with both android and apple phones

    By happy little chilo
    Very helpful, works very good. Androids and apples can be on the gc which I love. Highly recommend
  • glitches

    By ly10101017
    i use this app for a work group we are all in & it’s constantly glitching always telling me i have a notification even if i don’t and i’ve already checked that message a million times - 3 stars from me
  • Good app, PLEASE consider these improvements

    By T'Rika
    GroupMe is kinda the “go to” at my university so i got it cuz everyone and all the clubs uses it. If it wasn't for that, i probably would not have it. It does the job of a texting app, but its not as...developed as the other texting apps like fb messenger and WhatsApp. PLEASE consider these to make the experience on the app better: 1) be able to delete sent pics/messages. Im writing this post rn legit because i just accidentally sent the wrong pic about 3 min ago and i cant unsend it. Even if u make it so it says “the sender has unsent this message” is fine, just PLEASE let me take back my message mistakes 2) be able to send better quality and longer photos/videos Yeah. This is pretty self explanatory. Im sure everyone has ran into tryna send a video thats longer than 30s and it says its too long and becomes grainy 3) consider being able to audio and video call...? A lot of texting apps can do group calls and honestly its kinda inconvenient that we cant on groupme. Everyone in one of my group legit downloaded WhatsApp just so we all can do group calls. Thats all i got for now. Other than that, thanks for a good and easy to use app👍🏾
  • Trash

    By CiciLisa
    Not sure how you can only have a app version of something and you can’t log in or sign up on the app....
  • mostly does it’s job

    By user3736279326
    this app is great for communicating, easy to format and organize BUT I will open a message and then it still says I have unopened messages. this is just the most obnoxious thing in the world and seems like an easy fix that they haven’t fixed
  • Polls

    By sahujo
    Wish I could delete an old poll. Wish I could edit a post or a poll question.
  • Simple request

    By quest for the sauce
    please add a dislike button
  • Always says connecting

    By Sabelitotzz
    The app won’t reload every time I open it. It always says connecting/not connected even though I’m connected to the internet.