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  • SLOW

    By 911Beast
    We’ve been using this app at work for a few years now & all of sudden the messages will not load. It takes an hour or more to load a picture or video to the chat. You can’t delete old chats or groups, only hide. Every time it updates all the messages that were hide come back up, absolutely annoying. It does have some pros: you can heart a message & it shows who has viewed it & that’s about all the pros to me.

    By Lewiss2004
    The recent reviews are showing how awful this app has become within the last month. I’ve had trouble sending pictures, and direct messages. I’ve had trouble receiving messages which is the point of this app. Fix and update your app before you loose many loyal customers.
  • 🤷‍♂️

    By look at me pls
    I know it is a good app in general because I know a lot of people use the app but I can’t really tell if I Can’t login and it is really annoying. I have tried multiple times to create an account on the website then logging in on the app but it doesn’t work! Then I try just making an account through the app… Nothing. So then I just try each of those solutions in different spots and different cellular service and WiFi buts still nothing. I really hope this gets noticed by a creator so maybe they could help me out.
  • App won’t load

    By sooooooo cute
    I love this app, but I’m very disappointed currently. The app won’t load or send messages. I’ve tried closing the app, deleting the app, restarting my phone. Basically everything you can do. Please fix this
  • App used to be great, but has become so bad!

    By david_andgoliath
    I don’t know what has happened recently but over the last few months but the app has been absolutely trash. Constantly crashing, unable to update messages, can’t deliver messages etc. My friends and I are considering moving all our chats to discord
  • Absolutely horrendous in every aspect!

    By pixelfaerie
    At the moment, if I could rate this app zero stars, then I would. The fact I have to use this to contact my residents as a Resident Assistant at my university makes this all more infuriating. Keep in mind, my wifi isn’t down and runs smoothly. The app begins to struggle to connect to my chats, constantly stating it cannot connect for whatever reason. So, I tried switching to data. That didn’t do anything, so I restarted my phone—that did nothing as well. As my last measure, I deleted the app and reinstalled it. If things couldn’t go worse, well, I have news for you! I did! Now, Group Me refuses to log me into the app whatsoever. I even changed my password. The pins to verify myself would be sent 5-6 minutes later, and wouldn’t work. I’ve used my backup code but it takes a very long time to login. The worst part? I can’t even call customer service. You’re stuck with an email, which can take a few business days for you to get help in return. Frankly, I went from loving Group Me to hating it within an hour. Do better, Group Me.
  • App never works

    By Apthon
    I can’t direct message anyone. I can’t sign back in after logging out in an attempt to fix how broken it is. Connecting message always appears when I’m trying to read group messages. Ridiculous how garbage this app is.
  • Failed messages and unable to share a screen capture

    By wtf2090
    Whatever update that was recently done has now caused messages to fail on a more consistent basis. I also cannot share a photo to a group..
  • Never works

    By U$3r.1234567
    If I could give it zero stars I would. It never loads group conversations. I always have troubles sending messages, despite having good service and internet connection.
  • How is this app popular?

    By Serena1D<3
    This is one of the worst apps that is used on such a large basis. It struggles with basic things like updating the group chats or individual chats. There’s constant need to reconnect, messages constantly don’t get sent unless you exit out of the app and reopen it. If I didn’t need it for school I would uninstall this app and literally never ever install it again.
  • Broken

    By Th4tdr4nk
    Messages fail to show up half the time or take 5 minutes to load
  • Huge Bug

    By Assfggjklcsgjva
    As others have said, this most recent update has messed up the app completely. I can’t open messages. I’ll get notifications but nothing shows up in the app. And when I try to send a message, it never goes through. But checking the desktop app shows that it did go through. The app is completely unusable now.
  • I loved the app but post-update I’m having issues

    By k1tkat_13
    I’ve used Groupme for the past 4 years of college, whether it be communicating with friends or club members, and I’ve loved using it. But after the latest update, my Groupme refuses to connect to wifi or cellular data, will not load messages, or give me notifications of DMs. I hope this gets fixed!
  • Used to work great… now, not so much

    By Fourth Time Owner
    The app no linger functions correctly. It doesn’t send messages, when you log out and log in the messages are just missing, and we’re never received By the other person…
  • Hot Garbage

    By Enn_8
    This platform seems to be garbage. I’ve successfully used it before years ago but for some reason now I cannot communicate with anyone. There was no suspicious activity but I got that email. My previous password worked fine but for some reason was disabled. And now I’m standing right next to my wife who is sending me messages, I can see her composing ‘typing’ the message from my feed, but no messages ever show up. I am unable to send messages -or says I’m sending them but never shows up for the recipient. What the…? Hot garbage. ***contacted support - ignored. I don’t leave reviews in lieu of trouble tickets.
  • Very poor

    By Bsada9
    Can not get out emjo this very very poor app.
  • Screenshot

    By Tdevinney
    Latest version broke the ability to share a screen shot. I have to save to photos and upload from there. Please fix
  • Great app!

    By Acire24
    App is great, I was having problems but it was my phone and not the app. Plus when I put a complaint the developer responded to help me so that was nice.
  • Messages don’t send or come through

    Currently messages are stuck in limbo and I don’t know if they send. Also I do not know if messages are coming through. Also, when you send an image it will show the image a second time as “sending” and it does not go away. Have to hit hide on the second image every time this happens. Been using GM since 2013 and this is the worst state it has ever been in.
  • Small Changes= Big Differences

    By Chain_saw
    I do love this app, but it could be a 5 star if I had more control over information such as: -The ability to edit contact information of members instead of having to delete it to fix it - the ability to silence every change that happens in the group so not everyone sees it - The ability to highlight important posts - The ability to move people to their own conversation if they start chatting by themselves I don’t think those would be hard. If you did the first 3, I could give this 5 stars
  • gerb’s vengeance

    By a1exal
    my friend has a bone to pick with you and she sent me to pick it. ur apostrophes are weird.
  • great but one thing

    By 1x9x7x17x187x98x199x
    great app except when youre in a chat while ppl are talking it doesnt stop the notifications. you’ll get notifications several mins later of messages you already saw 10 mins ago bc you were in the chat as it was happening 🧍🏾‍♀️
  • “Connecting”

    By Frankthetank87
    This app barely works. Every time I go into a group chat I get a “connecting” message at the top that stays there for awhile. I never know if all of the recent messages loaded and I try to send a message and it doesn’t go through. Terrible user experience and very frustrating. This app use to be the best group chat app out there. What happened?
  • Logged me out

    By nikki11226
    group me randomly logged me out and didn’t save my password. I needed my old account for scjool and it’s gone so i’m not getting any messages
  • App always glitches

    By @Sam1012
    GroupMe, has so many technical issues. It never refreshes and shows me updated conversation. At times I don’t get notified of when I get messages. Sometimes when I send a message it never sends.
  • Major bug 12 sept 2021

    By lilithschn
    Huge bug — is not loading messages in group chats or showing messages are sent. Must fix!!!!!!
  • Fix messenger

    By LambA7
    Fix messenger where people actually get their messages or when you receive one it shows up to be able to be seen. Instead it is invisible unless you go and click on their name in the group and act like your message the person that sent one to you.
  • Solid app

    By gneoencvenw
    Overall I’ve been using group me for a while, it’s pretty solid. I do have some complains though, I wouldn’t mind seeing more features and things that you can do as an owner. There also is a super annoying bug that has been causing the app to always say there are notifications when you have cleared them all.
  • Notifications Will Not Clear

    By PKTeachet
    I look at messages and close app, but notification numbers still remain. The app is updated.
  • DM

    By PrinceTy212
    Can’t dm a person from a group chat
  • GroupMe runs poorly

    By haleybraun2020
    I’ve used GroupMe for a number of years, and only in the last 2 have I started to notice problems. Frequent problems I have with GroupMe include how long it takes for it to refresh. It can take hours before I’m able to respond to a message because my GroupMe refuses to recognize that I received a dm, which is very problematic. Another problem that I’ve started experiencing this week is being unable to login into GroupMe even after resetting my password. This has provided some frustration since I need to use it both on my computer and my phone to speak with individuals in an organization that I run. Being unable to log back in is an error I’d like to see fixed in the near future, as it is very inhibiting. I’ll admit that I prefer other apps like Discord, but GroupMe is much easier to use compared to many other apps, not to mention how every organization I’m involved in is plugged into the app. I want to see improvements in the performance of the app, especially since I need to use it a lot. I don’t mean to be rude; all I ask is for an app that works well. As of now, I don’t believe GroupMe fits that criteria.
  • Messages not sending

    By :) az
    Ever since the update, the app keeps glitching and won’t let me send messages. When I close the app and reopen it, I find that my messages send twice. Fix this please :(
  • Won’t send messages

    By DoomsDay128
    GroupMe used to be amazing, I’ve used it for about 4 years so I’ve seen it all, but recently i haven’t been able to send or receive messages. I will not be able to use this app until it’s fixed. 1 star
  • Needs to fix

    By lyn&lyn
    Have It one star because I only can view the messages in my text on the app it’s nothing there
  • Can’t log in

    By Patrick Was Here
    Used this app to stay in touch with my fraternity brothers while I was overseas and one day I got logged out and haven’t been able to get back in. I’ve entered my password and get stuck in a constant loop that asks me to enter the pin that was emailed to me so I do then get redirected to login again then enter the pin emailed to me, repeat, repeat, repeat. When the app works it’s great but when it doesn’t….well… UPDATE: reached out to support as suggested below, and was offered no help at all. Terrible.
  • Glitches galore

    By Photog1237
    Half the time what I type out and send never makes it to the group and I have to type it back out again. I try to remember to copy it but when I do, a lot of the time the word Copy remains on the screen and takes over 15 seconds to go away even after I have pressed it. These last 3 updates have been horrible and I hate this app but I have to use it for my kids school. Please fix this!!
  • UPDATE?!

    By naisifkvmaja
    Can you please send out an update??? Half the time this app bugs out and the chats also won’t even load. Please fix this.
  • Was a 5 star now it’s 1

    By mittyd101
    The app no longer works. can not send or receive messages.
  • Update, then stop working?!

    By QuitaPita
    Use to give this app 5 stars….get an update and now the app doesn’t work! But this was 6 days ago. And everyone has been complaining about it since, BUT THERES STILL NO FIX!!!!!!
  • Bruh

    By WillrzWei
    Overall good app but why the f does it have a message when I switched my name. Disgusting
  • Missing ingredient

    By jsnsbxjxkdnsnsvx
    Please add a calendar
  • Glitched

    By DullCabbage
    Overall it’s a good app that allows for easy methods to chat with your friends and peers. But it is super glitched. If you try to scroll down to look at your other groups it freezes and won’t scroll. One thing I would love to see is if there was a way to folder your groups so it’s more organized and easier to get around the app.
  • Super buggy

    By Zagreen
    More than half the time now, I am unable to get to all my other chats. Instead the “back” button turns into some other button, and there’s no option to get there. It’s always been buggy, but getting more so. Just seems like a poorly maintained app.
  • Yo

    By Mistake247
    So not fair. IM TOO YOUNG?? IM 12 ! I just want to be apart of my bible study updates and I can’t cause I’m too young for group me 🥺🤨🙄otherwise good app… maybe?
  • Its glitching

    By dia113356
    It glitches and sometimes when I try to type it exits out the app completely . Also , make itto where I can change. My proflie photo
  • Fix issues

    By Juggernaut_03
    I use to like this app. I have been using it for years. Just recently I can’t send out messages or create my groups. Please fix this issue and I’ll start using it again.
  • not even working

    By Creeper❤️'sminecraft
    i have my notifications on. and someone is trying to dm me but im not receving any texts. i look and theres nothing. i delete it and reinstall.. still nothing. i dont know what else to do i tried emailing contact support.. NOTHING i try turning notifications off and back on.. NOTHING fix that bug already bc it is stressing me and this person out!!
  • Awesome app! But one thing I request, if so:

    By ididntthinkiwouldbedoingthis
    It would be even more awesome, easier, and cleaner, if we could be able to delete groups and one person groups. :)
  • Messaging

    By baybgirl123
    Not sure what’s going on, but I can’t receive any Messages and the other person isn’t receiving mine.