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Every day, millions of Airbnb Hosts connect curious people to an endlessly interesting world. Guests can discover the perfect place to stay for every getaway and explore new experiences while traveling, or online. Hosts can list their extra space, receive hosting tips and support, and earn money while creating memorable moments for guests. FIND THE PERFECT PLACE TO STAY Choose from millions of unique, one of a kind places to stay —near or far—in many countries around the world. Find everything from a lakeside cabin to a secluded beach house or an apartment in the heart of a city. Browse through listings of places you’d love to live, work, or just relax, and book your stay directly in the app or save it to your wishlist for future travel. DISCOVER THINGS TO DO WHEREVER YOU ARE Find unique Airbnb Experiences to do on your travels -- or even right in your hometown -- led by local Hosts across the globe. From exciting and educational guided tours to delicious cooking and dining experiences, local Hosts are eager to open their world to you. Browse and book Airbnb Experiences based on your destination, or save your favorites to your wishlist and share them with the people you’re traveling with. EXPERIENCE SOMETHING NEW—WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR HOME Online Experiences let you explore the world through activities led by one-of-a-kind Hosts from the comfort of your own home. Learn something new just for yourself, book a private group to bring your loved ones together even when you can’t be together, or tour the world and meet new people right from home. Find things to do online for any age or interest, book, save, or share your favorite ones—all with the Airbnb app. CONNECT WITH LOCAL HOSTS Feel at home, no matter where you are. The Airbnb app allows guests and Hosts to stay in touch, receive up-to-the-minute information about their bookings, and make the most of their trip by getting the best info on everything local that only expert Hosts would know. SHARE YOUR WORLD AS A HOST Join the millions who host every day to connect with people and share your world. Earn extra income for life’s extras by opening your world through hosting. List your space directly from the Airbnb app, then receive personalized tips and insights from the Airbnb team to continuously improve your listing. MOMENTS THAT MATTER, MADE POSSIBLE BY HOSTS Escape the hustle of everyday life with the people you love. Learn something new about a culture that’s interested you for years. Spend time with old friends—or make new ones—over a shared interest. The Airbnb app opens up a world of magical moments, made possible by Hosts. Guests can use the Airbnb app to: • Book vacation rentals and experiences made possible by hosts for your next solo journey, family vacation, or business trip • Search for last minute stays or longer host-managed rentals • Save your favorite homes, things to do, and places—and add invited friends or family to planned vacations • Add experiences and events to your itinerary • Message your host for directions, assistance, and helpful tips Hosts can take advantage of the Airbnb app to: • Share your extra home space through the vacation rental platform or lead experiences that showcase what makes your city great • Update your listing and calendar availability • Share what’s special about your neighborhood with a host guidebook • Message guests and manage their reservations



  • Awful service, use vrbo or booking instead.

    By Palmer640
    My account was closed because I have a non-violent criminal record from 7 years ago. I travel for work and this is the only app where anyone decides it’s their job to carry out my punishment, despite my charge being so many years ago and having finished my sentence a long time ago. Instead I use Vrbo or booking when I’m traveling for work now. Much better, honestly. Dealing with Airbnb customer service is the worst. They just send a passive aggressive email out refusing to explain anything and there’s no way to talk to anyone at all. Not worth all the problems just to rent a room where I’ll be working.
  • No customer support

    By Miiik Bram
    Another good app that will be shut down soon. I have been waiting for my refund for over a month now. They agreed to do so yet keep coming up with excuses why it hasn’t happened. We spend way too much money to be bullied by horrible customer service. Hotels offer so much more flexibility and honestly it’s just not worth the hassle anymore. Excellent idea ruined by greed and poor customer support.
  • Pricing

    By OpattyrickO
    Airbnb was created as an alternative to expensive hotels and yet more than half the time I’m finding hotels that are cheaper than these Airbnb’s. Also the amount that you’re paying in fees can be as much as the room itself. $150 for a cleaning fee before we’ve even arrived is ridiculous you’re just encouraging people to trash your place by charging a fee before hand that you can’t even get back. This app is trash just find a cheap hotel.
  • Won’t be using ever again

    By JamiePil
    The customer service is truly awful, I’m out over $500 for a place I can’t stay at and I’ve been trying for the past week to get this resolved and haven’t gotten anywhere. They’re ignoring me now and I truly am baffled how terrible this experience is. I’m traveling full-time indefinitely and am just going to use Priceline and hotels from now on, at least I can get real help if issues ever arise.
  • Good except when it is bad

    By BretDR
    Watch out for misleading descriptions. It is nice to know if the place is next to a needle exchange with junkies who know the key code. Support is terrible from Airbnb
  • Customer Service Made me Happy…

    By BugMeSteph
    This is my first time using Airbnb. I’m between homes. My first reservation was a disaster. I must say that I was disappointed with the customer service…. It was a tricky tack debacle of emails/he said/she said nonsense. It wasn’t worth all the negativity. My next stop was an apartment over a garage. A six week stay. I checked in on July 16, checked out July 17th. It was agreed that this was of no fault of my own and now I was in a motel with my belongings in my car. This is where Airbnb stepped into action… Airbnb was empathetic, worked HARD to find me accommodations equal to my reservation. Customer service was polite, professional yet personable. Simply put, People speaking to people without using “policies” words etc. It was a collaboration of me and them working together with different departments to make things right. Happily I’ve the entire month of August booked! Many Thanks … Bree, Renee and everyone who helped till I get to September 1
  • Great App but one major feature miss

    By Crazy Shree :)
    Airbnb should consider letting the guests (organizer) to invite other people in the party as co guests in the Airbnb booking for various logistical reasons.
  • [iOS] Unable to update a content in the work field

    By farruh25
    Steps to repro: 1. Go to Profile and tap Edit button. 2. In the work field type “Facebook” 3. Hit save button. Actual result: Unable to save a work place, it errors out with “the content of the work field are disallowed.” Expected result: Facebook employees should be able to type a “Facebook” in the work field.
  • Notifications don't work

    By Nepping
    Please fix notifications. They don't work so people are missing important messages

    By PrincessZee786
    Terrible customer service with no resolutions and the rep Kevin W saying “okay” “okay what ? Do you have a resolution?” “Well no” like I have never dealt with such stupidity in my life.
  • If something goes wrong, good luck getting help

    By Lindsayyel
    I’ve used Airbnb with no problems for a few years now, but I’m leaving this review solely due to their support services when something goes wrong. In my case, there were rotting animals under the unit that causes an awful smell in the peak of summer heat. We had to leave after one night. I was able to work things out as much as I could with the Host, but inky got less than half of my money back. The rest was Airbnb fees and taxes. When I tried to get a complete refund, I was taken in circles through the support process — speaking to 4 different people for over a week without any progress on my request. They seemed to keep turning my case over to someone new and starting over again. I used to work in tech support so I understand how these workflows can be, but it really seems to me like incompetence. I finally decided to escalate and asked to speak to a supervisor over the phone, but was told that they will only email me. I haven’t heard anything. I think I will just have to give up and use other vacation rental sites like Vrbo. This really ruined my vacation and the weeks following! A company is really only as good as their customer service, and sadly Airbnb is severely lacking.
  • Cancelling nightmare

    By Joschez
    I had an emergency cancellation due to my dad being diagnosed with cancer. The host never got back to me after requesting a refund and I contacted customer service and they refused to give me any of my money back. Be aware, customer service is in Vietnam and the Philippines, they could careless what the situation is that you are having and screw your if you have to cancel for any reason. As a stock holder, I am selling my stock and never using these worthless services again.
  • 1st time user

    By allgoodgranolabars
    Great user experience
  • Poor Refund Resolution

    By SammyJank
    Had a very poor experience with a property with a pest problem that wasn’t disclosed. Ended up leaving early and asked for a refund. After contacting AirBnB support multiple times they decided that I wasn’t within my rights to receive a refund even though their policy explicitly covers this situation: (c) at the start of the Guest’s booking, the Accommodation: (i) is not generally clean and sanitary (including unclean bedding and/or bathroom towels); (ii) contains safety or health hazards that would be reasonably expected to adversely affect the Guest’s stay at the Accommodation in Airbnb’s judgment, or (iii) has vermin or contains pets not disclosed in the Listing. I have been using AirBnb for years and am extremely disappointed in their support. Clearly when things actually go wrong they are unable to support their customers.
  • Latest update - does not work

    By Calssjj
    I just updated to iOS 14.7 and updated my Airbnb app. Now it doesn’t work at all. It keeps saying I’m not connected to the internet. I am connected and everything else works on my phone. I have a trip coming up and this is frustrating. Please fix!
  • Update does NOT work

    By digitalgraces
    Made the mistake of downloading the update while traveling. Now NOTHING works. I tried to change settings of location services and it won’t change from Ask Next Time to any other option and that is in the app settings. The app name doesn’t even show up under privacy - locations services in settings so I can’t turn it on there either. I’m connected to the network both cellular and wi-fi and the app says not connected to network. Retry. Running this on iPhone with TMobile service which just took over our Sprint lines.
  • App is good customer service is outsourced and terrible

    By TheBestCourtney
    When needing help switching places the customer service team is non existent. We rented a place, the listing was misleading, we are still waiting for help getting a new place. That was almost a month ago. They ll give you international phone number for customer service and you ll get a nice inflated phone bill as well.
  • Terrible customer service

    By JohnnyYesPapa
    We spent thousands of dollars on a place where the listing made false claims of number of bedrooms and the place was not cleaned at all, Airbnb Support did not help us and did not shield us from the host’s rude behavior.
  • Worst customer service ever

    By K2882
    Never expected such a pathetic customer service from an unicorn ! No one responds even after 3 weeks , no SLA , no escalation matrix , no accountability! And all this for charging hefty service fees … it’s no longer a preferred option to travel !
  • Poor customer support

    By s.mason88
    The app is easy to use. I am getting consistent bookings. Oh I'm giving it one star based entirely on their customer support, or lack there of. I've had multiple issues that should be minor and easy to remedy, but it seems impossible to reach anyone who knows what they're doing. I am actively looking for an alternative program because of the frustration with their support service.
  • Computer

    By RNmaris
    Had a lot of trouble with Airbnb website. Eventually got through.
  • Unprofessional staff, bad service

    By (:::::-:::::)
    I requested a refund for a recent stay due to it being dirty and unlike the advertised pictures. It’s been escalated to the “supervisors” within costumer service for 5 days now with no response.
  • They cancelled my booking

    By Billy Bob Jones the 5th
    Airbnb cancelled my booking a week before our trip. Said this is something they have never seen happened and never called to inform me of it. All I had gotten was an email in my spam folder I saw two days after that had sent it. I called to try and rebook it but they said someone had already booked it and there was nothing they could do. I tried to get them to transfer our reservation payment some where else and we could pay the difference of price and they said they couldn’t. All they could do was send me a refund that will take a week to be back into my account. Whole weekend ruined thanks to them.
  • Worst customer service and a lot of app bugs

    By Ancient architect
    Been on hold for hours with customer service and the app keeps duplicating listings giving us trouble.
  • Please for the love of god quit sending me so many reminders!

    By eeoodi
    I am a host of one property and know when I have guest arriving. I don’t need 2 or three reminders text and alert sent to me usually between the hours of 6am and 7am (I am not a morning person). I have tried to set my notifications to just email if you feel the need to send me that many but then you stopped sending me notifications of bookings, you know the info I really need. Other than that it’s a good app.
  • Don’t always use high speed core in my cpu

    By Wugchhcs
    Your app has excellent UI and design , easy use, friendly to people from different countries But !!! When I use this app on iPad Pro (M1 chip 2021) and iPhone 12 Pro (A14) the device both go so hot after a short time Even hotter than I play games I don’t think your app is so large or use so much resource that M1 chip need work so hard Please do some improvement on this
  • Garbage- DO NOT USE AirBNB

    By Krash8
    I have used it twice. Both times the host cancelled on me and tied up my deposit refund for weeks. The first time I booked, the host freaked out on me stating the listing wasn’t active. They asked me how I was able to book. How? BECAUSE THE LISTING SHOWED ACTIVE!!! The second time I got cancelled on because my profile had no reviews. The host stated it was their policy but no where on their rules or policy did it state this. Two of the members in our party had Hispanic names so it’s kind of funny how suddenly a place with no reviews cancels because of a policy they don’t have posted. AirBnB is garbage. Steer away!!
  • Another “Too Big to Fail” Company

    By sriusly
    So many issues with this service. From their “smart prices” (smart for them), to their review system. Do not recommend. 499K ratings can’t be wrong, though. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Hosts beware.

    By Kaylaserrato
    My husband woke up at gun point with his last stay. I’ve been trying to talk to someone and have now spent over 7 hours on hold.
  • Host cancels 4 days before trip

    By Ghostelum
    I have a trip in 4 days and the host asked me to cancel today. But I contacted Airbnb And they had him cancel. Everything is 3x the price now and all they would offer is a $40 coupon on my next booking. Also the person helping me kept sending listings that were studios when I clearly said I needed a 2 bedroom, I really feel like he couldn’t really speak English well either…Thanks so much, never using Airbnb again and I don’t recommend anyone does. My refund won’t come through for 5-10 days so now I’m scrambling because the trip is in 4 days…
  • Not good customer service

    By darshan rawal
    Not impressed with the customer service. Didn’t give me full refund when i deserved to get full back. Misleading cancellation policies. Hidden details that you will never read. Beware of this app. Planning to file law suit against this app.
  • Airbnb leaves people stranded

    By Gatorsdogs
    Essentially Airbnb leaves people stranded with no where to go even if it’s not there fault - I recently booked an Airbnb to stay for a week and I was charged for that entire week but turns out I was unable to actually stay there for the night I had booked for because my host forgot to let Airbnb know that they extended the stay with their previous guests - and I would now be stranded with my daughter and dog with nowhere to go because their refund process takes 10-15 days to process - this is extremely dangerous for your customers and I can’t believe a company this big doesn’t have a proper solution for this.
  • Great place to camp!

    By TgB77777777
    This is camping at its finest!
  • Terrible Service

    By InJesusName-Pray
    Had a credit on my account that expires end of this year. When I booked my next stay, credit did not display and was not applied when I submitted. Even had a screen shot proving that credit not showing. Opened up a support ticket. After a few days, ticket was closed without resolving. Opened a second ticket, but they closed it referencing the first ticket. Called AirBNB and they told me that it was still open and being actively worked. If I wanted to get updates, I could just post to the closed ticket. Since ticket closed, cannot make an update. Opened another ticket after a couple weeks since have not heard from them. This time the support person said they could not apply it existing reservation and did not find where it was being worked. Only way that I could prevent from losing credit was to book another reservation by end of year which I do not have problem. I told him that it was AirBNB app problem since the app did not apply credit and I wanted it extended to 2022. He escalated to support. Been two weeks and no reply even after asking for updates…
  • Was canceled on hours after arrival

    By OffensiveNickname
    I booked a room for 3 weeks. When I arrived no one was at the location, nor did the host return my calls or messages. I waited a few hours then contacted Airbnb about the issue. They said to wait for one hour. Within that addition hour wait the host’s husband showed up. He called the host, who now had a working a phone. I was then informed they had no idea about my reservation or who I was. I told Airbnb, and now have no place to stay. The only Airbnb places still available are double the cost than the ones when I originally scheduled my room.
  • Something went wrong please try again later

    By Creeperhugger3028482
    Been getting this error for 2 days and cannot book or reserve anything and there’s no way to help I guess according to their customer service
  • Hosts Beware!

    By Sailor82
    While the app might be pretty and functional, this company is awful. You will spend hours on golf listening to the same obnoxious song only to be greeted by someone who will not be able to assist you in any manner other than to “escalate this to another department”. Then you will never hear from them again. They do not enforce their own rules/policies. They may have name power but they will not help you as a host. They bend over backwards for Guests (often at the Host’a expense) and leave hosts high and dry.
  • It's good app

    By Ms.Newman
    I like this app because I always get what I'm looking for
  • Too much fraud Airbnb could easily avoid - stick with VRBO

    By kylerollins
    We booked a house in a county that doesn’t allow short term rentals. We only found out minutes after checkin, so we left and are now fighting for money back and are taking the owners to small claims court. Waste of our time, we did nothing wrong and Airbnb are taking the wrong side of this as the listing was illegal. Airbnb makes no checks with local laws to see if they are allowed. This happened before when we booked and a hosts HOA told her she couldn’t boom AFTER we booked, but she warned us and gave us a full refund. We still never found a place to stay and we blame Airbnb for that too, but tried to give them another chance, but they clearly have no morals so it’s only a matter of time before you get burned. We stick with VRBO.
  • They never post my reviews

    By Cyrus_Qew
    I have written several critical reviews of this airbnb app, none have been posted. They didn’t even count my one star since the review counts don’t go up.
  • Crash after crash.. unacceptable

    By hyahor
    And they've just IPO'd. Unbelievable. Just try to use you app browsing through listings for about an hour without a crash - I guarantee you won't be able to.
  • STOP - Don’t Use!

    By PRNFL
    I used AIRBNB multiple times before then all of a sudden i am getting all kinds of error messages. I tried to go through the help feature but clearly it was no help at all. I was stranded and couldn’t get a hotel because they were all full. AirBNB had many options but I couldn’t book because of the error messages. Thanks AirBNB for letting me sleep in the car.
  • Unreliable

    By Big_dick_face
    I’ve tried to book three times for three different locations and they’ve all been denied because they’re already booked but still say available on the app. My account has been locked out and we were not able to go on a trip because the refund always take a week to go through.
  • Awful company

    By majestyjanelle
    Reported neighbors to Airbnb for breaking hoa rules for renting less than 30 days with Airbnb. They won’t cancel any current reservations. Won’t be using this company ever again!
  • App has constant error message

    By Ll4437
    In the middle of making a reservation and suddenly app crashes and now just shows error messages. Frustrating.
  • Awful experience - watch out

    By Mayman
    I booked a stay that said pets were allowed. Upon booking this non-refundable stay, I was sent a contract by the host stating that pets were not allowed. I tried to contact customer support at Airbnb, but wasn’t able to get in contact with a human in 48+ hours. (As a side note, why is it that when I have a concern about the $10 hamburger I got delivered, I can get in touch with customer support in 2 minutes, but if I spend $1000+ on a hotel stay it takes 48 hours?) Horrible customer service. I’d recommend VRBO.
  • The update had croaked my AirBnB app.

    By ChristyAnneGeorge
    I’ve used AirBnB many times and when I began searching on my iPhone for a place to stay today, it told me to update. I did, and began getting “Oops - unknown error - retry” messages. I tried my iPads AirBnB app and it was already giving me the same error message. I tried deleting the app and restoring it - same problem.. Tried on Safari, same. Please fix. You’re losing money.
  • Great Location

    By Guest715
    Hospitality was beyond five stars the host of our condo was kind and helpful immediately. Would recommend the host in condo 2024 anytime time of the year. If we could give 10 stars we would!!
  • Scammers paradise

    By schedulesepush
    Rather use local estate agents or community services, Airbnb is a con.