Fruit Ninja®

Fruit Ninja®

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2010-12-20
  • Current Version: 2.7.12
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 148.97 MB
  • Developer: Halfbrick Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 333 422


Slice fruit, don’t slice bombs – that’s all you need to know to get started with the addictive Fruit Ninja action! No matter how you like to play, the free version of the game is packed with features to satisfy your fruit-destroying appetite. Challenge yourself and see how long you can last in Classic mode, set a high score in Arcade mode or simply practise your fruit-slicing skills in Zen mode. A wide range of blades and dojos are at your disposal to help you cut your way to the top. Want more fun? Take a break and experience a new way to slice your favourite fruit with minigames, or test your mastery of the game and win prizes in the daily Challenge event. Go head-to-head and show off your skills as the ultimate ninja against your friends with leaderboards and local multiplayer. Up for a real challenge? Play Event mode and do battle against other ninjas for the chance to win unique blades and dojos. That’s not all though - give yourself the edge by logging in every day and be rewarded with daily prizes, including rare blades and dojos that you can use in other game modes! There has never been a better time to play Fruit Ninja, so unsheathe your sword and get ready for an addictive, action-packed gaming experience! IMPORTANT NOTICE This game contains optional in-app purchases. You can disable this feature in the settings menu of your device. View our privacy policy at View our terms of service at Need help with the game? Email us at



  • Very good

    By hvbvvhgvghg
    This game is very good very fun and I don’t know why all the people are talking about you want the old one that was so stupid so it’s the funnest game ever and those people out there that think they want the old one this is what you get -.-
  • A letter by Sega32x123

    By Sega32x123
    This game was very spicy juicy fruit so why not make fruit ninja classic free and fruit ninja $1.99 but more likely on those Kinect and Kinect 2 they use the hand 🍉👋🏻
  • Nostalgia

    By Jdd769
    I remember 2010 - 2016 those were the good games and mobile game ads like angry birds temple run and more. If you don’t understand then I know you have started with fortnite, but anyways these were the good times. The game is great for my review.
  • Bad

    By ^-^)^ {'ello!)
  • The Best!

    By kid funk mvf
    Fruit Ninja is definitely one of my favorite games! It is so satisfying! The slice of the fruit and the juice is great. There are also barely any ads in it at all! There are some, but they rarely occur. This game is great
  • Naughty secrets

    By Lil' Li11y
    I dislike that you once told me “keep a secret from your parents” it’s not ok to hide stuff from your parents.
  • There’s No music like there used to be.

    By Small Fry 23
    The game is ok, but What happened to the music? When it opens up the music plays but then it stops after a few seconds. And I checked the settings. I have it turned on. Please fix this!

    By Grape50
    why is it every time i watch an ad the game crashes and gets stuck and i have to force close it
  • Gaming

    By Dayqan Williams
    Nice game to play when your angry😈😈
  • Average

    By Rainbow Cookieees
    This game used to be Better so was the game Puss in boots with different game challenges now I don’t play these games it no more Intresting or fun
  • Bad

    By unkown missing
    First half name says everything about second half name and its origin , meh odd mechanics
  • Fruit Ninja

    By nagyk4751
    Fruit Ninja is very good game. I absolutely love this game. I also really like this game because it has mini games.
  • It’s a two way street.

    By MiniTSwift
    As much as this game keeps me busy on airplanes and no WiFi places I still find it boring. First you slice the pineapple then you slice the apple then you dodge a bomb.
  • Fruit ninja

    By fruit. beast
    This game is a really good game I recommend friend's playing it because you slice fruits 🍎 with your finger it’s a really fun experience five stars ⭐️ I love it! This is the beast 👌👹😊😁😄😀😆
  • Good game and some tips

    By 0931245768
    GREATEST GAME EVER now the tips 1. 2 finger pomegranates 2. Use the rainbow blade if u like arcade 3. if not arcade use whatever blade u like I use basic 4. Great wave dojo 5. have fun!!!
  • OMG

    By poohspeaksthetruth
    All of these 1yr ago comments make me feel so old this game slaps SLAPS!! and I recommend you downloading it
  • Pretty good but glitchy

    By Nunnya Bizznus
    It glitches but it is super fun!! I love the blade powers😍👍🏻 I recommend this app.👏🏻
  • No sound?

    By Gghghhgi
    The app doesn’t play sound
  • It’s such a good game

    By fizzle pop kitty
    I love it I love looking at all the fruits I’ve never seen in my life I’m giving it 5 stars! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    By Foreign K
    Only real ninjas will be able to cut these fruits with slicing skills in style :)
  • It’s ok

    By yopuppydawg
    It just isn’t good enough.and ok many adds. And you can’t see the fruit. The time on the games aren’t long enough.
  • Tournament

    By Ga11a4e
    I really love the game but I have one critical issue and that’s not getting the Golden Ember Blade for free anymore. I really want to have the tournament mode again and I know it was your 5th anniversary when you made that but still. If your next anniversary comes soon please bring back the tournament for the Golden Ember Blade and add another blade that’s just like the Golden Ember Blade. Please
  • A bug

    By yeet the cat
    I can’t even get on the game
  • Sound on ads

    By Arakrebew
    Why on earth when I have the sound off on the game does the sound blast back on when one of the annoying ads pop up? Love the game but seriously stop it with the sound on the ads. The people on the bus don’t want to be bothered by the sound blaring from my phone.
  • Greatest game

    By dragon o donuts🐉
    Nothing bad to say about this game, awesomest game of all time! No ads! Great game!
  • Why did you change it?

    By @hackerpsn
    This game was fun when I was a kid. I wanted to play it again, and it’s changed way too much. I thought the original formula was best. And why do you now offer a “classic” version of Fruit Ninja, which isn’t the original? It’s pitched as the “roots” of Fruit Ninja, but it isn’t. A lot of us remember how simple the game used to be. Innovation is cool, but put that into a new game, leave the good old stuff alone. Sorry, just kind of felt like you guys messed with our nostalgia. It’s still fun if you’re bored and need a phone game.
  • Ads???

    By Gibberooster
    This game is a classic but despite buying it back in the day the game is now littered with ads. Buying premium currency and pop up video ads that you can’t skip has made me delete the app. Disappointing.
  • Was better 5 years ago before the pay to win

    By Sentenial
  • Terrible

    By blue fox girl
    Ima give it a one bc it’s a fun kid game I’d play it all night if I have to no more than bc my brothers think there ninjas it’s sooo annoying also the fact the all boys are annoying you guessed it I’m a girl it’s a terrible app in my appinion
  • Micro-Transaction Ninja

    By Joshua D.
    This latest iteration of Fruit Ninja is a complete shadow of its former self in my opinion. It's one that is totally corrupted by micro-transactions by all accounts. When I first bought Fruit Ninja on my Android devices and then now Apple devices, forever ago, the game was brilliant in my opinion. But, over the years this once great title has just gotten worse and worse with the inclusion of myriad in-app purchases, advertisements and ultimately - developer greed. I think it would be so cool if, Halfbrick, offered a classic version of Fruit Ninja as a one time purchase, with no vile advertisements for other Halfbrick games or otherwise and absolutely no in-app purchases. Sadly, because of the aforementioned greed I just really don't see that lovely idea ever happening. You'd think that after all the money this developer has made from Fruit Ninja and its other titles, that they would be cool enough to offer a classic version of this game. Like I said, though, I don't ever see that happening with Halfbrick truly being lost to greed. That fact is very unfortunate in my opinion because this used to be one of the best video games available on mobile devices and elsewhere I always thought. Heck, I even bought a copy of Fruit Ninja for my Xbox 360 back in the day to play it using Kinect. And let me tell you, that was an awesome way to play this game, using your arms like swords to slash fruit and rack up crazy combos. I found as well that it was a really good physical workout. So, I have no aversion to spending my hard earned money on quality video games offered by ethical and moral developers/studios. But Fruit Ninja and Halfbrick are so far removed from being ethical and moral now. That, honestly, I refuse to spend even the lint in my pocket on the corrupted trash this once great title has truly become.
  • My I’ll miss

    By Better find another app
  • Blades

    By Mk3jetta
    I remember when this game first came out I grinder the crap out of it luckily I was able to recover my old account of lvl 27 with almost every blade unlocked. Thank god for that cause now you have to buy the blade with star fruit instead of doing the blade challenges to unlock them. I had EVERY blade unlocked and for some reason I don’t anymore and now have to buy them with star fruit. For that reason I only give 3 stars
  • Old one better

    By 122446644677446
    Played it for nostalgic reasons hate the path they took with this game oh well.
  • Poopoo

    By Train update
    This game bad no get. one star
  • Drop

    By bsjdufj
    You got it
  • Total nostalgia

    By izzypie0829
    I need to play this game with my friends and we always use the multiplayer mode on my tablet this was like maybe like 3 to 4 years ago
  • Am I really going to defile this app for money? OF COURSE I AM!

    By Archdruid Bookwalter
    Don't download this app. It is a cruel mockery of what it once was. A fun game where you cut fruit. That is what it was and that is what it should have been. Now it is microtransaction-simulator #13567, and very little remains of its former glory.
  • review

    By kaylee grace b
    very fun game, i personally love it👍🏼
  • I like the old version

    By T-ᗷᑌG
    this was a good game but now it’s not. the bombs are way to big and you can’t cup one piece of fruit without getting the bomb too. overall i don’t like it
  • I get about 25 bombs each round what ...

    By dfgfggds
    I like it but the game doesn’t even give that much fruit and it is impossible because you can’t slice the fruit inside the bombs
  • Boring

    By iamzakariya
    This app is straight up garbage with adds popping up in ur face and the only online feature they have is pretty bad so if u like playing 1 arcade game over and over again with 2 ads I the middle of it THEN DOWNLOAD IT
  • Rapidly declining in quality.

    By Lisa Faveluke
    Pop up ads after nearly every game, you now have to pay for the best sword in the game instead of winning it, every game mode now only gives 5 star fruit per 100 points, shamelessly plugging their other games. I remember when you needed skill, not money, to be the best at the game. It’s only gonna get worse.
  • It’s the except.....

    By redp8nd8
    It’s really entertaining and pretty fun to play. It reminds me of when I was a lot younger. The only complaint I have is all the ads. You HAVE to watch them and it won’t let you exit until it’s almost done. It’s pretty annoying. Also, it used to be where you had to EARN your blades. Now you have to buy them. It’s frustrating and a little sad, but I really do enjoy the game. So, thank you. Parents, guardians, and siblings: Just so you know, some of the ads are really inappropriate for young kids. There are some disturbing images and violence. BE CAREFUL IF YOU HAVE SMALL CHILDREN.
  • Bad upgrade

    By Zhannnettt
    The previous version was much better. I was trying to get used to this new version, but could.
  • Why are there ads at lvl 15

    By Ninjew_Boii
    I enjoyed playing the game but why are there ads popping up after each game at level 15? I’m not getting anything out of it and it really feels like the devs were getting greedy... if that’s how it’s going to be we all might as well uninstall the game
  • Blade and dojo special powers are terrible

    By 1234567890catgirl
    I don’t like how the blades and dojos have special powers. I just want the blades and dojos for the aesthetics, not to try to get more points. I want to get points from my skill, not from a blade that I think is cool. Please make a way to turn the special powers off?? Also the ads are pretty annoying. On a side note, I love the mini games :)
  • Horrifically infected with adware

    By dhess34
    This is a game that a 10-year-old could literally make in 2019, and they are doing 30 second ads between every level. You truly have to spend as much time watching ads you do playing. What a joke.
  • I love this game but there’s one problem

    When I got my first daily gift which was a loan of the golden ember it never gave me the loan
  • All my gold apples

    By A Cee'
    I just want all my gold apples when they win them on the mini games and watch ads