Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2010-12-21
  • Current Version: 9.8.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 109.40 MB
  • Developer: Cozi
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 173 717


Cozi Family Organizer is the surprisingly simple way to manage everyday family life. With a shared calendar, reminders, grocery list and more, Cozi is a 3-time Mom’s Choice Award Winner and The TODAY Show “must-have app” for a better life. Cozi is free, easy to use, and available from any mobile device or computer. FAMILY CALENDAR • Keep track of everyone’s schedules with a simple color-coded calendar • Set reminders for yourself or others in the family so no one misses practice or an important event • Send automated daily or weekly agenda emails to any family member • See upcoming events quickly with 3D Touch and Widgets for iOS 10 SHOPPING LISTS & TO DO LISTS • Everyone in the family will always know what you need at the grocery store • See items added by other family members in real-time, and never forget the one thing you really need to make dinner • Create as many to do lists as you want - a shared to do list for the whole family, chore checklists for the kids, a vacation packing checklist, and more RECIPE BOX • Organize all your recipes in one place that's accessible anytime, anywhere - at home or at the store • Add ingredients to your shopping list quickly and schedule meals onto your calendar • Cook from your phone with helpful features like the no-dim button that keeps your screen on while you're cooking MORE ABOUT COZI • Your Cozi calendar, shopping lists, to do items, recipe box and family journal are accessible from any mobile device or computer • No matter where or how your family signs in to Cozi, everyone will be looking at the same information • The whole family shares one account that everyone can access using their own email address (as specified in Settings) and the shared family password RAVE REVIEWS ABOUT COZI • "Cozi is, in short, ridiculously handy. My only regret is that I waited this long to start using it." –PC World • "Cozi just works." –The Wall Street Journal • "This thing is indispensable for busy families" –CNET • "Too good to be true." –Family Fun Magazine • "Cozi is a FlyLady-approved application." –The FlyLady All the features listed above are free. Cozi also offers an optional ad-free premium subscription called Cozi Gold which gives you additional features like Contacts, Birthday Tracker, mobile app themes, more reminders, mobile month view, change notifications and more. Cozi Gold is $29.99 USD per year. Price may vary by location. Your subscription is charged to your credit card through your iTunes account and will automatically renew unless you cancel at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can manage your subscription in iTunes or visit Settings in Cozi after purchase. Cozi privacy policy: Cozi terms of use:



  • Love it

    By Suzlynn1
    I just wanted a simple shared calendar/organizer that I could work on right away with no long tutorial. I love cozy. Wish I found it sooner. Has everything I need for our family and business to stay organized.
  • Works most of the times

    By Layla_Cristina_7
    We have been using the app for a few months now and it works. Every now and then it bugs out when I try to edit existing events. But other than that it’s useful
  • Loving Cozi!

    By Reba A
    This app is just what we needed! As a busy family of 8 it is so helpful to have a shared family calendar.
  • Easy to use

    By Just antennae
    I love that each person has their own color so you can tell at a glance who’s appointment it is. So easy to share.
  • Cozi

    By the infiltrstor
    This has become part of my daily life since we retired. The only way help us maintain our daily activities without conflicting with my wife. Specially when there is one vehicle in our home.
  • Overall, great but a few changes...

    By Mom of 5 children
    I wish a few things like copy/paste for calendar events was and option, combine items on grocery list when converted to “shopping list”, option to view a certain person’s calendar, make a ‘today’ button on calendar but overall, it’s awesome! I love the features it does offer like the recipes and the option to download one and create grocery list, calendar is easy to use. It’s great.
  • Very helpful all in one for the family app

    By Libby Doe
    Even simpler using the free version of this app, I would give it 4 stars easily. Works as it says and is very functional and dependable. I would give it 5 stars if they could develop an Apple Watch app so that my life would be perfectly organized!
  • Non intuitive calendar cost me ~$7,500 in a vacation booked 1 week too early

    By mackicat
    The monthly calendar puts activities closer to the prior week’s date than the date of the actual activity. Looking at the monthly view I incorrectly booked flights and accommodation a week earlier than I had entered the vacation in Cozi costing me ~$7,500 when I finally realized my error. Cozi should align activities in the month view to sit closer to the actual date of occurrence than the current orientation that has the activity aligned to the previous week’s date
  • Fantastic

    By Criccardo
    My husband & I have been using this app for about a year and it’s never let us down. I forget constantly to tell hubs what the day, week, and month look like. I used to make plans & forget to tell him until the day before or the day of. As of today I’m quite frustrated with it. Im putting a reminder for Wednesday’s & Friday’s, repeat every week On Those Days, & stop repeat next month! Now half my calendar is filled with my, supposed Biweekly event saying ALL DAY instead (it’s repeating itself several times in each day, going on 3 weeks). I can’t get rid of it without deleting both days and starting over. Update or tell me how to fix this!!!
  • Love!

    By KB8404
    Everyone is able to keep up with what’s going on, add stuff as it’s needed. Highly recommend.
  • Love this app.

    By dluscioust
    I found this app about 5 years ago and it has been my go to ever since. I love that we can color code activities per family member and the whole family has access to add their own events. The perfect app for a large family.
  • No more fighting with teens.

    By MariannaFearless
    Our rule when scheduling, if it’s not in Cozi we aren’t obligated to do it... no more scheduling problems. Each of our daughters know that our schedule is equally important. It’s up to them to check and see if there’s a conflict. Plus, they have to give a 24 hour notice.
  • Timely

    By FH Dad
    This program is an outstanding use of time management. I recommend this to everyone!
  • Great for our carpool group

    By Roswell mom
    We have four families who share carpool responsibilities and are always changing schedules… Someone may have piano, someone has a doctors appointment, or one mom needs to switch with another because of a special event. It is great to be able to have one online calendar that we can all go to and change as needed so we are all aware which mom is picking up which kids each day.
  • Love it, but has minor glitches

    By happyuser&76$
    Love the fact that I can synchronize my schedule with the rest of the family’s. I liked the way time was entered before. Now, it is difficult because when I enter the time, sometimes it gets changed by mistake if I touch the screen (it is very sensitive to touch and easily changed) and I end up with the wrong time messing up my schedule. I liked the drop down option better. That option was impossible to change by mistake. Also, sometimes I keep entering ‘pm’, but when I save, the time still displays ‘am’. No matter how many times I change it, it remains ‘am’. Very annoying. Usually, it changes to the right time the next time I open the app, but I never know if I saved the right time or not. Other than that, the app is great. I use it every day.
  • Review

    By ctrsunny
    I have used Cozi for a couple years and don’t know what I did without it. I love the list feature and also the calendar. I keep all the family birthdays on it and my grandsons’ Work schedule. It has made life so much easier.
  • Works well!!

    By I'm working
    Working well to share schedules among family!!
  • Love Cozi but...

    By jbjuanita
    It would be awesome if you could send calendar events to other Cozi users outside your own "family Cozi network" and it would bE great if the to do list could have due dates and reminders.
  • Busy family

    By klverbplus2
    Love using Cozi. Helps me and my family keep track of our busy schedules!
  • Cozi is really a great

    By Musicman_4_ever
    We use it for all our planning and chores. It helps us plan our grocery trips, helps us make our family appointments, our vet appointments, we create to-do-lists. But the best thing about it is the shopping mode. It cuts our shopping time down a lot. Also, when I add something on to it, my wife can see it right away. If she wants me to go get things, she just creates a list. And I stop on my way home. I really like how I can check them off. No more trying to remember things. Cozi is a really great family organizer.
  • Rip off

    By Awesomegoodreviews
    After paying for and using this so for a year they took away my monthly views for past months (that is already paid for) and now are asking for a higher yearly fee to be able to see them.
  • I love it!!!

    By Toya-Lee
    The best calendar you could ever have.
  • Cozi Gold

    By Jackster Mattkestr
    I liked the free version so I bought the Gold. Not much added for $30/yr!!! Absolutely don’t like the month view!! Won’t be keeping past 30 day trial.
  • Simple and useful

    By wmmshaw
    The Cozi app is a simple way for my family to keep a shared calendar. One improvement I would like is to allow the function used for birthdays to be expanded for anniversaries and other yearly milestones. The lists feature is great. We keep one grocery list and you always have it with you no matter who is doing the shopping. Overall, I would recommend this app to anyone looking for as simple shared calendar/list.
  • Great app

    By braindamaged2014
    This app. helps me keep organized. I especially like to see the week in advance, so I know what is coming up! I utilize the list part of the app. for shopping purposes! This is probably my most used app.
  • Gold subscription not working and no way to contact

    By jdjj1978
    After having the gold subscription for a year our subscription renewed via iTunes. But the app discontinued our gold status and will not update it. Their website has a basic form to fill out with problems but so far we have received no response from the developers. I attempted to request a refund through iTunes and was Told to contact the app developer. We’ve tried the basics of deleting and reinstalling but nothing works. Very frustrating the app itself is good. If it works.
  • E

    By Pharothed
    Hey Zeeck quote e
  • Love this app.

    By Zeus410
    My husband, granddaughter and I all use the app. Great for scheduling appointments and grocery list.
  • Mostly satisfied

    By BusyMomOfFourPlusAHubby
    The good: It successfully fulfills the purpose of having a ‘family management app’ and it’s nice that it has the ability to notify family members of events with multiple reminders. I LOVE the recipe tab and like that it is easy to transfer those ingredients to the shopping cart. I appreciate that my husband and I can keep track of what’s going on and what’s needed all in one place. The bad: not entirely super user friendly, in that it’s easy to do things but not as easy to undo them. Like when you transfer the ingredients to the shopping cart, you have to individually delete each item as needed rather than selecting multiple (at least on the mobile app, it sure how that part is on the desktop). You can’t just select an entire recipe and delete if you accidentally add it twice. Also, I putting a ton of appointments was way easier on a desktop (at initial startup) than on the phone, but adding individual events is fine. Lastly, I added my kids as family members only to keep my husband and I in the loop of who is where, and it’s frustrating to have to uncheck their names in the “notify” section because they don’t have their own emails so I was getting five “notifications” since it was mine plus 4 of them until I started removing them. It could be a little smoother in that aspect. Overall though, the price is good for what you get (I NEVER pay for apps, but was willing to for this one!!) it’s been a life saver but could use some improvements.
  • Calendar doesn’t sync any more

    By Lucismama
    I used to use the weekly email containing everyone’s activity for the week but it no longer syncs so there are events missing. I’ve thought about buying the premium but I’m glad I didn’t since it clearly isn’t worth it.
  • Hi

    By goatkeeperhelga1
    It’s so dum
  • Just what we needed

    By HildeC3
    This app, just the basic free version, is amazing. It keeps us organize and does not accidentally delete any of our plans. And the best part is that if anyone in your family does not want to download the app, they can still get daily email notifications of the days event. Thanks
  • Best ever

    By Healthywrapmom
    Best family calendar ever! So easy to use with many people. Four kids and 2 parents all adding/editing/deleting and not problems. Thank you Cozi! You are an answer to prayer.
  • Calendar

    By trishav16
    I don’t like that there are not any definitive lines between the days of the week. I looked into settings to see if I could find an option to put these in. I cannot find anything. It’s hard to line up the day on top of the calendar and the actual date. This would b a huge improvement
  • Love it!

    By 22 x 2
    Love it!
  • Great family organizer!

    By Beth@IA
    Just downloaded and am loving this app! Family calendar, shared grocery list and to dos, and recipe keeper/meal planner all in one! What a great way to keep the family organized!
  • Notifications

    By need to be unannoyed
    When my husband enters an event and has it fir him to be notified it notifies me! Very annoying.
  • Calendar doesn’t work so amazingly

    By epy211
    It doesn’t sync to create events automatically. So I have to enter all of the info manually. I have to choose to remind me because it defaults to my husband. Location don’t auto populate so I have to do that manually also. In month mode writing is super tiny it’s hard to see. Who’s going to the events Is not marked in calendar mode only in list mode. For all it’s calendar faults it does have and awesome recipe planning function.
  • Cozi keeps me organized

    By LindseyY07
    I love the Cozi app. It keeps me organized and I never forget anything at the store!
  • Average rating

    By RmmRealtor
    Calendar sometimes is hard to work. I need to touch it a few times in order for it to come up. My wife and I use it to communicate our schedules together, wish it was a bit more user-friendly.
  • Recommendation

    By Cucape
    Great application. Wish the lists could be sorted alphabetically.
  • Poor

    By Moneystolen
    I rated poor because the family version is really bad at syncing appointments. So we are missing details if someone else puts an appointment into the app... which is basically the point after all...
  • Cozi

    By Anonymous😅1
    It is great, and tells what I have that day! We shared this app to others, and it has really helped!
  • Family Order

    By Get er done Mom
    This app is great to keep your family schedule in order. The linking feature to other calendars is brilliant! I share this with busy moms all of the time.
  • Stupid

    By emcamhoehoe
    This app is stupid I can’t log on to join my family account and it keeps saying to check email. Literally can’t even experience the app because I can’t even log on. STUPID!
  • Text push notification

    By tankerslife
    Really miss this feature for the non app users in my family.
  • ♥️

    By B's mad mom
    Love the cozi calendar for keeping track of our activities!
  • Rating

    By agdithdjrhusnejx
    Really good app really recommend
  • Life Saver

    By mlovingshimer
    Cozi has been a real life-saver for organizing my life. It’s so easy to use and keep track of family appointments.