CityMaps2Go  Offline Map

CityMaps2Go Offline Map

  • Category: Travel
  • Release Date: 2010-12-19
  • Current Version: 14.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 217.15 MB
  • Developer: Ulmon GmbH
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 5 675


CityMaps2Go is the ultimate offline map for travelers who want to be prepared wherever they go. Join the 20 million travelers worldwide who trust CityMaps2Go! What others say about CityMaps2Go: “One of the best travel apps for 2016”, “Essential app for travelers”, Time Magazine “One of the best offline maps apps”, WSJ “Maps without racking up roaming costs”, Macworld And here’s why millions of travelers love CityMaps2Go: ▶ IN-DEPTH CONTENT: Unlike other offline map apps CityMaps2Go features photos as well as tips and comprehensive in-depth info for millions of places. ▶ WORLDWIDE COVERAGE: CityMaps2Go covers the whole world. More than 150 countries, 60000 destinations, and 50 million places!! ▶ WORKS OFFLINE: CityMaps2Go works online and offline. Saving you from data roaming charges in foreign cities or connectivity problems in national parks. ▶ PLAN TRIPS: Remember and save all the places you would like to visit. Create lists and have your travel ideas ready when you need them. ▶ DETAILED MAPS: Explore your saves on a detailed worldwide map. Navigate streets, foot paths, and bikeways wherever you are. ▶ SHARE WITH FRIENDS: Share your travel plans with your friends. Planning your trips with others made easy with CityMaps2Go. ▶ SEARCH AND DISCOVER: Search a specific place by name or browse by categories like restaurants, architecture, hotels, shops, bars, etc. ▶ SYNC BETWEEN ALL YOUR DEVICES: Create an user account and login from any of your devices. __________________________________________________ A note on battery life: We've spent years developing and improving the location technology that powers CityMaps2Go, making it extremely power efficient. But, as with all apps of this type, please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can significantly decrease battery life. We’d love to hear what it is you like about CityMaps2Go and how we can improve it for you. Drop us an email at . Enjoy your travels … and don’t forget to send us a postcard.



  • Very useful

    By Thay-Gia
    I truly enjoyed the app in recent trip to Ireland. I used it offline and wonderful on my iPhone 7. However it would include public transportation, especially the subways of ALL possible cities.
  • On the go travel app for anywhere including international.

    By Colonel DJ
    Easy, accurate and dependable even in towns of Italy.
  • Not free - don’t waste your time

    By kebeudnehke
    Scam- not free....
  • Map

    By LoklunWong
    Very accurate
  • Still learning how to use

    By q@#!y
    I love the app when it’s working for me, but need it for other countries too often.
  • Excellent resource

    By Pjc31
    If you know what cities you’ll be in this is great because WiFi not always available. Worked well in Italy without using cell minutes. Maps on phone and used own GPS
  • Wonderful off-line resource!

    By Anon434343
    City Maps to Go is indispensable for having maps handy when out of service range. It works flawlessly. I recommend it highly.
  • Amazing app

    By Ana_maday5
    I love this app it was such a life saver when I traveled. Its definitely a must have if your going somewhere without wifi.
  • Frustrating

    By GubioThrice
    Frustrating and not intuitive
  • Sorry I bought it.

    By cmiller11717
    To many banners trying to get you to upgrade. I spent $11.99 and wish I could get it back - I give up trying to use this app. Downloaded an map to use off-line, now I can’t even find it and just keep getting notices to upgrade to premium and download more maps. Too frustrating. I will be deleting the app - save your $’s
  • Works great without cell service!

    By Happy in Mexico
    Moving around Mexico City without cell service but know exactly where I am because I downloaded the map first in this app. Hopped from WiFi to WiFi to set up Uber rides and followed along on the ride using this app. Saved me from having to buy Mexican cell service.
  • Some what good!

    By Meister1957
    Ok for price
  • Italy 3 cities

    By PPA65
    Just come back from Italy. Venice Florence and Rome. Thank You CityMaps2Go for the Very Useful Software . With pre downloaded maps we was newer feel lost and not in control. App works flawlessly. Always shows you location and direction to the point of interest. We walks all around the Cities just using the app.
  • Great app for finding your way

    By English-Spanish
    I recently used CityMaps2Go on a trip to the Iberian peninsula, and it was so easy to find my way using this app. It showed me where my phone was, and I always knew when I was traveling toward my next destination. Made strolling through the cities a breeze.
  • Great for international travel!

    By Fatboy player
    I use every time I travel overseas and I can share with friends! Upgrading has been worth it to me.
  • Rome

    By Luxi P's Mom
    Honestly one of the best apps I’ve used! They key is when you don’t have service or data, you can still be navigated to destinations via your GPS. I took my 75 yr old mother all around Rome in 7 days and saw everything. It brought me right there every time! It’s great for not having a map to fold and take out all the time making you an easy target for pick pockets. I just had my phone in my hand and went place to place. Great app!!
  • Great App

    By pard05
    My only issue is that I was offered a discount for a very short time. I went back to the app five hours later and found the purchase price had doubled.
  • Ripoff

    By Nutz4 travel
    All promises no substance. Just tries to up sell you. Am deleting
  • Always there for me.

    By Freediver58
    I’ve used this over a year with no problems. It’s easy to work with, very accurate, and doesn’t use up battery much.
  • Great map w/out cell service

    By Lynster82
    Once you have a map downloaded you can follow where you are (via the blue dot) while using airplane mode. Perfect while traveling internationally! Used it in Italy almost every day.
  • Works very well

    By Lake Hiawatha
    Downloaded the Venice map. When I combined it with GPS I had no trouble navigating the city. It's very reliable. Only lacks routing capabilities, but if one knows the destination it can locate it and that allows one to plan a path.
  • Easy and clear.

    By comsens
    Easy to read and find places. Restaurant reviews could be improved. Hard to send review in.
  • personal guide

    By URMOM:P
    very accurate and extremely helpful.
  • Problematic

    By tpcham
    I’ve personally found this app problematic and confusing. I’ve gotten little value out of it for my money. I was recently in St Petersburg and couldn’t figure out how to download the map for the city. They need a crystal clear Utube training video to explain how it works. It seems to have had lots of bugs. Maybe they fixed them. I could use the product I thought I was purchasing. It’s not too late for them to deliver.
  • What a great tool!

    By BobRNY
    We used CityMaps2Go while wandering around northern Italy last week. It made it incredibly easy to find local attractions, restaurants and hotels without fuss or anxiety. It’s a great tool.
  • Great offline maps

    By Big Red Dallas
    I do not have international service so City2go off-line maps is a great way for me to navigate international cities. I love how I can store my favorite spots
  • Congratulations letter

    By Zin Htet
    Greatest Application 🌟🌟🌟
  • Never get lost

    By geographer
    A great offline resource for finding your way around in Venice, Rome, and Naples. Never got lost in the maze of narrow streets.
  • CityMaps2Go is a life saver!

    By Grateful Gretta
    I spent two weeks traveling in Switzerland and the South of France. I downloaded maps of the towns I was visiting before I left so I didn’t have to use data when I was traveling. They worked perfectly and even tracked me when I was in a city so I could find where I was. All without connecting to the internet. Magical. The designers have done travelers a great service. Thank you.
  • Great App

    By Chumly04
    I’ve used it all over the world. It’s been awesome, especially when cell service is spotty
  • Very nice app

    By Justme2again
    Use this for traveling and find it very user friendly and well designed. Easy to find and add places on the fly. Great app
  • Very user friendly!

    By Katelovesgeorge
    I have been planning our trip and can’t wait to fully use this app.
  • Great travel App

    By dianegreen1
    We have used this app and love it!
  • Not very user friendly

    By fleet pager
    The new updates is making it difficult to use. Certain sections of the map cannot be pinned. And the notes and informations that i have key in long ago are lost after every iOS updates. Is too complicated to do a quick search. The interface is just rubbish when i click on a place. I do not need to see tours and packages on the same page. I would very much like my notes to be in front together with the articles of the place i would want to visit. The maps has been simplify to show only a few places on the map. If i want to search a place which i dont know of, i have to enlarge the map to look for it. The help search column is just plain useless. I would recommend people not to use this app. Too troublesome, complicated and un-user friendly. Back 3 years ago, the apps were wonderful but now, is just plain useless.
  • Buena ayuda.

    By cfallas
    Excelente aplicación para viajes de turismo.
  • Tracking feature

    By Spinjoe
    Nice app, seems to work pretty well. It’d be really nice if there was a tracking feature you could turn on to see the path you took for the day
  • Great travel app.

    By Jugrnoot
    I have already used this app. For my San Francisco trip and will be using it again for my Dallas trip. It is great for planning all your activities in one easy app. I can see what activities are near one another to better plan what to do on what day. Only think I would add is a printable agenda that way you could plan out each day and have an agenda of the events.
  • Great Map App

    By Dontwantaname
    Great app if you want mapping/location info but don’t want to use data out of your regular phone service area. Used by many airline crewmembers for international trips. I am one. Download maps you need onto your phone when you have Wi-Fi then you can turn off your cellular data and the app will still show your location on the map. Does not provide driving/walking directions (as does Google Maps when connected to Internet) but does show your location. Maps are detailed and allow you to search for many attractions, restaurants, etc without using data. Wide range of maps for cities and larger geographic areas.
  • Works Great

    By FlyingFischer
    Keeps maps on your phone, plan you trip without having to connect to the internet constantly
  • Save $$$ - Use this app!

    By Iamritaj
    I’ve used this app across Europe, Iceland, Mexico, and am prepping it now for Asia. I’ve NEVER been bothered with data charges using the offline maps. I’ve not had issues with using the app, aside from little bugs of photos not uploading, not that I need to manage yet another social media platform.. I give this a 5 - it’s great!
  • Great tool anywhere you are

    By kcinlb
    This map app is great i resent visit Mexico city and our bus driver was lost we did not had internet because of the earthquake and I was able to open the app and direct the bus driver to get to our bus station I was so happy I had downloaded the app before my trip
  • Great app

    By Ducks426
    Love this app. I travel all over the world and always use this app. It is great for traveling all over. Being able to navigate on saved maps with the phone in airplane mode has saved me many times from cabs in foreign countries trying to take me on a long route.
  • Awesome travel app!!

    By lilmizviv
    Great app - very user friendly with great features!! I’ve used it both in Barcelona and in Tokyo. Super handy for exploring a city when you don’t have a particular itinerary in mind. Also love the ability to tag specific locations, label them, and take notes. Keep it awesome!!
  • MAJID 2018

    This app is very good and useful. Thanks
  • Great app for travel.

    By Adjuntas sar
    Make travel planing easy. Just pin point the places you want to go and let the app guide you.
  • Citymaps2GoOffline Map

    By f-------u
    Want to cancel and can’t find the cancel tap!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Good one

    By Qiang789
    Very helpful.
  • Accurate and convenient

    By masha_marija
    Works fast, accurate and user friendly👍
  • Awesome

    By TotalityITunes
    Very easy to use and has all the info you could possibly need on a map.