CityMaps2Go  Offline Map

CityMaps2Go Offline Map

  • Category: Travel
  • Release Date: 2010-12-19
  • Current Version: 14.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 212.88 MB
  • Developer: Ulmon GmbH
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 6 424


CityMaps2Go is the ultimate offline map for travelers who want to be prepared wherever they go. Join the millions of travelers worldwide who trust CityMaps2Go! What others say about CityMaps2Go: “Essential app for travelers”, Time Magazine “One of the best offline maps apps”, WSJ “Maps without racking up roaming costs”, Macworld And here’s why millions of travelers love CityMaps2Go: ▶ IN-DEPTH CONTENT: Unlike other offline map apps CityMaps2Go features photos as well as tips and comprehensive in-depth info for millions of places. ▶ WORLDWIDE COVERAGE: CityMaps2Go covers the whole world. More than 150 countries, 60000 destinations, and 50 million places!! ▶ WORKS OFFLINE: CityMaps2Go works online and offline. Saving you from data roaming charges in foreign cities or connectivity problems in national parks. ▶ PLAN TRIPS: Remember and save all the places you would like to visit. Create lists and have your travel ideas ready when you need them. ▶ DETAILED MAPS: Explore your saves on a detailed worldwide map. Navigate streets, foot paths, and bikeways wherever you are. ▶ SHARE WITH FRIENDS: Share your travel plans with your friends. Planning your trips with others made easy with CityMaps2Go. ▶ SEARCH AND DISCOVER: Search a specific place by name or browse by categories like restaurants, architecture, hotels, shops, bars, etc. ▶ SYNC BETWEEN ALL YOUR DEVICES: Create an user account and login from any of your devices. __________________________________________________ A note on battery life: We've spent years developing and improving the location technology that powers CityMaps2Go, making it extremely power efficient. But, as with all apps of this type, please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can significantly decrease battery life. We’d love to hear what it is you like about CityMaps2Go and how we can improve it for you. Drop us an email at . Enjoy your travels … and don’t forget to send us a postcard.



  • Among the best apps for local, regional, or international travel!

    By The Golden Rail
    As an avid traveler, and someone who enjoys perusing maps, I have found this app to be among the best tools for planning trips in advance, locating worthy (and unexpected) destinations, and opening it at random times, to make notations and tag places for future trips. The ability to download street level maps, from all over the world, gives this app an edge over so many others, that cost so much more. I started with the basic app, and quickly realized that this would be my everyday travel companion, so I purchased the Pro version... a true bargain. It’s loaded on my Android phone, as well as my iPad. And, when you update one, it automatically gets updated on the other. Very comprehensive, very reasonable. Great app.
  • Application d une grande utilité

    By goldenboymorocco
    Je recommande vivement cette application
  • Opportunity

    By armfreelance
    It’ll be more convenient if the app gives an opportunity to use a few maps at once Kind regards
  • Great app

    By jas21230
    Extremely useful for navigating in foreign countries without the need for Wifi. GPS shows your location with reasonable accuracy. Some cities are not as accurate as desired.
  • Camino Frances

    By Bicigrino65
    Used this app to follow our route on the Camino Frances as bicigrinos in June, 2019. Great app! The mapping was accurate and enabled us to follow the path without any errors.
  • Great map app

    By Wolvey81
    Have used this app for about two years now and really like it. So handy to mark things that I want to visit or know about. And I use offline in foreign countries no problem for navigating around. Sometimes the location of certain places is not entirely correct, but not very often, and generally would be close to where it shows on the map. Overall is excellent for what I need, and has made it much easier to navigate cities and get where I want to go.
  • Simply outstanding !

    By Aikimariano
    Great offline maps, allows you to plan, save places and enjoy your travel
  • Sophea

    By sophea w
    I love this app helped us tremendously where our WIFI was not working and through treacherous roads in Greece
  • Fantastic

    By tiny timmie
    Great app. Bookmark highlights. Ready to find and navigate
  • Cuba

    By Adicto a Jesus.
    Excelente !!!
  • The best

    By angelisis1
    This is a great app. It has been indispensable for us traveling in Europe to be able to use it with downloaded Maps and no data. I totally recommend this to anyone traveling anywhere
  • Very comprehensive

    By cguym
    I am a frequent visitor to Paris , mainly for pleasure. What I like about his guide is the ability to explore all that there is in a given quartier and even add my own favorite spots and restaurants etc. Clarity is excellent. Off line is very useful and saves battery.
  • Para Costa Rica Pura Vida

    By pura vis
    Listo gracia, Pura Vida
  • Great Resource

    By Walking teacher
    We’ve used it all over the world while driving and walking. Saves data and your sanity when there’s no service available.
  • Great offline app

    By travelerxxx bob
    This program is wonderful. if you offload the maps before you travel you’re able to use GPS to locate where ever you are. we’ve used them all over the world and they work great
  • Confusing

    By Davegfhfd
    Keeps asking you to return to paid service says your email has not been validated .tries to get you to sign up for even more expensive service which no reason given . Perhaps that one works right.
  • Great app!

    By dog whistle
    Found my way home from the restaurants in Sydney, Narita, Shanghai, Tel Aviv and Dubai!
  • Failed to honor a referral promotion

    By sfdataguy
    The app offers an additional free map download as the referral promotion for users referring their friends to the app. I followed the instruction and my friend downloaded the app. But we did not get the free map download for both of us. I sent a support email to the company and there is no respond.
  • Excellent on map used while in France

    By sarah1128190
    The most helpful thing is there is an arrow to tell you which way you are facing or walking so you can better identify which way you need to go.
  • Lifesaver when traveling internationally

    By Devoted2SP
    This app has been an absolute lifesaver for trips I have taken internationally! All you have to do is download the map offline of the city you’re visiting and voila! You can access the map, save any points of interest (and include notes - in case you’re like me and save an address but actually forget what it is when you’re out and about 🙄), and most importantly know where you are.The gps is incredibly accurate and the compass alone has saved me on multiple occasions. I would have been lost for hours without this app. I have used it in several major and small cities all over Europe and it has been flawless every time. No wifi or data is needed to utilize it. I just returned home from my last trip using this app and I promised myself I’d write a review for it because it honestly makes my trips so much more enjoyable and stress free. Thank you Ulmon! You’re the best!
  • So helpful in offline mode

    By gustafha
    I am just finishing a 2 week trip in Italy and Croatia. Ahead of time, I saved the points of interest and recommended places to eat in this app. Using the offline mode, I was able to navigate with ease all around these countries. I was surprised to find that even in Plitvice Lakes, the hiking trails were marked better in the Ulmon app than on the pamphlet handed out or the park’s very own navigation app. The Ulmon app prevented a lot of stress and helped us avoid getting lost or wasting time. Highly recommend!
  • Don’t do it

    By Jimmy Disappointed
    Was a good app, then they ‘upgraded.’ Now it is a disaster.
  • Lifeline without internet

    By tebici
    Essential for international travel without access to internet. For me the GPS still works even in airplane mode so I have a lot of functionality without paying for international data.
  • Awesome Map App

    By WT 19
    Allows you to download maps for offline use. Very intuitive.
  • Worse with “upgrades”

    By JLS88888
    Very confusing, interface unintuitive, no clear way to add cities to list.
  • Have recommended to multiple friends

    By LB-CA
    I’m happy to have discovered this app, which is touted in Rick Steves’ books, before an upcoming trip. I sprang for the Pro version. It is quick and easy to use, and the ability in Pro to download multiple maps for offline use is what sold it for me. I appreciate being able to enter notes too.
  • Useful!

    By PvtPrts
    I use this app for all my offline navigation while walking around Paris and Versailles. I marked the map with all the places I would like to visit and see what is nearby as we walk through the city.
  • UI failure

    By G-Rock Traveller
    It’s baffling that it’s so difficult to download a map of the area you’re in. There should be ONE click only, ie Open the App, allow it to find where you are, click on some button which says “Download this area map”. How hard could it be?!?!?!?! I get incredibly frustrated every time I have to go through the same pathetic menu system for downloads. I would give the App 1 star, but that’s unfair since it is pretty good once map is downloaded.
  • Where is Page AZ

    By calbobcat201
    Planning a trip toPage AZ. Maps to go has no results. They want me to go to Page N Dakota That is a strange default as I am in AZ Not impressed
  • Great for a 1st time traveler!

    By Carol 13
    This app makes it very simple to designate places you intend to visit. It gives you an idea of distance between sites. I love the note function. I’m visiting Rome this month and saving restaurants I hope to go to near every site. I hope to become more familiar with the app as I actually use it in Rome. It’s great that you can download it and use it off-site.
  • Functional

    By The Old Greek
    Very functional tool👍👍👍👍👍
  • A Must-Have for Any Traveler

    By DaveR-2
    If you’re visiting an unfamiliar place and wish to minimize time spent wandering aimlessly around — as well as conserve your phone’s battery power while you’re exploring — this is one of the most useful travel tools I’ve found (short of carrying around bulky hard-copy maps and guidebooks).
  • Almost Perfect

    By SouthPaw-n-CA
    I’ve used this app for pre-planning 2 trips to Paris. I like the idea of incorporating my own emojis for different groups (Lists) of places I might come across and want to explore... wine bars, cafes, restaurants, etc. It is absolutely perfect for laying out the well known touristy spots ... but then so is every other app. What distinguishes this app apart from others is that you can create a number of lists, identified on the map by the emoji you selected. I think it would be totally awesome if the app would buzz or whatever to notify you if you are near one of your identified locations ... I suppose in my case my pants would be buzzing constantly. However, and it’s not that big of a deal, but I’ve come across places not coming up when searching ... Local, Region, or World. I know the place exists because it was identified on a very recent YouTube video. It is also identified on Google maps and Apple maps. I’ve created a work around where you enter and identify the address and in the My Notes section identify the name of the shop or whatever. One last thing that bugs me is you almost have to have perfect spelling in some cases or have the location completely identified before it will come up in the search list. This things are just small annoyances.
  • Easy

    By Densgin
    The best app I’ve found when traveling in a non English speaking country. It lists all points of interest in the native language and English which makes it very easy to show someone such as a tuktuk driver and get right where you want to go. It also interfaces with your god in your phone so you can track your position relative to your destination, which makes finding things on foot easy
  • Ulmon city maps2 go

    By Ush33
    Very handy to be able to download and follow maps on devices when traveling.
  • Congratulations letter

    By Zin Htet
    Greatest Application 🌟🌟🌟
  • Ulmon

    By qwertsh
    Great app
  • Not to good

    By Fung332000
    Seems like they are recommending restaurants and tours
  • Best off-line map app

    Never travel without it!!
  • Sinakhan

    By sinakhaan
  • Couldn’t travel without it.

    By SkyHag54
    I travel for a living, and have found Ulmon maps a vital tool in my survival belt. You will never be lost with their app on your phone.
  • Never Lost

    By Anika Fan
    I’ve been using CityMapsToGo for about five years. I prefer it to Apple Maps or Google maps. It’s downloadable. It doesn’t take a lot of space. It shows many small but important features such as where to find paths between streets. It provides street names in English and in the language of the host country, which is very helpful since in countries like Israel, for example, street names are given in three different languages, including English. It has the village zoom in and zoom out for both detail and context. I could go on.
  • Annoying!

    By Rodegromp
    Down load one map and then get annoyed forever. After one map they start Facebook and purchase this and that. Who got time for this? Really!
  • The best map app for traveling!! And for home!!

    By ZepLedForever
    I have used CityMaps2Go since 2011. I download maps before any travel. The maps are precise and current to the minute with all transportations stops, points of interest, parks, food, hotels, think of it and it is noted on the maps. You can use it without WiFi on an iPod or phone and the device’s gps will show your location on the map all day (as long as you opened the app with WiFi in the morning). CM2G has always proved more accurate than other phone maps that my traveling companions have used. I have used it while hiking...the level of detail on the maps is so fantastic. You can create lists and save all your spots on lists. It has been a must have tool so far while traveling in North America, Europe...bravo to the CityMaps2Go team!!!!
  • So Useful

    By JakWesty
    Have used this all over the world. When I travel, I take an older iPhone that has no cell/WiFi only. I use the offline feature when I’m out on the streets and it works like a champ. When on WiFi, I download maps, search places/ideas and star them, then find them out on the street. I use it in remote bike rides, too. Get this app!
  • Wrong address

    By kuro0430
    The hotel map took me to an address half a mile away. Luckily I had that took me to the correct place.
  • Отзыв

    By Dyfhgh
    Отличное и удобное приложение. Есть пожелание добавить карту метро трамваев и т. Д. К карте города
  • We use city maps2go for our travels

    By desertwinds
    We used this app in Istanbul, throughout Turkey, New Zealand, & even hiking the trails in AZ. It's been very dependable.
  • Great for trips

    By crinolathe
    I love real estate, and visiting different eateries, museums, etc. in the city. I can pick all or any of these categories and give it a different symbol or color...then when I’m in the area I can look at what I’ve marked on the map and decide if I want to visit it. I’ve been looking for an app like this for a long time. Comes in very handy when your absent minded, or hurting on time - and you can’t just jump in the car and go someplace...I’ve got cities in other areas marked in case I go on a day trip and happen to be in the area. Thanks!