• Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2011-02-17
  • Current Version: 5.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 138.48 MB
  • Developer: Finicity Corporation
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 4 472


Easy to Get Started: Start today by downloading the Mvelopes budget app and use it for free for 1 month, add your financial institutions and come up with a budget that will keep you on the path to financial freedom. You will get all your transactions sent to your Mvelopes account and you will easily be able to track all your account balances in one easy to use the app. Mvelopes uses an envelope budgeting method to help you plan and track your household or personal budget. You can assign and manage your budget, as well as receive feedback on where you have spent your money and how much you have remaining Mvelopes offers 4 different in-app subscriptions that will auto-renew unless canceled. - Mvelopes Basic Monthly -$3.99/mo or $39.99/yr - Unlimited Envelopes, Unlimited Accounts, Live Chat Support. - Mvelopes Plus -$18.99/mo or $189.99/yr - Unlimited Envelopes, Unlimited Accounts, Live Chat, Learning Center, and a Quarterly Coaching Session. Each user is eligible for one 30 day free trial. Upgrading or downgrading to a subscription will not enable a new 30 day free trial. These plans are: - Mvelopes Basic Monthly - No Trial - $3.99/mo - Mvelopes Basic Yearly - No Trial - $39.99/mo - Mvelopes Plus Monthly - No Trial - $18.99/mo - Mvelopes Plus Yearly - No Trial - $189.99/mo • Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase or if it has a trial at the end of the trial period. • Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period • Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase • See our Privacy Policy for more details. • Mvelopes is an A + Rated Business with the Better Business Bureau • Tool for Tidying Up Your Budget - Credit Karma • Named best app for “Over Spenders” - Kiplinger’s Personal Finance • App That Makes Budgeting Fun - WiseBread • Best Online Money Management Tool - Nasdaq • Budget App for Recent Graduates - NerdWallet • Right Tool for Keeping Financial Resolutions - • App That Helps Manage Your Student Loans - SoFi • Budget Tool for the New Year - Chicago Tribune Get The Most Out Of Your Money Use the Mvelopes budget app to help make more informed budgeting decisions and future plans. Track your bank accounts and credit card balances alongside your budget to help pay off your debt and increase savings faster. Create a financial plan for the future and make it happen. Save time with the Mvelopes budget app and its access to over 16,000 financial institutions, so you can focus on managing finances and not entering transactions. Be secure with in-app security settings, a four-digit PIN or your Mvelopes username and password. Mvelopes Features: • Import your bank and credit card accounts and track your spending within Mvelopes • Unlimited envelopes and financial institutions can be used in your account • Use digital envelope budgeting system to organize and simplify your finances • Easily access or adjust your budget on the go • Categorized spending helps you make informed decisions when you shop • Inbox-style transactions makes it easy to stay on top of your budget every day • All-in-one accounts screen lets you view your checking, savings and credit card balances in one place • Assign transactions to envelope categories, including splitting individual transactions into separate categories • Complete, real-time synchronization with the Mvelopes web app at • Money saving tips, ebooks, and videos inside the app Terms of use and privacy -



  • Major bug couldn’t use app

    By SuCheetos
    I didn't get a chance to use the app at all. I downloaded the it and was very excited to begin using it, but the app wouldn’t even let me start anything. After creating my account, I couldn’t leave the subscription page. Overly frustrating! Please fix.
  • Worked for three weeks

    By Mammati
    I started using the app in mid March. It stopped working after the last update. Now I can’t even open the app. I’m deleting it and looking for something else.
  • Buggy, keeps logging me out

    By cbrynt
    Good ideas, but slow when it works and otherwise buggy.
  • Version 5 ruined everything.

    By Sarahsuelou
    I was a really happy Mvelopes user for over a year. Then they updated to version 5, and now I haven’t had mobile access for 3 months. That is absolutely absurd. I hate the desktop version and the link to download version 4 still takes me to version 5, so basically I’ve been without it for 3 months. Not cool!!!
  • Looking elsewhere

    By I don't want to give a review
    So take a good free app that worked well and lower its performance and start charging for it and you get one star. I didn’t have service on my phone for a month because they were rolling out version 5, and I asked for refund. No response and no refund.
  • Why is it so hard to find an app that lets me do basic budgeting

    By Kevin71481
    I’m trying to find out how I can simply say “this much is how much I will be paid this month and these envelopes have these goals and only change a little each month”. Figuring out how to make that happen is soooo difficult. It is almost as convoluted as YNAB but at least you quickly realize that they have a different idea about funding up front. So much of the Mvelopes online documentation is for a much older version of Mvelopes. It makes you think you can do simple things. But much like YNAB, that was the Original idea. Now we have crazy new ways of making you confused about the status of your money.
  • Not in Kansas anymore Toto

    By DreClarkKent
    I have been with Mvelopes since 2009. Been an advocate for the software and even telling/showing other the software during financial counseling sessions. It has been a great experience. However... This new update has been nothing less than comparable to a F3-F4 tornado (disastrous). I had to download TestFlight and Re-download MV4 (because my account was not ready for the release of the new version). The operability of MV4 has always been lackluster at best (log-in issues, not-so user friendly UI, etc). After 2 months of this (along with other issues from past experiences), I’m feeling a need to try out other budgeting programs. As Jay-Z once said to Nas, “Fell from top 10 to not mentioned at all.” If you don’t upgrade your style, you will succumb to the “Takeover.”
  • Was a good app

    By Bobcat Fan
    It used to be a good app, when it was useable. It has been over two months and even after contacting customer service, nothing has been fixed. If they ever do update my account from version 4 to version 5, I’ll have to go through 2+ months of transactions. No thanks, I’m done.

    By Diggity00
    NO FREE TRIAL. THEY CHARGE YOU IMMEDIATELY. Yes, beware the false and misleading advertising of this company. I was charged $40 right away for the $4/mo plan, which claims the rate is $3.33/mo billed annually. Huh? They also advertise a Free 30 day trial, which is false. Their support tells me it’s billed like a gym membership. What the heck does that mean? This is a finance app, not a gym membership. I’ll be requesting a full refund. Somebody should report them. They are probably going to pump, dump and run once they get enough suckers to sign up like I did. Guess that makes me the sucker too... 😓
  • I want my money back

    By Anthony San Felice
    You said free for 30 days. It wasn’t, you charged me right away. And then the app broke and now I can’t even use it. I’m in the tech startup industry, and I would be really excited if you guys could actually get figured out some really simple problems. Come on, get your act together or take your app off the marketplace until it’s ready
  • Has become very poor

    By BudgetGuy12
    Im not usually the person to write negative reviews. I used mvelopes for a long time (2 years or so) and it worked very well. I was pleased, but this new Mvelopes 5 update has caused everything to hit the fan. There is no easy way to access their team since I can’t access the chat via logging in. Zero communication from the mvelopes team gives us zero clarity on the situation. Both the mobile app and the desktop login won’t load my data into the new platform. Probably will switch to every dollar.
  • Awful

    By Aprilvanvoorhees
    If I could give a negative I would. They updated my app to a version that doesn’t even work then tell me to download another app to get back to the original one. The TestFlight app keeps sending me to the payment set up for Apple. To me this means I will probably get charged twice because I had my payments set up direct.
  • Last name at least 3 characters?

    By 边看世界杯边刷题
    My last has only 2 characters. This damned app does not allow me to register and telling me that last name must be at least 3 characters. So you want me to change my last name? Hum???

    By RSXFANatic
    Terrible app poorly designed. Integrations are terrible. Better off in a beta or alpha form. Support is terrible. They have been charging me double for the last couple of months when I reached out I got nothing back from them. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
  • Glitch

    By macattack20$
    I love the new GUI for Mvelopes 5. However, it keeps logging me out and having me re-enter my credentials and resetting Touch ID all the time and its really getting annoying. Please fix this
  • So done with Mvelopes

    By 5462104638:
    This company has finally, completely, depleted my trust and loyalty. Mvelopes has been my budget software since 2009. I told everyone I could about it over many years, but always with a caveat that they’re not the best at updating/user interface. But it was a tool that had the functionality that I needed to manage my money. However, 10 years of patience and the absolutely horrible, slow, often accusatory, and rarely-owning-their-fuckups customer service when any thing goes wrong (about once per quarter), and now the phone app being completely inaccessible (asking me to subscribe, when I ALREADY HAVE A SUBSCRIPTION and giving me no feedback or workaround) has done me in. I can’t muster up the energy to pull the teeth that it takes for CS to fix it. I’m jumping ship to another software (YNAB), and apologizing to all my friends and family for getting them in this mess, too, which is so disappointing.
  • Extremely Frustrating

    By nelsondean
    I love the concept of the Mvelopes program but their customer service is a complete waste of time. I have had syncing issues with my bank for almost a year and their “integration team” is always working on it. They say they will email you when things are fixed. Well, I have yet to get an email stating anything has ever been fixed .... ever. I get the emails that are sent at 24hr and a week to let me know that it isn’t fixed but nothing else. I have put in a lot...a lot of tickets because it consistently has issues with syncing. At one point they said I should just download the transactions manually. That was their it on my own. Well, that is why I spent the have things automated and make tracking my finances a little easier. If I am going to do things manually I can set up my own database. I won’t even begin in the faulty transition to Mvelopes 5 which ultimately ended in me starting from scratch. Besides fixing the things stated earlier I also think it would be great to have the ability to hide closed accounts. I would love to give a 5 star because it is a great idea and if it were reliable I would do so, but right now it is horrible.
  • Not the most user friendly

    By hprows
    Loved the idea of this app but it wasn’t super user friendly.
  • No support

    By Donorcycle1300
    I started using this product when it was only available on CD. I loved it best software I have ever used. I switched to Mvelopes 4 online and put up with all the problems because it was free. Then they started charging for it and I sent an email to them explaining that if they are going to charge me to use there product could they please fix the problems with it. No response at all from them. Next they want me to switch to Mvelopes 5. Switching messed up my inbox by putting about 1000 old transactions back in my inbox. I opened a ticket. I was told not to log into my account and they would fix it for me. 4 weeks later still haven’t heard anything so I deleted my account and started over now the software won’t recognize duplicate transactions and many other things and now the only option is to live chat and it’s only open when I’m at work thanks Mvelopes I’m about to leave you for ever and I’ve been a customer since I was a teenager
  • Update 5.0

    By Tony19265
    Why would you send an update out and then have it automatically tell me to go back to version 4.0? Did you not test it first? Bad business move and it makes me wonder if it’s safe to trust you with my banking data. Get it right before you send out an update.
  • No Good

    By TPlacide
    I’ve used this app for a couple of years and it was the absolute best so paid for a subscription. Now, I haven’t been able to use the app I’m paying for for the past few weeks. I can’t even login, it’s completely useless. I’ve been waiting patiently hoping they would resolve this issue but it’s been long enough. This is frustrating and I need my money back!
  • Horrible!! Look elsewhere!!

    By nadams1114
    Used to be the absolute best app for money but now they are absolutely horrible. Zero customer service ever since their “update”. Honestly seems like they screwed up their update and then just unplugged because you get zero help now. Deleted all my transactions for the last month after being told I would not lose any of my data. Their true colors shine so I would run away from this app as fast as you can if you value accurate budgeting tools and customer service. At this point feels like they took my money and ran.
  • Poor Service

    By RSAttig
    I truly enjoyed this app, but have soured towards it after a poor customer service experience. I’ve used the app for over a year, worked through a few glitches, then recently had the app freeze upon opening and was unable to load even after restarting, force closing, etc. after communications with customer support, I was assured that I wouldn’t lose any data if I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Proceeded to follow their instruction and lost all of my data for a budget that had taken months to perfect. When reporting this, support responses came to a halt.
  • Terrible customer service

    By do mvelopes
    So the app its self is good but it takes forever to get a hold of someone if u have a problem. I had been locked out of the app for about 2 weeks and kept getting a message from them saying they were working on the problem but when I finally called, they needed me to do something but had no plans of contacting me and letting me know that. Also, now that they have updated to Mvelopes5, I’ve been locked out for another 2 weeks and really am not getting much direction.
  • Wanted to like it....

    By Mel542
    I have used this app for about 6-8 months. Recently, I set my budget using the online platform and it won’t sink up to my phone. Totally useless. There are lots of bugs and it is not user friendly. Steer clear.
  • February 2019

    By kylinrmann
    Starting a few weeks ago, none of my transactions would go through for about 5-10 days, so last week I upgraded the app blindly to what is apparently “Mvelopes 5”. It erased every single assignment for every single transaction I have made since August of 2017. Today is February 17th, 2019. I have been too busy to check the web version as I do not have a working computer and it has thrown my entire budget off. I pay for this service and for what? I have had nothing but good things to say about mvelopes until all of this started happening. I experienced problems with the previous version of Mvelopes, so I don’t think downgrading back to 4 will do anything for me
  • Where Did All My Data Go??!!

    By Jilliefl86
    I’ve been an Mvelopes user for over 15 years, and its had its share of ups and downs, but with the latest upgrade I’m in shock. After being locked out for weeks (stuck on the payment screen even though I’m current), customer service helps me get in. Whew-finally! ONLY to discover I now have over 4000 unassigned transactions instead of about 40!! Missing envelopes, too! I sure hope my data hasn’t been lost-THAT would be the end of my long-term relationship with Mvelopes.
  • Not happy

    By Dillon's Shopper
    So I go to open my Mvelopes app and I’m asked to log back in. Ok, I guess I received an update. Now I’m told that my account is not ready for the new app and I have to download some work around to get the old version back. I’m told I will receive an email when my account is ready for the upgrade. Yeah right. I’ve waited on those emails before that never came. Accounts not syncing, Adobe Flash not working with Chrome, constant app issues. I love the concept but there are just too many issues.
  • Frustrated beyond measure

    By freegrafton
    I have been an Mvelopes fan for over 10 years. I haven’t found another program that does envelope-based budgeting as well as this. However, the upgrade to version 5 has been an absolute nightmare. I’ve been migrated back and forth 4 times now from version 4 to 5, years of data has been lost, and the support team doesn’t even read the questions I ask and twice now just pushed me back to an older version after painfully trying to get all my data. Now, that I’m on version 5 and figured my last year’s data was lost, my balances are off, I asked the question how to reconcile account balances and am told it doesn’t exist in this version and they think it “might” be a good idea to add that as a feature. I don’t know what I’m going to next, but what a disaster this migration of all their customers has been.
  • V5 is horrible

    By djhofmann
    I’ve been a paying Mvelopes user for nearly 10 years and it’s been a game changer! Well, that is until v5 came out - the interface is a bit too much as it seems they steered away from the past versions’ simplicity. The app is terrible because it either 1) doesn’t sink up with the online program, or 2) doesn’t open at all. Both are super frustrating. If this is not fixed soon I will be forced to switch companies, which I really don’t want to do!
  • Mvelopes 5 is broken

    By War Chiefs
    I have nearly 5000 transactions previously categorized before they upgraded me to V5. Now they are all sitting in my inbox, like I have to start over from scratch to recategorize them.
  • Good Idea, Poorly Constructed

    By Jessy13M
    This app is a great idea but it has a ton of bugs. I used it for several months and the desktop version is obsolete, the app is confusing to navigate, transactions would appear multiple times, “funding” wouldn’t work as expected, etc. It’s also possible to have multiple log-ins with the same email address- so it’s really easy to create duplicate accounts. The best “help” resources for figuring out if the app is bugging or if you’re using it wrong are all YouTube videos that are a bit outdated. Lastly, you can unsubscribe multiple times in a row, so it’s not clear if it’s actually working or when your subscription will officially end (if you pay $4 for the month, the subscription should play out but messaging isn’t clear about this). There’s no way to delete your account.
  • Too many technical problems

    By True Review 3030
    Great product concept but the continual technical issues is insane!!! It will affect your ability to use and have access to your data and it’s the most frustrating thing ever. I have used this app for several years now but it’s time to move on. I even recommended the product to a friend and the technical issues kept them from moving forward.
  • Not a Fan of Losing Important Info...

    By Rana7451
    RECORD ENVELOPE BALANCES BEFORE UPDATING! I was a fan of this app until the latest update came out... I just selected the “Resync My Purchase” option and everything is gone....
  • Latest version broken

    By Permcj
    I can’t even get into the latest version of the software (5.0.2). It asks me to sign up even though I have an active subscription. When I click “resync” it crashes the app. 100% broken... Did they even test it?
  • Why mess with what worked!?! Version 5 is awful!

    By BrazenHead76
    I’ve been using mvelopes for many years (since when it was formerly associated with Crown Financial Ministries). The website/app has had its ups and downs, but with version 4 they finally got it right. I’ve been very happy with this app for a while...and then version 5. I’ve lost virtually all of my budgeting information and I’ve reached out to customer service multiple times with no response. I’m paying $40 a year, and this app is now junk. If they don’t fixed this and recover my data soon, I’m pulling the plug and budgeting elsewhere. It’s a shame, because I’ve enjoyed mvelopes for so long, and have even bragged about it to tons of people. Not anymore though...
  • V5 broken

    By Tbarnum
    Well, as if the app wasn't slow enough, you forced me to update to 5, and now it doesn't work at all. Both my wife and me are much for new and better. I am getting pretty tired of an app the barely works, crashes no stop and now won’t even let me log in.
  • 5 is just a HOT MESS!

    By samj0047
    Really liked the app until the upgrade now it’s HORRIBLE! I use it across several devices so everything is just jacked up! Very disappointed!
  • Sad Customer

    By footbul
    I’ve been using Mvelopes happily for 8 years. I would say it alone has been one of the most important tools in my wife and I’s marriage. Unfortunately, like others, this last update has completely destroyed my budget system. Customer service hasn’t been responding to my emails and there’s no way for me to fix it myself. It might be time for me to look for another solution...
  • V5 completely useless

    By 12yoyo
    I don’t know what else to say. V4 was okay but v5 doesn’t work at all. I lost my lifetime plan and it won’t let me continue past the first screen to do anything. I have to continue using v4 desktop/browser app. Mvelopes system is general is amazing and life changing. But that doesn’t matter when the technology behind it is a colossal failure.
  • Beware Mvelopes 5.0...

    By MickeyQB
    I’ve used Mvelopes for almost 10 years but the newest version is a game change in a very bad way. It represents a massive overhaul in terms of user interface plus their data transfer into the new version (from all previous ones) is HORRIBLE. And they provide virtually no support to solve your problems: a slick, 2-page transition guide with minimal info and no response to multiple email requests for help.
  • App doesn’t work - Mvelopes won’t compensate

    By KatyDianne
    Due to a BOA issue and issue with the update I have only been able to use the app (that I pay for) for 9 of the past 35 days. In every correspondence with mvelopes over the past month I’ve asked if they plan on compensating their customers for the time they were not able to use something they have paid for. No one will answer that question. As I’ve already communicated with mvelopes, every company has glitches and issues. I judge a company on how they handle those problems. MVelopes gets one star for how poorly they have handled the last 35 days.
  • Mv5 is unusable

    By jedder19
    Duplicate transactions, no way to delete them, bank feed errors, unable to edit date and amounts on funding of envelopes after entry. For the two years I used it, Mv4 was a great product that I was happy to pay for and recommend to friends. Currently finding a different solution.
  • Sad to go, but it’s time

    By greeleyiphone
    I used to love Mvelopes, telling all my friends about this awesome budgeting app I use. Sadly, it’s gotten worse and worse over time. It’s very buggy, which I didn’t mind so much when it was free. Now that I have to pay, I have a much lower tolerance for syncing that doesn’t often work. One of my accounts hasn’t connected in a year. Another one, two months. Not sure they’re working on that any more. After another issue where my paycheck disappeared from my income envelope, and I was assured it was being worked on but nothing changed after a few weeks, I decided to cancel. Which only made me angrier, as it is needlessly complicated to cancel. You cannot click a button that says cancel, nor can you remove your credit card information from the site (exCUSE me??). Nope. If I can sign up clicking buttons, I should be able to cancel clicking buttons. Who has time to wait half an hour for a customer service technician to do that for them? Or are they just hoping you’ll give up before you get that far? This company will not be getting my money again.
  • Not impressed

    By money organizer
    Not loving the new version. Been using it for 8 plus years at least. I’ve been through a few versions and I feel like this one has the least amount of features. I feel like I can’t manage my money as well as I used to. It isn’t as user friendly, not intuitive. I don’t like that I can’t see my checking account balance with with my pending transactions and pending bank transfers. They’ve taken all those features away.

    By JoshN5555
    Started the free version two days ago. Can’t find any way to cancel so they don’t charge me. Going to try calling but from all the recent reviews I’m not to optimistic.
  • 5 years and always paid

    By Tekkie79
    **Update 2/4/2019** Changed to 2 stars due to the botched version 5 upgrade. This thing came out of beta with limited functionality compared to the previous version. I’ve already migrated to an alternative platform. While the older version wasn’t great, it worked very well. This new version looks good but doesn’t work well at all. I use Mvelopes religiously every day. They have helped me catch many problems before they became issues. I love the new, cheaper prices as I refuse to hand over financial information and logins to any free app or service. Unlike their so called "free" competitors, Mvelopes pays their bills with my money instead of my privacy and information. When you don't pay for a product, YOU are the product. Moreover, a few bucks a month for financial stability is cheaper than an overdraft or penalty from billers and banks.
  • Disappointed

    By Kkrukenb
    Switched to 5 and it’s a mess. Transition was not handled well. Submitted a tech support request days ago and was told 24 hours response time. It’s been days. Not a great way to treat paying customers. I want to like the upgrade, but it’s tarnished by the botched transition. The email from the product director today was not helpful.
  • Love the overall program, issues with app vs. online

    By ktschlott
    I love Mvelopes budgeting. The reason I gave the app 4 stars is because there are a few things the computer can’t do that the app can and vice versa, so I’m always having to switch between the two. It could be better if everything was sorted out and the versions were the same.