Gmail - Email by Google

Gmail - Email by Google

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2011-11-02
  • Current Version: 6.0.190721
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 175.79 MB
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 278 191


The official Gmail app brings the best of Gmail to your iPhone or iPad with real-time notifications, multiple account support and search that works across all your mail. With the Gmail app, you can: • Undo Send, to prevent embarrassing mistakes • Switch between multiple accounts • Get notified of new mail fast, with notification center, badge and lock screen options • Search your mail faster with instant results, predictions as you type & spelling suggestions • Swipe to archive/delete, to quickly clear out your inbox • Read your mail with threaded conversations • Auto-complete contact names as you type from your Google contacts or your phone • Respond to Google Calendar invites right from the app • Organize your mail by archiving, labeling, starring, deleting and reporting spam • Send and receive attachments • See profile pictures as part of the conversation



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  • Can’t read emails

    By nattiefranzo
    Since the most recent update I can’t read any emails. They load with a subject line but no content is displayed! Reading email is the point of an email app, please address this! Thank you!
  • Reminders

    By bknox01
    Need dark mode for iOS. Way to hard to look at. To white..
  • Never have connection

    By kevi-kev4
    It always says, no connection. I can be on the strongest signal of WiFi and it still will say it. Tried deleting and downloading again, same thing happens. I rather use the safari web to check mail!!!
  • Not receiving notifications

    By Lford8467
    I'm not sure what is going on but ever since the new update I'm not receiving notifications. I have tried pretty much everything I know to resolve the issue and still no luck. I've even factory reset my iPhone and set it up as a ne device but still no luck. Please fix.
  • Issues

    By Melvin Willis
    What’s up with the sign outs and notifications resetting by themselves? Oh and now you can’t mark as read from hard press on Notification screen, that’s progress?
  • Confusing

    By beenthere007
    Having trouble even sending a message. Confusing
  • Bad update

    By Eisy.jul
    After recent update I can’t see any text content inside of mails: only attachments. Please fix it ASAP!
  • Gave it a chance for months— nOPe

    By littlbittyhearts
    INBOX was so much better. My notifications still don’t work right and the automated tags completely fail. It’s so hard to see the important emails. I hate it.
  • Stopped working and will not work at all on iPad

    By weatherappdoesntwork
    For years I have used this app with no issues. Then, one day on vacation, it stopped working and will not allow a sign-in anymore. I have tried “redoing” IMAP stuff but it says I need a passcode on the device. When I put in a passcode, it still won’t work. Very frustrating and Gmail has now become more of a problem than it is worth.
  • 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

    By Zthoughts8
    Keep up the excellent work 🤙🏻
  • Bare bones.

    By Chronogos
    Gmail works decently well enough, but it's REALLY lacking features. Specifically, I want the ability to sort by unread/read and a "mark all as read" feature.
  • Gmail Holds us captive to advertisers

    By uh nope
    Not being able to sort by sender is the pits, that’s why is nearly impossible to clean out inbox
  • Updates

    By shytwnangl
    I absolutely hate the new gmail update!!! How can I downgrade to the older layout. This is way too confusing
  • Too hard to sign out

    By fakeplastickim
    It should not be nearly so hard to sign out/remove the account from the device. Every menu should have a clear and simple way to do so. It makes me distrust the app and Google.

    By silly sasha
    Yes they are wrong
  • What Happened?

    By kcpirategurl
    I’ve had this app for a while and everything was working great. I’ve got three emails. I don’t have a business and I don’t work. I just like having multiple emails for different accounts like shopping, personal, etc. I’ve read just about every article available to fix your Google e-mail! It still doesn’t help. The audacity of Google to attempt to think for others! Who do they think are? Apple?🧐 Apple isn’t even this arrogant! I have to jump through hoops just to sort my email the way I want it sorted. Google Corp if you want to control your employees like a well oiled machine or socialist system go ahead! I’m just about to find another free email service! People are going away from PCs & Laptops & using mobile phones, iPads and tablets. Why would Google have such a dinosaur email settings system? You have to be on PC to permanently delete your email & spam. Also have to be on PC to save settings. I was able to get on desktop site on my phone by holding down on the circle on the website. Hold down until the request desktop pops up. You can change some settings. You still can’t permanently delete spam or trash. Whatever it’s on there system, not mine! - Started happening about two months ago on Gmail iPhone App- I’m getting duplicate emails. Gmail on PC it’s fine. Can’t figure out how to fix. - This started about a month ago. I added another email there months ago. I forward or reply to an email from my default email. When I do that- the latest email is in the “from” box & my default email address is not listed. It’s down in the history of the email. If you are corresponding with a company you look like you are a scammer with this shady email crap going on. Tonight I finally deleted the third email. It’s not worth it. I made the email for our security cameras and we didn’t use it. - Started several months ago, not exactly sure when. Emails that are in the inbox. I’ve opened, may or not have been stared ⭐️ will disappear! I’m talking 25 emails! They are sitting in Trash folder. The only way to move them, I click on the three dots, move to gmail! Don’t even have option to move to Inbox😳 -How does a company get so big and not support the customer? I know the email is free. The app is free. Yet, they have to making money on the service or they wouldn’t offer it. The forum is a joke. - I’m deleting this app going back to Apple email app. I might find change email service if I find a good one. At this point I just want a smooth app to see my emails. Why is that so hard? I’m not paying for an app to view an email.
  • Great app

    By Killed by giant chiken
    It’s a really good app and all but, it be nice if there was a way to select all emails, and delete them, instead of tapping each one, one by one.
  • Great Except for One Major Flaw

    By Tulsa90
    One of the two best email apps out there, unless you start to respond to an email, create a draft, get tied up, delete the draft, and the original e-mail gets deleted along with the draft!!! Are you kidding me? Really?? Jeez....
  • Manuel

    By 575 mmj
    Not letting get my emails
  • This app

    By Shyaka Collin
    It’s really good app and it’s easy to use!!!!
  • Can’t read email!

    By Suvodeep
    Don’t know what you guys did but I can’t read my emails! Please fix this.
  • Disappointed

    By lhightowe
    What they didn’t tell me when I switched, is that my email address would be sold for promotions- when I complained - then they told me about an agreement to share with possible interested parties...not happy at all!!! Oh yes and to get off a mailing list they ask for your email address again - just so they can repopulate to someone else...
  • I miss inbox

    By Reviewers007
    Months after the demise of inbox, I still miss its features. Hands down the best email app ever invented, I suppose I will suffer through the foibles of the gmail app.
  • Needs more options

    By hced2012Z
    Please, add an option to add new contact.
  • Inbox app was much better

    By NachoMamaToo
    Bring back Inbox, or at least incorporate its functions into Gmail. Inbox used to automatically bundle emails, such as travel. Gmail doesn’t. Also, I REALLY miss the ability to mass delete all promotional emails. Doing it one by one is a pain. If you were going to get rid of Inbox, why couldn’t you at least add some of its functions to Gmail? What a step backwards.
  • Latest update doesn’t open email

    There is no body to emails when opened in the latest update.
  • J’aime cette application

    By c 'est moi même
    J’aime Gmail
  • Great app

    By KelC1000
    I'm not sure if it's available, but there should be a way to search for a particular word and then select all to delete messages (not just one at a time)
  • Good app

    By 111q1qqqqq1q1111
    I love this to check my school email and it’s easy to use
  • Title cut off

    By Robert Edward Gold
    I updated the app the other day. Now on my YouTube email links the title of the videos is cut off. I can’t read the title this is NOT an improvement PLEASE FIX
  • Emails Missing

    By greyskies2018
    Gmail= Glitch Mail Mail not loading past 1 pm or so today. Update 6.30.19: Had decided to check back into this app to see if any changes/improvements were made. Not so much, but latest glitch tonight? THE WHOLE BODY OF MY INCOMING EMAILS DOESN'T SHOW SUDDENLY, at all. Nothing. Just so done with Gmail. Off to the competitors, for good this time. -------------------------------- I have officially deleted this app, sadly. Google could not fix their email server...nor respond to any of the feedback/reviews? My account was only able to retrieve emails back to November, even though this email was set up long before that. Not Ok. This was the icing on the cake as to why this app is all thumbs down and everyone on the app building team ruined this app in a major way, with no regard to user experience. PS For those who want dark mode, albeit this changes your settings on your entire phone (everything will now be in dark mode, not just gmail), but you can try this: Settings > General Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colors.
  • Simple and easy to use

    By Exodus N
    The spam filter is quite helpful, but I’ve never figured out how to access archived messages.
  • important security function that was lost 👎🏻

    By ‹‹ Takato ››
    important security function that was lost After the update ALL the images are automatically downloaded !! This was an important security function that was lost There is no option of not allowing the image to be automatically downloaded
  • Impossible

    By EpZen13
    To simply change a password in a simplified manner, impossible via #. Does not send the number verification to email which is ridiculous because if I am using the app and have to return to view the selected code...does not recognize. Notifications off have nothing to do with receiving the email. Never liked GMAIL. NEVER will. Never like GOOGLE. Never will. Lastly, my photos are private. However, that email is received. Indication developers are nosing in my app. Send an edited photo of my 9 year old granddaughter, pedophilia? Google?
  • Efficiency of receiving messages

    By nssyap
    I do not always get notified when I have gotten an email, & I have multiple emails connected to the app, so maybe this is a bug that needs to be addressed. That is my only complaint .
  • No Multitasking on IPad

    By Guy69Fahd
    Its freaking 2019 — set up for multitasking ffs!

    By Chorsh
    If you can’t please update with: 1. Trip bundles - super helpful 2. Select all button
  • Attachments from icloud/local phone

    By ckeid
    Hope you can add a way to attach files from icloud or local memory. All I can see is a way to attach file from google drive...
  • Error

    By ggonzalezanaa
    Lately my email has said error when I open it and I receive my emails days late not sure if I did something to the app or if it’s just the app but I’m most likely about to delete the app off my phone
  • Magnífico servicio

    By Relayala
    Magnífico servicio... Gracias...
  • Please fix bugs

    By Brony Gus
    I can’t get new email it thinks it has no connection please fix it
  • Awesome app

    By dgyrtyubvfgu
    This is a great way to text
  • If it would just work

    By Timothy J Blevins
    If I read messages in a browser and come back to the app, the app will show the correct unread count but when I click through there are hundreds of unread emails that are not actually unread. This makes it impossible to find the actual unread emails. Sometimes it updates, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s unpredictable and unreliable.
  • Not working no connection

    By bumpinlove
    The app is not working on my iPhone or iPad. Says no connection. I’m sick of this!!
  • Terrible

    By Toyo0156
    First I go to check email it says oops something went wrong! Awful!
  • Review

    By Newton!!!
    There are no directions on how to do anything with gmail. I simply get by with what is obvious or what I’ve risked losing in the long run due to user error. Further explanation/education on how things work would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much. PS: I’m completely new to this at the age of 58. My husband and son get it but that’s because Hubby deals with computers day in and out and son grew up with this. I’m odd woman out! 😊
  • Archived mail

    By Lirin2
    Give it back to me. I have important things I need and can’t find the darn archived mail. Please !!!
  • What's it with links ?

    By Biobaaabi
    When a choose open in Safari I mean open in Safari. Not in in-app browser...