• Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2011-08-25
  • Current Version: 3.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 14.09 MB
  • Developer: OnTimeTelecom, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 111


The DialMyCalls app allows anyone to send voice broadcasts or text message (SMS) broadcasts right from their mobile device. Using your iOS device, you can quickly and easily record a message, select the group of numbers to send it to, then pick a time and date for the call to go out. DialMyCalls then instantly calls everyone and plays your message for them. If the call ends up going to a voicemail our system will leave the message on their answering machine so they will hear it later. It's completely free to use to send one blast out to 25 numbers per week, which is perfect for small organizations or groups. For those of you who need to call larger groups or make calls more often, you can simply purchase call credits within the app for only a few cents per call. DialMyCalls is used by thousands of organizations around the USA, from small HOAs to Fortune 500 companies. Our customers privacy is of our utmost importance. We will never release, sell or distribute any of the phone numbers or information in your account- your information is strictly yours. If you need help getting set up please feel free to call our customer support team at 1-800-928-2086. Thanks and we look forward to having you as a user!



  • Excellent program!

    By BLMSkier
    Having been priced out of a different program that we used for years... this program is excellent and saved us money to boot! 👍😉
  • Love it

    By bognanno4
    Has transformed the way we do business!!
  • communication for small day care center

    By villagestars
    App is great an inexpensive you pay as needed. I would have given it a five but I did not like the one free call a week because of the advertising that the parents have to listen to.
  • Happy Customer

    By Glorious 1
    The service has been great and utilized for organizations, meetings and so much more! I absolutely love it!
  • Message Characters

    By Acting 1SG
    Need more characters for longer messages to yell at my soldiers.
  • DialMyCalls is a great system!

    By beatriz24
    We used it to send mass phone calls and text messages to our list. Very simple to use. The pay as you go plan is exactly what we needed. Great service!
  • Works as advertised

    By Rmscomm
    The app is great and the fact you get one 30 second meeting a week complimentary is great! Definitely recommend.
  • 😳🙄

    By Aphroditebeaming
    1. It only allows 30 second messages in the free version. 2. It doesn’t warn you in any obvious way that a jingle will be played at the beginning and end of your call in the free version. (Makes calls feel spammy!) 3. There are credits you can buy but it’s not explained what those credits get you specifically. If you’re going to offer a sample of a small number of calls per week, then let them be good quality calls. So that someone who grows their list will WANT to upgrade with you. There are free services online that don’t pull these tactics. I’m going back to them.
  • Please Fix the App

    By HolinessPrchr
    Constant Error messages When Simply Trying to Record and Broadcast. Constant message saying invalid username/password combination when the correct password is being used. Long time user and monthly paying customer.
  • Communication help

    By Elpeacen
    I have to communicate with various groups to keep myself afloat. This helps me a lot. Thanks
  • Great and Usefull App

    By gharris41
    The app works great. We are a church group and we use for advising of prayer requests and meetings. Keep up the good work.
  • A great way to communicate with my staff during Emergency

    By Bocajoy
    I just used the app to communicate with my 72 person staff during Hurricane Irma. It was easy to use and I got very positive feedback from the staff.
  • Love This

    By KevinTWells
    This is a great app.
  • Great service

    By Gcurtis1
    This is a great service. I recommend it to all churches.
  • Very helpful

    By Plolooo
    Are use this app to call my homeowners association meeting together it saves me so much time. Just love it.
  • Great app

    By Pab1992
    My Order of the Arrow Lodge is currently using it to have instant communications with our membership
  • Great app

    By Real Big Daddy
    I love this app. It not only saves me time, it makes my communications much more effective. Hard to imagine my going back to when I didn't have it.
  • Amazing App

    By TBinge
    Super easy and necessary for every office.
  • Awesome App!

    By #TeamReese
    Easy to use and very effective!
  • Love it

    By Jeff Mike
    It's very convenient!
  • Excellent app

    By Radical City Church
    This app is so dope. I am able to communicate with new visitors, team members and prayer partners at the drop of a dime. Only issue is that I am unable to send pictures via the app, but overall good investment!
  • Very useful

    By The cheesed
    This has been very useful but would like the option to set up polling from the app. That can only be done on the computer. Otherwise, I love the app and the service.

    By Midland Lodge
    My Masonic organization has been using this app for almost 2 yrs and to this day we have not had any problems at all. We were in the process of paying for the exact same service but with another provider at a cost of 500.00 per year. Thank God I found this app. Being able to get the reminders out about our meetings have helped to increase attendance. Thank you for a wonderful app.

    By CraiGGGN
    DialMyCalls has done exactly what it has promised. The feed back is the most rewarding for me to hear from the people on my list. Scheduling a Broadcast the feature I use most.
  • Works as advertised.

    By Rheadhunter
    It's a tad clunky with contacts but it works well. I've coached 3 seasons with it. Parents love it.
  • Pretty Cool

    By son_shine
    I love the app. It allows me to send broadcasts on the road and make announcements when there is a urgent change. The caller ID should be at the end of the text and not the beginning. Very cool.
  • Great app

    By Travis_Moore
    I have used DialMyCalls for years for business, baseball team and personal use. It has been a super time saver for me. I love the reports function. It allows you to identify who has received your message almost immediately. No more saying they didn't receive your message about needing extra help at work. 😄
  • Serves our church needs well

    By TheFasterPastor
    An earlier reviewer was mistaken in claiming that one cannot record a message using an iPhone. You absolutely can. I do it often. The only thing keeping me from giving the app 5 stars instead of 4, is that one should be able to type a title once and have that title applied to both the recording and the broadcast without having to type the same title twice. I understand some people need to reuse a recording and the broadcast title may need to be different, but our workflow is usually one recording per one broadcast, and surely there could be a way to keep from having to type the title twice. Ideally, when finishing a titled recording, have the app ask "Use this title and recording for a broadcast now?"
  • Great App!

    By PastorBilly
    This app saves me time an allows me to reach my group with ease and flexibility while I'm on the go... I Recommend highly
  • Nice app

    By Jareeves5
    The app is very useful for our church announcements. The only qualm I have is you cannot record your message on an iPhone. I always have to choose "call me" to make a recording. I would recommend it to anyone needing to get a message out to a large number of people.
  • Best App for Businesses

    By Ms.LCSW
    I'm very happy with this app. It has allowed me to send mass messages to my staff and patients with little effort.
  • Love Dialmycalls

    Highly recommend this app. Life changer for my biz!
  • Not efficient

    By Upendra Dahal
    It used to be good before upgrades, now it does not allow you to add contacts from phone one by one, instead it selects all your phone contacts to add to this system which I don't like. It's also slower than the last version and it would be better if you also add an option to select multiple groups to send call blast at a time, right now you have an option to do one group at a time or all groups. Plz improve it as the system overall is good, just a few technical details to take care of..
  • Awesome app

    By brotim1
    This app is totally awesome. Very easy for me to set up a broadcast call or blast text. Has made my life much easier.
  • Awesome!!

    By NPR4lfe
    I am writing this in a parking lot. I just used the app to send out a quick message to 250 people. What's more amazing than that?
  • Love love love it!

    By Krisflatford
    Love this app. I can do everything I need directly from my phone to get every call or text out that I need to!
  • This app is Awesome for ministry

    By brotim1
    Dial-My-Calls has been a tremendous tool for our church ministry. We are able to contact a large number of people in less than five minutes. Communications with the church family has made all the difference, thanks to Dial-My-Calls.
  • Great app

    By guyflyyy
    Been using this app for over three years. I am a Great fan and my constituents enjoy the professional touch
  • The app works well

    By B706
    The new version of the app works well. The one recommendation I have is improvement of error handling. For instance when you enter a wrong password it does not report the erroneous password but just stays on app loading screen.
  • The best of the best

    By Bapps58
    You can't find another like it
  • Review

    By I hate coming up w/nicknames
    I'd probably had given this a 3.5 rating if possible. It needs a little smoother UI as well as an iPad version.
  • Easy and Useful

    By wdm954
    Perfect for managing my call blasts on the go! Great app!
  • Not good

    By Jlcinga
    After lengthy registration process, and even more difficult message set-up, I was told I needed to buy credits in order to send the message. Buggy and misleading.
  • Great tool

    By Fluff7517
    Minor bugs but doesnt manner. Great performing app
  • Works great! Easy to set up

    By cag1223
    Being a Girl Scout Troop Leader and wanting to send all of my parents one message at the same time, this app worked great! Easy to set up. Easy to use. Love I found a tool to communicate ONE message at ONE time. 30 seconds is all I need!
  • This is junk

    By Trouthful terry
    This does not work at all. It never does what you it to do.
  • Dial My Calls is great except...

    By BryceJ13
    I love this app, except for the fact that the report feature doesn't work in the app. It only works online. Fix that and it gets five stars in my book.
  • Awesome!

    By MeterRead App Saves Energy!
    Set the exact time, have a female robot convert your text. The callers don't hear the ad if you upgrade so I don't know why anyone would complain about that for the ongoing free trial. Great app.
  • Ok

    By ConnieBH
    It sounds good put it wont send me the verification call!