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  • Current Version: 8.33.1
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Looking for inspiration? Whether you’re designing a home or searching for travel ideas, good ideas start on Pinterest. Explore over 100 billion new ideas for every part of your life, from what haircut to get to what to make for dinner. Create extra storage space in your home, turn an old t-shirt into a stylish dress, or plan your next vacation with Pinterest. 3 Reasons to start finding and saving ideas on Pinterest: 1. Discover everyday inspiration and explore articles on trending and recommended topics. 2. Collaborate with friends for your next group trip, party or project. 3. See an idea out in the world that you like? Just snap a photo of it with Pinterest Lens to find how to buy, make, or do it! Discover new possibilities and save what you find. Find inspirational ideas from anywhere on the internet. Get ideas for the topics you care about most: - Travel and fitness tips - Fashion and style - Home design and architecture - Food and cooking - Wedding inspiration To start saving and sharing Pins, download now.



  • (4)-years

    By Greeeeeeeaaaaatttt
    I’m pretty sure ppl are going to agree not sure if you guys are bored sitting around at home and think how can I upset pinners oh oh I do do let’s mess up everything on Pinterest get it completely un unusable you should’ve stopped 4-years ago when it was awesome user friendly and everything worked I tried to change to business and it no longer links with my original like it use to now you put add account which when you do you have to start all over again pins / boards and my followers and who I’m following is gone really? I can’t fathom why you guys are so set on “improving / updating” the app when all your doing is making it some messed up random app in my suggestions in my App Store that you look at ratings and pass on downloading it why are you so intent on ruining the app do you no longer want to deal with Pinterest anymore? Are you removing this app ? Word is yes just sad yes please keep making it harder to use don’t know why I waste my breath it’s apparent the last (4)-years your not worried about basic users the only thing you cater to is the add company’s that pay your bills
  • New Update

    By ...just another victim...
    It stinks.
  • Good

    It’s just good
  • Religious inspiration Art World

    By 1 gothgirl
    Heavenly art gallery
  • Organization Makes No Sense

    By AceSlayer06
    Beware if your looking for specific ideas, you may search for one thing, find a crap ton of things you weren’t looking for.
  • Favorite!

    By Latoya D.
    I love this app. This is my favorite social media app out of all my apps.

    By i love cj the hprse
    I love this app! Literally no flaws! My mother, father and me use it a lot! There is just so many cool stuff! I’ve used this app since I was 6 I used to look at tree houses 😂 🤣🤣lol!!
  • Hm

    By Kealakekua Wolf
    Cool app
  • The best!

    By Jaycee9035
    I have loved this app for years. There are so many good things to say about it that I wouldn’t know where to begin! As an artist and mom, I could not imagine life without it.
  • why?? it was so good

    By hehe 🍉
    i absolutely love, love, LOVE pinterest buuttttt, i HATE the new update. :( i like being able to organize my boards the way i want and just be able to scroll down to see my analytics not click a whole different button that takes me somewhere else.
  • Pinterest review

    By Dancingqueen557
    I think it is a great app it is amazing and the thing that says 12 and up is great I mean the age they chose is very perfect!the only thing is the curse words.and it is not so bad and not on every picture!its just some things but overall it is great and amazing!🥰😋😛😝😜
  • Finally

    By mcheyray
    For months I wrote and complained that the option to see how many total pins you had was taken away. Finally, after what? A year give or take? , the option is back. I’m super satisfied. The only downside are the amount of ads that appear while scrolling and the automatic page reload, I prefer to do it manually. Make those happen and I’d say you’d have a pretty great app going. Thanks!
  • Why does Apple get stuck?

    By Joe I wish it was Friday
    I have enjoyed Pinterest for years on my Samsung phone with no issues. Now that I switched to an Apple phone for work now if I try to zoom into a pic or move it, the image will freeze and I will have to turn my phone off and on to unstick it. Seems like as many iPhone users their are in the world this wouldn’t be an issue?
  • This is perfect

    By hsueufhe
    This is perfect for looking at anime Memes
  • My Style

    By Jeepspace
    Snap shots ~ thank you!
  • My opinion

    By 🤗🌎
    Hello, I would like to say this is a great app! But I think it should be easier to create story pins, also I don’t rlly like the new update, it is much more hard to find the followers you have and who you are following and to see what you saved, it would be really nice if Pinterest could change it to what it was before thank you
  • Notifications...

    By ScitScat
    I often got into a lot of arguments on this app and whenever I get notified that someone replied to me I can never see it idk if I’m missing something or if you guys are missing something
  • So much spam

    By StoneAngelStudio
    I love Pinterest but these days there is so much spam and Tik-Toc Stuff with horrible soundtracks that I can’t get out of my feed even though I block one person after another. Also how about a button to identify the pins that obviously have the wrong title or description attached. Just like the pin says “blurry or hard to read”, how about one that says “title or comment does not match image”...could save you guys a lot of time and help clean up Pinterest and get rid of annoying post that are obviously mismatched with the wrong comment or title.
  • Bugs need fixing

    By Kat_118
    The time stamps on the boards don’t update and it’s very annoying
  • Love this app, but it has a bug.

    By g_obi
    I love this app, but there’s a bug. I will be using it and then all of a sudden it will go black and stay that way. To fix it I have to delete the app then redownload it. It has done that three times. Any help?
  • Amazing

    By hannah! <3
    I love this app I love looking at pictures and sending them to my fiends. But i looked up something one times and my whole feed war changed and it never went away other than that I have no complaints
  • No means no

    By just tryna register
    I shouldn’t have to exit out of a request to allow Pinterest to access my location every time I open a pin. I love Pinterest but this is making me pretty mad.
  • Increasingly disappointed with the app

    By Coatesse
    Edit/Update: while the constant crash was eventually fixed (thank you) there is the issue of the auto-refresh on the home page. Please fix this. In former versions of the app you would have to manually refresh by pulling down on the home page and it would show new/different ideas to save. Now it autofreshes even if I minimize the app and come back, switch apps and come back, or when I toggl between home and the search, friends, and ‘my boards’ screens. I constantly loose sight of ideas I have for my home or recipes for my newly diabetic partner. And when I go to history the past pins I’ve viewed not only are the ones I had to physically tap on but the links to the limited pins aren’t live to take me back to them. Can’t pin things I can’t see. — Increasingly disappointed with the app as the quality of the user experience has declined with recent updates. The app crashes with each use. In the last two weeks alone I’ve needed to exit and reopen the app with every use, even with the most up to date version of the app. To add, advertisements now appear about every three pins, which decreases the ease of use of the app. When scrolling right to left, unrelated “pins” (advertisements) every three pins is very annoying especially when seeking specific content instead of casual browsing. I see the effort on aesthetic aspects of the app, however, these cannot be fully appreciated when the operation of the app falls short of pleasurable.
  • Excelente!!! Solo 1 razón para no poner las 5 estrellas

    By katyuskah
    Me encanta Pinterest, para mi una app con un sin fin de ideas y contenido creativo en todos los rubros. Lo único es que cuando ofrece material descargable o imprimible gratis, cuesta mucho llegar directamente al archivo para poder ejecutarlo, o no se consigue, o redirections a muchas páginas que al final no llevan al archivo imprimible o descargable que uno busca. Por eso no pongo las 5 estrellas.
  • Harasses users for location

    By Potato Mangler
    The recently pushes update is awful. After opening a single image or selection, and closing it, the app will ask you to enable location services for each item you opened in a row before returning to the main selection. For someone like me who enjoys browsing concept art and character art, this means I get upwards of 5-6 “pwease tuwn own lowcatiowns sow we cawn spy own youw owo” notifications.
  • I like Pinterest, but I hate this app.

    By ahrdgi
    No matter how many times I attempt to turn off the in-app notifications, I just keep on getting more. Every single day, a red circle with a number appears, and there’s virtually nothing I can do to prevent it. I dealt with it but it drove me insane so I deleted the app. Fix the notifications.
  • Amazing

    By Supernatural_Girl6
    This is AMAZING it gives me so many ideas for my room and house. When I’m having a bad day I search for really funny memes, and adorable dogs. If you looking for some Ideas get Pinterest!!😆
  • Glitches

    By wolflyscience
    I have had this app since I was a young teenager school. I have gone from an HTC to Samsung and finally to apple. And on each phone there has been the same glitch that happens every time I open the app. The screen will freeze right when I scroll or manipulate a picture. For almost ten years, 4 phones, 1 tablet. And every week having an update, this would have been taken cared of by now. It makes me furious.
  • great but i want emojis in my boards

    By auttieauttie
    i wish i could put emojis in my pinterest board names. they don’t make sense unless i have emojis😭
  • Too much going on.

    By Danzlizard
    When i click on images they are always a little to the left. Too many moving ads and little purchase dots all over the pins.
  • Great app, horrible new feature (updated 9/17/20)

    By Robie91486
    I have been using the app for over a year. I have very few problems, but do occasionally have trouble linking to the app from the web and with infrequent crashes while surfing through the sites. Update: the most recent app update asks for you to enable location every time you go to your home page. No option to disable the reminder. Deleted the app after trying to use it for 5 minutes. I’d love to know if/ when this is fixed.
  • ruined by ads 😞 and bugs

    By Battlecakes
    Update- And now a new bug that washes out/fades all thumbnail photos while in dark mode, until you click them. *Deleting and reinstalling did not fix the issue. All thumbnails are still faded* If I was a business account I’d be pretty upset because it makes pins visually unappealing. - - - Pinterest used to be a source of calm, immersive inspiration. I used it every day to organize my life and creative interests. I could lose hours in the app and even clicked a few ads. But now the avalanche of ads is so distracting. It is at minimum 60% ads. Worse, they are all obnoxious, distracting gifs that auto play. I’ll be trying to look at beautiful photos and the page is absolutely strobing with pimple popping ads and videos of people squeezing into spanx, etc. also hate all the other distracting animated elements, like “SEE PRODUCTS RELATED TO THIS IMAGE!!”, stupid ‘buy now’ dots all over photos, and the disappearing reappearing bottom nav bar every time you scroll. What’s next? A neon ticker tape of ads with sound? Just stop, for gods sake. Developers: I never thought I’d say this but please, PLEASE consider some paid option that allows users to turn off ads.
  • Pinterest

    By McKenna Cauble
    I love Pinterest don’t get me wrong but it needs to be improved. My last account was completely glitched and they never got back to me when I contacted them for help, now my account is suspended when I was literally searching something up for a novel I was writing. I contacted them and they still haven’t gotten back to me. I am about to dump them even though this is the only way to contact my friends so I guess that’s a new problem, thank you Pinterest!
  • i love you but stop

    By three stars lolssssss
    trust me, i am absolutely in love with pinterest and it practically consumes my life. but please for the love of all things good, please please fix the update. the formatting for my profile is very unlikeable in the eyes of myself.
  • Great place to get ideas and shop

    By 🖐🏼🙌🏼
    Love the app
  • I love Pinterest, but there are some things I don’t like.

    By #%^*y
    I love Pinterest. But every freaking time I go to comment on a pin, the send button freezes and it won’t post my comment. And most of the time it won’t post my comments because it’ll say ‘Invalid perimeters’ even though there’s nothing wrong with my comment, I’ll go back and edit it some more and it still won’t post it. Extremely annoying, especially when you can’t say what you want to say.
  • Going down hill fast!

    I used to LOVE Pinterest. But lately is FILLED with ads and not the he kind there used to be like recipes sponsored by a flour company or something. Now it’s all regular tv style ads. So irritating. AND NOW the phone app is INSISTING I turn on location services so it can stalk me. I don’t ever turn that stuff on but it’s not giving me a choice. It pops up demanding I turn it on every few scrolls. And there’s no toggle switch to shut off the location tracking in my iPhone privacy setting. Can’t stand the changes!!!!
  • Latest version is clearly only for advertising

    By Kicky McGee
    As of this last update, Pinterest is openly ONLY there to direct advertising at me. It says so right there as it REPEATEDLY and INCESSANTLY asks to share my location. I have ALL of my location settings locked down, but Pinterest thinks that does not mean anything, asking me five times in 30 seconds if I want to share my location. No. I do not want to share my location. I meant that the first time, the second time, all of the times you asked. I don’t need better ads or more ads or to share my location with you... And maybe I don’t need Pinterest anymore, either.
  • The best of everything is here!

    By leodty
    I love your forum
  • Not showing the right posts?(EDIT)

    By Potat :>
    Hello Pintrest! I absolutely love browsing through the countless images that I can find on the app! But, recently there has been a problem. Usually, when you save images to a board, the app will recommend you things related to the image you just saved. For example: You save a hololive pic, and the homepage will recommend you Hololive pics. That's how it was. But recently, I've been getting unrelated pics. It shows me an image of a bear, and then it shows me more bears. It's like I saved a picture of a bear, when I did not. So in short, the homepage shows me images I do not want to see. Overall, I do like the app, but I hope this problem can be addressed. Unless if it's just a problem that only happens to me. Edit: So, it seems as if the images on the homepage does things like this. You see an unrelated pic (without actually tapping or clicking on it.) and then you refresh the homepage. It then proceeds to show you more unrelated pics. That's pretty much what happens. EDIT 2: Problem I have now is the fact that sometimes it shows the correct images, then is starts to show images I don't want. Is this a glitch?
  • Less ads PLEASE!!!!

    By tiffanyS17
    I love using Pinterest, but good gravy every time you open a link to read into something, you have pop up videos, consent to use cookies which blocks half the page you’re on, random ads that don’t have anything to do with what you’re looking at. ITS ANNOYING!!! LESS ADS OR GET RID OF THEM ALL TOGETHER PLEASE!!!!
  • More obnoxious by the day!

    By Akmeagan3494
    Between their advertising and now their incessant pop-up to allow my location, this app has become garbage.
  • Yeh

    By earlobeCORRUPTER
    Yes wink wonk
  • Great

    By FSDS123
  • Seasonal

    By BlovesDyi
    DIY and small businesses complete my ideas
  • Love love love

    By Baywatchbabe
    I love Pinterest app. This is my go to for recipes, learning activities for my son and so much more.
  • ❤️❤️

    By yaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssss
    Love Pinterest ❤️❤️❤️
  • I LOVED this old feature on your business profile.

    By Xo_91
    While I enjoy the new features that Pinterest creates on a bi-weekly basis, the old feature of having one of your boards displayed as your cover photo or even merging two boards to create a single one were features that did not need to be changed or removed. Please bring these features back. Other than that 9/10!
  • ugly update

    By yrrah sel***
    the new update is ugly, change it back!🤢