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  • Release Date: 2011-04-28
  • Current Version: 7.28
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 129.21 MB
  • Developer: Pinterest
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 4 593 473


Looking for inspiration? Whether you’re designing a home or searching for travel ideas, good ideas start on Pinterest. Explore over 100 billion new ideas for every part of your life, from what haircut to get to what to make for dinner. Create extra storage space in your home, turn an old t-shirt into a stylish dress, or plan your next vacation with Pinterest. 3 Reasons to start finding and saving ideas on Pinterest: 1. Discover everyday inspiration and explore articles on trending and recommended topics. 2. Collaborate with friends for your next group trip, party or project. 3. See an idea out in the world that you like? Just snap a photo of it with Pinterest Lens to find how to buy, make, or do it! Discover new possibilities and save what you find. Find inspirational ideas from anywhere on the internet. Get ideas for the topics you care about most: - Travel and fitness tips - Fashion and style - Home design and architecture - Food and cooking - Wedding inspiration Download Pinterest now to start exploring possibilities for your next project.



  • This is the best 😇😍🤲🏽👍👍👍👍

    By ronda my hero
    It is so cool you can do any thing you want on there
  • Bring the old version back!

    By twotryanewlife
    I’ve used to use this app two hours a day at least but with this new ver I can’t even bear to open it. Fix it pls.
  • Gross

    By Lag flakes
    I don’t like the new format, simply gross.
  • Cannot unsubscribe

    By this is BS again
    I have unsubscribed Pinterest email 5 times over 2 month period and they will not quit sending me daily emails. Don’t start it if you don’t want to keep receiving them forever and ever. Not good and not appreciated.
  • Love this app

    By Mangle2000
    I think I spend like all day on this app and I made a friend or 2 on it and it is great I use it for fanart and other things and it is the best thing that happened to me because I have trouble making friends in the real world so when I am on here I have a little bit more confidence. I would suggest that they make it a little bit more umm safer to search up because I will be like searching through something and find something inappropriate. But keep up the good work!
  • Spammers

    By katie_creates
    I also keep getting “texts” in Pinterest from scammers I can tell they’re scammers because they’re all saying “hello I’m from Dallas Texas, how old are you, where are you from, I like your boards and I want to be your friend.” But we all know they start asking for money when you reply to them.
  • Replies

    By Tdoree08
    I love this app. It’s the reason I have 500+ pictures. But if I go to the comments, and the comment has over 10 replies then I can’t see anything past the latest 7 replies.
  • yes yes yes

    By XxAlyssaSantanxX
    This is honestly my favorite app. You can create boards for anything! Some can be private or public. You can follow people with similar boards to get continuous inspiration for yourself. You can also take posts off your feed that do not interest you. I only use this app because it has everything I need whether creative inspiration, fitness inspiration or self care ideas. I tell everyone about Pinterest all the time because I love it so much. Thank you guys for creating an app I can enjoy no matter what :)
  • Nun serious😂

    By Cathy . 🤪
    Good feed , but needs to be updated more often . Love it doee💕💕

    By kaylyynnnn
    Every post seems to be an ad. Pinterest used to be a fun place for normal people to post recipes, decor ideas, crafts ect but now it’s just influencers posting about some sponsored product they “love” but if you click on the product you realize they’re getting ad revenue so who even knows if it’s genuine. Pinterest has become facebook and YouTube on crack which makes me so sad.
  • 😡

    By the0nlymaya
    Please fix the new Pinterest I like the old version BETTER! FIX IT NOW
  • New update

    By Brittwil402
    This is one of my favorite apps, but with this new update I find myself using it much less. I think it may be because black and white contrasting too much for me to focus well.
  • I hate the new setup. Zooming in and darkening the background looks horrid.

    By KatieKoala123
    And There’s a sudden spam of people begging on random pins ‘hey I’m trying to get so and so followers check out my account!’ Why even have a follower count. It’s PINTEREST. It’s not meant to be a big follower site. Is getting ridiculous, and they removed the ‘report comment’ feature so you can’t even report for spam anymore. This is ridiculous, I want comments about the pin not people begging for followers.
  • Love

    By Hcv321
  • Bombarded By Advertisement

    By Bettyfleenor
    I’m getting tired of the constant repetitive advertisements! A big turn off.
  • Martin

    By dekanks
    The house plans are all so nice, it’s difficult to make a decision
  • Ok Pinterest

    So I do love! Pinterest. I use it for art references, ideas, just looking for some memes. And I have no complaints about performance or searching. What I do want to question is why tapping a post looks so weird now. Like it just doesn’t look right on my phone. I honestly liked the way it looked before the update that let you separate your boards ok the homepage. It was casual and easy. But other than that, good job Pinterest. And hopefully other people work like the update and you’ll change it back! (I’m kidding. I don’t like the update myself, but others may. So let’s just see how it goes, ya?)
  • Hidden pins

    By Cozi reviewer
    I would like the app a lot better if hidden pins actually stayed hidden. I like science fiction stuff but that always leads to topless crap some wise guy throws in with a partial space suit or something. I’ve hidden some pins at least 10 times each but they keep showing up on my feed. Get the hint already.
  • Country issue

    By nordstrom_love1
    Ever since I updated, every time I open the app it asks me to put in my country. It has never once remembered. Very annoying.
  • Love it!

    By CryJewell
    I love Pinterest! I can always find inspiration for crafts, home decor, homeschooling, fashion, DIY, along with numerous other hobbies and interest!
  • Backyard for Kids

    By firstbaby@36
    There’s are so many great ideas, it’s hard to choose. That’s a great problem to have, though!
  • Useless

    By Curgirl66
    I used to love Pinterest for ideas, how tos, etc. Now it’s a Big advertisement and lacks any creativity. Kept hoping they would go back to the old format. Hasn’t happened. Goodbye Pinterest... it was good while it lasted.
  • 👌😍😍😍😍😎🤩

    By مرشتى
    This app is really good and nice
  • Ughhhhhhghhgghh

    By Made by EJ_CHEERBUG
    I hate this new update y’all think y’all are “improving” it but it’s just getting worse🙄
  • Thanks!!

    By Mnumonic
    The artwork and flow into subject matter is seamless and wonderful! Thank you for a truly beautiful application Pinterest creators and team!!!!
  • Pinterest is the best

    By AA-ron94
    I love Pinterest so many good ideas and things you’d never think of I resort to Pinterest whenever I need a recipe so handy to have the house ideas are amazing as well I have many ideas for a dream house now anyone that doesn’t have a Pinterest should get one
  • Love it!!!

    By mana apple89
    Pinterest is awesome! I’ve been using it for about 6 years now and I don’t know how I lived without it before that! There’s lots of inspiration for diy’s: cooking, baking, arts and crafts, home design, fashion, parties, holidays, etc! I think I literally use Pinterest daily ❤️
  • App crashing

    By ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhh
    Lately every time I try to search for something on the app it immediately kicks me off
  • Love Pinterest but . . .

    By susan's crafting
    Lately Pinterest is very slow to load. Every other app on my laptop and phone load perfectly so I know it is not a problem with my devices. Wish this did not occur! Otherwise Pinterest is my “go to” for just about everything’.

    I have days trying to unfollow boards I am not interested anymore and Pinterest just don’t let me, I click to unfollow the board, the page refresh and there it is the board, again and again, I just want Pinterest to show me the things I like and stop seeing the ones I just don’t want to follow anymore, it would be great if there is an option to unfollow all the old board and the peole you follow and just start fresh.
  • Love it but needs some improvements!

    By Chuli1228
    I have been using Pinterest for more years than I can count and it has always been quick and reliable to save my ideas, inspirations, etc. But lately the “fixes”’have not been fixes at all. I miss the “create pin from website” button! It doesn’t even come up anymore, despite the updates. Please fix this!!
  • This is a great app

    By mariah or mariana
    This is a great app I really like it and it is good for diys love this app❤️
  • New Updates

    By 🌱plant mom🌱
    I honestly hate the new layout. I love the concept of Pinterest, but the newest update defeats the purpose for so many people that use it. Instead of zooming out, please add more emphasis to the picture (pin) itself. The links and the new “easier” way to save pins takes my focus off the pin itself. I speak for many users in saying please go back to the previous version.

    By WHY!?!?!??!!?!
    I LOOOOOVVVEE this app ! I love looking at memes but I have a lot of trouble finding people other than that no glitches,bugs,or nudity. I love this app sooo much
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    By huda 975
  • Awesome

    By Saccidy
    Great content!!!
  • Ruined by Obsession to “Improve”

    By KayBee0610
    I’ve always enjoyed Pinterest but the company’s obsession with changing and updating and “improving” the app is getting so tiresome. This new update has a weird layout that I absolutely despise and honestly, the updates have been getting worse. This new layout is just the final straw. Please change this and get over your desire to ALWAYS change this app.
  • Spam

    By CassyMak
    Stop blocking pins that may lead to spam I can’t save so many funny images I’d like to because of this. What’s the point if I can’t repin the stuff I like
  • Latest upgrade

    By Jobeard
    The new upgrade is horrible. Can I just skip the “for you” tab? It that all the ads? The developers blew it big time!!! Forget even bothering to use this app now!
  • Disappointed

    By Disappointed IV
    Models with tattoos don’t let me continue watching your catalog.
  • Are you guys serious with all the adds?

    By lentilgotdamnsoup
    I can’t even search for something without a ton of irrelevant ads coming up, I miss when Pinterest wasn’t exactly like every other social media cite bombarding you with advertisements.
  • Please Stop!!!

    By jimlex001
    I have been a Pinterest user for years. I used to love looking for projects to work on and beautiful places to travel. And then you started tracking my every move!! Please stop filling my page with things I have never expressed interest in! I spend more of my time now “hiding” pins than pinning them! I want my old Pinterest back! If something doesn’t change soon, I will deactivate my account.
  • Bust

    By J0siefeen
    Man what’s up w the reset password ? I can’t even type one in, hit change password and get anywhere after that.. nothing happens. I only get two chances before I’m blocked from even attempting to remember my old account info ? I was so looking forward to getting into my old Pinterest and changing everything completely, this is kind of lame.
  • 3 stars

    By okuurrppppp
    It’s litt and gives me outfit inspiration and nice things that I should think of buying👏🏽other then that I recommend that this app should have a recommendation section on things that I would like to see cuz that would be amazzzinhggg
  • Love being able to access on my phone

    By jspoon
    I love Pinterest but have not been thrilled with the updates. I want to download a pin to my photos so I can send it to a friend not on Pinterest or just got me to have. But the line above it and below the Save is to hide or report the pin. Since I use it on my phone, stupid easy to pick the wrong one. it smarter!
  • p i n t e r e s t ❤️

    By Lexa Rae❤️
    i love pinterest!! it’s probably the app i’m in most. I love looking at ideas and people and fashion and basically anything i want!! the only thing i would recommend would be the like button. i still miss that darn thing so much!
  • My birthday party:)

    By Rossy Pinterest
    Espectacular!!! Me fascina toda la imaginación e ideas que aportan para todas las ocaciones. De verdad que es una página que vale la pena tener. Gracias por su ayuda y sus esfuerzos !!!
  • Great app! I just like this app

    By TeamRunion
    Works well with little to no issues!
  • Total confusion

    By Marko Polo Plus
    I joined Pinterest to find things I’d be interested in doing i.e. wreaths, recipes, etc. Now I find something I like& click on the page & the new page has nothing about what I was looking for, It’s an absolute waste of my time!