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  • Release Date: 2011-04-28
  • Current Version: 9.22
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 157.55 MB
  • Developer: Pinterest
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 913 511


Pinterest is the place to explore inspiration. You can: - Discover new ideas - Save what inspires you - Shop to make them yours - Share what you love Explore billions of ideas to turn your dreams into reality on Pinterest. The possibilities are endless: Color-coordinate your kitchen shelfie. Master your spaghetti bolognese. Japandi-fy your living room. Upgrade your gamer rig. Touch up your butterfly makeup. Trick out your getaway car. Manifest your next move Why wait? Download today to create a life you love.



  • Lamguage

    By Gigi0148
    I think there should be some way of translating these foreign languages into english.

    By ummm a girl?
    this app is literally the best app EVER!!! I live it so much!! It gives AMAZING ideas 💡 100/10 recommendations!!!
  • Dude just let me download videos

    By The cat boy killer
    Fr just let me download videos how hard is it
  • Age Restrictions

    By KyleeHarry
    I have not used the app but I would like to point out that it says 12+ but on the app it says you have to be 13. I am just frustrated because I think you should be putting correct info on the App Store as well as Pinterest. I am not saying anything bad about the app itself.
  • no following

    By princessloafia
    please bring back the following button. this app gets worse with every update
  • Pintrest

    By shirley sweetnex13
    It a nice app.
  • Horrible update

    By cinnamondonut
    I can no longer see all my pins on one page nor anyone else’s??? I spent AGES carefully curating that thing.😭
  • Great App!

    By TayoThings
    I love this app, I really do. It helps me get inspiration. But Pinterest needs to work on this app. You can’t see the replies to comments some times or even read the comments at all! Also the idea boards need some work. I’d like to post something without have to choose a picture. Again this is a really great app and even the best apps have flaws. :)
  • Add a report option for uncredited artwork

    By Gamer2975
    With all of Pinterest’s content being made and produced from users, of course, a large amount of Pinterest’s content is artwork. There are so many accounts that I see screenshotting someone else’s work and art and posting it to Pinterest and gaining off of it. Artists depend on interactions and attention to keep their account alive and sometimes livelihoods stable, so indirectly allowing users to steal and repost art without credit, by not providing a report for that specific action is promoting taking others hard worked content and using it without the original person’s consent. Make a report option for inadequate credit applied to artwork please. Also if you could add a block option that actually blocks a person’s content from appearing on searches, and home page would be great. Thank you for your time if you even read these.
  • Bad updates

    By Shayt36
    Bring back being able to search boards by a specific title instead of only being able to search pins and accounts. Need to add search boards as well
  • Please add an app for the Apple TV

    By Mel5509
    I love browsing through Pinterest. I would love the simplicity of browsing without airplay or mirroring through a dedicated Apple TV app. Thanks!
  • Great app

    By ahruhshejd
    I just love this app!
  • Thanks

    By mehdi naghdi
    I love you pinterest
  • Annoyed

    By lilymaes134
    I love pintrest it’s a very calm place where I can just pin pretty pictures and organize them into categories blah blah. But they made that stupid “story/slide” feature that lets u click though different pictures in one place. It’s so annoying like no one used those and they are always under every picture when you try and scroll down to find similar images. And they never even have similarities to the original picture. I hate it
  • New updates are disappointing

    By Frustrated >:{(
    I love Pinterest, but the new updates have been making me want to use the app less and less. I miss the feature where you could search for boards. I found so many pins that way and also different accounts I wanted to follow. Getting rid of that feature makes it much more difficult to find what I’m looking for since I have to search something very specific in the bar. Also, where did the “following” tab go? Why can’t I see what the people I’m following have pinned? There isn’t a point in following people if you can’t see what they’ve added to their boards. It’s an update that nobody asked for and makes the app MUCH harder to use.
  • account was terminated

    By Codybear1000
    last few reviews got deleted. account was terminated all because of halloween decorations that was lynching (hang mans noose) is a violation. also a neon skull light as they told me it deals with drugs?!? at least 9 attempts later with service account is back up. i am starting to think this app is becoming another tic tok app. i am seeing more videos than images
  • Send

    By see ree rt
  • Just let us. Delete

    By slekiskekwkqllq
    Maby a way that we could delete messages and updates 🙄
  • Used to be great.

    By LJohnson1008
    I feel like Pinterest has become a giant advertisement board for products instead of a resource from other users and bloggers. It’s not what it used to be….
  • Old Pinterest anybody?

    By Lamelis
    Is it just me, or do other people miss the old Pinterest? I miss it. I’m sooooo over every single pin being a video. I hate it! Pinterest was all about pictures and a video her and there… and now every single video is someone promoting themselves. Can at least MY algorithm remove these videos please? I want the old Pinterest back…
  • quick save

    By Viperarrow1djQ
    wasn't it called something else like 3 weeks ago & it was so much easier to just put the items there & then organize them later. this quick save makes it so much harder to keep everything organized. also the loading with the boards is terrible, i can hardly ever see all my boards & i only have 12. also get rid of the stupid shopping list. i'm not wanting to shop on the app i'm wanting to save some cute outfit inspo & having to go through & get rid of all of that cause there is shopping links is really annoying :/

    By zoe lavren
    Pinterest doesn’t have everything I’m looking for when I look up my style but now they don’t have an alluka🎭👑 and kalluto👑😎 nendoroid or whateva!!!😡😡😡 #madfan I don’t find that okay and Pinterest should make some ✋✋🙄#thanks
  • Love it!

    By Helpful Helping Hand Helper
    I recently left a review mentioning my disappointment with some features that were removed, to my excitement, these features were returned! With that I am happily moving my rating from a four star back to a five star! This app is amazing and very easy to use! With the ability to not only organize with boards, but to go a step further and break each board up into sections it’s made things easier to manage. There are tons of unique pins and lots of ways to personalize what content you see. It has really helped me get inspired for planning my wedding coming up in 2022, and has given me tons of ideas for our future home! I think at this point (after years and years of use) I have a board for almost every aspect of my personality haha! 10/10 recommended for those looking to get inspired!
  • Ads sites not loading

    5 stars because ive been on here for so long, but the new update isnt letting me gonto websites for ads that im potentially interested in.
  • Not enjoying Pinterest any more

    By I want the old Pinterest back
    I am a long time Pinterest user. I am saddened by the latest versions of Pinterest. There are so many pop ups, moving windows, horrible advertisements, pins that have been added to my Boards that I can’t even use Pinterest anymore. It is just horrible. I feel like we have been Bait and Switched. I now feel like someone is trying to sell me something - in a bad cheesy way- Before Pinterest reminded me of an elegant magazine - now it is like a horrible tabloid magazine. I really feel that Pinterest is ruined. So, so sad. Stop changing our beloved Pinterest - remove the crap, the ads, the pop ups, it was become so painful to use now. I may be canceling my account. - Dazed and Confused
  • A layout suggestion

    By SonicPrincess
    I love being able to view my boards and their pins in the “wide” view option and with the FYP allowed me to view pins in the same way!
  • For everyone to read

    By Greeeeeeeaaaaatttt
    Microsoft bought Pinterest and paid Facebook to change it 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • Recetas de comida

    By eddie2151
    Me gusta porque envian muy buenas recetas e ideas
  • mm

    By kannesthesia
    very good!
  • I love it!!!

    By orange is love yea
    It’s a great app tysm for makeing it
  • Buena App

    By Pchuco
  • Love this app ong 😩

    By No. Just ni.
    The title says it all bestie
  • Best Creative App Available

    By rize_1
    I seriously love how one can find all sorts of things you wouldn’t find on a search engine. To create, to share, and to even promote your business in a way where it will be reached through similar images making it more accurate to the targeted audience. I’m glad they added back the “all saved” board. A nice way to see your recently saved images.
  • Pinterest used to be good

    By Hhffufudfducgjdhhhddh
    Now Pinterest doesn’t let me choose which board I save to. Everything just gets pinned to profile. So I rarely use the app anymore because it’s a pain in the butt.
  • 🖤

    By mememememeeeme
    This app is great I love it
  • boards being weird

    By Dollieheads
    for some reason today i can no longer save stuff or move stuff to my private boards i think? this is so stupid most of my boards are private because im still working on them and now i cant work on them because i cant save stuff to them please fix this. if this is a new feature or something its the worst
  • I don’t want to buy anything.

    By ughyghhygghhnb
    Pinterest is officially unusable. These days every other pin is an ad, and the pins themselves have these ugly white bubbles you can tap to “shop the pin.” It’s distracting, ugly, and pointless — I do not use Pinterest to shop. If I could opt out of these features I might use the app again.
  • Fix the bugs

    By LukeNateWilsom
    I love Pinterest. I love the new ways you can organize your boards and add folders to your boards. It’s great. But I notice that even when I have a great Wi-Fi or Cell connection, the videos are super slow to load or just don’t load at all. Super frustrating. Pictures also load fuzzy or pixelated. So many times I want to explore and find inspiration and I just close the app super frustrated instead.
  • New update not a fan

    By Priiiiincessdiane
    Not a fan of this update. It’s harder to save pins and they got rid of the “all pins” on peoples pages so when I want to look at pins it’s not as easy.
  • Please make a function to turn off quick saves

    By somee personn
    Im going to get straight to the point. I love pinterest but i really hate the new updates. Make an option to turn off quick saves for people who dont need it its getting really annoying. Also maybe consider putting all pins back on(?) Or maybe make an option to also “show all pins”.
  • Massive Downgrade

    By Prinplupprince
    This app devalued everything that made it good. Boards were it for me. It’s all about sorting and organizing my pins, viewing other people’s boards. That’s what made Pinterest stand out from the rest for me. Now I can’t search specifically for boards. The search results are horrendous. The boards are what gave you the options to find the pictures you seek. Now they’re implementing videos and stories like this has to be a show of copycat. Hopefully Pinterest will follow Twitter’s example and appreciate their differences, instead of being another Facebook Insta Tik Tok imposter.
  • Desactivaron cuenta!!

    By Jime001
    Me desactivaron la cuenta y tan solo lo que hice fue guardar ideas en el tablero.. es decepcionante!

    By clay girl🦄🌈
  • What happened

    By fix it now44455
    I used to spend hours on Pinterest but with the new up date where your pins aren’t at the top is awful honestly hate it.
  • Boring and old

    By Throwpartiesnotfists!
    I see the same websites over and over, and often it’s really just a disguise for an advertisement. I felt like when the app was newer, it was a platform for creative and unique ideas. Now it just feels like nothing but advertisements.
  • quick save…

    By gemini-mushroom
    the quick save feature is so annoying i can’t even begin to explain it. they save to my profile and look soooo unorganized. then it’s a hassle trying to remember where i wanted the pins to go in the first place. EDIT: why do i still have the “quick save” feature?!? i just want the old pinterest back…
  • Please put the All Pins back!

    By Attolia
    I love the ability to see all the pins I’ve saved over the day. It’s a quick way to find pins. But they took that away with this update! 😕 Now all you have is the stupid ‘shopping list’ tab. So now I have to remember where I saved all the cool pins I found throughout the day! And when you save to 10 different boards, it takes forever.
  • Amazing but a history button would be a amazing

    By fun but slow on recharge
    I love the app but I hate when it crashes and you loose your picture or you think it saved and close the app, only to find it not saved and you loss the picture
  • Terrible Updated Version

    By Allison2390
    Can’t see all pins now or what me/other people pinned most recently. PLEASE revert back to the previous version asap!!