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  • Release Date: 2011-04-28
  • Current Version: 8.23
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 161.38 MB
  • Developer: Pinterest
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
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Looking for inspiration? Whether you’re designing a home or searching for travel ideas, good ideas start on Pinterest. Explore over 100 billion new ideas for every part of your life, from what haircut to get to what to make for dinner. Create extra storage space in your home, turn an old t-shirt into a stylish dress, or plan your next vacation with Pinterest. 3 Reasons to start finding and saving ideas on Pinterest: 1. Discover everyday inspiration and explore articles on trending and recommended topics. 2. Collaborate with friends for your next group trip, party or project. 3. See an idea out in the world that you like? Just snap a photo of it with Pinterest Lens to find how to buy, make, or do it! Discover new possibilities and save what you find. Find inspirational ideas from anywhere on the internet. Get ideas for the topics you care about most: - Travel and fitness tips - Fashion and style - Home design and architecture - Food and cooking - Wedding inspiration To start saving and sharing Pins, download now.



  • Awesome

    By Wreck it Remi
    This app is awesome!! 😃😃😃
  • Disappointed

    By francesmi
    I loved Pinterest! But just today I saw that you guys changed a few things. I wanted reopen some boards and look through them. I noticed that I didn’t have not one thing saved. I said maybe I have a different email account saved. Nope it’s the same one. I really loved thins app. Great for recipes everything. I’m not sure if I will be using it anymore.

    By Micellia
    OMG PINTEREST!!! It is amazing! Thank you so much for this glorious app!!! I love it so much! Follow me on it my account is Cxllzen
  • Many Thanks

    By Elle Aye Girl
    Pinterest you have been a lifesaver for me. You are my go to for everything from cooking, cleaning and advice on matters that are very personal. Elle Ayie
  • One of the few apps I use daily!

    By Ropehair
    Pinterest is my go to for any questions I have. Seriously anything. Plus there is shopping and you can link up super easy to friends and share your Pins.
  • Diversity.

    By Parisprep
    I love Pinterest but it’s annoying that I have to type “black girl” to get black girls on my feed. I put “cute outfit” and al white girls come up. Why can’t other races be in that search? Search black girl cute outfit and it’s totally different. Feed in all minorities to searches and stop having us type in more words to see more people like us.
  • Not Working!

    By CatsnCoffee
    I can’t even open the app on my iPad Pro 12.9 inch 4th generation It just completely shuts down! Works perfectly on my iPhone 🤔Please fix :-)
  • Need New Ideas

    By Ateerys
    I love Pinterest and I often refer to it when I need inspiration especially when it comes to my Bohemian Eclectic Style... But over the years inspiration for this style on Pinterest has fallen so flat. It lacks diversity, originality and every single woman in the photos look exactly alike, sometimes I feel as if I’m looking at the same girl in every photo. I’d like to see some diversity in my search for inspiration. I challenge you to search “Bohemian Fashion” and just scroll about and tell me if you don’t see the same or similar styles... every girl is caucasian with the beach wave dirty blonde dry washed long hair whose idea of Bohemian style is an old t-shirt and ripped jeans... I’d like to see some depth, diversity and more creativity Pinterest amongst broader searches. Every woman that loves Boho fashion is not white, skinny, with long beachie blonde hair! That doesn’t inspire the Boho women of color!
  • Pinterest app lost my interest

    By PapierPapelPaper
    So far I’m sorry I signed up for the Pinterest app. I receive an email from Pinterest with appealing ideas. I tap on one of these ideas and am transported to the app that is pushing all kinds of things that don’t interest me. AND I CAN’T FIND THE IDEA I ORIGINALLY TAPPED. IT’S LOST FOREVER AND I AM FRUSTRATED.
  • The homepage is awful

    Please, fix the awful homepage! I keep on getting irrelevant pins that I don’t have any interest in. I keep on getting these random pins (usually some sort of stock photo) with a play button in the middle and it’s not even a playable video. I keep pressing the hide button and it’s irrelevant to me but it doesn’t do anything. I tried following more boards and adding more stuff to my boards to get rid of the stupid recommendations and fill it with stuff I actually like, but nothing works. Also I don’t understand when you just look at one pin, it starts filling your homepage with that topic. Like I don’t like crochet! I just looked at it once! It’s stupid because it doesn’t put stuff that you ACTUALLY pin or follow. It makes me not want to use Pinterest anymore because of how frustrating it is. Fix this.
  • No diversity

    By Neemefhdjjddbkkn
    No matter the category the images of people are always non POC, would love to see more racial diversity in the results.
  • Too many ads

    By emily3214123
    I love Pinterest and use it frequently, but the mobile version has way too many ads. For every 2 pins I’m seeing I’m seeing an ad and that’s absolutely absurd and makes me not want to use the app. It doesn’t seem as noticeable on my laptop, but the mobile version’s amount of ads is ridiculous and is taking away from the entire experience and appeal of using Pinterest.
  • The app

    By DEENAMO1985
    It is so nice 👍
  • Pinterest

    By Emma11SAKA22
    Wow I love it❤️❤️❤️🤩🤩🤩👍
  • Only Racist Use This

    By Jose Luis Rodriguez Jr III
    This app is a catalyst for white privilege and confuses me what do you even do how do you even navigate this app for racist white women
  • It was a good run

    By Dragonfly728
    Pinterest updated on its own and all my boards and pins were deleted, i am very upset that all my work of putting together those boards have been deleted. I do not know how to get all of pins back. :(
  • Great app

    By Reeder 2013
    Lots of great ideas for work ,home, and daily activities.
  • Accounts not showing up/Descriptions of pins

    By jynxss
    I was following Taylor Swift, but now I can’t find her account; the number of people I follow didn’t change when this happened; whenever I edit the description of one of my pins and then save it and go back to it, the description doesn’t show up
  • Okay

    By Imhbuzz
    I have always love Pinterest, but w the latest update, when I click on a pic to see it bigger, I get a black screen til I X out. It's super frustrating. Now, it’s all ads. So many ads, you can’t see the article you’ve clicked on. It’s become uninteresting and unusable. So sorry. It used to be something wonderful.
  • HELP!!

    By HKVP9mmgirl
    All I wanted was the darn recipe! I am not no young one here I am a Senior Citizen & do not know how to do all this Mumbo jumbo but it did look like a great recipe.
  • needs more work on the UI

    By HeatherFM
    I absolutely love Pinterest and it is one of my most used apps(more than instagram). I love the way you collect pins and how the app works. I just would love for the profile tab where the boards are organized and showcased to be a little more intuitive and easier to use, and less cluttered. I think it would be also great to have the pins dated, meaning that the app would know when i saved a pin and i could search a certain date on a board and see the pins i saved during that time.
  • Great app

    By Thebestlistenergirl
    I could get lost on Pinterest for hours, it has great drawing inspiration and so much more
  • love it

    By solarisz
  • Censor

    By liberalluv
    Pinterest has joined the likes of ALL social media and censors conservative content. They are terrified people will actually THINK for themselves.
  • Amazing!!

    By vball22!!
    Best app ever highly recommended!!!
  • 4/5, 9/10.

    By Peyton Barton
    i highly recommend this app.
  • Recipes

    By leos nana
    I really like Pinterest however sometimes the recipes don’t come up like they should which is very disappointing when you really looking for something and you really want that recipe. But overall I love it
  • Love Pinterest, need to learn more

    By DaniJaneK
    I recognize the AI programming picks up preferences, but I’d still like to see a range of pins. That is probably just a learning requirement on my part. Great App.
  • No diversity

    By 👻👶🏾
    As a Poc I would like to see more than just Caucasian people when I search and I should not have to do a custom search for it either. even when you do the custom search with the bs skintone thing it does not work I just see more tanned white people.
  • Frustration with Pinterest

    You send me emails “what you found for me” but when i click on something i like, it takes me to this page about your app. I have your app. What have you done to screw this all up? I am starting to hate your site
  • Pinterest review

    By NolaBoosie
    Whether it’s for ideas on how to decorate, organize, create, or build or for inspiration ideas or how to make wreaths, birthday presents, crafts of all kinds, or fresh ideas on how to cut/color/or style my hair or to help me refurnish/paint furniture or my baby’s room, Pinterest is hands down the best go to app for almost everything I do and it’s so easy to use. I don’t know what I did before this amazing app! I absolutely love it. Thanks Pinterest.
  • App keeps crashing

    By mudderfly77
    7.3.2020: Just downloaded the newest update and the app still freezes every time I try to zoom in on a pin. The only way to get the app to work again is to delete and reinstall. This has been going on for MONTHS, please fix it!!!
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    By Johnny......
    If u love it u will find your passion..... hobby ......on this incredible site and more Best app EVERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!
  • Can no longer post longer pins

    By Imaginary Dragon
    I used to love this app, and one of its biggest draws for me was the ability to post long posts, particularly guides and resources off of tumblr. Now, however, it’s suddenly stopped letting me do that. Any long post I try to make comes out so blurry you can’t even read it, an issue I have NEVER had in the past. I’m thinking about just deleting tbh, if I can’t use it to organize those resources it’s not really much use to me, which is really frustrating and disappointing.
  • The most annoying to browse.

    By Scanner on the run
    Full of ads and when you actually want to check out a pin the image is barely visible because of the annoying ads.
  • ❤️

    By Fr Novice
    I love Pinterest. Honestly i just use it to look at depressing memes at three am and fan girl over reddie pics but it’s still useful. You can use it for anything really
  • I love Pinterest but....

    By Memaw_McCurdy
    I’m afraid to update again! The last time it said I needed to update I lost ALL but two of my boards!! I had so many things saved to make, things to do with the grandkids, and I can’t find them. BUT it shows that people are still pinning some of my pins. Is there any way you can help me find my Pinterest please?! Thank you
  • The besttt

    By farinashahamati
    The best app i ever seen
  • Ads

    By Jfjdhshshchcj
    I love this app and use it so much everyday but the adds always interrupt my music, even when its not in the single pins feature. If you could change it so that the ads don't stop music from playing that would be nice. Other than that great app. Its not even that there are too many ads its just annoying that it stops my music.
  • Problem

    By D & M General Store
    Why does it when I go from email to icon. I loose what I am looking for.
  • Love the app hate updates

    By bresfg
    Ummm the new update !!! What happened to all my pins !!!
  • Why I like it

    By Ebony ducan
    I like it because it’s nice Pinterest is very interesting it’s like a lot of art I dea I’m just a kid and use Pinterest a lot I love it thanks for making it I’m so blessed but pleas make it to were it dose not have to be in WiFi
  • BLM

    By 1212141516171819Ttt
    I like Facebook where they give you the option to opt out and say it is not appropriate. Obviously, I believe Black Lives Matter! But I don’t appreciate any political agendas on these sites. It isn’t right. I don’t want any political agendas on either side pushed in my face.
  • It Just Doesn’t Work

    By TranslatorBentz
    Nothing but irrelevant posts, incessant ads to the point where the pins I’m being suggested are ads (99% of my feed are Zazzle, Etsy, and RedBubble posts with mislabeled images). Trying to tune your feed is impossible as hiding pins and giving the very vague reasons why you’re hiding the pin only seems to spawn more of the same pins. It’s a crying shame because I used to love going on Pinterest to find new recipes and get ideas on how do decorate my eventual home. Now it just feels like a chore to even attempt to scroll through the feed to find something even remotely relevant to my interests.
  • My review of Pinterest

    By tried20 nicknames
    I like Pinterest a lot until you guys started shoving that Black Lives Matter crap in front of everybody whether we wanted or not that was pretty stupid but looks like you guys got smart and took that crap down. In fact when you guys start shoving that black lives matter crap I got rid of the app I just recently got it back on again luckily you took that crap off when I go onto Pinterest I don’t need to be reminded that there is a terrorist organization out there by the name of Black Lives Matter!! But everything else has been great with Pinterest I really like Pinterest without that crap. Well I did like Pinterest a lot until I went to see in this review when I got the nickname crap I was sitting here trying to find a nickname for the last 15 minutes Jesus you guys make it tough!!!
  • Hard to follow

    By maplegrovelady
    So many ads. It’s annoying. You don’t know what your clicking on and then it scrolls a very long time and goes nowhere. No I mean to another ad.
  • wheres the flavor in this ..

    By itsmeya
    Why do i have to type in “black girl” to see what i’m looking for . because if not don’t it just going to show white people doing the the style , and it don’t even be right . but then when i type in “black girl” still see white females. they can’t even dress .
  • It’s good for looking up things for your birthday party and other stuff

    By nolani22
  • Good format, Bad Diversity

    By Violet Johnson
    I love this app for generating creativity but it’s pretty Caucasian and has very little content revolving around non-traditional ideas. For example, if you search for “outfits” you will find no varied skin types, genders, or body types. It’s the same white, skinny girl portrayed a thousand different ways. I really struggle to find content I can relate to as far as body image/culture goes. Besides that, it’s a great app in format, I just wish Pinterest could help generate more diversity in their pins through accessible categories/search results. Just a thought.