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  • Release Date: 2011-04-28
  • Current Version: 7.36
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 154.15 MB
  • Developer: Pinterest
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 4 695 328


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  • Cannot Login

    By Chancemom12
    I have been unable to even login to Pinterest not only on the app but also on my computer. Please fix the SSL connection.
  • Love the app.. updates not as much

    By elizajames5445
    I love this app. I use it daily. I greatly dislike the following tab after these last updates. Those are the pins I want to see. You cannot just open them to see what the info is on the pin it takes you directly to the site. I don’t want that at that point in my browsing! Other than that tab I love this app. Please fix that developers, I know I’m not the only one. My friends and I all noticed when this changed.
  • Can we opt for the original version?

    By maribelle88
    I don’t even want to use the new updated one. Once you scroll, there’s the awkward median panel for home button, friends, notifications and your own page right in the middle. I can’t hit my page to look at my boards.. ay caramba. More unnecessary pages. Please for the love of Pinterest, return the OG version. I can’t be alone in this.
  • Love the site HATE THE APP!

    By sophieturnerm
    I love Pinterest so much, the concept and idea is amazing!! However the app is HORRIBLE! I’m not sure what’s going on with this app but every week it seems to be getting worse! Please fix the app before “trying” to get a new update every week! Sit down and actually fix the problems! First of all now when I click on a picture instead of the picture showing up the next image pops up! Then when I try to click on a post it shows half of the page and splits the other half with the next image making the post impossible to see! I hate this app so much
  • Try again, Pinterest

    By get it in writing
    Today’s update is a failure on my iPad. When I try to pin from the email that was sent, I can only see the bottom page of similars. I have to turn the iPad vertical to see the top Save picture. Everything worked perfectly until I did the update.
  • Why

    By Reaper69s
    This lady update so unnecessary and problematic. Trying to browse through and it keeps freezing or booting me or of the app. Update was pointless.
  • Not happy with the new update

    By babsluvs2tch
    I received a new phone and had to download the new app. It freezes at least once ever 15 minutes. Stupid and time consuming. Also, can’t get to my boards sometimes.
  • I love Pinterest but...

    By (•_•)p
    I used to get on Pinterest every day. Now with all of the updates, I can’t ever get used to it. Also, I can’t get out of the comments whenever I am in them. Is that supposed to be like that or ????
  • Annoying updates

    By samanthas94
    Pinterest has basically ruined this app, unfortunately since it used to be my favorite. The latest update is cutting off the top and bottom of long pins when I click on it, making some of the funny long pins impossible to read or enjoy.
  • Frustrating!!

    By am135689043112457900
    I like the idea of the app but it’s CONSTANTLY freezing so I have to close it out and reopen and then lose whatever page I was on. Needs serious fixing!
  • “Following” feed layout

    By hedi12
    I generally like Pinterest, but the layout of the “following” feed drives me crazy. Why do I have to look at one pin at a time instead of enjoying the multi-pin format of literally every other feed!?? My theory is that Pinterest does not want me to use that feed, but those are the people I actually want to follow. Super annoying, uncustomizable “feature” of the app.
  • My life’s inspirations! But those updates though...

    By MMckinley825
    Avid Pinner for many years...don’t know how I’d live without this app; however...the updates are killer and it seems like the app is functioning worse and worse. It is basically too frustrating to use as an app now and I can only use it on a desktop. Constantly freezing or acting funny....get it together! I need my Pinterest!
  • Buggy

    By Kabrhcs
    Last update. Now freezing
  • Stop the updates!!!

    By maddarb
    Please stop changing the layout and search and everything else randomly when it did not need fixing!! I used to love Pinterest but now find it was more difficult and annoying to operate. Please go back to the old layouts. I also do not hardly see anything new anymore. I constantly see the same things no matter how many times i refresh as if the algorithm has changed. I desperately want the old Pinterest back! Don’t fix what isn't broken!!
  • It’s fine

    By honestabe1234
    Sometimes super hard to find what you’re looking for. Like I’ll type vegetarian and I’ll get meat pins ........ something wrong there. Also, can you make it easier to delete a pin?? Why is it SO MANY STEPS! I have to click the pin, hit the edit button, then delete. Why can’t I just double tap to un-pin. Or something easier? There should be a shortcut to clean my boards up. Otherwise, it’s a good way to get ideas based off a key word. When it works the way you want it to.
  • Its good, but...

    By PokeyTango
    I love pinterest. It’s a great app to get dinner and other inspiration from. BUT I would love if there was an option in settings where I can turn off the auto-play for videos or have all the videos muted, then turn the volume on manually. I only came for pictures and other things. NOT to constantly be startled by auto-play videos with the volume on full-blast (although the volume thing can be my fault on the occasion where I have it turned up fully. I love Pinterest, but there could be a few modifications to the settings.
  • The best part

    By haleycake1122
    The beast part is it has YouTube links and so when my mom that I just put as 🤮 in my phone says “No more screen time” i can still wach meh fav videos , but ya’ll might not have terrible moms sooooooo
  • Awful

    By cupcakelover112407
    I just don’t like it!First off there is too many updates that make it worse.So many bugs!I used to love but now I hate it.You should never get it.And it doesn’t work!
  • Great but...

    By SophCatGamer
    I love the app there’s nothing bad I could say about it except, I can’t see the amount of pins my pictures have and it’s not like I’m competitive about it, but it’s always cool to see how many it can get and just makes me happy people enjoy my wallpapers that I make. That’s the only thing I would suggest.
  • Great on Great

    By Harlem 1295
    Love it
  • I swear the updates get worse and worse

    By 13568965436789964
    This new update is horrible i cant find my account unbelievable!Now i cant see my account or my boards!!!!😡
  • Great app!

    By lzymzy
    I love this app!!!! Whenever I am down, I can just look at some GREAT ideas! I truly recommend this app.
  • Stop updating

    By bdsnsnwkskqwnzbne
    Now I have been ok with the updates but lately it has been getting worse first it was freezing and now it just does not work
  • Pinterest is one of my fav apps

    By maya the honest one
    Pinstrest is my fav app , it allows you to be unique and be stylish
  • Amazing

    By Jackie_Hart
  • Wish it worked

    By getittogwther
    It’s great when it works but lately it freezes up every.single.time.
  • Used to LOVE Pinterest

    By RachelAnne2012
    As time goes by, I’m seeing so many more advertisements, most are completely irrelevant and do not interest me. My homepage used to be fairly intriguing, having lots of content I enjoyed. Nowadays I have to search quite a bit to find pictures I’m interested in. And that does not guarantee I’ll find anything. I don’t know if it’s just me—but the impact/quality of the pictures I’m seeing is just not there. Are there less beautiful abstract art paintings around now or have I just seen/pinned them already?
  • Problems

    By Jslm2
    I, too, am having annoying glitches with Pinterest. 1. It freezes. Then I have to reboot my iPad to get it back. 2. It doesn’t add followers. Even though I’ve received notifications that they’ve joined—nothing. 3. It can’t even count followers correctly. It tells me I have, for instance, 170 followers. Yet, if I physically count them, there are 169 separate medallions. 4. The notification bar at the bottom of the page has shrunk to half size. Pain in the —-. 5. Programmers have told me to delete and reload the app. Nothing has changed. 6 I am working off a 128 gb iPad less than a year old. I have 115 gb of free space. 7. None of my other apps are experiencing problems. 8. I have screenshots to document all of this. 9. I’m tired of being answered by a robot. Good idea, lousy implementation. Sure would love some help with these issues. Edited to add: Angie did respond. But, her answers did not address the problems. Very disappointing. I truly hope that she reconsiders the items I have pointed and puts some time into thoughtful answers that could help solve these annoying glitches. 1. The app freezes—frequently. I have more than adequate gb space and no other apps are causing problems. 2. I keep a separate list of followers to compare against those listed by Pinterest, by date of notification. Several followers have not ever made it to the list. Yet, she claims they have unfollowed. How does that happen? I can understand once or twice, but this many? I have screenshots that she can look at. 3. Notification bar at bottom of screen remains half size and annoying. Per instructions, I have emptied caches, and deleted and reinstalled the app—3 separate times. I sure would like to rate this higher. It’s a great concept, but the bugs and crashes are irritating. 10/20/19 I sure would like to rate this higher. It fills a need for many of us. Great resource, great entertainment. But, please, address my concerns. I’m SURE that I’m not the only one with these glitches.
  • Love The Website, Not A Fan Of The App.

    By Sd.Bri32
    Lot’s of little glitches throughout the app. Sometimes it just freezes & I have to wait it out (can’t close the app & open it up again because it will still be frozen on the same screen) until it finally closes on its own. Other times I’ll click to read the comments but their won’t be a “Back Button” so I have to close the app in order to get out of those comments. These mentioned glitches can be quite frustrating to deal with, However, I still love the website itself. This site has allowed me to expand my horizons in so many ways such as more recipes I’ve found that have been staples in our home, from DIY crafts to DIY furniture, workout routines, etc. & all while keeping ideas in their designated Boards so you can some back time & time again to the specified Pin. So like my Caption says, love the website but not exactly a fan of their app. They can do better about fixing these glitches so us users can have a smooth experience.
  • Ruining what used to be a fun app

    By Majik1d
    If Pinterest is so desperate for money, they should just offer a paid subscription instead of ruining everything with sponsored ads. So annoying to be looking for spec ideas & instead get bombarded with crap that is nowhere close to what I want. Soon, I’ll be giving up. 😡

    By Al✨
    I used to love the Pinterest app when you could browse different categories if you weren’t looking for a specific thing. You used to be able to follow people and see exactly who pinned what on your home page. Now it features none of these things. It’s awful. To top it off, after this last update, I can’t even open the app. It immediately crashes before it even opens. Sometimes change and updates are not good things! Pinterest team, please stop trying to change the things that were working for you in the beginning. Bring back the categories and the details on the homepage!!
  • Find anything!

    By Mrs. Wheel
    I can find anything from choc chip cookies to how to refinish a old dresser. Love, love this site!
  • updates

    By abdjiii
    i generally like the new updated look of pinterest if it actually... worked. for example, tuning my home feed is a DISASTER. whenever i go to tune it it shows everything i’ve looked at which is fine, but when i go to turn off certain things it turns back on!!! also everything in there says it’s from 49 years ago??? i’ve always hated the process of tuning my home feed it never works. otherwise an amazing app if it weren’t for the irrelevant stuff on my feed...
  • App Keeps Closing

    By 0987uhhhh
    When I am looking at some pins the app will just randomly close out and I can’t find what I was looking at when I renter the app. Sometimes it will freeze up too. Also when I open the comment section the arrow that lets you go back to the pin is absent. I really enjoy this app but recently these issues have been ruining the app for me.
  • Crashes or locks up

    By Stanfield4
    Every time a new “update “ occurs, something else breaks! It either crashes or it locks up and you have to restart the app to get to the next pin searches for. Even tried to message the developer instead of doing a review but couldn’t even get that to go through. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Hate this new update.

    By Stephy800
    This new update is so irritating. I hate the way it looks and the way it functions. It’s so displeasing to the eye, I don’t even want to use pinterest anymore. Whoever designed this new update should be fired.
  • Idk

    By Crispy cu
    I do really like the updates but it’s like I get used to the new one then it changes to soon I just think u update to fast
  • Not so much

    By Tomboy 12334467
    Just because I look at something doesn’t mean I want to be bombarded with it, just because I save something doesn’t mean I want to be bombarded with it. This app just gets worse on every update. Now there so much stuff in my face I can’t even view anything, if you visit a pin more than likely it’s just full ads 99% of the time. The app started out fine now not so much... I’m done with it.... enjoy your ad revenue app!
  • Pinterest is awesome!

    By Erlyvo
    Wonderful for recipes, crafts and happiness in general :) Latest update keeps freezing!!!
  • Too many sellers

    By Bdon02
    I’m at the point where I almost don’t want to use this app any more. Items are popping up on my feed that have nothing to do with what I have pinned. No matter how many times I clicked “hide pin” and chosen “not interested”, those same pins keep coming up. I have also blocked certain sites but I keep seeing their stuff as well. A lot of those pins are for items to be bought (Etsy, eBay...), and, again, not for things I’m remotely interested in. Not sure why almost every pin has a price on it now. It’s getting in the way of me enjoying the app, and not even doing a cache clear has helped. It’s only saving grace is that I have a lot of recipes saved here.
  • Spark

    By milkman59
    When I have and idea on something I’d like to create, a quick look on Pinterest helps me hammer out the details
  • Frustrated

    By Mermaid2se
    For the past week, maybe more, when reading a recipe, the app will " reload" "re-open" OR while reading a recipe on the site it will jump back to the top or keep jumping top to bottom numerous times. Not just one site.
  • So Many Ads

    By bvianey
    Can you please cut down on the ads. Every single pin is inundated. I get a few but you make it very hard to read the lost when you can only see a couple of sentences before yet another ad. It’s getting old. Please stop.
  • TamTam💜

    By Tammy 💛
    I absolutely love this app it has a little bit of everything & anything you could possibly be looking for, I LOVE YOU GIYS AT PINTEREST!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!! I would love to work for Pinterest, how awesome would that be?
  • I Love Pinterest

    By flowerrrrgurlll✨🔫
    It’s amazing . Enough said
  • Crashes constantly

    By Jkalmon
    Ever since I got a new phone (iPhone 11), I can’t use this app for more than five minutes without it crashing. I’ve had a Pinterest account pretty much since the site launched and have never had this many problems with it. So frustrating.
  • No longer functions properly

    By Heartfeltdesigns
    Idk what happened but the app no longer operates right on my phone or computer. It freezes constantly- with all updates. My laptop now takes me back to the home page after I click on pin. I’ll be searching something, like soapstone. Will click on a pin, then go back to see the results and instead it takes me back home. So frustrating! What happened Pinterest?
  • Support team

    By _castyyillo
    I have tried to reach out to Pinterest support team over a handful of times and have yet to receive any communication back in over a week. Pinterest communication to clients is not a priority and is very disappointing.
  • Please fix!!!

    By OneDirectionissofreakinamazing
    Every time I leave the app, even for 2 seconds, it closes out what I was looking at and goes to “pick your country or region”. Every.single.time. It is extremely aggravating!! I love pintrest but I use it less now because of this problem. Its very annoying.