Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse Phone Lookup

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2011-08-12
  • Current Version: 3.0.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 43.93 MB
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 5 624


Install to get free look ups on more than 200 million phone numbers. Get detailed info on unknown callers and cell phone numbers. Easily identify spam calls. REVERSE PHONE NUMBER LOOKUPS: • Search on any cell phone number or landline to get the owner’s name along with their address, criminal history and other public record information • Look up more than 200 million landline and business phone numbers for free FREE SPAM AND SCAM CALLER ID: • Quickly identify spam and scam calls or texts with easy number lookup from your call log FIND CELL PHONE OWNERS: • Get detailed information on cell phone numbers and other hard-to-find phone numbers EASILY ADD PHONE NUMBERS TO CONTACTS • Add looked up phone numbers and names to your iOS contacts with just a tap “Great!!!” Just downloaded this app today because of a 888 phone number to my cell, leaving me a scary message saying my SS had been suspended because of suspicious activity involving my SS number. “A good security research tool” This app has surpassed my expectations. Anyone who uses it can almost immediately determine the intent of a caller.” SOME OF THE WAYS YOU CAN USE THE REVERSE LOOKUP / CALLER ID APP: • Look up unknown numbers calling your cell phone to decide if you should block the number • Identify suspicious callers and texts in seconds • Find out who has called you or a member of your family in the past • Get addresses for acquaintances, extended family and others by searching on their phone number • Help keep you and your family safe - get background check information on suspicious callers About Whitepages Premium Membership subscriptions: • The Whitepages app is free to use for basic contact information, including landline phone numbers and business information. • With a Whitepages Premium membership, you can access premium contact information, including mobile phone numbers. • Membership subscriptions are available for 20 lookups per month billed monthly or annually • The first month of your membership subscription is charged to your iTunes account when you Confirm Purchase. • Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Your membership subscription automatically renews unless you cancel at least 24-hours before the next billing date. If you cancel during a billing period, you will have access until the next billing cycle and no partial month refunds are given. • You can manage your subscription after purchase, including cancellations, in Account Settings. Your membership is for use on your iOS device only. Privacy policy: Terms of use: the authority in people search since 1997



  • Love it

    By Ivan20002011
    This one works thanks
  • Ren2010

    By Ren2010
    Please update, this app is VERY slow even on WIFI
  • Just So So Now

    By TxChikk
    I've used this app for a while now. It used to be really good, but it's gone down recently. Now, more often than not, it doesn't "find a result". I use another app more than this one now.
  • Excellent app when needed.

    By Cdr Blacke
    Easy to use and excellent information provided.
  • Farquar3456217768

    By farquar3456217768
    It is not hard to be quicker when you do not give any information unless you pay. Oh and pretty cheesy to say every nickname is used so you cannot complete a review!
  • Very useful app

    By BigSurBum
    Very help in identifying callers and potential spam.
  • Jam

    By Dryfs7
    It’s very easy to access and input information
  • App isn’t working

    By Stevie1276
    When I put a number in to search it just spins and nothing comes up anymore. I’ve had this app for quite a few years now and this is the first time I’ve had any trouble with it.
  • Great Application to Access Incoming Callers

    By PSUMike82
    I regularly this application to ascertain the validity if possible of callers. It’s been a great resource and used often.
  • Check that number

    By LeiRusso
    It’s amazing how many calls you receive on your cell from anonymous callers. I will not answer if I don’t recognize the number. Checking reverse numbers allows you to identify the caller. US is the description and the person in the other line is speaking a foreign language. A great tool to block numbers.
  • Piece of Crap, App

    By USMC3012
    Very 1st time I used it, it said “Oops, the server is down !”. What a waste !
  • Great Tool

    By Stevie Boy 54
    I have used this terrific app more often than I am count for many years!

    By SPC_M0M
    No longer have to guess who is calling!
  • Better than most

    By Evil on the Wwweb
    There was a time before the phone company was hacked into bits and pieces when you could do a white pages reverse phone number lookup and get answers without having to pay $$$ for information. This app is as close to the original white pages as I have ever seen.
  • Great!!!

    By Helania
    Just downloaded this app today because of a 888 phone number to my cell, leaving me a scary message saying my SS had been suspended because of suspicious activity involving my SS number. This app told me immediately that the message was a scam and that many others had received the same false information. Now that my heart has stopped pounding, I wish to thank the developers for this excellent app....Many Thanks!!!
  • Great Service

    By Razzberry68
    On most occasions I’m able to get unknown numbers
  • Scam calls

    By PIA phone calls
    Using this for the notorious phone calls rec’d daily. To date, no definite info has been given. So I can only believe they are ALL SCAM CALLS!
  • Who the £€¥€ Keeps calling me ?

    By jonpaul BUYER
    I thrilled to know who is calling when there is no caller ID, that way when I cant to I can block the number if I want to cut down on the ever increasing number of unwanted phone calls
  • Hmmmm

    By Pena
    I liked this app when I first downloaded it. But recently I’ve noticed when I use it for calls I get, I get no information and I also get more spam and telemarketer calls. I think this app is in cahoots with them. It’s happened too many times to ignore. Don’t download this app. I wish I hadn’t.
  • Jim

    By Jim Hyman
    Fantastic service
  • An ok app

    By cadgemac
    An ok app for what it does but i wish it linked directly to the call ID so that i dont have to memorize the number then type it in
  • Potential Spam

    By Cynm informed
    Using this to check out the phone calls I have been receiving let’s me know whether I can block these phone numbers. This is a great comfort to me.
  • GJM

    By Anjertrlr
    Best and fastest reverse look up. No one else close. Don’t waste your time with others.
  • Just wish cell phone could give more info

    By ccccccccmmmmjjjj
    Just wish cell phone numbers gave more info
  • President of CPI

    By RDC357
    A simple tool to understand where your calls are coming from ... so you can manage them accordingly.
  • Great

    By bmtrose
    This app is awesome
  • Fighting ROBO and other unwanted solicitation calls

    By Debjoan52
    Discovery of this easy to use App is finally giving me a tool for identifying the daily unsolicited phone calls I get that I refuse to answer. They are an annoyance and interruption nonetheless. If no message is left I wonder if I just ignored a long lost relative or an appointment call from a new phone system set up in my doctor’s office, etc. After only a few minutes of looking up phone numbers with this App, I am finding what I suspected: the same marketing, political and potential fraud groups use multiple numbers often with familiar area, location and line numbers. Now I will be able to test the blocking capabilities of my phone. It will be a pain in the butt and time consuming but worth a shot. Thanks!
  • Indiana

    By ER nurse, 1975
    I couldn’t believe how quickly I was able to find out whether the call was a scammer or other caller.
  • Just another app that costs $ but doesn’t work.

    By AR0007
    I’m getting so fed up with apps that don’t work AT ALL especially when I’m paying a monthly subscription fee for it. It’s funny, they’ve got their billing functionality working flawlessly 100% of the time but yet I've only been able to successfully lookup 1 phone number out of the dozens I’ve tried to since downloading the app. After typing in & searching a # it just continues to load/search forever.
  • 5 star rating

    By skippy ✌🏼
    Love this program very helpful
  • Horrible App

    By jec2927
    This app used to be awesome with unlimited and even when they went to 20 lookups. Now I can’t even find an option to buy anything but a $9.99 background check. I don’t even want that! Horrible app!
  • Stop these criminals

    By brendagrammy2
    I would like to stop these crazy people that call with a phone number but they are using computers. We have to stop this consent calls from criminals. I am happy to supply this information to stop them
  • Great

    By Rosa18!
    Works very well and is very accurate
  • Great App

    By Avrahim
    The app is great for getting numbers. However, the numbers not available require a subscription to the service.
  • A good of security research tool

    By Lejeng1
    This app has surpassed my expectations. Anyone who uses it can almost immediately determine the intent of a caller. Where the carrier originated, and you can deduce the likelihood of the call originating from a robocall hub or if the caller is not in the USA. I maintain a log of all these calls to my home or cell phone and the history feature provides an accurate record, chronologically. I recommend this app for everyone. In today’s social climate, the security minded need some kind of edge. Enjoy it. You will. LJ
  • Very helpful!

    By harlequin hitty
    Let’s me keep up with unknown numbers!
  • I used to love this app

    By lovesarahhhhh
    But now, 9 time out of 10, when I try to search a number, nothing happens. It’s just spinning. I don’t know why I’m still paying for something I can’t even use.
  • Excellent!!!

    By FABurke
    I check numbers with this app all the time and it works great to let me know which calls to block and which ones to accept.
  • Doesn’t work

    By Jaydubdunk
    This app does not work on my iPhone XS! It just has the loading screen once I input a number!
  • Bear

    By submarine bear
    Good application to check numbers and names the premium one gives even more information but the free is great have on all my phones.
  • No 1 app

    By P C Y
    Wonderful app. Enjoy it
  • Reverse number

    By 40putt
    Nothing is perfect but reverse number is a great help.
  • Like

    By Ccbabsm
    I liked it before when it let you know the name of the person not paying for it
  • Helpful?

    By SammyPitbullDog
    Not very. Amazingly you can’t ever say who these numbers belong to, even if it’s a business! I assume it’s because I’m not paying money? Regardless, it’s sad because you’re not helping anyone. Wow!!! I tried to us disappointed as my nickname but it’s already taken.....does this scream something to you?????
  • Team

    By Awwshoot
    This is great. Find out who is pestering you during super. They don’t give you one number then want money, so far after about 35 number they want nothing it’s looking good for being free.
  • Reverse look up

    By Blythe5050
    I had to come back and say this is an r excellent app. And I have tried many. Definitely worth the price. Thanks
  • Not As Good As

    By SZimmie
    Fails to find numbers that has information on. The numbers it does find has less information than I’m uninstalling.
  • Great tool!

    By Masoncreek
    I use this often and it is very helpful in identifying spam/fraud.
  • Callers

    By anignatup
    At lease show the name of person calling