Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse Phone Lookup

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2011-08-12
  • Current Version: 3.0.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 38.00 MB
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 4 031


Install the best reverse phone lookup app to find out who has been calling you. Use the Whitepages reverse phone lookup app to reverse search unknown caller ID numbers, including mobile cell phone numbers, to find contact info like name and address. This app is very useful for identifying unknown or unwanted spam callers. Free access available on more than 200 million telephone numbers in the United States. See why 35 millions users per month choose Whitepages, the most trusted people and phone directory search. - UNIQUE APP FEATURES - ○ REVERSE PHONE NUMBER LOOKUPS — Search any number to get contact info including names, addresses, and other public records ○ FIND MOBILE PHONE OWNERS – Find the owners of all types of numbers, including landline, business, and cell phone numbers ○ FREE SPAM CALL IDENTIFICATION — Quickly assess incoming spam/scam calls or texts with one-click lookup from your call log ○ EASY CALLER ID COPY & SEARCH — Easily copy numbers from call log and identify new callers in seconds ○ SIMPLE ADD TO CONTACTS — One tap adds searched numbers and contact info directly to iOS contacts - JUST SOME OF THE WAYS PEOPLE USE OUR APP - ○ Screen unknown caller’s names before returning their calls/texts ○ Save from the embarrassment of not recognizing an important number ○ Identify and block suspicious or unwanted callers and texts in seconds ○ Stay safe with background checks on suspicious callers ○ Find address contact information when you only have the phone number - MORE ABOUT WHITEPAGES - Whitepages® founded in 1997, helps you contact, research and verify people in your world. More than 30 million people per month use our people search engine to get in touch with extended friends and family, research backgrounds and verify that people are who they say. - WHITEPAGES PREMIUM - ○ Free use available for basic contact information ○ Premium memberships include access to premium contact information, including mobile numbers and criminal records ○ Manage your subscription after purchase, including cancellations, in Account Settings ○ Subscriptions automatically renew unless canceled 24-hours before next billing cycle ○ First month of membership is charged to your iTunes account after purchase Thank you for your support! Privacy Policy: https://www.whitepages/com/data-policy Terms of Use:



  • Great

    By Rosa18!
    Works very well and is very accurate
  • Great App

    By Avrahim
    The app is great for getting numbers. However, the numbers not available require a subscription to the service.
  • A good of security research tool

    By Lejeng1
    This app has surpassed my expectations. Anyone who uses it can almost immediately determine the intent of a caller. Where the carrier originated, and you can deduce the likelihood of the call originating from a robocall hub or if the caller is not in the USA. I maintain a log of all these calls to my home or cell phone and the history feature provides an accurate record, chronologically. I recommend this app for everyone. In today’s social climate, the security minded need some kind of edge. Enjoy it. You will. LJ
  • Very helpful!

    By harlequin hitty
    Let’s me keep up with unknown numbers!
  • I used to love this app

    By lovesarahhhhh
    But now, 9 time out of 10, when I try to search a number, nothing happens. It’s just spinning. I don’t know why I’m still paying for something I can’t even use.
  • Excellent!!!

    By FABurke
    I check numbers with this app all the time and it works great to let me know which calls to block and which ones to accept.
  • Doesn’t work

    By Jaydubdunk
    This app does not work on my iPhone XS! It just has the loading screen once I input a number!
  • Cost of lookup is a lie

    By Jenzebel
    I just wants to do a one time lookup for $1.99 as is listed in the in app purchase information listed in the app description. But once I download the app and searched a number, the only options given were $3.99 for the one lookup I did or a month's worth of lookups for even more money. I don't appreciate being mislead regarding the cost of in app purchases, therefore I'll probably not use this app again.
  • Bear

    By submarine bear
    Good application to check numbers and names the premium one gives even more information but the free is great have on all my phones.
  • No 1 app

    By P C Y
    Wonderful app. Enjoy it
  • Reverse number

    By 40putt
    Nothing is perfect but reverse number is a great help.
  • Like

    By Ccbabsm
    I liked it before when it let you know the name of the person not paying for it
  • Helpful?

    By SammyPitbullDog
    Not very. Amazingly you can’t ever say who these numbers belong to, even if it’s a business! I assume it’s because I’m not paying money? Regardless, it’s sad because you’re not helping anyone. Wow!!! I tried to us disappointed as my nickname but it’s already taken.....does this scream something to you?????
  • Team

    By Awwshoot
    This is great. Find out who is pestering you during super. They don’t give you one number then want money, so far after about 35 number they want nothing it’s looking good for being free.
  • Reverse look up

    By Blythe5050
    I had to come back and say this is an r excellent app. And I have tried many. Definitely worth the price. Thanks
  • Not As Good As

    By SZimmie
    Fails to find numbers that has information on. The numbers it does find has less information than I’m uninstalling.
  • Great tool!

    By Masoncreek
    I use this often and it is very helpful in identifying spam/fraud.
  • Callers

    By anignatup
    At lease show the name of person calling
  • Can’t access subscription

    By Mcdsinfo
    I have paid 4.99 a month to get premium info and i receive a message that it can not connect to iTunes. I have accessed my iTunes and Apple apps and they are working fine. It is supposed to give me 20 lookups a month and I can’t get one!
  • Helping hand

    By Raheem Akil
    This has been so helpful in handy for me to find out who called especially when it’s an 800 number or a number I do not recognize thank you for making this possible it is a very very big help
  • very good

    By 空白WeChat
    very good
  • Review

    By Blue-Melody1
    I rated this app According to the information they list. Most all of them are listed as debt collectors and non of them are debt collectors. Them are people trying to data mine a persons personal information to scam them and extort money from them. A lot of them information given by your app are the ones being scammed. If they find out they are not contacting a person but a company they stop calling. So please stop giving these scam artists credibility and list them as the scammers they are not what they protest to be. Do your homework and if they don’t or can’t prove themselves with a business license with a credible address.
  • What a rip-off!

    By Ned P.
    I paid $3.99 and did not get any information on the particular ph# I needed to investigate. The app kept stating it couldn’t connect to iTunes, AFTER I had confirmation the payment went through.
  • Miss acj

    By miss acj
    Awesome app
  • Location

    By Acy 1
    Let’s me know about what location it comes from.
  • $4.99 to Lookup 20 thanks

    By James Wyble
    Nope. $4.99 just to see 20 callers???? Phhffftttt, No Thanks!
  • Great app

    By MrRichMsRich
    Anyone calls you and you miss it. You can find out who it was before calling them back. Let’s you know who you’re talking to in advance.
  • Review

    By jimjay john
    It just doesn’t tell you much like it use to.
  • Page won’t load for me

    By Wolfy woman
    All I seem to get is a spinning wheel Very frustrating!:(
  • Excellent

    By Procrastination Princess
    I LOVE being able to tell if I need to block someone or just accept the fact that political calls are a part of life and can be ignored. Thank you for this invaluable free tool!
  • Nothing is for free

    By Ajanek
    Have to pay to do anything on this ap.
  • Works great

    By Shana Liddell
    I love that you can check any # and get a answer if it’s Spam or other info, I use this app a lot
  • Deleted app after update!

    By mtadrivertoni
    Was much better looking, more accurate and you had the option of unlimited searches for $3.99. Not anymore. Sad to see it go but I’m not frustrated anymore
  • Mostly advertising

    By Joker549
    Not good. You het what you pay for literally with this app. I can get more number info from google search.
  • Excellent!

    By Gazzadudeman
    Works great!
  • Shicksjl

    By shicksjl
    Way to many of the numbers require you to upgrade to get the information
  • Number 1 Reverse phone number look up app

    By glockmister
    Best app ever very quick and accurate.
  • ReversePhone

    By Bear Homes
    Works fairly good some big mix ups. Probably when a number has been recycled
  • Awesome

    By High/lo
    There are so many scammers calling. This app allows me to determine whether I should answer a call or know the call is a scam. In the past I have been the victim of a scam call.
  • Charges,

    By Debbo709
    Would love to be able to look up a number and not be charged. Sorry my opinion
  • Good app!

    By Tulip Snowdown
    This is a very helpful app when you’re trying to figure out who’s calling from all over the country & you don’t know if you should pick up the phone or not. We’re warned just about every other day not to answer if we don’t know the caller so we can avoid all the phone scams. This app doesn’t identify the caller by name or business/company names & 8 haven’t been able to get it to tell me any info on 1-800 numbers at all. At least it lets me know I’m getting a lot of calls from telemarketers even though I’ve registered with the National do-not-call registry. Thanks for the helpful app!
  • So far, so good.

    By dont tread on me
    After having “upgraded,” I have used the app several times with no problems or crashes.
  • Reverse call

    By Gin happy
    Makes me aware of spam calls Thank the
  • WoW

    By Jibergmann
    Works like a charm.
  • Love this app!

    By Good Deal BB
    I use this app. to research any unknown named caller, then I’ll know if I need to block.
  • Worst upgrade

    By 1mcal
    Increased price? Removed unlimited calls? You won’t have many users as other app are offering free usage.
  • Scam calls

    By Garden Isle local
    I’d love to see who is calling and delete them
  • History of calls

    By senior whiz
    Show the history of numbers by dates
  • New update...awful.

    By Mrs. D B
    Recent update totally screwed up...just like the WhitePages app. Epic FAIL.