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  • Release Date: 2011-05-26
  • Current Version: 2.486.426194
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 242.53 MB
  • Developer: Roblox Corporation
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 5 672 345


Roblox is the ultimate virtual universe that lets you create, share experiences with friends, and be anything you can imagine. Join millions of people and discover an infinite variety of immersive experiences created by a global community! Already have an account? Log in with your existing Roblox account and explore the infinite metaverse of Roblox. MILLIONS OF EXPERIENCES In the mood for an epic adventure? Want to compete against rivals worldwide? Or do you just want to hang out and chat with your friends online? A growing library of experiences created by the community means there’s always something new and exciting for you every day. EXPLORE TOGETHER ANYTIME, ANYWHERE Take the fun on the go. Roblox features full cross-platform support, meaning you can join your friends and millions of other people on their computers, mobile devices, Xbox One, or VR headsets. BE ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE Be creative and show off your unique style! Customize your avatar with tons of hats, shirts, faces, gear, and more. With an ever-expanding catalog of items, there’s no limit to the looks you can create. CHAT WITH FRIENDS Hang out with friends around the world using chat features, private messages, and groups! CREATE YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES: SUPPORT: CONTACT: PRIVACY POLICY: PARENT’S GUIDE: PLEASE NOTE: A network connection is required to join. Roblox works best over Wi-Fi.



  • Just good

    By i love roblox and games
    Just good
  • Omg get it!

    By natalie 2.a
    Best game ever so many worlds and you can change into what you want to be I very much recommend and robux is really cheap so I will get it and you can be any age that you are!
  • Give me roblox like mony 1K

    By gichd yo
    Is not good it people can hack your phone that will get your ROBLOX so GIVE ME MONY ON R oBLOX☢️☢️☢️☢️
  • Love it!

    By Hay Gray Wes
    Omg 5 stars this is one of the best games I have ever played, although there might be bugs in some of the games but besides that this game is special.
  • I love this app it’s so much fun

    By BMPonyboy83
    I remember when I was little I played Roblox. I was a little bad at first lol. Roblox is an online playground with millions of people. You can customize your avatar and even play friends. It’s such a cool app I recommend it.

    By wut dis is takeing to log
    dat gam tho its so funny you should play it im still laughing from it XDDDDDDD
  • Hear me out😡

    By liz372531
    I love the game and all I’ve been in this app for like 4/3 years, but I hate how some servers you can’t use mobile’s really frustrating because you can’t even play with your friends in some servers.idk if it’s just me but I just wanted to put that out if it is fixable.
  • I like the game but it’s has some problems

    By PresB407
    I love Roblox.I play it everyday BUT there are some problems. First is that if you are are on an iPad you can’t play with someone on a computer.My brother plays on a computer and I can’t play with him in most games!Another problem is that it lags soooooooo much and I think that should be updated.I mean right wen I get in to a game, sometimes it gets sooo laggy.last problem is hackers. I HATE hackers they bug me so much they even made me switch accounts! They hacked my brother “Epikshark779”and took his mega crow!But other than that Roblox is the best game ever!
  • Really...

    By abc quesn
    I’ve been playing rob lox for a very long time and I spent a TON of money on that game. I was hanging lots of fun but all of a sudden I got banned. I didn’t get a reasoning for getting banned and I didn’t do anything wrong. I’ve spend tons of money on that game and didn’t even get any of it back when I got banned, I’m very disappointed.
  • It logged me out again

    By Sugbr2
    Pass saved nope wont work roblox what do i do
  • Amazing

    By annareavis
    This app is amazing
  • Roblox

    By hsuj xwunw
    For me roblox is one of the best game so yea
  • Roblox

    By Gamer4life2011
    I love Roblox it is so fun I loooove the games
  • Roblox is getting boring

    By Bassi12345
    Roblox is rly boring omg and so many toxic ppl
  • I’m so greatful

    By Angela Dossantos-mourao
    This game is amazing it’s became a comfort game really.
  • I love roblox

    By yehsbc
    Roblox is a fun game it has fun game’s to play it’s very fun to play it with friends🤩
  • Best thing about Roblox

    By evil cartoon cat
    You could Play with your cousin and different People. But I recommend this game to add more games. Thank you for Reading.
  • I want old Roblox back

    By bendy protecter
    I loved old Roblox me and my brother used to play it when we were younger please bring it back
  • Roblox keep logging my game and account !!!

    By explantion point
    It was good at first but then Roblox keep logging out my account every time I log back in , I don’t want another account because I’m not go have robux !!
  • Lovely!

    By DogPig69
    I love this app!
  • Theirs some fixes you should make

    By bob boy 7
    Hello I really like roblox but my brother got his account hacked I he was really sad but it’s not the issue in some of the games I play it’s can be glitching and it’s not fun and when I play with my friends say like in airport Tycoon I never get to play because the game is full and a solution is make the games have more spots to play with friends and do some more up dates on all of the bugs in the game and I love roblox and I’m glad you made it but I don’t like that people can hack your account the is app is great it just have things that people won’t like some people will hate like I have you can get your account hacked but love the app it’s my favorite game to play and you did a really good job
  • The best game but needs fixing a little bit

    By Liv Marter With Emma Marter
    The game is the best with 1m+ games to play ✨✌🏼😗and I was in royale highs trading hub and I got disconnected during a good trade please fix this Roblox.⭐️🐰🥺🦋Although it is very awesome 5/5,From Olivia Marter
  • RB is awesome!

    By 312Dad
    I love playing Roblox it is the best game I have ever played on my tablet I think the games are awesome and whoever invented them or geniuses but my credit goes to the person who invented Roblox I am mostly like to play noob army tycoon which was invented by the MLG gang and I also play survival the SpongeBob the killer.Anyways I think that Roblox is the best game ever
  • Sheshhhhh

    By Galxy72k
    Game is sooooo godly yaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Brookhaven

    By w.dixi
    Its the best game i play with my friends and family i get ti be the person i wanna be on this game
  • Hi

    By idk but hello
  • It’s a good amazing app but less cussing

    By djtbhee
    And I really love it but to many swear words of heard
  • Refunds

    By kaylen_luv
    We need our robux back
  • I litrally get kicked out of half the games I play

    By Jerfo667
    This platform is fun just I get kicked out
  • Layla softy

    By layla softy
    The game is soooooo fun and I can’t stop playing it it is so fun 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😜🤪🤪and I enjoy playing the game and I just…..have no more words it is so good
  • Roblox

    By Celestialbigmoney
    I play this game mostly everyday and im happy i found roblox makes me feel amazing and i get to make new friends.
  • I need help please

    I’m tryna log back into my account when I do it logs me right back out please help that’s the only thing that helps me get away from stress all my friends on there please Roblox!
  • Yay

    By 🚬🚬🤔💙🚬⚗️
    It’s great
  • Kinda Annoying

    By deletetalkingtom
    This app agarvates me a lot like for 1 I can’t get back on my acc and it asks you to rate them every day!😡
  • I love this app

    By JayClimm
  • I like it, but here is a few problems

    By gkalti123
    I love roblox when I’m bored and need to play something, but it has caught my attention that every time I try to play a game it kicks me off
  • Review

    By reveiw about roblox
    I think roblox is a great game! My kids have fun exploring new games and Learning. It’s keeps them occupied and always have fun playing with there cousins. I definitely recommend this game for kids 8+ 👍
  • i love this game teaches you some stuff you make so many friends to!.

    By BELLA/2020/
    I loveI’ve been playing since 2018 it is a very cool game but they warned you can get a hack but it’s very uncommon I think it has changed for the better to like adopt me for example you used to be able to scam people and now you can’t you can report people and Brookhaven it’s a role-play game really nice in Blocksburg really nice game it teaches you that money doesn’t grow on treesEveryone thinks Roblox doesn’t teach you anything but really it teaches you stuff in adopt me don’t trust strangers in Blocksburg money doesn’t grow on trees in Brookhaven you can make friends and there’s so much good stuff you can learn you can make so many friends you can make so many relationships but just as good as it is you can easily destroy people like you can be really mean to them and if I were you I’d play with games that have protective chatBecause there are some games that chat doesn’t matter so you can see really bad stuff and remember they were just kids on this game like there’s like five-year-olds playing so remember to be nice and also don’t bully people and also I feel like this game is really nice overall there’s one thing I really hate I hate whenever I like disconnects you like it says the game is full but I was already in in another person to person joined and it kicked me off it’s really annoying and I hate when I look I can’t go make friends again and then they have to like leave it’s really annoying yeah but I love this game I play so much also I think the roebucks feels really niceI have bought some roebucks and I love customizing my character it’s so fun I honestly will be honest OK this game is amazing its had a few glitches or two but I think it’s really nice because there’s so many games you can freaking too so cool Yeah I’ve That you’re almost every time just tap in simulators like walk it’s really funny but I love role-play it’s really fun but make sure you don’t do any inappropriate stuff because remember there’s like five-year-olds playing adopt me and be nice ok bye

    By XxX2xKillerVibeszXx
    I love roblox I have started play when I was 6 and now as it had grown from 2009 to 2021 it have been the best game ever that l liked played in my game book
  • Fix this please

    By Grade A face no B
    Um every time i get on this app with my phone it messes up so badly. I don’t understand why. I would want to get on roblox with my phone because it’s faster and easier to do than getting on my computer. I would rather have fun with family and friends then have to take my computer everywhere I go.
  • It saved me my whole childhood and taught me how to grow up.

    By Trxaavis
    I remember back in 2017, I would join here for no reason. No one taught me how to play, I didn’t join any friends, and I would basically play solo. Until my cousin and sister came, they ended up playing with me. I remember the helpful tips, the red logo, and basically it was just a lot of good memories and I still play til this day. I recommend playing this game before you start judging it, because it is AMAZING.
  • Ĩ l̃õṽẽ t̃h̃ĩs̃ g̃ãm̃ẽ b̃ũt̃ ĩt̃ ñẽẽd̃s̃ s̃õm̃ẽ c̃h̃ãñg̃ẽs̃

    By Ãr̃ĩãÃñg̃ẽl̃76
    Ĩ l̃õṽẽ t̃h̃ĩs̃ g̃ãm̃ẽ b̃ũt̃ ĩt̃ ñẽẽd̃s̃ s̃õm̃ẽ c̃h̃ãñg̃ẽs̃
  • I love da hood

    By Getory
  • !! PLEASE READ !!

    By apple.bella
    This is the best game you could ever play the game have over a 1M games that you can play and you can I have friends and followers ITS AMAZING JUST DOWNLOAD!! Not begging you but it’s a fun game connection with people you love and go in random places! :) but of your account get hacked your lucky because just use your email to send you a messages ! I don’t really know if that’s for kids under age! Because there’s games that people od/fight and it’s not fair how we have teamers in my favorite game ! <3 but I make them rage quit and it works! 💖 and that’s I all know about game/app ! :) 🌿
  • oh but u can ban me for 3 days and call it inappropriate

    By im crying bc of u
    some guy i reported was never banned clearly drakeisnotdrake125 scammed me in a game u cant get banned for it according to there rules but thats not it he used a hack to freeze me or glitch think about what he can do in other games like and hes not gonna get a ban for at least 24 hours bc u banned me for 3 days because of self proclaimed inappropriate messages can’t believe i put faith in you “AGAIN”
  • Good

    By lolsusBjnthkkvhh
    Good but can be better

    By yeeterdaddy69420
  • You need to ban some games

    By terd112
  • Mobile

    By stisystdtseusrdtt
    First it’s unfair that pc can use fps unlocker and pc can make games shirts and stuff mobile can’t make any robux but pc can it’s unfair and all this stuff is making me anoyed and it makes me cry I am crying right now and it doesn’t go with me being sensitive