Domino's Pizza USA

Domino's Pizza USA

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2011-06-08
  • Current Version: 8.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 203.21 MB
  • Developer: Domino's Pizza LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 5 019 140


Conveniently order Domino’s Pizza from anywhere on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Build your pizza just the way you like it or choose one of our specialty pizzas. Add items from the rest of our oven-baked menu including chicken, pasta, sandwiches, bread, drinks and desserts. And with the Domino’s Tracker ® you can follow your order from the moment you place it until it’s out for delivery or ready for pickup! To install Domino’s for Apple Watch: After installing Domino’s for iPhone, open the Watch app on your iPhone, scroll down, and tap on the Domino’s entry. Make sure “Show App on Apple Watch” is enabled. Use the Domino’s app to order pizza from locations in the United States, not including Puerto Rico. To place an order in Puerto Rico, visit ¡Pide Domino’s en inglés o en español! Nuestra app se configura automáticamente con el idioma que has escogido para tu smartphone o tableta. Utiliza la applicación de Domino’s para ordenar en los Estados Unidos, no incluido Puerto Rico. Para ordernar en Puerto Rico, visita FEATURES: · Create a Pizza Profile to easily access to your saved info and recent orders (not required) · Order faster than ever by creating an Easy Order! · Sign up for Domino’s Piece of the Pie Rewards® and earn points toward free pizza! · Pay with cash, credit card, debit card or Domino’s gift card. You’ll also have access to the best pizza coupons and deals. · Use our voice ordering assistant, Dom, to add items to your cart and to select a coupon (iPhone only) · Use Apple Watch to track orders, or place an Easy Order or Recent Order right from your wrist! · Use Domino’s Tracker notifications to follow your pizza order until it’s out for delivery or ready for pickup!



  • Good App BUT

    By jilnayr
    It would be better if you were able to add a tip for the delivery driver.
  • Can’t leave a tip.

    By thisisterrible64
    The app is great. My biggest issue is that when I pay, it won’t let me add a tip. It defeats the purpose of contactless delivery if I have to sign the receipt to add a tip.
  • Great app except for one thing.

    By jrd194
    The app is great and easy to navigate. But with everything going on in the world and contactless delivery I wish the app gave you the option to add a tip for the driver.
  • Unable to contact a person when things go wrong

    By Smitty_R6
    Have ordered from 2 different local locations several times. CS in store is ok, but when orders get messed up or delayed there’s no recourse. No way to cancel order, no way to easily contact a human to get answers or resolve issues. Last order was placed 1 hour ahead and quoted a time. Went to store at expected time, no answer on when order would be ready. 45 minutes later still nothing new on the “tracker”. Quit checking the tracker at 9pm when it was still showing prep. I’ll go with Little Caesars from now on
  • The Sorry servers I have ever dealt with

    By maha0902
    I am in Cherokee North Carolina. I was in the mood for pizza and chose Domino’s pizza because I love the pizzas . I tried and tried to contact the store to order. I had no luck so I drove to the store. When I arrived I went inside to place my order and was informed they were not taking any more orders for the night!!! Please keep in mind it was 8:00 pm. This has really up set me as I have been eating Domino’s pizza for years. I can assure you that I will never ever eat pizza from Domino’s again!!!!
  • No gift card support…

    By J Townsend
    So I got a $30 gift card, but nowhere in the app does it allow me to add the gift card - like, Oh I don’t know, every other major chain app (e.g., Starbucks, Wawa convenience stores). Really!? Add that to complaints I’ve read about tips, no developer responses to any comments I read, and this is a CTO or development team (as it’s possibly a contractor/consulting outfit) that needs to be replaced ASAP.
  • Notification prefs not respected

    By JCrider
    A good app overall, but it ignores its own preferences to not send marketing notifications, so you won't be able to enable notifications for anything, including order status. I can't give it 5 stars only for that. It's otherwise an excellent app.
  • Avoid, you have other options

    By Darkmolt
    I’ve only ordered Dominos this one time. The app is okay but I won’t order the pizza again. They do provide a tracker, so you know that it takes 1 hour before it even gets into the oven. Then you can follow along with the other steps. Eventually 100 minutes after ordering it will say delivery completed but no pizza will arrive. Let’s see if I can get my money back. But never again.
  • One quibble

    By oldwitchannie
    This is a one-time thing, but when trying to enter credit card info then my Domino’s password, the window to enter that info reverted to empty every time I clicked over to my password saver app and I would have to start over. The info, by the way, was already in the system from my orders before I got the app. In the end I had to manually copy all those numbers from my iPhone. No big deal, but slightly frustrating, and never had this situation before.
  • Requires new password every time

    By 1shamus11
    Password never works on the app, but interestingly enough, is I sign in online, my password has no problems.
  • Needs Update

    By PHN3
    One of the most difficult food delivery apps to use. Catch up and update, Domino’s … app fails to process order payment 1/2 the time for no reason (not declined payment or any issue on our end) … if you retry it 2-3x then suddenly it works. Order interface gets stuck and often your entire order has to be re-entered. One of the hardest delivery orders I’ve ever had to place.
  • Great, tracker doesn't update itself

    By hatethis:)
    The tracker doesn't update itself usually. I'll get a notification from dominos that the deliverer is on their way and then when I go to the app, it says it's still being checked. Even closing and reopening the app doesn't fix it.
  • No more National coupons

    By Sondej
    For some reason at some point the dominoes app stopped showing me National coupons at every location. Pizza is overpriced otherwise.
  • Why can I not enter a tip?

    By Jschriefer
    I love the app to order pizza but l can not enter a tip on iPad.
  • Works fine but has some issues

    By Zidd04
    Would like portrait mode support on the iPad.
  • Good, but how to tip?

    By PizzaAlleyne
    The app would be better if it added a tipping part to the check out like Pizza Hut.
  • Occasionally sends order TO THE WRONG STATE

    By Jcowmfjfne
    I’ve deleted previous addresses, and have lived in a different state for over a year AND IT STILL AUTOCORRECTS TO A YEAR OLD ADDRESS OCCASIONALLY.
  • App works fine…low-contrast small text is useless

    By demjones55
    What graphic designer thought that low-contrast small text would be useful. At best it is grossly inconvenient. More often it sends me to competitors’ apps that are more legible.
  • Review

    By wife and me
    I ordered a Brooklyn style large pizza at domino’s onCheery Hill Rd, Sun City Ca It probably the worst pizza my wife and I had The crust end was burned and pie itself was extremely soft My name is Andy and this pie was picked up at 5:45 pm on Sunday 9/5/21. My phone is362-620-4677
  • Pricing not kept up to date

    By fieldtripz
    For months now there is an error on the National coupon for carry-out items at $7.99. The coupon on this app states “Carryout pizza & chicken for $7.99 each: All pizzas up to 3 toppings on any of our 5 crusts or 10-piece wings or boneless chicken. Excludes XL & Specialty pizzas. Crust availability varies by size.” Every time I order the Plain 10-piece wings, the app price has been $10.99 each for Carryout. Only pizza gets the $7.99 price. Either the app prices are not keeping up to date or the coupon isn’t valid anymore. It’s been like this for months. What other meaning is there for “10-piece wings or boneless chicken”? I get charged $10.99 for them every time with this app.
  • Deleting until GPS is fixed

    By Danny McVey
    Something has changed since the last time I used this app. When I have it open in the background, the GPS indicator turns blue as if Dominos needs my exact location even when I’m done using the app. Not cool. Deleting.
  • Mistake or nah?

    By dubb142
    Just placed my first order for a large specialty pizza with 1 dipping sauce. Contactless delivery so I waited for the delivery driver to leave. I go to grab my order a few minutes later and there was also a stuffed cheesy bread left. 🤫😳 Thank you Dominos!
  • Eh

    By srzyl
    Good for ordering quickly but there’s this annoying bug (or it could be intentional) where the app counts cheese (not extra cheese) as a topping so while they’re advertising 3 toppings it’s actually only 1-2 toppings depending on which ones you choose
  • Sadly 1 star

    By Rafy360
    Sadly I have to give this a 1 start because I moved to robbinsdale Minnesota and they can’t deliver to my place in the city’s ? Weird.
  • Not bad but still has flaws

    By Pa-Vero
    I used to use this app for ordering my pizza. It was perfect timing on my way home from work. Now, however, I had to switch to their competitor because this app no longer allows to add ham to my pizza. It says the place is out of ham but if you ask staff when are they gonna get ham, they say they have ham. Just that the app is to blame. They suggested calling in but I hate calling. So now I’m ordering elsewhere. Not cool, Domino’s! Fix your problem!
  • Where’s the ham??

    By Bones536
    I always had my Hawaiian pizza but not now because there’s no ham! But I love you guys anyways!
  • Why Can’t You Add a Tip?

    By SkrabbleKitty
    The pizza and other food are great, but there should be a place in the app to add a tip for the delivery person.
  • NO HAM!

    By Tk47mk19
  • Tips

    By 3321cat
    I wish there was a way to leave the delivery person a tip through the app.
  • Difficult

    By rkmimi
    It seems that the main purpose of your app is to signup people for your rewards program and email advertising. This makes it difficult to navigate if you are just trying to order a pizza. Counterproductive.
  • Needs work

    By Qdog42
    Timing of when driver arrives with delivery is not accurate.
  • Constantly sends my order to the wrong store

    By trebory6
    This app never lists the closest store. I’ve got a dominoes less than five minutes away from where I live, so I’d much rather go pick it up. But the app constantly sends it to a store that’s a 20 minute drive away. So frustrating.
  • 2 min carryout FAIL

    By MobilePayMan
    My review is mainly with the execution of pickup notification, specifically the 2 minute carryout/pickup guarantee. The app itself is quite fantastic. Every. Single. Time. I do car-side pickup, I park in front of the store, tap the “I’m here” button and wait. The countdown timer starts at 2:00 and then stops, saying “You’re pizza has been delivered, enjoy!” But no. That’s never the case. Maybe 3-4 (or 5 or minutes sometimes) AFTER THE TIMER STOPS the pizza comes out. Concept is great - however if you’re going to say 2 minutes or free then do it. If not, that’s fine, but don’t advertise as such.
  • Couldn’t order without the app

    By UKxPat
    The website would not work properly so I had to get the app.
  • Hhhmmmm… really?!

    By No ApplePay X2 👎🏻
    Imagine this you make an app that works with that phone and is intelligent enough to accept payment methods from said phone. To be more clear.. why make an app for apple if you can’t accept Apple Pay? This is my second attempt at downloading your app to see its capabilities. Second deletion.
  • No tip option

    By Belkul
    We are consistently moving towards a paperless society. This app has no option for me to tip the driver, and I rarely carry cash in my pocket anymore. That needs to be addressed
  • This normally works great.

    By Zac St
    Never had an issue using this app until today, 3 Sep, 21. For some reason the app placed my order at a dominoes in Maryland while I’m in Kansas and have been for a couple years. Ordered through the app quite a few times since I’ve been in Kansas, but for some reason it decided to send my order to Aberdeen, MD today rather than Manhattan, KS. Guess I’ll just cook tonight instead.

    By The_FeArLeSs_One
    Must streamline the curbside pickup by saving the vehicle info. I have poor signal and it’s aggravating when trying to place an order having to put all the info that should be saved in my profile! Multiple orders should be saved so you can choose quickly and efficiently! Even Walmart saves my vehicle info. I’m tired of jumping hoops to place an order.
  • Whack

    By urmomvirginity
    Won’t even let you see a menu at all 😬😐
  • Scam artists

    By The beast game review
    This was a good trick by Dominos haha they bait you into downloading the app and buying pizza for points then once you get enough points they LOG YOU OUT and make it virtually impossible to change your password… developers are clearly very hebrew
  • Spam Notifications

    By Nacket
    An app that sends “Order now!” notifications that you can’t disable? Absolutely not. Deleted.
  • Unable to place order

    By Boston6996
    I had a free pizza available and am unable to use it both on and then downloaded the app and still can’t use it! I ended up having to call to make my order after trying to order online for 15 minutes, and of course had to pay for it since they couldn’t see that I’m supposed to have a free pizza
  • Ham out of stock on app but when i call shop they have it !!?!

    By ChairmanZa
    Overall great app lets you know everything about your order, however it also tweaks saying there out of ham and when I call the store directly they have ham. Grinds my gears…
  • Locked and password reset doesn’t work

    By Shankdizzle
    Been waiting 20 minutes for the password reset email. Papa John’s tonight I guess. Cmon guys, this isn’t rocket science.
  • Not working

    By Clarks04
    Used to work fine but now it’s saying my account has had too many invalid log in attempts?? Says I need to reset my password but I never receive the email
  • Please add ham as topping

    By <3.....
    Ham is not a available as a topping but when I called the store they have it available
  • Tipping

    By eggcarver
    I don’t like the fact that I cannot add a tip to my card for the driver. I don’t always have cash on hand.
  • Between Bad and Decent

    By xcsteve
    This app has always been buggy, but the latest version simply gives me a generic failure when clicking checkout. Add in the fact that the PayPal integration is atrocious (and doesn’t allow me to use my Discover card…ever), and this gets in the way of Domino’s getting my business. Disappointing. It’s a pity the company appears to spend more time updating the UI than fixing functional issues, but it’s their money to lose.
  • Confusing and frustrating

    By Eonfleek123
    First your app confusing as heck , second for your delivery option, when it said pick a location and the choices came up, I picked Illinois and then I picked campus and base and my university wasn’t on there and it won’t let you just type in your university. Which is stupid because what are the people who’s college or university isn’t on there supposed to do, expand your colleges and universities list In Illinois because that was just bonkers and ridiculous.