Checkbook - Ledger

Checkbook - Ledger

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2011-06-15
  • Current Version: 4.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 26.32 MB
  • Developer: Mobile Innovations LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 804


Checkbook ledger is smart and simple to use iPhone App for managing money in your multiple Accounts ( Checking,Savings,Cash,Credit Card ). It has a very simple and easy to use User Interface that anyone who isn’t even good with accounting can use this App without any Problem. View Customized Reports, Schedule Transactions ,Reconcile Transactions, Recurring Transactions,Add Attachments of Receipts and Much more!- All On The Go Anywhere. You can now relax knowing how much money you have in your accounts thus avoid overdraft fee,prevent bouncing checks, detect errors from your bank and much more. You will realize how easy it is to manage your Accounts using this App! Balance your checkbook like a pro! Main Features: ※ Accounts: Create Multiple Accounts (Checking,Savings,Debit,Cash etc.) with Custom Grouping. View and Manage your Balances from Multiple Accounts. View Transactions and do transfer between Accounts. ※ Transactions: Add/Edit/Delete Transactions. Reconcile your Transactions by Tapping on the Check Box in transaction register. View your Balance,Total Outstanding Balance and Total Cleared Balance from the Transactions Screen. Attach Photo Images of Receipts. You can now get a copy of the receipt by ordering a print from your Check book App. ※Universal Binary - Designed for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices. No need to buy separate Apps for each device. ※ Recurring Transactions: Add/Edit/Delete Recurring Transactions. Schedule Recurring Transactions to repeat weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly on a start date that you choose. ※Recurring Income: Add/Edit/Delete Recurring Income Schedule Recurring Income to repeat weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly on a start date that you choose. ※ Recurring Transfer: Add/Edit/Delete Recurring Transfers. Transfer Funds between Accounts and Schedule Recurring Transfers to automatically repeat on the cycle you choose. ※ Charts & Reports: 2D Pie /Bar Chart View of Expense by category and Income by Category. Trend Chart for Expense and Income for Last six Months. ※ Settings: Configurable Settings to Customize your Checkbooks App Create/Edit/Delete Account categories,Transaction categories and Payee list. Accounts Delete Lock Prevents accidental deletion of all the transactions under an Account. Pass Code Protection to keep your Financial Information private. ※Other Features: Optimized for Retina Display. Backup Data/ Restore Data via iTunes interface. Follows the locale/region setting on your device and shows currency symbols appropriate for your region Simple, Clean, Intuitive User Interface . Note: This version is limited to 1 account. Upgrade is available from within the app to use multiple accounts. Please Contact us for support on any issues. We have no way of contacting you if you post issue as review. ※※※※※※ Your good reviews and suggestions help us to release updates and serve you better. ※※※※※※



  • Reports wrong and math bugs

    By DebDanDal
    Reports are inflexible and it doesn't add and subtract correctly.
  • LOVE it!

    By Maggie 5.5
    I have used this app for several years & always appreciate how easy it is to use. Thank you.
  • User Friendly

    By TigCas
    I’ve had this app for almost a year and I can say it’s so much easier to keep up with your income and expenses without having to keep a paper check registers, which is what I used for years, and the plus side is you’re saving a tree. 😊
  • Awesome

    By 619Peter
    Love this app. Super easy and convenient to use. I can balance my account to the penny in two seconds now. No more paper transaction book. Whenever I buy something, I immediately account for it in the app. No more receipts or forgetting what I spent.
  • Visually appealing &easy to use

    By Sue806
    I love this app. It’s easy to set up and use. It does everything I need it to. I just have one request for the developers: I would like to be able to open the app with Face ID. That would be so convenient!
  • My Favorite App

    By Ginger 45678
    I wanted to try this app for a little bit before posting a review. I. Love. It. Some people on here probably grew up tracking purchases in a checkbook. I did not. Finally, I got sick of overdrafting, or living paycheck to paycheck. ACH payments aren’t instantaneous, and my water bill had to be paid with a check. And the utilities guy wouldn’t cash the checks until he had three or four at a time! I could probably fly by the seat of my pants as a teenager with my finances, but I now have two kids with activities fees and dances and field trips and it’s nice to know how much money I actually have as opposed to what the current balance is on my checking. Also, the ability to upload images is priceless. We recently opened an HSA, and I’ve been able to upload digital receipts of copays or prescriptions. I cannot stress enough how important it is as a millennial to have this app. It helped me get my finances under control, and now I’m getting out of debt as opposed to drowning in it. My husband and I haven’t used credit cards in a year, because now there are no more “surprises” that we have to make up for. We know how much money we have at all times. Love love love it. Worth every penny for the extras, too.
  • Suits my purposes very well!

    By Sophiemaxie
    Great App!
  • Perfect.

    By Sk williams
    I would be lost without it. 10x easier than using a check book. I use this app everyday, and its never let me down.
  • Can’t access the “note” I made for each account!

    By Tearopal
    Let’s you write a note as you add each account, so I wrote the account numbers. Now I can’t see them! Also I CANT delete an account!!!😖. I go to settings and switch it off, then go back to delete the account and, magically the settling is back on again. 😖
  • Great at first

    By billybob2669
    I have this app for a few years now and it was great at first but now it won’t update my monthly reoccurring expenses unless I go in and manually update them to the current month. Hopefully they get this fixed. Otherwise I love the app
  • Adding error when adding a deposit

    By bobbygriffith
    Great app except it now has an adding error when adding a deposit!! Have report the bug numerous times with no response. App would also be better if you could search by amount.
  • Simple, Just One Word Explains this App

    By Tranrider
    I’ve use this App for over 2 years now. It’s very simple to use. Out of 4 other apps I’ve used this App gives you the simplest form to keep you on track. This App has helped me keep track of all my balances on all accounts from my Checking,savings,credit cards & cash on hand. The Free portion of the App is very useful but if you have multiple account I highly recommend you purchase the multiple accounts feature.
  • Recurring Drafts

    By Ginnyrader
    They don’t update weekly on the same day to make deductions from your checkbook register. Then all of a sudden it decides to apply the recurring drafts.
  • Excellent money track tool

    By lovigo@divina
    I bought the Pro version and I never regret. The app is easy to use and help me keep track who much money go in and go out on my accounts. The free version only gives you the option to track one account but with the Pro Account you can track as many accounts you want. No more papers because you can take a picture of you receipts and attach to the recorded transactions. I use this app everyday to keep me organized on my checking account my visa etc. I recommend this app 👍🏼😃
  • Love this App

    By r8rnana
    It’s the easiest best fast register ever! I love it!
  • Love It

    By Ny's MiMi
    I downloaded this app a week ago and love it already. I will DEFINITELY be upgrading it so I can track all of my accounts.
  • Not accurate

    By Kate19lyn
    Not sure what’s wrong with it but the outstanding vs cleared is not accurate
  • Great app!

    By Qvcfan7
    I have only used for a month and seems to be something I will continue using. Easy to use.
  • Satisfied

    By becca_j_2
    I love this app. I’ve used it for years, it really helps keep track of what your spending money on. The only thing that’s slightly off is the monthly reoccurring payments take a while to actually work.
  • App

    By urusesless
    Okay app. Does what it needs to. The recurring monthly expenses section is horrible. It never updates on the date of the expense. One of mine is set for the 15th of the month and it usually takes over a week for it to finally realize that its late. They need a big fix to repair the issue.
  • Good app for my purpose.

    By Hands4talk
    I like it because it’s simple and straightforward. I would like the ability to add categories, and the word, “restaurant” is misspelled and, for me, that’s a little disconcerting. Other than that, it’s a good app!
  • Can’t export or print

    By baton1547
    App works for the most part. I am unable to print or export transactions. app crashes. No information on how to contact support
  • Free version is for only one account.

    By Stacys26
    You can only have 1 account in the free version.
  • Great app!

    By Fesha 🌞
    Love this app! It is easy to use and organizes everything well making it easy to keep track of your money. I especially love how it even makes expense/income reports according to category.
  • Recurring Transactions

    By castrand58036
    It is 2019 and I can’t get the recurring transactions to populate the checkbook. Tried changing the recurring dates to today. Nothing! If someone else has a better checkbook recon app that has recurring transactions, I would appreciate knowing.
  • Export Data

    By kotafranklin
    The app has been good so far until I needed export transaction or email my back up. Every time I select to export transactions or email a back up the app closes. Looks like the app has a bug that needs to be fixed.
  • Great app

    By Scheckmom
    This is a great app, perfect for those who don’t want to handle a paper register and likes the convenience of always having your register with you. I love that I can load a copy of the receipt to the transaction.
  • Good

    By Nick_S1978
    Pretty good. They need to not make categories mandatory. That’s annoying. Especially since restaurant is misspelled and they don’t have a “gas” option. Other than that it’s great
  • Great app

    By Wulf52240
    Does everything I needed to. Let's me set a budget. Keeps track of expenses. I love the back up and restore to multiple machines.
  • Works great for easy reconciliation!

    By Riingram
    Works great for easy reconciliation!!!!
  • Bugs still exist

    By boz52
    You can not delete past transactions. I have over 2000 entires and I can’t delete them. The app closes every time you try to delete them. I’ve emailed the developer and never received a response.
  • Poor functionality

    By Sadmgr
    Definitely not Quicken! Only permits one account unless you pay to upgrade. Added recurring transactions; but, so far my recurring list is just that, a list. App has no directions. Unable to add transactions from recurring list to see cash flow for rest of month or several months unless I enter each transaction manually. Definitely looking for something better.
  • Works great

    By coolshells57
    Works great, thank you an online register
  • Great!

    By Apple2k
    Really helpful!
  • Share

    By lorill7
    I thought you could share this with your partner. How do you do this?
  • Jumbled screen

    By icantbebothered
    I love the concept but most of the pages are all jumbled together. Overlapping words make it difficult to read and use.
  • Sharing

    By tommyt1966
    Can I put this on my wife’s phone and sync between my phone and hers??
  • Works great for me!

    By @bobgee
    I got this app to keep up with my debit card purchases. It works great for me and don’t know what I would do without it. I use it every day. Great app!
  • Love this app

    By ShakCherry
    Easy to use, clean interface, no pesky ads 👍🏽
  • Love

    By Mama P. forever
    I really love this app. It’s easy to use and I can totally understand all the steps that I need to do. Would’ve given it five stars except that there is no way to put in revolving payments each month. You just have to manually do it otherwise great app
  • Perfect if you like simplicity

    By morala12
    For the everyday transactions this works great. But all of my reoccurring events do not post on time and sometimes don’t post at all. I have events that occur every 28 days and there is no option for this. In January I will probably change to another app.
  • Checkbook App

    By rinajchong
    Love this app! It does it’s justice. Had this for more than a year. Thanks to creator of this app.
  • Awesome app!

    By Mickey0209
    I love this app. I have been using it for the past several years and every time I see someone writing amounts on check registers I tell them and they get all excited to know about it. I also like that you can export to excel to make it easier to balance if necessary.

    By Mr&MrsSantaKloss
    Are you bad with keeping track? This app is wonderful for keeping up to date with your balance. Try it. Super easy!
  • Over all a decent app

    By patrickburke85
    I do wish that this app worked across all Apple devices. I did pay for the full version and the information does no sync from iphone to my ipad. It would be a nice feature to add to prevent having to duplicate every transaction across multiple devices.
  • No Customer Support

    By Me Texas
    So for a few months now I have noticed some issues with the app. Mainly in the calculations of the balance. My available balance wouldn’t match up with what my bank website said I had. I checked all the transactions and they were all correct. A couple months ago when I noticed this I was off by like 50 cents. So I made a balance correction of 50 cents and it dropped my balance by 51 cents. I emailed customer support and never got a response back. Had the issue again with the balance not matching up last night so I just decided to get a new app and delete this one. This app was really easy to use but unless they fix the problems it’s worth nothing.
  • Disappointed

    By Shortee602
    I’ve been using this app for several months but will be switching to another one. It has somehow calculated my balance incorrectly (by a very large amount) and I have checked my entries several times and they are all listed correctly. It would make it easier to find out where the issue is occurring if it kept a running balance next to each transaction but that is not an option. I will be using a different app since this could cause issues in the future and defeats the purpose of keeping a tally of transactions.
  • Awesome

    By PastorPDJ
    Great virtual checkbook
  • Great app

    By Happy_g_1966
    Works perfectly for what I need.