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  • Release Date: 2011-07-13
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  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Developer: Snap, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 766 922


Snapchat is the most fun way to share the moment! SNAP •Snapchat opens right to the camera, so you can send a Snap in seconds! Just take a photo or video, add a caption, and send it to your best friends and family. Express yourself with Filters, Lenses, Bitmojis, and all kinds of fun effects. • Capturing and sending photos and videos is easy! Tap to take a photo, or press and hold for video. • New selfie Lenses and Filters are added every day. Change the way you look, dance with your 3D Bitmoji, and even play games with your face! • Create your own Filters to add to photos and videos — or try out Lenses made by our community! CHAT • Stay in touch with friends and groups with live messaging and Group Stories. • Video Chat with up to 16 friends at once. You can even use Filters and Lenses! • Express yourself with Friendmojis — exclusive Bitmojis made just for you and a friend. STORIES • Watch friends' Stories to see their day unfold. • Watch Stories from the Snapchat community, based on your interests. • Watch breaking news and exclusive Original Shows. SPOTLIGHT • Spotlight shines a light on the best of Snapchat! • Submit your own Snaps or lean back and watch. • Save your favorites and share them with friends. SNAP MAP • See where your friends are hanging out, if they’ve shared their location with you. • Share your location with your best friends, or go off the grid with Ghost Mode. • Watch live Stories from the community nearby, or across the world! MEMORIES • Look back on Snaps you’ve saved with free cloud storage. • Edit and send old moments to friends, or save them to your Camera Roll. • Create Stories from your favorite memories to share with friends and family. FRIENDSHIP PROFILE • Every friendship has its own special profile to see the moments you’ve saved together. • Discover new things you have in common with Charms. See how long you’ve been friends, your astrological compatibility, and more! • Friendship Profiles are just between you and a friend, so you can bond over what makes your friendship special. Happy Snapping! • • • Please note: Snapchatters can always capture or save your messages by taking a screenshot, using a camera, or otherwise. Be mindful of what you Snap! For a full description of our privacy practices, please see our Privacy Center.



  • So many ads!

    By grr8MC
    The amount of ads is out of control. I’m ready to delete this app. Can’t you put the ads as a banner on the bottom or top of the screen?
  • Glitches

    By cinkle user..
    Snapchat is a very useful app, besides the fact that you can’t change your user. But i have experienced the same glitch over and over. I have been trying to change meo passcode but bc i can’t but the keyboard down the button to change it glitches upwards. and i have to refresh the app and do all the steps over , the same thing happens in the chat.
  • Glitchy

    By ElBellaJefe
    With all the updates, SC is ok. I’m surprised they haven’t created a live feature. I don’t have Instagram or Facebook so I would like to have the capability of going live. It may draw back major influencers that SC lost. But SC has been real glitchy. Freezing and closing in the midst of using it and today it logged me out.
  • I can’t sign into my Snapchat account

    By Jayfredrick
    Can’t sign into my Snapchat account
  • Won’t let me log back in

    By jade101412
    I have no clue who to contact but I decided to log out of my snapchat for a little bit and when I tried logging back in it wouldn’t let me, I even have the correct password as it hadn’t been changed in forever. So no big deal right? That’s what I thought then I tried changing my password it said it was successful but when I tried to log back in with my new password it still won’t let me log back in. I’m VERY upset I have tons of memories and friends on it that I most likely won’t get back. Please someone help me I can’t lose my pictures/videos/friends😭😭😭
  • Glitch

    By weaklust
    There’s a major glitch on my private story, I tried to delete the snap that was having trouble uploading, and now it says retry retry retry no matter how many times I exit out of it or restart the app, like?? Okay
  • huge bug rn

    By Avery Muldovan
    theres a bug going on where old things that used to be on my story are showing up and i cant view my own story. idk whats going on it weird. when i try to tap on the old snaps it says connection failed try again.
  • New update

    By ebonmayn
    Can we get an option for facial piercings!?
  • Fix glitches

    By yuhshaydes
    Snapchat is fun to use but most the time when I open it it closes me out of it or it says that it’s not loading and it acts like I made a new acc and it won’t let me in the chats
  • I’m tired💀

    By blaccboobiez
  • Not able to log in

    By loganhorsrs
    For a while I have stopped using snapchat but a couple weeks ago I decided to get back into snapchat. I was going to log into my old account but it would either not let me log in or something about the internet connection. I personally liked to use snapchat a lot or at least tried to but now I really don't think I like it anymore. Please either respond back and tell me whats wrong or please fix it.
  • Horrible Usability

    By Doc Gizmo
    Someone with 30+ years experience in software design here. I absolutely detest your app’s UI / UX design.
  • Terrible

    By drgon fanboy
    Got it back in February and didn’t have any problems with it until recently when my account was deleted for no reason tried makin a new one many times but it just deletes those as well
  • Upload issues

    By hattie_trick
    Snapchat is literally my favorite social media platform and I haven’t been able to upload videos for 2 weeks now ! FIX THIS PROBLEM PLEASE
  • DIE

    By sadbabbyeq
    I can never play a game without snapchat purposely adding people into the game to ellematate me
  • What is this snapstreak bug? or info thief?

    By Rackomed
    I had been doing streaks with someone since ive gotten this application then today randomly it was at 6 im not filling the streak saver application since it asks for specific details, pretty sketchy if you ask me.
  • Suggestion

    By Angellovetoalllove
    I was hoping for you guys to add search bar to go past our conversations instead of scrolling up it’ll take you directly to the same wording please and Thank you
  • 😈

    By gdhvshxvdgdhegdh
    Always saying my password is wrong when it’s really correct stooped app
  • Snap Friends

    By Sophia Alice Sorensen
    There needs to be a way to unadd multiple friends at the same time. it takes me hours to unadd people i don’t want.
  • This stupid app

    By ima rate this
    I’m may get u to my account dirty app
  • I live Snapchat

    By leekitty23
    I have had lots of fun and it is so fun to post what you are doing but with only your fitness or people you want to see it and you don’t have to send to each person that you want to see it and it’s cool that you can see people pop and when the are typing and stuff and all the filters too i love this app
  • Banned me

    By imrickybobby1
    Banned me for no reason lost 8 years of memories and customer support won’t help at all
  • Just a suggestion

    By Hey_raee
  • Bug fixes

    By asssdrrg
    Everytime I click on the app it goes back to my home screen .
  • it’s okay not awesome though

    By uhhhhhh uhhhhhh
    i would give it a 4-5 stars but this app is one of the biggest snitches ever 💀it tells you when you screenshots, screen record, astrology, location, how you added them, who viewed your story, and just more pointless things plus when you update it, it glitches i don’t know if that’s just for me but every time it loads it resets my dark mode to light mode and all my friend emoji icons but when i restart the app its back to normal and i just find it super weird that it does that and another thing is that it crashes randomly and when i go back on and my texts, nor snaps would send to the person i was talking to i still love the app but i just wanted to put that out there
  • permanently locked

    By lamonte2001
    so it seems i’m not the only person who’s account has been locked for some reason without any warning and the support team has been useless snapchat get y'all stuff together and stop locking people out of there accounts
  • Memories

    By bethanyfaithe
    For weeks now every time I try to look at my years ago today memories it glitches every single time I try to look at them. I was hoping it would resolve on its own. I’ve deleted the app and logged back in, I’ve restarted my phone. It has to be a bug with the app. I would just like to watch my memories without it freezing and force closing every time. Please fix this. I’m losing my patience with this app, because y’all keep changing stuff that doesn’t need to be changed and it continues to mess up.
  • Glitches!

    By goth.gurl
    Plz fix this app,I don’t know if anyone is having this problem but my spotlight won’t work it signs me out like every week and my filters are gone Natalia-
  • shiloh

    By shi loh log
    I love snapchat and all but i think you guys should let us change our usernames cause not everyone want to keep that user they have
  • What’s wrong with Snapchat!!

    By samanthalovemiku
    Sometimes there can be a glitch and sometimes crashes and freezes and also People send you a friend request and you cancel it but they are your friend anyway so yeah Please be careful
  • Bitmoji

    By kalalapsodos
    Why did you guys change the bitmojis?
  • 🤦‍♀️🥲

    By lenaroseeee
    Okay I’ve be on snap for a very long time now. Its been like a week or more since snap hasn’t been working that well. The camera is super slow it’s just a black screen ever time I open snap… very disappointed in snap🥲
  • wont delete old pictures

    By jackie273
    i deleted my old pictures and they deleted from my phone and nobody else’s. i’ve had my friends log in and see if they were gone but they won’t delete off of my account.

    By Antonio Aguilar Vazquez !
    hey there ! my name is antonio , i go by antonio_obey2 on snapchat. i been having this snapchat for over 5 and a half years. my snapchat has locked me out randomly and i do not know why. i am writing this message because i have a feeling and am worried that someone has hacked into my snapchat and tried messing with my stuff! i never gave passwords or anything out , always kept it tight with the password. yesterday on july 20, i was checking my phone on snapchat like i always do - and one second later , my phone kicks me out of the snapchat app and goes back to the “LOG IN - SIGN UP” screen. i don’t know why this has happened and i tried going back on my snapchat but it sends me a message saying “oh no! your account has been temporarily locked!” please help me anyone ! i tried changing my password but still - nothing:/
  • i hate it

    By Jenny ToIIs
    this is such a useless app😐 i only have it for my memories.anyways LET ME CHANGE MY USERNAME I CANT F LIVE WITH lilpotatoqueen1 😫☹️‼️
  • S

    By bigzay300
    All my accounts keep getting locked for no reason
  • Please

    By dhhdhdkab
    Add polos for the boys
  • Worst app ever

    By Anthonyseng11
    Could honestly give this one a 0 rating but i cant fix your app
  • Fix iphone xr blurry camera

    By Liam184
    blurry and low quality fix it
  • Too many bugs and issues.

    By queenrowen
    App needs a lot of work. Constantly running into new bugs slowing me down and keeping me from accomplishing a task. Most recently, everytime I make an attempt to post a snippet of my new music, the audio comes out contorted and ugly. Everytime I attempt to take a video, I have 2 full seconds of freeze time before the app allows for moving video image to be captured. Fix the issues. The app is pretty basic and you’d think they’d have the wrinkles pressed out by now.
  • Camera quality

    By Missmira15
    The camera quality needs to be fixed.
  • Give back my account

    By ~Tbh.Beautiful on Instaa~
    My account was banned for no reason and i can’t make a new one. fix this app.
  • Too much ads. Can’t skip it too.

    By Maulzey
    This use to be my favorite platform, now it so annoying. Specially those long unskippable ads. Come up with premium version where we can skip ads.
  • You have a picture of a pig from my flag.

    By نصرة المسجد الأقصى
    We, the Yemeni people, are very insulted because you put the flag of our country in the image of a pig.
  • Terrible

    By lillyfaithh
    Keeps deleting my accounts
  • Discover

    By Play On 04
    Discover content is just clickbait trash. Truly terrible
  • I hate this app

    By Theisab
    So it was going good for the first two weeks then one day I sent a snap to someone and it did not send. So I deleted the app and reinstalled it and then I tried to sign in but it said “could not connect please try again” so now I am stuck in the log in screen and can not sign in.
  • طلب

    By Alialgasm
    شعار العلم اليمني غير مقبول
  • Dark mode please

    By HoodieB6
    Dark mode please IM BEGGING!!!!!