Slotomania™ Vegas Casino Slots

Slotomania™ Vegas Casino Slots

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2011-11-07
  • Current Version: 6.3.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 358.68 MB
  • Developer: Playtika LTD
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 200 005


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  • Looser’s games

    By Gregkarvideo
    👎 Fools games, for thous ho like to be a looser and pay for it to. They set you up with giving you points first then taking it back write after. Then they ask you to buy it out. And right after you buy it they will take it all again. Basically there is no win situation. Sometimes you can spend up to 2 billion points ( that’s 400 hundred spins ) with no bonus games. The rating is total crap, there for - no money for crooks. Personally I will never give them one penny again. Screw you slotomoruns.
  • 19435704

    By dbrown7072
    Error report! This has happened many times and I have let it go, but it’s cost me billions!!!
  • They are thieves

    By durdi 99
    No ones will answer with your problem
  • Rip off bunch of Creeps who run This Ap

    By cat wo
    I tried again and became an idiot and purchased coins. Something is wrong with me as I know with Shitomania the more you buy the more you lose. They also have the worst coin offers. $99 for 30 million when for that price I can buy 200 million in another ap. Horrible rip Off no good ap. Im getting out of the group I joined as I can’t stand slots a rip off,better known as Slotomania. Oh thanks for the free coins that got me no where
  • Game Review

    By Gerri Yock
    I would have rated this game higher but lately bonus spins have been awful!!! While I realize this is only a game and doesn’t involve real coins come on with the bonus rounds and also hitting jackpots..... I just won seven spins and only hit one time for a million when before the bonus spins you could accrue so much more..... this game has helped being stuck at home but not lately!!
  • Very upset

    By fhnagdnagdn
    I just paid for my piggy and got 3,000,000. I was not paying attention and in one game while I was watching tv, it took all of my funds. It was very disconcerting! Thinking of removing the game!!!!
  • New items please!

    By sammy mall
    I’m almost broke and am sad ab that because I want to contribute to my clan. I know you’ll say that’s it’s a game of chance but I’ll soon be out of this one! Usually the troughs are not quite so long...
  • Buy lon ma may. No fun.

    By Alvinhhnguyen525
    Most spins empty..Game nhu con cac. Really really money hungry app. The longer The high levels are impossible to play. Check out most recent 1 star reviews and no more complaints??? Game full of bugs. Buy lon ma may..
  • Notifications

    By kd239
    I have my notifications turned on. I was awarded double bonus on the bonus wheel. Why was I not notified????? I only had 9 minutes left and somehow y’all “forgot” to notify me???? ODD COINCIDENCE...... DONT YOU THINK???? LIKE IVE SAID BEFORE, LYING CHEATING THEIVING, CON ARTISTS........
  • 😬 👍🏻

    By 818eoj
    😜👍🏻 Great game..... The only thing is very rarely you get new cards plus you never get puzzle Pieces!
  • Slotoquest

    By Hagen14$
  • Wild card?

    By Domatgiay
    Ok i just got my black wedge. Where is my wild card?
  • Ugh

    By MelFas08
    Same cards every time no matter if purchasing, weekly bonuses, lotto bonus or ace games. Annoying bonuses are far and few and daily task are unattainable. Something is really wrong this week can’t win on anything nothing is paying out.
  • Slotomania

    By blacblon
  • Slotomania™

    By auntie doodoo
    Why can’t I play it anymore?
  • No thanks

    By bollocks367
    This game is trash. It will waste your time and money. There is little to no pleasure playing this game.

    By taysha_cruz
    Este juego se ha dañado, solo quieren que uno compre y compre moneda, te dejan ganar un poco y luego estás sin nada de moneda. Llevo más de 13 años jugándolo y ya se ha dañado, antes te entretenías jugándolo sin gastar tanto dinero. Lo siento, pero ya no los recomiendo.
  • Happy Birthday

    By Mshello
    Stay Safe Y’all!!!
  • Disappointing

    By 2cheated
    never win big. Don’t waste your time
  • Room for improvement

    By Cindytrax
    Thank you sooo very much for asking, I really think the winnings are too small for landing on certain ones. Have a great day!
  • BeachBuns

    By Lola's momma 21
    My feelings would not be hurt if you yanked Arctic Tiger Rip-off out of the Quest. Nor would I be upset if it was taken off the app as one of the many games you offer. I’ve wasted 2 1/2 days, 2 power ups, and millions trying to complete it. Maybe it’s just as the other reviews claim, the games are created to hold players back at a certain point, forcing purchases within the app to advance. In my case, I have to win 1M in free spins - not a tough task, as I’ve won much more several times. But I have no control over the frequency of opportunities there are for three ‘scatters’ to appear. Due to the lack of achieving such luck with all I’ve attempted, this game has single handedly sucked nearly all the enjoyment out of THE APP I had found to be most fun and entertaining. I get it - these apps are great opportunities for revenue. Creating excitement for us is clearly not YOUR end goal. As I read other reviews, the messages received in your responses do not reflect those of a team aimed at correcting or improving sticking points for users. Sadly, you’ve offered meaningless excuses to member reviews, which were written to genuinely help improve your product. You even went so far as to carelessly finish a response to an upset member telling him to ‘keep spinning!’ Find a balance.??
  • Completed quest medium. 5-28-20

    By pixiew59
    After completing it taking forever. My ACE card was not one I needed. I didn’t get a new card. The last game in quest was tigers. I had one more to complete to get a big bonus. And I completed quest. Being disappointed I went to the game to complete board. And of coarse it was gone. Sad.
  • Worse than real casinos

    By Renoazgal
    This app is getting deleted. I’m the fool having spent the money I have to get rewards and or win challenges to end up playing one game in my quest to beat another round in Slotoquest. I’m too embarrassed to say how much money I’ve spent but I can say in one weeks time a singular game has taken well over 200 billion coins and paid nearly nothing in the challenge that I have to complete to move on. During this week tons of rewards are given out for collecting money bags I can’t collect because the game simply will not pay. I’m probably not the biggest spender but I will say there are a ton of apps that recognize my willingness to spend to play and don’t screw me over. App is getting deleted and my money will be spent somewhere else.
  • Game won’t load for several days now, please help restore my game

    By Webtroopah
    Love this game, played for years but it now for several days can’t play as it won’t load or come up. Please help restore it for me. Thank you
  • Thankful

    By Luckuiiee
    I’m Just happy that over the years you guys get to give us excitement in playing this app. I’m not a winner everyday but I keep looking forward of hitting the grand or super jackpot on the wheel! Maybe not now but it’s all worth the wait. Be safe everyone, stay healthy while working on the app
  • discussed

    By chstoney
    it takes all your coins,all your money and they won’t let you finish a dash or balluka or get a good payout on the wheel of stars no new cards no good payout on mega or star dice or jackpot beware it is no longer fun with them it’s all about the money they say it’s free but they don’t tell you how much money you have to spend on the games to keep going so beware it’s not free i have been playing for years and i have never even got a grand or super jackpot s what does that tell you about this game ballinka only gives 2.5billion and daily dash on the hundred spins won’t let you use your gems if it is almost there it goes right back to nothing did it twice and it won’t let people read your review if it tells the truth don’t spend your money cause it won’t get you anywhere you will still lose everytime. ape 25 said purchase successful but didn’t get picks then says in middle of purchase so what’s up with that in limbo always wants you to buy and takes all your money and coins in five minutes so it’s not free if you have to buy constantly
  • Just to complain.

    By Bigbengteee
    Doing slot quest. Needed 30 mil to pass event on free spins. Ended up getting 62 million. And still have 8 percent to get. It only took 900 million down that includes winning big wins to get free spins. Total bs.
  • Crazy Train

    By J Ponti
    Rows 1 +2 rows are killers when nothing shows up u get nothing that is the way it is
  • Daily dash

    By daily dash
    The daily dashes are now unreasonable . The amount you have to bet is unreasonable today it is bet is quite large. Hadn’t been able to complete dashes in the last three days. Bet requirement large and all coins used up and the return is 0 on games
  • Lousy game play.

    By Wsglbg
    This game is useless. Don’t know why anyone would ever wanna play it. It burns up all the coins and gives you nothing. Don’t know why anyone would wanna play this game
  • Quest wins are a rip off

    By cygaud
    I’ve been playing the quest games and twice now I’ve gotten the bonus game which completes the quest requirements but instead of letting me complete my free spins it goes straight to finished and continue to the next level. I’ve spent a lot of coins/money to reach the levels I have only to be cheated of my free spins. It’s a rip off!
  • Balinko

    By F~€£¥ mad
    Where is my game, I won it in the dash yesterday? Stillhavent gotten my balinko that I won in the dash
  • This game doesn’t let you play

    By update please 2020
    This game is horrible. No matter what game you play It never pays you. It has a lot of fun quest to play switch cards however keeps certain cards you have to buy coins to earn them. I have had no money in 4 months just collecting and losing.
  • Grateful

    By Angelface in NC
    Thanks for today’s winnings!!!
  • Ban all Chinese owned games

    By 1234())
    There should be a worldwide ban on any business owned and operated by chinese filthy sneaky dirty liars
  • Payouts don’t happen all the time

    By Burgereg
    When you get a bonus it sometimes doesn’t pay you or stops and you don’t return to finish. The game does not appear to be random which gives you a bad experience
  • Today they are taking everything away!

    By Losee1
    Few wins, no free spins. They are tightly controlling the reels! It’s take everything away time again! Need free spins and big wins but none around. Getting back to having to collect coins to play! Lots of empty spins!
  • Misleading ads

    By anfygdon
    I bought a coin package that advertised that my highest win would be included , never received it , somewhat disappointed
  • Hate

    By jleitz13
    Hate this game. It cheats and lies.
  • No fun

    By lonmatuibay
    Still really money hungry app,
  • Problem

    By Cheyennekid64
    I collected 2 coin bags today and they did not count so as a clan member we missed by 2 to finish
  • Not happy nor do I understand

    By itech2020
    How I could have 14 billion points and lose it in 30 minutes.. not to win any scatters or bonus jut watching money evaporate with every spend and not receive any slots cards knowing you have 55 cards to get to complete a dash that is crazy.
  • Trading in slots cards

    By sajzat
    Lately when I have traded in my sport cards and spin the wheel, I don’t get the amount I have won. Please look into this. Thank you
  • Tim’s coins

    By tea totaller
    Very big wins also I don’t understand how you can g 200-300 spins without getting a bonus game or even win enough coins back on your spin??? Whomever has.control of the game says when we win or lose. It’s kinda fixed!!and the gan that says you get sloto cards and ace packs. How can you play all day long. And not even get a card??
  • Thanks

    By gramsgrumps
    Can you tell me why every time I finally get to collect points and spin the wheel and spend all my Sloto Cards I always get the LOWEST points on the wheel. You would think that occasionally I might get more than the one million eight hundred thousand and what a big deal to double it and wait another several weeks to build them up again only to get enough to spin two or three times,,, Ok here I go again! I love Slotomania and have been playing for years because I love your games but why is it that 90% of the time right after I make a purchase immediately you come forth with the same offer that I just bought except it’s doubled...... you don’t even wait an exercise day....very very frustrating and my husband keeps telling me how stupid I am. I’m afraid 😱 I’m beginning to believe he’s right! What a shame😢😢
  • Ok game

    By Bowfred
    They gave me a nice bonus for missing my daily dash points and it lasted about a week of playing, that was 5 weeks ago and haven’t won a thing since. It gets frustrating to lose ALL the time!!! Can’t clear a dash, get 4-6 on the lotto bonus. I get that you can’t win constantly but seriously never winning makes me wonder why I play at all.
  • Horrible game

    By #Ima Broke
    Write a bad review...better check to see if it gets posted, cuz I doubt this will again! This game stinks on ice! Don’t spend or waste your time. 4.5/5 is a joke! May 27, 2020
  • Love it

    By hcdwanik
    Fun game
  • No Winner

    By Muffie20110
    Been playing this game for years ~~ once I got to higher level, you have to purchase to win: once you win you take it back in five minutes. It’s Greed, Greed!