Twitch: Live Game Streaming

Twitch: Live Game Streaming

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date: 2011-10-26
  • Current Version: 9.3
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 156.40 MB
  • Developer: Twitch Interactive, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.4 or later.
  • Rating Count: 977 406


Experience the games you love like never before! Watch live streams and chat with devoted gamers around the world. Catch the action as it happens! Access all the content you care about, from frenetic Overwatch multiplayer matches to soothing Bob Ross art demos. With millions of unique streamers every day playing everything under the sun, if it’s worth watching, it’s live on Twitch right now. Twitch: TOP 3 FEATURES 1. Watch live videos of your favorite games, from blockbuster titles like Minecraft and League of Legends to little-known indie gems. 2. Connect with other gamers in real time with full-featured live chat. 3. Go live with a touch and share your passion with the world! Be a part of the leading social gaming platform on iPhone and iPad! With esports events, art, cooking, music and much more on demand, there’s something for everyone on Twitch. + Watch interactive live shows from the likes of Sony, Microsoft, Blizzard and Riot Games. + Tune into unique programming, from music festival live streams to exclusive video game events. + Discover new content with ease thanks to simple and intuitive navigation. + Switch to Dark Mode for those late night viewing sessions. Join the millions of hardcore and casual gamers who have found a place to connect over the games they love. Take your passion to the next level with Twitch! For feedback and assistance, please visit our Support Center: Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information



  • Video and audio

    By Venom beats
    Freezing and lagging not good
  • Hi

    By Donnie bones
  • My twitch is frozen!

    By NickYBoi72
    Whenever I’m trying to watch a stream, my screen stays frozen.
  • 0 stars for connectivity issues

    By Unhappy 19271
    First, the app doesn’t work when I’m on data. Some streamers will simply never start playing while other work (so its not an internet issue). Also, at times, despite being connected to very strong wifi (100mb/s download speed) I have difficulty streaming without twitch being choppy and just endlessly loading. Twitch has terrible connectivity and latency issues. The experience is unbearable and it makes me never want to use the app again. I can only hope another tech giant and their streaming platform takes off so I can participate in the trivial task of watching a streamer stream. It’s absolutely embarrassing with twitch’s size and stature how poor the user experience is
  • 👁👄👁

    By necki menij
    It’s been downhill since the icon change and since last update now channels won’t ever load, perry @. Just black paused screens on every category. So fun!
  • Really bad iPad update! Again

    By YouvanYakk84
    Is there no QA over at twitch? Every big . update brings more bugs than features...
  • Streaming Issues

    By Scauce97
    Every time I open the app to watch my friend play it only streams for like 2 min and then freezes up on me. I close the app and restart the app, still does the same thing. I turned my phone off and back on and reopened the app, still the same thing. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice and it still does it. I’ve even gone to a different area of my house to see if that was the issue and nope, still did the same thing.
  • Can't login on my iPad.

    By Preston Trazilla
    Twitch doesn't allow me to login on my iPad, even when I type in the correct password. I keep resetting my password and it still won't let me. I bought the iPad just for this!
  • Major Problems

    By Sameem
    Half the time this app won’t even load. I’m on the newest update for iPod 6th generation. Sometimes chat will load but no video. Sometimes no chat or video. Sometimes I can’t even see who’s live. Needs fixes.
  • uygulama

    By umutEjderya
    bok gibi
  • Bring doc back

    By spiderpool77
    I feel like their is no reason to let someone go that is a s good as doc
  • It’s awesome

    By TheDrLigma
    I love twitch because it allows me to connect and watch my cousin and looking at all of his sick clips
  • Bugged

    By Treva "F" Baby
    Keeps automatically bringing me to the f#%*ing Fortnite page. I don’t follow anything even related tofortnite. It’s every time I open the app.
  • Its great but too many ads

    By Dantheminer Youtube
    Its a great platform, but you get ads that are 15-35 seconds long and CAN’T SKIP A SINGLE ONE. You have to pay 5 dollars PER CHANNEL that you want ads removed on.
  • Dark mode is too black and other issues

    By hippiehop
    PiP constantly stalling after new update. Also mutes while still playing. Have to quit app to get streams to even play sometimes.. i use twitch 90% of the time in PiP on my iPad so it is very frustrating. i thought it was because of ads but happens on subbed channels too.
  • Twitch

    By stateybrady28
    This is asome Even no that I don’t know how to stream
  • Where’s dr disrespect

    By no casting options
    Where’s Dr disrespect
  • Disregard, wrong app.

    By Ljmwsmith
    Covet never increases cash for game, but steadily increases the prices we have to buy. Spending real money, THOUSANDS. Covet needs to change the reward amounts... From 100 to 500 From 200 to 750 From 500 to 2500 Just like DESIGN HOME. BLIL from 500 💎 to 1000 💎 TL FROM 5000 to 10,000 Everyday... just like DESIGN HOME.
  • It won’t let me verify my email

    By Erryk Angell
    It won’t let me verify nor change my email and every time I try to do so it won’t work.
  • Problem with verifying account.

    By Klakulus
    Im not sure whats going on, but the code it sends me isn’t working. I know im typing it in correctly as ive seen the email many times trying to make it work. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app, didnt work. Then when i pressed resend code, it didnt give me any new email on the code. So now I cant verify my account. And now i have to wait till tomorrow to change my email because you can only change your email every 24 hours. Please, fix this.
  • App does not load

    By Jmbrown63052
    App does not load at all on my phone when other streaming apps do.
  • Cannot change username

    By Kira on 60fps
    I didn't understand how to but besides that I love this app.
  • Twitch

    By Jakefox93272620gaming
    This app is horrible I’m trying to create a account for my YouTube and it says the email can’t be used please try a different email fix your system
  • Cannot play Past Broadcasts on WiFi

    By DanielOcean
    As a corporate professional and gamer, I used to love this app. I would tell others how “reliable” it was. After recent app updates, I can no longer reliably play my Past Broadcasts over WiFi. I tried different devices and same behavior. This was never the case. The video starts and then freezes after a few seconds. Plays fine if I disconnect from WiFi and get on cellular. Also plays fine if I change the resolution of video to like 160p. Seems to me the issue is playing the video at 720p or 1080p. I even left a post on twitch’s subreddit on Reddit and no response. It doesn’t look like their team tracks bugs being reported on social platforms. Hope someone will read this review and fix this issue. Feel free to reach out to me for further troubleshooting if needed.
  • Pokimane mean😡😡

    By bruhyeet
    I donated pokimane $100 with my mom’s credit card and she didn’t shout out my name😡😡😡😡
  • Exits PIP when I get a notification

    By OGRE08
    Title sums it up
  • Chat update

    By machomanohyeeaa
    Can the chat log not cover the view of the stream when In widescreen please, it’s kinda trash
  • Closes app constantly

    By Aihkiko
    Besides it closing my app constantly and the steam i enjoy it
  • App is slower then my grandma on crutches

    By Yololnv
    Speed up the app. It’s like I’m playing Tetris from the 90s.
  • U

    By 35357*5$+&*)
    Poki looks so sexy🤤🤤
  • No live for follows

    By Kaylalute2011
    There is just one problem i am having and can’t fix it. So far I am following two people. Of those two people I can not watch their lives! I tried switching the video source and it’s not helping. The only thing that works is audio only! But I can go back when they are off live and watch the video with no problems! HELP PLEASE! I even tried on a web browser and it’s still not working!
  • Some issues

    By Cade78
    First of all I want to suggest the option of extensions like bttv. It’s hard to watch certain streamers with bttv emotes on because to mobile users the chat is full of random words that no one on mobile knows the meaning of unless they search for it. Also the delay between the stream and chat can ruin some of the best moments that happen during a stream. The chat will always spoil what happens 10-15 seconds before I can even see it.

    By MegaDookiesaur
  • This app is stupid

    By im 3 year olds
    That’s all
  • That is ridiculous I want is it taken off of the App Store because it’s absolutely

    By NoAin't getting
    And they should put a new app where everybody loves it I hate twitch everybody hates twitch every time we try to delete our life it sounds as if our account it’s stupid take the app off
  • America y los video games

    By catrcho usa
    Twitter y Twitter es la pejorative viral and the other way it is not the same but I think you really want do you wanna play with me
  • Jim

    By hgcjjfchugchj
    It makes my day better especially even I'm a gamer too
  • Best app ever

    By Breand eckther
    This is a great app to stream on
  • Delay

    By getxed
    Fix delay on ios devices
  • Twitch staff are simps

    By Reiimand
    You simp over streamers like allinity and poking each yet dr platypus hater man gets banned
  • Help

    By helloitishi
    It keeps taking me to the fortnite section for no reason it just closes the stream I’m on a takes me to the fortnite section on the app. HELP
  • Horrible

    By out to get me
    Absolutely disgusting how overly complicated it is trying to connect with other accounts and impossible to set up a stream with ease, atrocious app 👎👎👎
  • Pog

    By mint aurora
    Pretty cool.

    By Brandon Harris137
    A lot of people use twitch on mobile. The least you can do is get rid of the 5-10 second delay that has been an ongoing issue for a while now. No one wants to watch a stream while being behind because of the delay. Fix this.
  • Laggy comments

    By GlitchBoy89
    The app is great but there’s at least a 30+ delay when I make a comment during live broadcasts. Not sure why it happens on iPads. There’s no lag when I use my android phone. I’m just letting u know, I don’t want to assume I’m using an iPhone.
  • So guys we did it

    By pyrocynical on twitch
    So guys we did it we hit reached a quarter of a million subscribers 250,000 Subscribers it is still growing the fact that we reached this number in such a short Amount of time is just amazing I’m just amazed .Thank you all so much for supporting this Channel and helping me grow i love you guys it just awesome.
  • Why was DrDisrespect banned?

    By hayylmao69
  • Great app

    By gladman123
    I really recommend it if u r a rookie streamer like me there’s a lot more people on this app than a lot others and that means more people watch u and then share so I think this is a great app and if u don’t have it then u should get it ASAP
  • Problems (July 2020)

    By TobyOGreen
    1.) The amount of ads i’m getting has increased exponentially to the point that I get an ad every time I open a different stream. I used to be able to close the stream and negate getting ads but Twitch decided to remove this. I don’t want to watch 30 second unskippable ads and I’m not watching Picture-in-Picture ads that mute the stream. 2.) There’s still a 10 second delay between streams if you’re watching on mobile compared to console or PC. Mixer mobile app doesn’t have a delay, neither should Twitch. Add low latency mode to remedy this issue. 3.) Still no way to search trending/popular clips on Twitch in the app. 4.) Closing the app and listening to streams in backgrounds causes audio to sound distorted. 5.) Make it easier to clip accurately on mobile