• Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2011-10-22
  • Current Version: 7.5.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 106.62 MB
  • Developer: Taxbot LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 8 983


Track Your Mileage, Receipts, & Expenses Automatically. Oh,And It's Actually Designed To Protect You In An IRS Audit! AUTOMATIC MILEAGE TRACKING Taxbot tracks all your driving in the background so you don't have to remember to do it. Later, you can easily identify and classify your business trips. Each trip card displays: -Detailed map highlighting the exact route taken Full addresses (not just a city) -Easily merge trips -Trips ending within 30 minutes of an event on your calendar will suggest the purpose of the trip to help identify it. Simply swipe personal trips left and business ones right. SMARTMATCH RECEIPTS TO EXPENSES Your Only Job -- Snap pictures of physical receipts (Takes about 1 second). Your email receipts can automatically be imported with your permission. Taxbot Takes Over -- The app reads the receipts using OCR (optical character recognition). When the bank or credit card charge shows up in your bank account a day or two later, Taxbot will: -Match photo and email receipts to the correct bank transactions -Fill in missing data* -Categorize the expense -And Send it back to you for your approval! Simply swipe personal expenses left and business ones right! *If an expense or trip needs additional information to be tax compliant the card will flip and ask you for the information. RECREATE YOUR PAST WITH SMARTMATCH Signing up mid-year? -Upload past bank statements -Snap pictures of the receipts stuffed in your shoebox -Wait 15 minutes and your receipts will be matched and ready for review. DESIGNED BY AN IRS ATTORNEY TO BE BULLETPROOF AGAINST AN AUDIT The IRS wins in 83% of audits. The primary reason is not cheating... It has to do with poor record-keeping. The IRS can ask you to prove your deductions with things like: -Copies of receipts and invoices for almost every expense (very few exceptions) -A written log for "meals" expenses that detail who you met with and the business discussion -A mileage log for that includes the reason for each drive. Unfortunately, most accounting programs are not designed to make sure you have the proper proof in case of an audit. EASY REPORTS YOUR ACCOUNTANT WILL LOVE Amaze your accountant with our AuditSafe Reports which include: -A complete Profit & Loss Statement. -Pictures of all your receipts along with IRS required information printed below each photo. -Detailed mileage log with all the proof you need Now if you get audited you can hand the auditor your report with confidence! Simple Set Up - Easy To Use 100X RETURN ON INVESTMENT On average Taxbot customers track and save over $10,000 in taxes... Not bad considering Taxbot is only $8.33 per month (when billed annually). And even that is tax deductible too! If you have any questions or problems please call us! We actually have a customer service department! 855 -4-Taxbot (855-482-9268) A monthly or annual subscription is required to use Taxbot. Your Taxbot subscription will automatically renew each month for $9.99 or annually for $99.99 and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time in your iTunes account settings. Your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours prior to the end of your current billing period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours of the end of your current period. Please go to for information regarding our terms of service and our privacy policy. *Note: Because trip tracking uses the GPS in your phone we recommend plugging your phone in while driving to help with battery usage. When you are driving we use highly accurate GPS points so we can give you an actual map of your route. While driving, Taxbot will use battery equivalent to other navigation or GPS enabled apps. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. TRY IT RISK FREE FOR 14 DAYS!



  • Great Auto-Tracking

    By pawsondemand
    Updated: Dropping from 5-stars this crashing frequently on a new phone isn’t acceptable and I don’t want to go to my desktop to classify things...that’s not what I’m paying $10 a month for!! Get this sorted out please... This app is great and perfect for anyone who works and logs a lot of miles but doesn’t have gas coverage. Also if you’re like me and forget to hit track when you go out...well this app does it for you! Just know that you’ll have to pay for the service after a week but it seems worth it so far.
  • Cost

    By Faoo20
  • Needs much improvement

    By breakfast girl
    Nothing but issues with this app after switching from Quickbooks and I doubt I will continue with it. App crashes even after updates. There was a so called “glitch” that caused my personal bank transactions to merge with the business account and it took us hours to sort through transaction by transaction. Taxbot told us there was no way to fix what was already done, but going forward it was fixed. Bank updates can take days. This app is just not worth it in my opinion. Too many issues and made more work for me in end which defeated the purpose of having it.
  • Latest update 🙄

    By Taylors10
    The app is really good, but this most recent update makes it crash every time I try to use it.
  • Best app for small business

    By lighthousekeeper295
    I love the detail and simplicity of this app. Very user friendly and works like a dream. Never a care about whether expenses and mileage are done accurately and according to tax law. A must have!
  • TaxBot

    By not a DreamMapper fan
    Great tax preparation App for business owners and executives
  • Phenomena business app

    By livelufe
    Best app ever! For business mileage
  • Saves plenty of time!!!

    By Ggreat!
    I have been using this app since it’s inception. It keep getting better every year. I love it!
  • Great app for small business

    By lac home inspections
    Excellent service and great tool for small business.
  • It’s the business!!!

    By Shawnco4u
    This is what smart people do, to keep more of the money they earn, in their pockets.
  • Awesome app!

    By LindaJec
    Makes tax time so easy! I’ve been using this app for 5+ years. I love it!
  • Tax it just made my life so easy

    By Realtor Lou in Tampa
    Fantastic product for your business. Easiest hands on app that tracks your mileage and expenses with the swipe of a finger. Highly recommend it for those not wanting to deal with hassle of writing mileage or tracking expenses
  • App freezes

    By Ali khan 01
    It’s great app but it’s doesn’t work. Bought two years subscription but due to some bug in the app, extremely frustrating that it freezes often and logging any detail is a nightmare. Already reached out to the team and apparently developers are still working on this issue.
  • Has not tracked a single trip

    By Ryn6264
    I downloaded the free trial of Taxbot just over a week ago. It has confirmed that it is using my location in the background but has yet to display a single trip entry yet. I’ve tried driving with the app off, on in the background, and on screen with literally no results. Finding a better app for mileage was my only goal, so this has been a total bust for me.
  • Works great (needs a couple of improvements)

    By mboehmer
    Works great for automatically tracking your mileage. But, the expense tracking is kind of a pain in the butt.. Could you PLEASE make the cropping feature for receipts more user friendly? Being able to crop the receipt the same way we do with photos would be great instead of having to move all 4 corners to crop.. or at least the ability to turn off cropping and we can just take pics and crop them with our phones before we upload to the app.
  • Best and easiest way to log expenses!

    By I Hate Taxes
    I hate taxes I hate tracking expenses! This app makes it fun and fast. It’s 100.00 a year but I bet I’ll get thousands more back because of this easy app!
  • What every business person needs!

    By William Hovel
    The simplicity is awesome and I love that the Founder is on our side
  • Saves me dozens of hours at tax time

    By MLM girl
    The cost of this per year is minimal compared to what my time is worth. I just put all my tax receipts on a thumb drive and turn it in to my accountant. I used to spend 2 to 3 weeks preparing my tax receipts.
  • Awesome app!!

    By Djb29
    Super convenient
  • Can’t use

    By Markk1099
    I purchased the subscription but the app says my trial has ended and I need to purchase again when I already did. I’m unable to use it now.
  • Confused

    By Benjamin$$$
    My CPA highly recommend using this app. It’s been extremely frustrating as the customer service is never available and when they are they never have answers. My account won’t connect to my bank account and Taxbot has zero answers. I keep getting notifications of my trips but can’t use them as my account just simply isn’t working. Also my CPA has a “discount code” that apparently doesn’t exist. Any recommendations of similar apps out there? Also I reached out to their business department and it’s been a week now and no response as I have 300+ sales reps wanting to be customers if I lead them this way. These guys must be too busy for growth. Please send recommendations for other apps ASAP! Thx
  • Way too much work

    By not worth tbe cost
    I don’t see the benefit!! You have to manual categorize everything. It tracks everything even non business and then you have to go in and delete non-business trips. This app creates way too much work for my crazy schedule.
  • I want to use s different email

    By Collan Chavez
    I want to use my yahoo mail but it won’t let me upload receipts from there
  • Pretty good

    By LV-SMO
    The biggest thing that bothers me is it doesn’t start tracking the trips immediately. I missed about a quarter of my trip from Atlanta to Tampa! I don’t know how to manually insert those miles.
  • Auto Sum

    By astephanie
    I wish each day would auto sum the calculated mileage
  • Never tracks fully

    By 02272019
    I have had to enter mileage manually for the last couple years just quit working no updates or nothing. Waste of money!! Will switch shortly. Customer service is terrible tried calling couple times never heard back!! GPS doesn’t work at all tried several times just quits about 1/4 way through a trip very unreliable
  • Holds your data hostage if you don’t buy in

    By Dakinisimo108
    The free trial is a trap...after that time is up, if you decide you don’t want to continue and don’t want to pay their over-priced fee, you have no way to access the data you entered. You have to pay to get into the app at all. $9.99 (for a month) is the least you can pay to get that data back. I started using XpenseTracker instead...way better, more reasonably priced, and more above-board about fees than these turkeys.
  • When it works, it is great

    By Cinny1234
    System consistently crashes and I lose all data that is not categorized. If you buy, be sure to identify all travel several times a day.
  • Michael Trimble

    By Michael Trimble
    Ridiculous. Easy breezy. Love it
  • Worthless!

    By JenIsMad
    If you don’t classify your trips right away , it deletes them . It’s choppy and the page bounces around while trying to classify trips . It also lost 85 percent of my trips for the year and now I’m screwed ! $10 per month down the drain for the past year !!!
  • Log-in Issues

    By jkpq13
    Love using Taxbot, especially for tax season but now I'm having connectivity issues in the app and can't even log in! Already changed password and still not able to but can on the website.
  • Amazing App

    By AZ LASS
    I have used TAXBOT for the last five years & it’s been a life saver. I know I don’t use it to its capacity but life got in my way. However one of the best part is their customer service. They are patient, kind & very knowledgeable. They ‘re the best
  • Ms. Fields

    By sucessful.
    Powerful minds put together can make this happen. Love this app!
  • Realtor

    By Tinkerbell949
    Love this app works great for me every time. I have ATT as a carrier so maybe that's why I get great tracking of my miles. Makes doing my taxes much easier. Love it and recommend it highly. Buy it today and get organized. You will be thankful at tax time
  • Makes keeping tax records so much easier

    By songbergs
    The app works flawlessly on my new iPhone. I actually dumped my fairly new Samsung Note5 because my mileage tracking was so inaccurate. I replaced it under my warranty and the new one was no better. The app worked fine on my old Note 2, and works on my husband’s LG. So I blame the phone and not the app. My point is this app is THAT important to me. My only concern is that I have to count on Taxbot surviving past Sandy Botkin’s lifetime, now that years of our tax records are on their servers. I have taken many seminars where Sandy Botkin has been the keynote speaker. He is a great resource for businesses and IRS compliance. I bought his tax planners for years before this app. This is a fraction of the cost and makes compliance a breeze.
  • Organized and Detailed

    By SJB Travel
    Best App ever
  • Requires you to track all your mileage.

    By ❤️Lafayette
    (That’s a positive statement!)
  • Victor Lehman

    By Haia4458
    This is the best app Great Support This app is very easy to use easily merge trips to create a full trip Take a picture of your receipt and threw it away
  • Best Tax Software Ever

    By ChuckBiz
    I’ve tried lots of different tax software and then has ever even come close to Taxbot. The only problem I have is that my bank account won’t attach so I have to do a lot of manual work that would otherwise be done It’s so easy to use and it’s tax compliant so no worries about audits. I haven’t tried the email matching service but I’m sure it works well. I like being able to do everything on my phone even taking photos of receipts so they’re attached right to the deduction. Give taxbot a try I don’t think you’ll ever go back to anything else.
  • Easy way to keep track of mileage

    By DMRealEstateAgent
    The best part of this app is keeping track of everything especially mileage!
  • Has a Major Bug- Exorbitant Cellular Data

    By ZStrong
    The app has a bug. Do Not Download and use for automatic trip tracking! Even with cellular data turned off in settings for this app, it will chew up a Ton of Cellular Data against your Data rate plan. In one 4 mile drive, with auto trip tracking on, it used approx 36MB of Cellular Data...and that is with the Cellular Data option turned off for this app. It has a bug that the developers can’t figure out how to fix. The bug came along with an update several months ago. I’ve had taxbot for many years and it never used to be a problem. I’ve communicated with their tech support Multiple Times...they haven’t fixed it after months of the issue. Do Not Use!!
  • Crashes incessantly

    By Stirling Gardner
    Honest review. It works about 10% of the time. When it does, it’s great. It crashes 9 out of 10 times I’m trying to use it. So much so, that the reason I’m reviewing it now is because I came to App Store to find an alternative.
  • Good but...

    This is a great app but in the car tracking in Silicon Valley California I get multiple stops and then I have to look at multiple items to clear out of the box the accuracy of the GPS or cell tower seems to not be tied enough for Silicon Valley FYI
  • 5 Stars for Taxbot

    By Peg <3
    This is such a time saver! No more hand written mileage logs. And let's be real, who remembers those pesky logs anyway? Taxbot is the best mileage app available. Why? Because it's created by Mr. Sandy Botkin, who is a CPA and former attorney for the IRS. I've had the pleasure of attending presentations by Mr. Botkin, and his knowledge of IRS law is impressive and comprehensive! I trust him, and Taxbot. This is a user friendly app. I've never had any trouble using it. It's actually fun! You'll love it too! The reports are the frosting on the cake!
  • Frequently doesn’t sync

    By dnyifbsvrkc
    I, all to frequently, have to uninstall and install the app due to the app not syncing with my email and bank. Then I get slammed with entries. Just trying to post this has been frustrating since I can’t create a nickname that’s not taken. “frustrated” and “frustrated more” are already taken as nick names. As well as “never mind”.
  • Excellent application

    By Photographer Stan
    Been using it daily for five years. Excellent way to keep business tax records. Recommend it for this purpose.
  • Works great, but needs a few enhancements

    By Tubbilicious23
    Overall the app does its job. However, I have a small business so I don’t always need my mileage tracked only to select personal. When I know I have a business trip coming up I turn on the track mileage option. Problem is that it will track my trip from where I turned off the tracking not from where I turned it off so my trips are inaccurate at this point. Maybe the app can learn common trips and they can be marked as personal automatically without having to do it each time this way someone like me who is working full time and building a biz on the side doesn’t have to turn off mileage tracking. Also, the only way to mark a trip as round trip is after it’s classified then you have to edit it. We should be able to select round trip from the unclassified screen without having to do extra work. These would make the app a lot more efficient. Please consider the enhancements.
  • Love it, but...

    By jaslw2018
    There are few features that I wish I could add for a different type of business.
  • Great app

    By JudyDaughter
    Great app still learning how to use it