2nd Grade Math Learning Games

2nd Grade Math Learning Games

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2011-11-10
  • Current Version: 5.5.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 344.50 MB
  • Developer: StudyPad, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 2 567


We make math fun & engaging. Over 20 Million kids use the Splash Math program to Boost Confidence, Increase Scores & Get Ahead in Math. Splash Math is a comprehensive and curriculum aligned math program which reinforces math concepts using self-paced and adaptive practice. ***Awards & Recognition's for Splash Math Series*** Splash Math Program is currently used by over 20 million kids and has bagged several prestigious awards. • Winner of “Gold Stevie Award” (2013) in “Education and Reference” category • Winner of “Tabby Awards” (2012) in “Best Education and Training App” category • Winner of “Best Elementary Student App” (2011) by BestAppEver.com • Featured in Apple lists - “Staff Favourite”, “New and Newsworthy” *** REVIEWS *** “Math skills + fun rewards = engaging for kids. Kids will love the graphics, music, and tools they can use to solve problems. The aquarium play also is fun and rewarding.” - CommonSenseMedia.org “Exhaustive treatment of second grade math subjects that includes a full year's worth of problems, completion of which will pave the way for long term success in mathematics.” - SmartAppsForKids.com ***Program Info*** Content Coverage: 71+ math skills (Grade 2) Curriculum: Common Core State Standards ***Key Features*** + Self-paced math practice program + Move up and down grade levels within the same app. + Explanation for wrong answers + Scratchpad for rough work + Virtual rewards and games + Monitor progress with real-time progress dashboard. + HD graphics and sound effects to give an amazing game play experience. *** TOPICS COVERED *** StudyPad has the best math apps aligned to common core standards with virtually infinite number of questions. This app covers following topics: 1. Place Value - Extend place value understanding to hundreds place. Read and write three digit numbers in various forms 2. Number Sense - Compare and order three digit numbers. Practice skip counting and recognize even/odd numbers 3. Add within 20 - Fluently add within 20 including word problems 4. Subtract within 20 - Fluently subtract within 20 including word problems 5. Add within 100 - Use place value understanding to add two digit numbers 6. Subtract within 100 - Use place value understanding to subtract two digit numbers 7. Add within 1000 - Add two three digit numbers based on concepts of place value and using models 8. Subtract within 1000 - Subtraction involving two three digit numbers based on concepts of place value and using models 9. Time - Read and set time to 5 minutes using analog and digital clocks 10. Money - Work with money coins to count money and solve problems involving money amounts 11. Measurements - Measure and estimate lengths of objects in customary and metric units 12. Data - Represent and interpret data in up to 4 categories using line plots, picture graphs and bar graphs 13. Geometry - Identify two dimensional shapes including pentagons and hexagons, partition shapes into halves, thirds and fourths ***Subscription Plans*** • Plans: $29.99/quarter or $59.99/year. • Free Trial: We offer a free trial period for above all plans. • Cancel Anytime: No charges if plan cancelled before end of trial period. • Renewal: Auto-renewal may be turned off anytime from Account Settings. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. • Privacy Policy: https://www.splashmath.com/privacy • Terms of Use: https://www.splashmath.com/terms-of-use ***Refund Policy*** User can cancel subscription & auto-renew anytime and no further credit card charges will be made from next billing cycle. No full or partial refund of the current subscription is offered for the active subscription period. ***Contact*** • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SplashMath • Twitter: @SplashMath • Website: https://www.splashmath.com



  • Bs not a free app

    By bsmathqwert
    They want 10 a month. These people are scammers
  • 59.99 Really?

    By SantaTracker
    Not all families have that money available to spend on an app for one year, let alone a lifetime purchase.
  • Meme

    By Lol Time47890
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  • Not free

    By irritatedbigtime
    Not free
  • Amazing

    By iutfutfouttfuyfufyfuygyui
    This game teaches a lot of math but if you do not have a membership you can only answer 10 questions. And it only goes up to 5th grade.
  • I love it

    By jaggy jason
    This game is full of fun problems to solve it’s so much fun.
  • Helping my sons get ready for 2nd grade

    By denise batson
    It helps my kids get ready for 2nd grade
  • Math splash

    By MurphyDK680
    It’s awseome
  • Poor Communication

    By AustinGramma
    I opened the description of this app in the App Store because I had read that I could try it for one week without subscribing. That was what I wanted to do, to see if my granddaughter liked it. I was frustrated by the process and because the instructions were not clear, I ended up stuck with a one-year subscription. I could not figure out how to cancel it. I tried contacting the company, and the reply they sent was useless. So I decided I had no choice but to stick with it and try to get my granddaughter to use it. After three months I’m back and I want to cancel. The cancellation instructions in the app are simply wrong. They don’t work. I suggest you don’t download this unless you’re sure you want to use it for a long, long time
  • First week review

    By leah613
    My 8 year old daughter has academic issues and struggles on a daily basis with her class work and homework. She loves the games and having the multiple choices helps build her confidence with each question. She doesn’t ask to play many educational games but she has loved her first week and keeps asking to play.
  • Splash math

    By Golfing game lady
    I don’t like signing up for an app to find it has hidden costs and only a trial run before you start paying and you still haven’t been told what the cost is going to be. So I deleted before I started the trial. If you were up front I think I might have given it a chance.
  • Aum favorite

    By Atlhp
    I love math
  • Dgughhg sn

  • You forgot multiplication

    By Big Papi Oso
    The thing is you forgot multiplication you learn that in 2nd grade so that’s one thing you forgot 😐
  • 😇🤖

    By Sdghhdtgfsgvf
    I love it so much fun to play splash math! Garrett 7 yrs old
  • Not Free

    By #kitties
    They take a bunch of your personal information and then tell you your account will be charged after one week. Not an honest business tactic. The app should tell you up front that it’s pay to play not take your info and then ask for money! Two thumbs down!
  • 🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖 Math learning adventure for kids

    By Mom_of_3_Children
    Splash Math is a great app to get kids learn and get ready for school tests assessments more get ready for school. Downloaded this for my 6 year old daughter to help her with math. It challenges enough and she is enjoying it. I was going to just do the free trial but after just one day I’ve decided to purchase it monthly. Absolutely 💖 this app. So far in this past weeks some of the practice has actually helped her with math skills. It’s easier than trying to use workbooks. Some kids have different learning techniques and this app has touched on many different technique uses. I really appreciate Splash Math. I hope it will help you people too!!! 😊😀😀
  • Can’t try all of them...

    By prettyflashgirl4344
    I’m only 7 years old. But I wonder why I can’t try all of them we are usually out of school right now... and I’m in 2nd grade!! So when I first downloaded this game.... I wrote my name and I can try all of these cool stuff! But when I almost finished all of them... it said start a free trial I asked my mom and she said no so I couldn’t do all of them. So what should I do? Please read my note and tell me what should I do
  • Not Free

    By TimJohns0904
    Seems cool, but it's definitely not a free app which is why I'm giving it the one star.
  • I give you 5 stars review

    By Gromcha
    I love splash math
  • Easy to use

    By sewparks
    My daughter enjoys playing and she can easily navigate the app.
  • App is Not Free

    By SSomi727
    Beware that this app is not free. I do not like feeling hustled and honestly no matter how good your app is I would never sign up for it due to it being listed as “free” in the App Store and then immediately having you go through a login process that brings you to sign up for a free trial page. Say what you are up front.
  • Annoying!

    By Pixietaylor463
    So at first it was okay then it started to go to the main page even if I didn’t click anything and when I tried to get back on it just keeps saying to buy the free trial!!
  • Mom

    By Devi Sati
    My 6 year old loves it she has fun while learning at the same time!
  • Best game

    By Bgbgmj
    This is the best math game I have ever played and it is fun
  • To grade 2 math

    By Bennyjiangchina
    You can play math game on it and it make you smart math splash is fun.
  • Easier if literate

    By Alain 99
    My kids ( 3 and 5) both were using this daily. One at the K setting, the other at grade 1. They both enjoyed it and continued on well until the little one got to a point in the Kindergarten platform that required her to be able to read text answers, since she can’t read she can no longer work independently on the program, and consequently she spends less time in the app. Otherwise, it is a nice app that a range of ages and abilities can use
  • Excellent App

    By SALNJ1
    I purchased for my grandson who needed to focus more with math. Love the daily reminders and it also gets him excited as he likes to see the weekly percentage increase as well as the in app encouragement!
  • :(

    By Cookiegirl00998
    Good But THIS IS FOR KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!! I Don’t wanna Have To Pay I am a Kid
  • Love it!!!

    By CutieZoeCuddles
    My daughter absolutely loves it!!! After I downloaded it she was on for an hour! I had to tell her to put it down for dinner lol
  • So far, So good

    By StellasHotMomma
    I like the pace of this app. My daughter is struggling with basic math facts; not having a timer is extremely encouraging for her. We are just starting our trial; however, I have a good feeling about this app. The little guy saying " You Rock" every time she answers a question is a bit annoying, but that's coming from old mom. $76 for a year seems a expensive, but if she's able to get a better grasp of math concepts from using this app, I would gladly pay double that amount.
  • My kid loves it

    By Idigit a lot
    And learns math the fun way
  • Not good

    By Jengayle31
    I paid three times for the free trial and it didn't recognize my email to log in or my purchase but I had a confirmation of my purchase sent to the same email, very frustrating and a waste of my time. They can take my money but not recognize that I paid.
  • Great app!

    By Jasoncast
    Love this app! Helping my child out with her school! One thing that I would like to add is to have an explanation as to why the answer chosen is wrong. I agree that the parents should explain it themselves but sometimes I get busy at home and she would end up just pushing past questions and getting them wrong because there was no explanation. Great app though! Thank u!
  • Perfect for math struggles

    By Michael467
    I have a kid that struggles with math. I tried a handful of different apps. This one is worth it and you can check their progress in the parents app. This is perfect and worth the money for sure. And the little fish are super cute so my daughter likes to do it.
  • Luv it

    By Gr8App2
  • Love it

    By Coley43081
    Love this app for my son ! It is exactly what he is learning in his grade and it's fun for him
  • Misleading

    By I should not need 5 nicknamea
    They claim it can be used for free, but that is only true if you sign up for a subscription before you can access the "free" portion. They are obviously hoping you forget to cancel your subscription and pay for the year. If it is a free trial, it should be free. Once I decide I like it for my kids, I could then subscribe.
  • Engaging app that kids love using

    By wygong
    My daughter has tried other apps but the time clock factor is a feature that has really discouraged her from using. This app gamifies it more and she loves to practice math, asking more than the minimum required time!
  • One stop shop for my child's math skills

    By Ebrocks03
    After trying several apps we were introduced to IXL through my child's school. Everyone is happy! Mom's happy because her daughter is getting the reinforcement she needs to improve on her math skills and work towards mastery. Child is happy because she doesn't feel the rush that other sites create with a timer and is having fun even though she is doing schoolwork. Thank you IXL for creating a site that truly is helping my child succeed in math.
  • Not free!

    By UDMonty
    The app advertises free but it's actually a monthly subscription just to start the "free trial"
  • Love this app!!

    By Hummingbird0404
    My daughter really loves doing math on this app!
  • Great & fun for practice!

    By Layingnewfoundations
    The app is great. We finished the 1st grade app and now we are using the 2nd grade app. I have got it all integrated and purchased thru 5th grade. Always get rapid responses to problems. <3 these apps!
  • Good practice

    By Phia's Mom
    This app is fun and made my child excited about math - awesome!
  • Best game ever

    By RobynMarieH
    So much math thumbsup
  • The BEST Math App!

    By WFP1111
    My daughter has ADD and struggles in math at school. This app has helped her more than anything else. She nowlooks forward to doing math and asks to play Splash Math! Worth every penny!!!!
  • Free trial (for five seconds, then $$$)

    By MsBiblioTech
    First requires an email address, then give you 5 free questions. After that, you must purchase a subscription. I'd be happy to pay he a good math app, but 5 questions in exchange for my personal info is shameful. Avoid.
  • Great math practice

    By Kachengola
    Easy to use and follows common core
  • Stay away!!

    By madnessofking
    There is no way to cancel the automatic subscription. Do not get this app!