Carly for BMW

Carly for BMW

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2011-10-07
  • Current Version: 36.0.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 165.16 MB
  • Developer: Carly Solutions GmbH Co KG
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 325


WELCOME TO CARLY FOR BMW – THE MOST POWERFUL APP FOR BMW NEW: INCLUDED IN THIS LITE VERSION *** FREE FAULT REPORT AND *** FREE USED CAR CHECK Get the most out of your BMW by keeping it healthy, personalized and connected. With more than 200-thousand happy customers from all over the world you can’t go wrong. With Carly Digital Garage all your reports are saved into your account - a digital version of your car - always in your pocket! These are the functions: -- DIAGNOSTICS: Perform a complete health-check of your car’s electronics -- CODINGS: Get the most out of your BMW (incl. iDrive Codings) -- USED CAR CHECK: Avoid a bad buy! -- PARAMETERS: Analyze BMW engine gauges like a Pro -- BATTERY REGISTRATION: Change and register your car battery by yourself -- SERVICE RESET: Be Independent from your Car Repair shop -- DIESEL PARTICULATE FILTER: Check and Regenerate your Diesel Filter -- NOx/DESULFURIZATION: Check and Regenerate your Nox Filter -- ELECTRONIC PARKING BRAKE: Control your electronic parking brake with the press of a button! -- EXHAUST VALVE: Increase engine sound with Carly! -- TRANSMISSION: Reset adaptation values and read live data! -- OBD: Carly also offers standard OBD features! ------------------------------- THE LITE VERSION: With the Lite Version of Carly for BMW you can test compatibility of your car for all functions that the Full Version offers. For testing with the lite version we recommend our hardware, since some functions depend on the right adapter. Save yourself time and money using the correct adapter right away. You can get the Full Version inside this app. ------------------------------- THE RIGHT ADAPTER: To make it easy to connect to your BMW, we build our own adapters. They were specifically built for Carly Apps and a stable connection. The adapters come with this: -- LIFETIME WARRANTY -- PREMIUM CUSTOMER SUPPORT -- PROMISE OF COMPATIBILITY Check out the adapters: ------------------------------- MORE INFORMATION? ------------------------------- DO YOU NEED SUPPORT OR DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS? Support: Current projects of Carly for BMW: ------------------------------- SUPPORTED MODELS AND FUNCTIONS Carly supports all BMW-models starting ca. 1994 until today. (E- and F-Models for Diagnostics and Coding) ● 1 series: all models ● 2 series: all models ● 3 series: all models ● 4 series: all models ● 5 series: all models ● 6 series: all models ● 7 series: all models ● X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X6: all models ● Z3, Z4: all models ● Mini (R55, R56 or newer - not R50, R52, R53) This is a yearly subscription. Payment is handled via your iTunes Account. Subscription automatically renews for one year if not cancelled 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. The subscription can be managed in your Account Settings and the automatic renewal can be deactivated there. Terms of use Privacy Policy



  • Never work for me

    By jairovargasg
    The app reboot and never work
  • E93 335i

    By abAdy.777
    This app is very helpful and easy to use U can do so many thing with it The only thing that I didn’t like is u have to buy it annually البرنامج حلو مفيد جداً وسهل وخيارات متعدده انصح فيه 👍 عيبه الاشتراك سنوي
  • MIA review

    By Eli MIA
    Not bad coding adapter.... Wish it was more clear as to what the specific coding or codes do. At times the information is to basic or general But at this point what I’ve understood and wanted to do is happened. Trying to understand the light features or codes so have not tried that yet. Also it would nice to access the coding information or explanations while away from the adapter.
  • Disappointed

    By AhmedElShahed
    After i paid $82 to buy carly from amazon I found out i have to pay another $60 every year to use the app that controls the hardware i got from amazon Other wise the hardware is useless Why they don’t mention that before u get the hardware?????? At least one week or one day coding free with the device Something worse the $82 I paid for If i like the service then i will renew the subscription But buying it and won’t be able to use it That is not acceptable Please help
  • Over price

    By Buntry26
    BimmerCode is a better deal.
  • The best

    By godfathernice
    Thank you for your app
  • If you have a BMW you need this ASAP

    By chris cardet
    I do so much with this app , its like a personalization tool .
  • Rip off

    By your monna
    I upgraded to the full version for $59. And most of the functions are not supported.
  • Unreliable, difficult to use

    By Speedracerindy
    I’m done with this product. Wish I hadn’t wasted my money on the app and the adapter. Getting the app to connect with the adapter (that I purchased from Carley) is nearly impossible. And when it does connect, it will conveniently lose the connection to the adapter just before you are ready to upload adaptations. As a last ditch effort to recover my investment I updated the app and now it won’t recognize my original purchase and wants me to pay another $60 to use it. After several years of use with very spotty results, I won’t be paying any more money. It’s a great idea, but appears to be poorly executed. 5 minutes with Carista’s adapter and app were significantly more productive.
  • Rethink this purchase

    By Scscottish
    I was an original Carly user back many years ago when it was first called BMW What. I was then a beta tester for Carly then I was a Carly Trainer, offering support and advice to enthusiasts looking to purchase an OBD app for their BMW. 4 years ago I was very excited about ivini and this product. They took user suggestions for product improvement seriously and the single purchase fee was reasonable. By the way, I still get commissions on sales of this product so you can be assured that when I offer this review it is from a purely professional perspective and meant as impartial to the thousands of enthusiasts who ask me for advice via the Bimmer forums under my pseudonym “BMW-North”. Today, this product is simply not worth it. There are other products that can perform the same or better functions (for a BMW anyway) that are a single purchase fee and better value. The decision to move to a subscription fee was nothing more than greed. Shame, as it will ultimately see the demise of the progress and acceptance by purists that was occurring. Worse though is the loss of trust by many of the early users, beta testers, and Carly Trainers like myself. We spent countless hours providing free feedback on product development and improvements only to see greed take over the business development aspect. If I were buying a product today to support a Bimmer as an owner, Carly would be bottom of the list due to its subscription basis and relative high cost for basic functions. Other apps are actually better at a lower cost BimmerCode, ISTA, INPA etc. Further, for an automotive professional, Carly simply does not have the capabilities that are demanded and offered in BMW factory tools or others such as Snap-On. It is worth $59, but once, not annually. Apple is as much to blame here as Ivini, it was they who recommended moving to subscription basis as it generates added revenue for them and the authors in a win-win scenario. Unfortunately there has to be a loser in a win-win and that is the prospective purchaser of this app. Look in the Bimmer forums for tools that surpass Carly at a fraction of the cost. Happy motoring. P.s if you purchased the full version prior to March 19, 2018 and ever get charged a fee, look in the future for a website where details will be correlated. The search term will be “BMW Carly Subscription Rip-off”
  • Terrible yearly fee

    By I._@ love this thing here/7\
    I bought the Carly adapter and unlocked some of the features through the app with the previous version and now I can no longer use either the old app or my adapter to code my car. I don’t use the app enough to make the $60 yearly fee reasonable enough.
  • Excellent Support

    By wyshyvanuk
    Quick, accurate, support from Robert while finding my way through some coding questions about the BMW Z4M. He resolved some issues concerning the Brake Force Display capabilities of the software, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thanks, again, Robert!!!!
  • Disabled old version that I paid full price for.

    By Anonymous01234567899876543210
    This company has disabled the old version of the app where I had full access despite me paying full price for a perpetual license. Now you have to pay the same amount every year to be able to do the same things that I could in the old version for a one time price. Do not support this greedy behavior. Do not buy.
  • Very poor and misleading

    By lkcjjckl
    I purchased the full version of the Carly app after testing with the free version as they suggested . I changed the battery In my 06 series 5 Bmw from a 110 Ah lead acid to a 92Ah agm battery the change was supposed to be easy according to Carly. However when I tried to register the new battery Carly crashed . I tried a couple of times and it did the same thing . I contacted Carly and they told me they new of the issue crashing yet they still sold me the app with no mention anywhere of the issue on the free version . They said they have an update for the problem . I don’t know how a lot of comments on here say their tech support is amazing , it’s not . I can’t get a date from them for the update even though I’ve tried a couple of times I just get the same generic response all the time . I have asked for a refund as they are promoting an app for a considerable price that they know does not function as described . Very disappointed in the app, tech support and generally everything with Carly . How can you charge someone almost $60 for an app and then have to buy the adaptor for a further $80 and you know your product doesn’t work ? Carly you should be ashamed of yourself and apple for allowing an expensive app that doesn’t do what it should be sold .
  • My idrive keeps resetting after coding

    By AntonyKwok
    After watching a lot of reviews for this app for over a year, I decided to give it a shot. After purchasing this app, I was so exited to custom coding my own 2013 bmw F30. However, it said I was successfully coded everything, my CIC keeps resetting such as mirror, cic drive setting, and seat positions. Moreover, I just replaced a new OEM 92Ah battery instead of the old 90Ah battery, I was trying to code it following a video from Kies Motorsport. When I was coding it, it just suddenly shut off from the app. I just unplugged it, forget my phone network setting, turn off Bluetooth, and shut off my car waiting more than 2 minutes. Redo the whole process again, after setting a new battery of 90Ah, I enter “register”, it was failure. Honestly, I put a lot of hope when I purchased this adapter, and upgraded it to have a full function, but now I don’t see anything worth the money, and time I spent on. Very unreliable in my opinion. I wish one day it could be better. Thank you!
  • This product does not turn off adaptive warning light.

    By TheVJLy
    This product does not turn off adaptive warning light.
  • $60 Per YEAR

    By about 3 puppies
    It’s worth $60, but absolutely not worth $60 per year. Terrible business model.
  • Needs a Different OBDII Adapter than Android

    By Jmkreege
    Purchased this thinking I could use my existing Bluetooth adapter...nope. Need to purchase a new one to the tune of $90 in addition to what is now a yearly subscription versus the previous one time payment. No help from the developer or the iTunes store on a refund for a purchase that is useless to me with spending more money on the hardware. If you're switching from Android, beware.
  • Highway robbery...

    By Centium76
    So I just paid $90 for an adapter that is useless until I pay an ANNUALLY RECURRING $60 FEE!? This is totally not worth the cost. 99% of users will code their car one time and never need it again. Why should I use this when NCSExpert does the same job for less than $30 all-in... FOR LIFE! Shame on you for this shady practice.
  • Customer service...

    By Trick_Diddy
    I appreciate the fact that they respond within a more than appropriate timely manor. Thank you. Keep up the great work. This can only get better for BMW owners.
  • Carly OBD adaptor+App+my BMW+=100% Perfet for my Journey

    By Kyaung Sayar
    I believe these applications is vital tools for Bimmer.
  • Cool purchase for DIYers

    By nbaker64
    Best way to unlock features and diagnose your BMW, if you can’t figure out how to do it on our own the support team will respond to any query quickly. Thumbs up guys.
  • Worth the lifetime subscription

    By PlatinumMedallion
    I’ve been using Carly for many years now and seen them evolve. I’m very protective about my BMW. I’ve been very happy with the stability of the product. The devs are responsive and quality conscious. Initially I would tinker around with the settings, tweaking it and customizing it. Recent my car overheat and went into limo mode while driving in the mountains suddenly. I had the adapter, plugged it in and fired up the app. Within a minute it diagnosed the codes and captured something called sub freeze frames which are specific to BMW and told me what the exact problem was - a failed water pump. It told me exactly when it failed and how long I had been driving without a water pump (less than a mile thankfully). That helped me determine the next steps, I made a few phone calls to get some quotes on installing a new water pump and I had the car towed to the appropriate workshop and I knew exactly what’s needed to be done and I had the best price for the job upfront. No haggling or surprises. That was the neat part, knowing exactly what was wrong at the right time. I knew I could wait for a few minutes for the engine to cool down and then start the car and move it off the road into the shoulder and I knew that I couldn’t drive it more than a minute. Okay peace of mind knowing exactly what was wrong. Totally worth the lifetime subscription. Plus the new digital garage feature is very cool
  • Worth every penny

    By Quik Flix
    I own two BMW’s and this app has help me save money that a dealership would of got. It easy to use saves time and so convenient for the person that likes to work on his own car. It’s a must have!
  • Robert Support Help

    By Greatfather53447
    Robert from the Carly support team was helpful in showing me how to send the parameter log data via email.
  • Very upset

    By socemakkaveli
    I ordered the version previous to this which was supposed to be a lifetime buy and now i have to spend another 60 dollars on this again to work the same features i purchased before what kinda scam is this ?
  • Works great with my 135i BMW E82

    By Jorge_EER
    I had a 2008 E82 and now a 2013 E82. Worked great. Used for coding, battery change and reset maintenance warning after performing the job. Great product.
  • Hate the subscription fee

    By I'm pee-o'd
    I had the old version and used it maybe 3-4 times over the past 3 years with no additional cost. Now if I want to use it I have to pay $60/year. $30 would MAYBE be worth it. It should have been made clear that the “new” version would cost $60/year before committing to the upgrade. Now it’s useless unless I can get another app to communicate with the adapter. I paid a lot for the app and hardware and now it won’t work (except for one time only). Junk! EDIT: After writing the negative review above, Robert contacted me and advised me that if I had purchased before March 29, 2018 I was entitled to a lifetime upgrade to the full version. I just checked the diagnostics after touching “restore” and I have all functions accessible without additional fees. Thank you for the excellent customer service. I’m once again a Carly fan.
  • Requires adapter to do anything

    By nickwantsadaptertowork
    Test of light version showed my existing adapter will work, after purchasing premium it no longer works and I am told to buy the $80-$100 adapter. I want a refund, and have not gotten one.
  • App is buggy, company is greedy

    By atxknepp
    My entire iDrive system locked up and had to be entirely replaced. The screen went black as I was driving, the automatic Bluetooth connection quit working (music stopped mid song), phone wouldn't connect, and the BMW wifi could no longer connect out provide diagnostics to their app. This incident happened just 2 days after I coded everything with Carly. I never mentioned coding to the service department and was not charged but their head technician came out and spoke with me separately and let me know it appeared that the system had been bombarded with some kind of coding system. I played dumb to get out of spending thousands of dollars for the iDrive system. I bought my F85 in February and purchased the adapter at the SAME time. At that time the app was NOT $60/year - it was a one time charge. I didn't get around to opening the adapter and downloading the app until a few months ago. I was blatantly ripped off by this change in pricing model. Now I cannot return the adapter and they want to charge $60/yr. This is a terrible business model and not one that justifies yearly costs. I do not receive updates for my vehicle regardless of how much work they have to do in order to entice new buyers. You should be able to buy the full version once (even cheaper if for your individual model) and be done with it. Better yet, charge me more for the adapter and give the app for free. In summery, their adapter is garbage, the coding ruined my iDrive system, and their app is a rip off!
  • Tech support

    By michaetgon
    Tech support is the best! It’s a five star for me.
  • Awesome

    By wize punk
    Finally DIY coding. So easy to do. I am very pleased with what I can do with my car.
  • Awesome app & support

    By Omar11120811
    At first I was upset with the app due to its price. I ran into a couple of issues coding my 2014 BMW F10 and would just leave it at that. Once I had enough time to sit down and play with the coding, I kept receiving the same errors. I ended up sending an email to the support team and to my surprise someone replied with a solution within an hour. WOW!! Talk about great customer service, the tech instructed me on how to update the obd2 and all the coding options worked as expected. I love this product, it’s worth every penny. Keep up the great work.
  • Okay App

    By jomacefi
    It does sometimes what is supposed to do, period. Cost for every feature adds up quick.
  • So far it doesn’t work. Disappointed.

    By ellyrvr
    Tried using this. It connects and everything. Some things work but the main features that I need it for do not work. Keep getting error saying that I don’t have the right adapter when I do. And that it needs to connect when it is connected
  • Horrible

    By Digimurda
    Horrible did not work with my F01 Worse customer service ever take for ever to get back to you and then do not even understand you and sometimes even write you in german. I returned the adapter for a refund and i wish I could get a refund for the app.
  • OBDII adapters

    By SBGeek
    Make the app work with other adapters like Veepeak!
  • If I could rate zero starts, I would.

    By CC™
    Total waste of money, have the features don’t work, the other half barely work or don’t work as intended. $90 or more for the adapter is a scam and they want $60 a year subscription!!! Absolute scam artists here
  • Subscription?

    By Kurele
    60 USD a year? Plus the adaptor is 80 USD? I was expecting that when you buy the adaptor you get the app free. Back to INPA for me.
  • Perfect car programming app

    By Bill_42
    The newer version of the Carly app has more settings for my F31 BMW wagon than I ever imaged. Also the support is amazing. I had an issue upgrading from an older version and Robert Prosciak from their support team emailed me back in only 1 minute after I submitted my request for help! In 5 minutes my issue was resolved. That is amazing support.
  • Great app!

    By BrotriX86
    Great experience with Carly for BMW. Gives ability to unlock numerous features that are not accessible with the stock configuration. Had issues with getting the adapter to communicate with my car at first. Reached out to Carly support and Robert was very helpful and offered to send me a new adapter. It turned out that the adapter worked just fine. It was my car that was the issue. I resolved the issue by disconnecting my car battery for 5-10 minutes. After doing this, Carly worked flawlessly. If Carly has issues connecting to the car, try disconnecting/reconnecting the battery. Of note, I also connected a basic OBDII diagnostic tool to my car before disconnecting the battery and it was having a hard time reading the car as well. So, the car was definitely the problem, not Carly. Highly recommend!
  • Blatant cash grab

    By TempestT
    I would have rated this higher until I saw that it was restricted in use and less you also buy their hardware. “Congratulations you can use this feature but only if you pay us more money!” By the time this company is done with you, you would’ve been better off just taking it in and having it done by a professional. Ridiculous. I already have a Gen2 adapter. Making me buy theirs to use the software I already spent $60 on is just greedy.
  • Excellent !!!

    By Helibug-USA
    Top quality software for bimmers ! After sales support from Carly is second yo none ! Robert @ Carly is very helpful. Fastest response !
  • Very useful

    By luisnelda
    A money saver, very simple to use and I’ve found Carly support highly knowledgeable and helpful. Kudos!
  • Not letting re-downlaod

    By The Doc33
    I already purchased this apps, it wont let me re-download it since i upgraded my phone... it keeps on saying purchase missing...... i will change my review once i got my full version back....
  • Many coding options and functionality

    By DaeTaM3
    Loaded with many coding options and functionality. However, some of these coding options should come with more explanation of exactly with its enables or disables.
  • Carly

    By philaxotic mports
    I think that Carly should have a section that works on other cars too and not just bmw. For the money we pay, we should be enjoying this app with other makes as well and not only bmw. Overall, great and easy to use, Carly did mess up my Ecu and frm and I had to reflash it at dealer but whatever.
  • Really works.

    By WickedBuzzkill
    The app works awesomely. But the documentation is a joke. Still worth the money.
  • Yearly subscription with new version

    By Monkeyhead0305
    Watch out, if you paid for the old version like I did, now they want you to upgrade to the new version so you can pay AGAIN, a yearly subscription thanks. People are not dumb, you can tell the 5 star reviews trying to explain why you should pay for the subscription are posted by the developers. For those of you with old version, do not upgrade, stay and use the old version, do not update the app no matter what, otherwise the update will render your old version useless, and you will see the “present box” and be forced to use the new version