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  • Current Version: 3.02
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Developer: Poshmark, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
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Poshmark is the leading marketplace to buy and sell fashion. ***Shop over 5,000 brands in every size—including plus size, petites, and juniors—at up to 70% off retail ***Sell and turn your closet into cash. List your items for free! Shop. Sell. Style. Party. SHOP Whatever you’re shopping for, Poshmark’s got it—for much less than at discount clothing retailers and outlets like Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx. With over a million dollars worth of new and gently used merchandise added to the marketplace daily, you will find amazing fashion and beauty finds from the hottest brands like Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, MAC Cosmetics, Nike, Brandy Melville and more! STYLE Need ideas for what to wear to your next date or that upcoming wedding? Do you hate getting dressed in the morning? Poshmark has millions of of outfit ideas for you. Shop the personal style and closets of other Poshers today, or request to be styled by your favorite Stylist! SELL: CONSIGN YOUR CLOSET Do you have items in your closet that didn’t work out? Maybe a designer handbag, statement shoes, or even your old wedding dress you wore once and won’t ever wear again? Poshmark is the #1 online consignment solution for a girl to sell her unwanted clothing in order to buy new things she’s coveting, providing an alternative to Goodwill and other consignment stores like Buffalo Exchange. 1 in 50 American women have their closets open for sale on Poshmark—you could be next! PARTY Party on the go, no matter where you’re at! Join the thousands of women who come together three times a day, seven days a week to participate in our themed virtual Posh Parties. Create new listings, share and shop together! Have Tory Burch, Forever 21, or Zara on the brain? There’s a party for you. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING “I’m obsessed with the shopping app Poshmark.” —Refinery 29 “I have saved so much money shopping on Poshmark, I don’t think I’ll ever pay full retail again.” —Caroline, a Poshmark user “It was such a hassle dropping clothes off to Goodwill and other consignment shops, plus who wants to throw out a perfectly good purse that you know another woman will LOVE?” —Crystal, a Poshmark user “I tried Vinted, Threadflip, and Thredup, but nothing sold — girls on those apps don’t want to spend much. On Posh, on the other hand, there are so many eager girls ready to shop my closet!” —Justine, a Poshmark user Don’t waste another precious moment with other discount fashion retailers or consignment solutions. Poshmark will change the way you shop for clothing and fashion. Try us out today!



  • yeetus my fettus

    By i like trains ;
    hola soy dora

    By groundh2o
    I’ve been selling my items since February of 2019 on POSH, and for my vacation this Summer we didn’t need to budget out of our paychecks...THANKS POSH!
  • Love love love

    By jennakramer
    Best app to sell and buy clothes hands down !!!!
  • Stop controlling my settings!

    By Amkard
    If I don’t want to receive any email notifications than STOP sending them. Every time I change it to OFF you guys always turn my notifications back to ON! PLEASE STOP DOING THAT. That invading my privacy. I don’t want any emails from POSHMARK! I think it’s dumb you want to send me alerts for literally everything! I’m not following anybody so please stop controlling that as well. I just want to sell my clothes and that’s it. You guys are so unprofessional. I just got this and already feel like I want to just make yard sales.
  • annoying

    By lan_dino
    sends like 400 notifications everyday. nobody buys anything. trash app
  • I love Poshmark

    By dpinkgrl
    Great products, great sellers, great app!
  • Closet Disappeared, no Info from Customer Service, No response back!

    By Saragberry
    I woke up Friday morning to my closet gone, not able to comment or buy. I have emailed customer service twice, of course no response. After some research on Google I have come to the conclusion that my account has been restricted due to my daughters and husband opening their own accounts. My girls like to pick out their own clothes and I thought it would be fun for them to browse and tag me in things they were interested in. Make their own purchases. I talked my husband into getting the app so he could possibly “surprise” me (lol) with a coach purse and some earrings I was interested in and maybe some other things I found. We sometimes log in using the same devices and I had logged into app of their accounts on my phone to view things they have liked. But, we are very much different people. I didn’t realize they didn’t allow families that use the same devices to all have accounts. And no response on their end! They could have at the very least communicated with me before shutting down my closet. I was really enjoying the app. I wonder if I will even be able to get my money from sales off the app. Very disappointed.
  • 3 weeks to get my money

    By cjdjdhsuzjsjdudidkdndjdjd
    I recommend using DEPOP if you want to get your money as soon as you make a sell! I Sold an item 1 week ago. Took a week for customer to get it to release the money. Because Posh holds the money from the sell until the buyer receives the product... Then it’s taking another week to transfer to transfer the money to your account. Worst app ever. You think the seller would get paid before the buyer! Worst app ever to make a side buck. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP! USE DEPOP!
  • Easy to use

    By Pmwauh
    Easy to use but a bit on the expensive side as a buyer
  • It’s eh

    By jesslizard
    So me and my mother use Poshmark and we like it. They’re more expensive than Mercari for sure. But it’s good. My bad experience was that I was selling some earrings and I thought they were some brand and the lady who wanted to buy them returned and cancelled bc she said they weren’t authentic. I did not know this bc I bought them at tjmaxx where they sell that brand and I got them with that tag. I had shipped the earrings in a velvet bag. Super cute bag but this buyer didn’t return the earrings in good condition. She KEPT THE BAG!!! And Poshmark said they couldn’t help. Idk abt u but that person stole from me SMHshe didn’t even buy the freaking earrings. Hate Poshmark for ding things like that. They los kept some shoes my mom sold and the buyer said AFTER A WHOLE MONTH THAT THEY WERE RIPED LIKE WHAT. Ugly
  • Doesn’t back sellers

    By addyhiufvjj
    People only give five stars because they haven’t had their bad experience yet. A bad poshmark experience is almost a right of passage. I left once because of poor culture and now a second time because poshmark did allowed a buyer to return an item for no reason. This wasted my time and money. I have no trust in poshmark.
  • Horrible and selfish company

    By carrasco_cindy
    DO NOT get involved with this company. Poshmark does not support their sellers or buyers. Poshmark will support what is most beneficial for them. I’ve used other platforms (DEPOP) that great everyone with a fair guarantee. Take it from me and RUN from this company. Sooner or later they WILL take advantage of you. They also charge a higher percentage for their cut on your sale than most platforms
  • Great app

    By bell76433
    Enter my code to get $$$ back novabaabee
  • The best out there

    By indiethebeast
    I love this app I got it from dripygloss she was sponsoring it and I saw real nice outfits on her so I downloaded posh mark and I love it I can’t stop shopping or adding to my cart
  • Be prepared to get fake stuff

    By Abraham love
    I bought a Burberry shirt, well it was fake.. not even a good fake like really bad fake. So I reach out to customer service & max out comment section arguing with this crook of a seller on there & for what? Absolutely nothing. Then finally I get an email saying send us photos of the fake in 24 hours.. guess what I can’t send anything because the comment section is full. By the way I’ve also sent the photos 5x already via email & put photos how horrible the shirt is in the app.. to get what.. I never sent the photos email so it’s not eligible.. wow lol I sent over 10 emails and got one response, from someone. They also don’t have a number to call so just be prepared whatever you purchase your stuck with it.. even when someone sells you something fake & there’s nothing you can do.. worst customer service I’ve ever received, wasted money.. and poshmark is now an accomplice to a crime.. sad pathetic & downright wrong.. EVERY WORD OF THIS REVIEW IS TRUE!!!
  • Stupid app make me stress all time sending me anythings stop pls

    By saruul23
    I hate this poshmark stupid
  • Four Stars

    By G Wins
    I would give PM five stars but I am lost on how everything works. I cannot find any instructions on what to do and how to participate.
  • Great App

    By tham210
    I’ve sold and bought a lot of items on Poshmark. Such a great app and really easy to use. If you use code TH1002 you’ll get $10 off your first purchase. I have loved everything I have bought so far. My new favorite app!
  • Love the app

    By anatt3456789
    Love the app... hate the shipping fee! You all should consider free shipping!
  • Is this considered a bug?

    By Tam-tammz
    I enjoy the app however while redeeming my funds I recently updated my bank Info to a different account. Now a few days later I am going in to redeem some funds again and the bank info has reverted back to the original old account. I prefer it to stay to the one I updated to.
  • Addictive

    By Twinkletoes1010101
    Started as a buyer and loved my finds! Quickly moved to selling and have been having a blast. So simple to use!!
  • Meh. Could be better.

    By d2mo
    Two major flaws in this app: 1) Sellers can procrastinate for up to 7 days before shipping your item out. After 8 days you can request a refund if item was never shipped. So the burden is on the buyer to deal with canceling an order from a deadbeat seller. And unfortunately this 7 day window seems to breed lazy sellers who don’t complete transactions in a timely manner. Plus we’ve all been trained by Amazon to expect orders within a couple days. Other platforms need to get with the times too; Poshmark should require sellers to ship within 2-3 days of purchase. 2) There is no way to directly communicate with a seller about your transaction. Only way to reach a seller is to @ them in the comments section of the item for sale. This is absolutely ridiculous. Buyers and sellers should be able to message each other quickly and easily about an order, and should not have to deal with hacking the comments to get a message to a seller. Sure hope Poshmark makes these two functionality improvements, because they are very much needed, ASAP.
  • My favorite shopping app

    By Sophie123lol
    This my favorite app ever!! They have all the best prices for clothes you can find at the store. I will never buy full price clothes again. Everything comes within a week and matches the sellers descriptions and pictures exactly. Love it
  • Must have

    By oliehouse
    I started using poshmark a couple years ago and I’ve made close to $5000 just selling old clothes! I tried other apps like mercari (because they take less of a percentage) but poshmark was way better with shipping times and customer support. I’ve never had an issue that they haven’t resolved.
  • LOVE the app, customer support is non existent

    By GG123456789
    I love Poshmark. I really do. I buy and sell clothes on the platform. I love how easy the app is to use, the community is great, and the shipping is the lowest out of all the reselling apps. It would be 5 stars, until you need to contact customer support for any reason. Support gets 1 star simply for the fact that it doesn’t exist. If you email them, it takes anywhere from a week to a month to get a response, if they respond at all. That response will be a form letter that doesn’t address any of your questions. If it came faster, I would think the replies were being sent by bots. If you reply to the form letter, they just don’t write back. For a company planning an IPO, they should really invest in their employees and hire more of them.
  • Biased for posh ambassadors

    By Luvmakeup1000
    My friend and I noticed other items in our feeds that would appear before our items we just shared. If we would search for an item and sort by most recently shared, there would be 11-12 items that weren’t shared for over a month, then finally one that was shared a few minutes ago. The one shared a few minutes ago should have been first over the 10 that were shared a month or 3 weeks ago since we sorted it as most recently shared. We took a pic of it so we could prove it if we needed to. When we checked the first 11 all of those that should not have been first they all had huge accounts. Like thousands of listings and all of them over 100k followers. Not fair at all. We noticed and will try and make more people aware of them pushing certain sellers.
  • Hate selling/buying on Poshmark

    By DKCV1106
    This is a horrible place to buy and sell. Poshmark keeps 20% of the profits from a seller, ridiculous! It leaves no room to actually offer better deals to buyers. I hate buying here! The shipping is $6.79 PLUS tax! Mercari is WAY better they keep 10% from the sellers profit and they don’t charge tax when you buy.
  • Pros and Cons

    By LenneRenPen
    Poshmark has been a great app to sell and buy on BUT the shipping rate and 20% fees are ridiculous! especially compared to apps like Mercari and Ebay.
  • No one cares.

    By 12345queb3
    I bought two dresses. Neither of them was ever shipped. No one ever reached out with even an email apology. Nothing automated. No way to communicate directly with the seller. Wow. Requested refund and I received it. I wanted the dresses.😔
  • Spamming people is not cool

    By Cashman85
    I signed up with Facebook and it immediately spammed all my friends with a push notification without me realizing it. Not cool Poshmark, not cool.
  • Betsy Johnson Tote

    By MaryIsVegan
    Fabulous NEW tote!!! I LOVE IT! Thanks for the great service!!
  • Cannot log in on iPhone

    By Tracy Z
    I can never log in or sign up on iPhone! Please fix it!
  • Poshmark

    By 💖Molly💖
    great app to buy and sell clothes and accessories
  • Best Ever Selling App

    By CngPosh
    I’m a Poshaholic! Easy to use. Like having your own resale shop in your pocket. Great interaction with buyers and sellers. And fun!
  • Terrible

    By CryBlast
    Watch out lots of people out to screw you and the company won’t help they want there 10%
  • Pathetic

    By no es resonable
    You can’t put items in the bag!! When you check an item, they take you back to the 1st page!!! The site is so messy & gives you the run around!!! I would never go back to it again.

    By AmMcBritain
    Update: to add, in addition to the excessive push notifications (seriously 3-5+ times a day) you either have to turn them on or off. If I turn off notifications, I won’t have any way to know of offers/price drops. If I leave them on, it’s a crap load of notifications each day. Not a fan. Original: They send out push notifications 3-5+ times a day. It’s insane. Shopping/selling itself is meh at best. I’ve had okay experience on it- shopping wise. Shipping is extremely expensive for what it is. As for selling, commissions are steep compared to other resale apps. Wish it had the ability to private message sellers.
  • Tons of sellers, no buyers

    By Jklsngfjfjrnsk76637
    This app is flooded with “boutiques”. Tons of people selling, barely any buying.
  • Used to be good

    By Thomasgio
    This was a great app to use, but they charge $6.49 to ship PLUS sales tax. On top of that they get 20% of your selling fee! Cheaper to use other sites.
  • Just no

    By wriiti
    Everything is still SUPER expensive and nearly full price.
  • Rediculous Fees.

    By GabbyOrdane
    I've never written a review before. But, I'm so bothered by this, I have to. Powhmark is great. Great app. Fully realized concept. Great people. Great quality. Great deals. BUT BE WARNED. The deals are cancelled by the ridiculous and exhobetent fees charged by Poshmark.
  • Best resale site

    By syuru10
    I love selling on Poshmark it’s so easy and no scams!
  • Wow

    By Cwiggy
    Fun, easy and addictive!
  • Crazy changes

    By areukiddingmetoday
    Like why would they start changing the market again the default for my closet is now set to wholesale I’m sooooo mad right now this app is a totally waste of all my time and they keep making these updates to create busy BUSY work I’m sooo fed up I wish they would ask us about changes or upgrade stuff before they do them to see what we want after all we r the ones making the money for them with our stuff makes me furious now to top it off they are charging sales tax soooo dumb amazon don’t do that other apps don’t just down right greedy stuff
  • More marketing optiond

    By BklynJoy617
    You should give more Options to share our ad. I don’t want fam to know what I am selling. Sometimes it’s private and you should give the option of marketing an item within the app.
  • Buyer & Seller Here

    By ChristineHawaii
    It is a fun platform to sell & buy items that you no longer use. The downfall is having to pay 20% and shipping. It is also not fair when the buyer does not accept the package when they receive it, so you end up having to wait sometimes 7 days to get paid. Three days to ship and four days to get paid, if the buyer does not release the payment when they receive the package. At one time I had over $1000 on hold because the buyer would not release the payment. Because of this, I am going to research other apps for an alternate way to sell my merchandise.

    By Beth14<33
    This app is nice and all, I’m just simply talking about aesthetics! I feel like I’m using Instagram from 2014. Please get a new look. THE CURRENT LOOK OF THE APP IS OUTDATED!
  • USPS address programs

    By ☮️💜
    Hi Poshmark! Having fun using your App I am in Marketing and I pay for a Postal Program Annually for my business If a client provides an undeliverable address My program alerts me, & can even correct the address in the preferred USPS configuration This almost eliminates non-deliverable addresses I had a customer provide their address incorrectly this week...involved so many people to resolve I felt bad If you had the address verification software it would have recognized the address as non deliverable and would have saved time and money? ☮️💜 ELF
  • Awesome Experience So Far!

    By Sabie88
    I started using Poshmark, again, in March! The 20% seller’s fee is a bit much but I’ve found it easier to sell plus size clothes on here than in a garage sell! Get ten dollars by using this c o d e (s a b i e 8 8) for new users! The app is easy to navigate, from uploading items to printing the shipping label!