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  • Current Version: 3.10
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  • Developer: Poshmark, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
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Poshmark is the leading marketplace to buy and sell fashion. ***Shop over 5,000 brands in every size—including plus size, petites, and juniors—at up to 70% off retail ***Sell and turn your closet into cash. List your items for free! Shop. Sell. Style. Party. SHOP Whatever you’re shopping for, Poshmark’s got it—for much less than at discount clothing retailers and outlets like Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx. With over a million dollars worth of new and gently used merchandise added to the marketplace daily, you will find amazing fashion and beauty finds from the hottest brands like Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, MAC Cosmetics, Nike, Brandy Melville and more! STYLE Need ideas for what to wear to your next date or that upcoming wedding? Do you hate getting dressed in the morning? Poshmark has millions of of outfit ideas for you. Shop the personal style and closets of other Poshers today, or request to be styled by your favorite Stylist! SELL: CONSIGN YOUR CLOSET Do you have items in your closet that didn’t work out? Maybe a designer handbag, statement shoes, or even your old wedding dress you wore once and won’t ever wear again? Poshmark is the #1 online consignment solution for a girl to sell her unwanted clothing in order to buy new things she’s coveting, providing an alternative to Goodwill and other consignment stores like Buffalo Exchange. 1 in 50 American women have their closets open for sale on Poshmark—you could be next! PARTY Party on the go, no matter where you’re at! Join the thousands of women who come together three times a day, seven days a week to participate in our themed virtual Posh Parties. Create new listings, share and shop together! Have Tory Burch, Forever 21, or Zara on the brain? There’s a party for you. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING “I’m obsessed with the shopping app Poshmark.” —Refinery 29 “I have saved so much money shopping on Poshmark, I don’t think I’ll ever pay full retail again.” —Caroline, a Poshmark user “It was such a hassle dropping clothes off to Goodwill and other consignment shops, plus who wants to throw out a perfectly good purse that you know another woman will LOVE?” —Crystal, a Poshmark user “I tried Vinted, Threadflip, and Thredup, but nothing sold — girls on those apps don’t want to spend much. On Posh, on the other hand, there are so many eager girls ready to shop my closet!” —Justine, a Poshmark user Don’t waste another precious moment with other discount fashion retailers or consignment solutions. Poshmark will change the way you shop for clothing and fashion. Try us out today!



  • Stone Age features

    By Fashion bomb
    I don’t understand how a company that makes millions off of sellers can’t higher a good programmer!!!!!!!! 1. Took around sixty pictures for my new listings, couldn’t upload any of them when using my laptop. I tried different browsers, double checked and cropped my images. I couldn’t upload a single picture for any of my listings, NONE! You have no idea how infuriating to spend time taking pictures, and now more time figuring out why they are not uploading on the web. 2. When I spoke to customer service about this, they took forever to respond to my email and had no desire in helping me based on their no-brainer response. 3. They can do so much more with their seller tools. There’s no features to show the engagement of a listing(how many people reached). This way whomever can track progress. There’s also no back end features, like sellers or wholesalers need to write down the price they bought their inventory w/o making it visible to customers. 4. With all the money they take from people, they can deff hire a better programmer and helpful customer service. 5. Have lost valuable time through this Stone Age app and you better believe I’ll take my business elsewhere!!!!!!!!!
  • Scam

    By proving king
    This whole app seems like a scam I bought shoes a week ago and it hasn’t even notified me that it was on its way. It’s hard to trust
  • Bad review

    By lovecolbybrock92
    It was not good fanjoy can’t help me get my Colby Brock phone case or sweater back because it never had Arrived
  • scam ?

    By Morgan Bonner
    I never received my order .
  • Awesome

    By nurhan hattatoglu
    My first experience here love it
  • Scammers from Other countries!!!!

    By Mamajudy5
    Beware be careful.
  • Use my code and save! $$$

    Hello, if you’re considering downloading this app when you make your profile use the code LILY_HOPKINS to save $10 on every purchase for the first 24 hours!!! I love this app for buying and selling. Some suggestions I would make to new sellers include, checking the person your buying from thoroughly! When you click their profile picture it will show their average shipping time, reviews and more. I always check when the buyer was last active. If they haven’t been on in a long time it may be an old account they don’t use anymore! Also, you can make offers on items. It never hurts to make an offer. For buyers I’d suggest good quality products and good pictures. Your inventory doesn’t have to be new, but don’t try and sell something damaged. Make sure to state any flaws your item might have so the buyer knows and you don’t get in trouble! Happy Poshing! 🤩
  • Disappointed

    By Ann41862
    I ordered 2 pairs of Sperry shoes from different sellers. In both cases, the sellers never shipped or responded. I did get my money back, but I was disappointed that I didn’t get my shoes.
  • direct message

    By ~Sofi_girl~
    this app is cool, i’ve sold a few items and made some money but i wish there was a direct message feature, it’s weird having to comment on a poshers random post to ask questions about my order or other stuff. it would make life way easier if we could DM poshers. also the shipping is expensive and tax makes it even more. i bought something for $35 and had to pay about $45 after shipping and tax :/ doubt i would buy anything else anymore.
  • New seller

    By roselap
    Was pleasantly surprised to see how easy this was. Hope I am successful with few thing posted because I have many things to sell.
  • Obsessed

    By jadager
    This is my new obsession. I tell everyone how much fun I am having buying and selling clothes. Poshmark has made me “fashionable”.
  • Excellent app to sell and buy.

    By @youniquenes
    The best app to sell and buy, super easy to use. No return policy So, make sure you ask questions before you buy An item. Really easy to ship! you just have to print paid address label and you’re all set. In this app, you can find some items that you been looking for. Highly recommend this to everyone.
  • Won’t recommend

    By NikaRediska
    Returns are not possible to accomplish! Also once u made a bet it’s done,u pretty much making a purchase Not stoked about this app
  • Barbero alas o

    By barberoañasco
    Como se puede comprar aquí.
  • Poor customer service

    By mjpo52946
    I bought an item on poshmark, and because the seller sent it with the wrong postage, I have to pay $27 EXTRA just to be able to pick up my package from the post office. Poshmark was no help and was unwilling to give me a refund for the item or even just a refund for the extra shipping. So now I am out the money I payed for the item and I don’t even get to have it. No protection for buyers.
  • New User

    By *Trs
    Easy to use site. Connection to other users is easy.
  • I like shopping for clothes here! Feels like an online thrift store

    By grimm1218
    I haven’t had issues with any sellers, items have been good. I have sold as well, I appreciate that they make shipping easy. I do think they take a high percentage than I would like. There was also a weird thing where they ask for drivers license/passport to verify the credit card I am purchasing with belongs to me. I found that very strange and was not comfortable giving out that information. When I contacted customer service they fixed it quickly and I was able to continue to use the app. But it was still weird TBH.
  • Good for buying not for selling

    By Emma-s
    Posh needs to change their pricing its ridiculous. If you have something listed at $10 you can’t send an offer unless it’s 10% lower plus posh MAKES you offer a discounted shipping and they take a certain percent for example if you offer $9 your net earning is $4.25. Such a joke for stuff listed under $15
  • Not the best app

    By gina2472
    Not my favorite app. The prices are high, you have to pay tax and shipping in addition to the price. On top of that poshmark takes a percentage of the money, which sometimes pursues a seller to list prices higher.
  • Ridiculous sales tax

    By kmh03
    Shipping for an item is expensive, and Poshmark takes so much % off the item sold! I posted a purse for $100 and when it sold.. all said and done my earnings were only $62 dollars! I will be deleting Poshmark and I will definitely be sticking to Mercari!!!!!!!
  • Love this!

    By Donnapaperscissiors
    I don’t make a ton of sales because I’m a vintage seller on another site, but have been pleasantly surprised with my numbers so far on clothes from my personal closet. Love the thank you notes that come from sellers, too. It inspired me to create my own!
  • Horrible Customer Service

    By Jmcarry
    The concept for the app is a great idea, but the customer service is awful. There is no phone numbers to be able to speak to anyone if you have any issues with your transactions. The only way you can contact someone is through a form on the app which goes into the customer service vortex. They will respond but there it is difficult to have a back and forth dialogue because you the communication is one way. Also, if you have an issue with an item shipped to you, you have a very short window (3 days) to make a claim if the item delivered to you is not what you expected - then they automatically release your money to the seller. I think this protects the seller which is good but it doesn’t protect the buyer. God forbid you’re away from home during that three day timespan - money is released and by the time you see your item, if it is not up to par, you’re a screwed. Poshmark would not even consider allowing me to make a claims EVEN THOUGH THE SELLER AGREED TO TAKE THE ITEM BACK.
  • For privileged people who are just having fun?

    By Tatijanna
    Can someone please explain what the purpose of this app is for normal people who want a little extra money? I wanted to sell some clothes that don’t fit me, but suddenly I was part of a “community” where I was encouraged to have parties, follow other users and be followed, and sell prestigious brands. Ok, I have two items that are luxury brands but not a whole closet worth. If I could afford a closet full of Gucci, Ray Ban, and Louis Vuitton, and throw parties, and be this socialite fashionista, then I wouldn’t be on Poshmark or other site trying to make a little extra money. I understand having standards for what your sellers have, and buyers want luxury brands for cheap. Fine. I guess this app is for people wanting to buy luxury brands for cheap, or for rich people who are selling for fun?
  • Love

    By violettravel1234
    I absolutely love Poshmark. It’s so much fun. I love the fact that you can get others to purchase bundles for one combined shipping cost. Plus the posh love is awesome. I enjoy selling and buying on posh. You can find deals within any budget which is great.

    By tay1498
    I am very upset and I hope you see this review before downloading this app !! I placed an order August 11th and barely have had any communication with the seller. I wouldn’t be so upset if this wasn’t 431$$$ of MY MONEY and I can’t even get a response. To top it off you have to wait 7, SEVEN WHOLE DAYS to cancel the order if the seller doesn’t ship😑. Who knows how long the refund will take. They don’t remove sellers that don’t respond and still have posts up from months ago. I would contact customer service but unfortunately for this app THEY DONT EXIST.
  • Poshmark

    By DJBerg
    I got this app because it showed road bikes mountain bikes and other items, after looking and searching I only see clothes and shoes.
  • Garbage app. No phone support. Etc

    By darrenshuman
    Had a seller on this app sell a fake product, upon receiving the item Poshmarks app made it next to impossible to do several things. 1- contact someone in person. there is no phone support so you’re at the mercy of minimum 24 hour reply time (over 48 for me) and only email correspondence. 2. Leave negative feedback. Buyers beware. If a seller sells a fake item one of 2 things happens, either the buyer unknowingly accepts an order of a counterfeit item and leaves positive feedback; or you have to open some absurd case dispute, upon doing which you forfeit your right to leave feedback... that’s correct, if you are not happy with your purchase you cannot leave negative feedback or warn other potential victims of the scam. Poshmark does not care if counterfeit items are sold blatantly on their app. 2019 guys step it up
  • Like it

    By britbrit1143
    I have made a few sales I do enjoy the app
  • Adequate

    By Scammers.
    I have been using poshmark since it came out years ago. One thing that I’ve noticed over the years is how people are buying full priced stuff and trying to resell double the asking price. If you use this app do RESEARCH ! Don’t just buy the first thing you see and think it’s a deal. I’ve found some really awesome deals and not so great ones. Just keep an eye out.
  • So easy!

    By SKBarrett
    Poshmark is so amazing! My friend has been reselling for a while, so I decided to give it a shot (and sell some of my clothes I’m not wearing), and I fell in love! It’s so easy to sell, and you can use that money to buy from other people! It’s like a clothing exchange. I absolutely love this app and how easy they make it to sell and buy.
  • No Buyers only Sellers

    By M- Jay
    I think the concept of the app is great but it seems like everyone is on there to sell items not buy them.
  • Poshmark give me hopes

    By yani@believeinhope
    I love Poshmark. Poshmark gave & give me hopes after 2017 big Hurricane. When I lost my job I starting selling in Poshmark & this help me to pay my student loan. Also I like all the selling tips PM share to us & all the amazing people I meet through this app.
  • Glitch in bundle feature on iPads

    By cbdlcsmith
    I have reached out several times to the Poshmark team about the glitch using the sell view of the bundle feature. I have 3 iPads a Samsung note and an iPhone. The iPad app is the only one that doesn’t show the buyers “likes” making creating a bundle nearly impossible. This has been brushed off several times and has hindered my sales due to having to switch between my iPad and my phone to bundle likes for my buyers! For the love of God please fix this issue! At least treat it as an issue rather than tell me maybe my buyer unliked the items, nope .....it’s the app!! Sincerely, highly frustrated seller
  • Some major and arbitrary limitations

    By ecufbygvdewfjlu
    1 - you can only search one color at a time. Why not allow customers to search for several colors? Likewise sellers. Can only list 2 colors. Forces you to give vague description 2 - you can only select 4 sizes to search. Women’s clothing sizes vary so much from one brand to another you are never seeing all things that might work for you. For example clothes that fit me are labeled us xs-m us 2-8 European 27-28. Basically I’d need to search at least 8 sizes to see all relevant listings. With this arbitrary size limitation I have to search individual brands, look up their size charts and then search the sizes I wear. I would much rather search the whole range of sizes that fit me, find things I like and then double check the measurements with the seller. 3 - The ux is tedious. Other similar apps allow you to swipe through photos on a listing from your feed/search 4 - the search feed loops the same 10 or so items over and over at times All that being said it is a decent place to sell but because of the pricy shipping fees and taxes things are listed much higher than on other apps and so many people I know use poshmark to search for new clothes but then wait to find and purchase on other platforms. I think if the 3 complaints I listed were resolved it would be a much more user friendly process.
  • Poshmark is new and improved!

    By OHnoKelso
    I used to think using poshmark was so so. The customer service team didn’t exist, shipping time updates would lag, and a lot of the categories were really limited. They’ve been listening to the users a lot more lately and it’s lead to really positive changes for both buyers and sellers! I would recommend using this app! It’s very user friendly for beginners and there a lot of easy to follow blogs and videos about it. 💕
  • Terrible customer service. Bad for buyers

    By Chrissss_ssss
    Wouldn’t recommend this app if ur buying items less than 500 dollars because poshmark won’t authenticate the items. So you have a bunch of people selling fake items for 300-400 dollars. Moreover, even if you bring up the concerns to poshmark nothing will be done. I’ve seen multiple sellers scamming people with fake items and getting away with it and they continue to sell fake items. Not safe for buyers.
  • Mostly great but....

    By Bananafishie
    I’ve found some really great stuff I’d love to purchase but 95% of the listings and closets are dead. Wasted waaay more time than necessary because of this and missed out on actual items I could have purchased. Please correct this by making closets inactive that have not been logged into in a 2-3 weeks.
  • Easy to, use cute stuff to five

    By Julflyy
    Obsessed with Poshmark but the shipping could most certainly be lowered!!
  • Poshmark is not safe to sell

    By wsnowflake
    DO NOT SELL ON THIS SITE! I sold a listing that had multiple items in the bundle of lipsticks there were 6 lipsticks 1 lipliner 1 pop socket and 1 metal straw. A buyer had bought this listing when she received the box she stated she wanted a return that the lipsticks didn’t close. All the items were BRAND new I never touched them or even opened them from the box. Poshmark approved this return. When I got the box back I video recorded me opening the box. In the video it shows that 2 lipsticks were missing and that all of the lipsticks closed. I immediately sent poshmark multiple messages! Days go by and the only response I get from poshmark is they will message the buyer to send missing items back. A few days go by and still no word from anyone. TODAY THEY RELEASED THE PAYMENT BACK TO BUYER! How the hell is that fair my time was wasted this buy stole two lipsticks and got to keep the money! POSHMARK DOES NOT PROTECT SELLERS! Do not buy or sell from the poshmark user @athenak1
  • Best retail site ever!

    By 04kimmygurl
    One word...addicting! We love buying gently used clothing off here and have had some great sales! This stuff would be sitting in our attic with no money made! Prices are reasonable and service is great!
  • Why the change?

    By schwank
    What happened to the plus size market???? Why am I being bombarded by clothes in my feed that are nowhere near my size? Definitely not pleased with this change. I have been using Poshmark for years and started selling about six months or so ago, but this most recent change that did away with the plus market option is most annoying. Also, I wish there were a separate shoe market.
  • Best Fashion Selling and Community App

    By mama bear mad
    Like many women, I have a ton clothing, shoes etc. I do not wear or never wore and finally decided it was time to minimize. This is by far the best app to sell your stuff! Once you start, you will be obsessed! If you are into social media, you will soon be a Posher! Sell, buy or socialize. Know there are rules to follow in the community and fee to pay when selling/shipping your items but it will be worth it if you do it right. Do your research if your buying and deliver a great product if your selling. Focus on your business, providing a great product and experience and stay true to your product and customers and before you know it, you’ll turn your side hustle into your full time hustle 😉
  • Poshmark is the top selling app.

    By Saviiiiiiiiiiiii
    I am a big fan of Poshmark. I do feel this app is the superior consignment app. They offer parties, people reach out to welcome you, personalized listings allow security in being able to know who you’re buying from or selling to, etc. Although, there are some changes I would like to see. The shipping is high. Prices are good but when you remember that no matter what you have to pay nearly seven just for shipping I think it deters buyers. It is the most expensive app when it comes to shipping. The other problem is that listings are limited. I’d love to see Poshmark make another app where the user is able to buy or sell more than clothing and accessories
  • Poshmark enables dishonesty

    By Lyyss910111213
    Stay clear of this deceptive and dishonest company! This company charges a ridiculous commission of 20% on items over 10.00 or a flat rate of $2.95 on items less than 10.00. The shipping costs are SUPER expensive, to the point that when I took an order to the post office (they use USPS for shipping) the postman advised me that the prepaid postage was too expensive and overweight for the item. They suggest you lower your prices to make “sales” but still take your 20% commission and offer discounted shipping which you are required to pay the difference. After all is said and done, you are making pennies on the dollar off your items and at times even in the negative on items after commission, discounts and shipping have been factored in. If you’re not a boutique you don’t even stand a real chance at making sales since Poshmark caters to boutiques and wholesalers since the app even offers you a chance a buying wholesale items and making a boutique but you must be an “ambassador” and it’s similar to a pyramid scheme. That’s not even counting how Poshmark offers NO seller protection and buyers can make bogus claims or damage your items to get a return even though Poshmark offers a “final sale” on all orders. There’s horror stories all over, just do a quick google search, on Poshmark’s zero accountability on problem buyers and the bogus “cases” they make which at times, result in buyers returning very damaged items or empty boxes to downright stealing. This company clearly enables dishonesty.
  • Easy as 1-2-3

    By Suitcasesalky
    Thank you for providing an app that is fun, easy & smart!
  • Perfect way to make an impact!

    By sarlinds
    I have been shopping here and selling as well for a few years! Love making an impact but reselling items instead of waste!
  • Not a terrible way to earn some extra cash, but definitely not the best

    By charlotte930
    TLDR: you’ll probably sell some things, but buyers pay too much and sellers earn less than they should. The good: - It’s relatively easy to attract interested buyers (particularly on popular brand name items) - Posting new items for sale is simple with a user-friendly interface. It’s easy to get into the groove and sales aren’t impossible to make. - If you post something good, someone will probably pay something for it [that being said, If you priced it fairly and they took the price at face value, they‘re likely to pay more than value and you will earn far less.] The bad: - 1-size-fits-all shipping labels aren’t really fair to either sellers or buyers (some of the stuff I’m selling doesn’t need $6+ for shipping, but that’s the minimum the buyer has to pay for it). - It’s got a real vintage store vibe in that you take the time to drag together and sort out a heap of high quality barely-worn designer stuff and somehow walk away with $45. I blame two primary practices: 1) Poshmark takes a relatively huge commission (20%) in fees. Even cash-gouging money transfer services don’t hold such a high percentage back. 2) Price negotiating, which could have been a handy option, means you can’t post anything for what you’re hoping to get for it. if you expect the fair price to be something like $50, you’d better post it for $75+ and let people haggle you down to $40. - Communicating with customers is limited to two options: @ing them in public comments or replying to a noncustomizable form that goes: “Buyer Doe offered $______. Do you: a)Accept b)Reject c)Counteroffer $_______” So if something delays shipping, you want to discuss a negotiation more in-depth, or you have a question for a buyer/seller, your only option is to comment publicly on the item for sale.
  • Poshmark

    By SSS teach
    Poshmark is great! I find a lot of great deals here.
  • Hard to get anyone to buy anything

    By SGJanna
    You continually add a bunch of people. But no one actually buys a full stock of clothing you put online. Pricing could be better.