Poshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion

Poshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion

  • Category: Shopping
  • Release Date: 2011-10-13
  • Current Version: 4.20
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 65.67 MB
  • Developer: Poshmark, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 217 400


Poshmark is the leading marketplace to buy and sell fashion. ***Shop over 9,000 brands in every size—including plus size, petites, and juniors—and score deals up to 70% off retail ***Sell and make money from home. List your items for free! Shop. Sell. Style. Party. SHOP Whatever you’re shopping for, Poshmark’s got it—for much less than discount clothing retailers and outlets like Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx. With $175 million worth of new and gently used merchandise added to the marketplace every week, you will find amazing deals and discounts on fashion and beauty from the hottest brands like Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, MAC Cosmetics, Nike, Brandy Melville and more! SELL: CONSIGN YOUR CLOSET FROM HOME Do you have items in your closet that didn’t work out? Maybe a luxury handbag, statement shoes, or even your old wedding dress you wore once and won’t ever wear again? Poshmark is the #1 online consignment solution for anyone to sell their used clothes and make money for the new things they’re coveting, providing an alternative to Goodwill and other consignment stores like Buffalo Exchange. Over 60 million women and men across the United States and Canada are on Poshmark—join them today! STYLE Need ideas for what to wear to your next date or that upcoming wedding? Do you hate getting dressed in the morning? Poshmark has millions of outfit ideas for you. Shop the personal style and closets of other Poshers today, or request to be styled by your favorite Stylist! PARTY Party on the go, no matter where you’re at! Join the thousands of women and men who come together three times a day, seven days a week to participate in our themed virtual Posh Parties, featuring everything from loungewear to luxury. Create new listings, share and shop together! Have Tory Burch, Forever 21, or Zara on the brain? There’s a party for you. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING “Poshmark is a great online resale platform.” —Vogue “The social marketplace is great for hunting down a cult-loved item that's otherwise sold out everywhere as well as finding deals on popular brands like Lululemon, Free People, and Anthropologie.” —Popsugar “Poshmark is a brilliant way to sell and buy clothing. This side hustle app (or for some people, their full-time job!) allows you to take a photo of something in your closet and upload it to your account in less than 60 seconds, all from your phone.” —Parade “The marketplace that’s so posh that celebrities use it—especially to raise money for good causes, like DJ Khaled, Serena Williams, Katherine Heigl and Rachael Ray” —Buzzfeed



  • Would give it a 5 but....

    By _rexLuther13
    Unfortunately they charge 20% fee so it’s quite a lot of money they make out of you. Other then that amazing app to make money.
  • Could easily be improved

    By Jsbdhjwnwnsjnwbsjsj
    It’s an okay app but there should be some changes made:/ first the 20% that Poshmark takes from a sale makes it not even worth it for sellers/buyers. To make anything sellers have to raise the price up a bunch because of the 20%, so it’s hard to sell because buyers don’t want to pay that much which is understandable. Second is the shipping issue. The 7.11 flat rate is great for heavier items but it makes no sense for small items which is majority of what is sold on poshmark. There should be an option the seller can choose!! Overall I think it’s just better to use mercari/depop in my experience :/
  • Good App! But could be even better

    By coolbeanzzzzz2436
    I really like this app. I’ve made quite a bit of money using it to sell my clothes, and its got some really great features that help you buy and sell quickly and easily. For example, they have a great categorization system for filtering items you want to see. I also like having the ability to comment on posts, because it keeps things more open and clear to all potential buyers. And I like having a profile I can customize with pictures and a bio. However there are some issues, like the size filter can be hard to make work when searching for clothes in my size, which is important. It overall could be made more user friendly. Also, and this is my biggest pet peeve about this app, they have to do away with the flat rate shipping cost. I personally use the app mainly to get good deals on cute clothes, so an unavoidable $7.11 shipping fee, though nice cause it’s expedited, typically isn’t something I want to have to pay. Mercari lets you enter a weight that helps determine shipping costs for your items, which I think is fantastic. Offerup does the same, to a more simplified degree. Other than that, it’s a good app.
  • So easy to use!

    By Beccaboo1000
    I’ve been selling and buying on this app since April this year. So easy to use and the flat rate shipping makes it that much easier in my opinion. The seller can decrease the shipping amount if it makes sense for their sale (at their own cost). Way easier to use than any other resale app.
  • takes more profit than other selling sites

    By annapet1207
    ebay takes 10%, mercari takes 10%, poshmark takes 20%??? a little greedy for doing nothing
  • This app is nice

    By dena baron
    Hey this app is nice I can earn money by selling my old or new things easily it is very easy to get me right it is pretty hard to sign in so I just want to let you guys know that and it is also really hard to pick out what you want to sell but anyways bye!!!!!!
  • Great app

    By Game vibes
    Love to posh. Addicting!
  • Excellent everything about this app is excellent

    By TheSlades
    The best social media sales platform app
  • Shopping is to much!!

    By Cnj4949
    This is a great app to purchase items but BUYER BEWARE each item you purchase from different boutiques are $7.11 shipping per boutique!!! That is so much!! Sometimes I’ve encountered shipping has cost more than the actual product I have purchased!!! That’s insane pricing. It’s extremely pricey to actually “shop” here and each order has different shipping costs. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I can buy 1 t-shirt that doesn’t weigh anything and shipping is flat of $7.11. It doesn’t make sense for items that aren’t the weight! Sellers should charge their own shipping prices depending on the items purchased and weight! Like I said before I like to purchase here but I hate that I’m charged so many different “shipping fees” per boutique.
  • The Best

    By Misa1
    I have sold through multiple channels for many years but none compare to Poshmark. I love how easy it is to buy/sell, navigate the app, communicate with sellers or potential buyers, the layout is perfect...and the seller fees aren’t ridiculous. What I absolutely love MOST about the app are the inspirational notifications I receive everyday - The messages are uplifting and always brings a smile to my face. Something so minor, but one that makes a world of difference. Thank you.
  • No Google Login

    By ganjanessa
    Not sure why they wouldn't have a google login when they have it in the browser version. PEOPLE CANT GET TO THEIR ACCOUNTS IF THEY CANT LOGIN ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • So easy!!!

    By bellaquel
    This is the best selling platform!
  • Don’t use it

    By WhitleyWhite
    I am genuinely disappointed with this app. It rips people off. 0/10 would not recommend.
  • Good but needs improvements

    By Bella 🐶🤩😉
    I love Poshmark! It’s a great app and everything but there NEEDS to be some improvements. First improvement needed: to be able to delete notifications and comments/messages. I’ve been leaning towards depop recently because you can delete comments and many other things. Poshmark should let you do that. Second improvement: to take away less money!! Poshmark takes wayyy to much money!!
  • Great for new sellers

    By Dont Knowok
    I sold something the first day being on the app! It’s an amazing app if you want to sell. Really recommend it.
  • great but

    By gutter rat 69
    i really like this app because it’s just so easy to use and most stuff is a good price, but i think it’s really messed up how you allow it if someone were to sell something, then people offer them more money AFTER THE ITEM HAS SOLD, so they cancel your order and sell it for more. it’s really annoying this has happened to me multiple times and i don’t think people who do that should be allowed to use this platform. you all probably don’t care though cause i know you’re a little money hungry
  • All about the following and pointless notifications

    By kaite R
    Pointless notifications and on top of that the people on this app just follow you and could care less about what you put up on the store. Some people need to pay for things and need extra cash so they sell things, they don’t want 20 messages about remembering Their amazing and they also don’t want the app to waste their time with all the people following them and forgetting that they have a shop. My point is is that don’t use the app unless you have 100k followers or more and just list online items for a dollar less, or else you won’t get any sales. I’ve been on this app for about 7 months. No sales just pointless followers.
  • First Time seller/Shopper

    By omarbinolu1982
    So far definitely like it
  • Why are the fees SO HIGH??

    By Lum1987
    Sure, your item might sell. But Poshmark takes such a huge chunk that it’s not worth it. 20% is a lot. That’s how much they charge for items over $15. For a $250 dress, they take $50. That’s so lame. In comparison, ebay takes $25 and caps at $750. Consider that you bought the item for $800-1,000. At least Depop shows you how much you’ll make. They only take 10% too. Etsy only takes 5%. Why do people use this app?? I don’t get it. They should be more transparent about it.
  • give the sellers their money.

    By jdhdej
    Poshmark takes wayyy to much money from the actual you’re better off using depop or just about any other app. It’s to the point I have to way over charge to even get the proper amount of money for the item.
  • Technical issue

    By Ash|ey
    Love the app itself but when I’m scrolling through things I can’t just hit the heart and it work, I have to physically click on the item scroll to the bottom and hit that heart for it to save. Not a huge deal just super annoying.
  • Horrible customer service

    By Sare Bear 3
    I experienced the worst possible customer service. After buying broken shoes listed in good condition, I was refused a return. Wasted $30. Emailed multiple times, only to be told the shoes weren’t broken. Absolute disregard for their customers.
  • Everything is final sale.

    By Aimed pauline
    You can’t do any returns after 3 hours. I never had any problems with this app until now that you can’t cancel or return anything after 3 hours once the purchase is made. I tried to return something that was bought by accident and it wouldn’t let me. Because the 3 hours had already past. Lost almost 100 dollars on a dress that isn’t even my size. What a waste of money, especially now with covid going on and I’m working less hours. Thanks postmark.
  • Bad customer service, Awesome selling platform

    By ayoceo
    I had someone request a return because they didn’t like the item they bought and tried to make it seem like I lied. When confronting customer service they made me give them a return and then proceeded to tell me I needed to be kind when the lady that bought my item told me how awful it was and that it was the crappiest thing she’s seen, when I originally paid over 100 dollars for it and sold it for half that. Wish customer service cared more about people than making money
  • Cant update on ios 11.4.1

    By Wyoming Goldprospector
    I decided to not close my account as sales started to go up but right after my last review. I don’t agree with the taxes and seller fees or the high price of shipping, but I have no other choice but to use this app or ebay which I am also currently using. I already closed my Mercari today because of the same stunts they pulled. But that isn’t the reason why I am changing my review. I am now no longer able to update this app because I am still using ios 11.4.1 and don’t plan on updating ios ever. It was a pain in the rear to find Poshmark in the app store and I only found out that because I don’t have ios 12 or higher by going thru my purchased app list to find poshmark, just to see if any new updates. So because I am still using ios 11.4.1 I am not getting any updates nor notifications from prospective buyers. I already lost a couple of sales because I wasn’t notified in time. My notifications for poshmark is turned ON and I only learned about the possible sales thru my email a week later which I don’t check my email on a daily basis. Change the app back to support ios 11
  • Love it!

    By Jackiekelly24
    Love it as both a buyer and a seller. They make it easy. The free post office shipping boxes are a huge plus!
  • Love

    By loveleigh123
    My favorite part about posh is having my clothes go all over the United States! I love how excited people are when they get there clothes and it’s great to know my clothes will be loved in a different home 😊

    By Klaus in SF
    Terrible customer service. They would not reimburse me for a pair of shoes I purchase that were not as stated and now I’m stuck with the cost. Pretty pathetic seeing I’ve spend hundreds with other items and now I have a pair of shoes that are clearly too small. I no longer use this service
  • Just another following ring

    By Snikwad.B
    Great idea at first, but all anyone does is follow you and like your items only because they want to be followed back. There are what seems like hundreds Of boutiques who do this who just want you to follow them. The boutiques ruin it for me, they are like these annoying spam bots. I get spammed with so many notifications about followers and they are almost all boutiques who obviously have zero interest in shopping, they are only interested in you following them and buying from their boutiques. In Poshmark rules they basically tell you to follow the people that follow you. Poshmark makes money off of these boutiques, and they take a good bit of your earnings on sold items as well. And as someone else mentioned, a little over $7 locked in for shipping is too much. Shipping should be determined by weight and where it’s being shipped to because it drives your prices up to where you have to almost drastically mark down really great and even new items just to get people to buy it. Example, you list a brand new item that you paid $40 for, and so you list it for $35, because it’s brand new and you don’t want to lose much on the item. Add the $7 for shipping and the person will be paying more than what You paid for the item and it’s a turn off for everyone. So, this leaves you having to mark it down a lot lower just to get buyers, and then you make only a tiny fraction of the item. If I list it for $35, I MIGHT get $20 from earnings after Poshmark takes part of your sale. It’s a lose- lose thing on Poshmark. You will literally make more money creating an Instagram garage sale profile and selling your items there.
  • Amazing!

    By Melinum15
    I love it!!
  • It’s okay but there are some issues

    By alison bean
    When you can find a good seller it’s great. However more often than not I’ve had instances where the seller is difficult to get responses from or won’t even respond to questions or updates on purchases, and you’re left waiting a week with no responses until you end up just canceling your order. That’s not so much poshmark’s fault but it’s still annoying to deal with. The app isn’t very user friendly either. It’s very difficult to sort or filter any of your searches. I’ll filter to view only my shoe size and I’ll get half my size and the other half random sizes. It makes casual browsing a nightmare. I’ve had more luck when I’m looking for a specific brand AND style name of the item. Overall it’s okay. It’s one of the last apps I open when I’m shopping for something now.
  • My first day on Poshmark

    By Big Money Bri
    I’ve had a good experience so far. A very welcoming place to go to sell your
  • Spam

    By Always ok123
    In the first day of having the app I received 75 followers. All the while my 6 listings received no interactions. Maybe all 75 had no interest but it seems something else is up. Maybe bots
  • Suggestion

    By madi0123
    update the brands you all have parties for. it’s been the same tired brands for years. give sellers with different brands a chance to share their items to a wider audience and make more sales.
  • 10/10: LOVE THE NOTIFS

    By pohc
    Not only is this app arguably the best tool for second hand fashion out there, but the notifications are amazing - they aren’t trying to hook you to use the app with some BS reason - they are about life and always make me smile. Not to mention they are effective and make me click on the app!!! If you don’t have notifications turned on consider turning them on, it’s almost like one of those motivation apps. I hope Poshmark sees this, because it’s important to praise those who are doing it RIGHT in this messed up world of social media, etc. today! GO POSHMARK. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! ❤️
  • Can’t put in payment info

    I get a message saying the billing zip code doesn’t match. Funny, I got se the billing zip code with no issue outside this wonderful app.
  • Soooo Easy!!

    By R4dalejr
    It’s so easy to list & sell items!! I can’t believe I haven’t tried it earlier!!
  • Great app but missing out

    By Cierrahuscherr
    It’s honestly a really great app I wish that you could upload photos to the lineup of pictures. And I wish that you could upload stories which is pretty much videos of the clothes but every time I try to it seems to fail.
  • Make fast money!

    By iman5728
    What works for me: ...post your items at least once an hour. Share others items and your items. Once you get in the grove of selling your items will sell itself!! Happy Poshing 😘
  • Changed my life

    By Fmkunda
    Found another form of income after losing my job.
  • Easy

    By Emerald Narwhal
    Poshmark makes it so easy to buy and sell things- there’s a guarantee for both the buyer and seller and as soon as the buyer accepts your item, you can cash out! I love the design of the app as well. And making listings is so fast. I also love how you can use your balance to buy other things without having to use a credit card!
  • Hate the new look!

    By clur bear
    High commission. Faster selling time for the buyer. High shipping rates but better quality shipping. The new look is so unprofessional! Please change it back!
  • Great app to sell and buy

    By Lexus1213748391055101
    I’ve been on Poshmark since 2016 and I love it! It’s really easy to use and a great way to make some extra cash. I just recently started a new account and I’ve sold a lot of stuff and I’ve purchased a lot over the years. I’ve always been pretty careful when buying stuff and I’ve never really had any bad experiences. There’s some shady people like any other selling/buying app but as long as your cautions you’ll be fine. I just really wish Poshmark would update it so you can see ALL the reviews. People can only see the reviews of a seller when a buyer leaves a 5 star. It would be really helpful if you could see all the reviews though.
  • @Beezkneez2020

    By ebrab
    I love this app, it’s been a wonderful Community to work with, they’ve been very supportive with helping a new seller on Poshmark.

    By the posh babe
    i love poshmark! i am a posh ambassador and have been selling + purchasing on poshmark since 2018 and i love it!
  • Poshmark is a Super Buyer Site

    By jessie0077
    Poshmark is a super buyer site, with everything you could ever possibly want at deep discounted prices. And on top of that, you can negotiate your own prices!! Highly recommened!
  • I absolutely love posh ❤️

    By ebonece1990
    Poshmark is by far the best and most simplest app to sell on hands down...LOVE IT
  • Suggestion!

    By ItsKianaYo
    I wish we had a small bio for accounts. I want to know when people list items and what types of items. That would be terrific! Could you add a shoutout feature that allows us to shoutout another account? That would be amazing. That way smaller accounts can get more attention. Please add a listing feature that allows a post to say either “accepting offers” or “price is firm”. I also wouldn’t mind accounts to say whether or not they sell certain sizes. And it wouldn’t be such a bad idea if we could have more sizing options so we can see more items for sale. Poshmark only lets us choose up to 3 sizes or something like that, but I wish it let us choose more. Thank you.
  • Awful customer service

    By crazyAboutHorses1994
    Awful customer service. I received an item I purchased, and it was completely misrepresented. Nowhere in the description did it say the jeans were cropped, nor did the images posted show that the jeans were cropped. The customer service representative told me I could reposh them, so they get their 20% commission or donate them. Absolutely ridiculous. I’ve used Poshmark for many years, and I will no longer be using them after this.