Babbel – Learn Spanish

Babbel – Learn Spanish

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2011-12-21
  • Current Version: 20.17.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 147.48 MB
  • Developer: Lesson Nine GmbH
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 405


Learn Spanish with Babbel, the app that’s helped millions speak with confidence. Developed by a team of Europe’s best language experts, Babbel makes language lessons CLICK with you and STICK with you. THE BABBEL PROCESS Babbel makes learning Spanish fun and effective: 1. HIT the ground running with practical conversation skills Linguistic experts designed the intuitive courses to engage you in practical conversation skills from your very first lesson. 2. Lessons that CLICK with you - Engaging and easy to use Lessons engross you in a foreign culture while guiding your language journey with English-perspective hints, simple explanations, and creative grammar cues that cement fresh concepts. 3. Language skills that STICK with you for life Revolutionary 10-15 minute lessons and dynamic review sessions continuously adapt to your strengths and weaknesses, recontextualize prior concepts, and send your new language straight to long-term memory. Hit. Click. Stick. Speak Spanish. It’s that easy! FEATURES: • 10-15 minute bite-sized Spanish lessons fit in your schedule • Lessons covering a wide range of topics (including travel, culture, and business) • Speech recognition technology aids pronunciation • Ideal for both beginners and advanced learners • Review Manager keeps Spanish vocabulary in your long term memory • Learning progress synchronized across all your devices and on the web WORKS FOR YOUR GOALS: After just a month you will be able to handle important Spanish conversations for: • Transportation • Shopping • Directions • Making friends and socializing • Dining • And much more! WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT US: “Babbel exceeds expectations, delivering high-quality, self-paced courses.” “Exceptionally good site.” -The Economist “Babbel is one of the stalwarts of the online language learning sphere.” -TNW **The World’s Highest Grossing Language Learning App** **Fast Company # 1 Most Innovative Education Company 2016** **Awarded Apple's Best Apps of 2014 in 9 countries!** PLEASE NOTE You will need a subscription in order to get access to the full learning materials for one language. Each subscription will be automatically renewed unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current payment period. Your iTunes account will be automatically charged at the same price for renewal within the 24-hour period prior to the end of the current payment period unless you change your subscription preferences in your iTunes Account Settings. When a subscription is canceled, access to the app’s courses and features will expire at the end of the current payment period. Privacy policy: Terms of use: SUPPORT We’d love to hear from you. Write to us with questions and suggestions at: VISIT US FOLLOW US LIKE US



  • Doesn’t work, but I’m still charged

    By $&&$((::;567
    My credit card is charged, but I get error messages when I open the app. I’ve updated, deleted and updated, but it still doesn’t work. Nor do the links in the app to ask for help. Frustrating.
  • I think it’s fun to learn in Babbel

    By EmHan19
    One of my favs. I wish it had Japanese!
  • Not for beginners

    By JackieLLB
    If I had not worked with other Spanish learning apps prior to this one I would have given up by now. Besides annoying glitches in the program, learning tends to jump around rather than follow a logical course of study. It is useful for those who already have a large Spanish vocabulary and some knowledge of syntax, however if you are a beginner you will be frustrated. The program assumes prior knowledge and uses some vocabulary and forms of speech that are solely used in Spain. Sticking with it because I paid for it, but I will not be renewing my subscription.
  • Outrageously expensive

    By Runingfromlions
    Really.? $10 a month. And a minimum of three months. Geese. At least other programs you buy and own. No thanks Babbel. I’ll continue to babble in English.
  • Good for experienced ppl & Need Latin American option

    By elwpea
    It’s good for technical learning of grammar rules but not so good for conversational. If you could combine this and duolingo, you’d have a nearly perfect program. I don’t understand why they refuse to allow users to opt out of vosotros even though that seems to be one of the most common complaints. I didn’t learn vosotros in high school (including AP exam) or college (I minored in Spanish and am trying to refresh my grammar) and have zero interest in wasting time learning it now. I live in Texas where nobody uses it. Even if I go to Spain, they will understand ustedes in the rare occasion I need to say an informal you plural while talking to strangers.
  • Wastes a lot of time

    By Old Man Dancing
    I subscribed to three months of the premium and I regret it. This could be a pretty decent app were it not for the fact that it wastes a LOT of my time forcing me to learn vosotros. Pretty much every other app like this has an option to select Latin American Spanish so you don’t waste time learning something that most of us will never use, but Babbel doesn’t feel compelled to offer that courtesy. I’ve ended my recurring subscription and will probably cut my losses and delete this app.
  • Needs improvements, but great language tool

    By dande in ca
    I‘ve been using babble now for 4 months learning Spanish from the beginner level. I like how the lessons are sized and progress, the multiple ways, oral, visual of introducing new subjects, how the program collects my acquired vocabulary, and lets me review it. But I‘m frustrated by the lack of one feature: when I am stepping through a lesson, I sometimes want to go just a few steps back to review a point. The program does not allow that, I have to restart the lesson, and redo all the exercises to come to a specific step. That is a waste of my time, it makes the program feel rigid. If it wasn‘t missing this feature, I would whole- heartedly give babble 5 stars.
  • Spanish

    By Lady person making review
    I’m in a Spanish immersion school and we use a different “version” of Spanish. I don’t know how to change that. Also doulingo is free for just the education. To learn here you need money
  • Terrible experiece

    By Snow2377811974
    Purchase Babbel to learn Spanish. Very excited! Began program. Than I could not access my lessons. Could not access my profile to cancel. Kept saying error occurred try again! No number to call! Very frustrating! Have spent an enormous amount of time in this! Be careful! They are making money off of your frustrations!
  • Good learning method

    By I'm The Donald
    Uses good technique for retention
  • Why I Cancelled Subscription

    By BoldSuccess
    I’ve lived in Mexico for six years with my Mexican girlfriend, her 3 twenty-something daughters and her extended family... Apparently listening to me work my way through Babbel Spanish is painful because “we don’t speak like that, this is México, and they’re teaching you to talk like you’re from Spain.” So I bounced it off of some friends from Columbia and Argentina who responded similarly. This is formal Spanish for Spain. Which makes perfect sense, but it would have been good to know before I bought a non-refundable one year subscription to Babbel. Hopefully this will help other people make a more informed decision.
  • Not the One

    By KKKKEeecook
    Thought this was going to be a great non expensive way to learn... but it costs $85 every 6 months. Would not recommend this if you don’t want to spend.
  • Horrible app

    By Segvyu
    It’s a terrible app. You’re not gonna learn anything meaningful from it. Don’t waste your money guys .
  • Love it, but...

    By Kimlyhornya
    I love Babbel, but I want more options (like flash cards) that are silent—something I can do on the bus, plane, anywhere really. I had one flash-card refresher, so far, but that was it, and I didn’t have the option to repeat. Maybe I’m missing something-?
  • Watch Out if u Update

    By Ddknz
    Just getting started & app seemed good so far. It didnt force me to do an update...but after I did update to the latest ver the app started me all over, what a bummer. Doubt I’ll use it any more now, going back to Duolingo :(
  • Excellent Program; Terrible Tech Support

    By Do Ping
    The program is better than Rossetta Stone! HOWEVER, tech support via e-mail is sub par. Tech guy answers slowly then drops you. Doesn’t answer followup e-mail questions at all. Too bad because they got my money for a year and now I’m stuck! So disappointing! Do ping
  • Diesn’t work after uograding phone to iphone 7

    By Kbmin
    This worked great on my iphone 5s but when I got an iphone 7 the app won’t open. It keeps telling me to try later but it never opens.
  • Too Hard

    By Amelia Bonilla
    It’s really frustrating because every time I say it the exact thing that it’s saying it says I’m wrong
  • Useless

    By LordByronPHX
    Useless if you’re trying to learn Spanish for business in the United States. Perfect if you’re traveling to Spain. I wish I had put my $50 towards Rosetta Stone.
  • Not worth money

    By lynnalice
    I have used other apps that have now improved their teaching methods and my language learning experience is more enjoyable and I look forward to my daily practice.
  • Frustrating

    By FLA Steve
    This is one of the buggiest apps I’ve ever used- constantly forgets who I am and need to log in . Then doesn’t know where I left off and starts at some random point. Goes along for days trouble free and then just goes and forgets everything. Only get this if you can deal with lousy software- language part is pretty good.
  • review

    By SCS3/4
    got a 53 out of 54 on the review lesson and must do it again. por que?
  • Good idea, mediocre tech execution

    By Virtu0city
    The idea behind learning language with this app is great, but technical execution is beyond mediocre. App won’t start offline, even when previously logged in and lessons downloaded. Like I have nothing better to do when I am online. The keyboard is probably the worst part of this app. You need to have surgical precision of typing to enter answers correctly. Seriously guys, get onboard with times and fix the tech issues. You are not that cheap and competition is around the corner.
  • It’s ok but not what I hoped for

    By bufalowBob
    I would like a conversational only tutorial without the spelling. The voices in the replying could be slower and repeated more often.
  • App can’t seem to keep track of what I’ve done

    By ScottsPastime
    Every other day I have to repeat a lesson I just finished the day before because I can’t seem to keep track of what I’ve done. Great app, but this flaw is very frustrating
  • App problem

    By asdlfkjaewoirwakdf
    I downloaded this app in the USA and then traveled to Australia. I don’t know if it’s the country change or what, but I have had a horrible time with the app. The support team I have been emailing back and forth have tried to be helpful, but they really have not helped at all. They suggested I delete the app and then download it again. Did that and the glitch was still there. When I return to work in the app it says “Continue to the next lesson” and when I press on that prompt a white screen pops up and then disappears and it does not go on to the next lesson. Very frustrating and I am going to ask for a refund.
  • Very good app but watch for sometimes unreliable Review icon

    By Henrydlg1
    Have been regularly using this app for nearly a year to refresh my Spanish. It’s been a very enjoyable experience. The only rub is that the Review button and Review function have become unreliable in functioning. I continue to see a note pop up that says the review function is no functioning - try again later. I keep trying but without success. Fix that and the app is pretty much functioning as promoted. Thank you!
  • This is the worst app. Don’t waste your money!!

    By nancannrudy
    This app is not for beginners. I starts speaking to neighbors and you have no clue where you are in terms of the language . In animals you think ok they are going to teach you the names of each animal but no, they teach you the stupid sound only. Who cares about sound when you don’t even know what the animal is called giving this sound. Don’t waste your money on this stupid app. I wish more people would have been honest about this app so that I did not spend my money
  • Not for Latin American Spanish!

    By Mickg9
    Though it tries to include Latin American Spanish words and pronunciations, it seems secondary. The voice recognition on the iPad app is terrible, perhaps in part because of this. It is heavily weighted toward European Spanish, so it might be fine if that’s what you want it for, I’m not sure. I do know that it’s very counterproductive if you’re planning on using it to speak in Mexico or Latin America.
  • Want to love it but....

    By Caliallye
    I have trouble with both design and function. My biggest gripe is that there are not more chances to speak the language. My second biggest: I find the most challenging part of using this app is trying to type in the correct letters. The keyboard they provide is too small for the app to be used comfortably on the phone. For us perfectionists, trying to tho things perfectly means going back sometimes five or six or more times in the ten question review. The voice response seems kind of touchy as well. Often I have to give up after ten or more attempts to get the green light! Yet other times when I know I have mumbled something, it passes me! If they would improve that, give a larger keyboard, have more conversational chances, and even OFFER THE OPPORTUNITY TO SPEAK YOUR ANSWERS(!) it would be much better! Also, as a child raised in a family that spoke Mexican Spanish (like from the fifties), I often find myself going, “THAT’s the word?” Then several lessons later (and I mean the BIG lessons, not the smaller lessons within the lessons), FINALLY it will say “in Latin America....” Also, I take issue with their use of English... Why should we not be presented with “to whom” Rather than “” That happens through out the app. If they are trying to teach “proper” Spanish (to the extent that I feel like I’m learning a whole new language), why not use “proper” English to learn from? I also have had some trouble trying to figure out the best way to use this. The lessons sometimes seem all over the place. Other than that, Mrs Lincoln is enjoying the presentation.
  • No Sound

    By Jim75771
    It would be a good app but there is no sound when I press the icons for words to be spoken. So it’s basically useless. I think I wasted my money.
  • Excellent app but why so España-centric?

    By baj66zautca
    First. I love the way this app is structured. I am a heritage speaker (my mom is from Mexico) but even though I grew up hearing Spanish; I don’t speak as well as I would like. I have used duolingo for a long time; and I like it - but am at the point where I need to go beyond just adding new vocabulary. I want to better understand the grammar and focus on conversation. in this regard; the app is excellent. I just wish the app offered an option for ‘LatinAmerican’ Spanish. When that happens this app will be perfect.
  • Question

    By daggercourt
    Can this help me learn Spanish?so I can talk to people because I’m struggling
  • Not Latin American Spanish

    By DwightAB
    I really want to lean Latin American Spanish that I can use with my friends in the US and in Mexico. No one in the US, Mexico or Centra America speak Castellano. I loved using Babbel, but, they only offer European Spanish. Bummer.
  • I won't renew this app

    By Whirlebird
    You have to guess which person the app is asking for - between formal and informal - and a lot of times the correct answer is ruled incorrect, even though the given answer and the correction are identical. Also, if you stop in the middle of a lesson on iPad, you have to start the lesson over when you return. AND, for some reason, lessons already finished come back as brand new, uncompleted lessons if you shut down your iPad at the wrong time ( which I haven't figured out yet). Also, I just missed 25 questions and was told "Great Job - you're on the right track!" ???
  • Very difficult to understand the mans voice and pronunciation.

    By mayan1200
    Not helpful for a beginner. Not the best if you’re interest is for Latin America. Tech support is non existent..
  • Needs some work but has a lot of potential :)

    By JazzLover42
    This app does have a lot of information in it to learn but it lacks in actually helping you learn. I would suggest an option to practice your mistakes over and over until you get a perfect score in each level. The repetition would help me learn. Also, I would like if we could control going forward between each question in order to re read it or translate. It just automatically pushes you to the next question and I never have time to read the whole sentence. I also wish I could opt out of the “vosotros” in the Spanish lessons because I have no interest in learning it. It is also annoying that there is no back button. And also no way to keep track of progress on the main screen. It’s very hard to navigate and keep track of what I have done and what I want to do.
  • Keyboard will not let me finish words.

    By mjbulgrin
    When I try to used the app, the keyboard will not let me finish some of the words. So, I get the answers incorrect even though I know the material. There is no update available.
  • Only so so

    By Rotex910
    Sometimes it is unclear as to what is expected as a response.
  • Excellent Learning Process

    By SteveB179
    Step by step lessons that include real world context help make it real and conversational. Great product but the 28% price increase has given me pause.
  • Good program, but not Mexican Spanish

    By DrKND
    I was very disappointed to discover that I was learning Spanish Spanish instead of Mexican Spanish. Apparently they are quite different as several people have now told me. It is also very hard to understand the male voice used in the app has trouble recognizing when I correctly repeat a word or phrase, so I have to repeat it multiple times to get the green highlight and advance.
  • Can’t unsubscribe!

    By guywhohatesbeingrippedoff
    I actually thought the learning program was pretty good, at least for a beginner. But I hate it when companies inform you your subscription will be automatically renewed unless you cancel, then make it impossible to figure out how to cancel. Seems to me this is a close cousin of theft or credit-card fraud. I’m 36 hours into waiting for a response from support to tell me how to unsubscribe.
  • No Consistency From One Device To Another

    By Chrisrm61
    When I finish one course on one device and go to the app on another device, iPhone, iPad, iMac, the other devices usually does not show that I completed previous courses.
  • Castilian Spanish program

    By KOvertoom
    This is a good program for writing and practicing Spanish at advanced levels. It also does a great job of explaining grammar. However, this is a Castilian Spanish course, not Latin American Spanish and there are differences in pronounciation, especially with “s” and “c” which are typically pronounced with a lisp. And the program does not do a good job training the ear by listening to long passages in Spanish at this point in time. They also don’t give good cues to let you know whether to use “tu” or “usted” or “vosotros” or “ustedes”, which means you have to memorize the sentence associated with the picture. Also, the pictures used are pretty crappy. I signed up for six months and would really like my money back. Duo Lingo is a much better program and you can get a free versions that has advertisements. I had several discussions with the support people at Babbel about a partial refund, but because I bought it through Apple, I needed to go through Apple to get the refund. I appreciate the effort they made to try and resolve the issue, but I am still not planning to use their product.
  • I paid but ...

    By LRLC25
    I paid for a 1 month subscription 2 days ago. My app hasn’t been allowed access. I’ve sent 2 messages to customer service to no avail. I think I just got scammed from this app.
  • Worst app in the business

    By westcoastprofessor
    The microphone settings are crude and impossible. Nice course but the speaking function does not work on pc or iPad. Very maddening. Cuts off before you get the chance to speak. Try elsewhere
  • Do not recomend

    By Yoda1992
    The app has potential ,but, on the lessons where the keyboard pops up on the screen so you can type the answer- it blocks 50% of the screen so you can't see the question. Extremely frustrating. Babble does not provide any way to contact them to cancel subscription- none. Hence, they continue to charge me renewal fees through apple itunes. Currently disputing with my credit card. Not worth it.
  • How simple

    By inletshark
    This is a great app for learning, reading, writing, and speaking. I have tried a few other methods on CD’s and there is no comparison .
  • I want to give it a better score

    By ABN_INF_Recondo
    but, apparently, these thieves, offer subscription deals for online access that does not synch, or allow you to activate courses in the app itself on your mobile device - if there is, there are NO instructions or guidance in Babbel’s faq’s.