Babbel – Learn French

Babbel – Learn French

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2011-12-22
  • Current Version: 20.17.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 147.82 MB
  • Developer: Lesson Nine GmbH
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 2 127


Learn French with Babbel, the app that’s helped millions speak with confidence. Developed by a team of Europe’s best language experts, Babbel makes language lessons CLICK with you and STICK with you. THE BABBEL PROCESS Babbel makes learning French fun and effective: 1. HIT the ground running with practical conversation skills Linguistic experts designed the intuitive courses to engage you in practical conversation skills from your very first lesson. 2. Lessons that CLICK with you - Engaging and easy to use Lessons engross you in a foreign culture while guiding your language journey with English-perspective hints, simple explanations, and creative grammar cues that cement fresh concepts. 3. Language skills that STICK with you for life Revolutionary 10-15 minute lessons and dynamic review sessions continuously adapt to your strengths and weaknesses, recontextualize prior concepts, and send your new language straight to long-term memory. Hit. Click. Stick. Speak French. It’s that easy! FEATURES: • 10-15 minute bite-sized French lessons fit in your schedule • Lessons covering a wide range of topics (including travel, culture, and business) • Speech recognition technology aids pronunciation • Ideal for both beginners and advanced learners • Review Manager keeps French vocabulary in your long term memory • Learning progress synchronized across all your devices and on the web WORKS FOR YOUR GOALS: After just a month you will be able to handle important French conversations for: • Transportation • Shopping • Directions • Making friends and socializing • Dining • And much more! WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT US: “Babbel exceeds expectations, delivering high-quality, self-paced courses.” “Exceptionally good site.” -The Economist “Babbel is one of the stalwarts of the online language learning sphere.” -TNW **The World’s Highest Grossing Language Learning App** **Fast Company # 1 Most Innovative Education Company 2016** **Awarded Apple's Best Apps of 2014 in 9 countries!** PLEASE NOTE You will need a subscription in order to get access to the full learning materials for one language. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Each subscription will be automatically renewed unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current payment period. Your iTunes account will be automatically charged at the same price for renewal within the 24-hour period prior to the end of the current payment period unless you change your subscription preferences in your iTunes Account Settings. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. When a subscription is canceled, access to the app’s courses and features will expire at the end of the current payment period. Privacy policy: Terms of use: SUPPORT We’d love to hear from you. Write to us with questions and suggestions at: VISIT US FOLLOW US LIKE US



  • Babbel French

    By Fayeski13
    This app is awful. Paid for it and can’t get access to lessons. So frustrating. I can’t use so am going to cancel.
  • Terrible ... don’t waste your money

    By JPG2018
    Babbel’s default setting is to renew subscription and continue charging fees. They make it extremely difficult to cancel. Will never sign up again. Deceptive and unethical.
  • Some strengths and weaknesses

    By evomotor
    Pros: I think the types of words and phrases taught are very practical. The speakers are easy to understand. The lessons are logical and sensible. The app provides brief rules in addition to the memorization and repetition. Cons: the writing using the keyboard is a pain in the neck. Really slows down my pace. The reviews are poorly put together and not useful at all.
  • Good, but unsupported.

    By Ajrcmrwcj
    I like this app a lot, but I'm giving it 2stars because the developers and/or Apple is trying to force me to buy a newer iPad. I hate that. I'm pretty sure it costs next to nothing to support older operating systems. There is literally nothing wrong with my iPad.
  • No access.

    By SinanjuRM
    I am supposed to have full access but whenever I try to open the app I get a “try again-error” message. I’ve deleted and downloaded again. Same result. I’ve never been able to access this app. Very disappointing.
  • Only made it to the second lesson

    By FinnLewis
    I cannot hear the pronunciations but the app can hear me. I tried contacting support but got no response. I will be attempting to get a full refund.
  • Well designed, fun, manageable, practical

    By PMEinDenver
    Although I studied French for four years in school, it’s been over 30 years, so I started with the beginners course. Because some basics are still familiar, it’s moving quickly, but it is well worth my starting from scratch because I’d forgotten most of the finer points (e.g. proper use of prepositions) and my pronunciation is, ahem, rather poor. I have a couple suggestions: 1) it would be nice to have the option of repeating something within a lesson. Sometimes my mistakes are due to typos, not misunderstanding. 2) it would be helpful to know what exactly is not working when I mispronounce something. (I realize that may be a complicated thing to do—speech recognition would need to break down syllables, and then be able to explain to the student the problem, but, perhaps one day. It would be super helpful.). In the mean time, it would be helpful if one had the option of pronouncing the words more slowly at first—that might help me figure out which syllable is the problem. 3) I think there should be extra letters thrown in to make it a little more challenging when filling in the blanks. (Perhaps that happens later, but I think it would be good to start that in course 2.) Thanks for a terrific learning experience. I especially appreciate the way the review feature works. I definitely recommend highly to others!
  • Mostly good

    By billyedonya
    First off I really like the app, it’s easy to use, is fun to come to every day to get some studying in and I think it’s covering some useful stuff in the beginning category. A few things i wish it did - 1) don’t feed me the exact letters i need to spell the words, give a full keyboard so i have to think about it. 2) when i go to the review tab, rather than flash cards or written, a fully comprehensive review of all previously studied material would be helpful. Including speech 3) need more speech, for some of the conversation tabs have them be spoken instead of just written. 4) less prompts in English. Maybe this is because I’m still in the beginners section, but I think it’d be helpful in getting myself to think in another language if i weren’t relying on the crutch of English. The material is challenging and is well laid out, overall I’d give the app a 3.5 just because it falls a little short for me on some aspects. I know nothing beats in person study/speaking/listening so maybe that’s a bit harsh. Hope this helps!
  • Got ripped off!

    By Trea's Stuff
    This app will rip you off. Be warned!
  • Can’t cancel

    By dod 1
    I’ve been trying for over an hour to cancel my subscription so it won’t automatically renew. I can’t find anywhere I can cancel my subscription. Don’t get sucked into this black hole
  • Do not waste your time!

    By breathesagain88
    Speech recognition is bad. Finished introductory lesson and they want my money right away. I will stick with Duo.
  • Another bogus “free” app

    By rzrdoc
    You get the most most rudimentary level for free. Anything beyond that is subscription. Save your money and use Duolingo.
  • Loving it!

    By learnfrench123
    I have only been working on French for about a month and I can speak many simple sentences. One thing that I would like to be added is if there was a section on the main menu bar for all of the tips that they give you but otherwise its great!
  • Duolingo is better

    By James Oliver Tracy Jr
    Hard to get along with this app
  • I appreciate the app!

    By The unimpressed gamer ☹️
    Most of the bad reviews are saying that they are going to fast, but if you download other french apps like Duolingo and use this as a practice tool it is very cool its more of a flash card game, but that is its main purpose. I already love it and i just got it!
  • Speech recognition terrible

    By BethBP
    The lessons were useful but the speech recognition was extremely frustration to use. It said I was wrong about 90% of the time. A friend who is a fluent speaker tried it and it said she was wrong. It didn’t matter how slowly I spoke or how careful I was with pronunciation. It seemed to randomly decide I was correct. I gave up after a month and switched to a different app.

    By applenot
    Not for beginners! I’m really struggling. I paid a year in advance and I really wish I could either slow down and or review. Not happy. Do t use if you are a true beginner.
  • Voice Recognition

    By Cindarama
    Babbel has been helpful for practicing advanced French, but I’m not sure the voice recognition interface is accurately interpreting my voice. It could be that my French accent is incorrect, of course, or it could be an issue with the voice recognition software.
  • So far, so good

    By Coqui Gal
    I studied French whilst in college back in the 80s; I now need it at work. I like the fact I can study at my own pace—and I’m listening to French being spoken as a native. Only downside is not getting feedback on my progress from a live person—but other than that, I like the app!
  • Interface with Apple iPhone is terrible

    By Marc in Dallas
    More regularly than not speaker doesn’t recognize voice and it keeps the program for moving onto the next lesson. Very disappointing, and I even upgraded to a full membership
  • I wish...

    By kamome3
    Tis is a good language learning app but I have some wished. The pronunciation evaluation feature is a good idea. My complaint is that when the app judges my pronunciation is bad but when I cannot tell what is wrong, I cannot correct my pronunciation. I wish it gives easy access to conjugation table, number list, etc. I wish the app can stay in the screen and repeat the word or phrase rather than immediately goes to the next screen.
  • Love it

    By texasbrosleader
    I've been looking for a great and adorable application to study French and one day German with. I'm pleased to say that it has everything I want in learning. It lets you choose courses that are different subjects so you can be more widely versed in conversations. Je l’adore!
  • Expensive

    By 321annabel
    It only gives u access to some features. Frustrating because u think it’s free but then suddenly it says unavailable unless u pay. The lessons u ca get free r rly good tho
  • Invasive app

    By remyT79
    Babbel demands access to Siri in order to work. It's a data mining tool. Is your privacy worth it? Probably not.
  • Be careful of auto renew

    By meckzo
    App works fine but this has auto-renew. You need to cancel at least 2 days before your subscription expires. Very deceptive- and disappointing.
  • Babble app.

    By maebelle1
    I do not like that if you get a pronunciation wrong there is no direct help,
  • $$$$

    By 😂😂🤣🤣😅😅
    Why is the app free if everything else costs money?
  • Too Fast

    By Randivkp
    Need to slow down the dialogue, it would be nice to hear it slowly and at regular pace. Also phonetic spelling would be helpful with some of the more difficult pronunciations. Also less spelling. Over all the app is helpful and well designed, just needs some improvements.
  • Well, 10 minutes wasted setting up an account

    By Nickname1575
    Babbel is so greedy. It wants to charge a $10.99 monthly subscription fee. When I heard the ads for it I thought they were going to give 1 -2 hours worth of material for you to determine if it would be worth to pay for the subscription, but no, it took 5 minutes for them to ask for me to unlock the material. One lesson! When I checked all the “courses” in the app, all the first lessons are unlocked. Which is useless! Instead of unlocking 50 hard lessons unlock 10 easy ones for beginners to determine whether your services are going to be worth their time and investment. Do they not know how learning a language works? You don’t jump from easy to hard the day you start learning a language. I was really excited because a lot of my favorite podcasts were advertising it. I gotta delete both apps that I downloaded.
  • What’s the Hurry?

    By OldStPete
    It’s important to get pronunciation and spelling correct and I would like more time to do that and more time to review answers to figure out mistakes. Finally and most irritating, (I’ve been working on French) the app starts in on “Faire” conjugations out of the blue. No time in prep or practice.
  • Unwelcome change

    By cashew52
    For the most part, this is a great app and a great way to learn. However, one minor change that must have come with a recent update is very annoying. I used to be able to see on the list of all the courses the number of lessons in the course and the number I've completed, e.g. 2/10. Now there is nothing but an arrow that takes me to the course page. I have to go to every course page to remind myself if I have completed them or not. PLEASE put the numbers back on the main course page!
  • Need to allow for spelling errors

    By Disney pilot
    I have been using several apps to learn French and while I am enjoying babble with help in understanding the structure of French, I find it extremely frustrating when I miss the spelling of a word by a letter or a typo. Also, in the beginner level they are focusing on spelling numbers without a lot of explanation. The commercials say that this is how children learn, but I’m pretty sure that children aren’t expected to be able to spell numbers up to a hundred before learning the basics of language.
  • Slow it down....

    By Msflysalot
    I would love to be able to hear the language slow as well as normal. I would also like to stay in any specific question for a longer period of time for more practice. The app in general moves far too quickly. That being said, I am learning to read and write well in my new language, but I'd like to feel more confident to speak it too. Although to be fair I haven't found any app that really helps you practice speech well.
  • Excellent app

    By Muranga100
    Love it! It really teaches you what you need.
  • Super easy !

    By HBFadvisor
    Great way to learn a new language and it has different ways for your eyes, ears, speech and brain to pick up on things quicker !
  • A good tool but needs some work

    By MFTDoc
    I like the Babbel system for teaching language. However, I think the web-based site is much superior to the app. I do not like that I cannot go back and hear the native speakers more than once on the app (you can on the web-based site). I do not like (and this is true of the web-based site, too) that if you don’t pronounce the way the program thinks you should, you know you didn’t do it right but you don’t know what you did wrong. In fairness, I have tried other web-based language learning systems, and I haven’t found one that does any better than Babbel at this point, but still, it is something the Babbel designers could work on. On a more positive note, Babbel does give realistic conversations to practice with, and that helps remember the words. All in all, this is a great way to learn a language (French, in my case). I just hope the developers keep working to make it even better.
  • Looks good, costs quickly

    By Gamergkrl
    There’s only one lesson (after you create an account via your email) that is free. It’s easy to learn and plenty repetitive to retain the information but in order to continue it’s a monthly cost. I don’t believe it’s enough to know if it’s worth the cost before paying monthly for it.
  • Instant feedback

    By Yddraiggoch1
    Nice learning tool that gives you a chance to get instant feedback on what you get right or wrong for each answer as you go. You get a chance to apply your learning immediately instead of at the end of the lesson when you may have applied it incorrectly the entire time without knowing. Each question and answer is repeated in audio so you are exposed to the spoken language. You are asked to answer some questions by spelling. The spelling prompts become harder as you advance.
  • Dishonest. Get started and then find out it’s expensive.

    By MarieGippyJohn
    I’m so sick of developers who conceal the cost and then admit a hefty monthly fee. Another reviewer wrote that there is a monthly fee if you want to study at a higher level. There is also a monthly fee if you want to study at the beginning level. Plus they talk too fast and audibly demonstrate too little. Bye-bye, Babbel.
  • How do you say “crash” in French?

    By Bobb77
    I have an iPhone X and the app crashes after answering first question.
  • Babble - French

    By Ghdecor
    Like the app. Feel like I have learned a lot having never before studied French. However, there could be improvements. Too strict on misspelling, can't go back to hear where you went wrong as well as see it, if you want to do that. And sound recognition needs to be less rigid. Also, it would be nice to be able to slow down the spoken word or sentences, just to be able to catch it better, as it may happen in a classroom setting.
  • Babbel

    By Glitcherfixer
    Great app! Practicing 1 new word in foreign language a day for reducing sx of dementia!!
  • Cheat

    By pinkrose2808
    I subscribed to you last year for a six month term and every time I wanted to advance it said I wasn’t subscribed? I emailed you a couple of times and mentioned that my bank acct was charged and wasn’t getting the service. I had issues with my computer as well and to find out this year you charged my bank acct! I don’t know why? I disputed this and it isn’t fair. You took away my motivation to continue with you. That is it! Thank you
  • Does not provide review or practice

    By Kernel Mode
    Goes too quickly into guessing games instead of practicing
  • Works well but...

    By Rookie iPhone Guy
    I am trying to learn beginning French. This app works well but most of the time does not understand it when I try to speak French into my iPhone. I will try headphone and computer with headphone then update later.
  • Great language learning tool!

    By lovenfrench
    This application is easy to follow and understand! The convenience of having your lessons right on your phone is a great way to be able practice any moment you are free. This visuals are relevant and really assist your level of retention. It feels like the language is coming to me❣️
  • Good but can be improved

    By Wootzer
    The voice recognition is bad. It would also be helpful for feedback on the pronunciation.
  • Waste of time

    By not Destiny
    Should have known this would be a waste of time when the first thing i had to do when opening the app was create an account with my email, just to be told I can't study at a higher level without paying for a subscription. Wasted so much of my time already on nothing, so now I will waste more of my time writing this review, because if it means someone reads my review and decides not to download this app, it's worth it. Subscription is way too expensive too, not even reasonably priced. Definitely deleting. I'm so disappointed.
  • They charge you without warning

    By Fan Tastic Bee
    There's no email to say your subscription is going to renew, and there's no visible area to cancel your subscription. I hadn't used the program in months and then I was randomly charged and I can't find anywhere to cancel it.