Canvas Student

Canvas Student

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2011-12-08
  • Current Version: 6.9.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 107.25 MB
  • Developer: Instructure Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 547 675


Access your Canvas courses on the go and in the classroom with the Canvas Student mobile app! From any device, students can now: • View grades and course content • Submit assignments • Keep track of course work with to do list and calendar • Send and receive messages • Post to discussions • Watch videos • Take quizzes • Receive push notifications for new grades and course updates, and much more!



  • School

    By Anthom_L
    This lowkey so unorganized bro rather go in person
  • No I miss google classroom

    By mikrokosmosbangtan
    Literally the most disorganized, annoying, complicated app I’ve ever had to use and now my school is using it so that’s great. Google classroom was so clean and organized and you could clearly see all your assignments and everything
  • Not user friendly

    By Ev461
    App is filled with unnecessary content and content
  • Worst website

    By hairycheese burger
    This website is absolute horrible it is extremely confusing and very hard to use and a lot of the other students agree with me.
  • Just should be better

    By Mookanoah
    Many things need to be fixed. If a teacher send multiple videos on an assignment you can only see one on here, uploading photos takes years and you can’t leave the app or it fails. Just needs to be faster and more compatible if you are going to have a cellular app.
  • frustrating

    By Jimjim1024
    it’s not my internet that’s freaking out and closing the app. this app is so confusing, the layout, assignments, etc. i spend too much time trying to figure out how to tell what my assignment is and how to turn it in because it’s way too complicated! i’m probably already used to simpler apps, but there is literally no need for this to be as complicated as it is.
  • Enjoying Canvas!

    By Kingofkings-Jesus
    This is my first time using Canvas and I really enjoy all the features and ease of using it for all my classes. It makes school easy to check and turn in assignments which I’m grateful because I’m not so much of a tech person! Great job!
  • M

    By noahfharris
    I don’t understand how the mobile version is somehow better than your computer version. It’s really annoying that using the pc version is so bad.
  • don’t like it

    By -Dany💙
    dont like doing school. if everyone rated this 1 star it maybe can get taken down :)
  • Grades

    By Mizzourahjane
    You should be able to see every classes grade percentage in one spot... why can I not see what I am writing here?
  • Hate it

    By cbnsndjche
    Hate it
  • Review

    By gdsfejjeidhdvbxud
  • I hate it!!

    By 😟🐖🐖🍑🍑🤢🤮🤮
    Not useful, the website crashes SO MUCH, late on EVERYTHING, google classrooms is better. I really do not like Canvas. I have been using it for Two years now and I have always hated it.
  • Needs so much fixing

    By Remii GB
    Bugs are effecting my grades. Tabs disappear and reappear randomly. I have to close out the app and refresh too many times in one sitting just to get it to work properly.
  • Please add a search bar

    By tunub bdqvui
    the app is fine, please add a search bar so it’s easier to find my assignments.
  • Why would you ever use this

    By eric cartman.
    Why use this just use google classroom it’s so much better.
  • no💚

    By kc JUST GET IT
    Chile- why you gotta do this like we already tried to cancel google classroom so might as well do it with this too🙄💅anyways stan Draco🍏✨
  • Really clunky...Too different from the PC App.

    By Shelby Forthright
    Honestly,The app would be fine,but the extremely different layout and general clunkiness of the app kills any hope of it functioning alongside the PC version...and it’s pretty hard to find assignments in general. I’m sorry for the bad review,but it’s honestly subjective to the individual,and it’s not for me.
  • The best app

    By your home girl🥰
    Thai app is really good for school work
  • So horrible

    By nintendhoe
    I used this app canvas and so did my sister it was so confusing my baby sister committed murder and killed a bunch of people, after that hisoka came into my house and raped my dad and then left because he said canvas was so bad. I’m very disappointed 🧚✨💅😭🔪
  • This is bad

    By uglysvwhebe
    This is so bad and so laggy
  • Bad app

    By @iam.miguel.a
    Does not work as described
  • Terrible

    By hdidnwbdid
    Canvas is a terrible platform for students to use in the current environment we are in. I constantly have issues with being able to access documents and video lectures that are posted on this site. Wouldn’t recommend any school uses this site for their students
  • Cluttered

    By JayJr. P
    This is the most cluttered and overwhelmingly misused app for school. I have no idea why so many school switch to this program, teachers have no idea how to use it and students have no idea to use it. It is not easy to learn. The only positive thing I have to say is that the To Do list is fairly helpful. Its browser counterpart is vastly different in layout, however, and can make it hard to find specific assignments if you and your instructor are using different devices.
  • Useful for school

    By I had a stolen nickname twice
    I am a seventh grader who uses this for school and I think that this is a great resource for online school
  • Good

    By Draggen Isle
    Good but complicated and hard to navigate
  • A few annoying things

    By Lalacovey
    When using my phone to complete answers I am often forced to wait long periods to get the information into the box. It’s like the phone freezes but it doesn’t anywhere else. Also if I leave the screen for any reason I lose all I have written.
  • Thumbs up!

    By dbeezy7
    I really enjoy being able to take my classroom with me on the go! This is an amazing app and I encourage people to use it.
  • Really bad

    By hdhhs$/$
    This pice of junk has nothing in school loop. It’s horribly set up and makes finding assignments way to hard and finding missing work even harder. Everyone should go back to school loop they knew what they were doing
  • Canvas

    By juliomejia llll
    I get to many notifications and I can’t do my wokr because it’s bugged
  • Ninja

    By hybshsush
    Yes I’m
  • Not understandable

    This app makes no sense. Very mad I moved from google classroom to this.
  • No no no no no

    By Very impressed/happy!!!
    This app is the worst thing that has ever happened in my life I don’t understand why we couldn’t just stick to edsby
  • Yeet

    By Chitowncrckr
    Stinky cheese
  • I hate this app

    By allisonraelynnjohnson
    Frick u
  • glitches

    By 😙😗🥺🤩🥳
    many glitches app doesn’t work website works sometimes
  • Some suggestions

    By Thermostat404*
    This is quite a useful app, as sometimes it’s easier to use than desktop...👍...🤔. Would like the collapsed state of a module to be saved to help reduce time navigating to the correct assignment. On this note it would be useful to be able to pin specific locations in a course for quick access (e.g. a specific assignment, or announcement) For writing messages, it’d be really useful to be able to save draft messages to device rather than just canceling or sending. For the Canvas platform as a whole, it’d beneficial for teachers to be able set their Canvas class to display grades based on their own grading system. So, maybe have a way where the professor sets up specific formulas for different types of assignments. This ability would be useful right now as some teachers determine grades differently, such as by the cafeteria style, where the class grade is determined based on how well a student is staying on track towards the needed final amount of points, to get an A for example. Recently the app logo changed, and now it’s back to normal. Though, what the logo was changed to wasn’t bad, and in-fact neat. As is possible for a few apps on the apps store, it’d be cool to be able to change the app logo.
  • simply does not work

    By jdksisbgjcoabebg
    it is impossible to sign into my account. it just leads me back to the safari browser user when i try to do that and when i sign in it only signs me in in safari... so what is the point of an app
  • Horrible

    By kkrtm
    This is the worst when I try to go to zoom it just butts me out it hate this app never Use this app ever
  • Canvas is nice, but...

    By Jeremy N. West
    Canvas is a great service, but the auto grading system is just, well, not that good. SUGGESTIONS: • It would be very nice if you made it so you could move, rename, and delete your files in the app. Also, there is no way to delete the downloaded files off your device. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!! Canvas is now taking up a good part of my storage. • Allow users to view files without having to download from the internet beforehand when they’re on Wi-Fi. Then they can download it off the internet when they are connected so they can see it when they’re not. This would be very useful for someone like me who only views most of their files when they’re on Wi-Fi and not have to download it onto their device. • Add support for iOS 13 dark mode • Make everything in-app features, including new quizzes (along with submission comments for new quizzes), collaborations, and other features that are only available on a browser right now.
  • I would give it 5 stars but there’s a couple of issues

    By 😃😃😉
    This app is great for my courses but for some reason on the canvas app and website my courses wouldn’t show up and it’s kinda hard when you are in the 11th grade in high school .
  • Love it

    By Chubbz323
    It really easy to access assignments and see what’s new I enjoy using canvas everyday every semester
  • Horrible layout

    the layout for the app is so bad and it’s so easy to get lost google classrooms is such a better alternative and this is so clunky and it takes forver to do assignments on this app
  • 😐

    By gregoire1029
    half the time the app says you submit something but when you go on a different device and check, it’s actually not been submitted. more issues include the daily work u need to do on the calendar, upload times being waaaay too slow (this is not an issue with my wifi i have pretty speedy wifi). not very easy to get around also and overall not a very user friendly experience having been using this for two years now.
  • Horrible

    By lilboiiiiiiiiii
    This app. This app. Don’t even get me started. So unorganized. I literally get stressed looking at my assignments because it is so scattered. I hate to say this but I miss google classroom. Like literally how hard is it to be organized and just put the incomplete assignments In one place. Pls improve.
  • Improvements

    By Ralph-007
    I love canvas. Can you guys add dark mode to canvas. Having it be more fully dark. That way we can work on homework at night. Also having to make sure that you get fast real time notifications?
  • I HATE IT!!🙄

    By namtiddies🤰
    This app is trash bring google classroom back😣😤i doesn’t even deserve one star from me🙄
  • Crashes😒

    By kat6288273
    This app is honestly so confusing and to switch up so soon, smh bring back google classroom
  • What's with all the notifications?

    By Spartan Whiskers
    I don't think it lets me turn off notifications for New Comments on discussions. I didn't used to recieve notifications for every single discussion. I'm getting them as I write this, it's insane. Did the update add thse or something?? It's driving me nuts.