Canvas Student

Canvas Student

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2011-12-08
  • Current Version: 6.13.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 81.49 MB
  • Developer: Instructure Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 2 090 619


Access your Canvas courses on the go and in the classroom with the Canvas Student mobile app! From any device, students can now: • View grades and course content • Submit assignments • Keep track of course work with to do list and calendar • Send and receive messages • Post to discussions • Watch videos • Take quizzes • Receive push notifications for new grades and course updates, and much more!



  • Dissatisfied

    By 0321451
    I’m can’t access all of the files. I am unable to submit assignments through the app.
  • Does this app need an update?

    By aggie505
    It’s worked well, I feel like it’s starting to get glitchy idk if anyone else is having this issue. Maybe you guys need to fix minor bugs for iPad users.
  • Canvas

    By ice nanasall
    It’s sounds okay and has good to scan from different app's
  • Used on every device

    By AidenCruz
    I do school work Fromm college on every device I own cause of this app
  • U need a title here it is 🤡

    By dxdxdxdxde3erksj
    Did 2 pages of notes the app crashes and nothing gets saved
  • Cannot Find School

    By magikvysons
  • Canvas

    By MA_1717_MA
    Always late & miss instant notifications. Also it’s loading pages. Thanks!
  • Needs a lot of improvement

    By TS112233TS
    It worked ok last year, not great. Now it’s almost impossible to see grades in the app. Hoping that a fix will be provided soon.
  • Language

    By Alhaaaaaajri
    How do I change the LANGUAGE!!!!
  • Technology is lowkey crazy ngl

    By Nicholas123455
    That’s crazy I didn’t even know canvas had a app, technology is lowkey crazy ngl
  • Canvas?

    Hard to use but once you learn how to use It is amazing it’s better then having to go to different sites because it’s all on one You can change the name of your classroom and choose the color. I LOVE it and I don’t love many apps or take the time to write a review.
  • The Canvas Learning curve is unrealistic

    By buckjones8675309
    I would not recommend Canvas to my worst enemy. There are too many bells and whistles and small Canas-specific intricacies that a normal human(student, parent, teacher, whoever) won’t learn until they begin using the product, which will be frustrating because things should work logically, but there are too many bells and whistles for Canvas. Instructure, the Canvas company provides a 10 hour training course, which is more of an advertisement for what their products can do, other than what would be beneficial to the user, which is counterproductive. YouTube videos are the best source of tech training. **Canvas does not play well with PDFs. **
  • School

    By Tbix1215
    I don’t like school
  • Sadness and dispare

    By Tanner's Iphone
    This app makes me sad
  • Poop

    By grovvysoph711
    It ruined my life that’s it have a nice day <3
  • Like google classroom but worse

    By My.-.-.Opinion
    Google classroom just does everything better. In canvas -can’t unsubmit assignments if accidental submission -no photo taker in the app -UI needs work -google does everything better and is integrated with many other things
  • Bad app

    By simba lovers
    Not good for students
  • Review

    By J02Arel04
    i don’t like school, this equals 1 star.
  • Student point of view

    By monkinley
    I have been using canvas for many years. The look hasn’t changed at all at it is frustrating at times because you can’t find assignments. The to do list is pretty much useless if you accidentally click the x you loose the assignment and have to talk to your teacher. The layout of the app in general could be better and it could add more interesting things to make students not hate it. I will say google classroom is my preferably choice because it is easier to attach assignments by clicking 2 -3 buttons but for canvas you have yo pick how you want to submit it and then attach it then confirm it and so on so forth. I also don’t like how when you use the text box entry it doesn’t save your progress. I can’t tel you the many times that I have accidentally closed the tab and had all of my progress gone and there is no way to get it back.
  • Could be better. Glitches too often.

    By Metrymomma
    I get multiple notifications for the same item. When It says something has been graded I click but it doesn’t show the grade, just the assignment (it used to show the grade). Canvas parent doesn’t give push notifications (you only see alerts if you go in the app). So I end up using canvas student as observer to get notifications and then have to open canvas parent and sift through the classes and assignments to find the grade. PITA.
  • PDF annotation tool doesn’t work

    By Maestro Hadley
    It’s so sad to see that the pdf annotation tool when teachers have selected the annotation submission doesn’t work well. It opens a very small window and students can’t even use the apple pencil. It jus moves the off around the screen. It won’t actually write on it.
  • It’s a handy app, but would like to see a change

    By barno_supercell fan
    I am using this app on the daily, to submit work, and to check assignments and emails, but I would like to see one change, I wish all the grades were in a central area, so that I didn’t have to check each one individually
  • So many bugs

    By Vanessa S58
    The fact that colleges require we use this app is ridiculous. It has so many problems that you can’t effectively complete your schoolwork. From the calendar not updating to the fact that it’s not user friendly for the teachers, it is useless. You shouldn’t have to work hard even to just find your assignments. I genuinely hope that this app stops working and you never fix it.
  • Canvas

    By nigaleywigely
    I thinks it’s pretty good and the way everything is separated really helps
  • School!

    By wøłf_2000
    Well this helps me a lot! It’s because my grades were a f and most of them are a A and it’s because of this app it helps you a lot
  • Better than blackboard

    By phontec
    See title
  • Could not login

    By Victoriaphi
    Last night I couldn’t log on from my iPad to submit my assignments. I have to forward my assignments to my email on my cell phone to get mobile canvas application. It took extra 1 hour to complete the uploading of my assignments.
  • Assignments

    By Jared Balandran
    App does not show assignments that are due like on a desktop
  • Awesome

    By JDM boiiii
    Super simple to use and 100% better than google classroom
  • Good

    By bigmaaaaama68
    Helps keep up with learning.
  • good but sometimes buggy

    By Annie_😂😘😂
  • This is bad

    By ikotekpo
  • Great

    By CamThaKiddd
    It’s a really useful app to have. I’m on the go a lot of times and it’s really helpful to check my school assignments and calendar dates through canvas! 15/10
  • Fix the notifications please. I beg.

    By Tw2800
    This has been an issue for so many users. People have asked time and time again. Students across the U.S. have this issue and for a software developer, you would think they could get this right. Fix the issue please, its the only real flaw with the app.
  • Cannot access course content on mobile device

    By M1Miller
    Unable to view course content on iOS device
  • Okay

    By amrobngfsz
    It runs slow and does not keep up with completed assignments
  • Demasiadas opciones

    By anónimam
    Demasiadas opciones, a veces para el uso cuesta porque confunde con tantas opciones al mismo tiempo. Se ve un poco desordenado por ello
  • College now efficient

    By jlong223
    Enjoy using the iPad on my iPad.
  • Annoying

    By Oreo_Mcflurrys_
    This is an annoying port of the site, you cant see the images you send and whenever you close the submission section, deletes everything you had originally typed making you have to write all over again, its a really annoying thing tha happens and it needs to be fixed or something.

    By darling🥳🤫🥺😎😝🥳
    It’s a lot easier than going to google every time and enter my credentials.
  • When something was graded

    By KailashY
    When looking at an assignment that has been graded, I think it should also show what date it was graded on. I think it would also be useful if on the “Grades” page, we could sort by “Recently Graded”.
  • Good

    By TissueGuy25
    Muchhh better than Google Classroom. I’m glad my school switched over.
  • Awesome app

    By Pratham Bansal 😊
    This helps me with my middle school assignments but not all of the features that are on the website are available on this app.
  • 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666

    By ksoriley
  • Student perspective

    By ofsdstudnt25
    I am a high school student that has been using canvas for 2 years now and I can 100% say it is not worth it. Assignments don’t submit a lot of the time, it takes a lot of internet to load the app and it will say to the student the assignment will say it is submitted but the teacher can’t see it. Those are the biggest issues along with several other
  • Yes

    By muneFOX
    I lear n lots
  • Check please

    By Decanting
    Writing review to end pop ups asking to write review
  • It’s ok!

    By bmoody.
    Mostly friendly interface, but not entirely. I would love to see a setting for dark mode.
  • Love the App! But…

    By Cecilia112298
    I love the app and its great for school. I noticed on my iPad these past few days I cannot use it. On my phone it works perfectly. But on my iPad It stays on the loading screen. I have shutdown and restarted my device and closed tab on app. I am up to date on updates for my device and the app. Need for a update for iPad use since I use it multiple times a day in class and outside.