Roku - Official Remote

Roku - Official Remote

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2011-12-15
  • Current Version: 7.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 108.20 MB
  • Developer: ROKU INC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 285 109


Get to know the must-have app for streamers Use the free Roku® mobile app to: • Control your Roku devices with a convenient remote • Use your voice or keyboard to quickly search for entertainment • Enjoy private listening with headphones • Stream free movies, live TV, and more on the go with The Roku Channel • Cast media files from your phone, like videos and photos, to your TV • Add and launch channels on your Roku devices • Enter text on your Roku device easier with your mobile keyboard You must connect your phone or tablet to the same wireless network as your Roku device to use certain features of the mobile app. Some features require a compatible Roku device and may require logging into your Roku account. Feature availability: • Voice search is available in English in the US, UK, and Canada. It’s also available in Spanish in Mexico and the US. • The Roku Channel can be viewed in the mobile app in the US only. • Some channels require payment, can change, and vary by country. For more information and troubleshooting, go to and



  • Roku Remote

    By Drew Cockrell
    The app Is flawless except for the fact that if I’m using my AirPods or Bluetooth headphones the applications audio option plays choppy and staticky audio
  • Roku Apple app

    By rokucarter7793
    I can no longer get this app to open. I’ve tried everything I know. When I click on the app it opens and just the screen where it says “Roku” and the circle going around like its loading but it won’t open. Can someone help please
  • Update issues

    By Homer Price
    I have loved this app but suddenly it won’t work on my iPhone or iPad anymore. Still trying to figure out why?
  • Poor customer service

    By 5 +5
    Roku’s Customer service poor and unprofessional . We are unable to talk to a live person.. having an issue with the email on have on file .. need to update to another one .. tired everything.. We call and get an automatic message sorry due to the COVID .. there is no one to answer your questions..why is it other companies have their customer service department working from home. Not Roku..
  • The best

    By jayvien rivera
    This app is amazing especially when you lose your remote
  • Connection

    By deadxorigin
    Constantly disconnecting from device and stating it either can’t find a device or it needs to wake it up even WHILE still using the app. Would rate 0 but it works sometimes
  • Inconsistent functionality

    By Ali05Deb
    The Apple version doesn’t work as well as the Android one. The remote function consistently fails and often the private listening option does not even appear; and when it does, the connection drops frequently. The app has to be frequently restarted to get to work. Using it is frustrating. It’s odd that I don’t get half the same problems when using the app on an Android device.
  • It is Life Changing!!

    By TjkFromMo
    I now have 2 Roku. The app is so simple to use. Very straightforward. I always know where my phone is. It extends My Mobile capabilities to include another facet of my life.
  • MOST Used App On My Phone

    By Stefan Urquelle
    Someone once reviewed that this app is a good substitute for a lost physical Roku remote (those things are tiny) and that person was more than right! The ability to instantly connect to my AirPods is a definite plus. The only tic this app has is that it may drop your AirPod connection from time to time. This is totally forgivable based on how fluidly this app works (faster & better than my actual remote...whenever I can find it). Hopefully this is something the developers will tweak in the future.
  • So necessary!!!

    By CJ Flower
    This app is super convenient!!!! I have a toddler who hides the remote all the time so this app was very necessary for us! It’s easy to use and I’m so glad to have it!!!
  • Drops Bluetooth connection

    By Sick of being asked to review
    Fix this, it’s honestly terrible. I have root caused this and it is the app specifically with the issue.
  • 👾

    By hi6040but
    It needs to Connect faster
  • Not iPadOS

    By Sandman-42
    Running on an iPhone, it’s very good. Don’t bother using it on iPadOS. The app is locked in portrait mode, it will not rotate to landscape, and doesn’t fill the screen in portrait. An iPad in landscape has space for separate panes, could simultaneously show channel icons and the remote buttons. instead its a disappointing app.
  • I lost my remote and never seen it again

    By knkkkmmmkmbnbbnn
    This app is the best especially bc I lost my remote and never saw it again so it’s also waaaayy better than Rokie
  • I love This app read for why

    By yasiara
    I love this app because there’s no ads and you can teleport to the different channels and it’s much more easier to control then other Roku control app
  • Eco mode ruins the experience

    By Mrbananafish
    Its a handy app for sure. My favorite part is the remote feature. But the experience gets ruined by eco mode and an inability to “wake it up” that happens intermittently.
  • Not great for Legacy SE

    By Shelly__D
    I use the app on iPhone Legacy SE. The buttons are so tiny that I often must tap 3 or 4 times to actually play/pause/FF/Rew. The replay button never worked, still doesn’t. The app is still a power drain, and still blocks most if not all notifications.
  • This app is so convenient.

    By I will murtou for this game
    The reason why I said it’s convenient is because when I’m laying down to go to sleep I don't have to move the remote in various ways just to get the signal of the tv.
  • Makes me wonder

    By anonymus1230
    Depending on the channel, the Bluetooth is great. But that seems to be solely relegated to HDMI or USB port. Makes me question if I should have bought another TV or different service.
  • Doesn’t work all the time

    By KoryBantik
    Roku remote doesn’t always work. It doesn’t always find the device. I have to delete the app download it again, then it finds the device. Very annoying.
  • Private listening was awesome

    By Goochbros
    Private listening was amazing when I discovered it. But now after the last few updates it no longer stays connected. I assumed it was my WiFi. So when we went on vacation I brought my roku with me and unfortunately we had the same issue. I have uninstalled the app and installed it again. Rebooted my phone. I have tried everything but still it won’t work. I wanted to just get a remote with the jack but apparently it’s not compatible with my express. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF God FIX THIS ISSUE. I need private listening to work again..
  • Roku Cell Phone Remote

    By Tlambo2
    My boyfriend is in PA school and we live in a very small apartment in the city. It’s hard to enjoy any tv in the living room, as it doubles as an office (where he studies). With Roku cell phone remote/app, you can mute the tv and listen to the tv sound through headphones on your phone! What a game changer!!!! Thanks Roku!!!
  • Note To App Developers

    By BlueTurdsInWinter
    Theoretically, a brilliant app. The reality of it is that this app in the year+ that I’ve been using it has upgraded many times, each time seeming to get more and more glitchy...and not really adding anything of great positive change to the app. I’m at the point now where about half the time neither ios device I use is able to connect to my Roku tv and almost always at least one is unable to connect. Yes. I know about unplugging the tv for a few minutes to reset it but it’s rather annoying when I’ve just prepared a meal and I’m sitting down to watch something and have to wait an extra 5 minutes while my food gets cold for the connection to reset. So here’s the message I’d send to the developers: The app, while the other features are cool, is designed to be A REMOTE. If it can’t even be used as a remote then YOU ARE FAILING AS DEVELOPERS OF THIS APP. Forget the extra nonsense until you take care of these bugs preventing us from connecting the remotes to our roku tvs. Thank you.
  • i love watching merlin

    By Smallville30!
    I love watching merlin on the roku channel, but noticed that so far 3 episodes have been not available, and hope you are not phasing it out. Its my favorite show.
  • Now with ads instead of control

    By Therkyn
    Gee, remember when a remote app gave access to control your Roku? Sure, but first, land on our home page where we advertise to you. Want to use on different devices. Sure. We can do that, just run through these menus, we’ve hidden it to streamline your screen. Still functional but has gotten much worse over the years. I miss having a headphone jack so I’m not forced to have my phone on to use remote listening. But of course, much better data mining when linked to a phone.
  • AMAZING 🤍🙌

    By taybay46763242989694
    i’m legally blind n this helps me tremendously i tap on voice n say hulu or etc n it opens the account it’s sooo simple deeply appreciate their thoughts into creating a roku n remote 👏👏👏
  • Super useful

    By Noseasguey
    Works great my only issue is having to reconnect the app to the unit from time to time. Other than that it’s more reliable than the controller because we lose the controller all the time.
  • Well crafted

    By Jezebel's Lounge
    Easy to use and works from far away
  • Missing a few things

    By Zyaire_89
    4/5 stars needs more support for the keyboard function on more apps while using search also it would b great if controls can be on Lock Screen for quick access
  • Remote doesn’t connect

    By Techies are worthless
    The remote is able to connect maaaaybe one third of the time I’ve tried. My Roku is playing. I’m capable of playing something thru the app. But some how it can’t connect the remote.
  • Only giving 1 star bc I can’t give it 0.

    By Wastedmycreditonthisapp
    In order to use this remote app and link it to your roku, your roku has to be connected to WiFi obviously. But what if your roku isn’t already connected to WiFi? Well that means you can’t link it to the app and now you gotta go buy a new roku remote in order to do that in order to use the app but you just bought a remote so now the app is worthless. This app is free and still a ripoff.
  • The mancinas

    By diana hi b
    I love this app cause I always lose my control and this help out a lot thank you
  • Please allow it to rotate.

    By Philiptag
    I wish it rotated to landscape mode. Otherwise it is a great app.
  • Great! For the most part..

    By krivera94
    While I love the convenience of this app, I have noticed that it is extremely buggy and laggy as far as private listening is concerned. Sometimes the audio is not synced with the video, sometimes the headphones disconnect, and sometimes it forces the entire app to freeze until you exit and relaunch the app. Other than in Private Listening Mode, the app works well!!
  • Roku

    By GiT RiT3
  • GLITCH 9/19/2020

    By MissDestiny
    I would normally give five stars, but I gave one star to get their attention. Since the new update of iOS14, the remote works and after five seconds it freezes and crashes. Please fix, thanks!
  • Trash

    By P***** off customer
    It’s been over a year since my iPhone (8) has been able to connect the app to my TV, tried every trick and it still doesn’t work.
  • Now my app won’t work

    By Julieingranbury
    Did the new update and now my app won’t work with my tv.
  • T

    By Murad hamedallah
  • Remote

    By pookie1534
    We are always loosing our remote, so we love having on our phone.
  • App no longer works

    By Bobbydash
    App is on same network as tv, and fails to connect. Have gone through all of Roku’s suggested troubleshooting steps, and nothing. Please look into this issue and update the app accordingly.
  • Bugs and ridiculous issues

    By Froggersman90
    I’m a big fan of always sunny in Philadelphia and they have all of the episodes in season Hulu on my phone but only The very last episode on Roku so I ended up sticking my chrome cast in to the philips Roku tv 🙄 it’s like Roku is stuck in the past and never fix’s there bugs chromcast ftw
  • Work it out.

    By Daymusic5
    Would be 5 out of 5 if it had HBO Max and Peacock TV.
  • Love having this remote but the update stinks

    By roostra
    I lost my Roku remote long ago, but I can now use my phone. This gives the option of typing on a keyboard to search. My one issue is the latest update changed the remote so I have to slide to move around instead of clicking, but sometimes the app registers my slide as being a selection and I open something I didn’t want.
  • No more CABLE

    By cledus and opie
    We have converted all our TVs to roku and the best thing is the ROKU APP. I can watch my shows on my phone or the coolest thing is when I can’t find my remote I can control all my TVs from my phone.
  • Used to be good

    By Jap86
    After the past couple of updates it has sucked.Takes a while to load up after opening disconnects from WiFi all the time Super laggy when using the remote. Garage after updates
  • Irritating

    By blacktc2
    Private listening is constantly disconnecting and/or getting out of sync with the video.
  • I highly recommend this app.

    By $$cash$$cash
    This app is awesome. Like I downloaded this because sometimes I lose the remote and I’m kinda lazy. This is a very nice app. If you haven’t all ready plz download this app if you need it. The only thing that makes me just like -1 percent upset is that when I don’t have connection it won’t work. But other than that you really should download this incredible, amazing app.
  • Good, but could be great

    By AppFan127
    1. The keyboard often pops up while rewinding (for example in the Philo app) and keeps popping up each time it’s dismissed so that I have trouble returning to the other video controls. 2. I wish audio playing in other apps wouldn’t stop whenever I opened this app. 3. The app crashes more often then I’d like.