Checkbook - Account Tracker

Checkbook - Account Tracker

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2011-12-07
  • Current Version: 3.3.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 22.05 MB
  • Developer: Fengge
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 7 974


An easy & quick way to manage your daily finances, Checkbook keeps track of your credit card charges, cash expenditures...etc. With Checkbook application, it can totally replace your paper checkbook. You can create multiple accounts, save recurring transactions, transfer funds, view reports & graphs, export data...etc. You can even search the transaction by crossing your finger on the calendar! All details of the Checkbook are well designed to provide excellent experience. FEATURES ※Export in CSV, QIF & HTML Formats -Export your transactions by email for use of desktop applications such as Excel, Quicken...etc. ※Calendar -Show all your monthly transactions as points on the calendar. -Filter transactions by tapping a date or selecting multiple dates on the calendar. ※Recurring Transactions -Save a transaction to be used repeatedly(daily, weekly, 2 weeks, monthly, tire monthly), without retyping all the details. ※Multiple Accounts -Track as many accounts as you need. ※Categories -Supports multiple categories with beautiful icons to choose from. ※Payee & Note -All details you need to keep track of your transactions are including. ※Search -Quickly search for transactions by dates, name, payee and category. -Search and edit transactions in the same screen. ※Transfer -Transfer funds from one account to another. ※Reconcile Transactions -Reconcile your transactions by editing cleared/un-cleared status ※Reports & Charts -Review all your expense & income by category or account with beautiful graphs and reports. -Supports both bar and pie charts. -You can set the time period to daily, weekly, monthly & yearly. ※Passcode -Protects your private information. ※Currency -Supports multiple currencies. ※Elegant, Powerful & User friendly interface If your have any problems or suggestions please send a mail to, you will get the response in a short time.



  • Good app, terrible ad placement

    By LBK12345678
    This app is pretty much perfect for my purposes. Its simple, I can keep track of everything easily, have recurring deposits, etc. I’m knocking off two stars because of the obnoxious ads. I understand they have to make money, but they need to find a way to make the app usable with ads. The loud videos that auto play when I open this app are way too much. I’ve been caught off guard more than once in a quiet public place. The non video ads take far too long also. I’m either going to shell out to $10 for the premium version (which may be part of the goal of the obnoxious ads - if so, well done), or switch to a different app with a better user experience.
  • Helpful

    By ctom57
    So far it’s been a very useful tool.
  • Great app

    By DanieHsn3
    Best thing I ever did was go paperless! Great app!!
  • Love !!

    By tinkowens06
    Love the checkbook app but hate all the adds
  • Can’t edit

    By Mia 48
    I just started using this app. I love the simplicity but if you need to edit a transaction it does not seem to give you that option. If I could edit, I’d give it 5 stars
  • Thischeckbookappworksforme

    By Ggrmp
    Thank you. Please don’t quit this app. It works perfect for me.
  • I like it a lot

    By Feather2000
    I like this app because it’s free, easy to use, and helps me keep my life in order.
  • Don’t like

    By eventrying tosend reviewsux
    Tried trial. Too many ads and not clear what i get (besides no ads). Also, says 9.99 to buy but no clear info or even if that is permanent, a year or a month. And no way to tell.
  • Way to many ads

    By Mphdetroit
    Every time I do anything in this app it pops up an ad that you can’t close out of.
  • Audio Engineer

    By Malcolm Pate
    Awesome features for a free version! Very cool!
  • Issues with app last few months with accurate balance

    By mkenny00
    Not sure what has been going on but the past few months there seems to be a glitch that leads to inaccurate balance showing. I continually have to add fake reconcile entries to correct the balance. One minute the balance is correct and next it’s a few hundred dollars off. Been using app for years so not sure what is going on.
  • Recurring Transactions (Mnthly, Wkly, etc. )

    By McMc999999999
    Hi. The main reason I acquired the app was for planning ahead. The recurring transactions option is flaky and doesn’t always plot in my register. If it does, than it is automatically reconciled, when it hasn’t cleared. When I try to take off the reconciliation, than all past transactions are cleared when they should be.
  • I love this app!

    By METgurl91
    I have been using this app for years and don’t know if I could survive without it. I have tried other apps for budgeting but this one by far is my favorite. It’s very simple and easy to use and makes tracking my expenses and budgeting easy. I like that I can differentiate between what has cleared in the account and what hasn’t so I can use the toggle to show planned expenses before actually purchasing them. The only thing I would like to see is someway to link the app with another phone so my husband and I can both see where we are at with our accounts without me having to take screen shots and sending them to him.
  • HELP!!!

    By Sokanon
    Been using this a couple of years and this last week something happened! Every time I open the app my balance reduces!! Close and reopen and it goes down again. Over and over. This is no good! HELP
  • Sweet App

    Awesome app. Love it. Never fails me info always backs up if my phone messes up and I get new one. Everything is saved.
  • Loved

    By omzlat
    Helps me a lot!
  • Good App

    By PattyPieNH
    Easy to use. Great way to keep track of how money is spent. Requires dedication in logging transactions.
  • Ads kill it

    By RagtagSampson
    I would pay 2 dollars just to get rid of the ads
  • Wf8n

    By wf8n
    Great App easy to use
  • Paid for commercial free

    By EmJai77
    I've paid multiple times for the ad free version and I've emailed support multiple times and still Everytime I switch back and forth between my bank app and this one I have to watch the same ads over and over it's annoying! I'm real close to finding another app... It won't even let me re-buy it again...I just want the darn commercials to go away
  • Terrible support for this app.

    By Srodad
    I started using this app in November, at first everything worked great and then my devices would no longer sync with each other. When I tried to update my password, hoping that would solve the syncing issue the app would never email the link to change my password. I made numerous attempts to request the link to change my password. I then contacted the app developer and after days of waiting all I got back from them was “check your spam”, which I did and of course nothing. Still waiting for support to solve this problem. I would not recommend this app simply because the support for this app is the absolute worse I’ve ever seen. Not sure why Apple allows this company to supply such terrible support.

    By Deeleeon
    Paid $9.99 to upgrade and still get ads. When I tried the restore purchase option nothing happens. They have my money and have no way to contact developer. Have notified Credit Card Company.
  • Good app, bad ads

    By Dirty_Harambe
    Has ads, sometimes they have sound, which is pretty much the most obnoxious thing ever when you just want to open your checkbook. However, the app does work very well and have lots of options.
  • Group Accounts - Same Bank, Pro Only?

    By MikeJulietDeltaCharlie
    I have LOVED using the free version for a substantial amount of time (even back to my Android days *GHASP*) but would love to be able to group accounts based on their institution. Savings and checking for one bank, 4 accounts for another institution, etc. I’m not missing this feature in the free version or is it even available in pro? If pro only then I’m ready to buy!
  • filled with pop up ads

    By ironlung1111
    what f—cking garbage, don’t anyone download this
  • Does not sync between devices

    By LittleOme2
    It will not sync between iPads. I updated app on older iPad but it rejects the log-in info even tho Im typing it in correctly. So now I cant transfer 4 years of info to this app on my new iPad. No help from the App owner either. So apparently Im going to have to start all over. Im done waisting time with this app, Im moving on..
  • Great checkbook!

    By Vulture 999
    Great checkbook!
  • Ads kill this app

    By Chilli Chills
    The ads are horrible!!! Seriously makes this unbearable to use at times!
  • Do not buy!!!

    By spacecase33
    This app does not work like it says it does. We have tried contacting the app developers and apple all to no avail. This is not ok. I’m gonna make it my mission to make sure everyone knows not to waste time and money with this.
  • Inquiring/Suggestion

    By Pfd 1951
    I like the app so far... few questions before committing. If purchasing for $2.99 will it remove ads? Can I link my “checkbook” with my wife’s phone and vice verse? So my entries will show up on her phone and her entries will show up on my phone? Is the $2.99 a 1x charge,monthly,yearly?
  • Save your money

    By Theomar817
    Save your money they will just send you a code for the free version after you complain After you spend money to get the ad free version
  • Ripped off

    By GinaAlsoMe
    I also liked this app enough to pay for it and have the ads stop, unfortunately the ads keep going. Seems like a scam to me..
  • Lej4

    By lej4
    Great way to keep my checkbook current.
  • Purchased & still getting free version

    By andzoemakes3
    I bought this app because I liked the free version. I decided to purchase the full Ad free version. I am still getting ads and I don’t seem to have any other features either. Super frustrating considering I wasted my money for nothing. Simple good app to track your expenses but don’t buy the full version.
  • Fantastic

    By cyndidee
    Highly recommend
  • I owe Rod

    By R. Swinney 78
    Great way to keep up with what I owe, I only get paid once a month. Does everything I used to do all drawn out.
  • I hate the advertising

    By johnny14424
    This app would be perfect if I didn’t get interrupted by an ad every time I use it!
  • Disappointed

    By rushr7
    I paid the $2.99 for the full version without ads and it’s as if I didn’t. There’s no product support for this app!
  • Love app but frustrated...

    By LKHoefer
    I love this app. It keeps me super organized and on top of my finances. However, I’ve been trying to export everything to an email so I can save this to my computer as an excel doc, but I keep getting an error that says I need to set up an email. I’m logged in under my email, but other than that I don’t see anywhere to add in an email address. When I click the support option, it gives me the same error. Posting this in hopes that someone has had this issue in the past, reads this, and can tell me what to do!
  • Great tool.

    By amegangrace
    Wish it didn’t have the advertisements at each opening but I understand that that is what is paying for the app.
  • Need help

    By Cmbrown02
    I’ve used this app for several years. I’ve loved it and kept all my finance information in it. Recently I got a new phone and none of my information transferred. I’ve contacted support SEVERAL times to help me get information back but can’t get any help. I’m going to get a new app to keep track of my finances but since no one will help me it probably won’t be this one!!!
  • Good

    By Mahbublk
    It is so so.
  • I USED to love this app- my balance never matches the bank

    By coxiii3
    I’ve used this app for years and loved everything about it. I even recommended it to family. I enter all transactions daily. The last few months, my balance doesn’t always match the bank even though every transaction is entered correctly. I would really love to know why this is happening because I don’t want to change to a different app, but starting in January, I have to find a different app because this drives me crazy.
  • Deleting

    By jessicascheibly
    Deleting this app after 5+ years of using it. The ads that pop up as you try to USE the app have drove me up the wall. Onto something more useful.
  • Great except it erases data

    By studly321
    Love the functionality of the app, especially recurring charges and transfers. Absolutely hate that it keeps signing me out. There is never a prompt to sign back in and once I discover I am signed out, it deletes all my data since the last back up! This makes it nearly impossible to sync between multiple people/devices and has cost numerous hours of catch up.
  • Love the app

    By Anita MM
    However, the developers have to adjust it so that it will sync your data if you purchase a new phone. I had to enter all the data. Very frustrating.
  • Awesome!

    By Nyblondee
  • Simple and easy to use

    By FFMed4345
    I’ve had a version of this in the past. Glad to see it back
  • Annoying ads

    By Doorayluv
    I had to reinstall on my new phone and ever since then I have annoying ads!!! I’ll try to remember an amount and when I pull up my checkbook..... boom...... ad....... amount forgotten, because you have to wait 5 seconds before you can clear it. I have loved this app but now it is so frustrating with the ads!!!