DoubleDown Casino Slots Games

DoubleDown Casino Slots Games

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  • Release Date: 2012-03-01
  • Current Version: 4.5.27
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 46.33 MB
  • Developer: Double Down Interactive LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 490 812


Casino action and jackpot thrills are free—and right at your fingertips!—in the world’s biggest social casino app. Win big on over 100 authentic slot machines, from 3-reel classics to the latest Las Vegas hits, and the same name-brand Video Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette you know and love from the casino floor. ► Top Las Vegas slots you know and love! ► Tons of free chips to play! ► Enter the High Limit Room for 2x Jackpots! ► Reap the rewards of loyalty in Diamond Club! Start the fun now with 1,000,000 free chips, and win your way to high roller action in the High Limit Room, where jackpots are doubled! Customize your experience by selecting your favorite slot games to get straight to the action every time—choose among our thrilling lineup of authentic blockbuster slot machines like Double Diamond™, Golden Goddess™, DaVinci Diamonds™, Wheel of Fortune® slots, and many more! The Vegas fun never stops at DoubleDown Casino, with exciting new slot games straight from the casino added all the time. Rekindle timeless thrills with your favorite classic slot machines, and discover the latest innovations casino fans are going wild for with exclusive IGT hit slots. Plus, don’t miss your chance to play The Ellen DeGeneres Show™ slots—free! Want more free chips? We give out free bonuses all day, every day! You’ll get top-shelf rewards in our new-and-improved loyalty program, Diamond Club. Take your free Daily Bonus spin, log in to Facebook to share gifts with friends, and follow us on social media to collect free bonus chips and keep the fun going! Like us on Facebook & collect frequent bonuses: Internet connection required to play. DoubleDown Casino is intended for players 21 yrs+ and does not offer “real money gambling” or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based on the outcome of play. Playing DoubleDown Casino does not imply future success at “real money gambling.”



  • Keeps losing my acct and chips and friends makes the third time

    By samuel millet
    Can this be fixed or not
  • Rip off

    By forthelovelfgod
    I quit playing this game because the bonuses quit paying. Then on Facebook today they Promised me 100 million coins to return and I got 2 million? Wasn’t even worth the time to re download
  • Lobby

    By Goldie grandma
    Slow loading into
  • Ready to give up

    By Funtime Grandma
    I used to love Double Down. I have spent a lot of money to play the games. So disappointing lately. Not enough wins to sustain for any length of time. The occasional big wins have disappeared. I am ready to give up and find a new app.
  • Mermaids

    By win win win😀
    Awesome game awesome win.
  • Disgusting odds: never spend $$!!

    By Yellow55!
    It’s EASIER to win and real cash than win worthless credits on here. I am uninstalling. Guess the strategy is the tighter the slot, the more people will buy. Not me.
  • No coins won

    By Cookiescloset
    I played the Wheel Of Fortune, out of 3 million coins, I never got a spin. This is why after years of playing, I’m finally deleting the app.😩
  • Dr Leverette

    By HuntsforBush
    Your game is geared to selling a lot of coins that are worth anything and are way overpriced for entertainment purposes I would much rather take this money to Las Vegas or walk one Nevada preferably I said Laughlin Nevada Nevada preferably then spend $200 on coins that are worthless? Until you have a game that pays me to keep lion
  • Games

    By milties mom
    Love DoubleDown! Sooo much fun! !
  • Sue

    By Eulabelle
    Great games--lots of fun! Best slot games on the Internet!
  • Totally fixed

    By chomaw
    Obviously turning wins on and off. Spend millions and never level up. Chip jar a joke it’s full 120,000,000 for $89.00 Why would you ever pay $89 for 120 million when you can buy 350, million for $99 crazy
  • Best

    By zeensmd
    It is one of the best games! I love this app
  • My review is......

    By 56patti
    I am so tired of this.....they hold you hostage if you don’t put a credit card on here. I don’t want to buy anything but am unable to continue playing games without updates and there’s no updates if they disable your account due to no credit card on file. What a bunch of BS......
  • Bad

    By none better anywhere
    If you ever win anything it makes sure to take it right back.I have gone 176 spins several times and not hit anything.I used to have some fun sometimes on the tournaments but they got rid of them.I guess too many people won.They said they were bringing them back but evidently it’s not true.I guess from what I hear if you don’t buy credits they don’t want you and make sure you never win anything.And another thing not many bad reviews are shown because they keep saying your nick name has been taken REALLY so out of a hundred not one worked...Well I’ll keeping trying.Ok still o luck so I’m going to try giving 5stars and a positive heading just to see
  • Double Down Casino Games

    By Mdme B
    I enjoy your games they are very entertaining and sometimes challenging and the payouts are generous,thanks for making it possible.I am giving you a 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 rating.👍🏼6/08/2019
  • DO NOT download

    By Awp1216
    THE ABSOLUTE WORST APP EVER & over the last 3 days, I have ONLY lost & it’s like 70,000,000 over 3 DAYS!!!!!!!!! Do yourself a favor & FIND A DIFFERENT APP!!! If you want to have FUN while PLAYING A GAME,this is NOT fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & the app support is crap & the developers COULD CARE LESS about its customers!!!!!!!!!
  • Disgusted

    By shawk67
    In many YEARS I have spent thousands of dollars on DoubleDown casino.. I am disgusted and appalled with this site!! I kept playing and spending money to have fun and enjoy the games and you’ve continued to let me lose over and over.. I’m done putting my hard earned money into a site that just keeps taking it... shame on you DoubleDown.. I’m done..I kept putting money into it hoping I would hit and enjoy the game for more than one night!! I do not enjoy this game anymore!!! APPALLED!!!!!
  • Double Down

    By glammeme
    The game is fun but the meter is too slow I play everyday been on level 15 for a year 😖
  • Great Fun

    By bufgin
    I enjoy playing. Helps be relax. Lots of big wins.
  • Double down

    By manyface21
    Awesome real life casino games
  • Fiery Stallions Very Disappointing

    By Flacoinohio
    Fiery Stallions minimum bets is $240k. I bet $360k with $4.5m. Won $24,000. I guess that is better than nothing. Good way to make money from players though especially now that the purchase screen automatically pops up when you are low on credits.
  • Horrible pay outs/ jack pot do not exist

    By scam66
    This game does not pay anything like it use too. No payouts , no bonus & when you do get a free spin it comes up empty no win ? Your spinning to lose period. Our group of thousands has noticed the games have changed drastically . Jackpots don’t exist cause no one has ever won one . You pay to lose it within 15 minutes Ridiculous its a free game not real money here ? Happy Hour gives nothing. I have better luck at the casino.Update : twice the bonus wheel wouldn’t let me spin? Another day another lose DD ..if you can’t win on free money you won’t win paying outrages prices just to play . They rig their slots you can never win anything If you do win some it’s not enough to play the higher games. You play 2 million to get back 120 dollars . Bonus are minimum or come up empty. Mega slots require u to play 1 million a hand for a jackpots that you never win . Daily free coins that don’t mount to anything to play with . Worst pay out ever. Save your money people greediest game I’ve ever played .
  • No fun anymore

    By hcuockcir
    When you first start the game lets you win big then it’s just a lot of up and down then finally just down. The bonuses are very hard to get and when you do it barely pays some times it doesn’t pay at all. Twice had free spins and they actually paid zero.
  • Payouts

    By liteangel1
    I love playing DoubleDown, but here lately having been winning at all‼️‼️ Like this morning, I’ve been playing for about 30 minutes or so, and have yet to get a bonus much less than a significant Win😡😡 Do come on, loosen up those slots, let people at least win enough to keep playing‼️‼️‼️
  • Realistic yes. That’s about it.

    By toniuehlin
    With the amount of cash money I spend on the game you would think I could hit a jackpot. But the 4 thousand dollars isn’t enough I guess
  • Fun

    By pygmy002
  • Where's my money

    By Nani&nino
    Come on man!!! Fix it. Again fix the darn app
  • The worst game

    By Hi-Def10
    Start out with 3 million and even bet high...didn’t win once. Seems typical for this app.
  • Not connecting

    By Rebitt
    About every 10 days when you try to access, it spins and spins but never connects. Your daily bonus reverts from 25 days to one day. This is the only app I have a problem with. Is it worth the frustration 👎🏿
  • Bought $15 on extra cash

    By Jcfullrecords
    Didn’t last 10mins, wasn’t even betting that high 🖕👋
  • Terrible amount of fee daily coins

    By lanat543
    The free daily coins are Always such a very small amount compared to other apps. On other apps you can get millions of free coins in a day. But, here your lucky to get 50. And I have never won big!! It’s always them draining my coins. It would be great DoubleDown to let the player win sometimes!!
  • Grammy/Gambie of 5

    By Texas Dottie
    I I am fed up spending money with pitiful returns. Going to free sites. Well, after months of playing, having ups and downs like other players write about, I decided to try to make some sense of not winning and cannot. Tonight, I played a favorite and free spins were almost non-existent and when I did get 5 free spins, I won so few chips it was not worth it....maybe enough to spin 3 or 4 times in regular play. I won a couple of nice pots but didn't take long to give it all back to DDC and then some, so I quit the game. You simply cannot get ahead in any game that I play. Then, I decided to try another and spun in one of my favorite games, 300+ spins at 50K per spin, do the math, in approximately 30 minutes of play. The game includes a FREE SPIN bonus that grants the opportunity to garner additional wins FREE at the 50K per spin level. As I played for this period of time and decreased my account by over 10 million chips net, and not hitting the FREE SPIN once, not even once, yet I saw the SUPER BONUS awarded 4 times to the tune of almost one billion dollars, yes, that is with a B. Lucky names I saw flashing across the top of my screen and I congratulate them, and I was not even able to get the FREE SPIN bonus once while spending over 15 million. To qualify for the super and mega wins, these players are spending 10s of millions per spin, which I could never do albeit that was my hope to build up my account to do so when I first purchased chips for real money! I realize this is never going to happen for me and continuing to pay and play under these circumstances simply add insult to injury. It is really upsetting to see right before my eyes while I am playing, that I am donating the chips that are being awarded to the SUPER BONUS and MEGA BONUS player winners....and my wins are so few and far between that I cannot enjoy the games that I really loved to play at one time. We who are purchasing chips and not realizing any significant net wins and certainly never gaining or getting ahead, are fools, and the proof is in the projection of all those SUPER and MEGA bonus winners of hundreds of millions as I have witnessed and kept track of tonite. It seems that DDC would want to make all of its players happy and not just those who can afford to play for millions of chips per spin. It became blatantly obvious to me tonite that simply is not the case....low chip players are not realizing reasonable odds and certainly not enjoying the play like it once was. I regret ever purchasing chips on DDC and hope to find a more user friendly site by the time I go broke this time. And, furthermore, I don't want to give another rating because I am normally an up and fun loving person and this experience brings me down. Thank you. ********************************************************* I never intended to 'buy' chips to play online casino games, but, I did find the DDC games a lot of fun and certainly passes the time for an old person. And, I had to purchase or stop playing! When we boot up, the site encourages us to increase our bets for bigger wins....well, that might be the case, but I certainly cannot afford to bet millions per spin when I am having to purchase chips...and winning so seldom....makes no sense. I feel really bad when I am playing 50-60K per spin and rarely winning and yet, I have to see all the huge Super and Mega Jackpot winners flash across my screen quite often, knowing that I just donated 10's of millions to their winning and I am not eligible for those jackpots. That seems so unfair and somewhat prejudice towards some players, as I see it. If we cannot win, it would be better we not have that on our screen. I wish I had never made the first purchase so I could play the next level and instead, continued playing the least spin and waited for daily bonuses to keep me in the game. But, the daily bonuses have gone to NIL, hardly worth spinning. The same thing for the bonuses in games.....many times I win multiple spins, 5 or 10, or more, and end up winning maybe enough to spin 3 or 4 times outside the bonus in the regular game....ridiculous. All this makes no sense for what is advertised as a fun to play and win, yes, win, hardly. It takes the fun out when you have to discipline yourself playing for fear of not having enough chips for another time. With yet another DDC maintenance done yesterday, it appears the payouts are even fewer today....I have spun as many as 200 times at 50-60K in a game and never hit a bonus and hit very few wins that give me enough chips to spin another few times. This makes absolutely no sense to a person wanting to play the game for certainly favors DDC many times over their patrons. I am losing interest now. Sorry I have to give the site a least rating after waiting long periods of time to rate it, all the while hoping things would get better and I could give a better rating, but they continue to worsen for the players in favor of DDC....we lose and DDC prospers, again and again. ************************************************************** Another day of little fun on DDC....what happened to the old DDC before all the upgrades, time outs, and obviously tuning the proceeds much in favor of the DDC and not the players. I regret that it was noted by DDC that I had a favorite I get so little pleasure of playing my favorite game because the payoffs went down to NIL since it was noted. It is pretty obvious what is going on so I just don't play my favorite much any more. DDC has by far the most fun to play games but the payouts are much, much, much less than any other casino game site around and thus taking away the fun...what a shame. I wish it were not that way but it is and what a pleasant surprise if the day comes the site becomes less greedy and more player friendly. When Pat Sajak first talked about DDC on his show, I never dreamed it would come to this! Have a good day!
  • Love it

    By Nanas Specialty Shoppe
    Having fun 😂!
  • Double down casino

    By Debbiewayner
    Bye Bye DD. I have been playing DD for probably 4 or 5 years and had a so much fun THE FIRST COUPLE OF YEARS. I could buy a 99.99 pkg and play for three or four weeks. I felt that was fair but then all this changed. Did you change management or become greedy? Now I am lucky if they last 3 days! It doesn’t matter if I bet 10,000 chips or 3,000,000 chips you take all the chips quickly. You have reduced the amount you win on bonus spins which is for and few between. You have reduced the chips that are won on regular spins. Yes you do have great games but you also have a lot of up and coming competition. You really need to re-evaluate the direction you are going. Wouldn’t it be more profitable to have customers coming back to buy chips because they are happy playing your games, recommending you to others and writing 5 star reviews? Also my husband buys chips so that is double $$’s you are getting and double what you will no longer be getting.
  • Trash app from a trash dev

    By The ugly rice
    Avoid this scam/cash grab. Jackpots are a joke. Payouts are a joke. This dev is an idiot and a joke. Overrated trash
  • What a joke

    By 30974267
    Spent several hundreds here over the years. Done. What a joke. Don't care about the people. Watch for double charges!!!
  • Problems

    By Jennieann1
    Can't open
  • Slots

    By tamalama59
    While I think these slots are great visually, it becomes less fun when in over 20 spins you can’t even get your initial bet back. After a couple of different slots with the same outcome I completely lose interest.
  • Don’t Play

    By Tyftygyugyuyu8
    Don’t play they have the games all shut off no winning no bonuses RIP OFF. DONT BUY ANY CHIPS THEY ARE SHUTTING THE MACHINES OFF FOR WINS AND BONUSES WHEN YOU BUY ANYTHING!
  • Suckers game

    By Broke back double down
    I have been playing DD for years and you think that I would have a lot of coins but no I don’t because you just don’t hit on these games. You hardly every get a bonus and if you do it doesn’t paid for coins you spent. Not say that games are fun to play, DD could lighten up and let us win sometime.
  • Slots to tight

    By turbota89
    Contributed money more than once because slots are more realistic and no ads. Can’t stay playing long enough with out constantly running out of money. Have to give one star.
  • Love love these games

    By GrannyPants123
    Like a real casino! 5 stars
  • Free bonus coins is a joke!

    By SimpA#31
    It has a lot of my favorite games but unlike other sites, this one is very tight when it comes to reward. I pay other sites for more coins because they’re very generous with free coins.
  • Enjoy

    By Carrier19
    I've always liked this game.. I've played it the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, NV many times .
  • Fun

    By sassysara17
    Love playing DoubleDown
  • Love love love it

    By bebarb1028
    Love this game plenty of bonuses and lots fun. I can’t get enough of it. Great verity of all my favorite games. Definitely recommend
  • Games DDC

    By 18mcd
    Great games. I love the variety. Right now my favorite is Cats. And thanks for all the extra chips I get on a regular basis.
  • .

    By texrideitout
    You all are the best, you couldn’t ask for a better group to control all of these games. I am very impressed. I love it.
  • Loven it!

    By boytoy74