• Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2011-12-16
  • Current Version: 2020.12.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 48.93 MB
  • Developer: Chick-fil-A, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 346 050


Welcome to the Chick-fil-A® App. Earn points, redeem available rewards of your choice and reach new tiers with increasing benefits. FEATURES 1. Mobile ordering – Place your order through your phone, choose your preferred pick-up method, and let us know when you arrive. 2. Earn points – Earn points with every purchase by scanning your QR code, paying with Chick-fil-A One™, or placing mobile orders at Chick-fil-A. 3. Redeem rewards – Use your points to redeem available food rewards of your choice. 4. Customized menu – We’ll remember what you like and – even better – how you like it.



  • It’s not working

    By koolpppldance
    Something is going wrong with the app it’s not adding my point and it’s not allowing me to order online
  • Amazing Employees

    By Da Boss69
    The Clarksville Wilma Rudolph area provides me with the greatest service. I’m a disabled veteran that suffers from service connected disabilities. The crew treats me with the upmost respect and remembers by my order. My sister or another family member may be on the phone and once I give my order. Hi Mr. Daniel to remember my voice and order. It impresses me and I am appreciative. My sister says that is a shame you eat there so much. The food is exceptional, but it is the amazing service I receive especially in this day and age. It very seldom changes number 2 Spicy Deluxe with Large Fries and Arnold Palmer. They do not know my circumstances, they all tell me hello when I pull up to the drive threw window. Just wanted you to know what great team here in Clarksville, Tennessee!!!
  • App needs work

    By Nekat21
    I’ve had issues lately with this app. The last time I couldn’t use my rewards. Now I have a gift card that it won’t let me put it in. I have the latest update. What’s going on? I love chick fil a. I just haven’t been loving this app.
  • Isn’t working

    By Cmarisolano
    When I click on the app, it exits out. Annoying
  • The best!

    By Klrob
    Seriously! Who doesn’t love chic fil a!!!! Quality food and so efficient!!! The app makes it even easier. Chic fil a employees are the kindest and happiest individuals! Always a pleasure!

    By Cali725
    Please add a “no marinade” option for app orders!! This would make my life even better, so I didn’t have to always use the drive thru ❤️ this is in regard to grilled nuggets. I can’t have soy, so this is one of the only fast food treats I can have.
  • LUV my rewards

    By tina❤️chick
    I really luvmmy rewards, you really make me feel like a valued customer!!!!
  • I love Chick-fil-A, but the app is glitchy

    By Moo10986
    It sometimes fails to update the amount in my balance. Otherwise it’s awesome!
  • Love

    By lovedove25
    It makes pick ups so easy I love this app so much. Keeps all my info amazing
  • Great App

    By msufan23
    Chick Fil a is the best!
  • Why?

    By Eclipse12187
    Why do I need to download an app to order food for pickup? They have door dash and grub hub integration on their website but for an online pick up order I need to download an app.
  • How AMAZING chick-fil-A is!!

    By isarahsnyder
    Out of all of the years I’ve been on this earth I have never once had a bad experience at Chick-fil-A. I have never had my order wrong, and I’ve never had a rude server. I love Chick-fil-A and its owners. Keep up the great work, you guys are awesome! Love, Sarah Snyder of Ruston, Louisiana!
  • Can’t change space number?

    By Mikey Romano
    So if someone mis enters the space number there’s no way to change it? Design flaw please fix.
  • Disadvantage for mobile ordering

    By Movingtolyft
    They don’t start making the order until you show up, which defeats the whole purpose. The drive thru lane was finished 5 times over before we got our food. TERRIBLE!!!!!
  • Compliments!

    By Five-star-fan
    The Chick-Fil-A organization at the store level has been amazing and surprising! There was hesitation when driving into the drive through lanes, and I counted over 33 cars in line. The friendly employee was outside to record my order efficiently. The payment was taken by another employee courteously and respectfully. The order was announced, checked, and filled with 100% accuracy. I was able to drive out of the parking lot, impressively, in less than 10 minutes. WOW! 5Stars!
  • read my review and learn something.

    By Jenlyn6
    the food is great just not the fact that y’all are so against the LGBTQ COMMUNITY for some odd reason & i would like to know why because i truly am confused why y’all are so against who people love but you do you i guess 😹
  • No more curb side?

    By Huniku
    The app was great and allowed me to order ahead to skip the drive through line, but now they’ve removed the ability to do curb side pickup? This may just be for my store, but there’s no point in ordering through the app if you still have to go through the drive through.
  • App blocks you if you make a mistake putting in your information

    By Bree McK
    App blocks you if you make a mistake putting in your information
  • Gadget MD says

    By Gadget MD
    This Chick Fil A store is the best one to go to!
  • Can’t order

    By Gooseman24375
    Right now I can’t order through the app and that is very annoying please fix the issue and I will make my review a 5* or remove my review
  • Worst

    By Scanning teacher
    Worst app ever.
  • No rewards given out

    By RonKennedy
    I never receive any rewards it’s been months and I’m red status
  • Needs work

    By gidhrjndhbcgko
    1. Needs a way to change space number when you show up for curbside pick up… In case you enter the wrong space. 2. Needs meals in the rewards. Right now you can order individual items with your rewards but not an actual meal. 3. Needs a way to pay partially with a credit card and partially with a gift card in case your gift card balance isn’t enough to pay it all. 4. Needs a way to enter the order and then an option to apply rewards instead of having to order in the rewards section specifically.
  • Wrong sandwich

    By suekraus
    Wrong sandwich given through drive through. It was okay, but not what I wanted. Mount Pleasant, WI Chick-Fil-A
  • Fix my order NOW

    By Cbingj
    The whole point for me of ordering through the app is so it can be ready when I get there. I want the option to have them prepare my order when I order it so that when I arrive it can be delivered immediately!
  • Great App, latest version has one bug

    By LBP6842
    Love the app and have used several times to order from it and every order has been successful. The upload of a promotional card feature does not work. The camera won’t zoom on the QR code to capture it and if it does snap a picture it says that it cannot process it.
  • Does not work

    By jckahk
    If you like to sit ina a parking lot for a half hour and get nothing use this app
  • I love using the app for curbside delivery

    By Buleever2
    I absolutely love the convenience of pulling into the designated parking spaces at CFA, using my app to order my meal, and in minutes, having a very nice CFA employee bring everything out to me. Thank you, Chick-Fil-A!
  • Greatest fast food restaurant on the planet

    By ben.n.v
    The chicken is delicious and holy
  • Tuckwrcc

    By CMT P
    Doubt that they were racist. I ve found that Most raciest people are usually the one calling someone else racist. And never have had any bad treatment from chic fila employees. Keep up the good work.
  • Great experience every time

    By Riseup68
    I wish certain people would stop lying about their experience at Chick Fil A. There has never been a racist comment or treatment of a racial experience towards me at their establishment. Some people have nothing better to do but lie. I’ve always been treated with respect greeted with a friendly smile. I forgot my wallet one day and they gave me the food for free another time I went before they closed and they gave us extra food for free. I love this place And the fact that you always heart christian music playing and seeing people praying over their meals there is a plus ❤️👍🏼 Dont throw the race card at Chick Fil A ppl! Please
  • Hi

    By jmessiii
    Great app
  • CFA is good 7.7/10

    By aureliaqueenasf
    Chick fi la is good but I expected more since people hype it up so much I rate it a 7.7/10 your app is 9/10 ....!
  • Rewards (sorta)

    By blahblahblah021
    You can’t redeem your free items without spending at least $10 if you want it to be delivered to you :(
  • Just terrific

    By 58295529
    Great app with nothing wrong, works like a charm and is easy to use.
  • Avoid this app

    By Mrkite81
    Avoid the app at all costs. Error after error. What’s the point of an app if it don’t work?
  • Excellent as always!

    By seadreamusvi
    We have never had a disappointing experience at our Chick-Fil-A.
  • Missing rewards. People have no clue what an app review is.

    By Karykg
    First off people, app reviews means that you leave reviews on the actual application. NOT a review on the customer service of the actual store you went to! For that you need to go to the manager is that store or corporate or leave review on google or the Facebook page. Second I always have good experience on the app but this time I have a complaint on the app. I am missing 2 rewards. Including today’s. I received a notification on my phone saying that my local store manager gave me a reward and to open it but when I open it, it’s not there. I have no rewards. This happened to me a week ago as well. Can the developer help please?
  • Visit

    By green eyed lafy
    Everyone at Chick filet are always efficient & polite!
  • Amazing

    By MsMaryN
    Food so good makes me wanna slap my mama
  • Horrible app plan

    By omfgimsickofthis
    Dude they don’t tell you there’s a problem with your payment until you’re parked and type in your parking number
  • [email protected]!€

    By B'More Kind
  • Chick

    By bdejkskdndnf
    Love love loveee this app. It’s so useful and yummy:)
  • Super Slow Chicken

    By ElvisDawg74
    First, I’m a huge fan of Chick-fil-a. However, ordering via the app has consistently been slower than simply going through the drive-through. My food has never been ready upon arriving at the restaurant
  • Mystery reward notification

    By malnar
    I keep getting a notification telling me I’ve got a special reward but when I open the app through the notification, there’s no reward.
  • please make the calories less in my face

    By Fuzziefunsockswhoa
    can y’all please hide the calories it makes me feel really bad about myself
  • Not able to order

    By jasonli19892
    When trying to place order keeps saying cannot serve me and not able to calculate total, really bad experience and stupid error, feeling really frustrated and did the drive through at the end, please fix such simple problem and at least throw what the error is please!!
  • Doesn’t work

    By Yashisaur
    Sat in parking lot for 15 minutes, website didn’t allow curbside pickup, so I download the app, fill out an entire order and the app doesn’t even accept the credit card. Thanks for nothing!
  • Great in almost all ways

    By Jdog2910
    Great and easy to use! Only complaint is that I won’t let me use up what’s left on my gift card if the total is more than the gift card amount. How do I ever use the full amount without partial payments?