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Paperless Post

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2012-02-22
  • Current Version: 7.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 156.46 MB
  • Developer: Paperless Post
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 14 262


Paperless Post is an events platform that has beautiful invitations for every occasion and smart online planning tools to help make gathering easier. Designs worth celebrating. Choose from our curated collection of free and premium invitations -- including exclusive partner designs from Rifle Paper Co., kate spade new york, Oscar de la Renta, Jonathan Adler, Kelly Wearstler, and more. Make it your own. Add photos directly from your Camera Roll, choose new fonts, and customize information on your invitation and event details page. Smart tools for planning. Plan and manage your event with online tools like RSVP tracking and guest list management. Communicate with your guests through private and group messaging.



  • Worst app I have used in ages

    By ampersand_c
    What a shame! It took ten minutes to change one line of text (before I gave up.) The app is either unresponsive, freezes, or crashes. It worked successfully for a moment. Highly regrettable and I am unlikely to use the product.
  • Updates are not fixing issues

    By Nmm667
    Couldn’t upload invites, couldn’t reply to invites, now I can’t open the invites. The updates never seem to stick.
  • Junk App

    By down2earth
    Trying to use this on my iPhone 7 and the app tells me to change a setting so it can access my photos, but when I go to that setting THERE IS NO OPTION TO ALLOW ACCESS TO PHOTOS. So the paperless post app itself hasn’t made that an available option because if it were, *it would’ve shown up in settings as an option.* Then I try to manage invites and when I go to that area in the app, all it does is show a blank screen and show the reload sign blinking/reloading over and over again. Whoever they hired to make their app is trash.
  • Fix the Glitches

    By Kt42493
    I love using paperless post, however their app is constantly having glitches. I have reoccurring issues with making their flyers and trying to use a personal photo from my phone is a cause a frustration. I love their product, but they seriously need to update their app.
  • App terrible, service ok

    By ChristaAC
    App is so buggy I can’t use it on iPhone. As soon as I finish this review, I will delete it. Will probably still use desktop version occasionally, because even though “free” cards aren’t exactly free, they are nicer than any other free e-cards.
  • Highway robbery and App and mobile website are trash

    By AishaMoodMills
    Do NOT waste your money to send these digital invites. The point of electronic communication is that it’s more economical. But these invites could cost you upwards of $50 to send. You could do paper for far less. And many services are FREE. And worse the user experience is GARBAGE on the app and all mobile devices. Crashes constantly, features only avail in landscape view, bugs everywhere. Clearly they used subpar developers. Trash, trash, trash.
  • Don’t do it

    By halfpipeair
    This software is torture. Don’t do it to yourself. It’s the worst app I’ve ever seen. It crashes, items don’t work, you can’t scroll... I promise you will regret having entered. It’s not like it works flawlessly on the web either. We regret having chosen this app for our wedding cards. Not sure how it’s getting a 4.6 rating.
  • Great designs, need better app

    By Antun6
    Can’t delete cards even though app FAQ says there is a way.

    By Rafael kahen
    This app is terrible. At first I sent save the dates to about half of my guests, then all the sudden I was not able to purchase coins.
  • Poor App

    By Viviana Callejas
    My experience of Paperless Post has been through the app. I’ve been trying to make a baby shower invitation, and right when I’m about to finish, the app just closes out, and it does not save the changes made to the card I’d chosen. This has happened about 4 times already. Also, if you try to move quickly between the editing tabs, the app will close out. Thus, my poor rating for the app.
  • Tracking???

    By Fred618
    Am I missing something? Where’s my Dashboard and/or Postbox? I want to track my cards! Is this not possible on the app? Doesn’t seem like it. And if it IS possible, it’s not clear and easy.
  • Love the idea but bugs

    By Marissao
    Cannot reply to events!
  • Ruined by updates

    By 54321Rodeo
    This once was the best app for sending invitations!! Then it was ruined by useless updates.
  • Constantly crashing

    By NECrystal
    I love using paperless post but I’ve never sent an invitation that didn’t crash multiple times while trying to create it. Currently trying to send out a birthday invite and have crashed 5x before I have even been able to edit the card. This might be it for me and PaperlessPost!
  • Sounds Great, But Clunky and Burdensome to Use

    By GJJ's Lady
    I think this app has gotten worse rather than better. The latest update eliminated my past events and my guest lists. I have a party tomorrow and no longer know who’s coming! Good luck trying to add guests after the initial invitation has been sent. Sometimes you can find the ‘add guest’ button after extensive searching and other times it simply can’t be found. I will not be using this app again.
  • Worse than useless

    By Lec8b
    The iPad version doesn’t work at all and the iPhone version doesn’t see to save any edits. What a frustrating waste of time.
  • Buggy and inconsistent

    By Pure-energy
    For the last year, PaperlessPost has become progressively less usable. There are frustrations like having completely different features and functionality on each platform of their product (iPhone version can create cards and flyers, iPad version shows cards large enough to read, web version... well, who knows.) Even pricing of credits is slightly different. Then there are bugs, for instance text is editable, but you can’t actually see it while you’re editing and you can’t easily control where you’re editing. Then there are just dumb misses, like not being able to read or respond to messages from guests through the iPad app. I switched to PaperlessPost because I had trouble with invitations I created on Evite before daylight savings time for events that took place after it. Evite changed the event start and end times — totally wrecked a kid’s birthday party. Trouble is, PaperlessPost takes forever to use because it’s so buggy.
  • Awesome concept, awful app experience

    By merincam
    I have loved paperless on my computer browser but it is truly an awful app on iOS. It’s impossible to filter designs to find free cards, designs with photos, etc aside from their determined “themes” for holidays. It makes it extremely difficult to access their wider array of designs for invites and cards. I’ve always been a huge fan but now that I’m running exclusively iOS it’s making me reconsider using this platform. Please make this better!
  • Sadness

    By Coolkid467854(?67$
    I’m so sad cause this app is so beautiful but you literally cannot use it or send any flyers and cards and that’s such a shame cause if it worked it would be my favorite app
  • The service is great - the app is terrible

    By notDCnative
    Paperless Post the service is quite nice. Good model. Very nice card design. Pretty decent invite and RSVP feature set. HOWEVER, the iOS apps (which are separate for iPad and iPhone) are terrible! They don’t even bring in the full web UI (even though that’s what they are trying to do). PP... you need to put some work into this! Just a good responsive version of the website would be a huge step up from the app.
  • Buggy to the point of disfunctional

    By BstonCoder
    Clicking the Reply button brings me to a blank page. If you can’t RSVP, then what’s the point? And before you ask, yes, I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app.
  • Nice cards but keeps crashing.

    By adieadieadie
    Nice cards but keeps crashing when I alter the text.
  • Slick designs, awesome service

    By PacificRy
    I love the design of the cards and there’s tons of options. Choosing the envelope and envelope liner is a nice touch. These stylish ecards are a great alternative to snail mail. And they’re actually quite affordable. There are a few things I’d love to see improved in the app. Like when I’m working on a draft and close the app (to check a note), this app doesn’t save my place, and instead returns me to the main screen. Also, I’d love the option the send cards on a future date.
  • AWFUL!!!!

    By KCPrep
    There are sooo many bugs and glitches with this and it’s so incredibly FRUSTRATING!!!😩 Don’t even bother with this
  • Paperless Post

    By sanwill6
    Love the designs. Reasonable cost. I find it a little tricky to use when creating my own text because I cannot see all of the writing on my screen. Otherwise I would have rated the site with 5 stars.
  • Tedious and unproductive

    By dewster4
    This app is a major disappointment because it is tedious, the search results for Christmas invitations yielded Christmas cards, only 4 invitations and attempting to access my photos froze the process. Deleted the app. Desktop much better.
  • Very buggy, suddenly

    By Gm5215
    I’ve loved this app for years, but the new version is extremely buggy. Nearly impossible to edit it, impossible to see what you are editing, impossible to tell to whom you’ve sent it.
  • App doesn’t work

    By Counterspin
    Your horrible website/app erased changes that I made to my card BEFORE I sent it. I paid $30 for more coins than I need because your website/app would only allow me to OVERPAY to get the number of coins that I needed. Then sent out a card that did not include the changes that I had made. YOU SENT A CARD OUT WITH INCORRECT INFORMATION. It also disregarded changes I made to the event details. Now I will have significant work to contact all invitees and advise them of the correct information outside of the Paperless application.
  • Great concept, buggy app

    By mouseling
    I love the idea, and the invite designs are wonderful, but trying to use this app on an iPad pro is very frustrating. The editing tools are not very intuitive. When I attempt to edit text the keyboard covers the invite so I cannot see what I’m editing. There is also a lot of stalling and lagging as other reviewers have mentioned. I also wish I could easily copy and paste my customized text into different invite designs. It’s not easy to test different designs, and a little frustrating to spend some time customizing one design, then realizing it’s not quite right, but having to start over in another design. I would also like to be able to export my designs. I would pay for that, as the built in invite system isn’t going to suit my needs for my office party and I wanted to be able to just send the invite graphic through our office calendar. Maybe this IS an option? But I couldn’t find it.
  • Great Cards but problematic

    By Chi whisperer
    I love the idea of this ap and the cards are wonderful but using this ap on an ipad (pro) is just extremely frustrating. It keeps stalling and freezing, not responsive to touch screen and saying it’s not sending when it is. Argh! Wish I’d never found it. I use it from time to time hoping it’s been fixed and some things have been fixed but it’s so frustrating using it, I then remember why I set it aside so long.
  • Cool App, but...

    By Lezzilez
    It's an awesome app, but very faulty. Every time I try to upload a picture to my card the app goes completely dark & takes me back to my home screen. I'd love to keep using it because I love the cards & layouts but it's extremely frustrating to not be able to use the app for what's made for because of these errors. Please fix soon!
  • Crashes

    By heathergreen287
    This app doesn’t work. It crashes every time I try to use it.
  • Poor performance

    By GBTC
    I do not know who is leaving more than one star here. All things being equal, strong internet and even new fast iPhone, this app lags and freezes like no other. Impossible to use!
  • Terrible app

    By Gdubshere
    I don’t think I’ve come across a worse app. Terrible to use. I honestly don’t know why people use it.
  • Useless

    By LiveJazzLives
    Can’t access/add or edit contacts in the app, only from the desktop site. Very stupid design. Someone should be fired for this.
  • Not functional

    By J3NN4LF
    It doesn’t matter how aesthetically pleasing your app is if it crashes every time I try to use it..
  • Are you kidding

    By RJCBklyn
    I am not sure what happened to the app. I have used it easily the past few years but now not only do I have trouble finding the holiday cards but also every time I try to upload a photo to create a holiday card the app crashes.
  • Love this

    By happy customer!!20
    The invitations are beautiful and the app is super easy to use. I often print out an invite to save them. So much better than evite. Love it
  • Disappointment

    By LadeeLu
    I’ve been using paperless post for years and lately, any card I’ve tried to create automatically shutdown the app and then I have multiple drafted cards 😡 fix your bugs Paperless Post!!
  • App crashes over and over and over

    By springtimebunny
    From other reviews it seems this app just isn’t a match for iOS. Guess I’m going back to evites.
  • What happened?

    By grashgrash
    I have a baby shower I’m hosting next Sunday and I used this app to send out invites (paid money, might I add) and everything was working great. But now, I can’t see my guest list, can’t click on anything or send out messages to the guests. What’s going on? This is piss poor service and I’m incredibly frustrated since my event is coming up within a week. Please fix ASAP!!!
  • Great service, terrible app

    By Moski16
    I love the idea of paperless post. I find it a little expensive but worth it. However this app is SO inconvenient and hard to navigate. It also constantly freezes and shuts down.
  • Stopped working!

    By rbcarc
    I downloaded the app to keep up to date on the responses to a big party—worked well for a week—now I get nothing when I click anything on the app. Reinstalled and still nothing, including the notifications I asked for.
  • Glitching

    By Kaekaela
    Every time I try to upload a photo to my selected invitation the app closes out and when I go back in it starts all over. Will not allow me to upload any photo to any invites at all.
  • Unexpected aggravation

    By BeeChilly
    I’ve used Paperless Post create, send, and track party events in the past and am currently using for a party now. Up until this week, I’ve used this app almost EXCLUSIVELY to all the aforementioned— especially managing the event after it was created and live. Issue: I’m really surprised but also aggravated that although I can login and see my postbox I can’t actually DO anything with the invitation I currently have live. I every time I try to press the “Manage” button or icon the app does not respond. I cannot view, add, reply to invitees, or do anything really. Not sure what’s up, but please help. I want to keep loving this app & platform!!
  • Was good app until Latest update

    By doctorK04
    The app doesn’t work since the last update. I can’t track my events, don’t get notifications... it’s worthless now. Please fix ASAP! Was a decent app before, would have given it at least 4 stars until this latest issue.
  • New update non functional

    By Johnnny17
    Whoa, I swear everything worked fine before I updated the app. Now I can’t even click into invites on iOS. Will have to use my laptop I guess? Yikes.
  • Needs an Update!

    By Jbird100446
    UPDATE: Bugs are worse with this update. The app won’t let me click to see my guest list. So frustrating! ORIGINAL: Love the card designs, but the app needs work. It freezes all the time, and the app wouldn’t load the guest list I had put in on my computer.
  • Doesn’t work anymore

    By Glen0
    Unfortunately after the latest update, the app doesn’t work at all. The main screen opens and then nothing I tap does anything. :-( Also not getting the RSVP notifications. This was such a great app that I’ve used every year for our holiday party. I hope it I am be fixed.