Accounts 2 Checkbook

Accounts 2 Checkbook

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2012-01-27
  • Current Version: 6.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 9.76 MB
  • Developer: SVT Software
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 8 952


Top Selling Checkbook App Featured by Apple in "What's Hot" List Accounts 2 is an easy to use application to replace your paper checkbook. With the Accounts 2 application, you will have a quicker and more convenient way to track your daily finances. You can schedule transactions, transfer funds, capture photo receipts, reconcile, view reports, export data, print, and much more. All features of the Accounts 2 app are designed to be quick, clean, intuitive, and easy to use. * If you like this app, then please support us with a positive rating. Thank you! FEATURES * Touch and Face ID Support - Use Touch or Face ID to authenticate and launch the app quicker and more conveniently. * Sync Data via iCloud - Sync your data across iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices * Universal Binary - Designed for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices. No need to buy separate apps for each device. * Graphs and Reports - Review your monthly income vs. expense, spending by category, or income by category summaries with beautiful graphs and reports. * Photo Receipts - Capture and store photo receipt as part of a transaction. * AirPrint Support - Print reports directly from your iPhone or iPad to any AirPrint-enabled printer. * Recurring Transactions - Schedule transactions to repeat weekly, biweekly, monthly, semimonthly, quarterly, biannually, or yearly on a start date that you choose. * Split Transactions - Split a transaction among several categories for more precise tracking. * Search - Quickly search for transactions and edit them from the same screen. * Reconcile Transactions - Reconcile by checking off cleared transactions and comparing the actual and outstanding balances against a bank statement. Accounts 2 now includes a running total for even easier reconciliation. * Smart Autocomplete - As you type, a list will show you your previously entered descriptions and corresponding category. Selecting an entry from the list will fill both fields of the transaction. * Auto-increment Check # Field - Accounts 2 will suggest the next check number for you based on the previously entered number. If you replace your checkbook, just enter the new starting number and Accounts 2 will auto-increment from there. * Transfers - Make a one-time transfer between accounts or set up recurring transfers to automatically repeat. * Export in CSV, QIF & HTML Formats - Export transactions via email attachments for used with desktop applications such Numbers, Excel, or MS Money. * Customization Settings & Themes - Configurable settings and themes to customize the Accounts 2 application based on your preferences. * Transaction Sorting/Hiding - Sort transactions by date in either ascending or descending order. You can also hide reconciled transactions to keep your current list from being cluttered. * Accounts Reordering - Reorder your accounts from the account list in any order you choose. * Accounts Delete Lock Prevents accidental deletion of all the transactions under an account. * Backup / Restore Backup your data for safekeeping via email, Dropbox, or iTunes file sharing interface. Then restore it to your device whenever you need to. * Passcode Security - Keep your accounts information private. * FREE Accounts 2 Lite version - Please download the Accounts 2 Lite version to try before you buy.



  • Still waiting for a response

    By Gunner_2011
    I twice emailed for support and have received no reply. The information in the FAQs to reconcile are not correct and the “check mark” they mention is non existent. I am using an iPhone 8S Plus with the latest OS.
  • Best expense tracking app!

    By Camsaki999
    👍 Suggestion: a way to create a pdf account report instead of just by category and an account report that covers more than one year or 12 months...
  • Lost information

    By cant find negative nickname
    Opened the application this morning to find all my information is gone.
  • Pain in the Bum

    By thinker,08
    I can only hit sync once before having to close out the app and restarting to sync another account/transaction. Also if I put a transaction in one account then realize that it belongs in another, I cannot easily change it over. I have to delete one and then add it into the other account.
  • Only one short-coming...

    By GoHiking
    I bought a number of checkbook apps to test recently. This was my second favorite but may still be the one I use because my favorite didn't support backing up to iCloud. For me, I like to hide and show "reconciled" transactions on the fly. This app has the toggle for show/hide hidden in the general settings rather than immediately available in account history. This is a very good checkbook app. Out of 15 that I tested, this is probably a top 3 app and will easily be the number 1 for many people. Updated 06/04/2019 This is my current checkbook. I have used 6 or 7 apps over the last 10 years. I actually use this one with a home business to track expenses. I will upgrade to five stars when the ability to Show/Hide reconciled transactions is added in the register itself. I’m constantly having to go back out to Settings and toggle whether or not to show reconciled transactions. Very often I want them hidden. But when doing accounting (balancing) I want them shown.
  • Could use improvements

    By CPA Star
    The App needs to be updated. I’ve not used other Apps, but in comparison to a manual checkbook the one thing I noticed that’s hard to do in this App is to set up recurring transfers and payments that coincide with real life, rather than a fixed date on the calendar. For example: I get paid bi-monthly and the last business day of the month may not always be the 30, and in longer months it’s the 31, which causes timing issues. Items can be edited, but that kinda defeats the purpose of automation. Should happen properly on its own. Also have noticed that for reoccurring payments, after they have happened they revert back to 12 am and I manually have to change this every two weeks. Hope they make an update so that after a transaction has occurred it doesn’t automatically revert back to 12 am. This causes transactions to occurs out of order. I will say that it’s much easier to balance than when using a manual checkbook and that’s a huge plus. But I will be checking out other Apps at this point.
  • ❤️ it

    By The Crimson idol
    Absolutely love this checkbook best on the app store
  • Helpful

    By Melgya
    Much better than excel transaction registers or other software. On the go I add each purchase with a few taps and I can keep up with finances in real time. I haven’t used it long enough to utilize the reports so I don’t have anything to say about those.
  • It is almost Perfect

    By reviewmoore
    I love this app. I am able to balance my checking and savings. I am able to add recurring payments so that I don’t have to think about entering it myself. It is very easy to use and set up. The only thing I wish it had is a search option. It would make things so much easier to find a transaction by entering the name/amount in a search.
  • Love app..missing 1 feature I would like

    By PinkFlRags
    This app is easy to use. Meets my needs with one exception...Year to date reports. But maybe I am just not seeing it. Found monthly reports.
  • It’s not bad but

    By Izylost
    I was looking for a app where you had the choice of managing multiple accounts individually or combining all into one, I guess I’ll keep looking.
  • Can’t share info

    By Rizznizz
    My wife and I downloaded this app and you can’t share entries. Completely useless and a total waste of money. We followed all directions to a T and tried to share via iCloud and email. iCloud doesn’t work and there is no link in the email. I would give it zero stars if we could. I would ultimately like a refund since it doesn’t work as advertised.
  • Needs an update it keeps freezing OMG

    By MS27
    Hey, I don’t know if it’s the app or the iOS but work it out. It’s not working through iCloud ether. Time for an update
  • Doesn’t work

    By gggajjej
    The camera option won’t bring camera. Can’t save receipts.
  • App update suggestion

    By Smarty01983
    How about having negative entry options in red
  • My new best friend!

    By tree bud
    I have so much trouble sitting down and balancing my checkbook. This app tracks as I spend. I can easily add each cost as I spend or save the days receipts and enter at night. I always overspend because I think I have more money in my account than I really do. This app is my first step towards financial responsibility. Love it! Also so easy to use and it balances your checking act for you!
  • Love

    By k sunseri
    I bought another program and canceled after 10 minutes . I am still trying to figure out how to email all the reports butlove. Very tech friendly to someone NOT tech savvy. I just wish there would be a caution so I don’t delete something. Ex if I export does it still remain. Can I share with other people ?
  • Best I Found To Replace Quicken

    By G in Florida
    Great software. Only thing I would change is to be able to sort by check number field and date. Would really make my experience 10 stars.
  • Awful

    By Yourkiea
    This app is horrible. I loved it for so long but didn’t realize it was deleting entries for adding them instead of subtracting them until we were off on our accounts by $100’s of dollars.
  • Simple and easy but very effective

    By Kikoh
    I love this app. After trying several others, it looks like this is a winner. My only reason for the 4 stars is that it will only let me keep one photo for each expense. At times I want to take a photo of the receipt and a photo of the guarantee paper and perhaps a photo of the product I am buying, like a car part that I bought yesterday. Besides this it works, simply works! After several months of use, I just discovered that the report function does not work. Absolutely nothing shows up in reports. Also discovered that you can’t use other currency except US dollars. In this day and age it is a must. Each account should have the possibility of choosing it’s own currency.
  • Sync Issues

    By 3just14
    Synced the first time. Now it refuses to no matter what I do. I wouldn’t have paid for this if I had to enter everything twice on both devices.
  • So simple and easy

    By RouttLogics
    Absolutely love this app and all my accounts I keep reconciled. My only request would be to have a “Check All” to select/de-select all records for reconciliation. Otherwise does everything I need!!
  • A few tweaks

    By aicitlemyb
    Had the lite version and bought the OG version and then bought 2. All easy to use. Each upgrade made using this app earlier. However: 1. No way to contact developer. I’ve never had Facebook and never will! 2. It’d be wonderful if “recurring transactions” had the total displayed. 3. As stated previously, the dates and times should coincide with a real calendar so we don’t have to keep changing from 28/30/31. It’ll be closer to perfect.
  • Delraydan

    By Delraydan
    Send button not working on emails for gmail or others can’t export. It would appear that since gmail was recently changed your email and the send button will not work anymore. Can’t transfer data if the send button will not work, need a refund. Can’t export emails several will not send. It’s a scam.
  • Was great!

    By Sarges12
    I’ve had the app for a few years. Worked great but suddenly the app constantly crashes on both my iPhone and IPad. Can’t enter anything before it crashes and closes.
  • Used this app for long time.

    By imaccrazy
    I had to update to Accounts 2 after using the original for a long time. I tried the lite version first and liked it (as it did work the same as the original) especially the ability to open with a touch instead of a lock code. Imagine my surprise when I got the full version and it no longer opened to touch. The 4 star rating is because of that and their non-existent “Help” (when you click on it in the app, it transfers you to FaceBook page that has 2 recent (September) entries and the rest are many years old. Their home web page has some FAQ but no way to ask “what happened to touch?” Update: I was able to activate “touch” to open the app. Not sure when that was corrected but it is worth it, so I changed my rating to 5 stars. Very happy with the app.
  • Love the app

    By A very grateful girl
    Giving two stars because I could not find a contact us Link on web support. I would like to request the developer add a feature where you can edit the account for an entry rather than having to delete and re-enter. So if I entered $1 for parking on Visa 1 but actually used MC 2 it would be great to be able to reassign without deleting and re-logging. Other than that I live the app. Would be great to have option of lock feature or partial lock. (IE lock certain accounts) but honestly I have tried a few others and for everyday use (which this is designed for- like a check ledger) it is great. Will change rating to 5 star as soon as I hear back from developer.
  • I actually paid for this

    By mindymoo624
    I never buy apps (or write reviews). But after checking the developers website and using the lite version, I was convinced. I had another developer’s app that was free and good until they restricted too many features and wanted to charge a subscription. No thanks. This one is great for keeping track of my credit cards and bank accounts. I like the transfer and reconcile features. Highly recommended.
  • Good app, sharing feature not working

    By appeyes
    This is a decent app however there is no way of contacting their support staff. Only a Facebook page. The sharing feature is funky. Other party gets the email but the link to import to their app is dead. Thus the sharing with a partner feature is useless. Also, the syncing feature does not work.
  • Terrible!

    By Kaddylac!
  • Loving it for over 2 years

    By Vip0116
    It’s so handy. Love being able to enter transactions on the go. I used to use quickbooks on a desktop, but find with a little thought, I can do everything I need on this dandy little app. Highly recommend.
  • One of my Best Applications

    By afchlam
    Out of all the applications I have downloaded, this has to be one of the best apps I’ve seen. This is, literally, the electronic version of a checkbook. You can choose different categories and different icons and set up which accounts balance can be viewed. Password lock, themes, recurring transactions, it has it all. Highly recommended.
  • Just What I Wanted

    By Samoyedman
    I wanted to simplify my record keeping and graduate from paper records, but I did not want lots of bells and whistles. This fit the bill perfectly. I highly recommend this app
  • Best $0.99 I ever spent

    By kayla asdfghjkl
    This app has helped me keep track of and actually budget all of my household’s expenses. I love that it doesn’t rely on connected accounts to track expenses, because I buy things with cash a lot. I rely on this app to manage all of our checking, savings, credit cards, and cash. This app also keeps track of my recurring expenses, therefore I never forget a payment. All around a wonderful app. I have recommended it to 3 of my close friends already.
  • Lost ALL MY DATA!!!!!

    By SB12346
    I cannot believe that when I upgraded to a new phone all my data was gone! Now the customer service is unavailable and unresponsive! No one is helping me. There’s NO customer service- their website direct you to a Facebook page that hasn’t been updated in years! DO NOT USE THIS APP!
  • Bad date

    By Icdino
    I post older transactions frequently and having to reset the date every transaction is terribly annoying.
  • Error

    By HybridTheory17
    I’ve had the paid version of this app for the last year or 2. I use a pin code to log in & when I opened the app today all my accounts & settings were gone! The app was on the default settings & view like when you first install it. There’s no feature to write to the creator about bugs or errors. Why did this happen? I know my phone wasn’t hacked.
  • Problems

    By Whathef*$k
    I have been using this app for over a year, Loved it!! I am having problems with it this week. Freeze up, first on my iPad, now on my iPhone. Can’t find anyway to fix it! I have no way to ask for help. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HELP ME!
  • Can’t synch

    By dirt gert
    I really want this app to work for me. We can back up and restore from dropbox. Because it won’t sync each time the back up simply overwrites the transactions from one device to the other. Can anyone share if they got the sync feature to work on iOS 12.2? I upgraded enabled family sharing. I activated iCloud drive. I uploaded 2account from the primary device. The problem is I cannot download database from the iCloud to the Secondary device. Enable synch is not working. Unless there is a fix, I do not recommend this app if you have more than one user.
  • Support

    By TKDilli
    I want to reach tech support! The app is not counting my deposits as income and therefore the reports are a mess and completely inaccurate. I use the metrics this app provides to inform my financial decision making. Without proper data the app in next to useless for my intended purposes.
  • Love it

    By Shawna_926
    I’ve been using this app for years. It is simple and does exactly what I wanted! I tried multiple apps and after I downloaded this one I haven’t tried another. Highly recommend!
  • Add pending transactions...

    By Jbrewster11
    The only thing it’s missing is a way to show Pending Transactions. Add this and I’ll upgrade to a 5. Also add the ability to move Approved Transactions below Unapproved Transactions. Otherwise it’s great.
  • Really Like This App

    By janelp
    I’ve only used this for a month but at this point I am quite happy with it. I do wish it were possible to print from the register page and that each account could have separate categories. But, those things don’t negate the seamless way this works.
  • Needs Budget Tab

    By cwp$
    I love this app. The only thing that would make it better is a tab for budgets that updates when you enter a transaction.
  • Most Satisfying Experience!

    By Franklin N. Cooper
    Accounts2 is the most easiest & accurate way I’ve ever used for continuous, daily, on-going, mobile checkbook balancing on my iOS devices! Is there an Accounts2 macOS App? Also, is there a limit to the number of transactions within a single account? Thank You! Franklin, NY NY
  • Works good but my iPhone will not save to iCloud for sync

    By A Dads Review
    With my iPhone not saving to the iCloud I am not able to sync to my iPad. I have used this option for a long time it just quit working for me a few weeks ago. If I upload from my iPad it makes a folder on iCloud. But my iPhone will not upload or download from the iCloud . It says it did but it does not work. It would be nice if there was some where to get help or answer questions. But no one has replied to my Facebook message. I deleted the program and downloaded it again. But that did not work either. Every-time I reconcile when the sync was working. The other device would not keep up and I would have to re upload and sync again. Now I can’t even get it to sync. It would be nice to hear a response. If they fix the sync this will change to a five. Because i like using my phone to keep my checkbook balance.
  • Very Limited Exporting

    By VAB 1985
    Can only export the most recent 1000 entries. Not very good for archiving. I have been a user for over three years.
  • Losing data

    By Lilblondie1252
    In general, very happy with this app. Today I enabled the cloud sharing feature. Unfortunately, there is not clear delineation of which device is primary. So when the devices synced, I lost all of the newly entered data. I “synced away“ 45 minutes of data entry. I am sure the primary problem was operator error, but there should be a fail safe to prevent loss of data in the syncing process.
  • Easy to use, great to budget with.

    By Sheila:unhappy
    I’m not sure I could live without this app. I have so much juggled inside this app and it’s all in synced with the bank. I have future money set aside for lots of things and I can make it all make sense with little effort. I love this app!