Accounts 2 Checkbook

Accounts 2 Checkbook

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2012-01-27
  • Current Version: 6.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 9.76 MB
  • Developer: SVT Software
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 8 877


Top Selling Checkbook App Featured by Apple in "What's Hot" List Accounts 2 is an easy to use application to replace your paper checkbook. With the Accounts 2 application, you will have a quicker and more convenient way to track your daily finances. You can schedule transactions, transfer funds, capture photo receipts, reconcile, view reports, export data, print, and much more. All features of the Accounts 2 app are designed to be quick, clean, intuitive, and easy to use. * If you like this app, then please support us with a positive rating. Thank you! FEATURES * Touch and Face ID Support - Use Touch or Face ID to authenticate and launch the app quicker and more conveniently. * Sync Data via iCloud - Sync your data across iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices * Universal Binary - Designed for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices. No need to buy separate apps for each device. * Graphs and Reports - Review your monthly income vs. expense, spending by category, or income by category summaries with beautiful graphs and reports. * Photo Receipts - Capture and store photo receipt as part of a transaction. * AirPrint Support - Print reports directly from your iPhone or iPad to any AirPrint-enabled printer. * Recurring Transactions - Schedule transactions to repeat weekly, biweekly, monthly, semimonthly, quarterly, biannually, or yearly on a start date that you choose. * Split Transactions - Split a transaction among several categories for more precise tracking. * Search - Quickly search for transactions and edit them from the same screen. * Reconcile Transactions - Reconcile by checking off cleared transactions and comparing the actual and outstanding balances against a bank statement. Accounts 2 now includes a running total for even easier reconciliation. * Smart Autocomplete - As you type, a list will show you your previously entered descriptions and corresponding category. Selecting an entry from the list will fill both fields of the transaction. * Auto-increment Check # Field - Accounts 2 will suggest the next check number for you based on the previously entered number. If you replace your checkbook, just enter the new starting number and Accounts 2 will auto-increment from there. * Transfers - Make a one-time transfer between accounts or set up recurring transfers to automatically repeat. * Export in CSV, QIF & HTML Formats - Export transactions via email attachments for used with desktop applications such Numbers, Excel, or MS Money. * Customization Settings & Themes - Configurable settings and themes to customize the Accounts 2 application based on your preferences. * Transaction Sorting/Hiding - Sort transactions by date in either ascending or descending order. You can also hide reconciled transactions to keep your current list from being cluttered. * Accounts Reordering - Reorder your accounts from the account list in any order you choose. * Accounts Delete Lock Prevents accidental deletion of all the transactions under an account. * Backup / Restore Backup your data for safekeeping via email, Dropbox, or iTunes file sharing interface. Then restore it to your device whenever you need to. * Passcode Security - Keep your accounts information private. * FREE Accounts 2 Lite version - Please download the Accounts 2 Lite version to try before you buy.



  • Very Good

    By MMB36
    I’ve used this app for several years and really like it. Just got an iPad Pro and was looking forward to split screen only to find out it isn’t compatible. I’m hoping it’ll eventually be added. I’ve tried contacting the developers, but haven't received a reply.
  • Add pending transactions...

    By Jbrewster11
    The only thing it’s missing is a way to show Pending Transactions. Add this and I’ll upgrade to a 5. Otherwise it’s great.
  • Not syncing correctly and no support help

    By Keith Finch
    Thought this app was great until I noticed it not syncing correctly between my iPad and iPhone. Tried multiple solutions (restart, force sync, etc) but nothing worked. The only support option I could find was their Facebook page, but they’ve never responded to any of my posts or messages. Looks like their last FB post was over a year ago. If I could get some support, then I would gladly change my rating.
  • Great tool!

    By LRC68
    Using this app has helped to keep me on task with my finances and monthly budget. It’s easy to use, and easy to customize. The only thing that I would like to see would be an in-app calculator added for the convenience of not having to exit the app in order to do calculator work. I have already recommended this app to family and friends who have expressed an interest in wanting to set-up budgets. Great tool!
  • Great program but has problems with iCloud sync

    By DCA3
    I would give this program five stars because it’s the easiest and most complete I’ve ever used for tracking my daily expenses. However I can never seem to get it to stay synced with my iPhone. I do most of my entries on my iPad and would like to have them sync with my iPhone. But much of the time the iPad entries do not carry over to the iPhone. I have both devices set up to use iCloud I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong. If I could get the iCloud to sync this app would be perfect!
  • Info GONE!

    By shely6875
    I have been using this app for over 3 years. Woke up this morning to find ALL MY INFO GONE!! There is no support for this app. The developer gives a Facebook acct. I have left several messages over the years requesting help. NEVER received a response. The app quit backing up months ago so now... I am left with no trace of my balances!! So frustrating!!!!
  • Need improvements to be 5 stars

    By Harleypip
    Just recently purchased App to get off of Spreadsheets to do my Checking; Savings; and Credit Card Tracking. I like the program, but Reports is very minimal. Improvements needed to achieve 5 stars for me: 1. Should have ability to do “Year-To-Date” Reports 2. Should have ability to do “End of Year” Reports 3. Need the ability to isolate TAX items for End of Year Reports for Tax Items needed for filing Taxes. Would love to see these changes implemented.
  • Account Categories

    By LiLiKnows
    This app would be perfect if it gave you the ability to categorize accounts with user defined categories and sub-total them on the home screen. The app I used previously allowed for this and the home screen gave a quick view of the sub-totals of your various accounts however you chose to categorize them ... for example: checking, savings, CD’s, brokerage, etc. If this app had account categorization functionality, it would definitely be a 5 star app as it is very rich with a lot of great features!
  • Almost perfect

    By Littlesprite86
    I’ve been using this app for years and absolutely love it. I didn’t give it 5 starts however for one reason. The running total under the individual expenses is never accurate. If I don’t reconcile my expenses in the exact order they are listed the running total is messed up.

    By Blondi1950
    With two of us using debit cards on our joint account, as well as having all our bills automatically paid electronically, and online shopping, it was becoming a harrowing experience (not to mention how much time it took) for us on checkbook-balancing day. But with conscientious use of this app, religious collection of receipts deposited in only one location immediately upon returning home, and only a few minutes to compare the app with a printout of our bank’s recorded transactions twice a week, we no longer have to worry about having “enough left in the account” to pay a forgotten annual bill! This app allows us to monitor transactions in a savings account, our joint checking account, and a bill-paying account. All I have to do is make sure I manually record every transaction in the app, just like I would a paper checkbook register, but I DON’T HAVE TO DO THE MATH!!!🥰 I can add & subtract alright, but don’t expect me to even say 2 + 2 = 4 if I’m trying to find the source of a discrepancy! I am so pleased with this app! Did I mention how affordable it is? FREE! So, THANK YOU to the developers! Please,
  • Report Filtering bug

    By Natew13
    This app has been great but there seems to be a glitch in the report filtering capabilities. For some reason it will not let me select which accounts I want the reports to include. Certain radio buttons auto default as selected and as I click on other accounts other radio buttons will populate as selected. I also wish the reports would be sorted in alphabetical order instead of it being random order as it currently is.
  • Better than most!

    By patti737
    I recently tried the Free app - thought it looked promising, so I purchased the Account2 app. So far so good. Seems very easy to use and the reports look helpful. I input a month’s worth of transactions and it went very smoothly. The reports gave nice info. My question is about backups. Since I backup my iPad every night to iCloud, do I need to backup the Accounts2 app separately? I just want to make sure that I don’t lose the transactions I’ve input...

    By 10-33go
    I just spent hours inputting information only to have it accidentally delete. Am I missing something or is there a way to turn something on that would allow the system to prompt (“are you sure you want to delete”).
  • BUG

    By Nbl5605
    A bug is causing numbers to be messed up. Numbers change manually, random transactions appear on an account that was created for a different account, transactions disappear......
  • Very frustrated

    By cdstokes18
    I’ve been using this app for a year or so and it’s been great. However, the last week or so it’s been awful. It hangs up, shuts down, and flat out crashes for no reason. I’ve backed it up, deleted the app and restored everything and it’s worse now than it was before. I’ve tried contacting support via Facebook, but heard no reply. I really liked this app previously but I can’t use it like this. I guess I’m going to have to shop for something else.
  • Good App

    By Jashlock44
    It works as expected most of the time. Have had issues with syncing on iPhone and iPad when I first started using it about two hrs ago but been great since. But have tried many of these type apps and it is best one so far. It does everything I want it to be and then some.
  • Almost 5 Stars

    By seanlathrop
    Please add the ability to mark a transaction cleared while entering it. It is very inefficient to have to enter it and then scroll to find that transaction when entering something that you know has cleared.
  • Works Great But...

    By spburnie
    It certainly is the best app for finances, but I really wish it had a reminder function. It would be nice to set up a reminder for bills that will be due. That would make it a 5 star app.
  • Simple and easy but very effective

    By Kikoh
    I love this app. After trying several others, it looks like this is a winner. My only reason for the 4 stars is that it will only let me keep one photo for each expense. At times I want to take a photo of the receipt and a photo of the guarantee paper and perhaps a photo of the product I am buying, like a car part that I bought yesterday. Besides this it works, simply works!
  • Accounts2

    By Robertcao1
    This app has some “bug” it acting “not normal” and the numbers does “not add up” How do I get this fix?
  • Trouble!

    By ejb11345
    I got this app a year ago and have loved it. Recently, as I was preparing for my taxes, learned it is only keeping the most recent 6 months of data. I tried contacting the developer via Facebook messenger to see if there is anything I can do but haven’t heard back. Frustrating as I rely heavily on the historical data of my accounts.
  • Freezes on iPhone 6 Plus

    By Swordfish2012
    Works perfectly on my iPad but on my iPhone (iOS is currently up to date) it syncs but then immediately freezes.
  • Awesome!

    By iChayes
    Just an AWESOME check register!
  • Best I’ve Used

    By mattie2
    Best I have used on the App Store. Smooth, works great, i use it on my iPad and my iPhone. Love it !!
  • Every feature I ever needed

    By Jill Banker
    In one functional place. Usually I complain about everything. Did I forget to mention that there are split categories allowed for each transaction entered? And that one account can be for budgeting and the results can be excluded from the expenditures reports?!
  • Almost what I’m looking for.

    By JoshuaCWilliams
    It would be nice to be able to quickly take different accounts out of the “total balance” equation, and see what the resulting balance is.
  • Terrible

    By tygerlily1999
    Used for a while now and all of a sudden at random all of my information just deleted itself. Very disappointed.
  • Great Program

    By Markdpy
    Only giving a 3 star due to not knowing if it will be continued. It has been 7 months since last update. MoneyWiz did the same thing. However, they put out a brand new version, which had to be bought. Are you planning to continue the program? Update: since updated version it is still a “dud.” If you use on one device it is good. However, syncing between two devices is a “pure nightmare!” Accounts have wrong balance and titles misspelled. I will be sticking MoneyWiz 3. Look at previous comment. Still is horrible on syncing. When you try it switches the balances to wrong account. If you use on one device get it. However, if you want to sync devices, look elsewhere!!
  • Almost perfect

    By M Crawford
    Very good app. What would make it perfect is if it had a tax deductible field.
  • Simple, intuitive, perfect

    By Topdogriley
    This app does exactly what I need - keeps track of my monthly cash flows with a simple interface that is easy to use. Easily adds new payees, lets me pick from a stored list (created by me), with defaulted tags and amounts, if desired. Also has smart filtering so I can begin typing and it will pull from previously used payees that match the characters typed. Easy check marks to indicate cleared, but still visible in master register (my old app moved cleared entries to a different tab which made it difficult to find stuff). Search option to search for all entries to specific payees. Recurring entries Easy pie charts to review where the money goes. I love this app!
  • Simple and effective

    By demerim
    Been using for a long time now. Like it still. Recently downloaded their budget app, very disappointed that there isn’t a link between the two apps. The concept is simple, the functions are easy to use, and the outcome is effective. However, the sync is not exactly what I was hoping for. It seems slow to update. The functionality of the recurring transactions is nice, and the simplicity of adding daily transactions is easy. I'm not sold that it's worth what they are charging, but I'm not planning to get rid of it.
  • User of Accounts App for YEARS

    By Avatar Guy
    I have used the original Accounts app for years. Now, all of the sudden when I upgraded to iOS 12, all of my data is gone and I can no longer use the app as it doesn’t work. I am extremely upset as this is the one app I need to depend on; this is for my financial accounts. I manage money through 3 accounts as a student and now I have no idea how much money I have in my bank accounts because of these losers!!! All of my transaction records - wiped out without warning.
  • This is the One

    By trinnk
    i’ve tracked my finances on mobile devices since 2008, and used many apps. Accounts2 is the one you want. Pay for the upgrade and get on with your life. SVT has been around a while and doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. I appreciate this go-to boiler plate app with recurring transactions and notifications. I’m always a week ahead of my bank’s transaction reports.
  • Accounts 2

    By Sdaddezio
    New to using this. Very user friendly. Especially for those of us who are technically challenged. I love it and worth the price. Excellent app.
  • Accounts

    By Jim289
    Great app. Very easy to use. I have really enjoyed using it to manage my personal finances.
  • Want to use and share but can’t.

    By trace229
    My husband and I share a family iCloud for purchased but have different iclouds for our devices. I downloaded and followed the instructions and although I uploaded from primary to the cloud, it is apparently separate From the shared iCloud account. Therefore I was unable to sync it with his phone, rendering it useless and money I wish I hadn’t spent. Although it looks like it would have been awesome had it worked and if anybody wants to tell me how to get it to work, then I may change my opinion
  • Stopped working!

    By Another dissatisfied!
    I purchased this app and have used it for years. I LOVE it and do not want to use anything else. However, the app will not open on my iPad today. It works fine on my phone but not my iPad. HELP PLEASE!! I have updated to iOS 12.1.3
  • Data

    By Dukums
    I just lost all of my history - what is this?
  • Group Accounts

    By Rob Juliano
    Can you please add the option to group accounts.
  • Printed receipts

    By terrydavid1
    You cannot print the photo receipts, only look at them on the app
  • Recurring Transactions

    By Linderrat
    I would like to pick a date how far ahead of a due date a recurring transaction is entered.
  • Email link for sharing

    By "LODI"
    I would give this app 5+ stars if the email link just worked when I send the transaction to my wife, but it will not open and updated her Accounts 2 on her phone. Everything else seems to be working but the emailed link does not. We both have new iPhones which I would hope this is compatible with. Help me with this issue and I will gladly change my rating to 5 stars. Thanks,
  • Fantastic

    By Haus 321
    Absolutely love this App. I use it at least 4 times a day. It is so easy to track your spending habits and to setup a budget.
  • Excellent App

    By LeicaDrew
    Programming is spectacular. Really uses apple interface guidelines. Just started using but am stunned by how well done programming is versus competitors. Reminded a bit of early Mac software when most followed interface rules. Purchased package but would spend more for this app. Incredible buy.
  • Unstable

    By tracymae88
    Update: Turn Off iCloud sync and the app is stable enough to use but that defeats the whole purpose of 2 people sharing the app. Please fix the sync feature. This is a 5 star app when it works. App all the sudden will not work on any of my devices. Tried updating my phone. Tried reinstalling. Nothing works. It crashes constantly. Can’t reconcile or post transactions. So frustrating for a paid app! Please fix ASAP.
  • Perfection

    I had been looking for an app that worked just like this one. I have tried many others and found them complicated and difficult. This app gives me total control of my finances with ease. And the reports it creates were a fantastic bonus. Money well spent. Update. I don’t know how it happened but the app apparently reset and I lost all the data Word of warning
  • Recurring

    By MikeB205
    I would have given this 5 stars but for 1 hang up I have with the app. Recurring transactions automatically enter themselves into my register wether I pay them on time or not. It would be awesome if you would allow a setting that would make it possible to turn off automatic entry into the account register so that if one did not have the money and was going to have to wait a few days to pay a bill it would be possible. Right now I have to use a separate app for bill because of this automatic entry system.
  • Data is gone

    By sdknitter
    I have been using this app for at least a year and loved it. Updated to iOS 12 earlier this week, opened the app today and all my data is gone. What the heck????
  • Awesome app

    By Urnightmares
    Great app too have for two ppl who don’t want to focus on a check book for keeping track of spending