To do list & Calendar
4.5 To do list & Calendar

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2012-06-04
  • Current Version: 4.28.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 213.89 MB
  • Developer: Any.DO
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 39 185


Over 20 million people rely on to organize their life and get more done. "IT'S A MUST HAVE APP" on any device (NYTimes, WSJ, USA Today & Lifehacker). An all-in-one to do list, calendar, planner and reminders app. Free & Simple. THE #1 TO DO LIST & TASK LIST SYNCS SEAMLESSLY between your mobile, desktop, web and tablet. Keeps all your to do list, tasks, reminders, calendar & agenda always in sync so you’ll never forget a thing GET REMINDERS for a scheduled time, when you reach a particular location or set recurring reminders so you never miss a thing WORK TOGETHER with shared lists and assigned tasks to collaborate and get more done, with anyone. Widget with simple and powerful features to keep your to do list and calendar events always at hand SIMPLE & POWERFUL CALENDAR OUTLOOK EASILY VIEW your events and to-do list & Tasks for the day, week & month SYNC SEAMLESSLY in real time with your phone’s calendar, google calendar, facebook events, outlook calendar or any other calendar so you don’t forget an important event ALL-IN-ONE APP FOR GETTING THINGS DONE To easily create reminders we added voice entry so you can just speak your mind and we’ll add it to your to do list. For better task management flow we added a calendar integration to keep your agenda always up to date. To enhance your productivity we added cross-platform support for recurring reminders, location reminders, sub-tasks, notes & file attachments. To keep your to-do list always up to date, we’ve added a one-of-a-kind daily planner. TO DO LIST, CALENDAR & REMINDERS MADE SIMPLE was designed to keep you on top of your to do list and calendar with no hassle. Thanks to the intuitive drag and drop of tasks, swiping to mark to-do's as complete, and shaking your device to remove completed from your to do list - you can keep yourself organized and enjoy every minute of it. POWERFUL TASK LIST MANAGEMENT Looking for more? Add a to do list item straight from your email inbox by forwarding Attach files from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive to your tasks. LIFE ORGANIZER & DAILY PLANNER is a to do list, a calendar, an inbox, a notepad, a checklist, task list, a board for post its or sticky notes, a project management tool, a reminders app, a daily planner, a family organizer, and overall the simplest and most useful productivity tool you will ever have. SHARE LISTS & ASSIGN TASKS To plan & organize projects has never been easier. Now you can share lists between family members, assign tasks to each other, chat and much more. will help you and the people around you stay in-sync and get reminders so that you can focus on what really matters, knowing that you had a productive day where you crossed many tasks off your to do list GROCERY LIST & SHOPPING LIST task list is also great for shopping at the grocery store. Right there on your to do list is a handy shopping list option that you can share with others. Forgot to buy post-it notes? Want reminders? Simply create a list on, share it with your loved ones and see them adding their shopping items in real time. You won’t believe how you’ve done shopping or grocery lists before Auto-Renewable subscription payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period, your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Your account will be charged at the cost of the subscription plan you chose: $5.99 - monthly plan $26.99 - 6 months plan $35.99 - 12 months plan (50% OFF) You can cancel the auto-renew subscription at any time from the account settings on iTunes, but we are unable to issue refunds for any pay periods that have already been billed. **Please note we do not support Family Sharing at the moment.** Terms: Privacy:



  • Lovin it but a little glitchy

    By TTYLXOX1888222233335
    Great app but maybe make it easier to choose what day a task is set for. Sometimes it glitches and doesn’t let me change what day a task is set for.
  • Annoying “extra $ feature”

    By Sc-79
    Super annoying task assistant everytime I enter a new task. I am a paid subscriber and the developer still wants more $ every time I enter a task. The “assistant” pops up and if you want to use it it cost $. I do not want it, I never want it, and there is no way to deselect the annoyance of the “assistant” asking me for $ every single time!!! I am looking for another to do app, I suggest you do the same !
  • Needs support

    By c_theprofessor
    Love the app on my phone but the app on my watch is buggy and keeps freezing or won't open at all. This is unacceptable, please fix it ASAP!
  • Deleted my reminders!!

    By At234
    I was looking for a better app than the built-in Apple Reminders since it is so buggy. I downloaded this app, it synced to my reminders but was syncing hundreds of completed items on my Reminders app and was slowing down so I deleted the Apple list inside of this app. Go back to check Reminders and all my lists were marked complete. So now I have no reminders at all.
  • Nearly Perfect To-do/Calendar App

    By Shail Gajjar
    Amazing application with a few shortcomings. (1) lacking the calendar view on Mac/Web (it says coming soon so I assume this is in the works) (2) I love the calendar view on the phone. However, it does not indicate what day is “today.” For example, on the Apple native calendar, today’s date is marked in red. For the calendar view, however, all the dates are in black and it is not obvious which day is “today.”
  • Worthless

    By RXDAVE2
    terrible customer service and even after paying for premium account app does not work.
  • The More Things “Change”

    By SongsAboutMusic
    Yet another update in a tiny window of time with the same standard cookie cutter misleading iOS 11 explanation (“Sweeeet”) .... devs are on some BS, this app isn’t worth the paper on which it’s printed. Don’t believe the hype. Don’t support this rapacious and predatory business model (cue dev misleading reply about “service“). The only reason it’s still on my iPhone (already been bounced from the other devices) is because I haven’t had a chance to transfer my data (been using this app for years, which should speak for its trajectory) to the other (just as useful if not more so) app(s) with more reasonable developers (sure, it’s been harvested several times over at this point but I don’t think they plan on being very forthcoming with/about it).
  • Last Update

    By nmm72
    What happened to our lovely! There are just some non relevant signs! Every tasks are shown with a "label" word! I can't find my tasks.
  • Bug?

    By gc2019
    All of my tasks say “Label”. I have to open up each one to see what it is. why?!
  • Could be better

    By 12345$,73!8810.!;
    Would like to see location based reminders working. Also, like iOS reminders would like to see ability to change radius of location based reminder.
  • Update is buggy.

    By Mad Bad Chick
    Buggy af. Looking for a new app.
  • “Label”Bug

    By Tarkin89
    The app is unusable in its current state due to the “Label” bug. Literally every task I’ve ever inputted just says “Label”. Very frustrating.
  • Came back to try again....I’m loving it.

    By UPS-ested
    Switched to iOS & was looking for a better featured calendar/task app. I’ve used Outlook for years but there’s issues still with tasks syncing with the calendar. So far I’m very pleased with this app. I love seeing tasks and events all at once with the calendar. I’d love to see the dark mode because I function there on most of the apps on my phone because it’s easier on my eyes it’s a paid option. Is there a screen shot somewhere where I could see it before I pay for “Premium”? It does it all. The only minor whine is the outlook sync is slow if at all. It could be me. I’m still evaluating. I’d recommend to anyone looking for a replacement for calendar & to-so on the iPhone.
  • Worst update ever

    By Ted93726
    The latest update completely messed up all tasks that now read “label” with no information and a line through it. Please fix this ASAP.
  • Perfect EXCEPT...

    By lindseytarheel
    I would give this super great app five stars as well as purchase premium if there was the capability to add dates to subtasks. It makes sense to me that subtasks are done leading up to the overall completion of the general task. Other than that, love this app. I use it for graduate school as well as my personal life and it's great. I love being able to see my tasks on my calendar.
  • What happened?

    By Oopstoo6
    Jan 2019 Half the app is in English and the other half is an Arabic. I cannot even go to settings, support, to fill out a bug report because I don’t read Arabic and have no idea what to choose. Please fix this! Nov 2018 Recent update returned the app to the original ease and enjoyment of using, and in addition the new, user friendly platform is meticulously organized to make every day tasks a breeze. Great app! Highly recommended.

    By Bmp12345
    Don’t update the app. I depended on the older version cus it was a great little simple to do list with simple priory break down: today, tomorrow, upcoming, someday. Updated and now it’s mega bloated with tons of garbage “features” added to it. They killed this app. Desperately looking for a replacement without all the nonsense. Wish I could downgrade!!!!
  • Continuing to get better and better

    By MLC9876543
    I’ve use Any.Do for a couple years. And it just continues to get better and more useful. As well the customer support is top of the line and responsive! The integration of a “to do” list function with the calendar functionality all in one is superb! Definitely worth the subscription
  • Getting worse

    By jed again
    This has been my go-to app for years, used more than any other app. With recent updates, problems have arrived. All my devices have different lists. Repeated syncs and evaluations of lists aren’t helping. Items reappear after being moved. Repeating items are now difficult to change, and once changed still stay in current day lists. This has been going on now for weeks. I have started downloading other apps to look for a replacement. Conversations with developers has not resolved anything as they point to upcoming updates that haven’t yet fixed anything. I’m not looking for new fancy bells and whistles, just that it works consistently without fail.
  • Need to update again

    By Jk8894
    Love this app before the recent update. Now it has changed all of my items to “Label” - hoping that they will update the update soon to get this fixed.
  • What happened??

    By Logan Global
    All my tasks now say “Label” There are gone unless I click “label “ on each one. Can’t get the actual task or list to show
  • Great app. Started crashing recently. Needs bug fix

    By Deep Duggal
    Not sure if I got a new update or it’s from me adding a calendar, but the app keeps crashing after I open it. Things I’ve did in the app before it started crashing: 1. Added my calendar 2. I also started an moment, looked at the premium upgrade, clicked not now, and exited out of the Moment. I was considering upgrading, but the crashes do not now. 3. Moved some tasks around (app didn’t crash immediately after doing this, so probs not). Renamed a task. Deleted a task 4. Added a subtask to an existing task and removed completed sub tasks. The app crashed after #4. The app continues to crash whenever I open the app. It takes a few seconds to crash. During those few seconds, I’m still able to scroll and mark tasks as completed or change them back to complete. The changes I made were still saved after the app crashed and I reopened it. Tried restarting the app manually. Nope. Same problem. Usually a great app with a nice UI, but crashing. I’ll fix the rating when the app works again. Hope you guys fix it soon! Let me know if I can help.
  • Loved this app at first :(

    By Mraustinpowers
    Have tried many different to do apps over the years and I thought I had finally found it. But recent updates have been extremely buggy and now my iPhone, iPad, web and Mac lists are all out of sync due to some kind of syncing issue. The Mac app just doesn’t work, period.
  • New Update Terrible

    By WTFAnyDo
    Was satisfied until the latest update caused all my task verbatim to be replaced with Label and lines and circles. Will give it a couple days and then find another stable solution.
  • Confusing update

    By elizareid
    When I tap on tasks, the new menu that comes up just makes everything so complicated.
  • Do not purchase!

    By steelwinds
    If an app can't sync with Gmail calendar, then it's worthless! The support instructions don't resolve the problem.
  • Everyday apps like that could be shipped from Bangladesh

    By Azamat A
    It’s suppose to be organizer. Everyday apps like that could be shipped from Bangladesh. Who do you think you are to demand more resources from my devices. Very hungry and bad attitude while lack of innovation.
  • Love app - needs better watch support

    By Pippentook
    Love the app, just wish that I could get it on my infograph watch face. Confusing why it doesn’t have that option? That’s my only critique at this time!
  • Update blackout

    By anydouser
    I like the app and use a lot but it doesn’t do all I would like- I want to sort the items on my lists put them in my order. Also it seems every time they do an update it blacks out.
  • Great App But Needs Archive List Feature

    By sharvilm
    I really like this app and it has been really useful during my vacation trips and help me manage stuff and goals. But once I’m done with my lists, bucket lists I create for each location, instead of deleting them I’d like to store it for future reference or just to see what I did. So I hopefully there will be a archive list feature to move them out of the way.
  • Yesterday’s update made a mess of the app

    By freda8
    I have used this app for years and very pleased with it- but yesterday’s update just seemed to create issues rather than update or fix anything. My list items just say “label” and now the app is completely useless. Please fix ASAP!!!
  • Great product, I use every day

    By MPH-PS
    I have been using this app for more than a year. Now with the shopping list type and the integration with Alexa I was use it every day to organize my life. Thanks!
  • Frustrating

    By 🌸Emily. S🌸
    Won’t let me do anything on my Apple Watch. I downloaded this app so that I could make lists on my Apple Watch but all it does is freeze and not let me add anything. Wildly disappointing.
  • Crashing

    By jbr.007
    Great app, but the new version keeps on crashing.
  • Erases everything !

    By Dominic the kid jones
    I’m so disappointed . This app had been recommended some time ago . I tried it , I’ve gone back to it three times and all three times I lose everything I put on it ! Is anyone else having this issue ? Does it work properly if you have the paid version ?
  • Integration with Alexa is great!

    By kmoore.hickory
    The integration with Alexa is great! Just tell Alexa to add an item you are out of to your shopping list and voila! What would be really cool and useful is integration to an app like Flipp. Then as my grocery list was made it would also show the coupons available for my preferred store.
  • A great task manager

    By sightseen
    I’ve tried many task management applications and keep coming back to Any.Do because of the simplicity, multi-device sync, usability and the fact that it is free. Yes, some of their app updates are more beneficial than others, but the core of this product is constructed well. Thanks to the Any.Do team for keeping this going and for keeping it free!
  • Keeps me so organized! 😁

    By TheCritic888
    Before I found this app, I’ve been hunting around the App Store looking for a reminder/task organizer for me. Now Any.Do helps me so much on reminding me on what and when to do things. I recommend this app if you are VERY unorganized (like me 😅) and it should help you a lot. To the developers: Keep up the good work! And I love how I can easily set up a task with my Alexa!
  • Can't use keyboard

    By Bernice M.
    Trying to login with Google, I can't use any of my keyboards...basic or Grammarly.
  • tripoli.libya

    By alajeli
    good application
  • Widget not working!!!

    By B. B. Reddy
    After the recent update, the widget is not working anymore.
  • Bad all over

    By Cordial Savage
    It was on its way out of my phone before. Now that these "premium" services are available, it's done. I can pay for faster support? I never got a reply to emails I sent these people before this option, so why pay to expect it now? BTW, your calendar app blows, too. Boom. Also, how long are you going to lie about Mail and Note? They've been "coming soon" for a year! And now a terrible new icon!
  • Used to mostly work, now unusable

    By tsnix
    I’ve used the app for a few years now. I learned early on not to rely on its reminder notifications, because most of the time they don’t work (especially on repeating tasks). However, other than that, it was pretty useful. In the last couple weeks, though, it has become so buggy, it’s completely unusable. When I mark a task as done, it crosses out like it should, but then it just stays in place instead of moving to bottom of the list. When I press the X to remove it, nothing happens. I have to either switch to a different screen (say, the settings) or force-close the app and reopen it before it will update the list. When I added some new tasks recently, it took a couple tries before it actually saved them. And now I just realized that some of my tasks have disappeared entirely. I have about a half-dozen tasks that repeat every Monday. They were all there last week, but, as of today, all but one is completely gone. I hate to think what I might have put in there a while ago that might be gone now and I won’t even realize it until it’s too late. I don’t need an app that forgets the things it’s supposed to remind me to do. I can forget to do things all on my own.
  • Great. DEFINITE download it's a one of a kind. Few changes though

    By vairykosyjosee
    I think it is awesome, no doubt about it. Can't find good apps like this, however I got it because I needed a widget, and this is the only good app that has a to-do list widget. Wish it had like a banner to-do list on the home screen though.
  • Good app

    By NickDeFr123
    I wish when I get a pop down notification the app will inform me of the day in which I am doing something cause as of now, it only informs you of the time the event is taking place.
  • Doesn’t work on my Apple Watch

    By masaskin
    It used to work and then after the last two watch updates, this app stopped working. I recently updated the app and it still crashes on my Apple Watch.
  • list

    By CaboNala
    I enjoy linked to Alexa for my shopping lists. Easy to check off groceries or other items and tasks.
  • App Crashes upon opening

    By coppola69
    This is my go to app but since the last update the app crashes right when it opens. Bummer, hope they fix it before I have to jump ship and use a different app
  • What?

    By Mwolf91
    This is less of a review and more of an honest question about a serious concern. We do I need to pay for a premium subscription to set a location reminder, or a recurring reminder for that matter, when that is something my phone already does for FREE? Not only that it syncs with the Apple Reminders app. What’s even the point?