Taco Bell

Taco Bell

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2012-01-26
  • Current Version: 5.20.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 89.25 MB
  • Developer: Taco Bell
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.4 or later.
  • Rating Count: 213 768


You said it and we listened. The new and improved Taco Bell app is here! App Features: - Customize your favorite item - Schedule a pick up time - Favorite & share your go to items - Quickly reorder your go to meal with “Fast Favorite” - Track your order Additional Features: - Browse locations - Opt in to notifications and receive status updates about your order in real time - Add and use Taco Bell Gift Cards Download and stay a while. Welcome to the new Taco Bell App!



  • Love the crunchy taco

    By Tabitonchis
    Every time I go to Taco Bell the people are nice and friendly. They have a fast service!
  • Slow and buggy

    By NanaPria
    I want to like this app, but every time I use it I end up frustrated. It’s slow, glitchy, and even though I check and double check the pickup location repeatedly before placing the order, it still sometimes send my order to a previous location I once ordered from.
  • The app!?

    By bdm boobee
    Love the app and the discounts plus the T-Mobile Tuesday tacos.
  • The app has stopped working properly

    By April4589
    I tried deleting and reinstalling the app but still get same error message: The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format.
  • Needs improvements

    By Saad Faroque
    This app is great and all for buying Taco Bell foods/drinks but it’s really buggy. I use it often via T-Mobile Tuesday app but it won’t load. I restarted my phone, have had the best wifi and even deleted then redownload the app just for it not to work
  • The Taco Bell App.

    By Wordsmith012
    It does what it’s supposed to do.
  • Lol

    By RealReviewsCuh
  • Can’t checkout

    By Supercool99
    I tried using my T-Mobile Tuesday coupon and it kept taking it
  • Guess I’ll write this review again! (Third times the charm)

    By Akira Jade
    App is broken, absolutely and completely. “Data could not be read because it isn’t in the correct format”. That’s all well and good but nothing in the app has been in a functional state for almost year. Despite updates to the app every other day, it does not work. Nothing loads. The app from 2016 worked waaaaaaay better than this dumpster fire, in that it actually worked. Can’t wait for the canned developer response of “email the app team”. How about you just make a functioning app?
  • Not good app

    By kiaimiles
    It took too long
  • Great, but....

    By GinaW03
    The app is great and easy to navigate, but it crashes a lot. Seems like it only really works once a week even if you keep up with the updates in your phone. If they can fix the issue, I’d gladly rate it 5 stars.
  • What about cash customers?

    By KingRLDixon
    If you are using cash you are just SOL. That deters me from going there much more than I do.
  • Stupid app

    By Dice Daddy
    I place an order at one location to pick up and the location when the order is completed is literally across the city, 20 miles away. It happens often, this is the third time. Ridiculous. I’ll be deleting this app now.
  • Payment edit doesn’t work neither does the text in the comments

    By really upset dude
  • Ordering

    By jer1920384756
    Changing an order usually takes multiple tries thus defeating speed of placing that order. Frustrating!
  • The app never works right

    By RiverFinley
    I need to update my card info... can’t I need to customize an item... can’t I need to change my pick-up time... can’t It’s just a horrible app. I feel like nobody ever looked at it after it launched to make sure it worked right. The buttons to do these things exist, but either do nothing or they don’t work correctly. I’ve just ordered from other places numerous times because this app is so bad.
  • App still doesn’t work

    By sad no taco
    Cannot place order or customize items without errors... Why can’t you make it work, You are losing business everyday :-(
  • Supposed to save %15 off first order, but nope

    By Mark Twain 2
    It was the same price
  • Cost

    By BoardStud
    Still crashing constantly
  • Customizing order removes discount

    By Herr Rogers
    I’m unable to remove onions without messing up the discount. Please fix!
  • Sometimes glitchy

    By RJD:)
    Love that you can add favorites. Hate when it freezes up and I have to back out. Otherwise good
  • You dropped green sauce AGAIN! 🙈

    By Herb in the couv
    You dropped green sauce again! My two favorite things were smothered burritos with green sauce and bean burritos with green sauce. You now dropped both! Please bring back the green if only in packets! You could drop some of the fancy hot sauce. Just mild and hot! Make life easier. I’ll go elsewhere if I find a similar product. I’ve been a TB buyer and prior TB employee since a teen over fifty years ago!
  • Great App; Incomplete Menu

    By Wheelwatcher77
    I love how the app lets you customize EVERYTHING, but some of my favorite items are missing from the menu. I have to order food for the family, and then order and pay separately for my chili cheese burritos when I arrive. It would be so much easier if the food that is available at the restaurant was also available on the app.
  • Never work

    By tdycphion
    When you place an order its says something went wrong.
  • Won’t let me put my address in

    By Susan9348
    I went to check my address for delivery. The example shows that you must use commas. The keyboard provided in the app does not allow commas. Hence, it does not work. So frustrating.
  • The latest technology

    By Hunderclap
    Anyone ever notice how the McDonald’s app works quickly and efficiently every time? And with anything even an old iPhone 4. This useless crapapp requires for you to keep your phone operating system updated so before you order a taco don’t forget to allow a couple of hours to get a new phone and install the latest operating system. Truly stupid. Taco Bell you deserve all the customers you’re losing
  • Not that great

    By Scientific-method
    I don’t normally write reviews but the TMobile Tuesday link only sends me here (App Store) instead of to your already installed app.
  • Can’t check out...

    Apple Pay option no longer works.
  • Pickup location is switched after order was placed.

    By y--it
    There always seems to be an issue with this ap. Previously it was near impossible to check out due to various bugs. This time I had no problem checking out, but the location was switched after I had selected my desired location and placed my order.
  • Very buggy

    By ZachSchible
    Very slow and buggy. App crashes constantly.
  • Great Service

    By Miracles in 2019
    The best service, clean environment and nice great employees.
  • Coming from T-Mobile Issues

    By SgtRockUSMC
    I don’t know what was done, but the process going from TMobile Tuesday’s app to Taco Bell doesn’t work at all now. Previously, it was aweful but at least it worked by selecting what I wanted on the app and then checking out through Safari. Now the coupon won’t show up and its frustrating. I spent a half an hour trying. Did anyone check it after making the changes?
  • Need to Add JUNCTION CITY, OREGON LOcation

    By Rich5150v
    As of today, Nov 11, 2019, the new JUNCTION CITY , OREGON restaurant IS NOT included in the restaurant location drop-down list in the Taco Bell app for iOS. Suggest the Junction City restaurant be included in the next Taco Bell app update.

    By Just go through the drive thru
    This app is so buggy it’s almost unusable. I use a lot of order ahead app and this one has me throwing my phone in blind rage. I’m writing this review as I promise myself I won’t put myself through the emotional turmoil of trying to use this PIECE OF TRASH app.
  • Apple Pay in app

    By balram2019
    Love it that they have Apple Pay as part of the app - very quick and easy
  • Lovely

    By rhia lim
  • Terrible

    By bw013
    Does not follow iOS norms. For example there are no autofill options available when you fill out forms. Fields for proper nouns don’t automatically capitalize. Address numbers are entered using a phone keypad UI. And addresses are supposed to have commas but the keyboard used doesn’t have them. And once you finally get your address in to check if you can order delivery, the search button stays greyed out and deactivated. Useless app. Did your interns code this?
  • Keeps crashing

    By rcece ecec e
    The app keeps crashing.. haven’t been able to even open it for like a month now. What’s going on??????

    By Free LP Problems
    Please add nacho cheese and sour cream sides to the app! If you can do it on the touchscreens in store, can’t you add it to the app so I don’t have to place a separate order when I arrive?
  • Tmobile codes not applying in the app

    By DaStealYoMan
    Took 15 minutes to try to get T-Mobile code to work on the app. Had to delete and reinstall the app to get it to finally work
  • Works again

    By Davis P
    Works again
  • Ah

    By Holy Guacamole,jr
    This app is convenient and would be more so if it hecking worked more often instead of freezing up every time you want to place an order jeeZ louEeZ
  • Crashes every time

    By Jurassic_Jacob
    Every time I try to make an account it crashes. Completely worthless app.
  • Ok if it works!

    By sam keuseman
    Great if it works but more times than not you cannot complete and order! So frustrating!
  • B.S. IOS Compatibility

    By Lolgurl33
    I am content with my IOS and don’t see the point in updating just to use this app. I don’t even have an out of date IOS. What was the point of no longer allowing still relevant IOS’s to be able to be compatible with the app? I can use any other fast food/delivery services’ apps. Also, you need to fix your preview pictures on the app page. Last time I checked, you don’t have Fiery Locos Tacos anymore. 😬
  • Easy and Convenient

    By Roe1970
    This app is absolutely the best. Easy to order and the food is always good.
  • Eh not real good

    By rmirull
    Don’t get me wrong I love that I can customize my order and it’s super easy but the app only works maybe 1 out of every 10 times I try and use it. It glitches out and doesn’t load stuff. The app itself is crappy
  • Convenient

    By Forren2
    Works great and order what we want and modify as needed. No complaints here.
  • Worst App Ever

    By Hmcrume
    This app is the worst and I can never place orders using my promo codes. I keep updating the app when it says to fix the bugs but it never fixes the problem.