PlanGrid Construction Software

PlanGrid Construction Software

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2012-02-15
  • Current Version: 5.54.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 188.57 MB
  • Developer: PlanGrid, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 9 721


PlanGrid is the #1 construction app. Build and collaborate from anywhere with real-time access to plans, punch lists, documents and daily reports. Use PlanGrid to reduce repeated trips to the trailer, minimize rework, and find answers faster through instant collaboration. Instantly share construction plans, markups, photos, and reports with your entire project team, from desktop or mobile. With over 150 million sheets uploaded, PlanGrid is the best proven way to track revisions, view progress, and manage issues and punch lists in the field, with or without internet connection. Download today - Your first 21 days are free. FEATURES: * Work from the current set, no matter where you are * Stay up-to-date with instant, personalized notifications on project changes * Compare drawings to quickly identify changes or clashes * Customize tasks to track planned work and manage QA/QC items and punch lists with your team * Access all construction documents—RFIs, submittals, specs and schedule—from anywhere * Manage your drawing set with automatic versioning and drawing set tags * Quickly navigate your drawings with PlanGrid’s automatic hyperlinking of detail callouts * Capture, markup and share progress photos by pinning them to the plan * Provide a comprehensive view of progress by uploading 360° photos * Advanced search and filtering to always find what you need * Easily share drawing snapshots or the entire document directly from your iPad or iPhone HAVE CONFIDENCE: * Markups and notes are instantly synced across all platforms, and with your team * Construction progress photos and docs are automatically backed up * PlanGrid protects your data through AES-256 bit end-to-end encryption What our users say: • “We needed to simplify the field to build buildings. Without that, there is no construction. PlanGrid just works and is so simple, I can do my job.” -Josh Cantrell, Superintendent at Rudolph & Sletten • “PlanGrid keeps the entire team connected to the most up-to-date plans, while saving time and money.” -Danielle Douthett, Project Executive at Level 10 Construction • "PlanGrid makes life easier on the job site. I have all the drawings, pictures, addendum, submittals, RFIs, ASIs and specs at my fingertips.” Joey Woodard, Superintendent at Montgomery Martin Contractors • “PlanGrid facilitates in-depth and on-site meetings by accessing all relevant documents anywhere on site via our iPads.” -Greg Miller, Senior Architect at AECOM Have feedback or ideas? Please email us at If you’re enjoying the app, please leave a review. We read them all.



  • Very Good...

    By Sikboy53
    I like almost everything about PlanGrid. Almost. Would be great to be able to leave/delete projects more than one at a time. How about a select and leave/delete multiple projects feature?
  • Beats paper

    By TiminSoCal
    The features are great. Especially nice to have instant updates to RFIs and CO'S.
  • Great app

    By el compa wally
    I love it
  • Pricing is outrageous

    By justinmyopinion
    Used to be free for a single user like a homeowner, now 49 a month. Crazy. If it had a lite plan for basic function at 10 a month I would pay but not 49.
  • PlanGrid

    By sb3568853
    I got to keep signing in every time I need it
  • Almost Perfect

    By tweeker1892
    I have been using PlanGrid for a very long time now and it’s worked great until this most recent update. I usually grab the items from a previous floor and copy & paste them into a new floor. When I do that, the pictures from the item I copied are transferred also. This is new and not efficient. Now each of my team members have to delete old pictures to add new. But the thing is when you try to delete the old pictures from the stamp you copied and pasted the pictures from the original stamp are deleted also. This is not good at all. I really hope there’s a quick fix for this.
  • Best plan viewer

    By PR.STI
    This is by far the best software to view construction documents. The ability to creat punch list is far greater and faster then others like pro core. It also comes with a host of other features that only help optimize and speed up the building practices.
  • Great app!

    By yankeesman
    I love the integration with EarthCam!
  • Great tool

    By Spidey Ortizzle
    For communications
  • Easy to use

    By ripber63
    This is one of the best I have ever used the developer as worked real hard on this and I will recommend this to all jobs moving forward. It’s got it all to stay up with any project all I would like to see is a two week look head form.
  • Plan Grid Review

    By Stupidintendent
    Since getting Plan Grid the ability to have a complete set of plans with any updates easily uploaded with a touch of a key has been awesome. Has made my job as general superintendent much easier and more organized than the old paper plan system. It’s all a fingers touch away. I absolutely love Plan Grid!
  • Margins/tabs

    By jmdady
    It would be nice if you could slide the heading/tab margins over so you could read the entire title or heading.
  • No .dwg view tool

    By Arq. De Jesus
    I just downloaded the app because I just needed a .dwg viewer but I was not able to with this app. Anyways the app is good.
  • Great

    By Sabotage19504
    Great app
  • Daily reports

    By Sr. Superintendent
    For the most part it works well, but for the fact that you have to recreate it daily. This is time consuming and a waste of time for the personnel doing this. This has made me stay with the current system we use. The report is usually done by the field personnel on a daily basis and needs to have the ability to copy over and save all the information from the previous day and then edit the date and information and save it for the current day’s report. This would include all vendor and manpower reports as well as notes ,equipment, and issues.
  • Awesome app for foreman

    By KennyTicii
    It took very little time figure this thing out and it’s the best thing to hit a plan table in years.👍🏻
  • Outrageously expensive

    By somnoremac
    $50/month for the cheapest service. I pay less for my monthly cell phone service. Does PlanGrid really believe their app is more valuable than a cellphone?
  • Excellent platform

    By Martinesper
    I being using PlanGrid since 2013, they have updated and change for good. I feel they still have room for improvement as I always look for a continue improving excellence. This application is fast and helped me move from revisions and redlines needed to make changes transparent and save time and lots of money. I would like to have them improve on the revision part. I feel they need to adopt same tools adobe has. Rotate text and more drawing tools. Probably include the same tools they have on sheets to be able to use them for documents.
  • Prohibitively expensive for specialized trades

    By Juleen A.
    I am a small subcontractor that uses very few pages from plans. I have 4 employees. Sometimes, I work large projects that upload 550+ pages. In order to use the app at all after the trial period, I am being asked to pay $59.99/MONTH. Hard pass. The app is nice, but not that nice. I’d rather just view the plans in iBook.
  • Not worth the monthly fee

    By Yankees h8tr
    This used to be a great app for the occasional punchlist. It was free and very useful. They have however started charging a $40/ mo fee which does not make it an option anymore for the occasional user.
  • Document Review on iPad

    By jklingel
    Preferred old view when looking at docs in Document folder. Unable to see full name of document.
  • Easy

    By builderdawg
    The number 1 requirement for any construction / plans management software is ease of use. It doesn’t get any easier than PlanGrid. I have non-tech savvy superintendents using it with no problems or kick back.
  • Great, but not for small businesses

    By Ram20007
    We really enjoyed using PlanGrid for the time that it was free, but once it became a subscription only app ($39-$119/month depending on number of users), it was no longer financially feasible or compatible for our small firm (2-5 staff).
  • Program renames pictures and extraction is lacking.

    By lrosstal
    I’m going to start off with Brittany, she is very professional, everyone on the customer service side seems to care. I have paid for this program for over two years, and over the last two months the program has not worked properly, when attempting to extract pictures in the order they were taken, offline. I informed Plan Grid of this issue in June, and as of the 1st of August this is still not working. Customer service has done their best to help, but it is still not working. When I pay for a program I expect it work. For a program that requires subscription like Plan Grid, the company should be willing to prorate the subscription, when the program is not functioning. I won’t be returning which is disappointing.
  • For blue prints? Ugh yeah right

    By Juiliard
    Maybe this is for construction people, I was just trying to create a blueprint for the house I building. Mid leading and EXTREMELY annoying. Can’t believe anyone would pay for this
  • This used to be great. Now it’s highway robbery

    By Jabo (Swift Cloud)
    “As of April 23rd, we expired our free Hammer plan to focus all of our development and support efforts on the needs of our paying customers. This allows us to continue growing and innovating as the most effective and efficient construction productivity platform. You would need to upgrade your license to continue using PlanGrid.” The fact that you no longer offer the free version of your service is awful. It’s too bad, because I really enjoyed the functionality of PlanGrid. I am running a very small business, and I cannot afford a $49.99 per month charge. I do not need more than 50 sheets per month because I don’t get that many projects. Therefore, I have deleted the app and I am currently in search of another app developer that can provide me with the product I need. I think it is a terrible and greedy decision to take away the free (under 50 sheets) service from your app. I think you should have still offered the free service and charged maybe a one-time fee if my only intention was to use the free service. It’s too bad. Another great American business turned to corporate greed in attempt to secure as much as it can of the all-mighty dollar from every hard working citizen. This move may help you companies profits increase, but you integrity level has decreased in my opinion.
  • Almost Great, Completely Suffient

    By Gingrai
    With a few tweaks it would be perfect but don’t wait for perfection, it is great how it is. Here are my recommendations: 1. Bring back a limited plan that can be used for Collaborators only, people who need access to the information but who cannot interact or push markups to the master set. 2. Allow full administrative privileges from the app. There are many times when I am not near my laptop but I need to add a sheet or to perform some other function. The browser support on the iPad used to work but it no longer does and I cannot administer through the app. 3. Allow for templates to be used for creating projects. We don’t use the default issues list and have a standard folder structure for the documents. We have to create these each time we open a new project. 4. Allow for a forced review of comments that are added to in the settings tab. The way things are currently, comments are made but do not need to be acknowledged... working in construction, I promise you nobody looks for them:-) I would like the option to post comments that have to be acknowledged before proceeding... with this feature I would have confidence to use the comments as a tool. 5. Allow for issues reports to be customized so that only certain colors or issue types can be sent. Filtering issues doesn’t stop all of the issues from being sent. There are times, many times... most of the times that I don’t want all the issues to be sent with the issues report. The same would be good for the other reports. I would like to be able to send only certain color markups or markup types. 6. Allow for batch editing of jobs for example: removing from account, setting them to be managed by a different organization or adding or removing users. Right now these only can be don one job at a time... if an employee leaves or is terminated, we have to remove them from each job individually and this is very tedious. 7. When taking pictures with the feature allowing annotations, there is a problem that makes the program run slow when too much writing is added to the picture... it gets bogged down. Also, add an undo button to this feature so that a mistake does not require a fresh start.
  • Awesome Program

    By utahutesrule77
    We couldn’t run our business without this tool. Absolutely essential to our organization.
  • Unbelievably hysterical

    By Thorbergilofth
    You can tell by the words used that the reviews are written by creators or their friends, the prices are ridiculous and this is just the overall funny app everyone else is entitled to their opinion but this is crazy
  • Fast, intuitive but has limitations with collaboration with subs

    By Pete0148
    Fast, intuitive but has limitations with collaboration with subs unless they purchase a full license.
  • Terrible

    By disappointed in pkan grid
    My architect sent me plans for my house that I built 3 years ago. I would occasional show plans to my friends and praise plan-grid. I don’t really use it, just show people plans of the house already built. Recently plan grid has a bright idea:let’s charge everybody 49.99 a month !! Makes sense to charge popper for an active construction project, makes no sense for people who just want to keep a few pages for historical reasons. I will be uninstall my plan grid.
  • Great app; 5 star team!

    By Ben Aa
    Use the app. Love it
  • What’s up with the pinch and zoom?

    By Nicknames????????
    This changed in a recent update and has become a major annoyance. Previously you could pan and zoom in and out simultaneously. Now if you try and pan while zooming it changes sheets. Not sure the reasoning, but slows down usage and speed of review. Document uploads are also a random issue, but I think that’s resolvable.

    By bernardo@bsafe
    Excellent software to get the job done I love it
  • Don’t bother just a money pit

    By NetRanger99
    This is a total piece of crap. Unless you pay 40-120 a month.
  • Waist of money

    By Kristian 2018
    This is not what I though it would be and It is a total waist of money. Downloaded the app and can’t do anything with it. Trying to update the app to see if that will help and the update is not even working. Trying to cancel less than an hour after purchasing and now that seems impossible too!
  • New earthcam features

    By bigblue-2011
    we use plangrid on every job and adding support for our earthcam cameras and 360 photos have been a major plus. need a way to add the time lapse to a sheet
  • Zooming Feature and Page Change Conflict

    By Swinerton
    PlanGrid is a great application and is very simple and easy to use. The only negative aspect of the app is when your zoomed into a page, accidentally using two fingers to pan switches the page. Very frustrating! PlanGrid should provide a fix and think that they will.
  • Great communications toolbox.

    By Plumbcr8zy
    I find the use of this in the projects we do to be essential after the free trail period. We are a mechanical company traveling in several directions remodeling major retailers, so imagine all the blueprints I would have to carry. Maintaining the paper work is a breeze with several ways to implement. The instantaneous communication is one of the best thins about this. Documentation is simple with this cloud based system. The only problems I encountered were user error. The support staff at PlanGrid is really committed to helping me in any way possible. Took the time to make sure I knew how to successfully succeed at using this tool. Very Pleasant experience. If thinking about how to speed up the production and planning of a project, I highly recommend this application system. Good job guys.
  • The Best

    By The Grid!!
    Far and away the best construction based productivity app on the market!!
  • I like it, and I’m not ashamed.

    By Tubyfeyh
    PlanGrid has moved from something I casually asked if we would be using on a project to the standard- every project I am on is now on PlanGrid. Passing information between the field and the office has never been easier; fumbling around with full size prints is a thing of the past. Is this app perfect? Not quite. Is it light years ahead of where we were even 2 years ago? Yes. Yes it is. If I could give a 4.5 star review I would, but all of my suggestions so far have at least gotten a response, many have been implemented. Thanks PlanGrid!
  • #1 Construction App!

    By aroe4118
    These designers are clearly top notch!! I've used other apps but none that work this well in the field and that was actually adopted by my field folks. Keep it up PlanGrid!
  • Great

    By Joeghv
    I like this application, is the best
  • Update Causes Crash

    By C W Griswold
    App opens fine, but when you try and open a project it crashes on iPad. Works fine on iPhone7. Fixed with Jan 15 update, but now I get to go through re downloading all projects. Poor review from this user.
  • Update crashing projects

    By Projects won't open on iPad
    After the update, when I try to open a project on the iPad, the app crashes. I deleted the app and reloaded it but the problem persists.
  • Electrical Contractor

    By Frank Electric
    This program makes job coordination and documentation a breeze!!!
  • Can’t live without it

    By ChelseaArchitect
    Really easy to learn, especially for my guys in the field. Newer updates such as notification alerts have really helped our team stay on top of it. Definitely one of our top tools on the job site.
  • What's New in PlanGrid?

    By The Real Electronink
    Upgrade to new PlanGrid and it *deletes* your local files without warning! Really.!?! Yes, not a crisis if your site has network wifi, but if it's locked down, or your network is a one-hour drive away, you'll think of many neat things to say about this. Time lost? ALL day with no files. All that day with NO files. EVERYONE on site with PlanGrid... with NO files. So awesome. Not. Waiting for the next undocumented "feature" with bated breath.
  • In the top 5 apps

    By RDS11aa
    PlanGrid is in the top 5 apps I’ve ever used. I can’t imagine working without it.