TrackMyDrive - Mileage Tracker

TrackMyDrive - Mileage Tracker

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2012-03-02
  • Current Version: 26.2.11
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 20.05 MB
  • Developer: Trackmydrive, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.1 or later.
  • Rating Count: 342


Automatic mileage tracking app for expenses, reimbursements, or IRS tax deductions. TrackMyDrive runs in the background and automatically detects all the drives that you make and then lets you easily categorize them as Business or Personal (or a custom category). Unlike other mileage logs that only track the "start" and "end" locations, TrackMyDrive tracks your entire trip and automatically calculates your mileage deduction or company reimbursement. This app focuses on keeping things as simple as possible. Through eliminating unnecessary features and making the user interface simple to use. One of the best features of this app is that it automatically syncs with your TrackMyDrive account. This offers the following benefits: - Use your desktop computer to update and view your trips. - Print trip reports in PDF, CSV or EXCEL format. - Your data is backed up. If you lose your phone, simply re-download the app and login. - Data is automatically synced between all your devices. TrackMyDrive is the premier iPhone/iPad mileage tracker app. We are dedicated to continually improving the app and hope you enjoy using it! Other features: - Track your company mileage reimbursement. - Excellent customer service. - Manual entry of mileage logs and reimbursements. - Mileage deduction is automatically calculated. - Track miles using GPS. - Easy tax tracking and reimbursement tracking. - Accurate and detailed Mileage Log. - Use your phone as normal, the app runs in the background. - Excellent customer service, go ahead and send us an email to see how quickly we respond. - Allows for manually adding trips by address. Remembers and autocompletes your most used destinations. - Mark an entry as round trip to double the distance. - Miles or Kilometers supported. - Supports all major currencies. - Customizable mileage allowances. - Records start/end times of your trips. - Mileage Type Categorizing can be customized. - New IRS rates are automatically updated. --FAQ-- Q. Why doesn't your app have a place to enter start/stop odometer readings? A. Most accounting software will ask for starting and ending odometers OR total miles for a given tax year. Because we feel it greatly simplifies our program interface, our program is centered around the total miles accounting. You can also just type the odometer into the description field. Q. What deduction types are supported? A. For the United States: Business (56.5 cents), Medical/Moving(24 cents), Charity(14 cents), and Personal(0 cents). The deduction types are automatically updated to reflect the current IRS rates. Other countries we preload with a "Business" and a "Personal" category. You can also add your own custom mileage rates and purpose names. Q. What currencies are supported? A. We support all currencies. We auto-detect your currency when your account is created. --Pricing-- 10 trips a month - Free Unlimited Trips - $8.99 a year --Requirements-- Any IOS device that supports multitasking. (Minimum iPhone is 3GS) Use with a wifi-only iPad/iPhone is not recommended --Other-- * Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. * A car-charger is recommended for long trips.



  • Simply The Best

    By Bradmangas
    No question this is the best.
  • Best mileage app!

    By missDrivesaLot
    I tried out 3 apps and this is definitely the best one, most inexpensive as well... It’s a win win for sure!!
  • Small problem- BIG problem!

    By MontanaMadeMan
    The app works as intended... until it doesn’t. There is a fee per year which is not a problem- except once the year is up, the app stops a without warning, no email alert, no pop up, no auto renewal, no warning if any kind- and NOWHERE TO PAY FOR ANOTHER YEAR!!! So now I’m forced to find yet another app to do the job I THOUGHT this was doing since last April! All my tax records- gone! Thanks TMD...
  • Love this app

    By MKfitgirl
    I love this app it is easy to use and I can set it to track automatically or only when I want to. I love that I can email the record to myself as I need it for my tax files for my Mary Kay Business.
  • Long time user

    By R RC
    I’ve used TrackMyDrive for several years. Over the past two years, I’ve experienced and continue to experience gaps in the data. Trips sometimes do not record, or if they record they start several miles into the trip. Sometimes when I get caught in traffic, it will record a straight line between the start and end of a trip. This is especially annoying when I’ve traveled extra miles to get around a traffic issue. I’m still rating it a 4 because it works great when it works, and if it doesn’t, it’s relatively easy to add trips.
  • So far, so good

    By Truth-Teller-Has-Spoken
    Seems to work well.
  • Used to love it but stopped working

    By Ron tonamus
    I used to love this app and it was so easy to use. Now it won’t consistently work with my iPhone and their customer service wasn’t able to do much for me. Very disappointing because I was very happy with this app for my business.
  • Beware! No longer tracks mileage

    By lkajlxjsaklxkj
    This app stopped tracking my mileage. It appears to be working but all my trips show “0.” I’ve not received a response to my attempts to contact customer support. This appears to have happened after I updated the OS in my iPhone.
  • Not working at this time.

    By #HTisdonewiththisone
    Worked fine for a few days. I worked patiently for a while now. No tech support no help at all. HT. Done
  • Basically Doesn’t Work

    By pastorgeoff
    I put up with partially satisfactory performance for months. The app did not log trips that I made, and spontaneously concocted tiny little trips each night that I did not make. Lately it has been a crapshoot. It logs maybe 30% of my trips. I’ve grown weary of entering them manually. If I have to do that, I might as well use a pencil and a notebook. I sent an email, reaching out to someone for some service/help ... have not heard a single word. I’m deactivating it and keeping it long enough to print a partial crappy report through October, but relying on a new app after that. I am, in a word, disappointed.
  • Stops tracking

    By As hater
    This app stops tracking my drive at least once everyday costing me a lot of money in tax deductions. Total junk.
  • Track My Drive

    By dthbiwcbk
    Overall I give this app a 4 out of 5 stars. Easy to use and reports are easy to generate. The only issue I have, It doesn’t always record the address. So when I record another trip back to that same address/location it doesn’t appear for me to select so I have to re-enter it all over again. I’m sure it is something I am doing. Any insights on how to resolve this would be helpful
  • Not happy with this app

    By arachelli
    Unfortunately TrackMyDrive is not tracking mi miles 😡 very unhappy with this app
  • Great app

    Very easy to use.
  • Great, when it works...

    By Raegill
    I love the concept of automatic tracking but would like it if it worked all the time. I have had several trips not tracked for no known reason. I thought I’d try the manual option but I forget to hit start again after it pauses itself upon stopping. I’d like if I could start and let it track my time and mileage even when not in movement. Possibly even allow to have one trip that can be from multiple little trips. If you can make those items better, then I’d also like a widget to add to my main page of phone for easy start/stop of system. -Rachel
  • Not accurate

    By AckAttack27
    Maybe this works less well in places without tons of towers & where online maps tend to be less up to date. It shorted me 10% of my miles on a 44 mi RT whether on auto track or when I punched in precise street addresses. Battery hog too.
  • Best App Ever!

    By jaywaone
    I tried several other apps to log my business miles and this is by far the most straight forward and easiest one! I have been using it for three years and have been very happy!!

    By ApplicationAdvisor
    No ads, no dysfunctional junk to clutter your experience. This is a wonderfully functioning app that makes recording your miles totally painless, remarkably accurate and easily accessible for presentation to your accountant, or, absolute proof if needed for an audit. Take the worry off your mind and drop it into this app.
  • Great App! Please Update!

    By CooCooKaChooo
    Report feature not working. Please update the app so I can continue to use it!
  • Easy to use - but unreliable

    By Chasin2
    I used the free version of this app for a while & liked it. However I recently started my own business & had more than 10 trips to track each month so I purchased the year option. When it works it's good - I like that with the auto tracking I don't have to remember to start tracking. However, I've had days where it doesn't record anything or it will add some random trip when I know I hadn't driven for hours.
  • Great App

    By jbd49230
    I have used it for several years. Best money I have ever spent on an app. Love that it is web based so at tax time I just print off the 20 or so pages for my accountant and he has the years totals as well as every indiviual trip. Phone crashed during a trip and when I opened it back up it reconized that I had an ongoing trip and allowed me to resume the trip. It does one thing, it tracks my milage and does not try to tell me to change my oil or spam me with the newest coffee shop just ahead.
  • Almost perfect

    By VtailFlyer
    Easy entry, great reports for tax purposes. Just add a one-click button to enter trips that are made repeatedly and it will be perfect.
  • Auto on not working anymore

    By Munib Alishah
    Used to be great now Auto on tracking don't work no more.
  • I love the intuitive UI

    By JD.25667890
    I love the intuitive UI
  • Great app, cost-effective

    By ArandomguyinKS
    I've been using pen and paper to keep track of mileage for years for business. I'd always fall behind and miss trips though. After trying another app, I knew using an app would be so much better. This app has the most bang for the buck. It keeps track of miles. You can add different categories for medical, separate businesses and rates. The cost for a year is just $2 more than the cost of a single month for a similar app. I had a small problem and emailed customer service. The founder himself got back to me quickly and solved my minor issue. I foresee I will be using this for years to come.
  • Fine until something goes wrong

    By PZBMmum
    I loved this app - until I got the reports for last year. Although every day I saw that my drives were tracked and I could file them it stopped for no reason and I lost 4 months worth of tracking that I had to go back and do by hand. It seems to be tracking January but the reports say I have nothing this month. I can't figure out how to make sure the date is correct or how to contact support.
  • Works and Price is Right

    By Diznowny
    Title says it all.
  • John J Rodriquez

    By Jrodus
    Good App! Have used it for years.
  • Good App

    By Geogmth
    I haven't used this app too long yet, but so far it does what I need it to do, and much less expensive than others.
  • I love this ap, but it has limits

    By Yana Yoga
    I downloaded this app because another one wouldn't let me track two businesses, and this one would. I love the tracking feature. I would never be able to keep track of my mileage otherwise.
  • TJ

    By TJ Khalsa
    Does not give accurate distances driven hope they can fix it
  • Ease of use

    By Eirikur73
    Great app that does what it promises, makes things easier. Ease of use and straightforward.
  • Makes accurate mileage tracking possible.

    By Seminaryhill
    Easy to use, and accurate. Must have.
  • From the developer

    By (Stevez)
    Fixed some problems with auto tracking, enjoy the new update!
  • The Best Mileage Tracker

    By MortyMort11
    Brilliant app! The only App that covers all the bases without the headache. Easy to use and it pays for itself on day one. Other Apps are a pain and don't back-up your data. Track My Drive is a win!
  • Monthly charges

    By Traveller4473
    This app will cost you. 10 free trips per month then a monthly fee
  • Awesome tracker!!

    By Davefanjdg
    Very easy to use and helps me not to forget!!
  • I recommend this app

    By Nurturer22
    I've used this app for almost 3 years. It's a very good app for tracking my business mileage as well as my volunteer mileage. Does have some glitches that may allow the app to miss a few miles during your trip. Other than that the paid version is good.
  • Excellent app & support

    By KCMO Lady
    Have used for over a year. Works great. When I had a question, support was good. I recommend.
  • Love it

    By Doinfantastic
    I love this app. It is very easy to use. I need the info for tax purposes and tried a few apps and this one worked the best.
  • Landlord

    By LAJ$8$9$4$7$3$
    It's easy to use
  • Good app

    By Trixsonic
    This app works well. My only complaint would be how the round trip feature works, right now I have to save a trip, then go to trip log, and edit the trip to make it round trip. It would save a lot of time if when you save trip and enter description there was the option to make it round trip right there in the same screen. Overall an effective app
  • Fail

    By I got gas
    Auto track does not work
  • Great App with One Caveat

    By LRWH
    I love this APP, but with one caveat. In the most recent update they removed the option for location services to work "only when the App is in use." This means you'll be tracked every three feet and for every trip you take, even in bits and pieces if you have a multiple stop business trip, unless youchoose to manually turn on and off location services when you use the APP. I have asked the Developers to restore the third option so this can be an absolutely fantastic APP for all users.
  • Great tool!

    By Yodatrucker
    This has made submitting my mileage SO easy! My only suggestion is if the times would come in the log that is emailed out it would make using this app even MORE efficient for me. So worth the money.
  • Will not load

    By Island Preacher
    I wanted to try this, but it bombs every time I try to load it. My iPhone 6 is up to date with version 9.3.5.
  • No worries!

    By ososmom2
    I LOVE this app! Every detail is well thought out and easy to use. For example, the app has you add a description of your trip after you get there. How perfect is that?! Usually I am in a hurry to leave, and entering that info later is helpful. I can add in trips that I forget to log. Reports can be customized for any time period. I've tried many mileage tracking apps, and TrackMyDrive is everything I need, and so easy to use! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
  • TrackmyDrive Works!

    By FoesChef
    5 stars. I've tried 3 mileage apps besides this one and this is by far the easiest.
  • Nope

    By ElNinoSuave
    This app worked great for the first year that I had it. But now it won't track mileage anymore. I've installed and reinstalled it several times but nothing seems to work.