• Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2012-05-02
  • Current Version: 5.28.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 134.64 MB
  • Developer: Weebly, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 37 288


Over 50 million artists, makers and creative entrepreneurs around the world have already created a website or online store using Weebly. Enjoy the freedom to create, launch and grow your online business, website or blog directly from your iPhone or iPad, wherever, whenever. Enjoy a simplified process of building your site with our easy drag and drop builder. Tell your unique story and build your brand with Weebly. "Weebly's clear, usable interface, attractive themes, strong commerce features, mobile capabilities, and site portability earned it a PCMag Editors' Choice for modern site builders." - PC Mag “They have extended their reach into a full-service platform that provides not only organization and design, but ecommerce, a new robust app center for third party plugins, analytics, cloud hosting, and most recently, completely new mobile apps for site editing on the go.” - Forbes iPhone & iPad Features: Create your online store: • Use the intuitive drag-and-drop builder designed specifically for touchscreen • Add products to your site using images directly from your photo library • Customize your site with fully responsive online store themes offered on Weebly desktop Create your website: • Use the intuitive drag-and-drop builder designed specifically for touchscreen • Upload images directly from your photo library, select from a wide range of text, media and design elements • Customize your site with the same free, responsive themes offered on Weebly desktop See all your activity in one place • Monitor all of your site activity in real-time from the Site Dashboard • See more detailed stats on site traffic, store orders, form entries, and more from the Insights tab Run your business from anywhere • Build and manage your online store from anywhere. • Process and fulfill orders, add products, check inventory, and receive notifications when a new order is placed Create a blog and stay connected to your visitors • Publish your thoughts with the blog post editor • Instantly respond to blog comments and form entries, reply to customer inquiries and stay connected to your followers from anywhere • Never travel far from your loyal readers, customers and fans Work offline • Capture updates in offline mode • Save and sync work across all devices so you can pick up where you left off on desktop or mobile Subscription Options • Connect: monthly subscription of $6.99 or yearly subscription of $47.99 per year • Starter: monthly subscription of $13.99 or yearly subscription of $99.99 per year • Pro: monthly subscription of $17.99 or yearly subscription of $149.99 per year • Business: monthly subscription of $34.99 or yearly subscription of $299.99 per year • Performance: monthly subscription of $45.99 or yearly subscription of $449.99 per year Your subscription will automatically renew in a month or yearly, and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period based on the pricing above. Weebly's privacy policy: https://www.weebly.com/privacy Weebly's terms of service: https://www.weebly.com/terms-of-service



  • Love it

    By PrincessScarlette
    This app is super easy to use and has great free features to make a simple but yet professional website or blog ✨
  • Valentina’s

    By Queennenna
    Love them! Thank you!
  • Very user UNfriendly

    By Farley213
    I have tried many times to edit my site with the app on my iPad. I’ve been able to only update an image here and there. But try to write a blog post? Don’t even bother. I’ll get two sentences in and then it tries to auto-save and gets stuck on loading. If I get out of it, I lose what I’ve written. If by some miracle I can get a full paragraph done, the onscreen keyboard hides the bottom half of the edit screen so now I can’t see what I’m typing! It won’t scroll up and I have to constantly put the keyboard off screen to see if it is correct. So inevitably I give up and take out the laptop. (The site has been slow there as well btw). Mine is a new site and I’m still working on it as well as trying to get followers and it’s kind of an impossible task if I can’t add to it! I chose Weebly because it let me layout the site exactly as I had imagined it and it has some great features. But if I can’t update it and keep up with it, it is of no use to me. I have already put an enormous amount of time into creating the site and I don’t want to move it to another company, so please, give up useability both on the app and the site itself.
  • Trouble on iPhone

    By Ari's mama
    I have not been able to open the app for a few weeks now. Any suggestions for troubleshooting?
  • Can’t edit/publish my website?

    By Peterlugo
    Hi. For some reason when I try to make changes to my website (like replace a picture for example) i can’t publish it. When I hit preview it just shows a white screen. When I hit publish it just gets stuck on the “Your site is publishing” screen and stays there. I’ve tried deleting and restinstalling the app, restarted my phone, checked my internet connection, but nothing works. This is really frustrating because I have a YouTube channel and this website that I’m trying to edit is really important to my YouTube channel. The website has some really old stuff on it and I’ve been trying to edit all of that out with this app but it’s not working. Please fix this and I will give a five star review.
  • Unable to make edits

    By A_Underwood
    I like the app, with the exception that edits I try to make do not transfer to the site I’m building. For example, I recently added a paragraph to a page, but the font and color of the font I use elsewhere did not save. I also added a button, but the app wouldn’t allow me to change the title of the button from “button text.”
  • Doesn’t work

    By brewtus0000
    Crashes every time I try to use
  • Too Slow

    By Nauvalin
    The app takes forever to load. And if I change something it takes forever to save and doesn’t actually save.
  • Easy to use app

    By paintedpallet.icu
    I am a new user with little experience editing websites. Weebly has made creating my website very easy. Thanks!!
  • Terrible

    By ghydbdb
    This app is confusing and so stubborn to use
  • Ughh

    By Kristina🙂
    Shouldn’t have to pay for ppl to buy stuff off your website 🤦🏼‍♀️.
  • Wth!

    By DawgedFaced
    Signed up, created login. But the thing fails continuously at loading themes... Moving on to another platform.
  • Horrible app for IPad

    By j7562r123
    Wasted one hour trying to do my stupid project but it would take too long to load, crash, or be unresponsive. So frustrated
  • Love this app

    By rygrrswife
    Easy to use!
  • Won’t let me log in

    By Jebina13
    I just downloaded the app and tried to log in. It won’t let me. I get a message that I must log in using Facebook.
  • Found font scaling bug on ipad app

    By Hello, I am V.
    Hi Weebly team, Love your service, but the mobile app has a bug in the website editor. I could not find a way to submit a bug report inside the app (the Support page just takes you on a loop to a bunch of knowledge base articles..), so writing this here instead. Anyway, in the app, if I try to change the font on any text body, scaling down works, but if I try to scale up, the font grows huge and I can no longer scale it back down. After a couple clicks, the whole UI gets filled by the giant text. Interestingly thought, if I click Preview, the font gets rendered correctly; I just can't find a way to fix it in the editor.
  • Does not work.

    By Kayla a.k.a Fuzzy
    Website is great but I can not get the app to do ANYTHING. Trying to delete or edit products for my store is a waste of time. Crashes almost every time I try to make edits, and then the next time I open the app I get a notification that my edits were not saved.
  • Easiest DIY Website

    By ItsAMoReviewThing
    Possibly the easiest do it yourself website on the market. Neat and organized when using the different objects. My only criticism is you can add videos form YouTube which is a huge plus, however you must purchase Weebly‘s package to embed your own videos. Overall, the most useful customer service I have found and always willing to work with you to solve the problem.
  • No undo button!

    By Fabipuzzle
    Was trying to delete a single photo and ended up erasing the entire photo gallery and there is no undo option. What a waste of time...
  • Makes Life Easy

    By TakingDabz
    Just follow the steps and you won’t have any problems!
  • Luv Weebly!

    By happyic
    Easy to setup and use! Be up and rocking pronto!
  • Can’t save once you delete

    By study-holic
    The reason I made this one star is because once you combine two different types of elements together and want to delete an element that’s combine like an image for example, it deletes the everything. It won’t restore what you want to do which is even more upsetting. It looks easy to use, but once you start using it, it gets complicated. It doesn’t save your data and just erase it like you didn’t do anything. I’m super upset and wish that you have a setting that could restore that element again.
  • Hi

    By Robtop is horrible
  • ABSOLUTE CRAP! Crashes 99% of time!

    By Stateless_Warrior
    I initially started with Weebly platform solely due to time constraints even as a software Developer starting an LLC. Currently themes are incompatible with App’s as updating one throws the other out of whack and your Weebly site will wobble and pop like a bubble!
  • Better than the website

    By Kyle Huntsman
    I’m using this app for a school project, and I think it’s very useful. It’s easy to use and adding things is pretty easy. If your accustomed to the website I wouldn’t recommend, as the layout is quite different. I also like that your able to add code to buttons so you can have a more customized site.
  • Crashes

    By Kw015
    The app is very slow & it crashes a lot!!
  • Absolutely the worst.

    By Talon Senpai
    This app and website maker itself is just so ******* terrible, it’s actually amazing. The only reason I’m using it is because I started a project on it and can’t restart due to how much work I’ve already put in, however it freezes, lags, glitches, shuts off... you name it ALL THE TIME. It’s so ridiculous how bad this service is and the reason I’m even writing this review is I’ve been trying to update my website for the past 4 hours with no luck. I’ve tried reading forum pages, logging into my editors accounts, using different devices, using the app instead of the website... nothing works! Overall, DO NOT USE WEEBLY ... LITERALLY ANY WEBSITE MAKER IS BETTER THAN THIS TRASH. If I could give this negative stars I would.
  • Doesn’t work

    By WTH HT
    Complete waste of space and time. Doesn’t work on tablet.
  • Please fix

    By D.C. Steve
    I’m just getting back into weebly again after a year hiatus and the app constantly crashes now. It’s borderline unusable on iPad Pro. Pic loading takes forever then doesn’t even load your new image and the program tries to save that change definitely until you kill the app and reopen. Overall the whole app doesn’t seem as easy to use as it did a year ago. It’s very frustrating to use now.
  • What a Nightmare

    By Huitjeff
    I have no idea how there are positive reviews for this company or their services. I have never faced so many roadblocks to building a normal site with normal functions. Avoid at all costs. “upload a 1000 customers” (4.5 hours with customer service) “try it in groups of 200”.
  • teachers use

    By emma maire
    Every single one of my teacher use weebly and they say it’s amazing also it never glitches when we use it and all the links and everything works perfectly fine can’t say the same about other websites
  • Love it

    By inYourcorner
    Love the use of the app
  • So frustrating

    By Bertbug
    I’ve tried different sites to host my website. Weebly has been the easiest to use for what I’m trying to do. The app though, completely frustrating. It keeps crashing whenever I try to edit anything on my site or in my store. The screen becomes to big for my phone when I try to edit the site that I can’t find the buttons. Total fail on the app weebly
  • I love the app

    By BiggBodi Benz
    It’s very user friendly and lets me blog from anywhere.
  • Different on mobile and desktop

    By zodiaclover
    I have been using weebly for a while and it’s really great! But the only two problems are: one there are plenty of bugs. Two: there’s a huge difference on the mobile version and desktop. But not really huge, just the layout looks different on each a little bit. Sometimes my website is caught up on my phone but not on desktop.
  • Saving Changes

    By MasterCj61
    Saving changes does not work. Whenever I want to switch the template photo it does not save. It just says “Saving Changes” after 10 minutes it still has not saved. This is some slow web development app.
  • Junky

    By SSR07
    This is such a junky website creator! Use google sites! This is so not user friendly, hard to use, and counterintuitive
  • Continues to get better!

    By drmillsjr
    Much improved over the years that I’ve been using Weebly. Lots of features still needed. Most importantly, database capabilities.
  • Good, but a bit clunky.

    By hillhunt
    When I first made my site, the app worked beautifully. There were moments that I got a bit frustrated, but they were so few. Since recent updates, the app won’t load on my ipad, so I’ve been using my phone. Some parts of the phone app work, but it looks like other areas are continuously loading. I went to edits my site and it simply says 7 changes saved at the top. There’s a blank screen and then the bottom says done. I wait and it never loads, so I click done and it just takes me back to the app’s main screen. I know this app can be very helpful and I’ve enjoyed using it. I’m hoping that bugs like this can be worked out in the next few updates. For now I’ve deleted the app and redownloaded it to see if that improves the situation. Thank you!
  • Title

    By Jenny iOS
  • Photo uploads impossible

    By JannahCool
    PLEASE fix the ability to upload photos from the app. It always tells me my version is out of sync with the sever. Pretty happy except that I have to send every photo to my pc bc I can’t seem to upload from my phone.
  • Drafts

    By grhrr
    I wish there was a way to retrieve drafts from the app.
  • So far so-so

    By Bobby1234512345123;5
    I love the ease of this app and website . I don’t love that there are some pretty basic features that are lacking such as delivery options.
  • It’s not even working!

    By asfmilt
    I have been using this for 2 months and whenever I set up the photo, it takes a long time just to save! And whenever I press the preview button, it takes forever to load! My WiFi works but the app is not working. Please fix this!
  • Want to cancel

    By Black boy6969
    How do I cancel the subscription?
  • Easy Peasy!

    By Bwcricket
    So nice to be able to edit my site on the go!
  • I love Weebly!

    By 1234567890123456678890
    Thank you! My friends and I love this app. I have the free plan and there are not a lot of limits. The only problem is when I accidentally click on subscription stuff it asks me to buy and my iPad glitches home. It might just be my iPad...
  • Functional

    By ADiamondCrewProducton
    This website is functional and very easy to navigate. I appreciate having a platform to practice on until I am ready for the premium package. Thank you
  • Waste of my time

    By Natecracker
    The first page of set up was easy. Upgraded my subscription to continue and it took my money no problem. Then no further changes would be accepted. Just the processing circle icon endlessly spinning. (I have a new iPhone) Logged in through a desktop- same results in editing attempt. Help is a community wall mostly- who has time for that? Went for a refund immediately!