Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2012-05-24
  • Current Version: 2.20.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 317.85 MB
  • Developer: Sybo Games ApS
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 227 917


Presented by Kiloo Games and Sybo Games. DASH as fast as you can! DODGE the oncoming trains! Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog. - Grind trains with your cool crew! - Colorful and vivid HD graphics! - Hoverboard Surfing! - Paint powered jetpack! - Lightning fast swipe acrobatics! - Challenge and help your friends! Join the App Store's most daring chase! A Universal App with HD optimized graphics for retina resolution.



  • Mi opinión

    By Laiza Luis
    Es muy buen juego, pero me gustaría que tuviese mas opciones para ganar llaves
  • Sabwey Serfrs

    By fatima medima mesa🥰😘🦄
    Es lo mejor
  • Great game

    By trees2bees
    One of the greatest games I’ve ever played it’s new updates music is very good I recommend it to all the people who get bored easily been playing it since I was 6 love it to this day and will keep it for a long time
  • Cool

    By mischak sargent
  • Tokyo song

    By annaxyy
    i just wanted to say this month of july for tokyo has an awesome song.
  • Best game of 2021

    By Sag shag
    This game subway surfer is a great game I have the golden character I only have four characters but that’s fine 😒 it’s a really awesome game and if you don’t play this game or download it he’s gonna come to your house and kill you
  • It is so good

    By 07irvin12
    I play this game forever
  • Fun! But…

    By not a karen lol
    I’ve always loved subway surfers. (Who doesn’t?) I just don’t like the new music and how they have so many new characters per city. It seems unnecessary and the music is not very good. Other than that, I love the game!
  • Garbage

    By Apriloncrn
    I hate the game it is so laggy. The song in the background sounds horrible.# worst game ever
  • awesome

    By pooioppo
    it’s awesome but I do wish at the beginning it would be a little faster
  • Read to find out

    By M.V.Lee
    Now, I take criticism very seriously. I am a very strict Judger. These are my expectations for a game: -Entertaining (1 star) -Learning (1 star) -Updates and changes often ( 1 star) -Never get bored (2 stars) And Subway surfers does...HAVE all of that! I love this game so much I can’t explain! I would love if there was another game with the cop. Like upgrade a car. And get after the kid. I would also love if subway surfers had the same thing like cars to drive and you can go to the shops. And more ways to go like middle, Left, and right. Other than that I love it! Great job!

    By Susannneee
    I have 46 out of a goal of 10 to collect the token dolls and I can ONLY collect or move one level at a time in the season hunt but I have 46 token dolls - I should be able to move at least 4 levels ! 😠 This is all because I bought 2x on the token boast for 1000 tokens . It’s supposed to end in 24 hours but it’s got mine stuck . I will never finish this game at this rate ;( ———————————————— Something isn’t right … I’ve been able to collect 62 token dolls and the timer is still on !!! What’s going on . I spent 1000 to collect 2 at a time in 24 hrs but yet I cannot move to the next level . I’m only at level 11 and have 16 days to finish … no way will I get to 30 at this rate . Stupid challenge . This app is getting worst over time In the Tokyo season hunt I finished the first 6 and on #7 it added the clock timer which I thought was early in the game but the app is letting me add the little token dolls while surfing through the tunnels but timer is on ! So I’ve collect 11 tokens where you are only allowed to collect 10 and it’s supposed to be locked with the timer ! Please fix
  • yeet

    By this giid game
    this is so good it is good as yeet and that’s a lot to say
  • booo

    By heidoeb
    didn’t save my newest high score ☹️😠
  • You

    By tvyuyseftsrfdfedgvfsff4r57dc
    This is me I have a big heart and it is for you babe 🍑🥵😋😍
  • good but buggy

    By Bryce Sajdak
    I’ve had Subway Surfers for about a year now on this phone, and everyday since then i would wake up and play it, i was very high ranked on top run, i had so many coins and keys and characters, i had a girl that was only a one time thing and was 100 keys, i was obsessed. But, today subway surfers was not working for me, it was kicking me out of the game, even time i would watch an ad it would kick me out of it and make me watch another one without giving me my award. So, i deleted the game (in theory of it saving my progress) and re-downloaded it. And, it didn’t save anything. So please fix your game or i will not play it anymore. Thanks for your time.
  • Greatest mobile game ever!

    By do rag d
    So many items to choose from. The challenges to get them are SO EASY to overcome! Great game!
  • My Review

    By Olivia Grace Guzman
    Subway Surfers is so awesome and keeps you occupied while time passes! Subway Surfers is a fun game for everyone. I think they should add a magnet that picks up a specific type of gear. For example a purple one can pick up a rocket and an orange one can pick up a key! Subway Surfers is a great game. (If you read this you should really try out the game and for the makers please read this because I think it would be a great update!)
  • Why I Like Subway Surfers

    By fe hreg
    I like it because it’s a running game and I like running games.You should play it because it’s a very fun game and because it’s a game to learn to move faster.Subway surfers is a game you should decently play. ps Subway surfers is one of my favorite games
  • Awesome

    By Gsx1320
    Awesome pass time game
  • Ángel Gabriel

    By Degado Ernandez
  • Actualización update

    By davikitolopezcheca
    Subway surfer TOKIO ! THE BEST UPDATE NIIIIICCEEEE !!!! 💪🏼😎👍🏻
  • Good game

    By #Wahoo!!
    Good game to play when you are bored but there are quite a few ads and some are not very kid friendly but other than the ads it’s a pretty good game
  • It’s super fun

    By skejozi
    Super unique and Colorful
  • Glitched!!!

    By mkay.juliee
    I got 3 million and I didn’t get it but I got all the coins!!
  • Really fun but one con

    By do gghgggh
    This game is really fun I got it to use in the car, and it is great. I do have one suggestion though, the characters are a little pricey. But besides that it’s a really fun game there are barely any ads when you play online.
  • Will not load

    By Sir APP Hensley VII
    Updated game and it will not load help...
  • Pretty ok

    By llove giraffes
    So I’m kinda bad but good at this game. It’s all right. Just wanted to say that. It gets boring sometimes. But while you play it it’s fun.
  • Mila

    By mila schooley
    Hi I love this game or app I don’t know what you call it but I love it thank you fo making this game
  • My son Love Subway Surfers

    By limabjj
    Great game and my son love that game and all the spray toys .
  • i am incredibly annoyed

    By dess.i
    i having been playing this game for a while and i can agree that is very fun and addicting but what really annoys me is when i get this certain ad it freezes the whole game and it makes me mad because i have lost high scores and coins from this ad because i have had to restart the whole game just because it wouldn’t respond i’ve waited a few minutes to maybe see it it was loading but no it won’t even redirect you to the app store if you touch it
  • Terrible

    By dgjkvv bjklm
    Too glitchy and cheats.
  • Amazing

    By , xjtvcihv
    Hi this game made me speechless lol great graphics and game all though it could use more characters other then that 👍🏻
  • I love it!

    By GraceieRose
    Subway surf is a GREAt game! Although I wish you could do something different to get keys instead of buying them!❤️😞😌
  • Y to the e to the s🤩🤩🤩🤩

    By lala the lauryn
    YES ssssssssssssssssssssss
  • K

    By kaylee fuhrman
  • Favorite movie baywathch and

    By monkeyjor
    Favorite movie is 27 dresses movie and funny
  • I love it.

    By Amommy2010
    This is the best game ever.
  • Amazing🤩🤩

    By AveryMai
    This game is great! Highly recommend! I’ve been playing for a year and got obsessed!
  • Get this now!

    By rosie sweet 1
    Hi! This game is so much fun! You should totally get this game! There are super sneakers and if you get them, you can jump super high! If you get a jet pack, then you can get extra coins! AND, if you go on a pogo stick to get coins and a power up!😁 You should get this game and play. When my cousin, Jada, was over, she would share her tablet and let us play on it and most of the time, we played subway surfers on it. I even tried teaching my little sister who is only 3 to play it. She didn’t quite get it so I stopped showing her. I even used legos to show her. I think right now I have 15 characters and I am trying to get Zoe to see how fast she is. So excited!😁I bet she’s slow but I want to try. Get this game!
  • Love this game

    By Player_Gloo
    I really love this game I grew up playing this game and I had really fun playing it over all I give it a 5 because it a really nice game but the back story is sad but the game is good
  • Great game!

    By AthenaCabinHead
    This game is good. I have a ton of fun on it and it’s a great way to pass time. Over all good game but characters can get expensive. And if I miss a chance on a seasonal character I have to pay four dollars to get that character. I mean it’s just a character in a game!

    By P L A P
    This game is awesome thank you for the people who worked hard to making this game!!!!
  • Sub

    By 🐉🦮🐕‍🦺🐩🐕🦥🦅🐆🐅
    Awesome app for the iPhone
  • Overloaded with advertisements

    By Tammy N. S.
    There are too many ads for me to play any more.
  • I wish

    By 😻🤗💜💙💜💙💗
    I love the game I wish it saved my progress because I accidentally deleted it
  • Best game ever played

    By iuzzgkufjffzujjfzzj
    I love the game if you have the game you feel like you are in a subway
  • I need mot e else’s

    By Oreotheultimate1
    I need more keys
  • Data

    By Jeff Helmling
    This game is the best game I’ve ever played. It’s so addicting, But one thing that’s wrong is with the data. The data it’s not saved whenever I get it deleted. It resets all my progress. Please fix it, but overall it’s a retry good game.