RenWeb Home

RenWeb Home

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2012-07-11
  • Current Version: 2.15.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 4.96 MB
  • Developer: RenWeb
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 115


RenWeb Home provides parents and students always-logged-in instant access to ParentsWeb via their iPhones and iPads for an annual subscription fee of $4.99 per year. PURCHASE METHOD: RenWeb Home is offered by the App Store as an In-App Subscription. That means you install the App for free, and then purchase an annual subscription to the App the first time you access it. The subscription covers every iPhone or iPad used by every member of your family as recorded in RenWeb. IS RENWEB HOME RIGHT FOR YOU? Are you always on the go and never at your PC to access ParentsWeb to review your student's grades or today's homework assignments? Do you want instant access to ParentsWeb from your iPhone and avoid the time it takes to log into ParentsWeb each time? Are you willing to pay $4.99 per year for this additional convenience? If so, RenWeb Home is for you! APP HIGHLIGHTS: - RenWeb Home's always-logged-in access means users remain logged into the system until they choose to log out, providing instant access to ParentsWeb information. - Offers easy navigation to School, Student and Family Information recorded in RenWeb's ParentsWeb. - Provides Tap & Send capability from the School Directory allowing users to simply tap a directory listing to make a call, send an email, look up an address in the iPhone mapping tool, or import a listing into the iPhone's Contact List. - Imports school calendar events and student homework assignments into multiple iPhone Calendars. SCHOOL INFORMATION: - Announcements - Calendar Events - Week at a Glance - School Directory Information - School Resources - Surveys - Photo Gallery - Web Forms STUDENT INFORMATION: - Class Calendar/Announcement/Resources - Class Schedule - Class Syllabus - Grade Book Grades - Daily Attendance - Homework Assignments - Lesson Plans - Report Cards - Behavior Events - Week at a glance - Lunch Menu Viewing/Ordering/Paying - Medical Information FAMILY INFORMATION: - Demographic and Contact Information for Family Members on File - Family balance and bill pay - Student/Parent Service Hours (Note: some features may be disabled at the discretion of the school) TO GET STARTED: 1. Click on the Free button and Install the RenWeb Home app. 2. Type in your ParentsWeb District Code, User Name and Password, select Parent or Student, and tap Login. 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to purchase an annual subscription for $4.99. This annual subscription covers every parent and student in your family as recorded by the school in RenWeb. RenWeb Home works for 3GS and higher devices and is compatible with iOS V4.2 or later. The information displayed is at the discretion of the school. RenWeb Home is offered as an In-App non-renewing subscription for an annual fee of $4.99 per year. You will be offered the opportunity to renew your subscription for your family prior to its expiration.



  • Great Resource for Parents and Children

    By #i'mLovinIt
    I love this app! It allows me to keep track of my child’s success and areas of improvement. It creates a greater level of accountability for my child and it allows me in one aspect to be involved in his education. I’ve used this app for 4 years. However it’s only as good as the information that the school/teachers put into it.
  • This app bruh

    By samtheman0000
    Hit or miss. I guess RenWeb always miss. You want to see your grades I bet they aren’t loading. RenWeb is gonna freeze and hit the dab like your awful teacher
  • Apps trash

    By Pittsburgh.Fanpage on ig
    The app itself is laggy and looks like it was made in the 20th century. Plus you have to pay 5 bucks to use it when you can just go online for free. Its so stupid dont waste ur time or money
  • Not Optimized

    By Dean_Hodson
    This app is not optimized for the newer iPhones it is very annoying
  • 😡Terrible App😡

    By 😠😡😡😡😡😠
    Just horrible how every time I go to log in it says “Error” horrible quality, In conclusion, I do not recommend getting this app at all whatsoever 😡
  • Log in doesn’t work!!!!

    By judeben25
    I have changed my password about 3 times now and it says “successfully changed” but I go back to ten web and it says that it’s incorrect! I have logged on to school computers at school and it’s worked but I really wish that I could use it on my iPod! Please respond and help me to know what I can do to fix this!
  • Totally Useless for Last 3 years

    By Neuji
    I paid for this app for 3 years now and it never works and doesn’t show the information I need. The developers never seem to update it to a working app. Ridiculous that it cost $4.99 a year for absolutely nothing. I would give it 0 stars if I could. This will be the last year I pay for the app.
  • Good app

    By Mike Guillèn
    My son is forgetful and this app helps me and him get his homework
  • Crash

    By ktmoseley
    This app had been working. Now it crashes as soon as it opens.
  • Completely Useless

    By Kgalardi
    I’ve had this app since September. It is completely useless-none of the clickable buttons work, rather, they simply show an empty page. Unable to order lunches, unable to access grades, unable to access documents/calendar/forms/resources/family names...literally unable to access anything. The page shows options but none of them do a single thing. When a company has an app it should work for almost everything found on the website, with few drawbacks. This app is just one huge drawback.
  • Needs an actual, full update. Choppy functions and 2009 visuals won’t cut it.

    By Rinsey
    I love RenWeb (FACTS) - I’ve worked deep into the staff side and was the go-to RW person at our school. It is a powerful system, but I cannot endorse the usability of this app. I would think after 5 years, there would be an update. FACTS, If you don’t want us to use this app anymore, then make it a web app. Please make it have a smoother interface and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.
  • Why tho

    By Aaaahhhhh!
    Why do I have just to see what my homework is y’all stupid.
  • If satan was an app

    By csa1234
    My school forces me to use this site for grades and homework stuff. I have hated every second of it. Not only is the app the quality of something a person could throw together in 1 day, they also force you to buy a $5 subscription every year to keep using this app or use the website which has no mobile support so there’s basically no other option. If you have the choice avoid this app at all costs. Trust me on this one
  • The Looked and Bugs

    By KervinLordHD
    I’ve had this app for almost 2 years and there’s a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. Also why do we pay for this. I pay for my private school, that’s almost 7,000 a year. Fix this app, I’m disappointed. Might delete this app later. No words for this. Also we’re in 2018, it straight
  • Zero stars

    By lunaGil
    Paid for an app that does not Work
  • Can’t login

    By VINMONEY1234;
    This app is so frustrating, I just want to check my homework and grades but it won’t let me log in. It keeps saying I have the wrong password. But I put the same exact password into my computer and it works just fine. Please fix this, I pay to use this app and it doesn’t even work. This app would be so convenient and worth my money if this wasn’t an issue. Also just to add to the problem I’ve changed my password many times and that hasn’t worked either. A good recommendation would be to just keep the user logged in. Please take this into consideration.
  • Subsribe??? No way!

    By MeiHouWang
    I already bought this. I refuse to ‘subscribe’ and pay yet ANOTHER $5, and do so every year???? Complete, utter BS! The school provides their own content, what the heck is this app providing me that I should ‘subscribe’? Pitiful. Shameless money grab. Will continue using the hobbled, but no ‘subscription’ required, desktop version and with other parents encourage school to identify better service provider/app. This is sad.
  • iPhone X

    By LSU79
    Needs to be optimized for the new IPhone screens. App seems dated.
  • No Trial, still not updated for year old iPhone X screen size

    By iToNeG
    Please put together a solid update
  • My school life

    By kylethecutie
    so, youve decided to give me all F’s and one D? ;)
  • Less then one star

    By Aryanpatel2011
    If I could I would give it less then one star in name of connecting to the school it’s simply a scam takes money and then no deliver crashes every time I open. Fix it or refund my money!
  • UPDATE!!

    By Monkeyface 30098
    It works for the most part, it’s easy to use, but please please please... update it for the iPhone X and newer phones. It’s really unoptimized and the devs could do much better!
  • Nope

    By dankius memeous
    Yeah app has issues. Can’t log in it kicks me out a lot M A H L E G S H U R T L T . D A N
  • Payment

    By HardyLeek
    Sure would love to renew the app but it won’t let me. ???
  • Utter Trash

    By iamfaced
    Where’s your Dev Team to Code this properly? Simple updates haven’t been performed so the iPhone X isn’t supported. For those of you grabbing an XS prepare to be disappointed that anything will be fixed for your pre-orders and future delivery date. Cannot add service hours, or perform simple forward back within submenus... instead it will return you to that branch beginning (IE; student, school, family: drilling below and using “back” returns me from 4 levels down back to 1 (school, student, family). For an Academic Application, it’s ironic that you having a Failing grade in this app and it’s usefulness/helpfulness. Less than a 50% average in your review and ratings... It’s not that you’re not worthwhile... you’re worthless.
  • NEVER opens 🤬🤬🤬🤬

    By Jojodecks
    This useless app has NEVER once opened in my iPhone 6s....I've paid the $4.99 and yet it gives me some stupid message about hostname not found yet when I login on my laptop in good. Don't bother with this absolutely useless app
  • Return plz

    By ㅇ아너너ㅓ얻돋됴ㅗㄷㅈ
    I paid doesn’t working.please return
  • Want to renew

    By Krob3841
    I want to renew...I want to give you more money. But I can’t! I need to be able to use the app since the school year is upon us again!
  • Can’t log in, useless

    By ViolinMom85
    Just got the app a few days ago. Tried logging in for the first time. Won’t let me log in, saying network error. Useless app apparently. Can’t remember if I paid the $4.99 or not but it’s not giving me any option or prompt so I must have bought it when I initially installed it. ????? App support results in Page Not Found. Um....yeah.
  • Worst School App ever

    By AngeloMilagro
    If I could rate this ZERO stars I would. My son’s school uses the RenWeb/ParentsWeb platform but it never lets me sign in stating “invalid credentials”. I have to keep “resetting” my password just to access anything. Very Frustrating! The iPad App is garbage! I try to open the app but more often than not, it completely crashes and closes before it loads. I signed up for the app a year ago and it has never worked properly. Fix it please or at least don’t make folks pay for something that DOES NOT work.
  • Needs Updating!

    By Miris77
    So aesthetically outdated! The website is way more modern looking. (Website shows my child has homework, but I just looked in the app and it says “No information found” - good thing I double checked!) Definitely needs a new design if they want to stay relevant. Not sure if I’ll just stick with browser!
  • Printing would use all my ink

    By Doc NI
    If I would like to print from the mobile app, then all my ink would be used to print only 1 week of "week at a glance", which is a great feature by the way! But since the background is dark blue printing 3 pages with solid dark blue background is like printing your own colored construction paper and it would take all the ink!!!!!!!!!!I don't see an option to change to a white background!!
  • RenWeb

    By PITGRL6
    I am very disappointed that after all the money we spend on our children you charge 4.99 to access what should be free.
  • 4 annoying problems with this app

    By cmbreview
    I use this app daily to access my kids’ lesson plans. My major problems with this app are: 1. Difficult format to read the lesson plans 2. Cannot click any link a teacher adds in the lesson plan and open it in browser 3. Cannot print my kids’ lesson plans from the app 4. Cannot open documents my kids teachers put into the lesson plans This is Year 3 using this app and it hasn’t changed. Seems like basic, normal functions that students and parents need to be able to use an app for. Especially hybrid schooled children who use the lesson plan feature daily and need to be able to read the plans, print them, open docs, click links, and print plans and docs. If I’m doing something wrong and this app can do this basic functions, please tell me how. Thx!
  • Use website not app

    By angryparent22
    Worst app ever, homework pops up five days later but will show on website, doesn’t have needed information on app, worst school app i have ever used for my kids schools. Will not be purchasing next year.
  • Why do I have to login EVERY TIME?!!

    By Steve's Annie
    I mean, come on! This is not nearly as user friendly as our school’s old app, and it let us stay logged in on our personal devices! To have to enter in 3 lines of information every time takes all of the speediness out of this app. Very disappointed with the overall flow
  • Someone help!

    By xoxo_j
    I tried logging in on renweb website online and it isn’t working . It takes me back to my classes last year and grades. I haven’t been able to see my grades this year. I just feel like I should hav esto Pat just to be able to access my grades!
  • Nope

    By Willsbossymom
    I’m not paying a monthly fee for a service provided online web. That’s silly.
  • I’d give it ZERO stars if I could

    By HendoMommy13
    This app is a total waste of money!! I can’t see anything on it! It keeps me stuck in a loop that is never-ending! I’m so frustrated that this is what I’m supposed to rely on for my child’s info for school. Keeps saying my password is incorrect after using their option to rest!! 😡😡😡😡
  • For $5 per year we should expect more

    By golfgirl911
    The interface is clunky, there’s no ability to pay through the app, it often gets hung up and it’s hard to find things that are more easily found on the web version. The text formatting for homework is not at all pleasing, making it difficult to tell what is really needed for the week. Please make updates to make the $5 worth it!
  • No Notifications for app?

    By MommaGotABuzz
    I've paid for the app every year. Why aren't notifications & popups part of this app? I can log into my account online & get the same info without paying for the app!! Update 7/2/18: so now used for two different schools. So I needed 2 different usernames. Even though I bought the app, it wants me to purchase the app bc I've got a different username & it's a different school. I still need the 1st school, too! Why is this app so crappy????
  • Making my grades look lower than they are.

    By lilbroomstik
    I only get the app to see how much im failing.
  • Fix it more

    By Billy dangus
    Thanks for the update but you still have A Lot of things to work on.
  • Needs Updating

    By tel12131415
    I love using RenWeb! The only thing is the app itself. It needs a clean, modern look and iPhone X compatibility. Other than that, I think it’s great. I love seeing my homework and grades before seeing the test in school. The teacher version on the computer is very nice and modern. Maybe the app should be like that.
  • Horrible

    By Kingcam28
    I am in middle school and I hate this app. My parents are always checking my grades and they always punishing me for my bad grades. Don't recommend this for anyone. 😢
  • Please respond

    By Sixfingeredj
    Does the “Import Day” function where it imports the days homework assignments to your calendar not work for anyone?
  • Unbelievable...

    By mm_junky
    I really thought I had seen it all but this app takes the cake. This has some SERIOUS problems and is missing a lot of user feedback UI info. Half of the time I don’t know if it’s locked up, retrieving info from the DB, or if I didn’t click the right thing. Next thing you know, it just like 3 menu levels deep when I didn’t even click anything for 1 whole minute. VERY frustrating app. Needs major work.
  • RenWeb app should be free

    By Cottrellk1
    I can log in to the website for free. The school pays a great deal of money, so why purchase the app?? Meh!
  • Contact import crashes every time

    By Montymeg
    I reinstalled with no help. The desktop site has no ability to import. The customer service line is for schools only, so is of no use. I do use the app to pay bills.