My TimeBook

My TimeBook

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2012-04-21
  • Current Version: 4.15
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 16.22 MB
  • Developer: Laptop Industries, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 252


My Timebook App has been designed to be used by Longshoreman who work on the waterfront. Go mobile! Have your time book with you at all times. Keep track of where you've worked and most importantly, keep track of your hours worked. Features: - Enter daily job events with the following information: Shift, Ship, Location, Job, Hours, Flop Hours, Average Hours, Travel Hours, and Notes. - Ability to update job events. - Automatic Calculations of Check-In Hours, Actual Worked Hours, and Earnings. - Hours worked calculated for each quarter, year to date, selected month, selected week, and career hours. - Earnings calculated for each quarter, year to date, selected month, and selected week. - Monthly view of all job events including all Holidays. - Configuration panel to update primary shift (day/night) and Local (Casual, 13, 63, 94, ...). - Automatic filtering of jobs based on Local selection. - For users which have less than 5000 hrs, enter Career Hours in Configuration Panel and have this App keep track of your hours worked. - Make phone calls within the Timebook App: for Checking In and Job Counts. This time book app has been developed by someone who works in the industry. Any suggestions for enhancements are welcomed, if reasonable will be considered. This is just a start. New features are in the works. Terms: New installs will have use of the Time Book for 15 days. The time book will be renewable on a yearly basis for $1.99. For more information or for comments, go to:



  • App won’t open

    By Chzyb55
    I downloaded the app successfully last year and it kept my time recorded, then all of a sudden I went to use it for the first time this year 2019 and it shuts down instantly, I’ve made 5 attempts to delete and download the app again on my phone at it does the same thing just shut down when opening.
  • It’s great

    By sasquatch63
    I really like using this app. Please add local 14 to the list of locals. Local 12 job list will work for local 14.
  • Beautiful Job!!

    By Barbershop Mike
    Good Job Laptop Ind. This app. has made life a whole lot better for me when it comes to logging my jobs ive worked. Very easy to go back and reference jobs. To see how many hours I’ve worked for the week the month and even the year. And best of all it’s tailored for your specific local. Thanks again brother and keep up the good work. Local #23 Brother.
  • Just write it down

    By lediamond
    My business agent was promoting this new app. He said someone in our industry created it. I am in longshoreman for 15 years. There’s no way to save the information once you lose the fall. I am A smart phone user. Once you lose your phone any hours you have recorded is loss. Customer service did try to help however he only suggested recovery buy means which I couldn’t recover. It kept telling me to go to the email it sent me to recover at the file. It never sent me an email. The good think about it is I wrote my hours down just in case. The app only cost me a couple of bucks.
  • Great App for working on the docks

    By Justin Blunt
    Great app for any Casual or Longshoreman, to keep track of work hours and job info while working at the port.
  • Pay rates!

    By local 29
    If you have a iPhone get ready for major problems! Pay rates are always incorrect!
  • I love it

    By Pear4
    I love it
  • Great App!

    By ToniSanPedro
    This help allows me to monitor and review my dispatched jobs at a single touch. A+
  • iPhone 10

    By N0kTrNL
    always loved this app, bought the new iPhone 10, can’t seem to import my csv file, even after I updated and paid for the 2018 subscription, is this app compatible with the iPhone 10
  • Love it!

    By Jkchewy
    As soon as I figured out how to switch to my local it got even better. It would be nice if it totaled our hours for week at a time Monday through Sunday for our earning equalization system in Local 23. And display a running total at the bottom. On a week day dayside 8 straight time hours we count as 6 hours. Then we add any OT, Night Side, or Hoot hours count as hour for hour. So if I work a 11 hour Dayside then I count 9 hours (6 for the 8 S/T hours and 3 for the OT hours). If I work a 11 hour Nightside then I count 11 hours. If I work a 5 hour hoot then I count 5 hours. Then as the week progresses we add all those up for our dispatch order during pick.
  • Love this app!!

    By nwexmxer
    I can't tell you how much I appreciate this app. I've used it several years now and I will never go back to a book. Terminology may differ slightly depending on your port. If there's something you want added just hit the contact ,fill out the form to let them know what you need and they will add it. Really like the backup feature that allows you to save your years so you can keep records of everything. Thank you to the developer who created this app!
  • TO1973

    By timrim
    Great app, but some of the job descriptions & rates of pay are close but not correct @ least for my app.... (iso)
  • This makes it so easy

    By KB1549
    My only complaint about this app is that I didn't think of it first. It makes keeping track of hours, jobs worked, etc. so simple. Add to that the convenience of not having to keep an extra item with me and this app is perfect.
  • Very Good!

    By wharfrat52
    Great app.
  • Great app

    By Kikimoj
    Best app ever. Needs address to terminals for all who are unfamiliar to find jobs picked up.
  • Excellent Work/Time Tracker

    By MR.GJ
    A very useful and needed app. It truly takes the pressure off you for keeping up with time ,places worked and rate of pay for each job keeping a weekly pay track for you. I appreciate having this app and suggest/ recommend that all Longshoreman get it.

    I love this app and how it backs up easily in iCloud. Maybe in future versions you could add a flex button and it adds an hour automatically!
  • Great app!!

    By calypso99
    Needs an update for the new iOS has bugs, doesn't show the date in calendar
  • Love this app!

    By jeffreymbailey
    This app is SOOOO helpful and convenient. Great job, and when something needs correcting and/or creating something new, the designer is quite prompt and accommodating with new ideas and fixes. Thank you
  • Good app

    By Onthehook13
    I use it every day wish it had a steady page and no ads if I'm paying for it why do I see ads?
  • Use the app all the time

    By 1og
    I use this app on a daily bases and it does the job great. What I don't like is that I pay for the app every year and it has these banner ads if it was free I could see giving you the ads but it's not free so stop throwing advertising at me.
  • Not able to enter my total hours

    By Missx22
    I am unfortunately not at top pay yet. I am almost there. Last time I had this app I was able to enter my total hours of whole casual career. Now it just automatically assumes I'm at top pay so it is incorrect with the amount of pay I receive. I hope this changes quickly because I already purchased the app...
  • Bernie

    By longie131012
    Great job on this app. Will recommend it to my brothers and sisters here local 13. One question can you put steady top on job selection for us. Thank you
  • Timebook

    I love the ease and convenience as an app. Helps me a lot. Thank you!!!!!
  • Nice idea.

    By DanTheHassleMan
    I like the idea of this app primarily for payroll and mostly for VT. But after I had to reset my phone I've never been able to restore my file from my weekly email backups. Also it's hasn't saved a days work since November. I've tried checking back periodically hoping an update may have fixed it. Today I broke down and purchased the new calendar with hopes it might work but nada! It's been enough for me to bother writing about it. If at all possible look into these issues. Thanks Dan27 iPhone 6s
  • Outstanding App

    By Muirb1
    Great app! I love the fact that you can choose wether or not to add your hours. It makes it easy to keep track of the volunteer hours I have to add when working out of the hall vs my steady hours. Well done. They've really thought of everything.
  • 130366

    By Tim Alderete
    Love this App !!! The creator of this timebook is a genius, I recommend this App to all Longshoreman
  • Great App

    By ComptonFinest
    Every member should get this is well maintain & they listens to your input on stuff ILWU 13 member
  • Well done

    By Wonder girl :-)
    Every ILWU member should get this app. Thanks for making this app
  • great app

    By Piratewilly
    love the app, very convenient. bugs were fixed and app works great again
  • Career hours wrong

    By Tattoo32485
    Just got 2016 and my career hours are wrong now.
  • 2014-15 were better

    This is the 3rd year of having this app. First two years were great, I just bought the 2016 and it need to be updated or fixed. It's not keeping track of jobs, every time I look into anything I have to set the year to 2016(that never happened before), it has holidays as overtime days.. Please fix this!!!!
  • Missing jobs descriptions

    By Alfredo Local 10
    I noticed that when I try to enter my jobs there are some options missing from the list such as: top pick, side pick and reach stacker. Please add those to the list and update the app for Apple.
  • Great App but needs one change

    By Party star12345566
    App would get 5 stars if I could adjust my pay rate. I work on the east coast and my local/ pay rate is different. If an update with an adjustable rate happens, I will adjust to 5 stars. Great app though!
  • A must have app

    By Canton St
    Too convenient & too easy. A must have! Thank U brother
  • DM from 23

    By '06 GTO
    Nice app, very handy hour and pay tracker.
  • SD from 63

    By So. Calif. Country
    Overall this is a very useful app. My major complaint is that if you step up and pay for the app then they need to do away with the PITA ads.
  • Cool

    By Fluctuator
    Great app... I really like the latest updates. Thanks..
  • Great App-saves time & arguments (lol)

    By Novicez
    Kat Willett Mavar- the value of this app far outweighs the cost. As a casual, it's all about the hours. Not only does this app keep accurate information but the historical information helps me plan around my life and other obligations. You can see that "it's getting better" work wise by looking back at any previous period. ALSO when someone calls you out for your "keys" you can prove them wrong (or right as the case may be) in a couple of keystrokes (you know who you are) LOL. Seriously, spend the small change and buy the app. It's tax deductible and when your pay stub comes in the mail it takes less than a minute to see if your hours have been reported correctly.
  • Makes things a lot easier

    By MissSalazar
    This app is easy to use and gives you all the info you need including pay rate. Easy to keep track of your paycheck and monthly income as well as track hours up to the shift you're working. Simply and genius layout.
  • Frustrating App

    By turtlebarg
    This app is so frustrating because it continues to delete my hours log. I have to re-enter hours in a total lump sum every couple weeks. I guess a paper log is truly the best option until this app gets fixed or someone else comes up with a better option. Yes, I have the paid app, a waste.
  • Pretty solid

    By Michael Terrill
    iOS version, works like it's supposed to.
  • Great app

    By Local13_Longie
    Love this app! If there are any longshoreman out there that are still using the ancient method of writing in their time book, i have to ask why? This app makes it easier to keep your records much more organized and easily compile Reports like weekly talley of hours, and wages, calculates hours and flop hours and even average hours for the week month or year! U Have the whole pay scale for all shifts easily accessible, if u have a comeback easy as 1 touch and presto! This a app has everything U need to keep great records. And for the price, U can't beat it!
  • Ditch the ads

    By Local 19 Rank and File
    Works great, but the ads should be gone once we've paid for the app. Also would be nice to track hours based on a goal for the year like a budget.
  • Time book app.

    By mackalishous
    Works we'll, love it... Whoever put this together, thank you very much... Local 8 Mackey
  • It's a great idea for a time book but ...

    By chorizo_grande
    I feel if I'm paying for app , I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO SEE ADS !!!!! I would be willing to pay a couple extra dollars to NOT SEE ADS !!!! And if you have to have ads to keep your app going , I suggest you get ads that pertain to Longies !!!! Local restaurants , clothes , Car wash , etc. things and places WE LIKE TO GO TO !!!
  • Lost support

    By Portland 8888
    2nd year using this app. After the screen shrank I was told they were too busy on another platform version to support this one. Works pretty well, too irritating to enter on the tiny screen on my iPad. Removing after this review.
  • Perfect

    By Phullofphil
    I think with auberge a couple small updates on job listing for smaller ports it would be complete
  • Great App

    By #9855
    This app is excellent and is great especially if you lose or misplace your manual time book. What is even more great about this is you can see every penny you make and can forecast your week. It can be tweaked a bit to accommodate each locals local working rules. It is user friendly and once it is compatible to all devices many more people will be happy!!!