Remind: School Communication

Remind: School Communication

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2012-05-03
  • Current Version: 10.9.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 152.53 MB
  • Developer: remind101
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 409 703


Remind is a communication platform that helps every student succeed. Whether you're in the classroom, at home, or anywhere in between, Remind makes it easy to stay connected to your school community. * Communicate in real time—on any device. * Keep personal contact information private. * Translate messages into more than 90 languages. * Share files, photos, and content from your favorite sites. Join more than 31 million educators, students, and parents using Remind to manage school communication and make time for what's important.



  • Good app

    By kutiepie.kesha
    Very easy to use and very helpful with communicating with my child’s teacher
  • Ye

    By endork
    I mean I have no other comment except it works
  • It’s pretty good

    By ElectricBoogalooReviewaloo
    My only issue is that it keeps saying it has a notification when it doesn’t.. it drives me nuts
  • Needs some tweeking

    By DawnABS
    App is a bit confusing. I never know if I'm sending a private message or a message to a group. The home screen icon shows over 100 notifications, but I cannot find them in the app nor can I figure out a way to clear them. It is easy to communicate to the teachers through the app (though every time I'm still unsure if it's a private message or not).
  • Great!

    By pandasrkindacool
    Helps me stay up to date with my practice
  • Rewind

    By TeleShpp
    Rewind is Awesome. It keeps parents in the loop on what’s required of our children at school. Thanks, Rewind!
  • Great app for communicating

    By nettybon
    My kids school uses it- I love that I can speak to the teacher and can receive updates throughout day of my kids (preschool).
  • Remind

    By KJtoocold
    I feel like the notifications could be better.
  • Hehe

    By melaniedianewerner
    I like this app
  • Great app!

    By Arianaaa455563
    Highly recommended
  • Perfection

    By xMINDtek
    It’s safe to say that Remind has met a level of perfection few app developers have met before. Great job! Love it!
  • Communication source

    By Neddienet
    Remind let’s me and my basketball team and their families stay in clear communication.
  • I Love Remind

    By pokoreads
    As a volunteer, I think Remind is a wonderful communication tool for schools, teachers, coordinators and volunteers. I appreciated that is as easy to use as texting.
  • School Notifications

    By Bukola IO
    Amazing app, very intuitive, easy to use. Not everyone has access to their email address at any given time, though the one item, platform is text messages. Simply one message to a group and instant, more importantly the calling feature and it’s anonymous to everyone else unless you respond to a group. I love when we have updates to our websites or the ability to send attachments to my students considering there are over 120 in my classroom. As an educator this is and has been a great tool to have, sending assignments and my students can reach me easily. All they do is just send a text. I love it and would recommend it.
  • Annoying notifications

    By shelbellmama
    I have notification of 7 unread messages that I can’t find to get rid of the notification. So frustrating. Yes I searched for help did both suggested items and the notifications still remain.
  • Easy to use

    By G2 graphics guy
    Wondering if there’s a way to eliminate getting a text AND the message through the app. Otherwise, just dandy to use.
  • Text limits

    By Caitlin Schmaitlin
    I wish I could write more in the announcements I make to the class.
  • Instructor

    By GSUTiger2011
    The best thing since peanut butter and jelly! Use for ALL my classes to communicate!
  • Reminder

    By bfxfji
    Is a gragreat app
  • Ok

    By Jmoore2016
    I like remind but I hate that it limits the announcements.
  • Alerts

    By Gina220618
    I don’t get alerts from my daughters school. And they don’t seem to know how to advise how to get the announcements on the app. I only Can communicate with the teacher of my sons class. Please let me know what I can do to get the schools announcements.
  • Great App

    By Chunky Monkey 96
    I love this app, I enjoy getting the reminders that I sometimes forget. Also helps me keep in touch with my daughters teacher when I don’t have a chance stop by at school.
  • Love the idea

    By kysens mom
    I love the idea of having a reminder when we have something coming home in our children’s folders thank you so much for creating this app for us parents
  • Leader

    By goodness;)
    I don’t like how it limits my characters for messages
  • Personal contact information revealed

    By BRcincinnati
    I have contacted Remind about this issue. As a teacher, I need a safe and school approved way to contact students without having my personal contact info connected. Somehow, when the app updates, it one red to not only my personal email and phone number but also my husband’s personal email and phone number. I have unsubscribes from emails, and they still come back. I have deleted my (and my husband’s) personal accounts and numbers, and they repopulate every time I open the app. I have deleted and reinstalled app to the same issue day after day. Remind customer service told me they fixed the issue, and it is NOT fixed.
  • Would be a 5!!

    By Ms. Bracey
    There was a change in Remind from this year to last year that makes life truly difficult for me. Last once a parent’s phone number was added, they were automatically added to the class. This year the parent has to accept the invitation. Last year, I used Remind with 119 parents, only 5 did not receive the messages I send. This year I have 120 parents, but more than half do not receive the messages due to the not replying to the invitation. This truly puts a damper on the program. Please go back to the original way of adding parents.
  • Parent. This app keep you inform of all school activities at school

    By mangha99
    It keeps you informed instantlyThis app
  • I love this app!!

    By kennedysavage
    This app is so helpful to me. It helps me know when I have tests coming up and it helps me connect with my teachers perfectly !!!
  • Gittchey

    By gittchey
    Like it
  • Remind

    By Admin32311234
    It’s a great app!!!!
  • Remind

    By ethandonut
    I like the app because you get to chat with your friends from school about stuff that’s going on like plays or other stuff
  • App!🤗

    By Teresa. C.
    I absolutely love this App that lets our Ladies class from Anderson Mills Church, Keep in touch with each other and pray for one another!🤗😍😍😍♥️🙇🏻‍♀️🙌😇🕊
  • 👍🏼GREAT APP💜💜💜

    By sunshine060917
    So easy to get any info you need from teacher !!!! Also. You text the teacher and the teacher get back to you in a reasonable manner. You don’t have to go throw. Anyone else it’s I absolutely love this app so much when ever I need to speak to my children’s teacher or they need to speak to me. It’s fast and easy just you and them that it I LOVE LOVE LOVE this app. If I could give it 10 stars. I definitely would !!!!!!!!!!!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
  • Wonderful

    By ☠️💩😢
    This is very helpful
  • Stay On Top!!

    By NYChanel5
    This app is a fantastic solution for staying on top of your student’s class work and to be in constant communication with the teacher and other parents. My son may not be too thrilled to no longer get away with saying he has no homework, but I sure do!!! Cheers to app creators to enable involved parents like me who want to Stay On Top!
  • Easy and quick to use

    By ljuanpedro
    This app makes it easy to contact anyone without disclosing my cell phone number.
  • Convineant

    By Nname1-95
    It’s a good b app I A good have very
  • Best thing since sliced bread

    By $Death&Destruction$
    This is the best!! I always know what’s going on, what homework is due or needs to be done! Love it!
  • Parents with Multiples

    By AnnieMomofTrios
    This app is ok but if you have triplets like we do and our children have 5 teachers they rotate classes with then it’s awful. You can only communicate with one teacher. You can receive messages from them all or respond if they personally start a conversation with you but you cannot reach out to each one individually if you have questions or concerns. This is incredibly frustrating when some teachers only use the app and rarely check email. I end up using the app to ask the one teacher I can contact to pass a message or have to call the school and leave a message and wait until after hours for a return call. I tried to contact Remind but haven’t been able to find a phone number that works. Customer Service Rating =0 stars. I only hope the middle school doesn’t use this next year.
  • Amazing!

    By GoldStarling500
    This app helps me keep track of all my classes, especially with my busy schedule.
  • The most accurate review I have ever red

    By dhdkfncbcm
    It’s alright but it doesn’t really help me at all I like having it Keep in mind I Used no punctuation whatsoever and I am a seventh grader who typed this while in an English class which I got a 93 on And I used Random capitalization 4 not reason whatsoever and if you are still reading this ur a pretty cool person
  • Not user friendly

    By heififbwowociggaidofheusid
    After my first login I couldn’t get back in with my computer and can only use the phone app. and I also cannot see individual messages from students. Repeated attempts at contacting support have resulted in zero feedback or assistance.
  • Remind app is great!

    By Alfiosmith
    I think the Remind app is an amazing way to communicate with parents and for parents to be able to communicate back with teachers. It has allowed the transition into Kindergarten to be easy and has given me peace of mind.
  • Badges?

    By AryaChicago
    Our Dressage Society has just started using your “Remind” app. We are hopeful your app will solve our timely communication issues. Will a “badge” appear on my “Remind” icon on my cellphone when there is a text message for me?
  • Great App

    By warrior30011
    Best app to message your teacher or classmate quick and effectively.
  • Positive review

    By Birdie2855
    Easy to understand. Can ask questions. Think ALL Amherst teachers should use one notification like this one. Dumb we as parents or guardians must load multiple apps for same school system. was advised teachers must have the choice which app THEY want.
  • Like it

    By chloésmommy
    I really enjoy REMIND. I’m able to send out messages quickly and easily.
  • It’s pointless

    This app Is pointless you can do this on google calendar All you have to do is share your calendar with other people and then you can events in advance I think this app is DOODOO
  • Great for announcements

    By Paige J C
    It is a