Shoebox - Cloud Photo Storage

Shoebox - Cloud Photo Storage

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2012-06-10
  • Current Version: 3.10.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 23.30 MB
  • Developer: Couch Labs Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 16 229


Shoebox is your personal photo collection with unlimited free photo backup for all your devices. Automatically backup your photos to keep your memories safe, secure and private. Carry every photo you’ve ever taken in your pocket or on your tablet without taking up space on your iPhone or iPad. Don’t risk losing photos if you lose your phone or your hard drive crashes. Shoebox is available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows and other mobile devices. Features: • 100% private and stored with the same encryption used by banks • Unlimited cloud storage means no additional storage space taken up on your iPhone • Rediscover your memories with 'This Day in History' • View your Mac or PC photo collection directly on your iPhone • View your iPhone’s photos on your computer without plugging in via USB • Backup videos (iOS 8 or newer) • Share select memories with friends and families • Automatically backup your iPhone camera roll without plugging in to your computer • Browse photos based on locations, camera, time of day, season, and many more • View slideshows, and directly share photos to Facebook, Twitter, and more • Free and Unlimited. Our free plan keeps all of your photos safe at a resolution of up to 10.6 megapixels with no expiration (3264 pixels on the longest side). We also offer Shoebox Pro - a optional paid subscription for $9.99 USD per month (renewing). Check out what others have to say about us: • Forbes - “Move Over Flickr, Photobucket and Picasaweb -- Here Comes MyShoebox...The cross-platform capability here surpasses the limitations of Google+ pic-sharing options, Apple’s iCloud and others.” • TechCrunch - “MyShoebox offers a cloud photo storage service that goes beyond what most of those other companies provide...” • PetaPixel - “The service offers native apps...that sync your entire photo collection to the cloud without you having to do any extra work” • GSMNation - “If your phone finds itself buried in the snow during the post-dinner game of touch football, you won’t lose any of the priceless family photos that you took earlier in the afternoon.” • Wedding Republic - “All of your photos are automatically backed up and you can access them anywhere. This offers an easy solution next time you’re at your Aunt’s house and everyone wants to see your wedding photos!” • BlogTO - “What's unique about MyShoebox is that the cloud-based app bridges the ‘digital device divide’ since it can be used with Mac, Windows, iPhone, and [other mobile devices].” Here’s what our users have to say: • “11,000 photos - 11,000 to go. Not a hitch. LOVE MyShoebox. You guys rock! Thank you!” - @ActiveMoms • “It's amazing what MyShoebox does with the EXIF data from my photos and how it displays them.” - @justinwgoldberg • “Occasionally a startup solves a problem I have, today @MyShoebox does just that” - @dionlisle • “Everyone who has the app MyShoebox. Unlimited cloud photo storage backup, it’s pretty awesome.” - @mark599097 • “I think @MyShoebox might just be the answer to my photo backup needs. Currently backing everything up into Google Drive but that sucks.” - @LukesBeard Our free plan can be used forever. It will continue to safely backup an unlimited number of photos forever, for free. If you choose to upgrade to our Pro plan: • Price may vary by location • Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account • Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period • You can manage your subscription in Settings after purchase. You may disable auto-renewal at any time (ensuring you won't be charged again). Privacy Policy and Terms of Use:



  • Don’t go!

    By lexi4126
    I’ve had this app since I was 16 years old. I am now 22 and I am so sad to see it go! I recommended this app to everyone
  • Awe!!

    By Shyz209
    This was one of the BEST apps for all of my uploads!! 😒 Hopefully I’m able to find one close to this one!
  • Unfortunate

    By shawty10828
    I loved this app; it was the most convenient photo storage app. The export process was not as smooth as it could have been.
  • Will miss this.

    By Busy non-mom
    Like the other reviewer, I am sorry to lose this app. If anyone has other apps they are using, I would love to hear alternates!
  • Love this app

    By ludugan
    This is/was a great app, I wish I new why it was shutting down!? If it was due to money, me and it seems most other faithful users would have paid for this app as it is definitely one of the few worth paying for. So sad to see it go. I’ve tried to export my photos to my laptop because my phone is out of storage and it hasn’t worked. I will be so sad if I loose them all.
  • waste of time...

    By ç'est mOi
    Hours of arranging, and assuming pictures were safe for so long... wasted years here. Assuming this App is actually dead, leary that photos were stolen like kodak.
  • Annoyed.

    By canary1234
    Throughly annoyed by the options that you all gave us to export our photos. I backed up each other to ensure that I was a able to save all of my photos. Neither one saved all of them. I really hate that you all ended the app, I was so spoiled to be able to just get on and locate my photos. Now they all are in files that I have to dig thru each one. I really wished you all would have found a platform similar to what you all offered.
  • Thank you !

    By beba1815
    This app was the best until this happens and it has to shut down never saw this coming anytime soon sad 😢 it was great having this app idk why it had to go so soon but it’s okay thank you for keeping our photos safe !
  • Shoebox

    By Carol Sharpensteen
    Great app, I’ve enjoined looking at all of my pictures, I’m so sad that that it’s shut down 💔
  • I’ve had Shoebox for 7 years now and so sad it’s leaving!!

    By laynahlay
    I can’t believe Shoebox is shutting down!! I’ve used this app since a kid and it has ALL of my pictures!! I know there are apps out there that will store your pictures, but I can’t find one that will show all your pictures from today’s date years back. That was my favorite part about this app!! I will miss it very much, don’t understand why its shutting down!! 😭😭🥺
  • Great app

    By Stella261553
    This was an amazing app I don’t understand why it is now shutting down? I have download other apps for storage but none of them seem to work completely as this app did
  • Sad to see it go

    By Grace M1234
    This app has been amazing! I found it randomly years ago and have been using it ever since. Never had a problem once. I loved getting the emails seeing what happened a year or two ago. I am very sad to see this app shut down
  • Best App Ever!

    By sick of REC
    This has been my favorite (bar none) App EVER. I found this app years and years ago, and even if I bought a new phone or when my phone would crashed, it was the first app I made sure to put back. I can’t tell you how sad I am about it. I loved getting the daily emails reminding me of what I did last year, five years ago, 10 years ago etc. I miss those emails already. I can’t say how much those meant to me. I have searched for another app that does this, but I can’t find one. I’m shocked that no one has decided to buy the app. It had a lot of amazing reviews and very high star rating. I hope someone decides to buy it before it’s too late! This is one of the few and only apps I would ever consider paying for.
  • You were the best

    By Debbsumm
    I loved your app and am sad to see it close down. You did a wonderful job of letting us know and also thanks for making it one of the easiest exports to use. Great job from beginning to end. Good luck on your new endeavors.
  • Great

    By ....vnganac dqqbd
    Really sad to see it go. Enjoyed it while it lasted.
  • Great app

    By Fulls of Whit
    I tried to down load to flash drive it didn’t work so sad
  • Wow

    By myia70211
    This was legit my favorite app.. saved every picture I ever had in my phone I have to look for something else 🤦🏽‍♀️‼️
  • It was good while it lasted

    By lovlyyjayb
    Very sad that this app is begin taken away I love this app it helped so much now I’m having a difficult time exporting my pictures and I have no room in my phone ☹️☹️

    By DIvingseas
    I’ve been using shoebox for yearsss now, when I heard it was shutting down I literally cringed because I had over 30,000 photos on the app. I knew it was gonna be a pain. But I went ahead and exported everything to my google drive on the 27th of April and went on with my life. I just checked and the last thing exported was back in October 2018 . I’m thankful my phone still has photos from them but wth happened?? Hopefully someone can still answer me and give me some closure lol.
  • 😭

    By sasseygirl4
    Love love this app! So sad it’s going away it was so convenient
  • Loved this app

    By issaaaa17
    Really sad this app has been shut down, it was my favorite! I had it for years saving memories. Thank you for allowing us to export our pictures and videos ahead of time.
  • I don’t even know

    By YaGirljmf
    Hi, I’ve had shoebox before but I’ve forgotten the password . I clicked login because there are no more options, after I clicked it just said forgotten password . And nothing else. How do I create an account ? This is confusing. (iPhone 7+)
  • Sad to see it go

    By Marieadaliz
    I would’ve of loved to pay for the app to be able to keep it if that’s what it took. I’m so sad it’s done. I was lucky to be able to save my photos, however it’s not organized like shoebox had it. I’m really missing that feature.
  • Don’t go 😢

    By Gabbsofab
    Joined in 2015 I’ll miss seeing those emails that gave me a quick throw back every once in a while😖 great app, easy export for me. I will miss you my friend 💔
  • I have loved this app for years having trouble downloading pictures on different apps and on my iPad

    By MandiLivia
    I love this app for years so sad to see you go! I have over 14,000 and several long videos!! I wonder what happen 🙁🙁. I am having trouble downloading all my pictures on apps like Google drive, my iPad, dropbox if someone could help please! I know it's many photos! Thank you so much for the unlimited storage and saving all my memories! Please create a new app! Really great developers!!
  • Devistated by the loss!

    By Belindaesq
    I had over 14,000 photos and videos stored there! I have been trying to get everything off the site since they announced they were shutting down. At least 1,000 things did not make it. I have tried to compare what came across with what they have and needed more time. I got what I got and who knows what I didn’t! My husband warned me not to save photos this way. I am sorry I didn’t listen!
  • Different export options please!!!

    By shauni_bell
    Can you please ,please , put a option to export photos to google pictures Please ? I don’t want to lose my photos and the option you ppl have aren’t cutting it for me .
  • I will miss you

    By Foxcarver
    So sorry to lose you.
  • Please don’t leave my photos!!!!

    By daddieballs
    Seriously I hope that you guys are not shutting down for financial reasons that would be absolutely absurd and ridiculous! You guys really have the best platform out there I mean as far as the app goes in and the speed everything is great so I am it’s just beyond me that there would be any issues related to financial which I hope to God it’s not.

    By Nolfo
  • Five stars

    By Alex.Bechtold
    I’ve been hitting “remind me later” for years now when shoebox has asked me to rate them in the App Store. It’s sad how we never tell the ones we love how much they mean to us until it’s too late. I don’t know what I’m gonna do without this app tbh
  • Kate

    By Whyfree
    I’m so disappointed that this app is closing. I tried to export my photos and unfortunately the original date was May 23, on May 23 My photo stuff exporting and I haven’t been able to get my photos in there so I’m probably gonna lose so many.
  • Farewell

    By TFTF@
    Going to this miss this glorious app saved all my photos from the past to now, sad to see it has to go now wasn’t expecting this from the creators of this app but in time I hope some great things will change.
  • Sorry to see you go

    By handirick83
    Thank you shoebox for everything, you made a very nice organized site for all my memories. Im very sad to see you shut down if for any reason you are able to reorganize please let us know as i will trust you again with my photos!!!! Good luck in all your endeavors.
  • Really Gonna Miss This App

    By KoJorino
    This app was the best for saving my photos. I had it online, on my phone, on my tablet. It’s held all my photos from social media and different devices for so long. I should have written this review sooner, I know, but I did want to take the time now at the very least to thank the devs. For keeping my photos accessible without taking up space on my devices. For keeping the app running smoothly. For making the extensions to resave my photos as I forgot to save them by the 22nd and was in a panic. For making continuous improvements on saving photos. When I saved them to my pc, it took a long time-I had over 20,000 saved with Shoebox after all- but it was painless to do. So thank you developers and IT guys and all the behind the scenes people- it’s been a great run.
  • Great app

    By 8igdaddyG
    One of the best apps to have don’t understand why it has to shut down!!
  • Oh no!!

    By Berternie70
    I have been using this app for years, and am sorry to see it go. I am also very frustrated that uploading all of my photos has taken several days of my time. Five min, yeah right!! More like 5 days. I deeply regret putting trust in this smaller company.
  • Don’t go!!

    By landoos
    I absolutely loved this app!! So sad to see it go. But, please stop saying it only takes 5 minutes to transfer photos. I had it going for 45 minutes and I still didn’t get all my pictures transferred. And if I try to do it again I get duplicates because it starts all over.
  • Sad to see this app go

    By RoseIs SadTiSeeYouGo
    Loved this app sad that they are shutting down.. I have had this app for many years downloaded it way back when I lost all my photos once. I was so devastated, That’s when I found this app.. I’m not sure on any other apps that are like this!😕
  • Great app

    By Jae_Productionz
    Awsome app
  • Please be lying!!!

    By pleasebelying!!!!!7596
    There’s no option on here that I have and I can’t figure out the google thing that is an option please don’t delete the app please! All my baby’s pictures are on here I don’t have copy’s ! Please don’t delete this app
  • So sad!

    By BudFarmLov3R
    I’m so sad to see this app go! I’ve relied on this app every single day for years and I know nothing will ever compare to it. 😔😫😢😭
  • Sorry to see you go...

    By UfGatOr84
    This app worked easily and seamlessly. No hidden charges. Thank you for storing all my thousands of photos so that I could easily access them on any device and when I changed phones.

    By lexihall.ah
    This was a very amazing app, I hate to see it go. but unfortunately my pictures aren’t being backed up to my google drive!!! ive teied multiple times & ive gotten conformation emails that tell me the export is done, but the backups are no where to be found!! please help before I lose all of my precious memories
  • I will miss you

    By LoobyLibby
    You have been a great and reliable cloud app. I wish you didn’t have to leave us. Thank you!
  • Loved

    By Jayg5813
    This has been the best app I have ever downloaded been with shoebox for so many years. Sad to see it go. Now I’m having problems getting the pictures saved in other places. 😩😩😩 this has been the only place that has saved my pictures all in one place. All these other places are so expensive. Really wish i didn’t have to say goodbye 😭
  • Fun While it Lasted, a Good App

    By Koritsi Alogo
    This app was/is really great in my opinion. Like it says, it backed up photos without costing iCloud space. While one could upgrade, they didn’t make it a requirement if you wanted it to work at all. I also really liked the “This day in history” feature, as I liked seeing those when I was scrolling through emails. Good stuff to remember. I’m sad to see it go, and I know it’s a bit late for a review, but I wanted to say something. Can’t be sure, but I’d like to think that this app was run by some genuinely good people, and I’d like to wish them the best in their next project. My pictures are currently going to Google Drive, but I’m gonna miss this one. So long, Shoebox.
  • I wish it doesn’t shut down.

    By Literally Zelda
    All of my memories from 5 years ago till now are on the app and now I have to download to my computer. Kinda upset it’s shutting down and I didn’t have to spend all day downloading to my computer.

    By Kaylaaaaaaaa!
    I love this app 😭