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Bingo Blitz™ - Bingo Games

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2012-08-09
  • Current Version: 4.07.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 193.20 MB
  • Developer: Playtika Santa Monica, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 95 981


Welcome to Bingo Blitz, the #1 free bingo game online! Take a trip around the Bingo World with your Bingo host - Blitzy! Join his bingo party and play bingo games for free. Get your daubs ready for all the BINGOS you can handle! The #1 Bingo game in the store, the #1 Bingo and Slots game in the world! Get Cookin' with Blitzy and GUY FIERI! Inspired by Blitzy’s travels in Italy, Blitzy and guest chef Guy Fieri have teamed up to create a menu like no other and are dishing it out at Blitzy’s Trattoria! Join them on this exciting bingo game adventure and learn how to create delicious Italian-American dishes from the BEST! Collect the finest Ingredients from around the Bingo Map in your favorite Free Bingo Game! Join Guy Fieri in the Blitzy's Trattoria kitchen & cook up piping HOT bingo Prizes & Rewards! Step into a Bingo heaven! Play free bingo games for fun and enjoy exciting bingo game features like: ► GOLDEN BONUS WHEEL with BIG Bingo bonuses ►Themed bingo rooms in famous BINGO CITIES FREE BINGO GAME BONUSES ► Challenging quests to go on across the bingo board ► Games of bingo with AWESOME FREE PRIZES ► Seasonal and Featured Bonus Bingo Rooms ► Mega prizes, BONUS WHEELS, rewards, & gifts! JINGLE BUDDIES ARE BRINGING IN THE HOLIDAYS EARLY! By golly! The Holiday celebrations are starting early this year with Bingo Blitz’s JINGLE BUDDIES! Blitzy just couldn’t wait to celebrate the holidays and is bringing you the jolliest bingo game collectibles feature you have ever seen! Collect all Buddies, fill up your albums, and win FUN PRIZES and HUGE BONUSES! Collect Jingle Buddies as you play free bingo games and win prizes for filling up your album with jolly Jingle Buddies. Collect all your Bingo lovin’ Buddies to win the bingo MEGA PRIZE! It’s never too early to celebrate the holidays with the best free bingo game! Walkin’ in a BINGO WONDERLAND! Play special lucky bingo cards in every game of bingo in real time and spin the bonus wheel to earn free coins, daubs, and more! Bingo Blitz is an online bingo app adventure that combines absolute skills with luck. Bingo Blitz is your only source for an absolute bingo party adventure! Play Free Bingo Games with Fantastic Features There are so many stunning bingo rooms for you to call out your BINGOS! Pick your favorite lucky bingo city on the bingo game map and get your dauber ready. Start playing bingo games for free in epic bingo halls, get rewards and tickets to even more challenging online bingo rooms, while enjoying these incredible features along the way: ► FREE COINS and CREDITS – get Daily bingo bonuses & spins on the bingo slot machine and bonus wheel. You can also play mini games for prizes while waiting for your rounds to start. ► Complete free to play bingo QUESTS for more free credits. ► Play bingo games for free in SEASONAL and FEATURED rooms - open to all and offering new ways to win bigger prizes, more collection items, and free rewards. ► Power ups, boosts and bingo points – the extras you’ll need to Win and level up faster ► Surprise GIFTS – it’s a bingo holiday! Play multiple free bingo game cards with daubers to open treasure chests and mystery chests for lucky rewards Bingo Blitz Albums and Collections Bingo Blitz introduces so much more than a simple bingo play. Your free online bingo adventure includes completing collections to win mega prizes. Anchorage, Cape Town, Catalina, New York, Madrid, Istanbul and many more cities hold the key to your Bingo Collections. We would love to hear from you! You can reach us at BINGO Blitz contains optional in-app purchases. This game is intended for an adult audience (21+) for amusement purposes only and does not offer ‘real money’ gambling, or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based on game play. Playing or success in this game does not imply future success at ‘real money’ gambling.



  • Bad game

    By seal123456780
    The game was not what I was expecting I just wanted to play bingo not with strangers and the same person keeps on winning its unfair also you don’t get xtra bonus places filed that’s cheating do not download this game it awful
  • Highly entertaining

    By Franchi43
    I love the game, unlike other Bingos, one is able to make BINGOS. I AM HAVING A GREAT TIME! Thank you!
  • Review of Bingo

    By A. Kuki
    Love the collect daily . But live it simple, your putting to many things to do on the Bingo chart. But above all the game and the announcers ase A.0.k .

    By Virgo_78**
    I’m very disappointed with this app now. This was one of my favorite games to play but within the last 24 hours my credits have been taken then kicked out of the bingo room before I could even play. I get an automated email reply but no resolve. HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED and will think twice before I make any other purchase on this app!!! FIX MY ISSUE!!!
  • Rarely bingo

    By MM peanut
    Not fun. Reached level 10, always played at least 10 cards and only got bingo on both cards ONE time out of 10 rounds. Hate this game. Needs a start/stop option
  • Bingo

    By dinkey9091
    I love this game!
  • Thought this was bingo

    By keith347896
    You know what this game is missing? The Bingo’s. Unless you buy power ups you aren’t gonna see many bingo’s. This is another pay to win type game that’s ruining the App Store. These games lose their fun in about 5 min and then it’s just a boring mess that gets quickly deleted.
  • Unsatisfied

    By Bshoo33
    I used to love bingo blitz. But when it came down to never being able to receive the ungiftables after playing rounds and rounds, I’ve officially given up. In order to find ungifted items needed to finish rooms, you have to up your price of credits and even then, you still don’t stand a chance. I’ve highly disliked how you’ve made this game unenjoyable for those that play to pay. Slots are just the same. No thanks.
  • Awesome

    By Mrs. Laquan
    I love this game, I play this game every where I go,,,
  • Bingo Blitz Game Play ❤️ The best slots & bingo games of all!

    By ❤️🔥🧡 Cee
    I love Bingo Blitz
  • Constant issues

    By Silvershads
    I love this game but I constantly have issues when playing on my iPad. I get kicked out of rooms and when I try to collect on different challenges, 4 out of 5 times I am kicked out. When I try to launch again some of my credits are missing : (
  • So so game

    By Wildcardmg
    Lots of interesting side challenges but hampered by a couple of major drawbacks. One is that there is no way to get significant numbers of bingo tokens without forking over cash. Second is that it is possible to hit and light up an incorrect bingo number. You also have to manually claim each bingo. When you have a wrong number it locks up that card. Third is that all the extras that you can win put icons over the numbers that make it very hard to see them. Too many challenges to make this game enjoyable.
  • Fun

    By duabber
    More credits for wins and bingos
  • Almost perfect

    By jennnnielllssssss
    I love playing this game! However, I do have one complaint. Then bingo button is so close to the numbers on the screen, I have had a bad bingo multiple times. This causes For me to miss out on one of my cards, just because of a slip of the finger. If you could correct that, the game would be even that more fantastic
  • Need more bingo chips

    By Ms. getitright
    Too expensive for my budget need random chips to play more
  • Very addicting and interactive

    By My nickname is........
    Lots of rooms to compete in, along with challenges to keep things interesting
  • Not winning

    By bingo...not
    Fun to play but getting old since I’m not getting any bingo wins
  • Pay too much and not enough in return.

    By catmakesyoursweets
    I have played bingo blitz on and off for the past few years and my main reason of why I quit playing each time is because they want you to pay car too much for credits to play. And yes they have ways your friends can send you credits but when you’re level 60+ it doesn’t help much if you don’t have all of your friends playing. Even what they give you daily doesn’t help unless you don’t play for weeks at a time and save them up. 10-20 credits here and there isn’t worth it IMO especially when the game seems rigged against you.
  • Terrible network

    By SDhof88
    Constant crashes make this game unplayable
  • Very addicting!

    By dduggs
    Can’t wait to play everyday!
  • Disco Ball Pop Up Lag to Hell

    By Greanfroge
    You want me to join in the fun and I was collecting disco balls then today it say sorry you’re too late. Those lagged advertisements that pop up 3 day later, isn’t funny. All kinds of ads pop up lag the games as well.
  • Bingo Blitz

    By Lilac fairy
    Love this game, the graphics are fabulous and each room has interesting announcers. Totally addictive. A lot has changed but I think the new format with all the different things you can be part of and win is quite lovely. Give it a chance and see if you enjoy yourself as much as I do. Kimberly
  • Unhappy

    By lindysue2015
    I’ve had this game for awhile and when l get low on B’s l build back up. I haven’t played in awhile and played for the first time in awhile yesterday. Today when l went to play my B’s are gone You need to put them back or lm deleting this game Also the guy fiatti stuff takes over l’ve no interest in it and have to go in and out of game at least 3 times just to be able to play bingo
  • RIGGED !!!! BE WARNED !!!!

    By KareishuGhoul
    So I downloaded this app to complete an offer to win some in-game currency from another app. After I played for a while, I kept on having a lose game streak. I swear the rooms are just filled with a bunch of bots and only possibly 5 real people including the user. I’m very disappointed but I’m glad to delete it once I get my award.
  • Bingo Blitz

    By tami41
    Very much fun !!
  • Disheartening

    By pbngz
    I realize the odds will undoubtedly be stacked against those who don’t invest to become elite or a repeated winner. I just want to play for fun without spending money to do it. Yet the fun is definitely not granted to this loser - and thank goodness my interest has waned — I can’t even remember the last time I had a bingo - or even close to one. Game after game I generally get no more than 3-4 number matches per card so of course I never complete shadow card sets to earn credits for any quest, special event or global city. Of the 3250 cards I’ve played since Sept (which I’m sure is well below the average of most) I’ve only made bingo 289 times. Snow buddies, dice rolls, ingredients to create a dish and all those other extra incentives are impossible to achieve. And the free tournament games are a waste of time. One must have to spend some serious money to reap any winnings. I play to relax and unwind but I tend to get distressed with this app. Good luck to you - hope you fare better and enjoy the games!!
  • Used to be fun, now just frustrating

    By Maisy&Misty
    It used to be fun but now getting that final item you need to finish a room is so hard. Spent too much money and they never answer your questions on support.
  • Stopping my game . I hate this apps

    By viamitch
    I need this to end , forcing you to download even if you don’t want this crap.
  • Love it

    By mamacindy321
    Awesome game! Love to relax and unwind with Bingo
  • Bingo blitz

    By Mona kile
    My free spin will not stop. I love this game but there is no way to contact. Also I have played this for a year not knowing how to send other players buildings. I think we need to see more directions This is a great game. My spin will not stop now my front page will not stop. I only had 2 more to finish the game and now it is expired
  • Love bingo blitz

    By JohnnyJ2018
    I have been a huge fan of bingo blitz and I love playing the game daily just wish they would make it easier to win some of the HTGS in chest the non gift items at least.
  • Miss the old days!!

    By Sonyalove2
    I loved this game for years but sadly over the past year things have drastically changed and not for the better!!!
  • Great game

    By Alley1217
    Great game and fun and eventful. Love the new games that come out each time and all the bonus games as well.
  • Review

    By a1mamass
    I love this game because it helps me to not think about my missing son,my husband’s triple bypass, and my breast cancer episode here so this games takes away all this issues for awhile. Your mind is a very delicate thing and anything can cause you problems with your mind going astray but bingo here helps mine and I sure hope I get to continue to play her but from the way it looks I can’t win on any of these new games or making the things like I used too. So hope this review helps me to win some credits so I can play. I also have a granddaughter that is 3 and she loves this game also.
  • Love It

    By Not a Fit for Me
    I have fun relaxing and playing. Some rooms are tough, but I love the seasonal ones that you can finish more than once.
  • ❤️ Bingo Blitz

    By dljamie1
    I played BB for a long time then a few years ago my Facebook got hacked. I had completed all the current rooms and had 9000 credits saved. When after months on top of months and Facebook not cooperating I finally was able to open a new Facebook and a new BB, As much as I would have given my eye teeth to have my old Facebook account with my old BB, the photos I had saved and all of my friends back, I am happy to at least be able to play me FAVORITE game BINGO BLITZ.
  • What is New!!!

    By RuthieRee
    I have fun but I constantly get “new” for my free games and get 0 points. Contacted service and tell me to clear my cache. It does not matter what does it mean? Why 0 points! It was a great game but maybe need to resolve issues and get back to letting users have fun again!
  • Not a Happy Camper

    By bettykealey
    Unable to login for 2days. No free credits, no gifts to or from friends. This is the 2nd time this month this has happened.
  • Slots

    By brat0365
    When is there gonna be new slot rooms?
  • Completed Athens and still unable to boost cards

    By Moni_B
    I spent weeks completing Athens and when I tried to boost my card in the Blackout room, it’s still saying “Unlocks in Bingo City Athens” I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app but nothing makes a difference. What an I doing wrong?
  • I wish I could give 0 stars

    By Radax2222
    When I was at a lower level below 80 I used to get bingos all the time. Now no matter what room I play in it’s not happening. Not to mention I have over 100 1 and 2 stars plus 2x but it seems like I always just get the stupid coins instead of the stars. What is going on? I am not spending real money so maybe that’s why. Funny how when I was at the beginning I used to win bingos and now I don’t. Not to mention the stupid cooking ingredients. Always getting the same ones even in the rooms that I play the 860 cards. Ohh well now I remember why quit couple years ago. Same issue, I got to a high level and stopped getting bingos. Waste of time!
  • So fun

    By Timothy$cubed
    Like so fun Switched from smoking marijuana to playing bingo blitz!! Thanks guys!
  • 5 Star Game

    By TiffanyCKS
    This bingo game is awesome. Been playing Bingo Blitz (BB) for years. I haven’t gotten tired of playing BB. What I love most about this game is the awards given daily via email, notifications, messenger, and BB’s Facebook page. The awards keeps you playing daily.
  • Not so good

    By Joecool poker
    I’ve played this game for a long time and they are getting greedy. The game “freezes” all the time and then your credits are gone. I’ve given up on trying to get them back because they only give you 60 after a week or longer when I’ve lost hundreds! I’ll never pay money to play this game again. 👎🏾
  • Fun & addicting...

    By Tloc101
    Great entertainment. Have you wanting more chips!!!
  • GET IT MEOW!!!

    By 1 MelD
    Fun fun and more fun!!! Love that there are free credits everyday!!!
  • Bingo

    By billnlill20
    I love this game
  • Love B.B. and hate it!

    By KsMom0708
    I love Bingo Blitz but hate that never have enough credits. The game is great! I have had some issues but they have always been solved quickly by the amazing team.
  • Awesome

    By shroom69
    Amazing graphics