Wish - Shopping Made Fun

Wish - Shopping Made Fun

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  • Release Date: 2012-06-14
  • Current Version: 4.28.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Developer: ContextLogic Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later.
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HOW IS WISH SO AFFORDABLE? Wish connects shoppers directly to over 100 million manufacturers, so shoppers can find affordable goods. There’s no middle man, so prices are lower and the quality is the same as what you’d get at the mall. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE We take your security seriously and process your purchases securely. JOIN 300 MILLION USERS Over 300 million people use Wish to shop affordable goods. So skip the shopping mall and find lower prices on Wish. REVIEWS, VIDEOS & PHOTOS Read through customer reviews, view photos, and watch videos of their purchases to find the best deals. TRACKING Track your purchases. CUSTOMER SUPPORT If you have questions about your order, reach our customer service easily through the app. Our customer service responds quickly. FREE RETURNS Plus, if it’s not perfect, we have easy refunds & free returns. SAVE ON BRANDS We now offer brands at affordable prices on Wish Outlet. Find discounted Apple, Samsonite, Burberry, Coach, Michael Kors, Ray Ban, Fossil, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Champion, Sperry and more! 5-7 DAY SHIPPING Get faster shipping with Wish Express! Items with the Wish Express truck icon arrive at your door in 5-7 days. SAVE BIGGER Spin Blitz Buy to win more savings. When you spin Blitz Buy, you win access to extra discounts. EARN REWARDS Collect points with each purchase and redeem them for reward coupons. 60-90% OFF THESE CATEGORIES Find discounts on trendy fashion, shoes, gadgets, kitchen tools, home goods, kids items, beauty, jewelry, watches, accessories, and more. SKIP THE MALL, SHOP ON YOUR PHONE FOR.... Trendy womens fashion: dresses, jackets, bottoms, tops, sweaters, athleisure, swimwear, lingerie... Quality mens fashion: jackets, sweaters, jeans, shirts, button-up tops, workout wear, underwear... Accessories: hats, socks, scarves, belts, jewelry, watches, gym bags, travel bags, purses, backpacks... Electronics: fitness trackers, cameras, drones, phone cases, battery packs, headphones, gadgets... Beauty: brushes, skincare, perfume, lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation... Shoes: sneakers, running shoes, boots, sandals, heels... Home Goods: kitchen tools, cookware, knives, trendy home decor, lights, sheets, furniture... Kids: clothes, toys, school supplies, baby gear... Sports: exercise gear, weights, soccer, basketball, mens workout clothes, women’s athleisure... Auto: organizers, cleaners, phone chargers... WISH and the W logo are trademarks of ContextLogic Inc., registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and in other countries. All rights reserved.



  • No llega

    By marissadoma
    Hicimos un pedido a finales de abril, no me han llegado y dice que llegaban hace una semana.
  • Cheap stuff cheap

    By woody0921
    You get what you pay for. It’s cheap knockoffs so as long as you understand that your not getting high quality stuff here
  • I ordered something and it never came

    By alessoa neera
    I ordered an necklace and it claimed it would be delivered by September 2019 it’s July 2020 and still haven’t got it I thought I would give it another chance and got more than 20$ worth of stuff it said yesterday that it would come July 15 now it says in September it is coming so let’s see if they could make a comeback
  • Best Buy’s on the net for blades

    By KC.40
    Best place on the net to buy blades! I buy weekly from them.
  • Maquillaje

    By Nena 082383
    Me gusta mucho los productos 👍🏼
  • Waiting for my order

    By lonepops
    Ordered end of May ... still waiting for my tools ....
  • Everything

    By Talaynah
    I’ve been buying BTS things from wish and it has been great, no things looked used or beaten up. Even if the wait is longer than expected it is still worth the wait.
  • Bad

    By tinyrhew123
    Every single one of my packages I’ve ordered has come in late, isn’t the right fabric for clothes, bad quality, and when it gets shipped to the USA you don’t know where the packages are at all. They show nice pictures for their products but when you get it it’s really bad quality and you pay way more shipping for your stuff then the products cost. It’s a waist of money.
  • Awful customer service and product

    By Custersupportcritic
    I bought several storage boxes from this site and spent a decent amount for it, about 50 dollars and got them and they weren’t able to be put together because of the cheap flimsy material. First off it wasn’t even the product I order as I ordered a clear container but I was willing to compromise however the boxes weren’t even sturdy enough to put together. I contacted customer support and after I sent over 6 photos they still told me that there wasn’t enough proof that the product was not what was provided. Over half of the items were even still in the package and I was just asking for at least a return of the packages I didn’t open but the were not understanding and overall an awful experience. This was one of my several orders that was a bad a experience the other stuff sent to me was good enough for what I paid.
  • ...

    By ouofoyodg
    Won’t use this app anymore i bought some lights and its been 2 months and i still haven’t received them. It shows a delivery date and when it gets close to the date then it changes to a different date 2 weeks ahead. Don’t use this app unless you want to be ripped off.
  • shipping won’t hurry

    By jocelynperez00
    I’ve been waiting for over 3 months and my stuff still won’t come !! I am running out of patience and I really need the stuff I ordered. I think the shipping should be faster .
  • Sacaron dinero de mi tarjeta

    By genesisandreina
    Hice un pedido y todo bien, luego comencé a notar que mensualmente me descontaban cierta cantidad de mi cuenta ya que había dejado la tarjeta registrada en la app, contacte con el banco y decía que las transacciones provenían de China, vaya sorpresa, nunca he ido a china y mi tarjeta tampoco 🙄 hice una compra y nunca me llego el producto y tampoco el reembolso. Nunca más volveré a comprar en wish.
  • Mis pedidos

    By eepublica dominicana
    La verdad que mi experiencia ha sido muy mala los pedidos nuca llegan y a parte de todo me dicen que la fecha caducó para hacer el reembolso y al igual que no he escuchado de muchas gentes con mi mismo caso y solo quiero que esta aplicación sea responsable de los pedidos o que salga del mercado por que solo están robando por que los pedidos no llegan deben ser responsables con los pedidos ya que uno cuenta con elllos es de muy mal gusto espera un fecha y cuando llega la fecha no llega nada y aveces contamos con lo que pedimos y quedan mal estoy muy digustada con esta página .cuando reciba mis pedidos pues cambiaré mi reseña.
  • Love it

    By God Hades
    Great app for finding money saving deals. I would like to see them improve on the tracking updates.
  • Apple ID log in removed

    By iwantmywish
    They removed the option for logging in with your AppleID/FaceID and now I’m locked out of the app. I still have items to pick up that I can’t anymore. Ever time I email customer support they only give me solutions for a problem I don’t have. They don’t listen to you. They don’t care. It’s like I’m talking to robots through email and there’s no phone number to call. Terrible experience. Terrible customer service. Customer support is garbage.
  • Over rated

    By annoyed by the bull
    I once used wish when it first came out. The close I ordered either never came or when they did it wasn’t sewn properly. Leaving my breast exposed. So I decided to never try again. That is until year later friends and in app customers gave a good review. So I tried again. This time I got the same results. I ordered something in the beginning of May and it is currently mid July. The tracking info was out dated and incomplete. I’m totally done with this app.
  • Delivery

    The products I got took months to get and I still don’t have them all!
  • Shipping

    By ldgaston
    I was promised after making a purchase that my items would arrive on July 13, 2020. After a day or so I checked back and all of my items went from being delivered on July 13th to September!!! That is outrageous and false advertising! Why charge so much for shipping if it is going to take 2 months to fulfill an order! I will never shop with Wish ever again! Liars.
  • Really like it.

    By DFG550123
    I have been using it for a long time now and I love it.
  • Delivery

    By Mimms14
    It takes way to long to receive your items. It’s been 1 1/2 months since I made my order and still have not received it.
  • 50 Cent deals

    By lpof
    I think the 50 Cent deals are fantastic it just drives me crazy that I have to wait until the next day to find out if I won

    By Biankita
    Love buying at wish! I personally recommend this store because is very convinient and most products are less expensive.
  • Can’t got you on a download

    By firepolice 12
    Get back to me
  • Absolutely no support.

    By georgetheliberal
    I’ve been waiting 2 and a half months for a pair of shoes. They have a phone number that when you call it, it tells you they have no phone support. There are 20 million people out of work right now. Hire some support personnel! There is a support bot that won’t let you ask specific questions. I was trying to ask where my order is. I think it may have been refunded. I’m not sure and that wasn’t what I asked for. Why is it impossible to speak with a person? On numerous places on line it says to go to customer support in the app. There is no customer support in the app. Or it’s hidden. When you search for customer support the app tries to sell you computer accessories.
  • The longest I’ve waited for an item!!!!

    By mrssyguerra
    Definitely will not use ever again!! 2 1/2 months is wayyy too long!
  • Some things...

    By Johnny Hawgnutz
    I have to say wish she has such a huge variety of items to shop for and normally they get your rental property however with the COVID-19 virus things have been a little messy but all in all they’re my preferred go to retail spot!!!
  • Shipping

    By lizzy gord
    Disagree. Shipping stinks
  • Good for only cheap stuff

    By R K G
    They keep Some items as 50 cents 69 Cents if we add that offer after we buy then they will say it’s not applicable we will refund so try to play with buyers That’s what I understood
  • Great App

    By leagood
    The app is great most of the products are good! Returning items that aren’t up to par and just plain junk is not easy! Verifying my account is not possible They are supposed to email you a verification code but doesn’t happen
  • Love all the stuff I had bought from there

    By enolam68
    Love all the stuff u guys have
  • Very slow shipping

    By Slow Shipping 101
    Ordered several items on May 2nd 2020, as of July 9th, I have not received 90% of my items.
  • Orders Take To Long

    By waitingtoexhale57
    Once I receive the other items I ordered I will never order from wish again it takes entirely way too long to receive the items. You can’t even cancel the items once you order them.
  • Horrible shipping

    By speakingthetruth101
    I ordered something in April and it’s July and I still haven’t got it. It was supposed to be here and the estimated due date passed long ago. They then changed the date to it might be here by August and it won’t let me return it and get my money back. Their support is horrible and doesn’t always answer the question you have. I don’t recommend if you need something fast. If your willing to wait then go ahead.
  • Excellent Website

    By CLH1012
    I just bought a few items & awesome prices. I did manage find a t-shirt (a replacement) I have found can’t wait too see the products
  • 👎👎

    By wish no deliver packages
    I orderer some stuff and got nothing it said june 17 and its july now 👋 👋 bye bye going to amazon.
  • Its okay

    By rissa reeder
    It’s hit and miss. I’ve gotten things that I absolutely love and I’ve received things that weren’t the quality I thought they’d be. However, when I contacted Wish about the items I wasn’t happy with, they made it right. It is a bit of a wait on items ordered but it’s fine if you don’t need them right away. I’m done with ordering clothes as recent orders have been discouraging, but I will likely still go for the odds and ends.
  • Its a fraud market place

    By asham3155
    Spam , do not trust their cheap products, they just take your money and refund it after 14 days, So they are using your money with no fee for min
  • No orders arriving, can’t get money back.

    By pjlarabee
    I’m truly disappointed in nearly everything I’ve had to deal with in regards Wish for nearly four months now. I’ve literally been waiting on some packages to arrive for three months now. All these partial refunds is absurd. I’ve had incorrect items show up, poorly constructed products, low quality clothing! And when I do get a partial refund for late items or things that never show up, I entirely stop receiving updates! I still paid for these items and I want to know when it’s going to arrive still. I’ve invested hundreds of dollars into products on here to only get no help in locating them, partial refunds for some items that have never shown up, months of waiting to only have damaged or incorrect items arrive. Exceptionally unhappy with everything here and with how my refunds are being handled. Wish has literally hundreds of dollars of my money tied up in purchases that I’m not receiving! And months and months have gone by. I literally have over a dozen products that I waiting on while you all have my money and are literally doing nothing to correct the issues. At this point I would rather not get anything I’ve ordered and be reimbursed for all undelivered orders.
  • Wish

    By naj32
    I love this app it takes a while to your items but I love it
  • Where’s my order

    By Duke of Eral
    I don’t know what happen but my order has taken way too long I thought it would be here a lot sooner it’s been over two months and still not here and every time I check on it it’s a later date now it’s over two weeks away and I am still waiting I even forgot I ordered it and had to contact you to find out where my order was and i still don’t know.
  • Products

    By jaimeacostaonly
    I ordered over a month ago and have only recieved 2 of my items in my order. And they were both very cheap. I’m hoping the rest of my order will show up, and that it fits. I’ve heard people who have good experiences with wish So I’m giving it the benefit the doubt.
  • wish

    By cheyala
    terrible i orderd like 10 things 4 months ago and only got one and it looks nothing like the picture and the feeeling of the shirt is terrible and the color fades and the shipping payments are outrageous when it takes over 4 months to get here .
  • Refuses to deactivate account

    By NanaJoy7
    I never shop on this site so I wanted to deactivate my account but the app won’t do it. It always says “Oop’s! There was a problem deleting your account.” What kind of problem could there be??? Delete the account!
  • Elastic

    By jlJosie
    I wish it was true for me. I ordered 5 items two months ago Received three items in 2 months and the two most important item, elastic and clips never came in. I am still hoping. How long does refund takes?? Rather have the merchandise. Good luck to those that have an order coming
  • Been using wish for 5 years now!!

    By mcasey98
    I’ve been using wish for 5 years now and quickly learned the ins and outs of it. It comes down to this, you’re usually paying less than $15 for most stuff so be mindful that you get what you pay for. I’ve had things that get delivered within a week and look exactly like the pictures and fit AMAZING and I still wear them. I’ve also had things that take 3 months to be delivered and look nothing like the picture and are such poor quality I throw it away. I’ve never returned anything because honestly I’m lazy and HATE returning things, even to regular stores. So I see it as, if it is delivered and I hate it, I’m only out a few dollars and the world will go on. The things I’ve had the best luck with: shoes (specifically sandals), bathing suits and lingerie/bralettes. I’ve bought multiple dresses and tank tops from here too and still wear them daily. I really really really recommend looking at the reviews on the item and see what others have to say about sizing and quality. If I see poor reviews I won’t buy it but if everyone raves about how soft and true to size a bra and underwear set is or how cute and comfortable a dress is, I usually take that as a good sign and buy it. Hope this helps!!
  • Issues.

    By AkiraPatten
    Items are a hit or miss. I stick to non-clothing items. The only issue I’m having is that my order history page will not load at all and customer service is being no help at all.
  • Watch/ phone

    By aspenick
    I received a watch/ phone I did not order it but it won’t work. I need to send it back. Put money back in my bank.
  • Did not recieve any

    By jd😞
    For almost 4 months now since i do my first purchase...there is no any info who i have to contact about the items it says in the app that its here already in kuwait but until now no delivery...😩😩😩 very disappointing did i just waste a money ...please reply.
  • Don’t use until after COVID

    By jaymh88
    I’ve never minded Wish, obviously it’s not the best quality merchandise and normally takes FOREVER to ship but for the price you can find some decent items. But since Covid I would NOT recommend. I placed an order at the beginning of year that was supposed to arrive in April. It never arrived, presumably due to covid. I requested a refund but apparently was outside of the return period and was only offered store credit. They have an “express shipping” section that cost extra but is suppose to arrive within 1-3 weeks. I paid the extra cost thinking it would come from the US which apparently was not the case, I received a confirmation email my items would arrive 2-4 months after the estimated shipping date. Apparently they won’t refund me unless the item doesn’t arrive by the estimated shipping date which shocks me considering that’s 2 months AFTER the date I was provided at check out.